Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 13, 1936 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1936
Page 3
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Monday, January 13, 1936 Mrs. Sid Henry Telephone 821 Tlio limit of life is brief; ' Tls tho roil in the- red rosolnaf; j "Tin the gold in the sunset sky; Tis the fliRht of n bird on' hi«h. Yet we may fill the space With such an infinite grace That the red will bo in all time, And the gold thru the ages shine. And the bird fly swift and straight To the lilies of God's own gain. —Selected, Mr, and Mm. Hugh Jones had as Sunday guoM, their mother, Mr.s. S. E. Hair of Texarkana. son. Jud, were week end Rtlcsts of Mrn. Mnrtindtilc's brother, Judpp Dexter Bush and Mrs. Bush in Tex- nrkunn. Court Decision on AAA Shatters All Federal Government Has No Power to Control Individual Farmer HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS .,*„,,:*»,„,<,:.< W, PAGE Hollywood's First Leap Year-ite! Mrs. O. A. Hobbs was a Saturday visitor in Texnrknnn. — •r — The Ojjlesby P. T. A. will meet at .1:30 Tuesday afternoon at the Oi;les- by School. Mr. and Mr:;. Waddle Cunningham announce the arrival of a little daughter, Dnnnn Lou. Friday, Jan- uury 10, at Josephine hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Frank hearno had ns j .Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs, Percy | Sharp and little .son of Mooi iniisporl. 1 La. I Miss Allene Campbell, representing the H. W. Gossary Co. of Dallas, Texas, was the week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coop and friends. „ i i Jimmio Harbin spent Sunday with friends in Hnndrix College, Conway. i Tlie Alathcan nnd Gleaners, classes in the First Baptist Sunday school will have u social meet nt 7:30 Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Albert Jewell 222 N. McRac street. —-f v Mr. nnd Mrs. D. H. Lips-comb and I Miss Maude. Lipscomb spent Sunday j visiting with relatives and friends in ' Little Rock. Miss I"eail Hlnckwcll of Texarkana wfts the week end guest of her sister, Mrs. G. A. Hobbs and Mr. Hobbs. i — • Mrs. B. C. Acker h;is returned from n week's visit with her daughter. Mrs. E. J. Backer and Mr. Baker in Little Rock. Miss Claudia Coop uf Texarkana WHS the Sunday guest of her parents, Mr. 'and Mrs. E. G. Coop and other home folk.';. Dr. and Mrs J. G. Martindale and ON ALL DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. I'. Holland WANTKI)—HEADING BOLTS White Onk—\VMsky i.nd Oil grade Ovcmip, I'oM Uak and lied Oak. Koiinil Swi'i't Gum (Murks. Fur prices anil spi't-iliciitions. Sec llOl'K HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 H(>|tc, Ark. Hi, Folks, Sunday . . I'll see you here next siloed, Shirley Temple. SM1GKMR 15c NOW —and Matinee 2:30 Tues JOI JACK PENNER-OAKIE • IB rmncii SPARKS 1AKGIORD IT'S MY TREAT WED-NITE Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Brady were Sunday gucsl.'i of their daughter, Miss Mary. Joe in Hcndrix College, Conway. _.,.„ Mr. and Mr.s. John S. Gibson and Mrs. Jennie MrWillinms had as Sunday guests, Miss Mnrgery Bell and Fred Giles of Little Hock. Mr. and Mr.s. John Wellborn had as house guests for the week end. Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Glass and J. II. Glass Jr.. of Conway. Miss Minim Glass and Buenos Sikes of Hot Sprins and John S. Glass of Magnolia. On Sunday afternoon, Mr. and Mr.s. Wellborn and house fi-ests motored lo Nashville to attend the wedding of John S. Glass of Magnolia lo Miss Ruth Garrison of that rity. The ceremony was rend at the home of Mr.s. Civile Williamson, aunt of the bride. Following Ihe ceremony the guests left for (heir respective homes. Mrs. J. H. Glass returning lo Uii.s city for a longer vi.sit with her dnuphler. Mrs. John Wellborn and Mr. Wellborn. Carter Gibson of San Anncln. Texas arrived Monday morning for a visit with hi.s parents. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gibson Sr., remaining until after I the Golden Anniversary celebration j of the John S. Gibson Drug Co.. on | Wednesday. January lo. The Pro-School Study Group will meet Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. Mac Duffie on South Elm street. A most interesting program is being prepared on "The Child That is Afraid." led by Mrs. Jack Sullivan. Little Mi.vs Sue Henry will favor the meeting with a reading. All members are urged to be present. The Jo Vesey Circle of the Missionary society of the First Mclhodisl church held its January mooting at the homo of Mr.s. R. L. Broach. i Mr.s. Frvd Harrison presided. Mr.s. | Lawrence' Martin gave a very inter| estiug program consisting of stories from tin: missionary fields told by Mi.