Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1941
Page 3
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17,1t41 MOP1 STAR, MOPI, ARKANSAS Soc H>»*y Dorothy Heard, Edltw Tttlephone 768 Social Calendar *?% tttt ft* A K. J.JM. tiw HIS CHRISTMAS CAROL By ADELAIDE HAZELTINE Copyright, 1941. NEA Service Inc. JVV. ^ . SJ*. U:* 11*1) IMti :: itt TIIM »T«nYi WhfB Andrrn I ttritrbttfii riln ef hf*r< nllurk, kt« +rrtr<*Tr < *rt>l mid "ftflMH f'lmn" Kill Hrtrr, Ultklal rm|.lofr«, fttatttr If tfcr hlMIr prr»ldfttl'« • l»rr |>«llrr at *rt\lrt In Ihr pfo- |tt* will roKflnnr, hnnwlnir tkn< • ••<T«|>H|»I» 'Mf. llrrrlrk. n«*l»l> IIMI Mmiiiifi^ri lum ttfhrr Idrn*. *on Antr rKrhllmt with nlftk I«H, la rK«r«i HI OBC». » * » CHA1TEH II of the iktorc Blood Uni« KiioU aft«T the an- of Mr, Dearborn'* They liilk«1 in hiuhed or just ttmxl slaring. ciiwl, in •>'* «'•» tin ^t»w« 4 ,•«) W*'l9li»»M« i 38 h»nJ who with 0«-«tl>tirn's tince «.f*ii tun cash. buytr for ««i'.i,iUuwK5 that linger* nt H. t 1 "-.-,', t-,!ti, »« Vt«v,.« u >-*«-1 * -M. ii.-s.iiJ, " it.* «V,-si<:, . Oil Mr. A 4oMSJi Vi'rj* tjuuU 1. (til. WJisl "I don't need you In the storo now," Mr. Dearborn had toW Andy. But when he did need him, only n few years afterward, young Andy was too busy with his Linda Julians and his yitcht to care. JVU. Thr.v rfts«?nt*d young What liis A-T. . I U ,»,!(. HlU* V' tfe <'i.€U<f \« j'.h his dark good to the Vfelt SAENGER HOW , THURS. 8ITTY GRABLE "I WAKE Uf» SCREAMING" "M; "JJr lit-w J fclS i-ijjllt I*. - Ami?', of til) JjiwJs Julian and Us* Jong parade of ct>)w* Jikc JUT "who cornbmwi to take 3m sUo»Ui.m from busi- »r*t. To- vhfw. Linda was the Uul Us Carol s4»<r was only the t5(ji>i, of gaiety fc» which Andy tut tji».!<ppi.iiiutncnt. He j> in tb<? *tor*, run- WHtrhiruj the clerjcs IL Mu<J>ir.B '*"' cafth register as .c-y nsrsg up t'bjingir, H' uj',h the fctvuf ol a Twit Tale Down in Son RIAtTO • NOW "SANTA FE TRAIL" CVllJ ! "Out of the Fog" Hi: rmvitw SAT NITC JACK BENNY . ,,)•, Charlie's Aunt S)if was wo? king in the More •in Saturdays thru. A frr'KlilTiui) Hi 1iii."li Krix.wvl. AisiSy was :i Miph- u-muir Bint wi.itr MIC halo of the hr " u'(»uW .'»! »- funrra!," Vir tl.c V.C !*•«>»'» ^oti She .••dniirtxl bini from .11 if-jtc-ctJul oh*? t.Anc i <'-. She dutn't i-. tv. iv hci-M-M Mk'hrti thnl ndniirn- Uoii iffghii to be f-omcthins wore. 3! w»* u-ht-n ))<• came back from y Khiw.S A? frit the first shock of it .She was Alt'. n~n'n p;«-t I'larr by then. Si ;.iivS M tyjK"\v)itrr one day V. ill rTi v. h»t Mr. J>c»rl.>orn know ''1 WARD & SON lew think •u,-hi« h,'4ri« it Mr. him <ii •*•,*' il up. wr«rkf lalcr 1 ofliff vouM Urmw." "You'!<- mtf Ihrrr iii our'" "Yrs Uill »)»! the fif«:)«r wH- ncsfftl it " "All E<> 'o thn imn?" hir- nnal! cyr-i Iwirrd irito horn. \Vhrn (=.hc t»ilr"'l to (injwcr promptly, hf cnn- , "Itr r:»n'l ):iin\v nnirh Jttxnit Morr-ti. llo certainly h;isn't *|>t>nl any lime around here." C'aroS i'fv-e In Andy's defense, "Why fhould hr? When hr GIFTS FOR HER MORRIS & PANGBURN CANDIES GIFTS FOR HIM KAYWOODIE PIPES See our selection $3 to $5 YELLO-BOLE PIPES ^ $1 and $1.50 N*» AMITY BILLFOLDS Priced from $1.00 up SHAFFER Pen & Pencil Sets $3.95 to $12.75 * Cigars • Cigarettes • Tobacco Ymi'H Imil <nn sl/»r full nt ju«.) \ht Kill*, (ha! i-v< i.vunr on y.,ui Kilt In1 will viaiit Coiiif- ID rarly aixl tr.;«ki- ymn M-!CI Imnrt wtsiir UT Iwivr n (iiiiijilrlc »l,-<k DRESSES SETS Tll.-il (inv £irl will ji|>pn-<'i,-,(e 98c to $12.50 COMPACTS . . . 50c to $5 Evening In Paris Perfume Sets.. $3 to $10 Wo C'iiny u Complete Stock of Perfumes . , . Powders Colognes CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS You'll find everything you need to decorate for Christmas ™ i to ruinc into the fctorc in earnest, ffi ! his father wouldn't let him. Later," rL ' flip fprcad her bunds in futility, J3 i "he had other interests." fa J "It may bo a break—" he fS j checked himself, said gruffly, "I'll iU i ' >p t ' u - turns out to be. a weak '[J sister." $J i Anger flushed Carol's checks. No >u j one but Mr. Herrick would dnrc 'C j voice that accusation. Yet it way JB j more or less, the way all the cm- !.}»r l.xiUod «ji 1<> iit-f Andy bcxido bi-c Atxly, w man.. 11 rodd-.•»)!oul- tk-jr-ij. l!,!i, with the rlran JiiH- of bis SMlici's Jaw nnd Ibc Mime \vcll UifJdf".! !