Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1941 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1941
Page 5
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;•*•. MOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Fumigate Grain in Storage Is Agent's Advice Aviation Cadets en Route to Wings 10 P. toth IllMttt •%,*»-*,# t*t4 >*r ..ttvtr ••' **Hi 4^*1 V* i| |/: ft*J i|. M<"*-*- r,sv'-**i,v* .f. V***"^ •?U ffttf. , ft \: V t*H I •.„* 4tpft* .-' •J* *#iii N*.**. ,J,,, 3» by i.^'*-'.^ »**' t-. if V til.-- »t-.-Mtltt«j|t <1. Ti *J.r-^ni **• >fit. >, -*-^-**^ •: •lh*iffe •»* » •fti*'Hi4& Vj* f.'T(tfM?* •*.«-. ..-»;.-4t Hv*r M"* *•** V.- ^,.o.*,.-jftHi. -friM.**^ .»*. i »»••*: *« V""»*rH*ff i , Jt !•,«**, *>$OH* ; *( • • *+»<• w .Jf $-.-<i*J •ttttv* ** > ***** >f -•• • !t**M# '$i MV> •;»*«*.' ?$* *#**'**«. fia-i* *-' » -iuiMSMhf j-A*i*«H-> i*«-** ' ; *»« "W .wit *****»• ritf U»v* •*•*);•*••••• -Uv,-». J-i|ii'd •;.*>-*K* J. •»!***? *;**» * JM •,-»•• '**« -f**j» fit* America's Bill of Rights U. S. Puts Guarantee on Freedom Just 150 Years Ago By AI^XANDEB II. OKOKOE AP Feature Service Writer WASHINGTON - It was just 150 yenru uijii thftt Uncle &im put his offifiwl guaranty on freedom of speech j;>re-«s nnd i elision. On December IS, 1191. the American Bill of niKht (the first 10 ornend- m*nu> wn* tucked onto the Consti- tMlign lo 5uift')}u)iid the liberty of tin- individual—H principle for which »n fiUJ C!n>fk ««ill<imu> nntnrd Stx 1 - iHlttx lutti died 2,1(»0 yt-ars Ix-fort*. j Fiwirt TlunDna Jrffrrtun and Patrick i Ilwwy t<> KU/CM.P Dt-bs, and Charles I Kvtiii Hu«hcK, the Bill of Right* h«s | l**ii itKJtT >-«4wi»l.v deftrodcd than j wiy uthtrt M>ct.km urf tin- Constiution. I* }\M hail tsumtf ruugii-guing, but »«llif»l» tUlll WHIWIVBtlVI-S, guaplKlX m*t/jis iiiiii iJteiidMits huvc* ffjuglit The Ctmstitiition UK uriginidly draft- ni ««ilMiij<>«i «t,i iimvisjunis fur fur Iit-ifHltHn of Niw-f-ch or i< v liKit»n r'Xci.*|.it U««t >\ /of)»dr u«y ri»lif,-)<iu« (r«| 'iht.ii nini i'iiv<> iniii.uiiily to inwn- I't-rt <jf tiuitHi-5B in dt-liuU-, "Die frum- '•>* ern<Tally ),»() fawumH thwt the l«»wfj iif f<.>iJttr<u» did n»i extend u. "5 j4<«t.iH ill t.4dlii£ citiJ.rns were nol s .ti-fi.-s-l Thi-y i-ciiHt'iniod Unit « in*»ll»Hii) of fl t~f Jjjw-ix'l) WUh illlSoKltx*- h *i!>*«iiii,j Tlir 19 wnrudim-ntu, ccai- British Army's Fastest Climber Rapid rising MaJ.-Gcn. Archibald Edward Nyc has advanced from the rank of private to his new post ns Vice chief, of Brit- uin's imperial general staff in only 26 years, on achievement surpassed only once in modern British military annals. t» (1» *ul»!iiirifv uf Vitt,uii.i Hi!i «f jiwttl ,n (he fiitl by )n1ifni< 1v N«'\tM) IMSC IK Iii i Mai's J«t<i by tht s "u M. Aii-Ktriciin slHt ilul t!>«-u- must Ix- m** ¥"< <J 17!lH. fit u Ui Fj t 'tn ns jf>a e firn-i-M con- il.»>M)s iifjun t.h( Tin- Ain-n un ovttxi when n*tiK>(jrrrd i») cmli mi critic -^ 1.11 l.i.li-ii wlwn tmtion, Lincoln commuted his sen twice to banishment and gave him n safe escort into the Con/ederat linen. When the United State* entered the World War, a bill was introduced in the Semite which made the whole country a part of the /one of enemy ot>er&1i<>riK »nd declared a person, who published anything endangering the suecesshful operation of our forces, to lx> subject to U-inl as a spy by court iTMirlial nnil the penalty of death. Tl»e bill wns shelved when Presi- fkrit Wilsim wrote a letter to the senate atl&ckJng Uie constitutionality and he ndvisabtlity of such a Uiw. During the World War there were 2,OtiQ prosecutions and other jud- icJMl proceedings involving speeches, newspaper firtic-le* nnd pjimphlets in ulK'ged violution of the Espionage Act. After the Armistice there was an epidemic of legislative moves to pun- wh advociik-s of radicalism. S:<x'i«list Eugene Debs wns sentenc- «i to prison for 10 years for statement* made in r. speech on pacifism in September, 1918. M:my, who opjxtsed Bureau Urges Permanent Building Plan Asserts Tents Create Hazard to Live Stock and Property LITTLE ROCK-GF)-Pointing out that the use of tents creates an