Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 16
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** f \ww AtWPpTWl •m On« Month W^HOr* aM*ntUn .o{ od omi ONI ln«rt*ei STAR *f mtUbr HoteMn HfU- t%U«» $ltnk, |3B i* Umlta, \vu V »4Bt tt, UlwU'lo tf «an milk D|*i'k», Arknnsni U^» Lte., ^^l^fj^ i&Wrtf FfirflUltl TttRKK room «o«rimwt. lurnuhwi, Ktiotrte bon, Dili* paid, 204 Borttitr, Mr*. A. ft, n»>b, 23-tf VACAfW now, 3 room furntahcd Apartment. Clo»o-ln. Utflitl«* 7-44M. 0-31 4 ROOM furnished apnrtment. Cloie-ln, n«n«ot)Rbl<i rent. Cull 7-3748, 11-3t NoUct HAUX, and itSrttd ««n* ll.M yard Oravalnvallabla. Foy HamnwnJ PHffna 7.26SQ. Jfr-lM n Ottrden: N THE COOL, cool, cool of tho evonlnit, lot'* drive out nwl ««t a nice nt r*n\ ('"Itl wntor- mulDn, t\b mlloit r-wnt on 07. )f)lek Krwln. »-flt H«lp Wonted OIJIL »o work nt Orlve-ln Muiit bo permanent end above xobool ti«o, Dint 7-0820. IMt ONK liidy for dlnlnu room norvlco, Apply in person, llotol Dnrlow, JUSt __~"~ OOLO wntch with l«Ath«r band find raiftad orynliil, Lout In the vicinity of WON! Hni», U found plotmo onll 7-J8«« or 7-2.104, WanNd ONK morn experienced Wo hnvfl flv« of iho fln*«t «irU In tho utaln, but need one morn, Wo pny tho bout unladen In thn noutli and furnlnh mcols too, Apply Mm. Carroll, Diamond Cnfe, a«4f TWO good fttrndy dlnhwonhflrn end Oho cook'N helper, Apply Mrs, Cnrroll, Dlnmond Cafe, 23tf PIUCSSUH, Mu$l bo experienced, Hoi(ulnr wurk. Oowl pny. L,ahn COUPLK to llvo In itmnll hotuo. ttont friH'. Until April t, 1093. Vtutwr, «(in, plcolrloily, 40(1 S. Kim. u-3t Wonted to Buy UPRIGHT piano In the nm<ilU»»t or n Hludlo plnno, Ultu 7-a3lO tOTS, ftcron«C'«r fnrm noiir town. Write Hox X in care of Hopu Mol« H«lp Wanted VVOULDYOU Like to represent us in Hempstead County? This Is what- /you do.. Answer the roquoaU from ueoplo who want Infurmntton ttboul our Complotoly nt of lluipltnl ur Media* «r« 'NVrllc their appll(j«Udn tor HOSPITAL! ZATION • MEDICAL SURGICAL or ACCIDENT & HEALTH INSURANCE Thl* 1« what you tf«U FREE TRAIN ING tft.ftS to $10,50 commlMlon on path application — 18% bonus (Ureu moi\Uui -T-.pnHHo- cvt'ry .- tkm to onliirldd no»lt|on» an «upurvUor« tlu-n tol*Tutu nuui- f (..body antl f«nd«r r.auta ftiln^nB, WHAT YOU MUST BE HONEST , AMeiTlOUS . BONDAOLE , Over 21 and hove car Thi« U whom ytjtt I*t further Uuamatlwj ~ wni* Ibaut your* ° * a. N, Alliop •» SuptrvUor w Bld«, 400 UaptUt Medtcil UUU, Rock, Long, Tiresome out by tb* \ Hayi ,, Political Announcements Tfc* ftalf tt*Mlo*te« ar* » " IfcA *A#fMM ji.J *i»A : IHV •OuCHr Of tllw primary dtetloni: _. f ax oitrr TALBOT FEELD JR. for County Judn /XAUD H. BUTTON U. O. OARRETT far Ald«rm«n Ward 1 K. C. (Bob) DANIELS JOE JOHE8 Idarmim Ward I r J&. JOHNSON ram* RIDODILL Chnne*lloi» _ (Pint Dlvl»lo«. 8th District) WKSUCY kowAno A. P. STEEL Cor Congraii RrcN Mnnia The Negro Community •y H«l«n Turntr Phont 7-4474 Oi> bring Items to Ml§»> Turner •t Hlek» Funaral Horn* Mr*. Gmipvn Bp«nrn nrul fnnilly huvo roluriu'd to their home In Freirio, Cullf,, «fti>r upcncllnK two month* with Mru. Spiuu-x parents, Mm, Ho II ICnitllMh mid oilu-r rclsi- All-Star Team as Named by League Th« •)1»ttnr t«am« of Sotithweit Arkansas Bns*b»II tx-nguc that were ielpclwl fty o vote from enctf of the tenrn*: C««ch*r«: IXHI Cnmbra, Pride*, Int. Jarnrg Miller, Hut Spring!, 2nd, Sonny Nutt. Mineral Spring* Hobby Keeft*. Nnnhvllle, 3d, Mte*. First Hn«c: Ixmnlo Bell, Mineral Spring*, 1*1, JiimcN Mamey Nauh- villc, nncl Uorclon Bfiisley, Mope M| for 2nd, Second ttnnn: Cliff Horton. Mineral Sprln«», tied fdV Ut with Bob Whlio, Hope. Johnny Goo4ell, Prlde» 3d. Short Slop: Danny Stringer of Pride*, Int. T-ouiH Bell. Mineral Sprln«.i, 2nd, Perry Brown, Tomlcs ,'ld place. Third Bane: Loulii Carpenter, Mineral Springs, 1st, Gene Ander«on. NriNhvlllo, 2nd, Ptrry Brown, Tornlos, 3d. Left Fluid: Hugh Peck, Mineral Spring*, 1st, Leland Byrd, Prldfiu. 