((i». His r-.vj-J, were jjray with jslmu of vilvcr in tht-m. "It's you?" he M«)<i. kxikinfi "down :il hrt. A*. If he didn't quite knuw what ,vbc was doing there. "On you trll me where to find my father?' 1 IHlu-ccjj this simple question nd her sUimrnerni reply, the thing had h.ippcncd. Her breath r;iucht in her throat. For a fleeting moment—it Kccmcd hours— the M.'tred «t him and something came alive, some inner flame all her u*Ar* would never quench. He hadn't scon. He hadn't known. But Carol knew nnd the knowledge: tortured her. He was graduated Hint year. She saw the letter in which he told his father he was ready now to RO into the store. She. j;nw his father's answer, too. He dictated it to her. It spoke of higher education, travel, the things he wanted Andy to enjoy. Things he'd never had liim- !.elf, "Plenty of time to come into the business later," he advised. "1 don't need you now." » » * r pnUK, he didn't need, him at ••- 4K..< 4;<f.n that time. Hut when ho did, only a few desk, a!! right. In the merchandising office. He did well to sit «t it an hour a week. His father had set the stage for a life filled with pleasure and Andy had acted his part so long he was loath to give it up. He had become a model playboy n»d the model was de luxe! No wonder the store condemned him. No one but Carol knew the truUi—the actual reason behind hi* behavior. The others saw only the years he was wasting. Carol left Mr. Herrick's office nnd made her way to the. floor beluw to her own. She stood outside of il n moment, gazing down upun the crowd of Mioppers on lbi< main floor. People jostled one nnolber Good-naturedly. Clerks hurried from one customer to another, smiling a Uiank-you to the one as they turned to the next. Christmas at Dearborn's! It was Mr. Dearborn's favorite season. He loved the rush. He prided himself on the number of customers who would stop to fpeak to him and wish him a Merry Christmas, How long could tbo store go on without him? Il was the next day before Carol had time to think of that. It was up to Andy and, indirectly, to the six of them who were named to judge him. Those were the terms of the will. How well she remembered them! "If, by the. first inventory date after my death, the six specified below agree that my son is going to run the business as I would have done, faithful to the traditions upon which the store was built, then he is to inherit it all with my blessing. But if he has continued to pursue his own pleasure, using the store only to support that pleasure without regard for the welfare of the people, I hereby order the store closed, its goods sold at auction. The name of Dearborn's shall never stand for anything but service. It must remain the People's Store." The will went on to state that in case the store was sold, the entire proceeds were to go to charity. Mr. Dearborn had set aside a material sum for each of the six employes who were to form a jury to make this decision for him. That, Carol realized, would keep them impartial. It was only when she found herself listed as one of them that her heart thudded in her ears. How could she sit in judgment on short ycnrs afterward, young Andy was too busy with his Lindas and the man she loved? his yacht to car*. Oh, lie took a ) (To Be Continued) ^ Meet Your Friends at our FOUNTAIN ARD & SON 10* W. 2nd The Leading We Deliver phone $2 AST "uesdny Contract Hiiclt;<' clvib, ;i pot uck luncheon was served at tin omr uf Mr.s. A. J. Neighbors on vnith Main street. At every point of image, llie holiday motif was not- I. Gifts for er.rh guest were dis- liliuteci from ; brilliantly lighted •hristniiis tree. Mr.s. Tom Kinscr and Mrs. R. D. Franklin received ad- litioiiiil gifts from the hostess foi nuking tlie high scores. Contract WHS ployed from three ablcs. met ill the home 1 of Miss Nnrmn Lewis Tuesday evening for an ioned Christmas party. A old fash- large box was filled with toys for the Goodfel- lows and each guest received a gift from a beautiful tree placed in a •orner of the room. Miss Jean Laseter and Mrs. Florence [licks were the winners in the con- ests enjoyed during the entertain- neiit. The hostess was assisted in serving » delightful desert course to ncr quests by Mrs. M. E. Gariaflo. 