Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 11, 1936 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1936
Page 3
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Saturday, January I], 103(5 HOPE SffAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Plfl.v Years .Some fifty years auo You started <!•: a druggist l.-ul; It was not meant for show. You wore always dead in puniest — And tried y-nir best to be.— • Hut do!:rest of nil memories •- Is what you've been (o me. Prf scriptif.n^ljy tbe thousands. John, You've filled from morn (ill night. The doctors all have faith in you; They sny you fill them right. F'ut better than y.iu "medica",— 'I'm glad you've done your part j That';, what we all expect, of you) ( If your big brother-heart! " ] We're proud of every seed vou've i sold ' ' I Thai grew inlr: a vine I And blossomed into melons sweet,— ! I say. "All this is fine!" i But surpassing Arkansas melons i Tbo' /;iant.'> they may be, i I 1 ' the kind true-he;,rted brother i You've always been to me. ! Some fifty year-; the neighbors i Have watched you pass their way; i You ne'er complained of needing' rest, " | Dill went ere break of d.-iy. Wo knew where lo find you At work at duty's po : ;t; To nil tin: calls you listened.— That's why I loved you most. '.n now we're cell bratini;, •A long, .loin: time We know. A druggist at the same old stand Since fifty yenr.-; a,<.;" Let's wi.sh (hat those who follow you May do their be<-t and try To fill youi place when you're called To mansions in the sky. If folks and tuitions everywhere Could learn your tactful art Of keeping peace, and working hard Tbere'd be-no wars, tnr fears. God bless you John, here's wishing you Another fifty years Romember Hope in Eighty-six',' How thiiu;.s have chanr.ed since then! A,village grown quite city like,— Those beys now i;my haired men! So many gone! Sweet memories A;, fine as aught can be! There's one thing 1 can ne'er forget; Your br.Mher-.'f.vi (o me! -S. G. C. itohday, January 1Mb will celebrate the golden anniversary o f his drug business in this city. To (hose of us, who crew up with "ope nnd the Gibson Drug Company, with the present owner and bia good wife for classmates in Hope's first graded school, fifty yonrs seem but yesterday, since tbe old days of the sign of "The mortar and pestle" to tbe pi event lip-to-lhe-mimito drug store that has stood in tbe same old place with the same fnilhful ready to serve' in which Mr. Gibson and his family and employes will receive the congratulations and best wishes from a host of friends throughout the town and county, the state and the country I on Wednesday, January 15. Time marches on I The most impressive article read this ' week is entitled, "Modern Miracle Men." by Rex Beach, in one of our popular magazines for February .... In lhe .summiiiR up of (he happcii- uiKs of 1935, ii f c |i | ( , o. O. Melntyro to select the biggest spiritual uplift (bat crime to tbe bruised world in 1935, coming as an aftermath to the shocking tragedy that removed the most be- Iwavs loVCl1 cili/en of lhe <lf| y- referring of damnsk ami centered with n ba.sket of gracefully arranged poinsettins, and ferns, with the Christmas colors, .•till further ntressed in the red and green tapers burnini! in silver holders. A like motif was observed in the confections, nut cups and place cards, bearin/.' the names of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Brian). Mr. and Mrs, R. V. Herndon, Mr. and Mr:;. J. F. 1'orterfield, Malcolm Porterficld, I Mr. and Mr j Mr. nnd Mrs. Thos. Kinser, Mr. anil Mrs. C. C. Lewis, Mr. nnd Mrs. L. W. Young, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Houston, Mrs. Gc'jrgo Robison, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Swanke, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. franklin and Master Bobbie Franklin. Mrs. Bessie Battle has had as guests at her home in Fulton for the past two weeks, her sisters, Mrs. W. T. Wooldridge of Pine Bluff and Mrs. Lena McClung of Little Rock. Mrs. James L. Jamison was the Saturday guest of friends in Malvern. Mis."