extreme hazard to human life as well as property, including live stock, the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation by formal resolution at'Its recent annual convention urged a permanent building program for the Arkansas Live Stock Show and pledged the cooperation of the organization to exposition association officials toward this end. "We respectfully urge the bard of directors of the Arkansas Live Stock Show to immediately inaugurate a permanent building program designed to provide proper facilities for the housing and showing of live stock and poultry," the resolution read, in part, and also stated "that said program be conducted in such a way that it will not interfere with the state appropriating premium money for live stock anc poultry exhibited by Arkansas farm- rs." A number of suggestions have been made for financing a permanent building program, including public subsc- ription of fundi and issuance o! according 1 to recent jpttfeffcltj' " The Farm Bureau has sponi propriations 'for the ex$os •several years and is ask _ money for this purpose a&f fof supplementary financing of 66i fairs and shows be made avai again by the next General This year the state show J15.000 and county faiis divided" £36,* 000, Farm Bureau officials explain** ed. ' ( ""». Officers of the state exposition ilsfy lave been requested by the F^rrft 1 Bureau to make the 1942 "open" event with breeders from* 6' states invited to exhibit their an«> imals. "This Is with the understand"-' -, •, mg, however, that money appropriate >\; ed by the state for premiums Shall $J to Arkansas breeders," Waldo iSVas* ier executive secretary o 'fthe'FWJtf Buraeu, said. He explained tha£ there , is a good possibility of gettnig iw&M for premiums for out-of-state breeders from national live stock breed-, w 3* associations. The original sfebw^ was open to any one, hdwever sequent shows have been confined to*,j Arkansas live stock. Farmers '•feter* that sufficient progress has been made? that will enable Arkansas animals to$> compete with those from other states.* ',*«< yrw 1,4'i j>ll »n.«5 fro*"!! ttwrr J>uiiJiK Uir Civil Win Lincoln nuck- citizens combined for political action, by denying them the only recourse of peaceful government; that is, action by the ballot box and through duly elected representatives in legislative bodies." Bill of Rights in Nutshell The American Bill of Rights, 150 years old on December 15, has been the most ardently defended section of the Constitution. Here is a summary of this "charter of individual freedom" as provided by the first IP amendments to the Constitution: Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, ideas, disapproved of his con- | of the press and the peaceful as- victiun. He was the only man In his- j sembly. lory to be nominated for the presi- The right of the people to be secure .in1y « !)i,c-f otttftt-i •**$$ r ,l wt -«»! e*« fc* 4*3.1 dificy while in prison, the Socialists choosing him in 1920. President War- ixii Him! ing commuted his sentence j after he had served two nnd a half I years. j former Chief Justice Hughes dc- the m itfttton product*! by MJC|, ) twnmced the action of the New York j Assembly when it moved in 1920 to I oi'st five of i'.s members because they e<B)ltTi<lt."d Dial the nation limj been elected on a Socialist platform "inimical to the best interests Jrj iwliirtuui wa» liKH.v to do than the jMrlJicalkm would rtiuvt be nt»!e to itwlf in war which actually ! OB the 0 Grove Youth Program 46 Boys, Girl* to Enter 'Food for Freedom' Drive Edson in Washington ?,i»t*i1irj ln»Mjt«.niirinti(in However, when j Hughes, then practising law between 1 Ohio j terms on the Supreme. Court, said: » jvuliun? eiwnmihbion i JWSK* C. I.