Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1941
Page 2
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ird Retains "oach Thomsen Announcement Mode Following Meeting Tuesday ROCK — th* Board of T*«*t*wt On _ not to thoifijt* _., staK *t J»«r*tts*ffl C. flwnswB. Is athtetie „ , Imtcl football cwHfh, Til* ,™»™ [behind closed daw at tt»* AJfcwt hotel TuestJay morning awi srf- Ott. ^/'Deliberations; held to th* wait* of £*w fvcetkt muaouncernent by Ch£urtn#& mo. Ra*rial» o* 13 CtwmJa that » H|oB indicated * majority of th* group ' "* '0**c! firing or replacing Thomawrt, ; threc-and-one-half-hour-). ; Secretary T. C Carbon, who abet la mslrtess manager at the unmttlty, ijhad been adopted by the trustee: —. ™._—-..—-^^wm^^M^^^i^^piMnffpMpMmfi Enrollment at Blevins Schools Third M*nl»*< Tata* hS25 **»t MM, *»»«. AMAHMt Fleet Strengths A far Pint Round 400 J*t UN* <«wi t ttt» ttuto U N mo STATt$ Sanitarian for County Named C *** J««VM A U J* *«4 r*Offtc* : u* —— -~—..—.—-^ O* AEfejTOflag ftlH* MH«- £tfcr aH circumstances suntouaduia th« patter does not fe«t warranted l« ^.taking any action with reference tner* * - |?»» Mr. Carbon, said there ware w -*"- against the resolution. ..Httgh Park, Va» Bureti publishet expressed belief recently thai if ou}d be "good business' to. buy u$ omsen's JSJXXJ - pet-year contract deb. expires In Jttnc of 1943, wa» , i only member of the 10-man board ;«ha -was not present. _ . who asked the board to €*explarn his status" and who wan in. invited to attend the meeting, wa* not Tied by the board until a few nun- befoxe the meeting adjourned, JJChomsen was on hand at 11 a. in., the meeting convened. 'The Arkansas coach declared that :,ihe had received assurances from the |j board of "100 per cent co-operatooa." said that was the way h* it "or else" in a statement ago. P, "I am happy at their decision." , ?f4 jThomsen said. "They way rest a»- *''jStired that HI keep on doing sny very to ttt* Co P*r iff fittt bit,! M.. bua room* th* Sham* Ti*«!* «/ « J> c! '* to by the it til* Schools h»»f Cotmty Lttewoy, T thi* year to to «h Libia»y at BUvitw. to*>t t«wt»S I 1 * ': Thomsen came to the uiviversity as ^assistant to Francis Schmidt in IKK fatter compiling a great record as high |.;,school each in Nebraska. He replaced |;;Schm£dt as head coach m 1929, cotn- Jl'pleting his 13th year in this capuc- -ft^'ity the past season. Marvin Coningham on Asiatic Flagship ; Marvin Caru\inj|tv«n t wr. nt Mr<».' Floyd GUb^rt^ Ci'iumb'is, i» & .«*»•• man. first class, abowii th* L', S. S> • Whippils, flagship of (h« Aatatic fT»»*. the £)rci local wan nsporteii m !hw ; Pacific war vtorwr, aixoftimi to word I reaching Tb« Star. Me, Oorifurnthum ; enlisted in Cktvb«r 11M«, i There tare 3:i,SfJl the United States. t * *<«*»» MtfjMW- WS^4-#^>^#>WwriW**T{t«^^ •• ( fs*: ^"iflw »*«,*,!«»>* # *, *4*t- I,**** ,t» **»«* n «n«ft *» **t*iii*»#«ipr*--*W»*r(**l>»*I« MPAH •Atnisups »- » 111*1 CARRIERS t A««»ai t jkarifc C»> CRUISE** W Afltwl > f wit t *««MI «r> tl **»»»: tUtt. GIVE A GIFT For Every Day of the Year A SUBSCRIPTION TO HOPE STAR This fe« fto* «** «wwW» thrw? Pa*i8ff. Fl<w»a. 6««««t<i>« fert jtructed *w»**ly, but shew »< (!«»«!» tern* *f**r *j)»w»*«m tebtw w»»w»»(w* «t iO*|»» »«* »lt Ww«M W»* tl. S A gift subscription to the Hope Star is a gift thqt keeps on giving. It's a gift every member of the family will enjoy. You will be giving a daily gift pf up-to-the-minute news, editorials and amusement. Remember the boys in Military Service and the friend or relative away from home. P' &s j [USE THIS HANDY 'COUPON iv Fir British Racket in Cosmetics Bootlegged Cosmetics Endanger Faces of Women By ROSETTE UAKGROVK NEA Servvlte SUfI Wtitcr IX)NDON — Th*rv were (»•*• wiv men throughout *he length aiui brcait- th o( the British Isli-s who were imt Apjxiil^d wh^n the "ci>un«'tics racket" waa disvlased recently tn \r press. The thought that backyard manufacturers were knowingly drfraudinu His Majesty's OovvmnivYtt t>f over » million pounds sterlmg a j«-or (about 4,COC.OOO O-jlUws), did not a««:t them so much as the thovight that thette; defrauflers, these makers of cheap cosmetics, might he nps[xiii3ihle for ruining the looks of thousands of womenfolk. Racketeers of the Beritity Black Market, most of whom have been operating since the outset of the war and the subsequent introduction of the Limitation of Supplies Act, have been perfectly ruthless. This I was told by the manageress of a beauty parlor. The new racketeers have sold cosmetics made from the lowest quality ingredients and under the most unhygienic conditions, often with only a dirty kitchen sink and correspond- ol the »»t Wwrwwf »v«r illicit t«»mlty *« on bf <uufc' to 35 p»r c«i tiutpus .iffprifri a rru«v»toui» Itjwphoio. on trw ofh«f hanti. to *nu>t) J»a»i«T* riwii* uy to th»> iO<) [M.11 rub nJrrhtm t4W> «h,tUif*) » itKanh provwii. To trwir fuuut^f wvr*? ^iii«i«*«4 tvurttli'vtfei : j of unkm-iwn rlMinUts, hair>lr»«s«r* 'and driig-flttre iiwn«T't who hail nrvwf | before .itt»ui(>tr.