Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, September 8, 1989 Legal Notice (Continued fro Page Five) for any reason, the remainder of the said ordinance shall not "he affected in any way. Passed and approved this 5 day oC September. 1939. Published in Hope Star September 8, 1939. W. S. ATKINS Mayor Attest: T. R. DiUingsley City Clerk. ORDINANCE NO. 3-U AJI Ordinance Entitled "An Ordinance Authorizing the Board of Public Attatrs ot the City of Hope, Arkansas, to Purchase a Steam Turbine Driven Centrifugal Boiler Feed Pump and Accessories for the City «f Hope. Arkansas and for Other Purposes." WHEREAS, the City of Hope, Ar- 1 Kansas, is in need of a steam turbine, driven centrifugal boiler feed pump) and accessories: and whereas, the j Board of Public Affairs of the City | of Hope Arkansas, has investigated J the requirements with respect to the, said steam turbine driven centrifugal | boiler feed pump and accessories, and has recommended the purchase of the same at a cost not to exceed ?1200.00: NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS: Section 1: The Board of Public Affairs of the City of Hope Arkansas, j be, and is hereby, authorized to pur- | chase for the City of Hope, Arkansas, j at a cost not to exceed $1200.00 the following property, to-wit: One steam turbine driven centrifugal boiler feed pump, capable of delivering 30.000 pounds of 210 degrees water per hour against the discharge pressure of 273 pounds, with a static head on the suction of the pump of 12'. The pump shall be capable also of satisfactorily operating at a lower rate of 750 pounds per hour for light load service. The pump is to have not less than 2 stages, and have a discharge opening of not less than 2", and a suction opening of not less than 2\i". The casing is to be of either cast steel or close- grain cast iron. The stuffing boxes arc to be extra deep and the packing is to be extra deep. And the Board of Public Affairs shall first advertise for bids for the said property, as required by law and j J the contract /or the purchase of the Melon Displayed (Continued from Page One) mleon, brought back pictures taken of the melon at the Arkansas exhibit. Several New York papers carried stories and pictures of the melon. The ifficial fair newspaper, "Today at the ?"air", carried a two-column front- page picture of thc melon under this caption: "A Midsummer's Day Dream." The Ford Motor Co.. publicity department photographed thc melon and t is understood wil I use pictures and stories on its national publicity service. The melon was grown by O. D. Middlcbrooks. Advance Guard Is (Continued from Page One; Herman Brix, Charles Quigley and David Sharpe in "Daredevils of the Red Circle," A Republic Serial. Friday and Salurady Daredevils of the Red Circle" A high point on the "New" Theatres program this evening is the latest Republic- serial, "Daredevils of the Red Circle." which will be continued each Friday and Satunuly for twelve weeks. .No matter what glamour girl or personality boy is billed as the feature attraction, the crowds will be really wanting to see that good looking Charles Quagley. and his buddies. David Sharpe and Herman Brix, in their hair-raising adventures that deal with thc infamous "39013." The opening chapter deals with »n insidou.s plot for revenaeu. o'JOlj, after having been incarcerated fifteen years in H federal penetentiary. escapes and returns to his horn town where he determines to wreak vengeance on Granvil'.e. the man whose testimony sent him to prison. He makes Granvillc a prisoner, and b mean.s of a clever disguise, assumes] Granville's indentity in a fiendish plot to completely wreck all hte Granville enterprises and strip thc old man of everything he holds dear before finally doing away with him. The Daredevils of the Red Circle. Maginot line into position, ready to strike at the points the high command decides is the weakest. A French communique tonight reported heavy German troop concentrations in thc Moselle valley. French movements in Ihe &inr region were confined for the time being to local action, reports received here said. Thc French were said to have taken more pill boxes in German territory before thc main positions of the Sicg- friencl line. Thc Moselle valley between the principality of Luxembourg and the Saar is one of the most heavily fortified regions of both the Maginot and Siegfried lines. Great French forts guard both sides of Hie Moselle near Sicrck, while