Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1941
Page 4
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^^ 'f/^^i' * ' <* ? '" ' ^ \ *V '7! ,,'" i^'**' • , - " ^ ' |*» if YOU tfU. tWI You con talk Wont A& M y 1.1XUJ , W^M/t (*»JK*W»Mf «., * 4 - ** «* ana ^^RO^^Si^M*^^ ^K- "?£ -#wr ***- *»4 orw en** to stu. ttwr. my 9* W<mt Atfe cosh fn «fc«mc«. Nof «***»« VW* ** Wt H»*i 3« WH< mtmtmmm *>. For Sato Chaiw. T <m4 S*"* """^ itaadftkm with . Also highest prices paid j SSL£ umltur *- JRANKUN rum. NmjRE CO.? South Kta Stw«i BSl CORN, T3« FER BUSHEL CTib - Ptow ^^ See A ' N< Strou HJOBGE 37, ft TON TRUCK, STAKfc ,', body, in good condition. Wilf !ce tof cnshl f **MQDEI, J, MOUKK TRACTOR OX Jjfimtber with 2 row equipment Mld- wdte breaker, planter, cultivator tt«4 fd&e. Used 2 years. List new $1800. ""Vffl sen tor $1000. PAIR MARES WTFK 3 MOSFfM Id mule «flt Five and six year Id. >!U5ft to 125ft Ibn. 520ft it sol, H. Bart King, Ozan, 15~3tp By Roy Crone «* Iffe *<Hi*i >*WWW*.i Sfc, v **»*»»,* fetf ,fc e i X, , 1**" . J**^Itf "W f h** *,, fot,* uvsa S to Rent RD %-TON PICKUP; ALSO ' well-bred female mule eott, VJ .months old Defense stamps acct-pt, Charles V. Fox. R. R. 2 Hope, Real Estate For Sale f» ACRES SIX MILES FROM TOWN, * P°2 ^ Use <** gootl road * "^dy ,'j. land. Price $25.00 per acre. ACRKS THREE MILES FROM (own on good road, all in fine f«acre. Can 'give possession January •Jk |60 1 FEET BY 142 FEET TERRACE lot, located in the twelfth block ' on South Main street, with a five ;^ room house. Wai sell on good terms •M and give possession at once. With ft,» small expense for repairs you will is, be buying a home. See, FLOYD a *' > ' • • • pfltt ACRES SIX MILES FROM TOWN. - " fine for general farming, with fine Pasture and running water, about ^ 80- acres open, balance m timber. gvGood road through the farm. Four li^S* house - sleeping'-.porch, fme ^ Well'Of water^ large stoekiond hay L Tarn. Under a good wire fence Beotric and school bus Ifnes near for quick sale will take 52500.00. ^ J ACRES, FOUR MILES FROM ^-r, town, twoTiouses, barn, potato house, g£ spruig branch, fine pasture. A fine ffi, combination farm for crops and cattle. Price $25.00 per acre. i FLOYD PORTERFIELD ll-6tc city, «o yjti f%ijf-u» i atily H. K. Bw>wn. |- lMf \ VK>,iV, *..*,* OCHAiO CHKK *'*,tmmy»«" f } & f^:..,:.i.-.jiiirro J , «*.<• *« ROOM FRONT 8KOROtJ15r"*°"\D.foti« buth. Two 4*nthttiwtii >* ^»,.i couple O»ll T! ur mtirns >« SHI Wi alter T o'etmsk f,v.f LARGS" 8.uh, Private B'" ONF, BOOM A,V» ONt C for Ujjhi h.«<s«h«?«vif!)i( I-M,* M etty on OW Hitthw >y -0 t'- Paul. Mr*. 7 R Sfh.»jf»y v ift V ( * * Hl , >.„ {,„ („,(>».'.<. if '.'l*- .»> l , ^ i •e.j^^Hi « i,,,, '»,> v .,„ Wi(> Iw . f f). f! >„ M .1 j>,« ,« ( ,,WJ Emtii "vtwv. >««., f !,>, ,"».^^[ „, Wr .t/.lf i \ *• - *, "*Anf^*t } *»»g.a>»| A "••""Wi^^Ji^aFMMi.J OFFICE SPAOK OVEM Ncw-wt^nrf. Sftr*. CK»r>i» 814 South Mam, Phonw ««. ^.^r^- " "^^^ "«»v Welt »*' \ FRONT BCD800K FOR only. On« block tft»« I 31« Suoth Walnut. f&. \ \ yu.y FARM. WTTK ccoo PAsrcmr, water. Two houses. PjH!