Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1941
Page 2
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YOU tea THI QMioan YOU $i You eon folk to on ty on* rrw Want Ads totfc, to TtaftMoncfe Silt. RENT, BUY 0* SW*f 5S« ' " \tt Wctnt Ads cash In odvorK*. Nor tok«n «*«* ** Hop* Star -I, '**'•"'» **»»'*«•* *'*«* *®'~ is? KM** at* tar cent* For SoU 8* BtmffG USED . awn us! Chairs, Tahtes, Stoves, and many oilwr itewa ail la tondition with reasonable Abo highest ptictM pawi for furniture. FRANKUJt FURKE CO» South Elm Street J-tmc. .... CORN, TSc PER BOSKBL |-Ht mh» Plow tools, aQ ktaite. Bow " r. See A. N, Stroud, Washington, : st, & TON TRUCK, STAKE y» in good eondJtwn. WUt «*> »for cash. Luck's Tourist Ctiurt way 67. is-3tf> IMODEL j. MOLINE TRACTOR ON ibber with 2 row equipment. MM- breaker, planter, cultivator artit . Us*d 2 years, list n*iw Jlfifift seU for ""- MARIS WTTR 3 MbfTTH colt Five and six-yours nsa to iso ««:«<» tr sow tely. H.:Earl Kin*. Cton. %-TON P1CKUP>, ALSO i-hred female mule- colt, 19 iths old. Defense stamps accept: Charles V. Fox. R. H. 2 Hope, l«-3tp Real Estate For Sale far ACHES sec MUSES FROM Tovm, house on good road, sandy Price $25.00 per acre. ACRES THREE MILES FROM wtt cat good road, atl in fine f meadow, no hoose. Price $30 per Sacre. Can give possession January list, FEET BY 142 FEET TERRACE rifcfc, located in the twelfth block £ OB South Main street, with a five f£*oom house. Will sell on good terms «and give ( possesston at once. With £» small expense for repairs you will [be btryujg a home. See, FLOYD *• -v > ACRES SIX MILES .FROM TOWN, for general farming, with fine ure and running water, about acres open, balance m Umber. |Good road through the farm. Four house, sleeping porch, fine of water, large stock and hay . Under a good wire fence, a/EIectric and school bus lines near. or o^iick sale will take $2500.00. ,,ACRES, FOUR MILES FROM" ,. town, two houses, barn, potato house, g£spring branch, fine pasture. A fine ^^combination farm for crops and cat' r fle. Price $25.00 per acre. FLOYD PORTERFIELD ll-6tc _ b MY SK Tk»rt«*i Am «t.t fU»» &» Easy tertiv-i. Dnrwut'v tya nottth, ff«»«, WOW OSSPtAt WRjiUf w* ha'ftf » wl*et frofrt Lti^h Lo*f LIVER SPOT fOlNTKR, f. to Cranium Crocker* For Rent THRKE ROOM sht>w SatttrUit.y *(t clay. 106 W*-»t ith. A<i«Jttt. ' 1 , w , ( ,< ji O*E HOOW m»n» !»»«!« city wi otet ay; CEJftun Whkttwm. FRONT SEDfiOOM, bath. Tww toatUmen or „„.„.,,„, coupte. CaH 73 or e-om* &» UtH W ! 7th niter t oVUx-fc. i.J-.lsdh ! Bath. Private vtttruncw. IS»3 H»irtilton. M-H Barbs ONE HOCM Ajvr> owr for B«ht houttfawptax. Jtisrt n>i city on Old Hj«hwt.y «7_ t f t palt). MJS. J. E. S*h«x»)*y. | 38-F-t-l. j t ', i'vnd'f OFFICE SPACE O% r «l NewsKtana. Mrs. Chac.Ua. 614 South Main, Phone- .»83. of Vin, FRONT BEDROOM^. FOR only. On* Uotk frum P 319 South Walnut. i FARM. WITH GOOD PASTXTRE AND water. Two hou-ws, Phuit» 31S-M, 620 'South Mairv. t«..3tp the Aujht thoy !ifl«* so ttijta -wife !» ,« miivif wUI b* *h<» '.i» which ;ho Willis ti> stay *(. tern Notice ACHES ON HIGHWAY. ONE fle of City Limits. 3 houses, 2 > barns. Good farming and grazinf land, Will sell at very reasonable , —-TYLER AND KIRK 120 So. Main St. 15-ltp For Sole Miscl. P>ADGITTS PEDIGREED PUPPIES or Presents. WU1 hold for Christ- .as delivery if desired. Cockers, ^'Bostons, Chows and Pointers. * - * Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmp for Sale or Rent OF LAND WITH GOOD house, joins Experiment Station on |*south. See T. S. McDavitt. Token Up CK AND WHITE HOLSTEEN cow. Weight about 800 pounds. ,Sad Jones, 511 South Shover street. 