Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, So-ptembov S, Hope S Star Star ol Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, IWt O Justice, Deliver Thy HervtUl Fro-m False Report 1 Published every week-day afternoon oy Star fMbllshlng Co., Inc. . C. E. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 32-214 South rfalnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASfTBDRN, Editor and Publisher (API —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Eneterorise Ass'n. Subscription Kate (Always Payable in Advance-): By city carrier, per week I5c: per month SSc: one year S6.50. By mall, in Hempstead. Nevada, Howard, Wilier and LaFayptte counties, J3.50 per year; elsewhere S8.50. THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. REG. U. 9. PAT. OFf By DB. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal at the American Uteillcal Association, n4 *t Hygcla, the Health Magazine Drinking Qunvt of Milk Kuch Day Promotes r.mwth, Retards Old Ajje Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press 15 exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge wilt be mac\e tor all tributes, cards ol thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial news- oapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a leluee of space-taking 'memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility Or the iafe-kpe.ping or return of any Unsolicited manuscripts. _ ___ _ _ Goebbels, Tribuna, and the Human Spirit tn Venice stands the Doges' Palace quiet museum filled with relics of n day ivhen free Venetian citizens voted for the head of n five Venetian citizens voted for the head of n i'reo republic. -100 yc-ra.s before us. Not Ions ago. Joseph Goebbt-ls. German propngiinda minister, visited the place, and intent on pleasing his Italian hosK remarked. "This boasts u history -more fartrous than that of the whole U. S." His Ilaliun hosts were so overwhelmed by the tribute of the great man that a paper called the Tnbuna sneeringly said that if the whole continent of North America were wiped out the Ixistory of the human spirit would scarcely suffer. The human spirit is getting a pretty bad kicking around these days as hone should know better than Goebbels and his Italian admirers, whose most i-.v.tstantUns! contributions would seem to be the rubber truncheon an I castor oil boftle. But that is not under discussion here. Has all North America, as they say, contributed nothing to the human spirit? U is a fair question, and one we might well ask ourselves, had they not gratuitously done so. Surely the conquest of a virgin continent by free men who made it and all its institutions their own. is not a nullity, nor ave the Declaration of Inde_ pendence. the Ordinance of 1737. the Constitution they ordained a string of ry experts >ay ;i quart daiiy is t'ssriitial in (ht 1 <iu't Is 1 up tn 2-1 v«;iix of .me 1 \ British L'KIIUDIXM-.II. mission of the Leat'.uo of various nuU'itiun groups in tlu 1 Staios back this i.M'iiiiini. -VJc'Collum, thovuy, has uri:tHl I i iu his '. Milk oiiiinbut i?n d.nlv. ,1 l.ftti'r i man. L Kc^iilt.s of many experiments lead I authorities t" the view that a quart C.'iiiii-• >'f ini'k a ilay is the best basis for and | a diet ol' any growing child, anil nl- so an ini|ioi'lanl safeguard for every pnnMijint and nursing woman. • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Firing Si|imil Mows Men. Down In "A rural" (Cnrrlck niul Kvans: $2,50). Elgin Ciroseelose sols u story in (he historic