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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, January 13, 1936
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A THOUGHT None plilc* him Owl's In tlio rnniv, who n-nrncd More, would not Mvaro.—Hrrrick. •^^^^•^ dflMMMtoi ^^^BH^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ ' ^^Utarf^ Star Arkansas—Partly cloudy and j w firmer In west and central portioiig Monday night; Tuesday cloudy mid warmer. VOLUME 37 MTTlUnPT? 7O (Ai'i'-Mi-inis .\.v.sc..-i:iK.i -INUiVlmMt t\) iN-K.\>- ...Mism- X,.v«|,n|«-t HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1926 Blar uiii] Jnniuiry IS, IMS!. Ho|i<- IS'JO: J'rcsc, IH27; PRICE oc COPY BANKHEAD LAW UNDISTURBED '3 ' g l -j Here and There •Editorial By ALB*. H. WASHBUEN- E DITOR THE STAR: You misintorproled my letter about the conditions of youth in our city. • - •• ''J I did not critici/c the police nnd IIT'l T\ 1 ft\ I government for being too harsh. I WIIPV rft^T lOOk : merely .Mild thnl the ways in which TTIH.J M. Vtyli 1UV/IV they punish crimimils arc far too ensy. It doesn't brenk them from their il( legal hnbits. Post Took Stratosphere Air Routes Seriously! offi- Mr. Kdilor. I suggest thnl the rials denl more hnrshly thnn havi 1 . in thc future. I don't quite agree with y >ur saying thnt every wayward young )>er- son represents a mother's failure, bc- ; cause I think that in some cases these ! habits of lawbreaking develop from the group Billy Parker Opens 4-/ tide Series on Late World-Circling Flier "MAN FROM MARS" j far i« thnt is'ci.'n'cer'ncd. who Indulge Post There an- mnn> boys and girls. J. S. Gibson Drug Company Observes 50th Anniversary Mr. Gibson Opened Hope! Drugstore January 15, 1886, in Same Stand CELEBRATES" EVENT! Director Store Particularly Invites! 12 or 15 Who Were Cus- \ tomers 50 Years Ago | The John S. Gibson Drug company is celi-brnting its 50th anniversary Wednesday, January 15. In .Tnnuory, 1886, Mr. Gibson Open- W P " P ' S HP I" De8ert |ll«-.m to say "no" to their p Wearing HlS btrailge j seeking crowd. They nru nfrnid they'll Flying Helmet P-V Wile >/ Post Wilet/ Pott n-at> a flier of the future. De.dth in en/ Alaskan tn'r cid.th lust summer ended n career thnt had hn,in/lit much to ariation. Most neies/Kiper rtaders knetc of Post's foi(r ttnsitccesstid efforts to 'flu (tiTosa the continent in the substratosphere, but little /(//A- hecu snid of the real mi.ccc.ttt of those, "failures." Tin: is fir^t in u .s-r, ies of four artii'let; I'll Ililli/ Pnrkei-, tirr<nm>t- Hcd! eni/ineer. flier and cii-irorki-r >>f /'<,*/. mi. Ill'' laxt i/rcnt rent/ires of th'.it. ;jloh<:-iiii'dt( r. BY BILLY PARKER (Copyright. I9S»i, by the Associated Press) Whistling, icrcnming, divinf! down out of Ihe strntiispltcre. a long trnil lawlessness just because they just , ef , his dnlRslorc on South Elm str<x ^ nnd has been actively engaged in business at this location ever since. The company has mnde extensive plan:; for celebrating this event and will have spceinl gifts of candy fir the women nnd children and cigars for , , . , ,,i , • .1 be laughed « t or called a -sis^' they ,Um t roll h.gh dice or take swiK from n bottle. . » if Bonus to Be Paid in $50 Bonds, Is Senate Proposal Senator Harrison Predicts This Bill Will Be Enacted Into Law ts INO HIKE IN TAXES! Measure Reported to Offer Bonds Maturing at Face Value in 1945 WASHINGTON —(/]>)— Administration forces introduced in the senate Monday a new bonus bill providing t'ull payment of thc face value of the bonus certificates in immcdiatcly-re- Soil Conservation New Basis of Farm Adjustment Paymen Land Would Be Withdrawn from Commercial Cultivation, at Equitable Rates, to Promote Building Up of Fertility WASHINGTON— (fp)— A progrnm based on