Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1939
Page 5
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Friday, September S, .1939 Legal Notice ORDINANCE NO. 5-16 An Ordinaire to lie Entitled: "An Ordinance to Provide Tor the Kt'^iilalliiu anil Control of Truffle- I'pon the Public Streets and Thoroughfares Within the City of Hope, Arkansas, and (o Regulate 1 ami Cimlriil Parking: and lo Define mid I'favMe for (lie I'rusecu- licm and Punishment of Offenses and Violation of This Ordinance-, and l-'or Othrr Purpose's." BK IT ORDAINKD BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THK CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS: Section 1: The words and phrases hereinafter user! .shall have the* 'me'an- ings and definitions respectively a.scribe.1 to them a.s set forth ami defined in Act No. :tlW of the Acts of the General Assembly of Ihe Slate i>f Arkansas for the year 11137. Se-elion 2: It shall l>e a misdemeanor punishable a.s hereinafter set forth for any person to wilfully fail or refuse in comply willi any lawful order or direction of any police officer investeel by law with authority to direct, control, or regulate traffic. It shall be a misdemeanor and punishable as hereinafter se( forth for any person to do any act prohibited, or fail to act reipiireil. under any of visions of this ordinance. Section 3: The provisions calculated ,„ affect the operation of I (flk , anol ,, cr vehidt , ...^ceding in] the standing or park.ng of veh.clcs. I t , direction shall pass to the! KQ?a STAR, Any such sign, signal, marking, or Iraffic control device so erected without the authority of the Chief of Police, as provideel for in this ordinance, is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, and the Chief of Police shall cause the some to be removed. Section 19: No person shall alter, change, or deface, or injure, remove or destroy any authorized traffic sign, signal, marker or" traffic control device erected or maintained under the provisions of this ordinance without lawful authority so to do. Seclion 20: (a) Pedestrians shall be governed and shall be subject to the control of traffic signals or devices at intersections. Where traffic control signals or markers are not in effect. Ihe driver of a vehicle shall yield the ! .','.',,7 , . .» , . . . 1 '"'VJ the same direction sha p left thereof at a safe distance and shall not again drive to the right side of the roadway until safely clear of Ihe over- tnken vehicle. (b) The driver of rtaken of this ordinance' apply to all vehicles and diivrrs of all vehicles, regardless of ownership so long as the same? are driven or operated in the City of Hojx', Arkansas. The driver of any fire truck or ambulance 1 , while responding to an ; emci geiu-y call, upon approaching an ; authori/cd slop sign or signal, may pri/i-fcd cautiously pa.sl such Mop sign ur signal. At all other times when not re? ponding tn emergency calls, Ihe vehicles .shall be driven and operated in obedience to this ordinance. Section 1: Kvery person riding a animal or driving ehicle, shall be liicycle or an anuiial-di iven vehicle, shall be subject to tin; provisions of this ordinance applicable to the driver of any vehicle. iiectioii .1: Tfie- driver of any vehicle involved in an accident or collision .shall immediately stop such vehicle at the scene of such accident or collision and n-maiii at the scene until he shall have i;iven his name, addre'ss, and the; registration number of the vehicle i.pcialed "r driven by him or her to tin- driver or occupant or person at- li'iidin/' tin- other vehicle, and to any i.Ilicer invi-Migalmg the accide'iit or collision, and such person shall also upon reipie.si nl the officer exhibit his in her upcraii*! '•, nr chauffeur's license' l.i .-.aid oflici-r. Section (i: The driver of any vehicle which cmms in contact with any vehicle which is unattended or not occupied b.v some person, shall immediately stop, and then and there either locate or notify the owner or operator of such other vehicle, giving the information mentioned above, or .••ha/f notify the police. Section 7: The rules respecting the i ij-lhl-nl-way in Ihe operation of motor vehicles within Ihe City of Hope shall be the .same as they are defined under Ihe laws of tin- State of Ar- kan.'ias. Section S: No pel any vehicle 1 subject to right-of-way, slowing down or slop- j ping if necessary so to yield, to a pe_ deslrian crossing the roadway within any marked cross-walk or within any unmarked cross walk at an inler- <b» Whenever any vehicle Is stopped at a 'marked cross-walk or at any un- j marked cross-walk at an intersection I lo permit pedestrians lo cross the j street, the driver of any vehicle ap- | pniaehing from the rear shall not i overtake and pass such stopped ve- ,' liicli. U-i Pedestrians crussing at places other than a markeel or unmarked cross-walk at an intersection shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles upon the roadway. id i notwithstanding Ihe provisions of this section every driver of a vehicle shall use due care to avoid striking or colliding with any pedestrian at any place. , Section 21: (a) No person shall drive a vehicle when it is so loaded, or when there are in the front seat such number of persons, exceeding three. a.s Jjj obstruct the view of the driver ii> \hc front <«• sides of the vehicle or so as to interfere with the driver's j control over usch vehicle. I <hi No passenger shall ride in any motor vehicle carrier of passengers in such a position as to interfere with the operator's view ahead or to the .'