2nd. Riiy Bnlrd. Tomlcii, 3d. Center Field: Mnrty Kllogaroo, llopn l«t, FinnclK Bell, 'Mtnt'rnl Spring*. 2nd, DonaJd Crown, of Nnnhville. 3d. Kljiht Fit-Id: Jnck Crirtvlcy, Na»h vUle, l«t, Honor Qulnn, 2nd Pride* Cltnrltt*. Hopnon, Hnp«, 3d. J'fU'hfrs: Kdwnrd McUsh, Pride's, l»l, Juck McClcnclon, Mlncriil SprliiKH, 2nd, Dick Ponrco, Prldox 3d, Ittilph Gri-Kory, Mnshvlllc, 4lh. Of* M*k,nlc Ixidrte, and hat b*«n pre*M<W»t of th« Hop* Mlni«t*rl«tl AJIInne* two time*. Mr«. Har<l««fM! wa§ preiklefit for two year* of lh«? PaliUey P.T.A. and active in the JvHUt High P.T.A, Utia. p»wt jn»«f, She ha» b*m a ..faettiW »e ift* tttac Gar** *?!SP'-«**r *hw« coming to «»f»4Sft« Wa« al*0 ttcrttary for. two year* of the H«t» Council of I Chuech Women, '••••«•' j Rev. Mardegree hai'braA Dean of u>«^ Intermediate Camp of thw ChrUtlan Churchc* of South Arkati xu* at Clear Spring* near Okolono for the past fik year*. Me wa» president of the Minister's Institute o ftho ChrUtlan Churches of Arkansas In J6SO: a member of Iho Arkutunn Board of Christian Kdm-atlon for six years: a mem bi'r of the Recommendations Com mlttee frorn Arkansas to the Inter national Convention; and the present president of the Southwest District Convention of Christian Churches. He |» Hated In "Who's Who of the Clergy" which wa* Uint published in 1042. Dr. 'and Mrs. H, C. l.owls nnd )1, Ho He oo Conklln Jr., left Satu ril by nliflu tu nttviul tho Nationnl Mcdtenl AiMOclutlon In Chleutio, Ixie MOHS at Milwaukee, WIs., 1« vUHUlK Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Monk, and otbei* Mrs. Narvtilla Rmiks nnd grnrul dau«hloi', JOB of Duty, lint., tu'o vliltlng their nUlwr, Mrs. lU-nther Nt'luon Hill Pout No. 427, will Christian Continued from Page On* membership has been Increased by forty percent; the Sundtiy School I by about tlu> snme percentiiKc; i the Christian Women's Fellowship! has not only presented a strong piufiram but has also presented the church with well ,ovcr $2,300 worth of Improvements nnd equip- mcnl durlim the past seven years. Thu youth proiiram has be(tn a main feature of the total program ami fow churches have been r able to maintain as varied, 11 program of iH'tlvitti's for its youth a,i this church him without paid workers. The corner lot on North Elrrf nnd West Avimuc- JJ is another fine properly Iniprovc-monl. Prac tlcally all of tho church property hns been redecorated recently in- Kidu and ot, Including the prurson- (U!e. And till of this is complotely Iroe of debt. Ht-v. nnd Mrs. Hnrdeurce have b<ith been active In the community, Mr. lltmk'Rree Is (icti\ju j in the Klwnnls Club and the Reserve Officers Association. He Is a .chaplain (I.t. Col.) In the United States Army Reserve, lie Is a memlier'o! - - — ....'..