The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1940
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a Button lie a Sponsor THR DOMINANT MBWSPAPBB OP NOimtKAOT AnKA N ».« AM,, ~,,!™.'™ 4 ^ ^ * "" » * O VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 3r>. Blythevllle Daily Blytheville Courier Mtssslssl|)|)( Vnllcy Leader BlyUievllIc Herald Re a Sponsor Buy a Button Nazis Blame Allies As Usual; Italian War 'Talk' Grows BERLIN, April 27. (UP) —Germany today chargec Britain and France with a Jong .standing plot to invade Norway and declared that Norwegian connivance and hostility had "created a .state of war between Norway and the Gorman Reich." 'Hie Allied powers seeking to o strike at Germany already had started British troops toward the (.•oast of Norway when Germany landed her occupation forces there im April 3 Foreign Minister Joachim Von Rlbbentrop charged The foreign minister's statement coincided with publication in the official gazelle of a decree signed by Adolf Hitler, naming a refchs ROMR, April 27. (UP)— Italy "cannol stand outside" the conflict in " — Kiiro|)o, .„.,„ (.rand), president of the Chamber of Fasces and Cor- jioralions, said in a speech today. OraiKli, who'is atso minister ol justice and one of the original Blackshirt loaders, assured Premier Henilo Mussolini that tlie Italian people are behind h| m »| n whut- ever decision lie may make in (he present iiUernnlional situation " "Italy ciinnot stand outside this conflict," he said. Prior LO G'randi's speech Die (jov- oriiincnt barred both foreign and Italian airplanes from eight slrale- :ic zones, including the coaslal commlsar for German occupied 1 waters and Alpine "borders Norwegian territory, and declared' " "' J " , re that Norway has "created a state of war." Rlbbentrop addressed a formal assembly of the diplomatic corps "All lies, all lies,- ), e said of French and British government assertions that during the Russo- Finnish war they wanted to lorn! troops in Scandinavia to aid Finland. They wanted, he said, to out- Hank Germany as part of a deliberately planned campaign to embroil neutrals on their side in the war. Germany, he said, would publish documents, some captured from British U-OOJB in Norway, in serial form to give "documentary, proof" 1.—The Allies long planned to occupy Norway; 2._Norway knew France and Germany. The press warned that Britain would lose the European war if Italy went in against her and said IT 1 " >w"™ that Italy would never right on e NI ' nB 's Britain's side. ''" *'' "•" """ Orandi urged the people- to •'continue willi blind fidelity to tiie Duce." "The Italian people, with thousands of years of experience, have a definite consciousness of responsibilities and duties," he said "It will never be'otherwise when its liberty, power and very life—and that of future generations—is nt stake." Orandi's speech was made at Ihe final session of the chamber Meanwhile, lhc press campaign against the allies gained momeii- Passage Of Approprwlion Bill Indicates House Proposals Would Lose WASHINGTON. April 27. (UPI- Senale passage of tin- $i,02fl,osv,nO ' labor security appropriation 'All to- f day Injected ri now element into the house controversy over propasi-d ! amendments lo the Wngin-r labor' id and the wnge-lioiir hiw. The upper chamber's action in adding $1,27^,000 to the; measure for Die asi.relrs (idminls(.