15-lOtp WHOEVER FOUND MY " RUST- colored Cocker Spaniel. PLEASE return him to me. Martha Hotm<in Purvis. Phone 488. 13-3«p. POSTED! !! NO HUNTING ALLOW- ed on our premises. Keep out Byod Bros. Emmet, Ark. December I, 8, 15, 22 I HAVE OPENED PLUMBING SHOP in town. All business appreciated. All work guaranteed. C; L. Romerfcs Phone 343. 16-6tp Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater for better prices on furniture sec ua - 21-30tc Wonted to Buy HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR MEN'S and boy» suits. R. M. Patterson. l-15tc Wonted NEW OR RENEWAL OF SUBSCRIP- tions to any magazine published. Charles Reynerson at City Hall 2-Htc Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE — WE repair anything Electrical, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c esSMsaw i WANT A CHRISTMAS PIANO? Tttl* Drop an a cant tut CatafagB i»juJ full information. Quality wakes by STE1NWAY, tfADDORFF. CABLE, WURLITZER. Used PUiiicw, $75 up. Temw 200 K, Bn>g<| Ty.xarKaiia. Ark. Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guarant««d. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut RENT/ WANT-ADS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with .,.. Major Hoople BUT^W/^SPUTT-TT/TWAS^T IT W TKB- LrXSTNEAR ^NEfNR WHY DO VOU BR\MS " UP SUCH MUNDANE ^ US THOSE MATTERS WHEN X CON- > PHOTOS OF CENiTRrXTE pr«l SOME NOSL-& PKlUftNi- THROPV 1^ KEEPING Y/A SLED ^ MRS. GARNV TOLD FPUlslD*300 ON BI6 RHINO,lit OUST TrXKE /VW USUAsL SO PERCENT TEE ^ PR you eo OUT OF HERE IN THE NiEXT RUBBISH 911 COLLECTION US ALL SOCKS MUtETlpE fa TPUCH ~ / KIWI / *« * 4*JW A ,¥»«». *»***%, .V DONALD DUCK ts It: -*» •——-<>M^F*(v jnr" s ; -f SLOHDJIE JHTK; ,'•*'* «Jr . » ly Wolt Di.ncy r" / ^ ,*WWrtf<*.. « V- -^ <«. » i " I - ' j >"«'" 1) •i4 *%,»'/• . Vr K-^ V' B/ I '« * . \' ! By Chic Young • •* i ^m^ t . > /.-.*-#**«®»"^ ! r»i-wT - H v ^'f Irpir.r ^ J 'i , / ^T 1 ^?**sfea1 7 /*^<uJV- >' fJ~* l^msi^i® ;:;>:>.,,• « * /?ft r f * JW flii^pi 1 , /Vl ^ > ' | I . » tt v « ff •-•' •••••'•. 4.S£S;5--.--?*~^ai; •'"*"*//./ "> ' ^ v ' fl fXj^^:4»ili^^ ^ / BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES That Sixth By Edgar Martin RED RYDER Get a Move On, Red ALLEY OOP I1-/C ByJFrcd Harmon .^'"\ J Forward / AVE 4 BAJ2OrsJ,THE/'xij-i.'CCiO&/O(JISx* S: BLACK GUARD IS I IK1CREDIBL.E^-- : ^TH 1 AX- BIVOUACKED IW ) OOP HAS /WIELDIMG BUGHTERl THE HOLl-OW... / rX3UE HIS ( DID IT DISGUISED RIGHT UMDEK 1 WOEK. \IMTHE AEMOE.OFJ oueuwee/ v wen. J^ THEIR LEADSR, ByV.T. Homlin i. V^ A1J. RJC3HT MEW^ rr's TIME TO GIVE THEM THE WOfeKS/ YOU'fee OM VOUR. OWM... UP AMD AT 'Eh/I / FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WEUL, I RAISED MV QUOTA, FRECK / wow ARE ^2L) COMING? 7 If the Shoe Fits ITS A VERY SIMPLE" TRicic IN THIS HOUSE ! 1 ALREADY HAVE •$ 3.18 I So i JUST ASK MY UITTLE 1 BROTHER Tp . ,„„, LEND ME $1.62.,/ AND 1 WHICH J KNOW / KNOW HE HAS / J HOW TO MANG- ONTO ir, TOO/ Bur IF i eive YOU BACK Two BUCKS. YOU'LL EARN S^~ r is \ ON Youa,/OtcAY/ INVESTMENT/ I ITS By Merrill Blosser 4

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