^...iu 1 / I have Its roiiulfiLvjneetinK Tuulday', AUK- 1^. at Iho regular inox'ting pluci; at 8 p.m. , , Three State Continued rrom Page One Candidate J. T. Gunter's name will not appear on the ballot in oni; of the four counties in the diMrlct. H I s opponent, W. E. I'K'tchi'r, won a Supreme Court inlinic removing his name from the Lonokr; county ballot because Ciiintcr'ii (lUiillfyli)K fee cheek was rrttirncd for "insufficient funds." A fathpr-son combination will be, voted on in tho ninth chancery district and the 10th senate dis- .irlc-t. Bob Bailey Sr., is seeking the .Chancellor's post against Gfoi'«e Patterson; his son, Bob Jr., fncen F. F. Acrce for the senatorial nomination. Other dsitrlct Vaces and cnntlitiiilen: Circuit Judge, third district, Andrew Ponder and P. W. M. Thompson. Chancellors: First district, first division: E. Rodney Pnrham nnd Murray Reed. Sixth district, first division: Wesley Howard and A, P. Steel. Kight district: P. Houston nnd P. S^ Cunningham. * Pro»«-cu\ing Attorneys: t Ninth diilrlct: Wlnfred Lake and; ft C. ThornM. I 18th district: Walter J. Hebert; and II, A. Tuek.-r. j State Senators: , | Third district: Wiley W. Beam nnd J. S. Smith. Faiirth district: J. E. Garner nnd flny Geon, J^. FHth district: Chlsm Reed and Sam Ford. Seventh.district: F. C. Crow and T. J/ Sllvey. Eleventh district: W. E. Armstrong and Q. B. Hurst. 12th district: Floyd Bryan and Dr. • E. .1. Byrd. 13th district: Wayne Jewell and Marshall Shnckleford, Jr. Hlh district: Guy Jones and John I. Purtle. 17th district: J. W. Best and Tom Logan;' J8tH district: J. O. Cheney and Y. M. *r*eit. 24lh districU Dough Bradley and Marvin Melton, 2Mb district: C. E. Bell and Lnnriar Roflfipi-s. • 28th district: .Tames P. Bfifcer nnd O. K, Carries. Thorpe Recovering Fro m Heart Attack HENDERSON, Nov. Ml — *Jim Thorpe, the great Carlisle Indian! athlete of yusteryeiir who suf-i It-rod a heart attack la«t week,! was home from the hospital today j but urtdor doctor's orders to takej things easy. j Thi; former football great and; Olympic champion, now 64. was; .uiiconsriou*.wlTeii admitted to Iho; hospital Friday, but his doctor said! lit? hud shown constant improve-1 niunt. j Thorpe operates' a small bar' known as the Jim Thorpe Resort | Henderson. In the century poll Conducted by the sedated Press he was voted greatest male athlete.' Popcorn pops because it has hard easing which holds back s am pressure which is built when the corn is heated until explosion takes place. Free Book on Arthritis And Rheumatism How to Avoid Crippling Deformities An amazing newly enlarged 44- paae book entitled 'Rheumatism", will be sent free to anyone who will write for It. U reveals why drugs nnd medicines give only temporary relief nnd fail to remove the causes of the trouble; explains n specialized mm-surylcnl, non-mcdicol treatment which has proven successful for the past 33 years. You incur no obligation in sending for this instructive book. It may be the means of saving you years of untold misep\'? ; -''Wr'ite today to The Ball Clinic, Dept. 4210, Excelsior Springs, Missouri. A UwnwM*"«U«""*rt to be it I WM AFTER THE ELECTION WHAT!!! Candidate Resumes Life In Usual Environment Seldom does a day pass without o,ne or more seeking the aid and -assistance of our State Senator. May be^a feeble old lady that gave a son in battle, a college student, a group of farmers, a cattleman, a business man, a business woman, a group of women promoting a worthy cause. Or maybe itis a rush trip to the Capital''with a delegation of City or County officials in the interest of some project. It is extremely advantageous to have a senator that maintains a telephone equipped office, works and lives where he pays his poll tax. One that has a legally trained mind