-rln« tlm two laws—the National labor Rc- ntionx Hoard (ind Hie Wage-Hour Ulvlslon—was regarded as a strung ndicution that cvrn should the muse puss ami'iidmenls to (he i, they would die in Die senate. The house hud slashed funds for the senate raised -; from S3 843 COO to $3,071,000, and added Sl.OW.OOO to the wage-hour division's $5.085- MJO appropriaiion. Conferees were expected lo face a prolonged bat- On Your Toes for Sponsor Button Sale nccorTln 7 l'" 0 ^ °' " S|>onscr ~""^ > »<w boon c-ompUHed Am^an ,'° e lo°'.' ^''IvVZ^J^'L^' ^ * l ""' I dont niiflclpatr nny dlfflcuKy in the Kale- of (hose bntto t" ^Stumy «;io tw^ri;: 1 rs's-r! the contest and sponsor It to l)u« limit " s,,vrd X ""'"" T""" 1 '"' ''"""" """ ' ! '"" tl " 1 " t ' ««' '* 1,1 . . ,, 1 * "' C "" llm "" 1 nl 7:3 ° M °'"'«>' '»"'''>- *J»b lit (ill: /iltU rtc'Ull I/!gEoil Htll Tho >snl 'I ^"Sponsor lluiions" are Jiireo W«e nnd while bad ' ' T of tlw Nuilumii collon i SINGLE COPIES'FIVE CEN'Ui Coimly Jail At Osccol Sliglilly Damaged; Negress Dies Of Shock OHCKOI.A, AlkT Apr. 37,-A no- io boiirdliut huuw nnd tm'm nets ro tcmint or «t wl .||lii B Jmnses \vcro ' • - ,' * -• -*i Jiivuj MitW VUJ11, this; 3.-Norway ' was ready to! The ultra-Fascist Tevcrc said r-^Xr, °",^..!^.^ i »'."• .9«?l B '''"«» -wlose S nle — "•• i, "ii, > ui iv. u O1UC 4.—The British plan was frustrated only because Germany intervened at the last hour. Germany made is charges in a perfectly timed series of proclamations, communiques and statements. First came an announcement that Adolf Hitler had made Joseph ter Boven commissioner for Norwegian occupied territories which averted that Norway "willed lo create, n ^state of war between Norway'anil the German Reich'". .^etofta /came -a German high command communique laying claim — ;.., „. vji-tin<ni r ui tjyji i\ ister Joachim von Rlbbentrop.) ,.,..,..,,,, lx , fvniiiiuiiinus laying claim ' Ca " lK 'a - Nefa,"writing in th to Cierman victories over the Brit- Resto del Carllno, commented 01 ish in fights in the Lillehamer nnd ^ c s " np '' h hv "rn,.™i.. „..,., war if Italy went in against her and that Italy would never fHil on Britain's side, it said that Britain had never won a, war with its own forces except the Boer War and that "this time England is terribly alone, towing poor Prance behind her." (Virtually the same idea was expressed today In the Berlin publication, "Berlin-Rome-Tokyo " in mi article apparently written under auspices s of German. Foreign Min- " "• V"V AJ^llcllillJlCI Stemjer - sectors of Norway in which it was said the Germans look nearly 300 prisoners and with inem "a great quantity of politically and militarily Important British orders." Third came a communique or the official news 'agency -announcing:, that these documents would be put .before Ihe public. These documents' showed thai- there had been n plan for a-"British expeditionary force in Norway" before Ihe German invasion; that the Allied move on Norway was underway three days before the German occupation took place ami.two days before on April 8 Hitler gave German .troops their sailln» orders .Fourth came Kibbentrop's "statement to the diplomatic and newspaper corps. -Saying that he based his charges directly on seized documents Rib- bentrop reviewed tlie speeches statements and confidential talks or Allied leaders for weeks past in nis effort to prove that the Allies had sought to embroil Europe in war from Scandinavia, to Ihe Balkans. Implicitly he answered suggestion? that Germany was planning an Invasion of Sweden by saying that in contrast to Norway, Sweden I "took an absolutely sincere view' of Its neutral functions and maintained true neutrality." He mentioned Prime Minister Neville Chamber la in, Winston Churchill, senior defense minister and first lord of the admiralty and Albert DufT Cooper, former first lord, for Great Britain; Premier Paul Reynaud and his predecessor Edounrd Daladler, for Trance, and Foreign Minister Halvdan Koht for Norway, ns having disclosed in one way or