5. nnd 1'. \V. Club Members Arc entertained n( Christmas Party Fifteen members of the Hope Busness and Professional Women's club Pedestrian Protection- Deduce Traffic Deaths Lets make THIS YEAR pgDiSfiww V PROTECTION YEAR STORIES IN STAMPS • •*«.•«•«•«*• Anzacs Like Fighting— And Get Plenty of It PERHAPS the most distinctive men of battle engaged in the various European war theaters are the Anzacs, tall, colorful, hard-bitten troops from "down under" who travel half-way around the world just to get in a good fight. The stamp above, issued by New Zealand in 1936, commemorates the 21st anniversary of the landing of the Anzacs at Gallipoli. The Anzacs—Australian and New Zealand Army Corps—manage to squeeze into those places where going is roughest. In the last war more than half the cow- boy-hatted antipodean troops were wounded or killed. • Again, in the present conflict, the Anzacs find themselves in a difficult battle sector. They were chosen to drive the Axis troops from Libya. A contingent got as far as Tobruk but were cut off from tin? main army and holed up for the summer. They held out for five months until a British force (more Anzacs) slashed their way through the German tanks on the Libyan escarpment and released their buddies from the siege. Winter's Bride Wears Blue Christmas Bride of 1941 to Don Wool Dresses By MARGARET KERNODLB AP Feature Service Writer NEW YORK — Here comes the Christmas bride of 1941—in blue. Yet, blue. And wool at that. Of course it's a winter ice blue. And the Wool is as sheer as can be. The heart-shaped neckline of her wedding gown is not so new, nor are the three-quarter sleeves. -But that makes them smart. The bride's bouquet Is a modern dm formed, perhaps, as a timely version of a museum piece. (Museums arc inspiring the designers these days.) Pale lavender and purple orchids fill the fan and create an ef- fective cascade of coiof against blue skirt of the gown. For travel the bride will iafei! American Beauty frock of fitted Mryi ( , to wear under her fur coat. Beige Will* ^ be her accessory color ,fof the Wa^" >! frock. ',''. , ;, ; ' Sweaters for her trousseau incluMj'' a light blue (sounds like a faVolflw 4< color for the Christmas season of thfc most brides since World war dayi); But a black one and a winter white* one go with her as well—for resort _ wear. Her skirts contrast with the! sweaters. s ^ Hope, where Mr. Reaves is employed by a department company. Personal Mention Mrs. L. M. Lile and Mrs. Remmcl Young arc spending Wednesday in Little Rock. —O— Miss Miriam Porter arrives homo Friday from Holly Grove to spend the Christmas vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Porter. Mrs. Jess Davis is visiting relatives n Conway this week. -O— Friends of Mrs. W. H. Prescott will x» glad to know that she has been 'emoved to her home from the Julia Chester hospital, where she underwent an operation. Lily Pons began her career aV pianist. t at the THEATERS SAENGER Sun.-Mon.-Tues.-"Skylark" Wcd.-Thurs.-"I Wake Up Scream-' ing" Fri.-Sal.-"Down in San Diego," and "Return of Daniel Boone" • RIALTO Matinee Daily Sun.-Mon.-"I Wanted Wings" , • Tues.-Wcd.-Thurs.-"Out of the Fog" and "Santa Fe Trail" Fri.-Sat.-"Billy the Kids Fighting Pals" and "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie" • Motion Pictures Are Your * Best Entertainment! i* announced the marriage of their daughter, Mildred, to Williams Doyle Reaves, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Reaves of Bodcaw. The rites were read at the First Methodist church parsonage on Friday evening, December 12, by the Reverend Kenneth L. Spore. The bride- was lovely in a crepe dress of soldier blue with black accessories. Her corsage was of sweetheart roses and her only ornament was string of real pearls, a family heirloom . Miss Dorothy Lee Nesbitt, who served as the bride's only attendant wore a black dress with blending accessories. She wore a corsage of pink carnations. Herman Friday was Mr. Reaves best man. The bride is a graduate of Hope High school and Mr. Reaves is « graduate of Bodcaw High school. They are- making their home ii Corporpl Melvin E. Jones of Camp Torest, Tenn., was the Tuesday guest of Miss Imogene Taylor. Barney Reed returned to Beaumont, Texas Wednesday after a pre- rioliday visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Reed. —O— Private