government-subsidized soil conservation WJLS approved unanimously Sundny night by fnrm leaders called lo advise with the administration on a substitute for AAA. drafted secretly two days agoK> — deemable JSO-bonds. by New Deal lawyers will be revised to embody the legislative recommendations of the 100 spokesmen for the nation's major farm organizations. The farm meeting called for retention of "valid" provisions of the adjustment act whose processing taxes and benefit payments were outlawed by the supreme court; "further expansion" of foreign markets for surplus crops; and new taxes on processors of livestock and dairy products. j The farm leaders suggested that E. F. McFnddln ^..^"K.i^^^ir bcinB cait - '>-'»-""K;"^ bandar pan;, i McFaddin Attends International Body ed msy hurt anyone.' | on Wed)lcsd . I haven I heard of n k.lhng anyone -, A M j. , , ws bcoll „ d yet. It rn.ght hurt their feelings, i in thc slorc<s windows , . showins sev . Listen, let people call you sissy, „,..,, icct%s ^ pnra p hcrnalia uscd by Mr. Gibson in his drug work wtten he first started in the business 50 years ago. Mr. Gibson snid Monday there i 12 or Ifi persons in the county who ' Senator Harrison, who introduced congress "provide adequate funds by I the bill, predicted it would be "en- I appropriation," but added that many | matters "including the money question" were left "for the continuing action and attention of our ever-alert farm organizations." j acted into law." r The Mississippian suid no new taxes i would be necessjiry. I Details cf the propowxl substitute? | lor the veterans' bill passed by the house which provided no means of Inuijh at and mock you, but st;iy jiway from liquor stores nnd gambling houses und you'll come out on top. Le«ve thesej vices »lonu. Make your motto: conservation and price adjustment program. 3. "Reasonable taxes" would be levied on jirocessing of livestock and dairy products, proceeds to be used to "expand foreign and domestic outlets." 4. Valid provisions of the AAA such as those authorizing marketing agreements would be "retained and strengthened," and a provision allocating to the Agriculture Department 30 per cent of customs receipts for expansion of farm markets would remain. , 5. Marketing of commodities coming under federal control would be handled through farm co-operatives Told by Secretary Wallace tlwt they | ?" alificd undcr thc Capper- Volstead were "now building in a much more paying the eslimated $2,200,000,000 nc- ! permanent way than wns possible in cruing lo World wnr veterans, continued guarded closely. act. 6. The "American market" would be permanen way an was posse n ! , ----- ~. ....... ------ ------- — March, 1933," when the original AAA i P r ,f ser ^ ecl for . thc "American farm- was evolved, the farm . expansion of, foreign markets "I live my own life." nnd live your j xlarlct i (,. a dinR with him in 188C who j life above reproach. Your life will be , art . stil | trading with him today. He years J-J 0 pg jyj an j R Chi ca g 0 f Qr j The basic principle, however, was! •AT- i -\r TUT >_• f tor Payment of full maturity value -•re are Mltl-ieai' Meeting Of j in bonds of small denominations, with Directors of Rotary spokesmen ul ?' i UApunMO " ° was cheered us they adjourned their two- ! would be P rom °ted. day session. i Acreage Adjustment - 1 what you make it. said thnt he was especially anxious Mr E'lit"r, I am 100 per cunt for u or , hpm to nllcn(1 his celebration on j the Y. M. C. A. and uny other things j that the city might do to .show the j > julh of our city that they're going j wrung. i I thank you. Just- HAY. i January 12, 1!)36, I Hope, Ark. of smoke .streaming behind hor, cam the? famous old Winnie M.I XXX Rvhultul Dear n.iy: When I spoke of waywar'd youngsters as representing a mother's failure I didn't ii.se the "failure" as ;> word of reproach. Mnd there you is :iii iiicr.