Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1941
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Star ot Hop*. 1179; Ptwt, 1927. Ce»Mri»lo**tt January 18. 1939. (4*- </ I fa WwWAVJd* Ntwt Cov«rog« rvtfl Impartially I Astodoted Press Our Daily Bread * "-' /; '>• Hope Star The Weather ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy and ; ' / warmer in the east and south portion^ "''* Wednesday night; Thursday partly cloudy and colder in the northwest portion. M HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1941 {AP)-<Meani Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprls* Ats'n . S.Subs Battle Japanese ~' / * t • ' ""*'""• ' ' ' —•—'-."••• ••- •• - ' ,-~. - , ... -,;,-,,,.., ,,^.. ,...,.,,., ,,_......._, ^_..,. J -.^_. .... ,„,,-_,._„ -r.i. .1-.- - .1 i II - .H-T-I..-..-I.1M.. __ ^^^^B Italian General Rescued From orpedoed Sub Russians Drive 45 Miles West oi Kalinin Hundreds of Towns, Villogcs Wrested From Nazis Along Front MOSCOW H'.4V-Of» Uir whale Rui- Ji'.rf.t Jjinii !*) titxtti *ti li"i»£ '«*• si l.*-«i!«er»a t« Uw )IUrlt BP* itoii «ftn) <*•*» tfixM'toii tw llw in it (,([ B}5jf| tttwllrt'l II) a tnifilU.V Will- 1 «'t ai.£«,n»s,i the Hi ttt«7.<f ,;,,,.„,., V (. MU wlw, to IIBVC north- 1 t« t>r t.juM U> Sink Sub, Copturc Officer; tlbyon Pressure Continues f« Settlement of Sheriff Conies to $85,037.37 $69,876 Released to Treasurer, Balance Paid Direct to State One of the lur«rM settlements made in mviit yI'.ai a )>>• llie H«nj>jl,t-ud (••uunty s-hMilf, CUrrour Baker, was Iflpftwwi WHUifkituy to the county Tlti- rntiip wlili-mi-nt for 1940 taxes amounted to J,8S,037,37, However, $15,- JGO.C7 wu» paid dim-1 to ibe suit* for l«xr* h-svtr.K » VoUl tit $C9,R76.70 paid Th<? tituiMJirr uUo announce*! that n tlatf w.hixil ft|i|>orti<mr»mt of $23,- nSl.ll h»d am veil smif that the county bontxi winild jjiiilijjlilv mw?! to dis- )>vtr*<.< it W^lncwiwy. It IK Iwljcved ihid UK- full Min.nmt uf S3 29 |x?r mim- ntaxm will )«; rcitiinmnuird. Tin,- iwlUcftic-ul Wiii divided us fol- 8tj.1t. T(«x<«, S15.IC0.67 r,H)i>i,v Gi'i.enil 1I.SS1.CS R"»<i* . .. . 6,071.01 Ct.uMlii.UNi' IVmnU 3.8CU3 Scli<,*»lt» 3,414,03 il xrhtiul wftlcincnt of $44,- lc.vi.ni! ; *fe*i a« W Iwl a I* I'** - t»J*t"4»' i»*t.jvc i*wl«ftlij-, **>**# , Ksving Iiit »r»«lbrt Mr h*d prvvvisii^iJi! (irciiidrTtt Hi fctV'Uirt wnt*.,r. l*tavi!fl w*icS vKul jn£ whx-h Jt'SituriHt Gr-JltihJl itmjilrjl, *r,4 ,Sv^ v ir1 fi^cht trtii-lttticl'ils.. (far In viir iiwjt);, »j«iij t> Fitinlih «xnm«!ii<jur, Oir )Ui»i»i» wri»' ftlht) j Siltrtig thr St'it rivrt fiwnl j wr<')!t l«#)>;r l^-'wio^a »?'»fj I^»kr O*)ptff lHf> twwt>iWrtl rj( l>nilnErail w-luli !inr» nutlh Sk/viwt »tt»ck» were al*< in n rajii'l Kovic-1 Tar- Out. 54. Consolidated with Uo|,t- Dijht, !>7, Consolidate) with Unite \V»ft.hinRl«n , Fulton Or*n Blrvim *.» ill h**vjf M,'>--t»»«*?nt during tSic Jill 21- h<- him st> mid > *s to t no longer Mother of Claude Nunn Dies, Magnolia | MAGNOLIA - Mrs. W. T. Nunn. 70, wifr of n Methodist minister, <iic-<l unrxjirvtrilly nt )>rr hruuc in thr KlH-nivor roinintitnly Mimduy night. Slip and her hushmid had lived in Cn)iiiiil»iii i Dimly inftny years, and le- .J'ently ohscrvctl their 50th wedding Inujniversnry. Slie was born near Con- wuy. Survivors also tiro three sons, Aubrey of Waldo, Virgil of Tulsa, Okln., and t'lautie Nunn of Hope; four clnughters. Mrs. Gordon Cook of Tulsa ^Mi.s Itifhiird Dockuin of Corsicana, 1'cf., Mrs. A. K. J'arot of Viryinia, ami MI-B. Daisy Bell of Paris, Tex.; three brothers. Alex Saiiford of Tf.lco, Tex., aiitl Klont-wiill Saiiford and mack- well, Okla., and three sisters, Mrs. innie Drake of San Diego, Cal., Mrs. Ihicldle-ston of Ueninl, Tex., and Mrs. Julia Musscr of Wichita Fulls, Tex. Kuneral services will be held at Eb- ene/.er church 12 miles northeast of Magnolia, at 2 i>. m. Thursday. 4k - --.