! Margaret Powell was hostess on Thursday evening to the members of the Thursday Night club at her home on Enst Second street. Orville Krringer was a business visitor in Little Roi Saturday -k. Tbe W church wi 2:30 at the gram. M. S. of the First Baptist I meet Monday afternoon at church for missionary pro- The foregoing poem was written by Mrs. Stella Gibson Cameron of Houston. Texas, and dedicated to her brother John S. Gibson, who. on Wed- *• to the passing of Will Rogers. Mr. Mclntyre says: "Heartbreaking us H was to all of us. it. did more to call attention to the beauty of simplicity, the Kiandour of homespun honesty and the excellent fruitage of clean living than a thousand sermons. It was a heritage that America needed, a wholesome purge- for the unholy trinity of doubt, disillutionmonl anil ' despair." ... j What a splendid work we have had j at the Saenger, and the marvelous' voice of Lily Pons, il makes one feol I like rearranging lines from Goldsmith ! nnd saying "We wonder, and still .the j wonder grew how one small body ; could carry a voice so strong and true." ... Our hal is off to Miss Fnye Samuels. the Hcmpslead county girl who ranked first in lhe nation in the nickle and ii'lish class of the Na contest. Miss Samuels „.. t«:r of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Samuo!s"of De-Ann. . . . If yen lire interested in good radio *L. T •w-*v~xcrr T JN J^Z^J/ .cfitSniE's i I-7KST niKISTIA.V CHURCH (illy I). Ilo.U. IVsliir Our Bible School starts at !):•!"> a. in. and we want to urge you to be here on time, we have a class for age in which lo study the Wt God. Morning worship at II a. in. Sermon subject, "Christ Proving Himself." This is a message that you should bear. There will not be an evening wor.'hip hour in our church ;?s we will Alexander i Jew. ON ALL DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. V. Hnllanrl WANTED-MEADINC, HOLTS White Oiih—WHsky and Oil (jrnrtc. Overcup. I'ost Oak and lied Oak. Round SivcH Gum Blorks. Tor prices and spccilirnlioiis, Sec HOl'i: HKADJNf; COMPANY riione 215 Hope, Ark. itop That Cough WITH The best remedy for simple roughs and gastric fcnueiiliilive we linvc. 8 oz. Bottle 60c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The. REXALL Store" ('bone I,:; 1I( 'P". Ark. Iv-,tablished 18S5 programs, listen in Semmler pianist, on Sunday mornings at 9:30. Mr. Semmler is giving the Beethoven Sonata series, and is ranked as one of the few musicians being able lo give the entire series I ol thirty-two s:matas. } -t -1 -I I The Friday Music club held its Jan| iifiry meeting at (he home of tbe ac- j companist. Mrs. Edwin Stewart. North j Hervey street with Mrs. K. G. Norton i us joint hostess. During the business meeting conducted by the president, Mrs. J. C. Carlton, the club voted lo sponsor a silver tea on Saturday. February Ifitb, nt the home of Mrs. J. G. Mnrlindale, Wesl avenue B. Following tbe business meeting Mrs. Wilbur Jones introduced the program on Twentieth Century Music with a most interesting discussion on "Nationalism in France." Followed by a piano number. ''Rhapsodic de- Auvergon, Saint Saens, by Mrs. J. C. Carlton. Miss Joy O'Neal sang. Saint Safrns' "My Heart at thy Sweet Voice." Mrs. Carlton gave an illustration of "Realism." A piano number, "Romance." Mauro. by Mrs. Minor Gordon. The program closed with lhe chorus, "La Belli' Yoluns." old French air, by the Choral club. J. L. Green left Friday for Washington, D. C., where he will attend a i national convention of cleaners and ! dyers. j — l — ! Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Franklin were bosis to ii group of friends at a beau- lilully appointed dinner on Friday evening at Hotel Barlow. The dinner was served at one large round table, in tbe private dining room, laid with ! bear Daniel Rosoff bring his message | on "Laugh Clown Laugh." The pastor ' wishes lo urge you lo attend this .•••er- j vice, for you will be greatly benefit- ted by the message of Ibis Christian ho is a true folower of the Christ. Christian Endeavor for our Young People al (i:'lfi p. m. in the church bungalow. Mid-week prayer meeting on Wednesday night at 7:30 p. in. We wish to extend to everyone 1 a cordial invitation and a hearty welcome to one and all our .services. of OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE First Sunday After Epiphany 10:15—Morning Prayer NV.;>(I—Catechetical instructions. 10:45— -Spiritual Rending. 11:0()--IIigb Miiss. honoring the Feast the day, tbe Most Holy Family JO.'-.IIK. Mary and Joseph. Discourse: "The Family." •1:00—Study Sunday Visitor. 5:()('— Benediction with the Most Blessed Sacrament, and prayers, tin- Holy Infant and Family. FT. MARK'S KPISCOPAI, CIIUHCH Sunday, .fmitiary \1, |<i;n; Ethiopians Claim j Italians Retreat j Before New Rains Government Verifies Re-' treat From Mountains— ! Makale Fate Uncertain \ ITALIAN TINES CUT! Ethiopians Cut Invaders'! Communication Lines on ' Scuthern Fi'ont i ADDIS ABABA, Etliiopifi--(/f>)—Un- confirmed reports circulated here Saturday that (he Etliioi)ian forces on the m.rlheri! front bad recaptured Makale key point of the Kalian lines. | Gove!-imunt official;; said they were i uninformed of the reported develop- ' ment. The government claimed. h:nvever, that the Italian northern army had'.' abandoned at least the mountainous I Ti-mbien sector just west, of Makale, amid heavy rain;; falling far in advance c.f the usual "little rainy .season" usually starting- lato in January. Battle on Southern Front ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—Twenty thousand Ktbiopian soldiers under Has Dcsta Damiu, Emperor Hailc Selassie's son-in-law, Friday ni"hf v.-err- engaged in a bloody battle with the main Italian army ,,f Gen. Rudolfi Gra/i;mi near D-.ilo. one of the principal gateways lo Italian Somoliland. Desta Damlu reported heavy losses on both sides and asked kuick reinforcement." to stem the Italian advance, which ha;.- progressed .several milis in the last 2-\ hours. Thirty-five thousand tribesmen were reported nHiitiK (o aid the Kthi'ipians from the neighboring pro- inco of Sirlamo. Tanks. Radio Station Sriwil A bi);b Italian officer and several hundred native troops were killed in the battle of Karanle on the bank of the Webbe Sbibeli. a government statement confirmed Friday. Six tanks, nine machine gun:-, an Italian radio station and largo t;uanlities of rifles ant' ammunition were sci/.ed by the Ktbiopian troojis, tin government said. Tlie Ethiopian victory at Karanle cut communication between the right I and left flanks of General Graziani's ' r.rmy, stretched across the 150-mile ! frrnit from Walwal through Gerlogubi and Danane. a soillement a few miles northwest of Karanle. it was asserted. Ktrrtrzy Altered The Italian cor.imanders apparently have abandoned their campaign against Harai- and Jiji.na because of difficulties encountered in the vast ORaden desert. Their latest strategy, it was believed, would be to start a push toward tile fertile Bali and Sirla- mo provinces in the. upper Webbc ?hil eli valley. R;'>: Nassibu. Ethiopian commnndor- in-chief on the southeastern fi-ont, al- was reported on the march from IKirar with the first troops mobilized there under the emperor's recent ii-dor. He will be joined by another force tinder General Mnkonncn, which left Oc'aden for the Dolo sector. PAGE They'11 Continue to Shun Schools e.' at the Tn 10 Joe NC<I Oak ir-, 'Continued from pagt one) Jon Pohiirr again vi'h ,!. fmnoir, (In.