that you can talk to about enacting, amending or repealing laws. One that you can see or talk to in his home or office every week-end during a legislative ses- siorx Many are the letters quickly written.or telegram quickly dispatched from a Senator's office in the promotion of industrial projects for his district. But if the Senator has no office, no place of business and be travel ing in distant counties — what then? ? ? A Senator's power to tax and power to spend is a power that should be entrusted in the hands of only a citiuen that hos made a success of his own business. One that has succeeded in the professions for which he is trained. One that is OPPOSED to INCREASING such taxes as the SALES TAX, MI*. Working Man, Mrs. Homemaker, Miss Working Girl f .Mr. Farmer, Mr. and Mrs. Merchant look at Crow's senatorial record of accomplishment —T compare the records — a workman is known by hi^ehips — This is so vital JO you that you should viIigantly work to RE-ELECT DR. F. C. CROW STATE SENATOR f iiwsti his second tt*m that was interred by the " iy~, *• • Paul Chambcr-j Carried 62 °r 75 Counties in Lasf Week's Primary. Make if Unanimous on TuesdaV for — PAUL CHAMBERS for National Commirreeman —Political Advertisement paid for by Paul Chambers VOTE FOR THOMPSON (Tom) EVANS Candidate for ALDERMAN WARD 3 Your Vote and Influence will be % Appreciated. Pol. Aclv Paid for by Thompson Evans. If You,Act Toddy You Can STOP Being Deaf FOR £,f\ e'A FULL ONLY 69.50 PRICE Announcing the amazing new Acousticon SPECIAL Hearing Aid . . . the all-purpose hearing aid nt the extremely low price o£ oniy $09.50 complete. SKIN RECEIVER No receiver in your ear, witn 1 the New DR-1 skin receiver. No oar buttons, no headband, no pressure, nothing In either ear. Ask to see it with the Acounti- con SPECIAL. DON'T PUT IT OFF ANOTHER DAY. Mail the coupon right now for complete details of free home tryout. No cost, no obligation. IF YOU CAN'T COME IN, MAIL THIS COUPON NOW Acousticon Hearing Aids 816 Texarkana National Bank Building Texarkana, Texas Name ................................ . Address ........ ...... ; ............ ',} ............. , • City ................................................ FREE HEARING AID CLINIC Tuesday, Aug. 12 — 1 to 4 p. m. Barlow Hotel, Hope Batteries for all hearing aids. A. L. BURNS, JR., Dealer TO THE MERCHANTS OF FROM THE PEOPLE OF We have read with interest the ad in Friday's Hope Star, signed by so many people from Springhill Township. We too think you are vitally interested in our getting farm-to-market roads. We know McMath's road program because we have seen it in action. He promised he would divide the road funds equally between the primary and farrrv-to-market roads. He is doing just that. • We know Cherry's plans. He is now sick of it but he is bound by his own statement. He says he will apportion the money on the basis of traffic count. Now we don't have the required traffic count but we think our roads are just as important to you and to us as the truck lines that serve the tourists and big transport companies. • We shall watch with prayerful interest your vote on Tuesday and we hope it will be: For McMATH and farm-to market roads AgoinstDGHERRYandhistraffic count SIGNED: John C. Floyd Mrs. John C. Floyd Berry Faulkner Mrs. Berry Faulkner S. J. Burke Mrs. S. J. Burke H. G. Good Eutefr Burke Mrs. Eulas Burke Jim Faulkner Mrs, J«m Faulkner Mrs, J. W. Shirley J.WShirley J. W. Shirley. Jr. D. M. Samuel H. A. Willett