•ides thereof, or so as to interfere with his control over the driving mechanism thereof. <ci No person .shall ride in or upon any vehicle upon any portion thereof not designated or intended for the use of passengers, nor upon The vehicle shall give way to the right in favor of the overlaking vehicle on audible signal and shall nol increase i the speed of his vehicle until com- i pletely passed by Die overtaking ve- j hide. Section :i2: No vehicle shall be drivi-n j to the left side of the center of the j street or roadway in overtaking and | passing of another vehicle proceeding j in the same direction unless such left j fide is clearly visible and is free of j oncoming traffic for a sufficient dis- i lance ahead to permit such overtaking j passing to be completely /ri;idc • fenders ur running boards thereof. This provision shall not apply to any employee engaged r in the necessary ilifi- shall operate the provisions i;f this ordinance which is not equipped with properly functioning lighting devices in compliance with the requirements of the laws of the .Stale of Ar- kan.sa.i. Seclion !l: No person shall start a vehicle which is stopped, standing or parked unless and until such move_| ment can bc> made with reasonable safely with due regard to all other traffic. Section HI: The driver of a vehicle about In (-liter or erne-rye from an alley or private road or driveway to filler or cross a street shall yield (ho i n:ht-o!-\vay to all vehicles approach i»!: on said street or highway. Sfchon 1). Tlie driver of any vein. -le shall not turn such vehicle so as in proceed m an opposite direction upon any street where such turning is not prohibited unless such move- liii-nl can hi' made in .safely and without obslriirliiiH or inii'i ferine, with t.lhcr traffic. Section 1^: The driver of a vehicle .shall not back the same into an inter- M'ctiini or over a cross-walk at any lime and shall in no event or at any place back a vehicle unless such movement can be made in safely. Seclion \;\: The driver of a vehicle /.h.ill nol drive within .side walk area except at or temporary driveway w.'mi 1 . Heel inn M; No person shall drive a vc/ncic over any unprotected hose of a lire department when laid on any si reel or driveway, lo be. used at any fire or alarm of fire without the consent ,,f || H , fire officials or other police 'ilficer in command. Section IS: No person .shall drive a vehicle throug or ag.-iinsi any ing any slr<-ct or portion closed for the purpose of construction or repairs thereupon. Section Hi: No driver of any vehicle shall drive between the vehicles comprising a funeral or other aulh- i.n/ed procession while they are in ..... 'i"u and wiieii such vehicles are parts of shall any a permanent across the or across any barrier proper signal indicat- susceptible of identification as Mich priice-ssinn. This provision nol apply at inlersections where traffic i.s controlled by traffic signals or police officers. Section 17 : No person shall vehicle from a direct course street until and unless such mem can be made with .'-afeiy and then only after i-lcarly audible signal' by sounding tinhorn if any pedestrian may be affected by .such movement or after giving Ihe proper manual turn a upon a move- reasonable giving a charge of a duty, or to persons riding wilhin bodies of trucks in space intended for merchandise. Section 21: No person shall operate a motor vehicle unless the same be equipped with a proper muffler filled to the exhaust thereof. Seclion 2;i: The driver of any vehicle other than one on official business shall not follow fire apparatus traveling in response to a fire alarm closer than 300 feet or drive into nr park such vehicle within the block where fire apparatus has stopped in answer lo a fire alarm. Sec-lion 2-1: (a) Upon the immediate approach of an authorized emergency vehicle, when the driver is given audible signal by siren, exhaust whistle or bell, the driver of e-very vehicle shall yield the right-of-way and shall immediately drive to a position parallel to and as close as possible to the right edge of the curb of the street clear of any intersection and shall stop and remain iiv such position until the authorized emergency vehicle has passed, except when otherwise directed by a police officer. ° Upon the approach of an authorized emergency vehicle the op- eralor of every motor currier of passengers shall immediately .stop his vehicle clear of any intersection and keep it in such position until the authorized Emergency vehicle has passed, except when otherwise directed by a police officer. id This section shall not operate to relieve-! the driver of any authorized emergency vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons using (he streets. See-lion 25: No person elriving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to .stand unattended without first .-topping the engine, locking the ignition, and removing the key, and when standing upon any perceptible grade without effectively selling the brake thereon and turning Ihe front svheels lo the curb side of the street. Section 26: No person shall drive any vehicle through the driveway of "a filling station or through the drive way of liny .similar property designed to .serve public trade for the purpose of avoiding the negotiation of an intersection. Section 27: No person riding upon any bicycle, motorcycle, Boaster, wagon, roller skates or any toy ve- hivle shall cling to nor attach the same or himself to any moving vehicle upon the streels. Section 28: No person upon roller skates or riding in or by means of any coaster, wagon, or toy vehicle shall go upon any street except while crossing a street at a regular cross-walk except upon portions of .streets that may be designated for Ihe tftne as "play .sli-eets." Section 29: RULES OF THE ROAD. Upon all slreels a vehicle shall be driven upon thu right half (hereof, except as follows: (a) When overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same e rules governing direction under th such movements. (b) When the right half of such street of- M«ii tion l icating such drive or 'mechanical r's inten- so turn. The signals herein required are those required by the Uniform Traffic Code unde <'l Ihe Stale of Arkansas. .Section 18: No person .shall place or mauit.mi or display upon or in view "I any street or thoroughfare '"'""Iboi i/..