-:- tlire, "Colic: I Spark;.. I.yi;. Frances L.-'iin It is ;i swell i r r 11 )l;;i! i" ';,,<•!• gat"'. plenty ,:| •mined Iho Mary Belle Spencer, 1G, above, and her sister, Victoria, M, be. low, will go on being "unro pressed," away from "public school perils." Their father. Dr. ..Richard V. Spencer, of Chicago Heights, 111., hns been acquitted by a jury of a charge of violating the state education law, in allowing them to educate themselves at home in their own way. Neither ever has attended public school. The *tory ( Broadway pi,- • I'loarrlinj? ;-:(:hfi handy-men. 1,-. anti-publieii v O'akie i.-:il of .ia ing of the wii!. nev/ly-a< <|iiin ,-! the way the.. i.S a Victim (if U forces and pro which prove.. a because of i;-. phere. ! Oakie ,-i)n j things hum ' clumne the 1 school." su I the s-.ither ! and liriu'.' : place. j Penm i-';; ; ' mine his ident illice wil linn; Betty Grablf... huge p'.'pularii last two year;; the screen. All in all. grand cntei lii pleasimj to 'int. I; a dewlinr/ are de-dueled, this leaves a miner about $6.25 a week with which to ft-t-rl and clothe his family. In J<)20 Die average yearly wage of miners was Slll-i. Today it is 5575. Yet today. i with mechanical appliances, be cut- 50 per cent more coal than in 11)20. Trickery Is Charged Leaders of the miners admit that many coal mining companies show a very small yearly profit, but they i contend that part of this is due to jug- ulery. Trices of coal :,old at the pithead in HKiJ. compared with 1924. have decreased from SI.30 lo $1.7,"; a ton. And thai is where the miners say the trickery comes in. They t.i'.y .some of the big mining companies arc parts of a combine-, one | par) mining (lie coal, the other sell- i ing it. j The mining part sells the coal to the i •e!lin;; part, at a very low charge, and! shows a very small profit. It is the i M-lling arid distributing part which ! makes the money, they claim. \ The mining company may .show that I it .-.-ells its coal at S2 a ton yl the pit- ' he-rid. Therefore. H p yvs j ts , m - )lers the minimum wage. But the selling; company may sell the coal for S3 to Sfi j a ton. The men claim to have figures' ; bowing that the profits of many j ••omrir.r.i.-:-;; have risen by 50 per cent) n the hs; few years. Lastly, tbe men 1 trade is only p«rtjy tni» as orfiy -•jbout one-fifth of the soal mined 11 sold abroad. «•«.«. . \ :.ii :h to Open (Continued from page one) .'•ay its activities have been the tab* .ic-'ct of 230.000 iiewr, stories and 6eU- In addition lo (lie executive ceknj* miffeo there arc u national advisotjr committee and » national lawyer* committee, the latter compos&d of prominent attorneys whose reports on the validity of "new deal" laws and piopcsed Invv.s have rtirred •Wide" spread and heated political Controversy. The le;i;:ue vvss organized in Au- pust. 1931. to "defend constitutional Drintipler," and President Shouse sayB "it does not favor one political party as BRtiinst. another." Du Pouts Contribute The league recently reported ia congress that its receipts during 1935 totaled S483 375.46 and its expenditures S38S.973.92. leaving a surplus of about S03.000. President Shause's share Was more than 5.14,000. his salary amounting to ?36.750 and his travel and expense allowances being S1S.OOO. The Du Pont family was the largest contributor. Ircnce du Pont, on't of the founders of the league and a supporter of Al Smith in his 1928 campaign, being the No. 1 "financial tinge!" with a loan of 579.500. "Oon..,H.," „,;.;,,,, f,,,. uric r, I ar.d H,,,.,Id bo ;>K. !