-. V:i|l(mdisJiaro "I count it n most serious mistake ihc war :.nd the ac'itnitiis- to proceed against masses of oui in their persons, houses, papers anc effectr against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated. No person shall be held to answer for a major crime unless on an indictment of a grand jury, or be deprived of liberty or property without due pocess of law. In all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury. Excessive bail shall not be requir ccl nor excessive fines imposed no cruel nnd unusual punishment in flicted. Plentiful Pork in Hempstead Ample Grain Supply Is Far Above Normal ^ ' *t *'' ^ Ample grain supplies and an above-? ^ normal spring pig crop should re— 1J "™ n record quantities of farm *ct pork on Hempstead county farms,, winter Oliver L. Adams, county agent,] jelieves. ; „ Jt^\ The price of farm cured pork 1 can' be reduced, he said, by getting more'!^ economical gains by feeding protein ^ supplements. M. W, Muldrow of the Universitj Arkansas College of Agriculture recommends a protein suplement ^ consisting of one-half cottonseed meal and one-iialf tankage. When such'a t mixture is fed thriftly pigs weighing < 75 to 100 pounds, the Extension t an- 1 imal husbandman said that about 350 pounds of grain and 30 to 35 pounds of the protein supplement will be re^" quired to produce 100 pounds of gain/Gains in weight become more cost-" 1 ! ly the heavier the pig becomes. Con- sefuently, from the cost standpoint, p the most desirable killing weights are*» from 225 to 250 pounds These weights?" also produce more desirable c both for fresh and for curing. Russian Population , < '* | Only 52 per cent of the population, of Russia are true Russians, accord- J ing to a recent'census which exclud-/ t * ed Ukrainians, White Russians, and one man who couldn't be classified "at" all. (n<«nw«!l»+-i(m M.« i China With ):N' >V*« r»«.-w !>}*' a thiiri of {..>.«if» Thr»> r *" r « aw material wim-h pan I Tfo . n( trh«1fvp> it cw »rr 1j* VrT^i gtwntf tr a Hlf fW«iiM-w ifi..t|( h»* licrti a wrti^k nf »H-<il 1,1 ()if 4* A t-ll dull W.WI St r.»|) irun Mr. <.«(»< Ikm !Sf it* ity w»uW d«nt, J»mr» Hamilton. »c«if<ai>\ Kclw and reporter. I>*«lh> Msw Kiltr Al«>«.,)1 ttniftird irtfre-uMn* i though thi* U UM» funt 4-H club ever priwiiK-U | »rg»n>wd in ibis rratununity. !>><> un• vwual intcimt nhown bjr mcint>crs tn the *elfctk>n nl worlbwhile prujcrts indicate their dctcrirmiatiun to tlw fi'ivvih. *hc«rt u fin tiuiHnirii^al ii(»ufi unr f«*sl M:()pty th« led thul tlw itvaxiimim farm •trpngth of On- commuii- ivfjuirc * 4-H club nrgan- I imitation of the f ilk inilustry lia nvpMiit 'hit touch of tin- itrrragv in i itiulbr/i.v Mftoi u. l«-i»»4f txMivcrlfi} to * fi««i rn.)!s., ..,n<) thi* tell* thi' htvry) iif JHJMU'K fm.«d "horlsuf. OnKJiially, rtiily ij(i- ;jnti wheat wrrr r:»tion«*d. IIMI cinly in HH1 (i».Vi fRgs- m«-at. ike wiiii-. bn-Mil jmil ediblv niU were tf»liii.-ti?(i In Oetulx'r the government »<l<l«i tn the liM cow fx-aik and Vmck- wheat 1'rire c-imtrnl ineasures hnw been nun Jmces around ! "I'l'licd with » vcngennce in »n effort incj. have liifcappi-iir- '" curb an incrtase in Ihe c«ist of fix«i«tuff.s ;m<i commodities which, at the 1940 n-tiiil level, have bevn 5(5 per cent above the averiige of 1936 when ft Uw-y ll»i>ll> )>ct'.*ine »llT4irtt r [M'^rl^> \1uii- i <infing ami } ryl Sulvufiiiig of iJups wret-ked i.iiiik iitt ,lft(Kin'» torky e<s'i.s(s has, IM— rome a lefidirtg indu>lry. Tr;«i>s|xirt«li<)ii h«.» rut dras- >- '; ticully. Tliere is .": *lw>i Uge of coal. du« ewry wimce of the needed fuudx : further cut by the necessity of using powibl* us \hfit ctmtributiiin to the • mure ei«.l to reduce such low-grade defense pro(rum. iron ores ns CUM be obtuinrd f|-om OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams [VJJI MOMMY C30T CHRISTMAS PRESEMTS,' HAH, MOMMY/ OH,THAT OUT THERE? AT'S STUFF I PUT OUTATH' KIDS' WAV/ IT'S TOO MEAR. CHeiSTMAS> TO BE L-OSIM' MV HEAD fljj AM' BATTIM' 'EM.' the C.'hinn campaign began. Compared with 1914, the living cost in 1940 was 2CC tier cent higher. The. Japanese national debt has tripled from 10 billion yen to nearly 30 billion. The cost oj the China cam- imiffn alone has been 22 billion yen, but tluit's nothing compared to what this war ugainst the United States urn) Grpiil Britain will cost. And the question naturally arises as to how any country can wage a war oil un economy like that. 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