^••—- -Meet to Work Out No-Strike Agreement _ WASHINGTON -(/I 1 )- Representu- [i(!Jives of labor and management convened Wednesday in an effort to work out a no strike agreement for the duration of the war but recessed after a brief session to accept an invitation to confer with Prcs'dent Hoose- F, f yelt at the White House. k« : William H. Davis, chairman of the defense mediation board find named by Roosevelt as inoderuto; 1 for the conference, told the group that it i would not gel down to business until i after the conference. I'. rl-m *ra ARair.tv Amrr.r* - aiv! (fit Oircr years W Amnsran* » liir nl irnor in the i,il*r.<lf., not Mirtrndmnj until Wil Al*i>ul his surtrn^T thrtf hsnci a ci-rUin Kw.t nt ticschriy Tiic man who capfutrd him was U. S Brig • (*rn Ttp«!riu-k Kunitton U895-19I7I, Critics of Kunstnn tolrl the ncwttpo* (TI» hack linmc that tlic ccnniil got Agiunitldo to cnmc in unrfrt u white Use to iliffuwi prarc—and (hen grab- l»c(i him. Today's encyclopedia* don't mention this old-time ncwspwpor controversy and whatpvcr renlly did l«>|>I m nt AKUinnldo's surrender the AnirrirAit itovcniinrnt cri"(.-iinly treat- id him hi.iidMimely afterward, and ffnve h».s country just what he wa.- f iiRlitinK for. willi complete independence whcduli-d alwut 194ri. Hut Ai;\iinaldo'.s story i:; one to woiiy Japan nt this particular time. Japan is fighting nut only the United Klales and Britain, hut the Filipino:- loo—and any country of tall mountains and crack bush-fighters that held the U. S. Army at bay for three years ought to give a good ac- cnunt of itself no matter how many t! ousands of brown men Tokyo sends southward. * * * By WILLIS THORNTON Not Up and Down — Straight Ahead We Americans are extremists. We are all the way up or all the way down. When the Japanese sneak attack on lawaii hurt us so cruelly, many pco- )!e fell immediately to the depths. What? A big first-line battleship sunk? Is our whole Navy useless, outclassed ? When, ii few days later, the Army, Navy and Marine Corps took speedy revenge by sinking a Japanese battleship, cruiser, and destroyer, many jeoplu let their spirits leap correspondingly higher. Huh! That's more like it! Now we've got the range. Just do this to the rest of 'em! The war's as good as won! Neither the black pessimism nor CHRISTMAS SEALS , [WSRRY CHRISTMAS S Prelect Home Buy now and put them on your holiday mail. They cost so little but do so much Every citizen should lend a helping hand in this voluntary cam- payn. Talbot Feild, Jr. County Chairman Rev. J. E. Hamill. City Clwir- inon. (Continued on Page Two) Mid. Home Guard Plan Released Eight Companies to Be Stationed Throughout State LITTLE ROCK ~yfV- Brig. Gen. E. L. Compere nnnounrrd WctinudAy thnt the stato Kunrd would consist of S com|>iinieii with u maximum .strength of 60 men und an officer each. C'ompt-ro declared that the com- I'iuiii-s would be located in the com- f jiiunitk-b where tht-rc ure niitioiuil Kimrtl iirmorics hut thnt the sections for tlu-m hud not been finally determined. The guards will be biisicly un in- fiintry 01 Kimi/iition and divided into two battallioiv;. The establishment of a signal detachment is planned later. Big Demand for Xmas Seals Sales Surpass All Previous Years in County Christmas seal sales in Hcmpstcad county tills year have surpassed all previous campaigns, it was announced Wednesday by the sales committee, which urged that all persons having seals and who do not intend to keep them return them to Talbol Feild, Jr's office. f Seals arc mailed to persons through out the. county, who mail in checks to the .sales office. The committee urged that all persons who were mailed seals, and do not intend to keep them, to please mail them back as they are much in demand. "The response in the county has been excellent and many persons are calling for seals," the committee announced. I'Mmoa .Sum logo Sprlntf Hill Itural t Runrt.7 ...... Hun.l 17 Rural 18 Rural 18-A Rural 20. B Rural 22 Rural 29 Rural 33 RuiM 37 Rural 41 Rural M Rural SI Rural 55 Ruial 56 Rural 61 Rur/.! 