*i# 3,1 620 South Main. i«. Notice WHOEVER POUJXD MY RUST. colored Cocker Spttni*!, PLEASK jetum him to mo, Martha. HQ«»r«n Purvia. Phon* «», |5. 3t ! 4 120 ACRES ON HIGHWAY. ONE simile of City Limiti; 3 houses, 2 .., bams. Good farming and grazinf viand. WiU sell at very reasonable r ' -, TYLER AND KIRK ', f 120 So. Main St, 15-ltp bit For Sole Miscl. PADGITTS PEDIGREED PUPPIES &?•> for"Presents. Will hold for Christ• ,mas delivery if desired. Cockers Bostons, Chows and Pointers. } Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmp For Sole or Rent NACRES JOF LAND WITH GOOD v «house, joins Experiment Station on r, «,sputh. See T. S. McDavitt. Token Up fBJE*ACK AND WHITE HOLSTEIN iUy cow. Weight about 800 pounds. gjd Jones, 511 South Shover street. ' 15-10tp POOTED! r. f NO HUNTING ALLOW, ed on our premises. Keep out. Byod Bros. Emmet. Ark. December t. i?, 13, 22 ;( ?AC*-*^i-*U«*r } ^_ ,«* |^ -,^;»Atf ./ ^^ f •A.-4,iit,,,S •.<%' i V*. *i lx ? WSSgC*/?* /-"=' f >* V*-, X J**» ••^^-•'•^^ /"•v*iiy> I HAVE OPENED PLUMBINcT SHOP m town. All busmes« appreciatcti, All work guaranteed. C: L. Romerts Phone 343. 18~«tp Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved nexl door to Snenger Theater for better prices on furniture see "* . 2t-30tc Wanted to Buy HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOH MEN'S and boyi suits. R. M. Patterson. l-15tc Wonted NEW OR RENEWAL OF SUBSCRIP- tions to any magazine published. Charles Reynerson at City Hall 2-14tc Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE - WE repair anything Electrical, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c WANT A CHIUSTMAS PIANO? r»v^ M«ittft 5J4 ,tO 0»wn Moitlhtf, Drop us a e.tr<! fur CtUfnns <»rtr! full infori>wtJon. tSui*ii(v nuit«>i by STKINWAY. CABLE, WURI.iTZK«, U>i«t( PJjin«»»y S75 up, T«nm 2U>> E- Bfoa«J Trxarkann, Ark. | '\fc»j«F ...r'T-y^L , j 'Y" 'i ;: ' : ;-.^ "'•'" If- flMp -f ~R - '-"-( " L^,.,2l:.'.."! J ,^^,-*fe«SS^^K;/^;:t:l ^ * BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES '~"* fl ^-' .-UU-.-J--. .-. ^vrU... — --..^- ... _„ .n-^— —^--/ ! ] .. j,^ f ««. ,«., .& Chic • * IT Vi»« ' ",J-WCW.?i l «> ft' r. Hoppy .(•vAw-w'V'"-.. Bring us your SKrk WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut RENT/ WANT-ADS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with ... Major Hoople RED RYDER *,**«. J* A («, , X JBy Edgor Morfin /^ UNCLH IS GUS REAT^OFVOUR MISHAP/ YOU WERE RUN DOWM B.E6CUIMG A STRAN DOG/ OF COUR,A(p£ SETS MV OLD SOLDIER HEART I'LL IN BUSINESS HOSPITAL / VQU HE USEP To TILL HH SMACKED BV A TRUCK/ HA/ THE VER.V THING/ LAUNCH A MAMMOTH TUR.KEV TO PURCHASE THE ORPHANS A MOUNTAIN QP NULETIDB Ml OVER TO WATCH TUB KIDS SKrVTE/ TD J'U_ 0£ -ANC3 A F Caution Needed ALLEY OOP By Fred Harmon Cf What Was That? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Bin-,DADpy, GOING To THE SLUH- V^ SURE— "^ ftooM is POSITIVELY MOMUMENTAL / ] SURE , BUT DOMT YOU WAMT ME To LOOK Nice ? I DO I HAVe TO PAY FOR THE 1 ByV.T. Homfin '""\ Ahem! "THE CURRENT FAD, OF COURSE > IS Tt> riDccc SOMETH^^^Ar MATCHES M^R* ^ S p?! SS W ,,_... BuyiNG \ BETree HOW \ IT OW Till? I GO OUT

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