-d >,«„. ,i Kn; ,|, , m ,rk Ihe laws any er or . "•alfic .-..nlrul device or legend which pm PHI Is lo (.«. or i.s in imilation of any Mi.-h offieial ilevicr or .sign, w |,it-li is is closed lo Iraffic by any ficial order or while under construction or repair. <(-•> Upon a street divided into three marked Janes for traffic under the rules applicable thereon, or, Ul) Upon any street' officially designated for one-way traffic. Section 30: Driver of vehicles passing without interfering with the safe eration of any vehicle overtaken. In every event the overtaking vehicle musl return lo the right hand side of the roadway before co'ming within Kid feet of any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. (b) No vehicle shall, in overtaking and passing another vehicle or at any ther time, bo driven to the left side of the street or roadway under the- lollowing conditions: 1. When approaching the i-rf.sl nf a grade upon any street or bridge: or viaduct. 2. When approaching within 11)11 tVi-t of or while -traversing any intersei-tion of slri'eLs or any railroad crossing. It. Where any official traffic control device, sign, or marker directs Iraffic to keep to the right. 4. When and while the vehicle so being <iv<!rtuken is passing to Ihe left vehicle. itself i-ngauwl in of an overtaken Seclion The driver of hicle approaching an intersection shall yield the right-of-way to a vehicle which has entered the intersection from a different street or roadway. tb) When two vehicles enter an intersection from different streets or roadways at the same time the driver of the vehicle on the left shall yield the right of way to the vehicle on tin- right. (c) The foregoing rules arc modified as through streets officially designated a.s such and lho.se inter- ) sections to which officially placed j "stop" requirements have been erected. I Section :!•!: The driver of a vehicle within an intersection intending lo left shall yield the right- any vehicle approaching turn to the of-way to from the opposite <lircc-ti<ni ivliicli is within the intersection or so close thereto as to constitute 1 an immediate hazard, but said driver having so I yielded and having given a .signal j when ami as required under the law. may make such left turn and the drivers of all other vehicles approaching the intersection fro'm said opposite direction shall yield the right-of-way to the vehicle making the left turn. of a vehicle intersection Section 35: The driver intending to turn at an shall elo as follows: (a I The approach for a ri.uht hand turn .shall be made a.s close .-is jirae 1 - lical to the right hand curb ur eelge' ol the street. tb) Approach for a left turn shall be maele in thai portion of the right half, of the street nearest the- center line i thei-eof and after entering the inter- I i-ection the left turn shall be- made so a.s to leave the intersection to the right of the center line of the street being entered. 'Section HG: No person shall throw or deposit upon any highway or street or alley any glass bollles, glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans or any other substance likely lo injure any person, animal, or vehicle' upon the streets or roadway. (b> Any person who drops or permits to be dropped or thrown upon any street or alloy any eli'slruclive or injurious material shall immediately remove ihe same or cause it to be removed. tc) Any person removing a wrecked or damaged vehicle fro'm a street or ) highway shall remove any glass or 1 other injurious substance dropped or { deposited upon the street or alley ' from .such vehicle. ' Section ,'J7: No person shall slop or < suddenly decrease the speed of a first giving an ap- : of such intention to ; vehicle without propriate signal the driver of any vehicle immediately to the rear when there is opportunity to give such signal. Section 38: The driver of a motor- vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable- j and prudent, having due regard for the speed of such vehicles and the j traffic upon and the condition of the I street or roadway. i Section 39: No person shall operate j any motor vehicle unless the same ' is equipped with a braking system in ' good working condition and' of ad- i equate means to control and stop such ' vehicle, and conforming to the re- ! quirements of the laws of the State of Arkansas. Section 40: Bicycles shall equipped with lights conforming tile requireVnents of ihe laws State of Arkansas, ami it shall lawful to operate any bicycles nol so j equipped. All vehicles, motor vehicles, xhaU be be equipped of MK-II vehicle. .Section 'M: Whenever suithori/od signs or markoi s have been erected indicating a /one of "QUIET", no person operating » vehicle within such /one shall sound the horn or other warning device thereof except in an emergency. Keetiiiii 'lf>: Whenever authorized .signs or markers are erected indicating any street or portion thereof as a play street, no person shall drive a vehicle upon such street or portion thereof except drivers of vehicles having birinuss i>r whose residences are within such closed areas, and then any such driver shall exercise the greatest care in driving wilhin such area. Keel inn -tfi: No person shall drive a vehicle through a safety /.one at any time. .Seclion .J7: Whenever, by appro- l/rialc 'markers or other indications, /ones have been established for the . loading or discharge of passengers of ' motor vehicle carriers, no person shall drive IP vehicle in or through such •/.one at any lime when persons are within the area thereof or when a carrier vehicle has stopped or is about to .slop thereat for the purpose of loading or discharging passengers. Section -18: The driver or operator of any passenger carrier vehicle shall nol .stop the same at any place for Ihe purpose of loiiling or discharging passengers except at such place or places as may be designated for .such purpose; by appropriate sign or markers f.