another Allied designs on ... • *u*n*iti.j4i(;u un the speech by Franceico Quintn national counsellor, that the «-ar would be extended until it becomes one of the people against property possessors, and said that the "youii" nations" undoubtedly would win" - The authoritative fnformaztoni del Giorno, commenting on the Balkan situation, snid, "It is evident that in the Balkan and Dnn- ubian zones Italy, which Inday has secome a great Balkan power, must assure its iulcrcsts nnd has only safeguarded Hence in the Balkans." Tlie Oiornale d'ltalin published birthday greetings lo Prince Paul regent of Jugoslavia, calliiw him a benefactor of his country for having established friendly relations with the axis powers. It said Jugoslavia was most grateful to Paul "for liav mg chosen friendship between his Government nnd the governments of Rome and Berlin as n safe?inrd for Jugoslavia's tranqullily duruif the European conflict." = The newspaper Regime Faackln denounced the Vatican organ Os- servntore Romano, for its ailc»ert parliality lo the allies, it said "The Italian people want (he truth todav .as in preceding wars. Untrue reports of Par!., and London are always carried by O.sservatore Romano. This foreign, Italian language newspaper has printed n Ion? series ot errors nnd lies. The calm balanced news selection of Italian' newspapers wns not to their liking ! Many salutations to imbeciles who say thnl lo rcau Osscrvalore Ro- mnno is to learn the pure truth." Stock Prices tie before reaching n compromise on the two versions of the bill now $59,068,523 nuove budget recommendations, The senate acted as the house was Memphian Faces Con$pir-j Justice Moll To File Today ;icy Charwe Al -Forl For R<v.PWi;«,,. n.K«,... Smith Federal Court FORT SMITH, Apr. IB (UP) — Trlal of two oltlclals of Soutliwest- embroilctl in acrimonious Mcm^s over proposed amciulm?>its to the wage-hour law, lhc most controversial of which would extend the act's agricultural; exemption lo processors of farm products. debate charges of conspiracy to violate the will open in federal court here Monday morning Assistant Attorney General O I 7 " 1 '.!!,,, 12 " 8 , 8 ?' wll ° has "imounccd the eases i—"i».,o. -, nt; twu nut ni prosccuuii" the eases Part of the senate's increase in [''"'olvliit alleged rum running from NLRB funds wns provided for the j Arkansas into Oklahoma ami'Kan- board's economic research division,! sns - mitl 'race reports that payoffs currently being investigated by the i wcl ' e mn(1 e I" public ofllclals will special Smllh committee which hns!" 01 allh 'c '» Arkansas for two or rMiimnri i,„....!„„„ „„„.. . . three weeks. Two of Ills assist'iiits resumed hearing.? monlhs recess. after Hold Negro Girl, Recover Stolen Loot OSCEOLA, Ark., April 27.—Authorities were holding here lodiiy n 14-year-old negro gin in connection with n series of burglaries of houses here. The same, girl allegedly Admitted some .time, ago that she had' set fire to three houses In "the 'old town" district here. arc on hand for (he trials. Among those whose cases arc set lor the first dny are Clyde Collins of Memphis, president of Southwestern and Henry Humphries of Memphis, listed ns nlloniey and R director of the concern United Stales District Attorney Sam Rorex win ntlcnd (he trial for Ihe announced purpose or'ob- taining Information for use' in'hi* Jlbcl action to obtain forfeiture 0'' 5230.000 in lltiuor seized "In >n riifi-' fill ll^n *[!?„«< tf-.~ .' . . . •• ' '-*. or Re-Election; Others To Run UTT1J-; liOCK. Apr. 27. <UPj— '""• Ihe deadline for <iiiiillfica(IoiiH state drawing nearer Inleresl Iti liolldf.s Is liin-en.sliig mid (hrco more candidates will have filed for Male offices by tonight, Supreme Court Justice J. Seaborn IIoll of l<-orl Smith notified Secretary of Slate C. O. Hull he would file his cornijil prncMces plcdgi. 