Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 13, 1936 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1936
Page 5
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' ' Monday, Jnmmi-y 13, 1930 HOPE STAft, HOPD. ARKANSAS Pace That Kills, Hollywood's Peril John Gilbert Latest to Be Cut Down Before Reaching Prime of Life Ancient Ruins Yield Mummies of Giants and Pygmies LOS ANGELES. Cnlif. • i/h Madcap Hollywood kill.'- ninny a film celebrity who gave it glamor. health authorities observed Sunday. John Gilbert, once "the great lover of tin; screen." was the Intent of those who died bef ire 4(1. Ho was .'18. Others wire Nurmnnrl. ill 35; l.ilyan Tiisliman, 34; Rudolph Viilpntiiio. ill; Ronee Adoree, ,T>; ,ltu-k Piekford, HO; .Jeanne Eagles, .lii; Wallace lU-iil, .'12; Lurry Kernon. 118; Waller Hiera. :)!); Fred Thomson. .'17; Alma Rubens. :i:i; iiml Barbara La Murr. 28. Here- are the answers as to what killed thi'iu by Or. J. L. Pomeroy, county hrnlth officer for 20 years."It's a combination of tj<> strenuous :i life and insufficient rest. Rich food and persistently late hours in both work Mul play prove e>.sil>. The heiirl is afficlcd as a result. "Rudolph Vanenlmo died from uas- tflc ulcer:', common in |>oople who live under high tension caused by irregular eating and insufficieTit rest. "John Gilbert was led to his death by a broken heart. The lull of being out of work a year breaks a man who has been a.s popular as he was. Nervous depression aggravates he:irt attacks and kills many like him." Town-send Plan to * Be MadV'Rider" Proponents Expect to Tack it on Some House Bill as Amendment WASHINGTON--I/I') -Congressional hackers of the Townsend $200-a- montli pension plan for the aged wore siiid over the week-end by Repre- .sintative McGi'oarty. Democrat, California, It) have agreed to offer the program as an amendment to house legislation at the firsl oiiportiinity. McGroarty. who introduced the Tou'nsend bill in coni. i re t -.s, said thai around fill supporters of the plan favored that strategy rather than an attempt to force the bill to the floar for a veil 1 by petition requiring the sin- natures of n majority of house me 1 inhere. After a conference with Dr. F. E. Townsend. autlnr of the plan. Mc- Groaily said he had been told that an average 'if ill) nciv- Townsend clubs were being organised weekly. Them* crumbling mini' of n long-perished rlly, whom mummified luunnn forms revealed that seven- foot giants and three-foot pygmies apparently lived together, were found by Pnxson C. Hayes, ethnologist who linn spent tho last seven years exploring the upland wastes of norlliorn Mexico. The architectum Is of a typo uevor before discovered, resembling that oC cliff dwellings, but with distinct Mongolian feature.'!. The strnngn civilization Is believed to antedate that of the Mayas. Hayes pinna au expedition for a thorough search of tUu huge caves in Sonorn, 400 miles Irom • Ilcrmosillo Cily. Ex-Mayor Hylan of New York Dies Tammany Chieftian One of Few to Successfully Oppose Al Smith NEW YORK-i/f'l-John F. Hylnn. (18, n farm bny who ran $1.50 into a c< inlortable fortune and twiee wns elected mayor of New York, died Sunday from heart disease at his home in Forest Hills, Long Islnml. A Democrat, Hylan first was elected mayor of New York in 1917, and hi. 1 ' re-election for a second lerm saw initiation of the since perenniel campaign—made famous by » later mayor, Jarnes J. Walker—to save the five- cent transportation fare. Mayor Hylan was never friendly with Alfred E. Smith, and opposed him nomination for governor in 1922. He was in almost constant conflict with civic clubs, and in one instance his accusations precipitated a libel suit. Presence of Mind Mrs. Feck: "We have been married twenty