| ti> riuiruifav'turp ct»s- j metics but who toul.l not r*s«t t)i«> j «4)J,oi tunity offtTMj by llir n.'W sjriu- tion, Many of these fake i»rrp,-iratu>n* looktfI enough like Wfll kn«%vn hratxb to he miatuken for them. Ttw ri>tint«.'rs of several of the London stum wt;re stocked with a moss of quitw unknown brandu of lipstick, powder, talc wnrt I other beauty yitls selling at nuii-h UK J samt. prices a* A/den. Hubin.stcm or Cycliix'.s, Lipsticks, for example, sol«i ' for a dollar ancf a half; these cunt the little - chemist-nround-the-corni-i somewhere around 30 cents. All this has now been stopped. The Board of Trade, not u moment Ux> soon, has now made a ruling that non- registered cosmetic - makers cannot product more than a certain amount 'HAW TRADE TRAINING GAVE ME MY START SAYS PRESIDENT, SPERRV CORPORATION THOMAS A, MORGAN (pictured in insert), president of the Sperry Corporation, world's largest manufacturers of aeronautical and marine instruments, received his early technical training in the U. S. Navy, in which he enlisted as a young man. "This has proved of great value to me in later years," aaid ex-sailor Morgan. Pictured above are new Navy recruits receiving electrical training at 009 of the modernly equipped Navy Trade Schools. The Navy offer$ training to young men in nearly 50 different trades and vocations). Opportunities for advancement, to learn skilled trades, for travel and adventure are identical whether a man enlists in the regular Navy or the Naval Reserve—and his pay, food, clothing, medical and dental care are the tw W<wr»,rt with fUlkaur tit.ru i?n(Yiff t ^uiiliy H*f^f.'^"<j 4rn> I iixl ti'td roe recently that .nhtrvy untiS th^ trnit ••( \\\\- v. miwiw by rvpuU-ti (inn,. 1 . bl«tlt Tlw iww tir.ifr wilt r<"e«lt i(t! a f«rth«-r »v«luct>on «i lijwlick. |«,w > dcr iirwi faff ci'ranw. bitl front Hnn- girl--, of ltn- in ilnj.ru-. factor ir* in th* ' Wrst uf Kn^l.m.l iirp to In 1 pnvil«-(,-il ! 'ni«' Ministry of Supply will uk* I the Imlk of -.nin.lics fruin n fiunotis \ cosmetic firm to h«-lp girl wofkprn 1 wfm have difficulty in jjvttm( lip-' !.tick arnl face p4jWtt«?r in Ihotr home • towns; these will bv available at S(wt> i i.il prices m woikers" ciiiitei.'nj. Tliis j mny bt- the incentive to moke girls; flock in their hundreds to recruiting! bureaus, and Labor Exchanges. Our DoilyBread 'Continued From Page One) the airy optimism was justified in thu least. There is no reason to believe that we were kidding ourselves when we believed we had the best Navy in the world. It is. But the Japanese navy is good, and nobody knows just how big it is, since they have been building in secret since 1936. In a conflict between the best Navy and even the second or third best, the best is not going to win without heavy losses. But it will win in the end. Nothing has happened to shake our faith that our Navy is just us good as we thought it was. Suppose it is shown that the great battleship., if'.der certain close-to- land-base conditions, is vulnerable to attack by torpedo plane? The Bismarck, the Prince of Wales, the Gulf of, Taranto, the Repulse, all suggest that this is true. Ail right. Is there anything wrong with our naval aviation? The hnnd/ul oJ Marim! flyers at Wake seem to be doinc nil right. And the Army flyers plastered the Japanese baUleships that came too close to Luzon. Suppose the day of the plane has arrived. Does any 1 ody doubt thai we can buiid and fly three pianos for Japan's one? Is there anything they can do to our battleships that we can't do to theirs? Japan has certain advantages. She has been constantly at war for 10 years. She has valuable experience, experience of the kind that can be had only in battle, which tho most careful training can nover provide. We shall have to get that experience, and we shall have to pay lor it. There are no exceptions lo this rule. Wt- must keep our eyes steadfastly ou the ultimate- victory in which we have utmost and unshakeable confidence. Reverses will come that is war. ft At »«**^ 'W •Wt*. *.»