-w Jonico Ward. Mrs. R. L. Broach. HIH! Miss Lorraine Whilehursl; a reading by little Marian Mouser, and a r>iano solo by Hnrriel Story. After a business meeting in which plans for the year were discussed delightful refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by Mrs. McMath. F'lans IC.vpcrimcutal Farm HUGOTON, Kas.—(/V)—Kansas will establish its first .stale experimental farm near Meade. County Agent Andrew F.arharl will be in charge. The farm is in the "dust bowl" area. During the last summer more than riO.nnO.OOO Americans went traveling, either by train, bus. boat. auto, or olane. It was the greatest summer travel record since Ifl2fl. By lIKItBERT MAJMMER Associated Press Correspondent WASinNGTON.-Tlic six-three decision of the supreme court which swept AAA so completely overboard makes It possible for the Republicans to proceed forthwith in formulating their form program. O.O.I', lenders in congress weeks ngo approached experts on agricultural legislation in the various farm organization for their advice on what should be done. They were told to wait until the court had spoken on AAA. Few of the farm organization lend- crs believed the supreme court would scuttle AAA so completely. There WHS some doubt in their minds as lo the constitutionality of the processing tax. but they were confident some method could be devised to cope with an adverse decision in this respect. It was nn open secret that AAA officials had a variety of plans on tnp ready for immediate submission to congress. The sweeping declaration of the majority of the justices, however, that AAA "invades the reserved rights of states' 'and that "it is a statutory plan lo regulate and control agricultural production, a matter beyond the powers delegated to the federal government" rendered them useless. Overwhelming Decision The absence of expressions 6n the part of high administration officials as to plans for tho future indicate how completely overwhelmed all were by the court's decision. Had the court gone even so far as to rule against use of Ihe federal spending power in any way thai would lend directly or indirectly to n control of farm production. AAA officials were prepared. Congress would have been asked to approve grants lo individual states that enacted laws, under their state constitutions, to provide uniform voluntary methods for acreage control in funning, along the present lines. The slates then would be offered federal grants just as they are given funds for road building and education now. But that is believed impossible in view of the supreme court's flat assertion thai "congress has no power to enforce its commands on the farmer to the epds sought by the agricultural adjustment act." Wns AAA Responsible? Whnt the future holds for the farmer himself in view of the scuttling of AAA is a subject of debate among agricultural leaders in and out of the administration. Some contend AAA was not wholly responsible for helping the farmer out of his troubles. Others argue that benefit payments and the building of machinery for farm production control must bo given the credit for prosperity in Ihe agricultural sections of the countrv. Wiley Post Took (Continued from page one) oil and there was no danger of the ship's burning. He turned bus attention to gctti.ig out of his suit, which he could accomplish only with help, and then saw a man busy at an automobile, his head under its raised hood. Apparently the man, was having engine trouble of hi.s own and had not heard Wiley land. Wiley's suit was worth its weight in gold in the stratosphere, but il was mil designed for hiking.. By the time he had covered the distance bctwcon tho Winnie Mae and the airplane, Wiley was nb.no.st worn out. Though he Mclroso Melrosc Home Demonstration club met wilh Mrs. Josh Rogers Thursday, January 9, with 11 members, one new members nnd one, visitor present. • The meeting wns called to order by the president, Mrs. Fred Yocom. Mrs. C. P. Zlmbcrly led the devotional, rending from the 6th chapter of Luke. The minutes of the last meeting were road by the secretary, Mrs. Pcriman. The program for May was discussed and other plans for the year were made. Miss Griffin gave n