thc Laneburg Plans a Livestock Entry Animals Groomed for Exhibit in County and j State Shows By GERALD RKYENGA. The V. F. A. boys from Central High School have completed plans to show livestock in the county and state shows thus fall. Animals which arc to bo shown in October arc receiving special care in order that they may be in the best possible condition for show purposes. Although the .second annual State Livestock Show will be held during the third week of October (Octobc rlG-2U it will be the first livestock shown in the F. F, A. division from Nevada county. The stock show constitutes a splcn- i ddadverlising medium. There is no better method of getting one's stock before people to whom thyc arc of greatest interest than to put them in a showing. The showing has been an influential agency in stimulating interest in livestock. Because of the fact that breeders exhibit their best animals in the rnig and fairs the livestock show affords a producer the best opportunities available to Iciirn about livestock, to study the conformation and types of the best animals in Hope Girl Showing at Saenger college atletes working during their | Gc ,. milns gu;ivci thc Moselle and Rhine amusement J5ier. cross | v . ])1( , y roll[cs ((J CologI1Ci ' "" ' Military observers in Switzerland doubted that thc French would risk a head-on assault in that stronghold. These observers said the Saarland coal fields might fall, at least partially, into French possession with but little sistance. German comment on this possibility was that "Louis Napoleon captured the Saar early in thc Franco-Prussian war but lost' the other great fortified area at thc Swiss end of the two lines. vacation on an with i',9013 and lend all their numerous talents toward stymieing his plots. Also in this tripple proaram we have Zauc Grey's newest action thriller Margaret Dare, Robert Coote Bryant and a supporting •.veil known western stars. The second big feature Wallace Berry in "Fort of 6ne of his best roles he has ever played. Berry is supported by Maureen O'SuHican, Frank Morgan, Jessie Ralph and John Boal. George cast of starring 7 Seas" the i-tons breeds, and to obtain flic Gene Autry, Barbara Pepper, Patsy Montana, and Smiley Burnette in Republic's "Colorado Sunset." Rise in Food Cost Laid to Hysteria Council of the City of Hope. Arkansas. .May 2. 1939. be. and thc same is hcrc- be. and they are each hereby, by, amended to read as follows: authorized and directed upon payment of the consideration mentioned in Section 1 hereof to execute a good and I sufficient deed conveying said lands j described in Section I to the Leslie ,„,,.,, t i Huddleston Post No. 12, American same shall be let to the owest rcspon-. Department of Arkansas. <.ir\lf> niririor a5 r»i*nvirf*»rf nvlmc I ,_. .. i. 1 That all ordinances and sible bidder, as provided by law. Section 2: That all ordinances and' parts of ordinances in conflict here_ with are hereby repealed, and this ordinance being necessary for the i public health, safety and welfare of | the inhabitants of trie City of Hope,' Arkansas, an emergency is hereby declared, and this ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage. Passed and approved this ath day of September, Published in Hope Star thi.s 8th day of September. W. S. ATKINS Attest: Mayor T. R. Billingsley. City Clerk ORDINANCE NO. 313 An Ordinance to lie Entitled "An Ordinance Authorizing the Sale of Certain Lands to Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12 The American Legion, Department ot Arkansas, and for Other Purposes." Section 3: parts of ordinances in conflict herewith be. and the same are hereby, repealed: and that because of the fact that a good and sufficient deed must be made to the said Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12. The American Legion, Department of Arkansas, before it can undertake its building program, and there is a necessity for the immediate beginning of the said building program, now, therefore, an emergency is hereby declared, and this ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage. i Passed and approved: this 5th day • of Sept. 1939. ; Published in Hope Star: this 8th day ; cf Sept. 1939. j W. S. ATKINS j Attest: Mayor ! T. R. Billingsley j City Clerk. - _ —«r»»-«*~ - - OKUINANCi; NO, 51S "Section V. In all buildings, butcher shops, sales wagons, sales trucks, or other places conducted as meat markets, and in all buildings butcher shops, or other places where