years today. John." John (with a sigh): "Yes. for twenty years we have fought—" Mrs. Peck (scowling): "What?" John (quickly): "Life's battles to-j gether, dear." \ THIS URIOUS WORLD William V K I Center Point McGovern's Fists Clear Path to Fame for Harris, Humphreys Ring Ballyhoo Is Born With Quick Ripe of Brooklyn Boy—-S Champs Put to Sleep by "Little Mick" (This is the second of six articles on Joe Humphreys, daddy of sports announcers.) By HARUY GUAYSON Sports Kditor, NKA Service NEW YORK—To Sain Harris and Jw Humphreys', boxing started and finished with Terrible Terry McGovern. They skyrocketed lo national renown behind the flying fists of the fiery Irish kid from the .south Brooklyn | slums. '*>—•- • •••• — j When the Morton law took pugilism , ( , i , ch ,, f ,, K , se p ,. (K |i lc tjo n .s. which put | out of the loft and barge stage in j |f arris in ,|, e theatrical business in 1 New York in 1H!)7. legalized it for the ] ., i a ,.,, ( . Wilv first time anywhere, the gay young j ' Harris met George M. Cohan at a blade, Joe Humphreys, became match- j bccr rac .|<,> t of "The Song and Words Club" on Slalen Island in the summer of 1902. There was an actors' baseball game. Harris pitched and Cohan caught. Joe Humphreys virtually managed Terry McGovern thereafter, for the famous firm of Cohan and Harris was on its wav. Idfb.Slo Health is good in t al this: writing. We are glad lo see c'unmunity the sun shine Misses Lorene and Irene Wright nt ThniM'sday afternoon with Mrs. is Mullins. Miss A/lecii Wilson spent Tuesday night with Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Jones. Mrs. /.ettie Wilson and daughter and Miss Minn Marie Hiibburd spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Hollis Mullin:.. Misses DelirVi,: Sparks and Rema Nell Mullins of Oal: Grove spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. liennie Junes. Ml. and Mrs. Bennie Jones and Mr. air! Mrs. Tom Wise 'ind Miss Rema Ni li Mullin 1 ' dim Deloria Sparks were Sunday dinner quests of Mr. and Mrs. Hollis' Mullins. Hollis, Verne, n and L'igan Hendri\ and Miss Dovie Hendrix spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wash l-l c '" ( kiji. Mrs. A. W. Meadows spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Marion Hubbard. Constipated 30 Years Aided By Old Remedy "Fur thirty years I had constipation. Souring focr from stomach choked me. Since taking Adlcrika 1 am a new person. Constipation is a thing of the past."— Alien Burns. John S. Gibson Drug Co. maker and announcer at Johnny Gates' old South Beach A. C. I j Between productions, such as they '. were, Joe the Beaut ran up to Harl| fort to give a pair of promoters named j Crowley and Harris a lift. j The Harris was Sam H. Harris, and j be was destined to go a long way. Like Humphreys, he was a child of ] the teeming tenements, left to shift | for himself :it 11, News, errand, mcs- ' senger boy and whatnot. Harris had • developed the business of supplying I towels to New York offices when ! Humphreys first bumpi-d into him. lie i also managed a bantamweight nam- I ed George Monroe and had been bil- • ten by the theatrical bug. an inoeu- | lation that was to take him to a dix- 1 •/.y height. I The Hlrlh of Itallyhoo i When McGovern knocked out MOM- ] 1 roe in 24 rounds in IHilK. the shrewd Harris promptly engineered a deal that quickly put TciViblf Terry and NEXT: Big moments. -•»«!