lau<ls twlwtK'ii the UliK'K niitl Citspiim senx, Thr m'l- inn orrtir.s In Ihr yours frimi the Turkish mnssneves of \S!V5 to the end of the Russian revolution. II is ii stirring liook. filUxl will) dramatic moimmtii such us the following, a description of the Turkish massacre of till Aririenluii males over 14 In (he village of Dllijiiu: On either side of innnuel's friends and neighbors , . . They did not move. Ovei 1 the en'ii\< assembly hung that same spell of bewitchment, as though all nature stood Mill and all movement had ceased. A leaf from an elm tree among ihe wall, one of the last clinghiR tt> thr hare branches, fluttered down to enrtli before Emmanuel's eyes, like a butterfly .settling ujion ;i flowrr. breaking the spell . The- commandant spoke. "Alu.sh" i Fire i. Tin- word was abrupt, mc!r-*ve, like the <(tiie(| explosion of a rifle. Almost nt the Mum- instant the mini on Emmanuel's right crumpled in a heap and a clap of thunder rolled across break for the valley. The commandant shouted another order, and as the Armenians be- the valley From the corner of his eyes, Emnumnt'i saw some- oC the garx to run in every direction, the soldiers loaded and fired, at will, shouting and killink, firing shot after shot at the fleeing Armenians, firing volley after volley into the heap of slnin and dying. Tlie air Was filled with screaming and shouting and the ci'ies of the dying. Above all this pandemonium Emmanuel could hear the tricks of a stream. He was suddeny thirsty and he wondered where the strcnm-came from. Turning his head, he saw bootl flowing iji a rivulent beside his arm. He realized now that he wns. lying among a heap of the slain. Over his head roared a vast tumult. were Em- men at the em! of the line make a.' Was he dead, or dying? Emmanuel did not know. He had lv<"i hit, perhaps. Or he had fainted and fallen .... After n while the shouting stilled mid the rifle fire died . . . l-reyenlly an officer slfioo over f'lm- mainiel. The bodv that half covered K.imnnnuel was quivering Th officer pointed his revolver and fired. The body shuddered and Was still Rimmmiicl dared not hrenlln. 1 . ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER I'roblein on Tape Oni- There were three dolls. Lying in a row. they would fulfill all Ihe conditions of the probem. OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE £'.{ i-GATj, rAARTvAA, AAV OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS T-AOIMG TO A .V.TL AND I'LL WA&E.R TUf. CAUS WOMOXlOt". GAS FROM K ATT LING RHL1C OP AM AUTO\\O"B\LH THAT ExAXTV ; .R VAAAP/;-— \F THV* TO St: /At: POR L WOULD COfAPEL SUCH AS "BAXTETS TO Hi-Vl- THH C/XT?BOM "REMOVPD \v! u; i! i it li-r il:.i Li *(;<•>. H-Jl.s ni.hlf li;, !)r I.;,,!i;i J. liohcrls uf the t'nis .-i -!t\ n!' rim-IKH, Sin- toimd llic dud.', addition "i a pint of milk to tin' ihri-- "i' rl<:Miin l..-\iiih! liu- '-it'n'Alli of th" .- '.'. ll" d'd l.o! n-- icive Ih* 1 additiii.il piiii i-f milk Mipplicd r.taiiy > !' llio fentiais. Dr. iujucri-- .li'l'iiii no other .-in;;" Wanted NOTiCE- • piiy ln.i:he.-t jji-iues for . LI;id All typo.; of junk lie.\rd,':i P-'ukry House, pot. SJiti- ciphers. Surely the fresh, free wind that blew across the world with Emanci- . Chicken.:, pation, the saga ot" the Winning of the West, swept some miasmas from the Moials. T spirit of men. j near !• n.