Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1941
Page 1
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f, V « News Coverage <a(v«n Impartially by Associated Press ' ,- &~$? T '^yl**; 1 o'** •'*•., ][,' ! «= , ?'! £ v , ' ~ "* ' ^ J r . J' * , * ^ -f v J i ^ ^ Hope UME 43 — NUMBER 54 r^o^/r^Tri ?r V<PV Star The Weather ARKANSAS - Mostly cloudy arid cooler in the west portion Tuesday night; Wednesday partly cloudy. H0t% ARKANSAS, TUESDAY. DECEHMER ftErr Means Associated Prftss —Meons Newspoper Enterprise Ais'n Luzon Sodcelis Our Doily Bread -AtCX M WASHBURN '« .Telephone Co. Would Raise 3 Rates in Hope Counter* Demond § for Cu> {n 'long- Distance'With Local Hike Decisive Phase Underway in Libyan Battle Russians Continue Slaughter of German Forces About Moscow "f Mi-e« 5 <tW«-l<i s Nun!) ( »r-on hit at) !«v,*.s»> : ». K C.riumn lank mrii* $ft J^)Vi> ts^ 0tr r'.wumminjW' Manila Ready When Japs Hit, Says Hope Pilot Percy Ramsey Writes Thrilling Letter From the Philippines KDITOH'S NOTE: The /o»/«of n<7 itllff iraii trrillcn from Wait" ita, oflfiilol ti) thf PMIippinp*. on Sunday. Narrrnber SO. jiut one ii-ffk I»e/orr ihe Jaitanrtr at- larlictt Hawaii and thr Wnfiprnm-s, Thr nuf'gor /.t«>ii l.i Col, I.. C. M S Avrrv Libyan r;»m n* tirlmsicly i llnl »\ ilrxisivr victorv. »tf nnsini live ru> ivwtifjn io If anything. Mr offset mounting rx- pri**e* n! tut mining telephone service in such (own* at Hope. « Th* complete iinl nf ritics i»: Ar- R*rfelphia, Bat«-*vil!o, Brinklry, C«m- drn. Con way, far IP. K| t>>rmto, Kay- <*t(pvi!)<'. r'oirol Cuy, Hopr, Hot Springs. M«g<-,..l!;i, Mnlvcrn, MwMftn- n«. McCicrico. NVwiMirt. Ou-cola. IVmi- RotiM. Pine Bluff, Rogers. Sc;irry. 9fiimedalr, Van Union, Warren imil Wynnr. Thrw cities hiivo had r.ilcs fto low thai for years thry htivc not contributed ti fiiir shale toward (he tnt.'il revriiut-s need to produce tt iraMiii.ililf return fur Ihe company « the *lale (IA n whole, Mr. Shcpurd —id. rrn|KiM-(l Schedule It in |ir<i|»iMv| (o raise the monthly r.iti: for Iniiiness service hero from VI l'i $5 and residence two-parly service from $2 to $2.25. Four-party 10- Iblcnce seivire, not available at present, wiiuld be offered at ' $2. The | rotes for residence find business extensions, tme-|>ai'ty residence service, I rural cuslonu-rs (ind service lines [would remain the same. I •»Present rates here were cstablish- l«l in 192-1, Mr. Shepard said, when |H'j|ie had a total of 913 telephones as {compared with 1,478 today. Pointing mil Unit this was an in- Icrcase of 82 per cent, Mr. Shepard 1 that more telephones in service, greater usage per telephone, menu Ki'oatcr viivluc to the user hut also Breater expense per telephone in providing (he service. On the average, 'pules in the 25 cities where increases sought, were established 18 years %"' "Epenses Kising "Operating expenses have been ris- ng rapidly," Mr. Shepard said, "and have yet to feel the full im- act of toll rate reductions already new taxes, and approximately 0,000 in wage increases resulting rom recent negotiations with em- (loyees. Present tuxes alone average a month per Arkansas telephone." "If the communications system ecded for active defense agencies jjch as the Proving Ground in Hope going to function efefctively in 1 perilous times," Mr. Shepard as- d, "if dependable service is to given to telephone users, if fair atment is to be given to telephone pployees and to those men and wo- :u whose savings have built the hone system, then adequate re- uues in the .state must be as- red." Roman clock maker, Dante Batni, pulled a large automobile conning six passengers 300 yards up ni^ With a rype held in Ws teeth. rvnrwxjat in >«-j>!> (m ilir N'r-tth CMO- ! iina j'iar* 1 ! H»,v» Ovp IVmix-rat 'Surely mil honorable cnllragup thai war twine* tj-nwon »nd l>f'.rt£i Wiwu|-* tinJcwt ifr a rw*Jcly Wftlvp, C«n he I «n<* any Ix-tlor than H fr»oth»|) Ramo Hrlwrrti two great t<-'»m«i iDukp ami Oiccon Sutcl? HP iriuil know liiat England Mill ha* its rugby Ramos, even ils raring, with lh<> nrarrjt thing lo hell. Ihr Null |.vi(twn(ir, within two hours' flight (it Ihr island. "And why pick on foothiill? Why not clow nil 0>r movies, all the IhrMrrii, or kill «11 the sjKirtA rvntfni, or imij/f »ll iinniwmcnt.s. That wmiil Kiv<» lu, mure time to worry over the Will." Amen . . and Amc-n . . , There mny lu- piatticiil military •iisoiis on the California coa.