•Lawyer Slain in Court by Litigant Enraged Chicago Man Also Fires at Judge Before Being Overpowered CHICAGO —i/l'l— Attorney Alex Rie.sehiran WHS shot throuph the \ heart and killed Mondav in a court- in a The assailant, tentatively identified I a.s James Kehoo. also fired at Judge i pry.Malski but missed. The assailant 1 was M'i/ed by bailiffs of the court. , himself in the more important numcy. | ro()m '„. . )n infuri . ltcd ' ,;,;'„, } He became the handler of Mct.uvern. j jn ., ( . ivil ,. uit with Humphrey!: as bis first lieutenant. McGovern was an amazing warrior and in building the little vegetable peddler a.s an attraction Ilaiiis shew- ed the skill that \v.is to make him | one of the most successful theatrical ' producers of all time. Ballyhoo was born with the Me- i Govern-Harris-Humphrcys i-jmbina- i lion. Harris-Humphreys combination. | Harris imported Pedlar Palmer fmm 1 England to fight McGovern for the 34 Drown as Ship Grounds in Storm Freighter Wrecked o n Oregon Coast With Tragic Loss of Life FO-RTLAND. Ore.—The crew of 34 of Slates Lines steamer Iowa perished Sunday and only a portion of the vessel, which grounded near Peacock Spit at the mouth of the Columbia river, remains in the roaring breakers. The United States Coast Guard cutter Onondaga. which returned to port after an unsuccessful battle to aid the stricken Iowa, took a beating in the effort and one of her lifeboats wns smashed. She was unable to get near the Iowa. Only the foremast of the Iowa could be seen. Bodies picked up thus far gave evidence of the terrific pounding of the seas. The clothes were torn, one man had a gaping wound in his neck and was scarred from contact with tho wreckage which was floating ashore. Beachcombers lined the shore near Suoview as the wreckage floated ashore. Lumber, flour, matches and other articles in the Iowa's cnrgp were strewn al.png the beach. The board bearing the ship's name on the bridge also floated in as one of the Inst tragic reminders of the vessel's fate. THE MORE VITALLV IMPORTANT OUR ARE, THE 472Se THEY HAVE IN THEM/ OUR. B&AIMS ARE. FRCVA SO TO 9O PER. CENT WATER/ "VENUS'S-fLYTRAP* FAMOUS CARNlVOffeSUS PLANT, CATCHES MORE SP/DZ&S THAN FL/ES/ SO FAR, NO ONE HAS BEEN ABLE TO FIND OUT WHAT THE- PLANT GAINS FROM ITS CARN IVOfcOUS' HABITS. A newly-crested glad tidings in a gave birth to A WtiA jn this morrSnj; both doing well." On the message-,^at a sticker reading. ''When you ' a boy call Westren Union." Thai's Fair Willie: "I saw you kiss my sister." Boy Friend: "Ah-er-uh-here^ a quarter." > Willie: "Here's ten cents change. One price to all—that's the wajf t f do business." Black-Draught Relief Is Prompt and Refreshing It's a good idea that so many people have—to keep Black-Dttmght handy so they can take a dose for prompt relief at the first sijjtt of constipation. ' "I have used Black-Draught a long time, about as long as I can remember, and have a package on my shelf now." writes Mr. Sherman Sneed, of Even£Ville. Tenn. "I take Black- Draught for constipation which causes headache, a.tired feeling, bll- liousness, a bad taste in the mouth and sluggish feeling. Black Draught, taken about two nights, clears up this trouble and I get all right." Black-Draught is made of mediduv al herbs, dried an finely ground, but no other change in their natural condition. It is a laxative that men ami women like so well because of the refreshing relief it brings in constt r.aticn troubles. Blue Falls EMPGRIA. Kas. --(/P)- F.mpnria's traffic signals are back on the old green-yellow-red basis after a colorful venture into blue. Th bine, replacing the green, was found to he practically invisible in the daylight, officials said. The only mechanical transport of the British postoffice 20 years ago consisted of four motor-cars and one steam tractor. IIY PREPARATION or wist For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sec. Roy Anderson and Company T O L--E--T E X Oil. COMPANY Special—5 (ial. Ili-Crailv <M CJQ Day and Night Lube Oil Phone 370 ifUATffY SEEDS -- PLANTS Kvcr.vllniK for I'elil and Garden including supples, insecticides, spray materials, lac. Km- Heavy Yields Usi- SEMESAN Monts' Seed Store 110 K. 2nd St. Stop That Cough WITH » CHERROSOTE Tin 1 lies! remedy for simple coughs and gastric fermentative we have. 8 oz. Bottle 60c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phono 63 Hope. Ark. Established 1885 j world bantam championship at Tuckahoe. September 12. 