- I '. you v thought h''r m'. fin.-, for i.c trailed such a r.iluinn of :; out flames ahea'l o' her. Hut no one saw her. (a-, thi.i drama was slaved far out ever ll-e desel t in eastern California on the monthly of February 22, 1X5. In that ship, bliiul'-'d by burning oil and handicapped by a useless <n- giite and cumbersome stratosphere t IKS, sat Wiley Post. A certain wild streak runs through of Okln- i humanity, whether ndolescent or , adult, that defies even a mother's love nnd care and training. A mother is the stoutest friend that civilization has. And I was pointing cut that when even a mother has been unable to Wednesday. Rudyard Kipling Is Seriously 111 Famed Author of "Manel alay" Taken to Hos- I pital Monday | LONDON. Eiijj. -(/P)— Rudyard I Kipling. Britain's famous bard of a'd- I venture, in India, became seriously ill Monday and underwent an emergency j (.Iteration in a London hospital for n [ gastric disorder. I The poet, who observed his 70th cope with some youngster it i.s uiusii to suppose thnt .society, cold and im- the youngster's belter nature. Society, as a matter of fact, simply >icl:s the police on the culprit. I admit that's rather dumb. But i.s there anywhere in this world a remedy for the wild ones'.' Society must preserve it- Society makes every individual , , af- 1 1)lrll ' <! »>' "nn.yersary just two weeks Tlie board of directors of Rotary Internationn! will hold its mid-year business meeting during the week of January 13 at thc Rotary headquarters in Chicago. Edward F. McFaddin ol Ho|xj, a director of Rotary International, will be in attendance. He is bonds redeemable in full or in part at the holder's discretion, with interest running to 1945 for those not cashed immediately. There wecr reports thai administration leaders were holding out for payment of less than face- value, but this could not be confirmed. Administration leaders were said to I be seeking u bill that would meet ex- Chester C. Davis. AAA ndminis- 1 Cash payments to farmers could be tralor, told newsmen as he emerged I made by government rental of a giv- from the meeting lhat "I think tho I en percentage of the cultivated acre- principles in this' report will do the ' age; by fixing a quota for the volume Points nn attorney and wns formerly assist- . . , „, ,,,,., ant attorney general of Arkansas. ! ecullv ? »PP«wnl. The baby bond idea ' wns advanced in the belief that many * would hold a substantial part For the first time in 25 vears n vacancy has occurred on the board, diie to the death nn Dei-ember 3rd of John of . b °" ts ' tllcrcb > cang tho Im ' A. Crabtree of Wnlsnll. England. H i» medwrtc Blvnw Upou Ulc job." Eix The program: 1. Congress would secretary of agriculture to provide for rental and withdrawal from commercial production — at equitable rates— land necessr.ry to promote soil conservation and to balance domestic production with demand "at profitable prices." Three methods for payment of cash to farmers were sug- place as director has been filled by tho'J-' eleclion of H. E. Galloway of Gates- I f -\T r\ i heml-on-Tyne, England, to fill the j S. V 0511* SpiltP11PP term expiring next June. Five nom-! " * VIM. kJvlll/VlIvV inei;: for next year's hoard of directors are also to be selected, from countries outside the United Stales, Canada and Britain and Ireland. These directors at the in gested. 