fresh, frozen, or uncooked meats or fish are sold, the following regulations shall be complied with: "No place shall be allowed to sell fresh or dressed meats or fish, or kindred products unless thc .same is equipped with a properly constructed refrigerator, ice box, or refrigerator counter; and to be so properly constructed as to maintain a temperature of not higher than 47 degrees Fahrenheit lor the proper preservation of foodstuffs, and that said refrigerator or ice box or refrigerator counter be so constructed that the same can be cleaned and disinfected regularly; and any person firm, or corporation failing to comply with this section of this ordinance shall not be allowed a permit for the sale of said pro- Two German Ships (Continued from Page One) most up-to-date information concerning the most approved systems of feeding, feeding and managing. Thc show ring always offers inspiration to the livestock producer and proves to be a stimulus to him in improving his own herd. Fitting and showing .stock furnishes to thc exhibitor an opportunity to indulge in wholesome competition. If his animals prove to be superior they may be a source of .substantial returns, either in the form nf cash pri/es or in re-! lead to future .sales. One of thc chief reasons for fitting and showing livestock is to advertise the herd so that the breeding stock may be sold more readily and on a superior 'market. Just as the merchant displays his goods in showcases, so the breeder of cattle must place hi best individuals where potential buyers may see and admire them. Every livestock farm is to .'ome extent, a show place; every cattleman likes to have appreciative visitors. No Cloocl Reason for Rise Is Except Possibly in Case of Sugar 1 steamer Mananr WHS described by stir' a submarine first torpedoed the M;\n- aar then opened fire as the crew of 88 sought to leave the sinking ship. Forty-six of the crew—three wounded had been resecued. Two were dead. Forty were missing. Among the wounded was Thomas Jones, 50, of Carnavon, North Wales, chief petty officer. He said the Manaar had put up the best fight of which she wji capable before she was sent to the bottom last night 100 miles off the Portuguese coast. Grinning despite his two leg wounds, j he recalled: "We broke out a 12 pounder, but we couldn't reach 'the submarine). She was too far away." The Manaar's master, he added gave I orders to abolition ship after the first i torpedo struck amidships and it became evident that the submarine was not coming within range of the freighter's gun. "We launched four boats on the port side—thc side away from the submarine Peace Plea Made in Rotary Speech La.rry Akers, Memphis Rotarian, Address Hope Club Friday Pope's Writer Is Taken by Italians Arrested for Writing Favorably of Britain and France Little Missouri Meeting Monday Army Engineers to Conduct Hearing at Prcs- cott Monday The boiird of engineers for rivers and harbors, and the district engineer of the Corps of Army Engineers, Vieks- btirg office, will hold an important hearing cm the proposed development of the Little- Missouri river at Prescod, Monday, Septcraber 11, in (he gymnasium building at 10 ii ni. .Surveys have been completed on thi.% tributary, (lie largo.sl one of the Omiehitii river above Camdon. find this hearing is to secure the recommendation of thr hoard nf enginerr. 1 ; fur rivers and harbnds for this development. There nro many citizens of flemp- stciiil county who own properly along the Little Missouri river and il.s tributaries who should attend this meeting if they are interested in the improvement. It is necessary In liave ii good * attendance of lho.se interested to .secure a favorable report on this development. Another 'meeting of interest to the citi/.ens of this .section is an address by Senator John K. Miller at Canulcn September 11, at K p. in. Senator Miller will discuss legislation passed at e last session of emigres. Farmer, FEA and -I-II club nieni- er are particularly invited to al- •nd. ducts." Section 3: THAT AH ordinances and '—but the ship swung around as we (•arts of ordinances in conflict with were doing this," Jones said, "and i his ordinance are hereby repealed. j we found ourselves staring straight Section 4: THAT Ordinance No. MS WHEREAS. Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12, the American Legion Depart- f ment of Arkansas, is a patriotic, chair- itable, and educational association duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Arkansas, by proper crder of the Circuit Court of He'mp- stead County, Arkansas; and WHEREAS. The said Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12 The American Legion. Department of Arkansas, is composed exclusively of ex-service men and women, who offered their services for the United States of America in the World War. and each of whom received honorable discharge from the United States Government; and WHEREAS, the said Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12 The American Legion, Department of" Arkaasfci, desires to build a community center and head- Quarters for the said Leslie Huddleston Past No. 12, The American Legion, Department of Arkansas, and lias selected a location on the city property. and thc City of Hope, Arkansas, is willing to deed the said property here_ matter described to Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12. the American Legion, Department of Arkansas, for a consideration of $1.1)0: NOW. THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL C-F THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS. Section 1: That the City <;f Hope, Arkansas, for and in consideration of thc sum of ONE DOLLAR (.$].00), convey by genera 1 warranty deed to Leslie HudrlloKlon H*;t No. 12, Thc American Legion, Department of Arkansas, the following described it;,) estate situated in Hernpstead County. Arkansas, to-wit: Commence at the Northeast <NE> corner of the Northwe.a Quarter (NW':,i of the -Souths.,.-,!. Quarter <SE'.i> of Section Thirty- two C.'i'it Township Twelve <['>< South, Range Twenty-four '2I> We-st, run thence V/ost (Macyujiic Declination 5 degrees 40' r'.«..< •Ar,ng thc- North line of the Noiii:_ west Quarter <NW')> oi \}~ : Southeast Qutirtei f£E'i> of Section Thirty-two i'S'i. 826 feel !•; p<jint of beginning, run thence South Hi degree; 10' West 208 feel, run thence North 71 degrees 50' V/c:,l 200 foot, i un thence North 13 degrees 10' Ea.-.t 142 feet to thc North line of the; Northwest Quarter iNV/'ji of the Southeast Quarter 'SE'j) of Section Thirty- f.'.o '.'!i!>. run tt. ,-uce East 2)0 feet to point of fx::iilining, containing An Ordinance to l>c an Ordinance Krtilleil, "An Ordinance to Levy a Taxable Property in thc Hope, Arkansas, For Hie 1!):!!), and For Other I'ur- Tax i.-n City of Year of puses. taxable; property, botli real | day of Sept. nal, within the City of Hope. ' BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY J Of HOPE. ARKANSAS: I •SECTION 1: That a tax of five mills i i.OO.V. and the same is hereby, levied] upon all and |,er-.i Arkasnas. for the year 1939: and that all '.none;..1 collected and raised by said ! tax shall u.nstilute a general fund to defray thc general and ordinary expenses of thc ^aid City of Hope. Arkan:'a.-;; and that said levy be certified It, the Clerk of Hempstead County. A.rkani-a.-. to he placctl upon the books and collected at the same time and in the same manner a.s Stale and County taxes art: collected. SECTION 2: That all ortlinancf.- aiul or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed, and thi- ordinancij being necesj.ary for the pnb- lic iieatlli. safety and general welfare of the inhabitants of Die City of Hope, an emergency is hereby declared anri this ordinance shall he in full force IK.in and after ils passage and publication. | Passed aiui approved this ."ith day of Soplftnbci. I'.'.'iS. lubli.-herl in the Hope .Star this 81 h W. S. ATKINS AileM Mayor T R. liiliiiiLf-Jcy. OISJHNANCK NO. :>I5 An Ordinance to lie Kntitlctl "An Ordinance In Amend Ordinance No. ~:'.i v , cf Hie C'ily nf flopf. Arkansas. Pas-.cd and Approved .May 'i, I!I.'J!I." HE IT ORDAINED BY THE flTY COUNCIL OK THE CITY OK HOPE. ARKANSAS: ^••ctiofi 1. THAT Section Ord'oanc" ~i'.'fi of the City of of tlic City of Hope. Arkansas, with the two amendatory sections herein, be. and the same i.s hereby, declared in full force and effect: and this or- linancc being necessary for thc public health peace, and .safety, an emergency i.s hereby declared, and this ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage. Passed and approver! thi.s 5th day of .Sept. 1!):!'