1 as a candidate lor ic-elecllon lodiiy, 'loll wns elected In 1038 lo fill lhc imexph-cd term of the | n ie Justice Turner Duller, who died In 1037. Judge W. R. Donhnm ol Ultle ttock wns nppohiled by Clov Ualley to serve in miller's plncu until lhc •joncral election. ' Jnll .sllflilly mul dm Mkslssliiui counlv ' tWO llll'S wflhln 12 nnd horns yesterday afd'nioim nJy tills monilui;. "I'll l'J)(-)|)s, ,ij.,.d ii(.| ilTSSi w |,n SR i»Ul homo was dwlroyi'd In Ilio ''',', SV " I ' 1 J' -wi»l lli» row of Mven houses nbnul thrto oVlock this mnmlng, died about ,.n hour later. •(• did not suita- burns but her julY w---*'"' "" " 1(> Wn '' it !;!<lc of »'« • ' row ,,r h ol , 5ns „„„ „.„ , - lla rraines were damaged. Rome ol Uio Jailer's ruvnluire wns dnmnued ind wilier was thrown on p m i „,he Jail lo prevenl possible spread uf Ihe names In thai (Urccllon U was reponcd Unit a negrcss smoking in bed, accldenlally lonii 1 ed bed i-lolhcs mm stnrlcd (lie eon- ".'Umtlon which destroyed lhc row of negro houses. Pour of ihem vere owned by w. J. nrlver, a,-., -wo by Clcrlrudc WIlllnuiK, nearess, The negro lioardlng 'house", mv'n- .;;, " s '. f- ''• Oladlsh, nml rented by •d Johnson, burned about rive clock yesterday afternoon. Orl B lii ',. ""-' W'f'c was uudelcrmlncd 1500 ! W " S ™ h ' Ctl 1U " bout German Advance Is Slowed But Allfes Continue To Retreat IfiliW , iiii (& lm n b f ftt °" . i, lu r ,'ii '' U 'f ''\ L " -n vn| -° with ( , , April nircrtft ' 27 n/iti (j, m ..... .,, m i in i: ( n inilidiry H|K)k(>smu)) •find loilny. » was liiillcnlrd that after IK liraU'n buck (ho Oormunn coiicrulrnird mid, will, ui .s«JK>rto.'lly („ antoinntln Wuslcd d,c nritisii rnnhs, rltWi troops aro now between iii mm Oombaas, un Allied nnd Junction IOC milro ion h of TroiKlhi'lin, llic Uwsiwli, OSrjEOLA,' Ark.. A|) ;._ ./ 7 l. p j which broke out nlmiit (li,e c o'clock " * ™"1!* «.?«' » tenw barn on Stale Senalov Clyde B. nyrd of » l^* , "^ X M Dorado will qualify this alter- Victoria "'"P""! fm noon as a candidate for rcnomlnn- J. D. Triis tion from the iBtli senatorial dis- ily nnd Percy u. ^^„ K . . Tlio position on the Nnmsos front north of 'riondliclm seemed improved, the Kpnkesjnim .said It stcinkjer, that . , a « Uilllsli advanci! party suffered losses In 11 five day sinnil against „ Clcrninii force. In patrol encounters on Hint front, ihc spokesman snld, Ihe ir Ish imd tnkon )>rtsoners-"an iitltaitlon tlmt iiihigB an . noi ^ bnd us some Iliought." Tin- s|ioke.sman lulmlUed Hint Hit. acriiiiins had heavily bombed the railroad between Uomtmns and Hit in Ish base al Andnlsnes bill snK Hint the fittimllon had lininovd '«(• tlie moment, probably due lo Ihe nrrlvnl of Urllish antl-ulrcruft Buns nnd Hlrplnncs. Namsos, to the north, wns bndlj 'iiiinged by bombs, l| C said, ^o reports had been received foi OIL nurrow fjords, have with large . ....... in the . . ,.. to.'Germany's liii- monopoly jn'-thc it wan untlftrslood Icxlay. 'IVO nii<\ wsslbly thvcc . aircraft curriers have (irr)vcd . under heavy svarshl]) escort, and liavo put sec- ''Hly into fjords whlcii now arc fiiiarded by. massed nnll-alrcralt e«ns mul by liilnes. : 'I'o mnko nelds for llielr planes t vrus said, -the Allies have cleared Ilic^ smoolli Ice of several large lakes In (heir territory, pending '• construction of emergency landing fields on which they are working with Ihe greatest possible linsto. .-.•,--' Arrival of the plants was calculated to give (he Allies a start wvni-fl overcoming tlieli- greatest 24 hours from .Narvik, In UIL iiorlh, where « heavy snowfal! was liiivo prcvetil«(l lanr , believed to ncllvlllcs. The .