2. Congress of products, or on a basis involving both acreage and volume. Such pay- I mcnts would be conditioned on thc empower thc j farmer adjusting his cultivated acreage for preservation of soil fertility and "proper stabilization and maintenance of adequate price levels." Emphasis on the retention of the present act's allocation of 30 per cent of import duties for "the expansion of foreign and domestic outlets for farm products" caused some speculation President Roosevelt in his budget message, before the court ruled on AAA, reclmimcnded repeal of this would appropriate "adequate tunds"—estimated at about $500.000.000 for this yenr—for the soil provision. for Arson Upheld District Agents to | Series of Changes I He way calmly debating what to do in order lo damage his Ix-luvfd ship i i-hoosi 1 , saying: the leusl. He was not wc;rric.-d. Wiley ' never worried. His greatest emotion at the moment, I believe was disappointment — that he was unable to reach New York, his goal, and that itianv month.s of painstaking research nnd labor had < ' UI|<-<1 V" 1 *-, . . n , , iHinisnmcnt and fenr/ Undcd in Dry Lake j SlK . i( ., y , | ik( . I|K . C ; 0 d of our fathers, Hut down and down he came, headed i :.. ; i, ., <-• i T, • t • \ , , ., . i , , . ., I is a jialou.s U(xl. It s nfrnid, not of for the one spot he knew be.il on thnt cnntlilion, was taken in an ambulance to Centra! Middlesex hospital Monday morniny. At noon a bulletin snid the patient was "doing as well as could be expected." sustains Ben Damei Meet on Thursday! on East Third St. The location of the 1937 convention ! Conviction Other Re- ! ! hearings Are Denied i 22 Speakers Are Listed I Roy Grain Moves Auto : for 3-Day Event at j Supply to 208 S. Elm— one of the import-ant decisions before the hoard. The Rotary Club of , lltis year's convention i LITTLE ROCK -(.^-The Arkansas ; Supreme Court affirmed Monday n, five-year sentence assessed against ; Ben Dame for thc $20,000 burning last I April of the Hotel Randolph at Poca- j "Either you are with me. or you are j ! against me. If you are with me 1 give, you the right to live your own life so long as you don't bother anyone j else; but if you are against me I'll i put yju in jail. I'll di.sgrace you, I'll I make vour lifi Rev. Holt Resigns I will be held at Atlantic City 3une 22 I Vi 2fi. j All members of thc board are cx- I peeled to be present but two—first j vice prcsidtnt Kenneth J. Young of : Cape Town, South Africa, and P. A. j Kruusc-, Odensc, Denmark. The other '• members of thc board are: President Hope City Hall McCorkle Take No. 206 county and home demonstration j Erl. R. Johnson, Roanoke, Virginia; ! who will preside over the meeting; T .. 1 ¥)_ 4- 4- j second vice president Joe R. Carles,, LOCRI I aSIOrfllfi Barcelona, Spain; third vice president' 01 " Bubbles Clayton and M. X. Carru- UVVtll * UOtVltttV! Chitplo!j L _ whcc]t , r| S((n Kranci , co , | thers, Mississippi county negroes, .sen- hpntius. The tribunal refused a re- i agents of southwest Arkansas will be hearing for A. T. Hudspeth, former j held in Hope Thursday. Friday and northwest Arkanas banker under sen- ! Saturday of this week. Twenty-two speakers are listed on the program, including Dr. W. J. No decision was handed down on | Roth of the United Stales Deparl- petiUon for rehearing in the case j rnont of Agriculture. Washington. D. Several department heads of the fence of one year for accepting de- in an insolvent bank. A three-day district meeting of Carpenters started work Monday on the new Checkered Cafe building Third and Main streets, formerly the locntion of R. V. Stephenson grocery. Extensive alterations arc planned. W. M. Ramsay, owner of the Checkered, plans to move into the new building about the first of February. Stephenson grocery moved to East Third street, the former location of Auto Supply company, managed by ,*' section of the country. Muroc (hv lake. A.s he approached its flat .surface he saw a lone automobile stranded in the sand. Circling anil slipping to eheek his speed, Post mine to 'I pcr- fecl landing on the belly of the ship about !!