-,t for cmu-flinig flwylight iittractinns drnw- lii(j Ihinnuinds of people into one i-nmpact arena. Hut it's that and nothing more. Military .slratcKy mny dictate California's actinn—hut when upplied as H Rfiu-ral policy agninst t|, c iimuso- nicnus of the rest of the country it in just plain win- hysteria . . and hysteria is the very first thing we have gut to learn In control now thai our nation is at war. * * -tt By WILLIS THORNTON We Have Our Jobs — Let's Do Them It is difficult to take eyes and curs for a single moment from the fur Pacific when; American men and women arc carrying on the fisht that has become the fight of every one of us. Yet to every man and woman a task is given in this war. Ultimate success depends not only on what tho men in the service do, but on what! we do at home. The task, the job atj homo, is without the thrill that goes with military service, without its glamor born of intimacy with danger. Even the home jobs may yet taste that acquaintance with death, as they have in Britain and in many other countries where, once the war came home, civilian life proved as dangerous as military. The first duty of every man, wo- of ilirif mm n ml that (nice "f hfttvy . army in it* re- Klin. Thr it-rcitl communtqiir followed an oilier ofttcia! tnnoum-rmml that 1 Min, SO milca northwest of Mowow arid ihiep key points m the Tula lone h*d rwen nMnkrii. indicaiine that .Naw pincers around Moscow had been of Mr. and Mr*. W, M W*< Wftl Fifth tlrrrl, flu nil-Mole /ooiiinl 01 Hot*. Hip), School, 'later nf- irtidtng Hcndftion State Tracher* rollrjjr. Ilii-n r«!t!?li?ip in ihe Air ('iir)it nnd bring rt>nifnixttoni>d latt A-wmmrr ol «amiotj>h Ti^ld, San Anlfmui. Trrat He u'oi attign- eri lo a Alanijo air l>oj*. Readers trill no(r thai Ucutirn- onl Kotnucj/'j tttlrr. reproduced hfrc u'il/i lit* parenu' jicrmution, wi/» the .American* fcrirtc n week in adranre a] the Joj> prt-jiarntion* lo ntlflrk thf Philippines "and ice arr rentiy fi,r Vtn"— n judptncnl >r)iir)i sulijojupnl ci'rntj hare etm/iriiirrf, the American* tland- ' on (lie J'hilin- Suixluy, Nov. 30, 1J41. Manila Hotel Manila. Philippines. MoUwc and Dud: I didn't .get» Icllrr from ytm yestcrdHy. hut 1II KKiuh M ivvf lines to let you know I'm still O. K. Two of the three N'ati divisions declared to have been routed were motorized unit*. The Rus,\i;uis previously had declared thut 23 German division* were wm&hcd tvincc the second major Nazi offensive against .Moscow w«s launchc lust November 16. A RBC broMdrnM heurd in New York by NBC said that 100 German divisions no ware in retreat and largely exposed to Russian (Continued on Page Four) When this letter will reach you I don't know. It may be the usual time, and it may he months. Whether the Clippers will keep running or not is yet to be seen. Looks now like we are just about to start that long-delayed scrap we've been talking about. We are standing by M hours a day, expecting orders to hit our ships. All training flying is over now—and any flying that is done now is to be for keeps. How long it will last I don't know. We are expecting bombers any minute and our planes are loaded to the brim with ammunition. Military intelligence reports that the Japs are in striking distance and a few days ago 70 boatloads left and headed smith. No one .knows ex- (ContinucK on page four) (Continued on page four) CHRISTMAS Buy now and put • them on your holiday mail. They cost so little but do so much. Every citizen should lend a helping hand in this voluntary c a m- payn. Talbot Feild, Jr., County Chairman Rev. J. E. Hamill, City Chairman, Protecf Yqvr Home How a Jop Bomber Looks 97-HMM-lR H»ovy First Week of U S. -Japanese War MANCHUKUO JAPS AT CANTON TO RELICVC ftCS- ON TOKYO JAPAN LUZON INVAOCD; U. S. FOtCES DRIVE JAK OUT, SINK BATTLESHIP. JAPS BLAST WAKE. MIDWAY ATTACKED, JAPS LOSE 2 WARSHIPS SINGAPORE . Pacific Ocean THAILAND LATES; 2 IRlTISH •ATTLESHIPS SUNK; MALAYA INVADED; DUTCH SUIS SINK JAP TiOOP SHIPS, DALLIED BASES <$ lo,d load bomber ' "wxuum S pounds, ewdurmjcc 10 hours, 4-.30-calU) re "c U- Lower Age on Draff Sought President Sends Message to Senate Leaders WASHINGTON MFV- Recommend- r>B that the minimum age for induction into military sen-ice be low- red from 21 to ID years President Roosevelt said Tuesday that the na- 1011 should have sufficiently large ool of men in armed forces to meet all contingencies now foreseeable." The president made the recommen- ation in identical letters to Vice— 'resident Wallace, and party leaders Bark ley and McNary. The senate military committee is ow considering legislation which .