-vo l<"|-,,:. Did Emerson, and Whitman, and Poe. Mark Twain and Emily Dickson i • write in vain? , WANTKI: ! ' r ° m;V ", H ' ! '' 1 '" Did Brigham Young, toiling to found at once an inland empire and a ne\v j Paid for Second Hand merchandise. religion, leave never a mark upon the world of spirit? Are they bemused Children'- Women's Mon's. Hatti-r.-on':; who are about to make of Mother Seton a snint of the very Roman Catholic , Cash Story, t'.ast Sccmid St. V-titc Church to which so 'many readers of the Tribuna no doubt belong? THE TROUBLE W\TVA YOU IS CA-RBOU >M YOUR. STOM.ACH FROM TOO MUCH GASOLINE AT THE OWLS CLUB LAST NIGHT/ ...1MCLE AVC9 COULD t A COUPLF. OT- A IMV MOTOP, "PERIODICALLY T : RO^A MFVT VAT CIA (f WILL vou PLEASE " G!VS THIS TO MY HUSBAND WHO 19 ON L/VTHE TEN IN ROOM f ; OpR -~ AND THANKS A. LOT IF YOU JITTERBU6S WOULD LEAD A NORMAL LIFE, TH19 WORLD • WOULD BE A 9ETTER PLA.CE PER TH' REST OF US TO LIVE IN-I'M A WATCHMAN, NOT A BUTLER, MESSEfJGER AND VALET; MOW, DON'T \ ASK ME TO COME OVER AND WASH TH' WEEK'S DISHES ONE MAN AIN'T 6NOU5H PER THESE MODERN <S>ALS— THEV NEED FlVR ER "SIX, VEH, WE'D BETTER GIT •SHE'S eOTA PLAT TIRE OUT THERE-~ LET HER SlT A COUPLE PASSERS8Y Have free and open minds throughout the wrld heeti unaffected by WILL. PAY .STR.-UCHT SALARY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Henry and William James, by Henry Adams, by Alfred North Whitehearl and ' S35 ; UU ^ * f "'^- '".an or '.vi.'man with Jhn Dewey? Jt is said that many, even in Europe, have not been entirely aut0 ' ^ U * °''. try Mlx ' un \. l ° f: " m unmoved-before the work of Whistler, of Homer, of Sargent, or St. Gaudens. S1 if- K ""' k -' Alt " "• ''•"•' l! l-"Uis. Trajan built well, but against the sweetish marble wedding cake of today's i ---li' Victor Emmanuel Memorial one may without .shame set Rockefeller Center. j For Sale - Had the world been ready, and able to comprehend the drea'iiv of Woodrow Wilson for a sane, civilized world order, it might not today be plunging ' down to dust and the shadow. i ' These, among others, are perhaps not without meaning for the development; of the human s P' irit - j "l^OR SAl£-C^^^^^E^n»\. And most significant of all, in the Americas we are still determined to , New .Model Aladdin Lamps—we a!-; keep open the door that leads to its further advancement, to keep the lamps low Si.DO for any old lamp on a new " alight and shield them from the blasts of Europe where, one by one. they . Aladdin. Duffif Hardware Co 7-,'iti Extra! Extra! By EDGAR MARTIN ,} ;. \M CORA, '. 1 .. ' • 't. . i' V TW306HT Of V " ^AI-E—t ..!i\ i fil ' SL L '| ass ( . ^'ape. ( '•'•'rile Box JS. ;..! iociUiLiti o 11 ornuii'101 'i-'.',\ fiickrd out, leaving a darkness upon the face of the earth. IED • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man o Want Ads Talk to Thousand." SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One time—2e word, minimum 30c Three times—3V>c word, minimum 58c Six times—EC word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum S2.70 Rates a.-8 for continuous insertions only. Male Help Wanted W AJ\ T TED-A \V O R K KR An honest, indu-'trioiw ninn '.vanted i by nation;\lly-known rnincral feed company ;'o;- work in this locality, j Dutic;; will con-'ist ol" c;illint; on fann- ers and rendering valuable- livws'.uc': service. It doosn t U.ko lu.yh p«r-.sui- L - ! salesmanship to do this permanent work, and no special experience is] needed. 1C you have a car. you can <-lo this; job. For full particulars ••...•nd ! yoiir ^iil-ilft .'Hid ::l\dff:--, In Box <),! ! Hop.;. .