(ltl yards from the motor ear. ll'o.st 'had dropped the 1 landing gear after the 1 lake-oil' to rcii'uv v ind re- si>tain:e. i " lie' believed the ship iva.s afire, and .is he had more than ,'['^0 gallons of gasoline aboard, he climbed out hurriedly, preferring lo watch the con- flagaration fr im a distance. Once outside he found all the :.-iioki.> was eauseel by burning lubricating (Continued on page three I one long torment of j Will Leave Thirst Christian Church After 17 Months' the individual vices of man, but of the orgnni/.nlion of tho.se vices into an underworld that might rise up and destroy decent .society, its homes, il.s churches, its schools and its goverr- mi'iit. Just as lite poliee, when confronted V^l irl I 1 Vil *J. »t I II.W11 I , iJt\ II II(tm.l..VU, ' ..-..,,-__ v ^, ,- . -_,____ ,. ,..^. -- - , -. ^, ,California- directors—W W Emerson tenced to death for attacking n young r extension .sen-ice of the University "°- v t-raine. Mr. Cramc announced 'Oai-le Va- ! white woman near Blythcville. j of Arkansas, College of Agriculture, ! lllal his firm had moved to 208 South Galloway i A rehearing was denied B. M. Kit-| arc listed for speeches, (Elm street, the building formerly oc- ' Gateshead-on-Tyne, England; Henry I chens in his suit against the City of. The three-day session, starting at ; cupied by Arkansas Printing &, Sta| James Guthrie, Dunodin, Ni\v Zea- I Pnrngould. llie court niled against j 9:30 a. m. Thursday, will be held in j "'onery Co.. ' land;'Robert L.' Hill Columbia. Mis.s- him several weeks ago and held that! Hope city hall auditorium. I The Arkansas Printing Si Stationery ', ouri;' Mr. MeK;id»lin,' Hope, Arkansas; the city did not have to obtain a per- i Speakers expected to appear on thc Co.. operated by Ed McCorkle, lias Colorado;;! ""t from the State Ulililics Commiss- , program: tin ; that he beleived he could better serve ! nt Mime other location. "I have not accepted ihe pa.stornt, RAPPUR FANNY SAYS: HtO U b. PAT. OFF. hy a li'itou.s people, control them hv breaking up the crowds into .sntnll groups, so does .society aim to control the natural wickedness cf mankind by breaking up centers of vice and preventing its commercinli/.atiou. For in unity I here is strength, in vice just as in virtue. XXX You arc 1 cc.rreel when you say lhat Mime are lawless "just because they doi'i't have the backbone and geliipjnl any other church nnd have no par- enough in them lo say 'no' to their j liciilar place in mind nl present." he i crowd." i said. I we nld call your attention. Ray. to- --••»•«»] the fact that for thousands -if yetirs I , the fathers and mothers of the 1 world i . have preached to their s ins and | daughters lltit, admonition: "Keep ! away front evil company.'' 1 In leiy time. Hay, .-ociely has .sought i to e'haime* this pt'e'iverb. Soe'ie;ly has ..-aid. llu'out'li various experiments in! law. lhat evil could be abolished--I and with it. evil compmiy. ! The world, so these 1 folks said, c mid . be made such a place lhat a boy could ! walk anywhere without losing his iu- iiocenix-. I Thai i.s no! li-ue, Hay. It will never be I) lie. So lejng as lite 1 world i.xiM.s ihere will be people a boy or uirl .slrmld Tlie Rev. Guy D. Holt, pastor of First Chrislinn Church of Hope, tendered his resignation to the church i r ' , congregation Sundny morning, effe-c- | "" live within :«) days. ; '"^' I T he Rev. Mr. Holt had been pastor ' i of the church for Ihe past 17 months ; coming here from Memphis. Tenn. 1 The resignation cnme as n shock to | Ihe 1 congregation nnd to his friends in ! Hope who will regret his leaving. , . ,, . „ ; The Rev. Mr. Halt told the , emsre- j ^". h , h "",.' i> ^!"!';! y °'.y 1 !'' 