demonstration on chalr-botloming. Coffee and cake were served and the meeting closed by the members repeating the prayer adopted by the club to meel with Mrs. C. P. Zimbcrly in February. BIGGEST LIAR Displaying a dazzling engagement, ring, lovely Adrienne Marden, above, laid claim to being Hollywood's first actresn to make .a loan year proposal. Hor fiance—a young "Washington diplomat whom Artri- cnnc refused to identify because "his career might bo jeopardi/isd"—sent her the rini: ;:'l"r she wrote on a "Now Year's card: "Why. wait . any longer J" Boltcm The Bclton home demonstration club met al the home of Mrs. J. L. Elcy Wednesday, January 8, at 2 p. m. The following program was rendered: Prayer—Miss Claude Roberts. Scripture reading by Mrs, S. F. Leslie. January club programs were planned under supervision of Miss Thelinu Alford, club supervisor. Hauptmann Loses (Continued from page one) doubts that he could art to prolong Hauptmann's life. His statement, made at Burlington, N. J., wns amplified by an announcement from his press aide, which said it was "not indicative of any decision by Ihe governor and refers solely lo the fact that a long line of governors have exercised Ihe reprieve after ap- warently expiration of the 90-day period." Despite this. Col. Mark O. Kimberling, principal keeper of the state prison, said he was proceeding with preparations for the execution Friday night. He had no official intimation, he said, that any action necessitating delay would be taken. Announcement Saturday by William Conklin, press aide of the governor, that the latler would request Attorney General David T. Wilentz to take Dr. John F. (Jafsie) Condon into custody for further questoning in Ihe kidnap case implied Ihe governor might delay Ihe execution until Condon could return from a South American cruise. The altorney general retried, however, that he contemplated no action regarding Condon. at about 30.000 feet,.these filings went immediately into the combustion chamber of the engine and it was only a. matter of minutes until • the engine was virtually a wreck. Before .continuing the story of the flights, it. might be well to tell how Wiley came to start his stratosphere experiments. Wiley's own words to me were that everyone in the aviation industry was talking about the possibilities of strat- osphere flights, but that no one had ever done anything about it. He had learned on his long hops around the world that he could attain greater speed in the higher altitudes. However, there was a limit to all this with the equipment he was then flying, because his engine lost power rapidly as the altitude increased. Tomorrow—How Post designed his 'Alan from Mars' suit. Champion of all liars and proud of It Is Fibber McGeo, eliown here after he Uad won Ills crown In tlio annual competition of the Burlington, Wis., Liars' Club, in which scores of talented prevaricators told their tallest stories. The club, started in 1929 as a Joke, now has stretched around the world. Congress to Move for Curb on Court Would Prohibit Constitutionality Issue Except Between States WASHINGTON— (JP)— A drive to curtail the powers of the Supreme Court wilhoul resorting to a const! tu- j tional amendment was planned over Ihe. week-end in a meeting of a small bloc of house members. Representative Cross, Democrat, of Texas, said thai he was "sure" he ' could obtain a hearing "in the next week or two" by the house! judiciary j committee on his bill to forbid an inferior court to puss upon the conslitu- tionality of an acl of congress and to bar Ihe Supreme Court from ruling on constitutionality in any case coming to it on appeal. A Democratic leader said the party leadership was canvassing Ihe possibilities of such a proposal. He said I he was convinced lhat congress hai the power under the conslilulion Ic pass such legislalion. It would be based on a clause in Section 2 of Article 3 which says: "In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a stale shall be a parly, the supremo court shall have original jurisdiction. In all Ihe olher cases before mentioned, the supreme court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as H law and fact, with such exceptions, and under regulations as the congress shall make." Cross said: "Tliis would mean that only a stale could allack the constitutionality of an act of congress by filing an original suit in the supreme court." _ Henry Clay Verge* Veteran Hope Negro