62 Rural 67 Rur.-il 70 Rural 77 Rural 78 Rural 81 Rural 82 JHt.SS7,19 771.10 161.81. 2.431,62 ... 3.106.62 S21.79 3.414.87 823.90 . 1.548.71 380.87 ... 1.138.83 . 1.82S.72 ... 791.97 . 493.04 1,054.42 .. 236.49 646.54 ... 3,278.73 ... 213.47 53.40 ... 328.47 134.03 . 174.73 26,75 6.67 85.03 ... 644.73 37.42 ... 167.51 58.75 ... 135.63 ... 188.61 85.37 64.53 91.22 Some of the Many Local Boys Who Are Now Serving With United States Navy Hen Frank Mulllns. Jr., son of Mrs. Kudi Cox, Blcvlns, rnllslcd Nnv. 2fl. 133!); now Herman 2nd cliiss nho.int U.S.S. 1'rnirle soinc- whorc In North Atlantic. Horace Leon Pyc, son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace G. Pyc, Prescott Route 5, enlisted in 1939; now aboard U.S.S. Cincinnati, stationed at New York. Aldcn Forman Simmons, native of Hope, son ot Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Simmons, Washington, enlisted Sept. 1, 1939 at Norfolk, Va., now at Annapolis, Md. r George William Sauudcrs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Saunders, Hope, enlisted Nov. 7, 1941, and is now at U. S. Naval Training Station San Diego, Co-411-144. Jack J. Stewart, son of Mxs. Edith Bateman, Hope. Route 2, enlisted Nov. 14, 1939; now aboard U.S.S. Aylwin, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Cotton By the* Associated Press NEW ORLEANS Close January 16.43 March 16.80 May 16.95 July 17.01 October 17.16 December 17.21 NEW YOBK January 16.37 March 16.76 May 16.91 July 16.93 October 16.99 December 16.99 Middling spot 17,99 3 Killed in Train Wreck Two Passengers Collide Headon Wednesday JKFFERSON CITY, Mo. -(/!>)- The west bound Knty flier, crack pas- fenyer train of the MKT, crashed hcadon into a standing east bound flier 4 miles north of here Wednesday killing three trainmen and injuring five other railway employes. No passengers were hurt seriously and by dawn everyone had been accounted for. Two of the locomotivevs pitched from the rails. Baggage curs split open and were tossed on end by the cmpact. A third locomotive and passenger car remained upright. The dead arc: P. H. Hundley and P. M. Tructt both of Scdalia, Mo., and Kit-hard Snell of New Franklin, Mo. An FBI agent said he believed the wreck was the result of a clear accident. Used Own Cutlery A servant carried cutlery to the hostess in advance of the dinner date when his master was invited out in the 17th century in England. Banquet guests located their places at the table by finding their own forks, knives and spoons. Poor Samantha (she's always last-tapping) Shopped too late to get Christmas gift wrapping. So the presents she'll get us Will be wrapped in lettuce— And next year she won't be caught napping. 6 SH0PPINO DAYS TIU CHRISTMAS Here is another group of photos furnished The Star by parents of local Navy boys, publication of the rest to follow periodically. The pictures are being published in the interest of the vast Navy Recruiting Campaign now under way. Interested local boys may obtain full information at The Star office, or may obtain this by mail, simply filling out the coupon below and mailing it to the newspaper: i Tear out and take or send this coupon J to the Navy Editor of this newspaper A7 I Without any obligation on my part whatsoever, please send me free booklet,"Life in the Navy,"giving full details about the opportunities for men in the Navy or Naval Reserve. City Issues Order on Milk W. M. Ramsey Says Graded Milk Supply Insufficient The Hope city council Tuesday night instructed the mayor to notify W. M. Ramsey, owner of Creamery &^ -Dairjr Co., that tablishmen Hope Two Successful Actions Alarm Island Empire 26 Jap Planes Downed Over Luzon; British Situation Serious By the Associated Press Japan took alarm Wednesday a.t the y reported presence of 20 U. S. sub'- *' marines operating in Japanese waters even as Admiral Thomas C. Hart,*'" commander of the Asiatic fleet, an,-^ nounced that American submarines^ , had gone into action for the first time '* '* / in the eleven-day-old conflict andf^ x | scored successes in two of three tacks. U. S. Army headquarters in Manila ^*<£ announced also that at least 26 Jap-'"',4 anese planes were destroyed Tuesday %>> at Vigan, 200 miles northwest of Man-;O|t ila, where the Japanese still maintain- -£* ed one of their three toeholds on <• ^ Luzon island. -^ Admiral Hart's statement did not ' identify the victims of the American.