1 ::..! ""L^ ' ' gntion that he felt his usefulness to Michigan. , Ni w ! |O1 ' eonslruetion of a municipal utility i plant. i After the board meeting President j The supreme court held that Hen! Johnson and some of the directors will i ( l'' ix college i.s entitled to nil assets, intake 1 tours vi.sitini? Rotary clubs. Di- j valued at more thnn ?100.000 of Wal- I lector Olingcr will leave the lat | lace Institute 1 , Van Buren, which went j ran of January for .Viuth Africa. Di- ; «ul of existente during the Civil war. rector G.-iete Fagelde will take back i •«•- to proceed wiUi the sale of bonds ! L. C. Baber. Little Rock; Dean Dnn A. nosO Sauire i3(iuii(., T. Gray, Fayetteville; Dr. C. O. Brannen. Fayetteville; Dr. B. M. Gile, Fayettoville; Dr. W. J. Roth. U. S. Department of Agriculture. Wasliing- movccl to 2CG South Elm, which one door north of his former location. The McDowell secondhand clothing store, adjoining the former location of J-'tephcnson grocery, lias moved three: ] Harriy. the founder and jiresident- church here had been serveTan.'i ! 0 " u ' 1 ' ilu , t ' of ""tary, to attend the first j ! regional conference of Rolnrians in I Latin-America, lo be held there early in March. Pirsideiil Johnson is scheduled for a trip through northern Europe. Hope and Prescott to Play Tuesday Fascists Tied Up by African Rains Ar „,,„,, ; Major Basketball Sc'he' Lack of Water, Heat, Ma-: u '° Will lie Opened on laria Are Factors, However, in Desert Areas Hauptmann Loses, May Get Reprieve Court of Pardons Reje Clemency—Governoi Reads Up on Law Trenton. N. J.—f.-Ti—Bruno Richard Local School Court Tin,- Hope. High School basketball .— ' team will open its major schedule K.v the Associated 1'rcss (here Tui'.-day tiiulil against the Pn-s- The Fi:scisl invaders of Etbionin. j t '" u Curie y Wolves. their campaigns hampered b\ wcalh- ' '"'c '-;'iin' starts al 7:.'lll. The content er on the 1 two main fronts, were re- ; w '" he- ]>layed in the high school nortcd Monday to be pushinu aerial ai j gymnasium, lacks on the .southwestern river val- I Friday night the Bobcats will take Hauptmaiin's chances for at. least a Cailerm. Nashville; C. L. month's extension of life beyond next , AMidown; J. B. Daniels, Texarknna: J. L. Hi lor, Prescott. Jeff McDuffio. Arkiidelphia: Phil Anderson. Miilvom: O. L. Henderson. Lewisville; Charles Robinson. Tonlinued on nnse twot ton. D. C.; Charles A. Sheffield. U. j doors east to the building formerly i S. Department of Agriculture, Wash- | occupied by the McDanicI grocery i inglon. D. C.; O. J. Hall. Fayetteville. ' store. : J. H. Heckman. J. V. Hishfill. D.I ----- —•»- ..... J. Burlcsnn, K. B. Ray. V. L. Gregg. Elhert E. Karns. nil eif FnyeHcville; • R. D. Stevens, Claude Woolsey. C. C. Randall, nil of Little Rock;' G. H. Banks. Stuttgart; Aubrey Gates. M. W. Muldrow, J. W. Snrijcnt. T. Roy Reid and J. L. Wright, all of Little Rock. County include-. William McLnughlin. Hot. Springs; j Elmer MeCright, Ml. Ida; R. S. ! Hinkle. Waldron; Fred Delzel. Mena; i M. F. Stanford. DeQucen; Clyde i Injunction Plea of Texan Denied by Supreme Court Hughes Cites Unanimous . Opinion Lee Moor Failed to "Make a Case" TAX IS RELEASED 200 Millions of Impounded Processing Taxes Ordered Returned WASHINGTON — (JP)— The supreme court dismissed Monday a case brought by Lee Moor, Texas plaftter, attacking the constitutionality of the Bankhead cotton production control act. Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, explaining the Bankhead dismissal, said in the decision that Lee Moor, complainng Texas planter, had principally given only general testimony regarding his financial necessities. The trial court concluded that he had failed to make a case, it was recalled, and the appeals court agreed "upon the established principle that a mandatory injunction is not granted as a matter of right but is granted or refused in the exercise of judicial discretion." ; The supreme court accepted this view. Senator Bankhead, author of the cotton law, heard the action in the courtroom and said it means "we still have the Bankhead act on the statue books.' "The Department of Agriculture," Bankhead said, "has power to save the cotton farmer by proceeding with the operation of the Bankhead act. It will save this year's crop." ImpoundeiMax Released WASHINGTON-^)— The supreme court of the United States ruled Monday-that 200 million dollars of pro-" cessing taxes impounded by the courts must be returned to the taxpayers, refused to pass on the validity of the Bankhead cotton act at this thn», and adjourned without ruling on the constitutionality of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The tax decision did not go into whether the processors had to prove that they passed the tax onto the consumers before they could recover, which was the main point of issue. The decision was handed down in a case brought by Louisiana rice millers. The result had no bearing on prospects for suits by processors to recover 1 billion 200 million dollars in taxes already collected under the defunct AAA. This question remains to be fought out in the lower courts. The decision was unanimous. The justices all agreed that review of the Bankhead case had been "im- providcntly granted." Another case involving a suit filed by Governor Eugene TaJrnadge of Georgia will give the court another opportunity to pass on it. Agents expected to attend ! Another Negro Is ! Held for Robbery William Cannon Bound Over in DeVaughn Store Robbery Hearing date sei for hit 1 execution for the kinnap-killini! of baby Charles A. Lindben.''h--grew inea.surnbly Sunday night from n new executive altitude on the.- ))ov.-i>- uf reprieve 1 . In the aftermath uf a denial of clemency by the slate Court of Pardons Saturday night. Guv. Harold G. Hoffni.in sail I (hero were "plenty of precedents" for an eleventh-hour stay by him. He- piX'viously had expressed Grand Master of Masons to Visit , William Cannon, Neyr.i. e.nc of the Rogers. lasl ( ],,f CIK ]., llls in t ] lc LOL . De-Vaughn robbery, was held for action of tho Henipstead county grand jury when arraigned in municipal court Monday on charge of burglary and grand lar- | ceny. i Blind for Cannon was set at S400. I Four other negroes connected with the j robbery are. either held in jail or arrested Tugwell Inspired by Arkansas Tour Magnificent Land and People, Truthfully De- Clares Brain Truster HELENA. Ark.— (A>)—Dc. Rexford Guy Tugwell is decidedly sold on Arkansas ami the opportunities it offers for the resettlement of home-hungry farm families on land where they can become self-sufficient and independent. The undersecretary of agriculture and national resettlement administrator never had been in Arkansas until he flew into Little Ruck from Washington n week ago Sunday. He has spent thc past week touring the state. and as lie crossed the river into Miss- i.-sippi this last week-end, he was ready lo promise Regional Director T. Roy Reid almost anything he wanted to carry the resettlement program forward to a successful conclusion. "You've yot a remarkable opportunity in this region," he said, "to dem- nstrnti! the resettlement program at its lirst. You can justify our land policy by necomplithmotil in this state done. You have the two things u-edeil. the land and the people-both of the right kind." Dr. '1 unwell was not making a A. Jvuwnua is nothing to bo about bill it wroalues you witli slay away from, and plae slvnild stay out of. •Sv'eicly can destroy ih where 1 e'vil bleeds and waxes simng. but evil itself, society cannot touch, fe.r c'vil i.s Ihe c.lher face ejf viilue- In- two inlure'iit sidc.s uf man. And ."i. the making rf a m-e'd race anil a strong nalion uin.sl nsl al\va\.