<• ,>r- . nd ea--:; of! lhr- v,.Minr<- i Adam and F,ve wore nrimlng tbe animal.'-, of the enrth when alonj; came a I rhinoceros. j Adam: "What :)ni! we call this . one'.'" Eve: -LitV call i! a rhi.'i,.ce;-o«. ' Adam: "Bui wliy a i-hmoeons'-" i Eve: "\Vall. because it looks nnre j like a i binccerons than ;-nythinf: ] we've name'! YLL." '. We have fil eel over 237.080 prescriptions . . . and each of them has been filled with (he most cxactinjj care from the purest and ireshcst of ingredients. The volume of our prescription business is a tribute to our skill. Accurate-Dependable-Promp ~" •*. Bring your prescriptions to us for compounding where they will be filled accurately and promptly. John P. Cox Drug Co. 84 We Give Eagle Stamps Band Auxiliary Tin.- Hope Band Auxiliary held iiV'ir meeting Friday afternoon at the New Capitol hotel and completed plans for coming Cake Walk, the date lo be announced later. J. K. Sales was elected general chairman of the, e:-!u w:-.!k. Mrs. Fred White-, chair- i man -if the cake committee. Only [ humc made cakes will be accepted.} The.- members wish to have as much co-operation as possible from the nuitl;er.s. Mr. Grumpier is now be.cin- nhv his Junior Band. All parents wii.- wi.sh to enroll their children ca telephone 100 Monday or Tuesday. Hickory Shade Holy Eucharist, 7:.'1(1 a. m. Holy Eucharist and fermon 11 The annual con^ifgntional ins will be held Monday cvonim nary }',', at 7:.'!fl p. m. Hisler dcliverc here Saturday a. m. •nee! if Jan- Shover Springs Let's Go! SUN. MON, —and-— TUBS. We're all going "COLLEGIATE!" Oakie inherits a girl's school . . . can ya 'marine'.' Joe Penner's the bankroll and Lynne Overman and Ned Sparks are the serious notes in this singing, dancing, romancing college musical . . . w ii h Joe Penner q n d Jack Oakie Ned Sparks Frances Langford Betty Grable Lynne Overman —SHOUTS— Cartoon "Plane "Dippy" Paramount News Kov. W. J nur^ess filled his rer.ulnr appointment here Saturday niulit. Sunday and Sunday nif;lu. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. II. I?. McWilliams, January Ii, a 11' , pound son, : i christened Donald Jen-ell. Mother , ! and .son are dcinj; fine. Hoyolt D.eeter has returned to his | work iit Khrovepon. I,a. : Mr. and Mr.v Charles Ro/.ers were i Sunday dinner euests of their brother O. ,!. Philips and family. _Mr. and Mrs. IJ,,borl Oarrpfi of Cenlerpoint were Sunday dinner «uest.s of Mr. and Mrs. Murrell Hucklebee. Mr. and Airs. Allen Walker .spent ,: Monday with their sister Mrs. J. VV ' McWilliams and Mr. McWilliams. Mr and Mrs. Clifford Byers of Providence school attended church hero and link dinner wilb Mr and Mrs ! Allen Walker. ; Mr. and Mr.,-. Aubry Albrilton of , near Hope wi-ri' dinner guests of Mr, and Mrs. Howard Collier Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson of j Henry'.•• Chapel were Suudiiy dinner ' j Riiesls of Geurye Crews and familv. I Mr. nnd Mrs. John Heece and son. ' , Orady and wife- spent Sunday wilb Mr. and Mrs. Hush Laseler. Leonard Knj-land and Howard Heece spent Sunday wilb Raymond Johnson. Mr.v J. B. Beckwoilb spool a while with Mrs. Oscar Philips Sunday af- lei noun. Mrs Hoyetl is :-pcmlim; tbe with her pare-ill.