-ould make all persons from 21 hrough 44 years of age liable for ulitary service and would require II persons from 18 to 64 years in- lusive to register. Under the present law those from 1 through 35 can be drafted but nly men from 21 to 28 are being ikcn. The war department previously had uggcsted that a minimum age fold-vice bo reduced from 21 to li) years. 8 Perish in $20,000 Fire Schenectady Home for Aged Destroyed by Fire SCHENECTADY, N. Y.-(/l>)-Eight elderly persons including G women perished in a fire which raged through a home here, reducing it to ashes within an hour. Seven others were carried to safely in their night clothes through snow and 20 degree temcpratures. The victims ranged in age from 68 A review of (he first WCPK o] Japan p, )ints ot Japancsc m(acks "y U. b. forces arc clearly Ask Aid in Locating Arrhy 'Motorcyclist An Army motorcyclist believed headed for Hope has been ordered back to Camp Forrest, Tenn., and Army authorities ask local help in getting the message to him. The motorcyclist is Corporal Melvin E. Jones. The request for local assistance reached Chief of Police F. V Hay me Tuesday, the telegram being signed by Louis L. Austin, first lieu- t, commanding Troop F of the Cavalry. NEA Service Telephoto the United States and destruction of Japanese ships AAA Bill Goes to President Rep. Harris Reports Passage of PG Bill in House The following telegram was received by The Star Monday night from Congressman Orcn Harris: "Obtained passage by the house to day of Senator Spencer's bill for payment of conservation benefits to farmers in the Southwestern Proving Ground area. Since the senate passed the bill last Thursday it now goes to the White House for presidential approval." Start Drive on Waste Paper Boy Scouts to Gather Up Old Paper Next Week Boy Scouts of the city will assist the U. A. R. committee for Conservation of waste paper in a drive which will begin Monday, December 22, and last three days. According to the chairman, Mrs. Frank R. Johnson, Boy Scouts will conduct a house-to-house canvass for all waste paper. Local housekeepers are urged to cooperate by having available magazines tied in 20 pound packages, and newspapers separate parcels. tied in — .-......„ .. «ii 6 »_u in cigu iroiu uc to 93 years. Mrs. Lena Smith, operator of the home, told police she believed that the fire was caused by a patient smoking in bed. She estimated damage at $20,000. —— *»*-«^ Cotton ....... By the Associated Press NEW ORLEANS n u December January ................. Close 17.08 October n'-in NEW YORK December ig 51 T 16.5(5 16.90 17.05 October ................' 1710 Middling spot 18.18. _ DeAnn Native Dies Monday W.L Clark, 60, Farmer, Succumbs at His Home W: L. Clark, about 60, native of Hcmpslead county, died at his home near DeAnn late Monday nigh.t Funeral services will be held at the White Oak cemetery of DeAnn at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. He is survived by his widow, one son, Grady, 9 daughters, Lillie Minnie, and Phala Clark, Mrs. May Buchanan, Mrs. Charles Smith, Mrs. Nclhe Stuart, Mrs. Vernita Burke Mrs. George Calhoun and Mrs Harry Robinson, all of near DeAnn. One brother, George of DeAnn and three sisters, Mrs. Mittie Willis of Rogers, Ark., Mrs. W. H. Burke of DeAnn and Mrs. Ruth Willie of Canton, N. C. The Rev. T. L. Epton of Nashville will conduct the services. David Hoover, County Man, Dies Tuesday David Hoover of near Beard's Chapel, died at his home early Tuesday morning. Funeral services were to have been held at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at Piney Grove. He is survived by his parents and several brothers and sisters. Cranium Crackers Teamwork Two heads are better than one. At least they've made the members of these comedy teams well known in show business. Put your heads together and see if you can give the first names of each of the following and other information asked. 