-- in tin: decision and i enrage of Ihe: individual. | 'l| u . ],DI H i* the only safety. ! nnon fentu Tiie writer rmiiloys 15 n,:wsboy.s in j'.lircvepn-t, La., will appear in i-onccrt ! This year's leant is compusi'd ... Ihe City uf Hope, one in Kmmc.lt and (Friday nis-ht. January 17, at Emmet j lour leltcimeii. im,-luiling Reese. Tur- two in Pre.si'ott. What otln, 1 )- advio. ! Hi:;h School. Thcj,- cii«ngement is i H). Slonr and Cai-.'ili'. Oil they ; k . v Troop movements in the south wen.' i complicated for ihe invaders by the i lack of water in ihe terrific heat of I the desert, and malarial fevers —^ « •- Lone Star Cowboys at Emmet Friday Night on Toxnrkann Ark.. High School on ll'.c 1 ical floe r. Thereafter two unities each will be played at home 1 . Coach Foy Hamons said Mondax 'li.-il hi.- would annmince' llti 1 coinph'U schedule this week, which will in- elude si Hue of ihe: slrungcsl leains in lite' state. Coach ihnnin His expre S.SIM| belief ihnl his 1'Jlili lenm is .sironi'er than ie Slav Cuwbo\s. )iopuku j last year's ai.jjret,iilicjii which \\enl t" re on radio station KWKIl J the finals in District 10 tuumumeut. ' (Continued on pa so three* Bulletins NF\V YOKK - M'I - Saimivl K( lhafel. iiiciicnn pie I en r pni'luici known lo ihoiisaiieN .if Ilicntci jjners as "Itoxv." died Moulin) of an lie-art attack. Rev Be The | miller bond. Cannon was last week near Hot SpriitL'S and returned here by Sheriff Jim Beardeti Other court pr.ceilure: Henry Thomasson. ilrnnkenness j -pecch. He wns tie-t lalkin.u for pub- plead of guilty and fined Sill. i licntion. He was te'lling his regional ,. - . LeRoy Loiulermilk. I'.ctit larceny. | -lireelor. with the etilhusiasni of n ( i lOVei' Is tO Fined $25 nnd sentencee! tn one day | man \vlvi had jtist baei his eyes open- (.iliest of Hl)l)e L Odu'e '" •'"''• Loudermilk was charged with i d to the land rcsourcts of the cotion "rp "" , X1 , . ' " ' i theft uf cloth from R. M. LnGrone j -ioulh. \\hnl he expected him to nc- J UeS(Uly I\lg'ht '& Co. Iliicve with the materials at hand. '--• " ; C. E. fc'lauffiii-. ivckle.s.- .Iriving. pic* } Dr. 'luiiwe.ll ;dre.-;.ih- had demon- Rev. Cottiad Glovi'r. most wor- , cf guihy an! fined $25. : strated he is a vci.'ran "inspection •hipful grand niaste.]- of Arkansas Ma- Fred Callum. posses.siun uf illegal < trippci." not to bi diverted by the xinry. \\ill visit Whilfield Lodge No. j liqu->i'. jijea of guilty uml fined S.V could yc;li possibly knu\v it lo be trucj? Hive them. eluucli. by (lie Emmet Baptis' jeclivc' stars Bright, Holly alt' nr'.'ilc. Other pro.-'- I Rani.su'.v. GalloU'ay. | Ponder. I — . V, - J. I' Mccrijaii sluiilly (onlenejcel at tlie .Timte's ,\\ur iViiuiu K invoslJgii- ticin Moiiilav thi't World war exports "helped Ihis country" niul did not "IcncJ u?> Into wnr." 'iyj Tu(.-Bdn.\' itiuht. January 14. ii w.>.- •tnnuuncce.1 ilomlay. The Rev. Mr. Glover ts (K.slur of th First BLep'i.-l cimrch in Sheriilaji. and has been active in Masonic work in '\rk;insas for many years. Last No- vembiT he was h.tne.iri'il with election Isaiah Holme.-., assault with intent lo kill held for action of the grand jur\. Bond was fixed ;U SJIOU. Holmes is accused of knifing Archie Hawkins. Basil I, Ci'..:j- of Mu.scovy. lost hi : nose., during a fiwlit and theneel'urll' wore one mueJe of inttty. usual routine of .-howini; off projects to tho bis b'>.ss. Hi: cleverly cut corn- •rs .-~o he cuuld go on lo thc tilings !xe wnntcd to sec most, the lund and 'he people. —«» • ««Budapest is on both sides of the Danube liver. Buda is on one side and Pest on the other.

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