-', Mr. and Mi- Mitchell of Neho. Mrs. Potts and son of Beaumont visited her mother. Mrs. Mollie Tally Wednesday. Mrs. Tally has been sick but is improving. Mrs. J. W. MeWilliam called on Mrs. C''harlo>: HOHITS Friday m-iriiiny. Mi. and Mrs. Viiwl'England called on Mrs Charles Rogers Kridav i.'ven- Sbover Spi-ings The Shover Springs Homo Dcmon- •-Iralion club met Thursday, Januaiy 9. a', ihe home of Mrs. V. M. EiiRhmd. The meeting was openoi by sini:lnj: -The More We Get Toqelher," Devotional and prayer was led by Miss LeVeta England. A new roll consist ing of only eight members was made and answered with a new year's n.soluti >n, Liiiders were elected as follows: prc.firam committee. Mrs. J. F,. Mc- Williiims and Mrs. K. Aaron; merber- .'hip committee. Miss LaVeta England and Mrs. Lesley Day; home management. Airs. J. E. McWilliams: food preservation, Mrs. V. M. England; food pieparation. Mrs. Lesley Day; art.crafl, Mrs. S. R. England; clothing. Mrs. G. Crews; ijanlening, Mrs. E. AIIIMII; ndscaping. Miss LaVela England;- IJi.ultry, Mrs. H. C. Collie's; recreation.' Mrs. J. S. Heed. The meeting places for lhe first months are as f illow.- C S Oi'ws; March April. Mrs. H. C. C .S. R. England: June., A poem "New Yc was read by Mrs. 11. V. M. England read a iut: suiige.'itjoii.s for (be Mrs J. E. MeWilliam.. Bro. Willie £:C'Od .sermons and Sunday. Bro. Clearence Ross also delivered a eund sermon here Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Crider and little .son. Charles Dental spent Sun- L'.I.V with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bruce. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Robinson spent MX i: February, Mr-. . Mrs. K. Aaron; oilier; May, Mi.-. Mrs. J. S. Reed, ar s Kesolution.s C. Collier. .Mrs. i article ol'i'er- club aiemtuM.- read a poem Little Vincent Willett and John Al- viu R:j!;er.s look supper with their Krandmother, Mrs. Rogers, Tuesday ninht. Jai. and Mrs. Odis Honcycuil and iViniiy spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, Ben Robinson, •'•''• mid :ur.-. :vi. E. Wilson spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. 15c-n !i;)!)in.-i.in. Mi. and Mrs. M. E. Wilson spent •Sunday afiernoon with Mr. and Mrs B. S. WiUen. Mrs. Allic Malone. Mrs. J. S. \Villett and Mi.'-.'-e--- Millie Kee and Cine Rog- LI>- spun 'i uesday with Mrs. J. K. Rogers. Air. and Mrs. J-)hi i imily from Artisi; wiln Mr. and .Mrs entitled "What Have We Done To- Day." A general discussion was iben held on "My Aim For tin Ensuin : \e:ii" For a closing N mjz the club son" "It Isn't Any Trouble," and, "Pack Up Yonr Troubles. Mrs. E. Aaron won the pri/e riven for winning the contest in the recreational period. week ,. Jeff HEY! LOOK-! IT'S MY TREAT! for 35c - Plus Tax J. W. i%i)Kland and Rev. W. J. Bur• Mess wire dinner quests of Mr. and ! Mr.s. Ilii.ub Lasetor Sunday. Mr. and Mr.s. Merrell ' Huckabee s|-eiit Salurdiiy wilb their mother. Mr-. T J. Jack-on. Mr.s. Lester Day .-.pent Sunday wilb Mr ami Mi.-,. Charley Garner of Oak Grove j Cculci ville I Tbe Centerville D.-mon.siraiion Club i met at the home if Mrs. ,1. W. GO.MIO., | wilb 12 mi tuners and six victors pie.-eiu. Tile ilev iliouid was ieil hy :\hs. II 1'".. PatleiMin using !)1 Psalm i l.'liowiMl by the Lord'.- prayer by all. j Mis... Alf.:iil discussed the year boo!-; and tlu- cluli market at Hot Springs. She reminded each member to turn in each month their report. Tbe homes for each month were chosen tor the year, afler which wv bill a guessing game. Mrs. Sid Skm- r.cr winning the pri/e. Tin h islets assisted by Mrs. Aulny Goynes and Mrs. Kenneth Jones .served ham .sandwiches, cookies and hot chocolate. Tbe next meeting will !>;• with Mis. Kenneth Junes. Fibiuary :! Off W»«f For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sec Roy Anderson and Company Mi.ie than five weeks were required ior the 20 rull calls of the House of : Repiesc-ntulivts. made during the !„.„ session of the 74th congress; only eight ; members of the bouse were present .it' j every roll call. ANJO GUOl'XH TO '(T ANY CAK BRYAN'S Used Parts •III South Laurel Street e a I Dry Cleaning lengthens iL'sar also be- T O L--E--T E X OIL COMPANY' Special—j C.al. Hi-Grade Lube Oil Phone 370 »">' «'" 1 Ni R'" Begins Thursday, Jan. l6th in Hope Star

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