School Teacher Slips on Linoleum in Home Henry Clay Yerger, who last ffcll celebrated his 50th anniversary as head of the negro schools of MojxS, slipped on the floor of his home Sun* day and fractured his right hip, At his home Monday, 303 South Hate I street, he was confined to his bed. Attendants said that he was rtsing well. The aged negro school, teacher Slipped on a new linoleum that had been placed on the bedroom floor. Presbyterian Men to Dine Tuesday Night The Ladies Auxilary of the First Presbyterian church will entertain the Men of the Church organization with ?. turkey dinner at the church at 7:15 o'clock Tuesday night, it was announced Monday. Night Coughs uickly checked ithout "dosing." WICKS Jj VAPORUB The rows of kernels o'n ah ear of :orn are always in even numbers. Special for this Week 5-tube RADIO Made by G-E $Q.98 Has AJrplane" Dial. 9 Complete With Tubes BRIANT'S Drug Store CAR GLASS CUT AND GROUND TO FFir ANY CAB BRYAN'S Used Part* 411 South Laurel Street Still Coughing? No matte? how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the' trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to. refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) EVERYDAY HEALTH NEEDS —SPECIALLY REDUCED FOR THIS WEEK— Pepsodent Tooth Paste, large size ......39c Kleenex, 500 sheet package .....: ..„__...29c Tasty-Lax, Choc, laxative, 2--25c pks. both for 25c McKesson Milk of Magnesia, 16 oz.._- 39c McKesson quarts of Heavy Mineral Oil 89c Rubbing Alcohol, full pint bottle ......25c Developing and printing any size roll of films only 25c. 5x7 tinted enlargement only 25c John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps Real Dry C lea n i » f lengthens wear also ke- cps apparel imtnaatla t e and clean. DHV 3SS? TtMMFT Higher Flying Korseen NKW YORK-Can you picture huge airliners hurtling through the sUie t - at altitudes of ,'15.000 fool, or more, carrying passengers garbed in their regular street clothes? Can you picture sijundrons of military and naval pursuit flyers, wearing mysterious "Men from Mars" suits, rocketing at remen- dous spi-ivls in the stratosphere to lorm America's first line of defense'.' Hilly Parker, noted pilot of the southwest, forecasts thc.se developments in a graphic series, "Wiley Post Magellan of the Stratosphere." beginning today in The Stni. AUTO SUPPLY CO, Moves to FJEW LOCATION at 208 South Elm Street ( I'oimcrly Occupied liy Ai'kiiu.'iii.sX FiialiiiH ami Stationery Co. / UP TO 1 O/ A C C ON ODDS and ENDS 3/0 V I r and BROKEN STOCK We have moved from our location on East Third street to a larger and more convenient, location on South Elm. We are now able to give you an even bettfi 1 and more complete service. l,i our moving we found a lot of odds and ends and broken stocks which we are closing out at reductions up to ;»•"> l-o' .' . AUTO SUPPLY CO. Roy Grain 208 S. Elm ! was now beside tho car the man had i not looked up. Wiley touched him on the shoulder and tin: man jumped as though he had l>een shot. | 'Man from Mars' j He evidently considered himself the I i nly occupant of thi: entire desert, 1 and when he saw that strange helmet! ed figure, with eyes peering at. him I through a four-inch glass porthole, lie | belie ved he was seeing things. j He started to run, hc.sit.atcd. and i looked back. Ik' saw the Winnie Mae [then, resting without landing gear on j thr old lake bed and, ;m IK; look in ; the situation, evidently concluded that Wiley was not badly hurl. Hi returned and tried lo get Ihe flier to Hi.' down. Post finally mana- ;£<M| lo explain the helmet was part i of his flying equipment and wa.s not part of the airplane wrapped round , hi:,' in <-k. In due time Wiley wa.s out 'of the suit and dressed again in his I street cliithe.s. j Hi.- Murcloc lake helper later i-x- t plained he thought Post was a "man j from Mars." i Throughout my exiK'rieiu'es with I tin. Post stratosphere flights over a j period of many months, this was the only amusing incident, and Wiley alone was there to enjoy it. In hi:! quirt way he enjoyed it. hugely. . : 'Filings in Motor' The landing on Muroc lake was Ihe ' beginning of a series of disappoin!- imi. nts which all had their genius in I sabotage prior to hi.s flight, when ; someone put more than a pound of I carborundum cuttings in the ship's j external .supercharger. Who.n Post c-.i|t in his, su\wrehui-m.'V v'.fi Tow.co

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