-\i-k. ' ' I T-:HC ALLE'i ~>OP Prisoner Disarmed By V. T. HAMLIN cice ONE LA5T | NOTICE—The "1-''HA.VTOM KILL-" : F.h" . . . "jyiii:;" . . . i. : about to :;trikt! '. At tho "Nc-.v Tiu'v.tr-," , . . Friday :,nd i Saturday -!.•>.<,. FEMININE ATHLETE HORIZONTAL I Pictured English tennis £tar. 10 Sheaf. 11 To close v.'ith wax. 12 The soul. 13 Jewel. 14 Credit. 15 Inheritable. 18 Mcarure ol urea. 13 FUit-bottomc-d bor-.t. SOFio'.d. 21 Hideous giant. 33 Gift by will. 22 Quie.-cence. 40 Buai-liko 27 Administers drugr. 29 Bill. 30 Short lettftr. Answer to Previous Puzzle Ml Coddfc-=; of c5i~cord. :•,:"! To l-.-ase. 34 Coal truck. 35 To D.-,3fess. 36 Knave of club?. 37 Postscript. 42 \Vhirl\vind. 43 Euchari?t cup. 44 To liberate. 45 To do wrong. 47 Evening. 43 To v.-ai:-: through v.-ater 49 She rates 13 Sme-lls. 14 Clerical worker. 15 She is n left tennis player. 16 Borders. 17 To puff up. 21 To think. 22 To contradict 23 Malicious intentions. 24 Name. 2fi Court. 2G Taxaceous. trees. (ional singles 28 Pope's scarf- championship. 29 Flock. 32 To retract. 33 Flower holder 33 Cripples. 36 To primp. Washington Gin Cumii.iny is ginninH and wrapping ui) to ',">"> p.mti.'l bales j S.'!.50 All halo,; oy,.r -,'>:, puiin'l;;. ad- ' ditional I.- a pound. Al.-'o sloix> vuur ! Seed. A. M. Slrood v.'ill liau! bah'.-;'into Hope Cornprf-s.-: for ISc- cadi. A. N". ; Stroud. W;>>-hii;j;t(m. Aik. Sept li tin Offered OOOLA HURTLING BACK THROUGH i-.j t.^-\!<NOWM, MISTY K5PAMS O^ TIME R l'j' --*-„ '•• - ;.../.n-'. -.1. ~,'iii^iKiSti ^<'<^mijm Vii>JE='«.^&SSSi WASH TUBES ALLEY OOP'S AX! WELL, RIGHT TRACK, AT LEAST.., KNEW HIM TO ATTEMPT TO N -^_ BEFORE...SOMETHING MUST I BRING ALLEY OOP ^ TERRIBLY AMD DR. BRONSON BACK TO THE 70™! CENTURY, DOCTOR [ HAS SENT I ''SIR...WE REPORT THE CAPTURE OF OME OP THOSE TROJAt' A,MA"Z.ON5,' VEZZIR, ULYSSES...WE HAD •SOME DIFFICULTY ,,,VO HER... BUT HERE'S ' HER. WEA-PO'M c^i"' i-j3-> a 1 ! UP ' THIMK Wf CAN 5NSAK UPToT" LOCX<!rV» '--/bH.THtY P.Rt, ARC T.IEV? 1 TH£ CRATER FROM &EHIMD. ) TUBBS AND EASV. V SERVICES OFFERED-Sou Hernp- : stead jrattrcw Shop. 712 West Fourth, I for new and re-built. Phone Paul! OUT FISHING OME DAV / AND FOUMO A SECRET;" PATH .. ,-' SERVICES OFKEUED-Export dio Repair Sorvi^e and reiilatemenl • pnrl.x A.I) -../or!: aiiaranjcv-d. Kadio ' Seivif-c, Phoin- Wn;. Ij.iv Allen i ffl.tf ! Lost LGST-Kain Sbi.-i.-j,. n-ar Bo.l.:;,v.- Notify Oilhf-rt Fuller. Emmet Route 1. fj-.'ito VERTICAL 1 Chinese measure. 2 Yellow resin. 37 Lost to view. players. SO She v.-rv; for the j. a - .'' 52 weeks. 4 Senior. 5 T< seek to attain. 6 Puny. 7 V/rongs. b Ell. 0 River. ,'i9 Donated. 40 Hindi dialect. 41 Stingy 42 Away. 4-1 Pine tree. 40 Corded cloth. 47 Half &n em. 48 You and L Bullseye! THEY'RE FOLLOWINC-. (. ^-« By ROY CRANE /- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS What Goes on Here? By MERRILL BLOSSER U'e'il have a prinliiif; expert call »u \uu. a/id you'll h;jve an economical, hi^'h rjuality job. Whtit- fver yuur needs, we ran srrve thoni. Star Publishing COMPANY ''I'lUilii'.;' 'l'ii;,t 'ilakl--. iii> AND NOT NORMAL. OME AT THAT' OM PAGE K-/ SHALL we CON- ilMUfc' AS IP OUR wA'--N' r ARRESTt-.D NAEN'I'AL. v <a.. • _• RED RYDER i *% LOVE You , TENDERLY .' HOW DID THAT SOUND, SPEED 7- -\ LITTLE TMKOAT-.'-- 1HE WORDS WEPEN'I" ROUND ENOUGH .' pU2iY , DO YOU MIMD IF I. GO CRAXY , RIOMT /M YOUR FACE? A Desperate Struggle f)l»^(c '; --? By FRED HARMAN Jfasi, u. &. PA r m-i .%f} FDR. ©A ATTACK 6duOTi2AlN.' i-3 t.ut-fi i»i* fir nt< crancr. IHC T. M scr. o. 5. PAT. off

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