Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1941 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1941
Page 5
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r ' T " 7 1 - ,HOMJTA»,:HOM. AIHtANiAJ r —- - - | ••_- ; • - — - . ..- -" WHAT TO DO IN AN AIR RAID Official-by the U. S. Office of Civilian Defense "^•»-.? «»r KJTTU. ftvwwi efsJKJ**, pncv«u djtordcr »inj ll « «**y }»*nr» comr over. wiiwcr**ft«1y. The chsiue ruk *e mu« ukr to ^ t Vi* *- ^»««. |KJ »U*« j-otti u»wat Inmr.ctt »nd jfrrratiosi in T> -?.i f « ?<• e rumor* • fet h**« K«,»»* jrrw Afe'iaid mwrttnc In imcta!. it U »hnrt hia«t or fMM-« *4*S Mime pith. oo wfottlrt nt harm. Thr "/»» c »c»r M it ft f t*f f *,# ut to «*V»nt any action. When he tc!U you. m<!a " IM «*« l « H* «t|| Help you do jrour )»»rt to ^hip the rncmy. Wr c»n «Jo i U. We will do it, if we *u.y calnj and cool and LME DOWX If bombs start to fall near you, lie down. You will feel the blast least that way, escape fragments or splinters. The safest place is under a good stout table— the stronger the legs the better. A mattress under a table combines comfort with safety. ' The enemy may use explosive bombs or incendiary bombs, or both. If incendiaries are used, it's more important to deal with them than to be safe from blast. So defeat the incendiary with a spray (never a splash or stream) of water, then go back to safety under a table in a refuge room. , Most raids will likely be over in your immediate neighborhood m a short time. However, stay under cover till the "all clear" is sounded. Know your raid alarms. Know the "all clear". Official news of these will come to you from your Air Raid Warden. Don't believe rumors. Watch this paper for air raid alarm description. Ask the warden when he comes. Should your house be hit, keep cool. Answer tappings from rescue crews if you are trapped. (You most likely won't be either hit or trapped, but if you are, you can depend on rescue squads to go after you). Again— keep cool, and wait. Don't yell after you hear them coming to you, unless they tell you to, Keep cool! Just keeping cool hurts the enemy more than anything else you can do. Keep ca/m. Stay at home. Put out lights. down. The safest piace in an air raid is at home. If you arc away from home, get under cover in the nearest wiener. Avoid crowded places. Stay off the streets. • Tl*e enemy want* you to run out into the streets, create a mob. start a panic. Don't do it I If incendiary bombs full, play n spray from a garden hose (never a splosh or stream) of water on the bomb. Switch to a t*tmmi to put out any fire started by the bomb. Switch back to a spray for the bomb. The bomb will burn for about 15 minutes if left alone, only about 2 minutes under a fine water spray. A jet ap/os/i, stream or bucket of water will make it exp/ot/e. Under raid conditions, keep a bathtub and buckets full of water for the use of the fire department in case water mains are broken. If you have a soda-and-add extinguisher (the kind you turn upside down), use it with your finger over the nozzle to make a spray. Don't use the chemical kind (small cylinders of liquid) on Ixwnbs. It is all right for ordinary fires. .But above all, keep cool, stay lx>mc. Choose one member of the family to be the home air-raid warden—who will remember all the rules and what to do .Mother makes the best. 5. STAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS Glass shatters easily, so stay away from windows. Don't go to windows and look out, in an air raid. It is a dangerous thing, and helps the enemy. The Air Raid Warden is out there watching for you. Again we say, get off the streets if planes come over. At night, there is danger of being caught in blast from explosives. ^ Antiaircraft fire means falling shrapnel. You are safe from it indoors, away from windows. It's more important to shell a plane than it is to see it from a window. Stay in your refuge room, away from windows. That is the safest place. Go there at the first alarm; stay there until the "all clear". Above all, Aeep calm. Stay home. Put out lights, lie down. Stay away from, windows. Do not say we are repeating; we would rather repeat until we bore you than have you forget. You can do all those things without any special equipment other than what you have now in your home. You can help lick the Japs, with your bare hands, if you will do just those few, simple things. Be a good fellow and follow instructions and keep well. Do not be a wise guy and get hurt. . I»17T OUT LIGHTS Whether or not black-out is ordered, don't show more light than is necessary. If planes come over, put out or cover all lights at once—don't wait for the black-out order. The light titat can't be seen will never guide a Jap. Remember a candle light may be seen for miles from the air. , If you have portieres, overdrapes, or curtains, arrange a double thickness over your windows. Blankets will do. If you have heavy black paper, paste it on your windows. Don't crowd or stampede stores to get it, however. You probably have everything you need at home. Be ingenious—improvise. Should you get an air-raid warning, remember to shut off gas stoves, gas furnaces, and gas pilot lights on both. Bomb explosions may blow them out from blast effect. Gas that collects may be explosive later. Prepare one room, the one with the least window~glass, in the strongest part of your house, for a refuge room. Put food and drinking water in it. Put a sturdy table hi it. Put mattresses and chairs in it. Take a magazine or two and a deck of'cards into it. Take things like eyeglasses and dentures with you when you go into it. Take toilet facilities, paper, a screen. If you have a portable radio, take that too. Above all, keep calm. Stay at home. Put out lights. . YOU CAN HELP Strong, capable, calm people are needed to man the volunteer services. If you want to help, there are lots of opportunities. If you know first aid, and have a certificate, there is an immediate job for you. If you are a veteran, or a former volunteer or regular fireman, or policeman, there is work for you. If you have no special skills but are strong and husky, there is a job for you m rescue squads, road-repair units, or demolition and clearance squads. If you have and can drive a car, you may be needed for drivers' corps. Older Boy and Girl Scouts over IS can help as messengers. Both men and womeri are needed. Here's how to get started: If^there's a Civilian Defense Volunteer Office in your community, call there and ask where to report. If not, call your local Defense Council or Committee, or the Chamber of Commerce, Phone and ask where to report, rather than going in person. There are people needed for— Air Raid Wardens (men and women). Auxiliary Firemen (men). Auxiliary Police (men and women). Fire Watchers (men and women). Nurses' Aides (trained women). Emergency Medical Forces (men and women with Red Cross First Aid Certificates). Rescue Squads (men). Road Repair Units (strong, husky men). Demolition and Clearance Squads (strong; husky men). Electrical Repair units (trained electricians). . Decontamination Squads (strong men and women). Emergency Food and Housing Units who can cook and serve). Above all, keep cool. Stay home. Put out lights. ie down. Stay away from windows. You can help! II, S. OFFICE OF CIVILIAN DEFENSE, Fiorello H, LaGuardia, Director, Washington, D. C. •

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