-re'cted. Section -III: No person shall stand or park a vehicle in a roadway or street ether than parallel with the edge of the street or roadway, headed in the direction of traffic, and with the curb-side wheels of the vehicle within 12 inches of the edge of the curb of .such .sireel ur roadway, except;—(a) upon those streets which have been marked by appropriate sign or marker pormittinif angle parking, vehicles, .'hall be parked at an angle to the curb indicated by such mark or signs, and ibi in places whore and at times when Mopping for the purpose of loading or unloading- 'materials or merchandise is permiiled, vehicles used for the transportation thereof 'may back into the curb for such purposes i.nly and then only for the period of lime actually necessary lo ,-)Ccomp)is)i such purpose. Section M: No person shall park or stand a vehicle in such a manner as to ebstruet the fre-e use and access of the entrance to or exit from any public or private 1 driveway at any time. Seclion fil: No person shall park or sland a vehicle in any alley at any lime, except for Ihe purpose of: loud- ing nr unloading materials and merchandise, and then only for the actual lime necessary to accomplish such purpose.. Whenever any vehicle is so parked or permitted to stand, sufficient clearance room shall be permitted for the passage of other vehicles. .Section ','>: It shall be unlawful for any person lo park a vehicle other- wife than with the right hand side thereof parallel to ihe curb, except where streets are 'marked for angle parking. Section S3: When signs or markers have been placed indicating the allowance of parking for the purpose of loading or unloading passengers, no person .--hall park or permit to stand in the area so designated other than for the expeditious loading or unloading nl passenger in the space so indicated and then for a period not to exceed three minutes. Section 54: No person shall stop or or .stand a vehicle in any area designated as a .stop or stand for motor vehicle carriers of passengers. .Section ,15: la) No person shall stand or park a vehicle upon any .street or roadway for the principal purpose of displaying the same for sale, or (b) for the purpose of washing, greasing or repairing except for emergency repairs. Section M: No person shall park or permit ;i vehicle lo sUmd in any place or places contrary to the cle- reciion of official signs, markers or other indications whenever such •signs or markers have been placed or erected. On .streets where cars are parked, all other cars must be kept moving in the line of traffic, and no motor vehicle shall be slopped in -•aid line of traffic except at slop signals and then only for sufficient lime lo observe the stop signal. Section 57: (a) \Vheneveranypolice "Ifleer finds a vehicle standing upon a street or roadway in violation of any "I Ihe laws pertaining to the park- "ifi or siamling thereof, such officer is authorized to move such vehicle or to require the driver or other person PAGE FIVE be to j of the j be un- . -"•• "-* I'lTl JU11 111 charge thereof to move the same to a lawful position. <l>> Whenever any police officer "lids a vehicle unattended upon any •"'reel or in imy ,,| ace w ,, ere such vehicle constitutes an obstruction lo "•allic such officer is authorized to provide lor ihe removal of such vehicle to .some garage or other place- for safe- Keeping as ihe Chief of Police may cause to he directed. •Sec-lion ;iK; No person shall move or to the requirements of the State of Arkansas. other than required to ' with lights conforming : the laws ,,f ' Section 41: No vehicle shall exec person operating a ule a "U" turn at or upon ;.my wilhin any intersection street between intersections wilhin The i business district of the City of H Arkansas, as "business di.st defined under the pe. i.s de- provisions of Act of the Acts of Arkansas of J!).-J7 Section 42: Whenever authorized signs are erected indicating that no right or left or "U" tun, ,.s permitted j" any other area of the Cily than the busuiess districts, no driver of a V e any Vehicle not owned by .such person into any pn) . Inbiled area or way from a curb for ••iivh distance a.s i s unlawful, except '••" "us provision shall not apply to "<• .letion.s ol any authorized police •-•llu-cr moving any vehicle for the Purpose of clearing an obstruction to '"i fie. and m such event the driver 'till i S ° " 10Ved by an office '. iie'reiiiKk-r ' S '"'' 1 ' IH ' 1 '" ; '"- v Penalty Section 5!): HAZARDOUS DRIVING Am- person who shall drive ol - m>ll ...^ , hide shall disobey the opposite directions shall pass each I such signs or indicatio other to the right and each driver shall! Section 43- give to the other at least one-half of the width of the traveled portion of the "trod as nearly us possible. Section 31: The following rules shall ft ions of signs or mark dire '"S. Whenever authorized :ers are erected indical- uuvcwia portion ol tin- i"K or renim-m,, •, ••CT-, -street as nearly as possible. _„.„ „„„,„,. UUo anv intm;et . tiu ,, , „ V1M .. . . — OJ ' "I' 0 " ""I' street, no person shall govern the overtaking and passing of enter such ink vehicles proceeding in the same di- to such street ersection or proceed in- without first bringing .