.). Published in the Hope .Star thi> 8th Attest: T. H. W. S. ATKINS Mayor City Clerk. »l the submarine." Then, ho added, thc attacking vessel fired » second torpedo at the same time opening fire with its gun. Ho said that in his opinion shapnel was fired. A physician at the hospital said the men's wounds indicated they were inflicted by machine gun bullets. A "most courteous" German submarine commander 'greatly helped" i 33 seamen before sinking their British I Ireighter Olivcgrove, Capt. Giles i.Vteflman, of the United States liner J Washington wirelessed after rcscuins; | the men. Stedman said the submarine ordered "all hands to abolition ship" and 'when thc boats were in water anri clear of ship a torpedo was fired into the Olivegrove." A plea fora spirit of tolerance toward the people of all nations regardless of their official position in the European war was made Friday noon at Hotel Barlow by Larry Akers, noted Memphis Rotarian, in an address ot the HOIK; Rotary club. Introduced by N. T. Jewell, who was president of the local club the year Mr. Akers was district governor the speaker went on to say that even now there arc Rotarian groups abroad seeking some peaceful solution for Europca's war. Guests Friday were: Dr. A. W. Hudson and Tom Cornpton, of Prescott; De Mitra Saari, Hot Springs; and Jack Lowe, Gtirdon. Thc Rev. Tom Brewster, who retired this summer as club president, was presented with n past president's pin by C. C. Spragins in behalf of the club. NEW YORK — The Europeap war has hit the American family dinner table, a national survey disclosed Thursday. Throughout the nation, retail staple food prices .soared. Sugar. floAir. lard, butter meats jumped, mostly about 10 to 2."i per cent over last week, .sometimes much higher. Rationing of supplies to housewives by retail grocers WHS common practice in many cities. Some cities reported a tcmpoary shortage of basis staples. Housewives complained to officials. In New York. Mayor LaGuardia received S.OO complaints in two days. Many city, state and national officials ordered investigations to check profiteering. Wholesale grocery men hlamcci housewives,' Week-end war news sent them scurring to put away emergency supplies of storablc fiod and the rush precipitated local shortages. Many officials and wholesale food dealers said there was no reason now for a general price rise. There are ample supplies of food of all sorts, they said, plenty for all demands and more. Chiefly in thc case of sugar, some said, there appeared to be definite reasons for a price increase. It has been reported for some days that sugar refiners were holding off ofcring.s. Some wholesalers ux'ix 1 informed onfy aftr receiving new orders that the price had been substantially raised. In Washington Dr. Johua Bcrn- hardt, chief of the Sugar Section of the Department of Agriculture said thc nation has a surplus of sugar and that ' it was possible a "synthetic" shortage was being created. He said thc department might rni.se market-i ing quotas if processors and refiners; persisted in holding supplies off the market. Domestic and Purto Rican \ producers, he safd had on hand 800,000 tons of sgar in excess of marketing | quotas which may he placed on thc I market. j There aparcntiy were no general | increase in the prices of shoes and clothing in the nation, despite rising hide and wool prices. It was pointed out that most autumn buying by retailers was done before the rise, and that subsequent retail prices increases might not be necessary until after Christmas, normally u time for bargain sales. ROME. ITALY -</»'/— Prof. CJuido Gomella, an editorial writer for the Vatican City newspaper L'O.sservatorc Romano, has been arrested by Italian secret political police. Thc arrc.st, which occurcd Sunday while thc professor was week-ending in the counn- try, followed a series of articles on the Eurupeaii situation which appeared in L'Osscrvatore over his initials. One of these said "England and France affirm particularly the principle of honor in maintaining obligations assumed toward Poland and in general thc principle of independence and security of small nations as against thc policy of larger nations, as for example against Die affirmation of .supremacy.' A cow jumped astride the hood of a car cruising an Idaho highway. And were we thought only thc dangerous out there. A Montana imbiber contributed a dollar to the police radio fund after paying his fine for drunkenness. He evidently hadn't sbercd up yet. MIND YOUR MANNERS t. M. HEO. u. •. art, mo a.nr- •;'\ a:: follov A I! K-IVOI. 1 of Hope. I May 2. h"i ebv /rial kc1. air fre:l kindred pro' 11 Ijf it quired ( i' fee of S.'io.O Ivjuict.. •.•.•hich ii -, fun," or h'M-faflt.-r -.'•Hint! or .f-aLs. fre.