^ counter blows—whether Japanese war i ships or merchant craft—or the locale ^ of the sinkings. '' It seemed, however, that the U. S. was tightening the blockade around •* the island empire. A" Japs on Sarawak b s* SINGAPORE (/P)— Japanese forces \ anded in Sarawak a British area on^i he northwest coast of Borneo,"-it ' was nnnounced Wednesday as the? Japanese threw land, sea and air^ forces into a spreading ofefnsive a-;round the China seas. * ~J The Japanese -'.evidently were aimV ing for a quick knockout of British,^/ -<£ and Dutch strongholds, the seizure of resources and control of the sea lanes! by which reinforcements could reacl Name.. _Ago_ I Address. comply with all regulations and provisions of the city milk ordinance. Mr. Ramsey when informed oJ: the city's order, said Wednesday: "Because of the extraordinary population demand at present there is not available in southwest Arkansas a sufficient supply of graded milk. However, we use the best milk available, and which has been approved by Dr. Fry, federal inspector for. the Army. His requirement was good, clean milk from healthy cows teste<i for tuberculosis and bank's disease —(which was agreed to by the mayor, three aldermen, city and state milk inspectors) all of which' we have complied with. Furthermore, as an additional precaution, all the milk sold by our establishment is pasteurized, a bacteria-killing process known and trusted all over the world." The council also adopted a resolution accepting a federal grant of $18,000 for extensions and additions to public utilities in the city. An ordinance was passed calling for all plumbers and others who have to cut through the streets and sidewalks of the city to get permission from the city beforehand. ! The group also called for bids on the purchase of radio equipment for the local police department. All bills in proper form were ordered paid. •xneir-etrort was^to stmcrnesvy ana£H8 scattered'blows before resistance-could 7!. be organized—but this seems to have, failed. - ' . - V% The Dutch disclosed that one of their planes supporting the British J and Miri Sarawak had scored a direct hit on a Japanese destroyer. 1' Oil was an obvious aim at, Miri ; but the Batavia radio iaid "everything ^, was destroyed before the Japanese 'ij|j could land and that even the oil plants had disappeared. Chinese Attack Aids ' ' CHUNGKING— (&)— Chinese forces were reported Wedhesday night to t have delivered successful attacks' north of besieged Hongkong, compel- * ling the Japanese to shift reinforcements to cope with the Chinese threats to their rear in the Tamshui area, Tamshui is 28 miles north of the mainland border of Hongkong on the Japanese conquered Kowloon Peninsula and about the same distance east of the Canton-Kowloon railway. Chinese dispatches said '.he Japanese conquest of Kowloon was at a high cost of equipment which was destroyed by British gunfire. Town, J5tate_ 1 Jap Formosa Hit by Quake 190 Killed, 164 Injured Wednesday by Earthquake TOKYO — W)— (Official Radio received by AP)— One hundred and ninety persons were killed and 164 injured Wednesday in an earthquake in southern Formosa, the overseas affairs minister announced Wednesday. A total of 612 houses were razed and some damage to railways and other communications damaged. The announcement said the principal damage to tile communications