•cction, subject lo the Umitatio,. and' th. vehi^ie ope,^" b ' I, "'T^ ,pec,ul rules^hereinafter *:,,,„ ' } stop. "STOP" us herein ,,,,,,,red .sball '." Ihe di.ver of a vehicle over- "'win a complete cessaiion of motion sponso lo an emergency call nor when in the pursuit of an actual or suspected violator of the law. The limitation shall apply to such authorized emergency vehicles at all other times. Seution 61: NO aVnbulnnce shall be driven within the City of Hope at a .speed greater than 45 mi/leg per hour when being driven in response to an emergency call and within the business district of the City the speed of an ambulance upon an emergency call shall be reduced not to exceed 25 miles per hour. At all other times no person shall drive an ambulance at » speed greater than 25 miles per hour within the City of Hope. Section 62: The driver of any authorized emergency vehicle or ambulance being driven in response to an emergency call shall continuously sound an audible warning signal by bell, siren or exhaust whistle. Section 63: Any person who drives any vehicle in such a manner as to indicate either willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving and violation of this ordinance. Section 84: It shall be the duty o£ the Chief of Police of the City of Hope to determine the installation and •maintenance of traffic control signals, markers and devices in conformity with the requirements of the laws of the State of Arkansas; to devise remedial measures and to conduct investigations of Iraffic conditions within the city and to cooperate with other City officials in the ways and means lo improve traffic conditions in order to carry out the provisions of this ordinance' (bi The Chief of Police is hereby empowered and authorized: 1. To designate and maintain, by appropriate devices, marks, or lines upon the surface of the rbuxlways, crosswalks, at intersections where, in his opinion, there is a particular hazard to pedestrians crossing such roadway, and at such other places as he may deem necessary. 2. To establish, mark, and maintain safety zones of such kind and nature and at such place or pluces as he 'may deem advisable, consistent with the provisions of this ordinance. .'i. To establish a temporary zone of "QUIET" upon any street where any person is ill if and when requested lo do so by written statement of the Cily Physician showing the necessity therefor. 4. To mark lanes for traffic on street pavements at such places a.s he may deem necessary or advisable. 5. To temporarily designate any portion of a street as a "play section" therein and to mark the same by appropriate signs or markers calculated to protect the same. 6. To determine the location of zones for the loading and discharge of passengers by public carriers; to establish bus stop and stand for the loading and discharge of passengers o! common carrier motor vehicles in such places and in such numbers as he shall determine to lie the greatest benefit and convenience of the public, and to designate such zones, stops or stands by appropriate signs or markers. 7. To erect, signs or markers, indicating "NO PARKING" upon that side of any street adjacent to any school properly when such parking would in his opinion interfere with traffic or create a hazardous condition. 8. To determine- the size and locations of passenger and freight loading and un!oadjin,g zjanes und those where "curb service" is to be rendered to patrons in motor vehicles; to designate the same by appropriate signs or markers and to designate the hours or times during which such zones must be so used and the permitted period of time the same may be so occupied. 9. To designate any street or thoroughfare as a "through street" and to require that all vehicles shall come to a stop before entering or crossing the same and to designate any intersection as u stop intersection and to require all vehicles to come to a stop at one or more entrances to such intersection and to designate such required stops by appropriate signs, markers, or traffic control devices. 10. To designate by appropriate sign or marker any intersection or junction of streets or thoroughfares at which a "U" turn shall be prohibited, in addition to those prohibited under provisions of this ordinance elsewhere, when in his opinion to permit such a turn would create a hazard to traffic or pedestrians. 11. To designate and establish "reduced speed" zones for the protection of schools or other places where in his opinion such designation should be made for the public safety, and to determine those intersections or places, in addition to the others that may be specifically named herein, at which a "left turn" shall be prohibited, and to cause such places to be marked by appropriate signs or markers. 12. To modify or alter any designation made by him, when, in his judgment, such alteration or change is warranted by a change in traffic conditions in the areas or places to which sujch desifcliat/ions Jiave previously been made applicable. (c). No zone, parking, lane, stand, stop, or other designation as herein authorized to be made by the Chief of Police shall become effective, nor i'hali any person be punished under such provisions of this ordinance for a violation of any such designation until and unless the same shall have been appropriately marked by signs, markers, signals, buttons, or other traffic control devices. (dl The City Council of the City of Hope shall have the authority to require the Chief of Police to alter, modify, or annul any designation so made by him under the provisions 'of this ordinance by the adoption of a lesolution directing the Chief of Police lo make such alteration, 'modification or annulment. Section 65: The following described property in Hope, Arkansas, is described us the restricted parking area. to-wit: i Beginning at the center o£ the inter- suction of Uie crossing of the Frisco i Railroad with the Missouri Pacific Kailroad, which is the center of Vine Street (Louisiana Street) and Division Stri-el; and run