^,' f «**«•* f A* <<**** '«M> THUCK1W8 JOI :.i«(<H«S.Vtt*t>W LUCK MOTOR COMPANY EBII TRUCKS ..««t 1 s r- f, <* ' 1, WHY Wl ARE ASKING FOR NEW TELEPHONE RATES IN HOPE ***** I £*»•«**( ^•*'*-;i««t^, *2W ***JT*^«4* »{ ^?i*^S4***»* 54K ^Vp»-**# ^.'| r*<J ^B^.J *•» 'i.J^ ^(r-r ****t*«4 ff'*«« I't.JI.* (ESS ^.i^.---';!'^ M unj. j,^ »*«!*»•**•,* *$ ** ^«« **at Mai»» s*i,«jis.)*w» W* (of «U ttru<(i« that »« it « rut ion h»»» «nt«r«<i Uniortenalttr. the t)«p»rir»jcn< (,»t not i«fn rtt to Jgf»« with our iui4««liion t.'-a! Action tefking to r«vn« rate* bf >)<Uy«il- Thii 4«<i«u>n on th«s( p««t ni.»k«» it nt<- C«**4rr (or IM inirrt*dulflr t» r*piy to their ordtr of November 7). which tct * 20 Jjy limit expiring December IS. Telephone Operating Expenses Rising Rapidly Wt had no latrnlion of atking (or t»t» lacrtitti at thin tint*, hoping that a vray out of our revenue difficulties might bt found, but Wg art now Ir/t with no choice. For yean, the telephone company's rev- *nu«* in Arkansas have been to low that even In normal times, rale increases in many towns could havt been justified. Now, with all of our operating expenses rising rapidly, any reduction in present rcvenuet within the itate which might result from the inquiry insisted upon by the Department would seriously hamper the job the company has to do for Arkansas in these critical time*. Therefore, we were forced to reply to the Department's suggestion for lower toll rates by filing tariffs for certain increases in the exchange rates of 25 Arkansas cities: Arkadelphia, Batesville, Brinkley, Camden, Conway, Earle, El Dorado, Fayetteville, Forrest City, Hope, Hot Springs, Magnolia, Malvern, Marianna, McQehee, Newport, Osceola, Paragould, Pine Bluff, Rogers, Searcy, Springdale, Van Buren, Warren and Wynne. In 13 of these 25 cities, present rates were established more than 20 years ago, under conditions wholly different from those today. In only two of the 25 towns have basic rates been changed in the last ten years, and they Taxes Average $1 A Month Per Arkanws Telephone W» will alw>ut w.tts On of HOP! Present Rites Piopoicd Rales Per Month Per Month Businesi service Business extension Residence one-party Residence two-party Residence four-parly Residence extension •— 50c less (or wall $4.00 1.00 2.50 2.00 1.00* telephone. Rates for rural customers and service increased. $5.00 1.00 2.50 2.25 2.00 1.00* lines are not • Ute *r,J lac*) — will jrm.unt to <.vr r JU.OO p*r telethon* in I94(, cnm;»rril wilh |i Jo prr tflephon* in two. in in- crta»« of ov«r US ptr cent, Wt »re a!«o propo»inj. in jtliiition to ceruin exclungc r»te incrento, that ^ t n~ tt*\ tchrtlulr* of icrvice connection charge*, virying with the «iit of cx- chingt», be incrcaird approximately SO per cent to. cover more nearly (he cxpcme of making changes and initalUtlon*. Scv. eral instances of so-called "free service" between exchanges would b« eliminated. Increases in certain general schedules of private branch exchange switchboard and trunk rales arc proposed which will also achieve greater uniformity and simplicity of administration. Each of the 25 cities in which increases are sought has for years had the advantage of exchange rates so low that they do not contribute a fair share toward tho total revenues needed to produce a reasonable return in Arkansas. If the communication system needed in these perilous times is going to function effectively, if dependable service is tq be given to telephone ur.ers, if fair treatment is to be given to telephone enj- ploye^s and to those men and women whose savings have built the telephone system, then adequate revenues must be assured. We ask for the sympathetic understanding of these facts by tel«. phone users her« and throughout Arkansas. For years it has been the policy of the telephone company to inform its customers as fully as possible concerning telephone matters in which they are interested. That is the reason we are publishing this statement SOUTHWiSTERN BILL TELEPHONE COMPANy H. W. Shepard,

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