•i|iokesiiiiin disclosed Uinl a HiimlMi- of officers from ti )c fndlaii iifiny, experienced In mountain . . In Norway. Though British Royn) Air Pojrce planes had ooinbed Oeminn-he'ld air bases 'in '• Donmnrk, pud fJofway', they' liad 'mil to ny fr'piii Hie British" .'iates-; "(I lly back direct without "the opportunity for reconnaissance over ' German held territory Inlniid. Brit-' I* Ilshtcr . |)laiics, so fast that (hoy can not take olf from aircraft carriers, were. Immobilized "until lhc lake surfaces were cleured Hoth fighter nnd bomber planes ' wore In Norway, It wns asserted, so Hint the Allies would be nbl'e-ib make observation (lights over German held leirlloij and to bomb and machine gun qcrman columns Inland Most Important, however, was the task (list of nictating Allied on l.h<> \v^. S (,. Memphis plant A special grand jury is consid- Thc girl was returned (his time' "i"? " le cnso n " (l mol ' c i'" 1 ^!from Memphh by Dave Young who ' ' " re L ' X|)oclctl il ™.s an- said that 22 dresses, eight pairs of j lunmccti shoes and other articles had boen recovered. . i n , . Homes recently looted hero in- Uebtor S Chair Of 1647 elude those of II. L. Shannon, B. A. Marshall nnd D. Webb. The girl because of her'ngc and -he Inadequacy of facilities for caring for offenders of her race Shown In Collection PHILADELPHIA (UP)-An elnb- vo M k'deb He Just Won't Home for Aged Gets Gift Of Confederate Currency PHILADELPHIA (UP) —The Philadelphia Home for Aged and Infirm Colored Persons, which conducted a drive for funds to keep the inslinctlon open, received n gift of $240 from a 91-year-old woman inmate. AT&T Ain Tobacco \ Anaconda Copper Beth Steel {Chrysler .' ' Cities Service ... Coca Coin ' General Motors .! tut Harvester ....'V Montgomery Wnrd N Y Central .... North Am Aviation Packard 173 1-2 90 83 3-8 86 4 3-4 128 5-8 57 1-4 50 15 3-4 ; 22 1-8 i i 3 3-8' 3fl ! Phillips .. nndio....::;; » •• Republic sicci ..;;;;; ,, 8!i - ««i««*^, oUidebakcr — Superintendent Nathaniel • Webb Standard oil' V j"' '> !? S" xepted the gift. He didn't lell ««. T f ™< rL, N J •" 'accepted the gift. He didn't tell the Texas Corn " "". woman that the bills were Con-| u = "'--' 4S »..^. v.».u nvii: WtVfii* | u S StCct federate currency-worthless for 15 General Electric )eais- ISocony Vacuum 61' 37 10 7-8 New York Cotton New Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. prev. open high low close close 1074 1080 1073 1080 1012 May ' 1047 1055 1045 1053 1046 July 1015 1017 1013 1017 1015 Oct. 1000 1002 '999 1002 1001 Dec. 994 . 996 994 D96 993 Jan. 9« 98S SM 984 985 Mar. prcv. open high , 0w closc C | OSC 1086 1090 I08S 10S9 1034 1057 1018 1004 SD8 988 1062 1037 1022 1017 10S2 1021 Samuel Pepy's diary, is'on"'display In n collection here. Tlie unsuspecting deblor who sat In it after paying n call on his creditor would find himself firmly held by Iron yrlps hidden In the panels at the sides. Since Ihe unlocking device is nt tho top of the • •••*** *t,\ii \-nv\i\M\\ ill r thc upper house last term by Senn- tor'George<ile, -at Nashville who Is seeking 're-election."' t Robin Debunked As 1st Herald Of Springtime CHICAGO (UP)—Tho mylli of the "first spring robin" has been exploded. Inasmuch as the symbol of sprini; -i a year-Ion^ resident In the North, no Importance can be attached (o his •npiwarnnce, nccord- 'ng to Emmet n. lilake. assistant 'nrnlor of birds at tiie Chlcasti Field Museum of Natural History. fiobhts, like many other north- I crn birds, • sometimes experience trnclov. There was no Insii Mm in '" • "iV"' ' .Vr.5';i > '"'tv V4iut> M^ff^hlrri'S "«,ar uiiiiii>enn!wMnot , ,' , y " nr "«' 0 '?,' ?'' e , Im I "" I1CI ' OIIS ° r '"" " r '" S lhc *"«"•. » to pay his bills or until his creditor released iiim. PfW.s referred to such » device In Jus dlnry on Nov. I, icuo- "This morning sir \V. Pen (William Peon's father) nnd t were mounted early nnd gave very mer- n discourse nf| (h c way. being Fighling for Great Britain in his Jnird wsr. Lolonei Adrian Carlon ., ,i- . , u an aon de Wiart (above) j s reported in command of one of the Allied forces landed m Norway Re I05S norled ihirly times wounded in 1019 his career, Ihe GO-year-old, Bel- - -««• *wii iviy i ma ^<ni;t,i, me uu-year-oid 1001 1002 1004 100C! gian-born officer foiichl in flQQ ftflO rtftrt . ^An l},^1r \Unr tnfl _ _ . b . 959 990 998 999 990 1002 9S l u n tip Boer War. losl an eye and a hand in France during the World War •cry good company," l lc wr i( cs "Wn come to Sir Button's, where he lives like n prince, and were made very welcome. Among other things he showed m G ,,iy Lady's Closcl. wherein was great store of larities as nlso .-. chair which |, e calls King Harry's chaire, where He that .sits down Is c.ilched with wo Irons that come round about linn, which makes good sport." Collon Carnival Xing And Queen >\i'o 'Coining Merc Blyt'licvllle will be host to- tin King and Queen ol the Mcmplii Cotton Carnival next Tuesday ' morning when they will altenri the iiiaiigm-al planting of the cotton ^ccri on the 100-acre tract lo be "sell for the National Cotton Picking Contest September 23-24 It was announced recently by an of| ficia) of the Carnival. The nrena- | lation of Ihe land, under itmn- aurmcnt of R. D. Hughes, has boon practically completed with Hie present break in bad weather, and It is planned that the seed be planted al that time. I Albert Mallory. vice-president of the Memphis Cotton Carnival and well-known cotton man throughout this section, said: ' ''You can announce that Hie King will cicfinileiy be there, nnd I'm positive the Queen will too. I think it's only fitting the Memphis Cotton Carnival aid tlie National Cotton Picking Associailon In launching Its national contest, because the two events parallel each other to such n great extent and will bring so many benefits to the nation's .second largest industry." migration. '» U" t 'Here and hedgcgnnvs anil providing sheltered feeding stations. However, Blake wnrus thnl once the birds are accustomed lo such niiillclal devices, (hey will starve If thrown on their own resources. Once lhc; migratory Inslinct Is modified. Ihc bird con no longer (ravel South even though physically able ID do Educator Debunks Idea Of Student Brain Strain A PPL ETON, Wls. (UP).-Dr mrlos D. Flory, associate prclc';- sor of e<hicatlon at Lawrence Col- lejsc, has an answer to a timeworn excuse used by students sci'k- nuj (o dodge liomewovk, fir a report for tlie National Kd- ucation Association, Dr. Flory declared that It's virtually Impossible for boys nnd tjlrls lo overwork their brains during school years He explained Hint thp brain h 03 per cent of Ils maximum skc when the child enters school while the Discussing Ihe general situation In inld-Norwiiy, Die' aruiy. spokesman said that- Troiiilhrlm, the Gonimn mid-Norway- x base, was more Important to the Clermnns than lo the British. The situation here; was that Ihe German troops driving up two . Norwegian valleys from Oslo were trying to effect Junction witli (he Trondhclm force, nnd (tint the Allies, with landing buses lo (lie south and north of Troiulliclin, hoped eventually lo Isolate mid reduce It, Supplementing Swedish and German reports, the spokesman snld ,mil Norwegians! and Clernians wore llshllng llr the Berscn nrca of •icullnvfMteni Nonvcty', nnd ' (lint aorninn