Easterly ulati^ ihe center of the main Urn- of the Missouri Pacific Railroad right-of-way to the intersection of same with the West side of Hazel Street. Thence South down the West side of Hazel' Street to the intersection of the same | with the South side of East Third' Street. Thence Westerly along the South side of East Third Street to the intersection of the same with the center line of Vine Street (South! Louisiana Street). Thence Northerly! along the center of said Vine Street' 'North Louisiana Street; to the point of beginning. Within the said restricted parking district as above described, there .shall be no parking in any alley at any time. Parking on any street in said restricted pai'king district from 8 o'clock A. M. to 6 o'clock P. M. shall not exceed two hours in any location. Section GC: It shall be a misdemeanor ( for any person, firm, or corporation to! violate any one of the provisions of i this ordinance. Any person, firm, or corporation convicted of a 'misdemeanor for the violation of any one of the provisions of this ordinance for which another penalty is not provided, shall, for the first conviction thereof! be fined by a fine nol to exceed $100.00 or for imprisonment for nol more than ten days; and for a second such conviction, within one year thereafter, such person, firm, or corporation shall be fined not to exceed $21)0.00 or by imprisonment not exceeding twenty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment and upon a third such con- viclioa wilhin one year from the first conviction such person may be punished by a fine not to exceed $500.00 or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Seclion G7: The Chief of Police shall be the administrative traffic engineer officer of the City, and shall exercise the powers and duties conferred upon him by the provisions of this or3i- nunce. It shall be the general duty of the Chief of Police to determine the installation and proper erection arid maintenance of traffic control signs, markers, and control devices; and do all things necessary to properly place into effect this ordinance of the City. Section (18: All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. The parts of this ordinance shall be deemed separate and severable, and should any section or part hereof be held unconstitutional or void, the remaining unaffected portions and sections hereof shall re- imain in full force and effect. Section G9: Thus ordinance being .necessary for the immediate preservation of public peace, welfare, and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, and this ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage. Passed and' approved this 5th lav of Sept. 1939. Published in the Hope Star this 8th clay of Sept. 1939. APPROVED W. S. ATKINS Mayor ATTEST: T. R. Billingsley Cily Clerk. rooms and a)) places where food or drinks are served must be arle- mu.st be connected with the build„,,.,„, ,. ,, . • ----- in fi drain and properly trapped, quately lighted and properly venti-; Where building drain is not avail- lated. E. Cleanliness: Walls, ceilings, and floors in dining rooms or other places where food or drinks are served must be kept clean and in good repair. This requirement shall include the proper cleaning and painting of ceilings and walls, proper cleaning of floor, tables, shelves, j Section 11: counters, chairs, trays, and other i Facilities: dining room equipment. A. Toilet Facilities: Clean and ade- C. Linen: Table cloths and undt,-' ouale loilel facililies must be pro- pads when provided must, be kept! vic l eti lor both sexes. Toilet rooms clean. Cloth napkins when provided' am ' corn parlmenls shall be adequate- must be hundred before again | '•*' and properly ventilated. Doors being used. ' D. 01-lies and Silverware: Use of! dirty or cracked dishes, badly tarn- I ishcd_pr dirty silverware is prohibit- ! ed. be shall be provided with fresh ter. section 4. Dishes and Utensils: A. Cleaning and Sterilization: All cups able, the writer must be disposed of so as to prevent pooling and mosquito breeding. S-'eclion 10: .Screens: Oulside openings rnu.sl be properly screened with al leasl 1C mesh wire or otherwise protected against thfc entrance of flies and other insects. Toilet and Lavatory shall be self-closing and shall not open directly into a kitchen or storage room. A booth open at the top shall not qualify as a toilet room. . Disposal of Wastes: Where a sani- [ tary sewer is accessible, connection j must be made thereto. I C. Lavatories: Clean and adequate \ lavalories or washrooms, with soap I and clean individual towls must The common (owe* dishes, spoons, knives, foi-k.s ar,.}< be provided other utensils and all glasses and! is prohibited l^l ™f'Z™.™. d . on _»? rv ' l '}B\V, '''"""'ing: Pishing and plumbing facilities shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the plumbing laws of the City of Hope. Arkansas, now or hereafter adopted. Section 12: Garbage. Liquid Wastes und Rubbish. Garbage shall be malt beverages or carbonated beverages musl, before being used again, be thoroughly cleansed by one of the following approved methods or by any other method approved by the State Health Officer. Washing in clean hot water con- ™ng m clean hot water con- kept in tighl melal conlainers pro- laming soap or other effeclive clean- I viclod with rW» ««!