Hoi I is Samuel John L. Burke Mrs. John Burke Jack I. Burke Wayvward Burke Mrs. Wayward Burke J. N. Arnold Harry F. Robinson Mrs. Harry Robinson Troy Butler Mrs. Troy Butlef VernQn Arnold Willitirn Schooley J. C. Burke James H. Burke Roy Burke Mrs. Roy Burke Ed Palmer Elston Willis Mrs. Elston Willis Mrs. G. C. Clark G. C- Clark Bedra Cower Adv. Pawl for by J. C. Bwrfce and other BeAou 5 - ' °> V LV * Answtr «o Pwtout Back to School I'LL PUT TH 1 BA6 OF BOMEe. THE WAITRESS FOR TH 1 C0<3 HERE TILL AFTER. TH' PROGRAM— IT'S TIME FER. IT RIGHT NOW.' , .^ '*% JCON'T WANTID MISS ANJV IT'S MY FAVDRITB HORIZONTAL 2 Toward the I Used in sheltered side geography 3 Contrition lessons 4 Stripped l 4 This one goea c Wor 8°d of to nursery Greece school 8 What the 8 Adhesive —«• teacher did for cuts at . ' Femal* sheep school recess 8 Name O f a 12 Malt beverage composition 13 Pupils all in 9 Region line ' 10 What pupils 14 Angers shouldn't be 15 First graders 11 Essential count to being 16 Those who 17 Made a bird's take offense , nhome 18 Rich girl 19 French . 20 Make happy revenue 21 Spread to dry 23 ls borne 22 Gaelic 24 Unbleached 24 Level 26 Mine entrance 27 Deep TOO— IT RUNS A WHOLE HOUR' SBT TO »LA«B5 OUT OP MBKE ANP PiNC* AM ALI»I. 25 Five^dollar bill^ (coll.) 26 Malicious / burning / . 27 Mourners • 28 Rooms in ' . harems 29pirection 31 Landed property 33 Waxes ' 38 Calm 40 Clamps ' ,t 41 Musical composition ' 42 Domesticated 43 Wild 44 Heal 46 Units 47 P6n name of Charles Lamb 48 Mature " • 50 Unit of wire , measurement WASH TUIBS OUMNO IF T VOU CWO WAKE-NEW OMBff...TH6 LOOK. T BILLV, ARBNT *<OU *IAART EMOUSH K'WPPOl-'CE DON'T HW6 TO HMJL OFTEN! MSTER..\TO t;&E VOU'RE HBOEO FOR THE NOBODV'f* \ REFORMMTOrtV/ IF- VOU KEEP RUN" PICK.IM 1 NVV I WIW6 WITH THW TOU13H CROWD?" k •*'nf- M, 1 30 Middle , 32 Ten years 34 School period 35 Dropsies 36 Employ 37 Throw 39 Repose 40 Weathercock 41 Males 42 Implied without words 45 Male chicken 49 Entertainment 51 High priest 52 Additional 53 Arrow poison 54 Tear, 55 Pieces out 56 For fear that 57 So (Scot.) VERTICAL 1 What school children call arithmetic OUR BOARDING MOUSE With Mi]or N*«»f« t WAS A'. , MISERABLE RACe eV£f4 S;?^'^& -SPROUT , HURT MY PRESIDENTIAL, 111 tKe \. T LEARNED & ~/& Tf?ACK%rTHlMS ABOUT LED MY FRIENDS \tf\o/// HERE IS Y ^HORSES. BACKING THAT y.l CLOSED, ^~\\ D<3 you TWO f FRIVOLOUS FILL.V ) PUT V)E COULD MU-3T ) > TAKE OUR X'M ' s A DUD,) > TO THORNY TOO/7/ DOVMM6 AMt> BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES PACK BASS FIDDLE PURPOSES/ FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP I 8HOULDN'T HAVE / BUT WHERE'D I BE. H^D VEUL.LCXJK, VHO3 HERE.,. TH 1 GENIE/ PUSHED THATGWIE HE TROMPEO ON MY M.\Nt' NQT6GBAJJOFP;, WDJUH FAU. OFF YQURCARPBTP V'i *> OVERBOARD UN- V DOWN WHERE, He is, <7lU I'D LEARNED 1 HAU= BURIED IN HQW TO CONTROL k a^ND/ THIS ARABIAN ^ NIGHTMARE/ w-; is, - • WALKING TO THE CITY,. T. M. Rt|. U. S. P«. Oil. -, 0 . '«pr. 1953 ty Nt* S«rvlct, Ilia. a" 11 \"When I ask If you want a shampoo and massage, say f.> ; , yes!.. Remember, It's on. me \"j" N' "~ ' S[DE GLANCtS r Y > i, - 4 'And now the 'Gargle trio' will damonatr*t« that Gurglt's '; Noiseless Gargle actually is noitt|fis(" i CHRIS WELKIN, Plpneteer •y Mlchp.1 O'M.ll.y «m FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEND! wre* rci«nw,c*M "I«£ TKAPIT/ONAL AKVT TO ZTAKT HEAR ATOM ory A •£) SPEND HE*. :VHMX)M-ANO

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