-:li uct.s io iay sp''C 'Meal. IN THE HEMPSTKAD CHANCERY COURT L. M. THOMAS, AND MARY H. 'JHOMAS PLAINTIFFS VS. NO. 5324 Southwr.'sl Quarter of Section 2f); West. Half of Southeast Quarter of Section 20; a/id Part of Ihe Northea.st Quarter of thc Southeast Quarter of Section 10. all in Township 13 South, Range 2,'i West, in HcmpMead County, Arkansas, hereinafter more particularly described DEFENDANT NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That th(;rf has boon filed in rny office as | Clerk of the Chancery Court of Hcmp.slfad County, Aikansas, a DC- lition by the above named plaintiffs, 'lor Die quieting of the title in Iht>:n ;. arid the- confii mation of the title of the .•laintiff.s to the following described lands .situated in Hoirip.steud County,! I A i kanshs. to-wjt: i 1 Southwest Quiuter <SW'.,|> of Sec-' non Twenty 120', West Half (W 1 ,-.) of ^oinhunsl Quarter <SEV|) of Section 1 Iwenty i20i. and Part of Ihe South- ca.-t Quarter i.SE'.ii of the Northeast Quarter i.NE'/ii of Section Nineteen 'l!li, described as follows: Begin at a ) ,joint i'.IO chains South of the Northeast corner of the said 40 acres, run ( .'h.-.-nco .South ifi.'JO chains to thc South- i .•asl. corner of said 40 acre tract, run 'hence VVc.st 1.24 chains to the center .1 the ShovL-r Springs-Falcon road; 1 i MIJ ihf'ncf Northwesterly al'jng thc •.•enter ol said road IS.7!) chains, run thence due Ka.M 8.7ii ctuiin.s hiac-k to the I oml of heginning, being all th^l part of said HI acres lying Ea.st of said road, except 1 i.crc's off of the North hereto(<)!<: conveyed to J. M. Hecce, All of tl;e ah'.ve described lands being in Tov.'n. L hip 'Ihirtcen (lli> South, Range T'.venl.v-three. 'K> West, in Hcnii> itc.'.id County, Arkansas, and containing in the aggregate 218' 2 acres, more cause why said title 10 said lands should not be confirmed in the said L. M. Thomas and Mary H. Thomas.! WITNESS: My hand a.s clcark of the! Chancery Court and thc seal thereof,] jlhis 20th day of July, 1839. • RALPH BAILEY I I Clerk of the Chancery Court j Hempstead County, Arkansas. Sept. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and Oct. (i. Had No Borrowers, Bank Closes Doors BOONEVILLE, fa. — Because no one wanl.s to borrow money, the Boonevillc Savings Bank will close its doors. The hank ha.s $267,000 in deposits, i.s solvent, but it can't make any money paying out 2 1-2 per cent interest to depositors and letting thc cash lie idle in its vaults. In a letter to Die depositors announcing the closing the bank sairl j "thc principal reason for quitting i.s that we do not know what to with your money." Thc bank ha.s been in operation 33 years. Five residents of Booneville a town of 142 person, started the Cotton Forecast (Continued From Page One) for Sic Id-year average condition on September 1. The indicated yield was reporlc-l at 2'M.7 pounds to the acre, compared with a forecast of 223.7 pounds a month ago, 235.8 pounds produced last year, and HI0.08 pounds as the 11)28-37 average yield. The Arkansas condition of the crop was 75 per cent of normal; acre yield 325 pounds: and estimated production 1,462,000 bales. WARNING ORDER IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT JOHN M. STAGER PLAINTIFF Vs. VICTORIA WITHEflSPGON CLEVELAND et al DEFENDANTS The dffendant.s. Victoria Witherspoon Cleveland, Carnell Witherspoon j and Mrs. Carnell Witherspoon, his, wife, Ora Loo Witherspoon porter, Evulina Witherspoon Hopson. John-, nie Witherspoon and Mrs. Johnnie j Witherspoon, his wife, Elmore Witherspoon and Mrs. Elmore Witherspoon, i his wife, thc Unknown Heirs of D.I W. Witherspoon, deceased, the Unknown Heirs of Mack Witherspoon,, Deceased, the Unknown Heirs of Ollie Witherspoon, deceased, G. T. Blankenship and Mrs. G. T. Blankenship, his wife, Farmers Royalty Holding ; Company, a corporation. Farmers 1 Mutual Royalty Syndicate, Inc., a corporation, the Unknown Heirs of N. E. Cleveland. Deceased, and the Unknown Claimants of any interest in and to Ihe Fractional Northea.st Quarter iNE'/ii and the Fractional 1 Ntiithv.