„., ^-i L.,_ sing agenl in such a manner as remove completely all visible foreign mailer, then rinsed in clean warmj other insects and'^airand"^: is vided with close fitting metal covers, properly adjusted at all times or water until the cleansing water last contents must be removed as often EVV,,.,,,,),^ • 11 i_-""?"V~l ion ancl overflow and be disposed Fahrenhe.t m a cosed cabinet for o f in a sanitary manner. The use a period of not less than fifteen | of wooden containers for garb minutes or to at least 200 degrees j is prohibited either in th P hiirh™ t. for at least five minutes, or exposed to dry air. the temperature of which has been raised to 170 degrees F., in a closed container ORDINANCE NO. 547 AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE REGULATING PUBLIC EATING PLACES AND DRINKING PLACES IN HOPE ARKANSAS, AND FOOD HANDLERS. AND FIXING A PENALTY FOR VIOLATION, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS: Section 1: Definitions: For Ihe purpose of these regulations, the following terms are defined: A. Public eating and Drinking Places Any place or building, and structures in connection therewith, used, maintained or advertised to the public where food or drink is regularly served to, or provided for the public. B. Proprietor. Any person, firm, corp- poration or governmental agency operating a public eating or drinking place. The proprietor shall be responsible for compliance with these regulations. C. Food Handlers: Any person working in u public eating and drinking place who does or may in any manner handle or come in contract with food or drink served to or provided for the public, or may come in contact with any eating, drinking, or cooking vessel or utensil. Section 2. Kitchens or Places Where Food is Cooked or Prepared: A. Lighting and Ventilation: Every kitchen or place where food is cooked or prepared, connected with a public eating or drinking place, must be adequately lighted and properly ventilated. Ventilation must be sufficient to remove the gases and fumes caused by the preparation of food. B. Floors: Floors in every kitchen, pantry and food store room must be tight, sound, smooth, easily cleanable and constructed of, or covered with, a material thai is impervious to moisture. The floors must be kept clean and in good repair. Use of sawdust, sand, or other absorbent material on the floors is prohibited. Moist sawdust or other suitable moist absorbents may be place upon the floors when sweeping to prevent dust from rising. C. Walls and Ceilings: Walls and ceilings shall be light, smooth, well painted or finished in an approved manner and kept in good repair. D. Preparing Tabes; Surfaces on which food is prepared or served must be of hardwood construction with tight joints and free from cracks, ur covered with metal or other approved non-absorbent material. E. Cleanliness of Equipment: Stoves, s-inks, dishwashing apparatus, wash racks, shelves, tables counters, meat blocks, meat racks, refrigerators, and the like shall be con- straced so as to be easily cleanable and must be kept clean. F. Garbage Dfcuosul: Garbage while in the kitchen must be kept in watertight containers and removed a.s often as necessary. G. Dressing Rooms: Suitable dressing rooms shall be provided for all personnel. Kitchens and store rooms must not be usc-d as a dressing room, eler kroom, or sleeping room and shall not be connected to any room used for domestic purposes. Section 3: Dining Room or Pluces Where Food and Drinks Are Served: A. Lighting mid Ventilation: Dining for a period of not less than twenty minutes; or immersed in clean hot water the temperature of which is at least 170 degrees F for a period of not less than two minutes; or immersed for a period of not less than one minute in clean water to which has been added a chlorine disinfectant in such a quantity as to yield at all times not less than 50 parts pt.- million of available chlorine, and rinsed in clean hot water until the solution is through- ly removed; then: allow lo drain and dry. The use of drying cloths prohibited either in the kitchen O r on the premises. No liquid wastes, including dish water, shall be discharged on or near Ihe premises so as lo creale a nuisance. Separate containers must be provided for cans, hollies and similar rubbish. Section 13: Single Service Utensils: Single service utensils intended for use in eating and drinking places, such as straws, spoons, cups and plates must be protected from flies, insects, rodents; dust, dirt, and other contamination and must not be used a second time. Section 14: Vending Vehicles: Only- food which has been properly wrapped in a sanitary place and manner and only, bottled beverages shall be sold from lunch wagons, trucks • t«i» i rrn t ' .-....« » vs>u i viin_n w UK«JII», n WJJiw* is prohibited The use of wet; p ush carts 0) . othe] . types of vend j containers and utensils in serving food or drink is prohibited. I By any method used, the final test i for sterility and cleanliness shall! be free from bacteria, chemical j reagent and other foreign matter. I B. Construction of Utensils: Vessels | used in preparing food and drink j or in which dishes, utensils, and| other equipment used in preparing 1 or serving food and drink are wash- j ed or cleansed, shall be made of; seamless metal or. an easily clean- ing vehicles unless they meet the requirements set forth under these regulations. Bottled beverages shall net be served by pouring into glasses but must be consumed from the original container or individual paper cups. Seclion 15: Cleaning and Dusting: All floors and furnishings, including halls, galleries, slaricases, passages, kitchens, dining room and toilet rooms must be kept ' clean JCtmiit-OO 111CIU1 VI oil Cil^liY \_jca»l- t f r • -r-» able non-absorbent material andj ullcl fl 'f f ™m vermin. Dry sweeping and dusting is prohibited. Sweeping and dusting must be performed in such a manner that dust they shall be used for no other purpose. j C. Storage of Utensils: Glasses andj other vessels used for serving 1 arise, beverages must be stored inverted in such a manner as to be reasonably protected from files, insects, rodents, dust, elirt and other contamination. Dishes, knives, forks, and other utensils used in the preparation and serving of food must be stored in such