1. In the team of Abbot and Costello, which is Bud? Which is the fat one? 2. In the team of Laurel and Hardy, which is the fat one? Is one named Andy? 3. In the team of Gosden and Correll, which portrays Andy? 4. In the team of Howard and Shelton, which is George? Which is the straight man? 5. Winch member of the once famous team of Wheeler and Woolsey is now dead? Answers on Comic Page Borneo, Malaya, Hongkong Aim of Jap Thrust ,; • V' U. S. Scouring '|' Seas for Jap ^ Ships, Bombers ,Damage Transport By the Associated Press _ Badly stung in attempts to' the American defenses of the rm pmes, Japan apparently slackened drive against Luzon Tuesday ' other'Japanese forces struck at ish (North Boreno, Malaya and Hone- 1 4$ Kong. s f^- . Meanwhile two new developments',S* : indicate that Russia with her armies M throwing the Germans back to thei" west may soon take an active role in 1 "/ the 10-day-old battle of the Pacific ' '? In London Major-Clement R. Attlee, ' Lord Privy Seal, told Parliament that „ aJl necessary steps were being taken'/» to coordinate military plans of Britian >* Russia and the United States. In_ Canberra, the Australian Foreign Minister Herbert V. Evatt disclosed that his country was working for a full alliance between Russia and the enemies of Japan. /i£j Foothold on Boreno ''^T Tokyo reported that seaborne Jap-'« ** anese troops buffeted by a gale hadV' succeeded in gaining a foothold at"^ dawn on the coast of Borneo, which lies within 600 miles, bombing range -S of Manila. . * '* London quarters reported also of very heavy fighting between British and Japanese troops in. the jungles o .Malaya;^ where -Japanese, mediant forces were said to have SmashecTf ward some 40 to SO miles on the. mile road to Singapore. At sea, under orders to seek out the'' enemy and destroy him, formidable ships of the U. S. battlefleet were reported to be scouring vast areas of' the Pacific in quest of the Japanese ,',? fleet and fight to avenge the Jap- ' anese sneka attack on Pearl Harbor ><• in the opening attack of the war on " bloody Sunday," December 7. ' » Japanese bombers again attacked Olongapo, naval base on Manila Bay 50 miles from the Philippine capital but no details were given. ' The British were confronted by grave developments in both the Jap* ' anese Malayan offensive and at Hongkong. Several London sources—military men and newspaper comentators—said the Hongkong defenders probably could not hold out indefinitely against the Japanese attack apparentl yde- veloping there. The Japanese declaied its fall was ^ J ui only a matter of days. Transport Damaged WASHINGTON-0<P)-The War De- P|rttment announced Tuesday that army bombers had renewed attacks on Japanese vessels off Legaspi on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, «s seriously damaging an enemy trans, " - Ml port. ' i^ Enemy air activity was of minor character, said the department'!, 12th. communique of the wai, repoitmg on the situation up to 930 a. m EST Tuesday. Four Japanese fighter planes were shot down, the communique said without indicating whether they bag- bed them by anti-auciaft fire or American fliers. No ground operations were icpoited m the Philippines and the comniuni- """ sa 'd there was no change in the (Continued on Page Four) 20 Gallons Untaxed Liquor Seized in Raid A police raid at the home of Dola Straughter, negro, Monday lesiilted in the seizure of 20 gallons of untaxed, liquor and the arrest of two persons Dola Straughter and Hilton Blake were jailed and charged with possessing untaxed liquor. The laid was made by the city police department. House Passes Naval Expansion Program WASHINGTON-(/P)_The house passed and sent to the senate Tuesday .egislation to authorize construction of an additional 150,000 tons of naval fighting ships. Junior wanted a big 'lectric choo-choo s That would whistle and snort and go whoo-whoo But his Dad can't deny it, * He just had to try it, And now it's too late to buy two-two. 5^ &*>* ffMil ^aaaB 7 SHOPP!NO_DAY$ TILL-CHRISTMAS

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