troops Jnmlecl. In (lie (Inr- ilnnjferflord were mnrclilng on (ho own of Vosi. (The German com- immlquc snld this morning Hint the Germans had taken Voss. 40 miles northeast of Bergen i. Is only oiie-hnlr full size n t troops In landing opciRtlons and In field opeiutlons, nnd secondly ot Belting reconnaissance reports by means of which Iho Allied Intelligence stalls could elvo auny commanders n picture of conditions on the fiuMIng fronts Already, accoidina to reports here, (he arrivals of Allied planes linfl icduccd the frequency ard ef- fectlvcneis of OeimaA .-vtrplMie at- Int'k!, 'Dut it was 'sfritf Ww that llie Allied toco remained ereatlj Infcrloi to the Oerman force ntid miis-l be expected lo take cousid"r- nblo jiioie [jimlshment until all ilrengtir could be equalized. The situation on the four main S'iline hunts In Norway remained mletermlnjite, with' tho Germans ^njojlng the Inlthttltc, apparently' eveiywhere but at Narvik In the m north, and reorganizing for advances at polnb wlicre they had been halted temporarily In the Oester valley near the Swedish frontier the German motorized column was reported at the lallroad-rlvcr-hlghmay town or Njplas:., about 0 mlle-s north of ftooros. Wheatley Man Is Acquitted By Jury of 12 and Is still growing all ' SO, he snld. Iris Dance At Hotel Here niri, ,K, m iiu o-i i • ,, I ML ' ml)CI 's of the Holland Alumni ord. In IS m m , m ~ nssocl »l'on were entcrUlned at a oils h school, Plory ns.scr(cd. lie- dinner clnnnr n< ihn BI,,» i, nnm can/so they are from one to iwo years more mature physically (linn boys of tho same nge. He said Hie greatest difference comes in Junior high school years, dinner dance at the IJlue lipom ol the Hold Noble lost nlghl. One hundred nnd twenty live •<ucsls danced lo Ihc'muslc of Colli. StoHv. and his orcheslin out ol McniDhls, followlnn dinner. 75,000 To Participate In War Games -trrn^ 1 ^^^ :ovcr n 900-square mile area in eastern Texas and Wulshna The is ^embers of the 8th Cavalry at Port BU*. E. Paso, Texas are pictured will loke them to spring maneuvers. will begin May 10. 3vc boarding the train that with first degree murder, was found uol guilty by n Jury after ail-hour's deliberation in circuit court here last night. v ••...-,Henard killed Ills wife's brother Erwln ("Crip") Oehlschlager, last September when the latter entered Hennrd's room. Testimony indicated Hint after Oehlschlager ' threatened Henard's' life, Henard ' reached under his pillow for a gun and lhc two began fighting. In the struggle, Oehlscslagcr was killed. The two families occupied the same house. Henard pleaded self-defense. Wallet Lost in River, Owner Risks Life in Vajn NEW ORLEANS (UP) — John Ncdwlck took a double risk when, lie jumped Into 'the Mississippi river fitter his wallet: first, lie took the risk of drown-' Ing, but he didn't consider that Impoilant when he jumped in. Second, he look the risk of being an unidentified body If he didn't save thosel papers. Nedwlcfc had accumulated the papers In his wallet for 22 years, and he wasn't going (o let them get away without n try for them. He- wasn't a good swimmer, but he bucked the strong current and the undertow, anyivsy. Three hours later a fishwife henrd Nedwick's feeble calls. A sheriffs boat pushed out into the stream and gathered him In as he clung leech-like to tho post. H& still didn't have the papers. WEATHER . e ' _ Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonight' and Sunday, scattered showers Sunday, warmer Ineast portion tonight, - ; . ; ;•;; Memphis and vicinity -X'. Mostly cloudy tpnlghi, lowest temperature .qnight about 60, Sunday cloudy, shower*.- .-.';-.

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