were expected to be repaired Wednesday. Charles C. Allen Dies in little Rock Charles Craig Allen, 43, former resident of Hope, died in a hospital at Little Rock Tuesday after a long illness. Funeral services were held at the Herndoii-Cornelius Funeral home here at 1:30 Wednesday with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery. He is survived by several relatives in Hope. There ore in Japanese territory 231 mountain peaks over 8,000 feet high. Exposed Nazi Bolivian Plot Sabotuers Try to Wreck Railway to Chile Ports BUENOS AIRES-(/P)-A German plot to halt the export of Bolivian metals to the U. S. by sabotaging the railways running to the Chilean ports of Arica and Antofagaspa has been thwarted, according to information received here Wednesday. It was also learned that the Bolivian government imposed a rigid censorship but whether this was connected with the Nazi front was not clear. Hope Boys on New Hendrix Council CONWAY - E. P. Young, Jr., and Robert Jewell of Hope are members of the Hendrix College student relief council, probably the first of its kind in the South and perhaps in the nation, which was organized by the Hendrix students last week. The Council has laid forth a threefold program—collection of old clothes for relief work, establishment of similar groups on other college campuses in Arkansas, and sponsorship of a Red Cross First Aid Course. -Banks Are Named as County Depositories The County Depository Board met Monday, December 15, the date provided by state law, and certified the three Hempslead county banks, Citizens National and First National of Hope, and Bank of Blevins, at Blevins, as county depositories. Members of the county board are: County Judge Fred- Luck, Sheriff and Collector C. E. Baker, and County Treasurer Newt Pentecost. Tahiti is on tho sido of "Frc.p France." Eddie Cantor in his youth was a singing waiter in a Coney Island beer garden. -"•MM*Cranium Crackers Mystery Thrillers There's nothing like a good mystery story to browse through these long winter evenings, unless it be a set of questions about that type of tale. Get into your detective garb and see if you can ferret out the answers to these. 1. Was Sherlock Holmes a real or fictitious character? Who is his most recent portrayer on. screen zand radio? 2. What authors created the detective characters Philo Vance and Perry Mason? 3. Who was the Thin Man, and. what author created him? 4. What authors wrote the chillers, "Murders in the Eue Morgue" and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"? 5. Who writes about the sleuth kno%vn as "The Saint," and what is The Saint's name in the stories? Ausvvws ou Comic No Injuries WASHINGTON-tfP)—The Navy De» partment announced Wednesday that there were no injuries to personnel during the Japanese attack on John-, ston Island which was lepoited late Tuesday. Navy described the action of the Japanese as weak. War Department earlier said the. shelling by an enemy submarine caused only slight damage at KahulUi on the Island of Maui. High School at Hoxie Burns Loss Caused by Blaze Estimated at $100,000 HOXIE, Ark.— (IP)— Fire Wednesday destroyed the Hoxie High School.leav- ing the town's 576 pupils without school facilities since the grammer school burned there three weeks ago," Roy Richardson, school board president, estimated Wednesday's loss at $100,000 and said $32,500 of this was covered by insurance. Origin of the fire, both of which started at apt proximately the same hours, 7:30 a. m, was not determined. Walnut Ridge's fire department was summoned but the school was in the edge of town without adequate water supply and the fighters efforts were »j vain. Heavy Pressure When water solidifies in a closed container, the ice that forms exerts a pressure of 13Vz tons to the square inch. A Thought He mounts the storm anil walks upon the wind—Pope.

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