-e.st Quarter iNWVji of Section Ij, Township 11 South f I in.stitul.ion with ?IO.WKI capitalization, and they or their heirs still operate it. Robbers twice tried to loot the bank. The fir.sl time, in IflZ.'i. Cashier C. C. Cook opened fire from his home across the street and filled two mh- her.s with buckshot. They recovered and are now in the penitentiary. In 1927. burglars entered the band at night and obtained a few nicklcs. Cook al thc time wa.s in Chicago. Detroit reports a record of no holdups from Friday to Monday. Like European diplomats, thieves were evidently taking the week-end off. Test your knowledge ot correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below; 1. Is it good in,moors for H col- cge freshman to accept invitation: to anumher of sorority or fraternity parties, when he knows already thai he i.s going to join a certain group'.' 2. May a young person ask an alumnus of the school he i.s entering 1o recommend him to a fraternity? ,'j. Is it a good idea for a high school athlete to wear a sweater with <i high school letter on it. on a college campus'.' •t. Are blind dates considered evidence of poor taste on a college campus'.' 5. If a blind date doesn't turn out to be all a girl hoped for, must .she make the best of thc evening'.' What would you do if— When your first sorority dance comes along, there is no boy you know very well. Would you — nil Ask someone, even thiugh you do Hot know him very well? (hi Let your sorority sisters arrange a blind date for you'.' (ci Skip the dance' 1 Answers 1. Certainly. And a good way Io gel acquainted with Ihe members of other groups. 2. No. Not even if he i.s a very good Iriend. •1. No. They arc a part of college life. 5. Yes. If she takes a blind dale, she should be pleasant and courteous, even if her date isn't particularly attractive. Best "What Would You Do" solution—cither (a) or (hi. But it Raises the (Continued from Page One) deed, just thi.s i.s Hitler's purpose as outlined in Mein Kanipf. And it is not easy to .see how it can be prevented save by vigorous, immediate action in the Balkan area by allied rowers which might .scare off the Russians before it is too late. All lhe.se speculations, however, assume that the Kremlin intends to keep faith with Germany. Much, and perhaps everything may depend on the vigor and correctness , of actions taken by France and Britain within the next few days. I think we may be certain that there wiil be stirring ncw.s within the next .. , . „ Kange A West,i d;iv ,. Thr . appointment of General in Hemps cad County, Arkansas, a iid |Sir Edmund Ironside a.s Chief of the each of them are hereby warned to I,^,,,.^ General Staff confirms appear in this court within thirty ia ,|, is opinion. days and answer the complaint of the Ironside is no man Io sit and twiddle plaintiff herein. ,,-,,. thum bs in a situation like this, Witness my hand and .seal a.s clerk i and he is the best informed 1 of said \ teinber, | Or im. £'.-i-!l Tf.it Uv; id Ci , Section fi of AH persons claiming .said lands or >!' ihe Citv of a ".V uiK-icu therein are hereby v.arn- 'I -.uid uin.'rovtd '-''-' ''•> aj'pwu 1 in :.uid court ajid shov.' court on 1039. RALPH thi.s l.-,t day of Sep- BAILEY. Clerk. Sfcut. 1, B. 15 mid 22, 193'J. man in i the Britsh army on Russia and Po- I land. Furthci more. General Gort, I who takes command of the field lioites. is a fighting soldier of the . firut ryjik. l Cmon, Enjoy Life with a bottle of J AX, "All work and no play"—you know thcrest. So get out and play often; but be sure to include cheery, friendly J AX. Here's beer at its liveliest, zippiest best—dry, langy, smooth—mellowed .siow/y in ice-cold cellars—bottled when it's best for you to drink. C'mon, let go. Enjoy Life! Drink JAX, regularly. DRINK Scientists have discovered gargan- lan rats three feet long and kanga- )os that climbs trees in Dutch New juinen. STARTS SUNDAY SAENGER If you should die tonight will yom family be adequately protected. TALHOT FK1LD, Sr. District Manager Reliance Life Insurance Co. Life, Health and Accident Box 41, Hope, Arkansas. Dr. J. D. Johnson .; IJAnnttunces (lie oppnitiK o f offlccsN • m First National Bank Building £ Practice Limited to •• Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. YOUR BABY —YOUR DOCTOR AND YOU Advice to mothers tin how to raise babies is plentiful and free in every community. J-'rom friends and relatives well-meant council is constantly heaped upon a mother's shoulders. Fret|in>nlly the result is confusing and often detrimental to till; baby. The lit-sl advice to any mother can he given in three words: KKK VOUR DOCTOR! When full . . prescriptions, arc needed WARD & SON The {.railing Druggist "We've (lot It" • IMolorcycU- Delivery We have a complete assortment of Home Furnishings. BEST BEER IN TOWN JACKSON BREWING C9. Hope Hardware Company

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