18il(). Palmer and his manager. Pejwy i Bettinson. were met at the pier by a j brass band. ;'. long procession of ear- 1 rinses, and scores of cclebritii's. A I Broadway banquet followed, with the : band serenading Palmer's hou-l fur into the nicht and hired hands eircl- I inj/ the block with flares. i There was a splurge of publicity; ; the entire country talked, and there ' were special trains from Philadelphia. ! Riisliti. Buffalo. Providence! ijai'i- lord, and other cities. i Terrihk Trrry Hits I'cak ' McGovern flattened Palmer in 2 . minutes ,'incl .'12 seconds despite Ilie i fact that the Little Box of Tricks KOI a UO-second rest when someone who had bet on him pulled the cord ,,i lip| fiist knockdown. i McGnverii followed this up by stnp- ! ping George Dixon. the featherweight I champion, and ironing out Frank ' Krnc. the lij-'htweight leader, all with' in 111 mounlhs. Erne did 12H ponml.v j McGovcrn went on to knock out Joe i I Bernstein, a topnolcher; beat Kid i ; Broad. :IIK! knocked out Joe Gans. i then at his peak, in a questionable ; •affair that killed boxing in Chicago. I | Not yet 21 and weighing more than I 122 pounds. McGovern wa^ considered j loo formidable for anybody under 1-10 I pounds, when olont.' came Young Cor; belt. i MrGovern had .spent an entire mm- ; j mer and fall in the .'-how business ! j when the cocky Corbet! (inisbed him | i with a right cros:> c<mnter in the sec- ; i ond round at Hartford on the after- , \ noon of Thanksgiving Day. November • 28. 1901. Humphreys declares thai Terrible Terry had had trouble with his wife, and Cornell's colossal nerve got under hi. 1 -' thin Irish skin. On the way to the ring, Corbetl. a fhorl-endur at l-. r >. knocked on the door of McGovern's dressing room and said: "Hey. Terry. Come on out. Terry, and take your licking!" McGovern never wa:; I he same af- kT that. He traveled all the way to Kan Francisco in an attempt to even his KCOI e with Corbel! on Maich 31. 1'JOS, but the same thing happened after he had been badly beaten for 11 rounds. Following his victory over Palmer, McGovern starred in "The Gay Morning Glories." "file Fatal Wedding." "The Bowery After Dark," "Tlie Road lo Ruin," and "Fume and Fortune." Humphreys had a bit in 15V Helen Welsluiner ] SI I ALL becalm tomorrow when you come I To say farewell— that which the heart suspects It u'lianls itself against, it' if is wise. Oh, from the 1 moment that it first detects, A loved one's ufo'intr. w 't" courage it begins IJetivat across the lie-Ids where love has been. I shall lie int'iel and you will not guess That my farewells are long since gathered in. '"I" 1 ! IK seasons move, unchanged in cosmic plan, l And when it. is love's autumn, wisdom knows That it is best to take the harvesting, However scant, before, the. winter snows. Not all of love may last a journey's end, So now when leaves glow darkly down the sky,, I greet the winter, proud, beloved, that I Runied dry my hurt Ijiore you said goodb; (Copyij K lii, !!«.•;, l>y XK.v Si'rvia-, Inc. l-; reserved.) HKADKHS' HKRVICK HURKAV, Hoom i«W, 4111 Kifshtli Ave., Xew York, X. Y. Enclosed find cents In coin for which 3t send me copies of "CaiidlellKht," the new booklet of poema by Helen Welsh liner, at 10 cents a copy. Name - Street City , state Name of Paper (five -ff ei. econ lancet Read The Str Beginning Thursday, Jan. l6th In Hope Star

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