William J. Burke, who is stationed at Camp Walters, Texas, spent tlie week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, W. H. Burke. Relieve Misery of HEAD COLDS Put *-purpose Vicks Va-tro-nol up each nostril. It (1) shrinks swollen membranes, (2) soothes irritation, (3) helps clear cold- clogged nose. Follow VATtOMOl CAST IRON 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas IRON WORKERS LOCAL UNION 591 ^ of Shreveport, La., holds its official meeting at 7:30 o'clock every Thursday night in banquet room of Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark. H. H. PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S.T. DRS. CHAS. A. & ETTA E, CHAMPLIN Ostcopathlc Physicians t HOPE, ARKANSAS 404 South Elm St. Telephone;459 LLIED BATTERIES As low As $3.49 Ex. (Batteries Recharged 50c) {Oklahoma Tire fe Supply Co Associate Store r Bob Elmore, Owner — Hope ^4 .',M Christmas party Tuesday. Among the 20 present were the teachers, Mrs. Dave Thompson and Mrs. J. A. Henry, who directed the clever contests and games enjoyed. Mrs. Patten, president of the class presided ill the brief business session held during the entertainment. Refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Dolphus Whitten. Sr.. Mrs. E. P. Young, Mrs P. H. Webb, Mrs. R. N. Mouser, and rtrs. Isable Olmslead. Vluny To Participate In Mrs. tulpli Kouton's Recital Tuesday Mrs. Ralph Routon will present her :nipils in the annual Christmas program Thursday afternoon December 18 at 2 o'clock in her studio in the High School, The studio is gay with Christmas decorations arranged by the students and there will be a lighted tree with favors for those taking part on the program. A large drawing in colors representing a village at Christmas time and cavollcrs approaching has been done by Betty Ruth Coleman. The following will furnish the program: Matilda MeFaddin, Betty Ruth Coleman, Martha Wray, Lyle Moore Jr., Martha Nell Urrey, Normu Jean Archer, Arua Lou Hairslon, Lawrence Albritton, Carolyn Hamilton, Frances Harrell, Ruth Ann Townsend, Mary Ross MeFaddin, George Newbern. Virginia O'Neal, Jo Ann Card, Hazel Patterson, Louise Collier, Marion Burgess, Mary Lee Cook, Patricia Ellen Freddy Patten, Nancy Joe Coleman Dorothy O'Neal, Kinard Young, Peggy McNeill, Eva Jean Milam, Doris Urrey, Gwendolyn Evans, Margie O'Neal, Jessie Clarice Brown, and Betty Ann Benson. llolcl Henry Is Sci-ne of Service Class Party A festive holiday motit was carried ut in the decorations of the private dining room of the Hotel Henry Tuesday evening when the members o: the Service class of the First Christian church had their annual Christ- mass dinner party. Covers were laid for 27 members including the teacher of the class anc guest of honor, Mrs. Floyd Porterfield. Carols were sung and a number of games were played. All of the guests received gift from a large Christmas tree placec in the entertaining room. Reaves-King Mr. and Mrs. A. L. King, Hope, hav Legal Notice A CLEAN RECORD: Since pedestrians constitute two-thirds of those killed, and half of those injured in cities, major attention to safety of those afoot will pay big dividends in lives saved! Safety Yuletide Party Is Given For Edith ThonipsQM Class Members Meeting at the home of Mrs. A. B. ! Patten, members of tre Edith Thornp- 'son Sunday School class of the First MethoUial church, had ttwor annual WARNING ORDER No. 5C65 In the Chancery Cour of Hempstead County, Ark. Jack Howard Plaintif vs. Cllie Marie Howard, Defendan The Defendant, Ollie Marie Howar is warned to appear in this court with in thirty days and answer the com plaint of the Plaintiff, Jack Howard Witness my hand and the seal of ] said court this 10th day of December 1941, ; (SEAL) J. P. BYERS, Clerk : W. S. Atkins Atty. for plft. E. F. MeFaddin Atty. ad litem. j Dec. W, 17, 24, 31' You tru§t it* quality Busy people know what the that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Col^ really means. It's a little minute long enough to enjoy a moment's rest and refreshment... the buoyant re" freshment of ice-sold Coca-Cola. BOTTLED UNQER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COIA COMfANt 6V HOP! §Q€4-€QkA §9TTUNS COMPANY PHONI 3»J L. HOLUMQN m WIST 3ns

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