a manner as to be reasonably protected from contamination. Section 5: Foods: A. General Requirements: No food shall be served in any public eal- prepared on the premises, in a public commissary or other places approved by the State Health Officer 1 Section 16: Health of Food Handlers: No person affected with any disease in a communicable stage shall handie food or food products intended for sale or to be served to the public. Section 17: Health Certificate: All food handlers must have a certificate of physical examination by the City Health Officer of the City of Hope, Arkansas. Any person be- lore being employed must obtain such health certificate, and said certificate must be renewed by examination whenever requested by the City Health Officer. Section 18: Cleanliness of Personnel: Foods must be handled, prepared! AU Personnel must keep themselv- , , _____,_. .i_. . , : I es and their clothing clean, and and served under clean and sani-1 tary conditions. Decayed, spoiled I -it, , . , , , contaminated or unwholesome fiod j utcnsl1 ' food or dnnk afte <- hav <"2 must not be served or stored. i B. Protection: Foods when displayed, must be placed in light eases or ,. .. ,„ ~ . . „ . . • Section 19. Spitlingr Spilling m no person shall handle any vessel. utensil, food or drink after having visited a toilet without thoroughly washing his hands with soap and clean water. otherwise protected from flies, insects, dust and handling by the public, perishable foods must be! adequately refrigerated until served C. Cleaning: All foods, including vegetables, served raw must be thoroughly washed in clean, safe water. D. Sterage: Meats and foods must not be placed in direct contact with ice. Food must not be stored in any basement, room, or receptacle that is subject to sewage or water- black flow nor in any place having defective drain pipes or appliances which make it possible for rodents or vermin to gain access to sewage, waste water or food. Section 6: Milk or Milk Products: Milk and milk products sold orj offered for sale must be obtained \ from a source approved by the j City Milk Inspector and Cily Health! Officer, produced and handled in accordance with the Ordinance No. j 537 of the City of Hope, Arkansas. | and any amendments thereto. Bot-| ties of milk or milk products must' not be cooled by submerging in water. Milk and cream must be kept in tightly covereel conlainers und refrigerated until served or used. Section 7: Water supply: A. Quality and Source: An adequate source of safe hot and cold water musl be provided at all times for drinking, cooking, und cleansing. purposes. Where a public water! system i.s available, a connection, must be made there to. When water j is transported, the conlainers shall I be used for no other purposes und i must be kept clean at all times. I B. Coolers: The common drinking cup j is prohibited, also the use of any cooler equipped with a device which requires pressure from the top rim of the drinking receptacle for filling. Where coolers, other than the pressure type are used, they must be covered and the water withdrawn from a spigot of an approved design. Section 8: le-e: Only ice of assured bacterial safety shall be permitted for use in drinks or for the cooling e\f foods by direct contract lee used for human consumption shall not be permitted to come in contact with unclean or contaminated hands or receptacles. Drinkink receptacles which are chilled .shall not he- permitted lo come in direct contact with ice or wate which i.s or may become contaminated public eating and drinking places is prohibited. Section 20: Objectionable Connections: No barber shop, beauty parlor. or other, establishment not usually associated with a public eating and drinking place shall be directly connected thereto. Section 21 Domestic Animals: Cats, dogs and other animals are not permitted in kitchens, store rooms or dining rooms of 'public eating and drinking places. Section 22: Premises: The premises connected with or used by public eating and drinking places must be kept free from accumulations which favor fly or mosquito breeding or the harboring of vermin. Section 23: THAT The City He;i)tli Officer of the City of Hope, Arkansas shall observe and enforce all rules and regulations of the Stale Board of Health and all of the provisions of this ordinance governing the regulations of public eating ;md drinking places and food handlers; and the City Health Officer of the Cily of Hope. Arkansas. and his assistants shall have and are hereby given access to any and all public eating places and drinking places in the City of Hope. Arkansas, at any and alt hours for the right of inspection thereof: and any person, firm, or corporation having u public eating place or public drinking place or being ;j loud handler as defined in this ordinance who shall fail or refuse to allow the City Health officer or his assistances access to the said public eating or drinking place at any time, shall be guilty of a violation nf this or- diance, Section 24: Penally: Any person. firm, or corporation who shall violate any of the provisions of this uidiance. or who shall fail to observe each and every provision i 1 this ordiance, shall be fined not lets than $5.01) o'r more than $100.00. and each and every violation of any provision of this ordinance shall constitute ;i .svpei'ate offense. Section. 2;'): All ordinances or parts of urdinuiK't's' in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed, and thii. ordinance shall be in full force and effect immediately upon its passage and approval. Should any i'lH-linn. paiagraph. sentence, clause, or phrase of \\\\* ordinance be de- Section 9: Ktfrigeralur Drains: Drains j .J^lj^^'!^'^.^ ™* 1 ^ JWm ice boxes and refrigerators! U'uiitimted on P;it

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