Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1941
Page 3
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*•**«*•*» ** *** •**« L; ' J " f"» > ' '•• *%T pp^.—^, !If At, HOPI, ARKANSAS •SAENGER New «n4 Tuctdoy C'.JUOUI! COtBfRl RAY MIUAND BRIM AH[fiN( .. O»»v Dotrathy Hoard, Editor Telephone 768 Soc»ot Calendar I******** it t«r !>•*>* t a>) tt/f l«fi ijht t «4 0u i». 111! » «Juti of <f wilt MGITHKIfc UDY BY REQUEST By HELEN R. WOODWARD NBA Service Inc. TUB ITOnVt 1%« fllmn* at ninny lB>q||> ulurd •( Illmm Curt fcr fc*r ki*i«r>ln«law, Adcln. romr* Mkvn tkr vlrlnun, •ttllrtnl, n lrl fr*M»* • mrrttac birtn^vn ninnii ••<( fcrt farmrr i-mplnrrr, ftlrm- tl»M» Illrlmnl Tfcerp*. I>|*RB, k*»«ln« Tliari>« und AArln »r* hut In* mi «ffmr. inri to hi* kttnl> I HIT lwl«« tirlltttn« Adrtn I* «hrr*. »lr«itiiMi AniU tkrn laiMhrr, I* M* «urrU||* ID l>lRn* In Umpo- In- whlrh h» wauld not r»- *«•!«* Hnlr»> he MurtlHI kirfurr <h* rr* In Ik* IMt lilt! I WWII If tt mm * HUS RIALTO NOW THun OUT of the F O G " " SANTA FE TRAIL" r* »nefc L^<r*n^.'-^HH * P^&J j&f *** O*IN IVINJNGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS * // / ' ~" f /c\\'dci L ttit/etl 9 With »h« Mark of INDIVIDUALITY. - b 'Siufln \'^>' r>v; \\&. \ TIE.CHAINS $1 and $1.50 'CEY CHAINS , $1 to $3.50 I COLLAR PINS 50cto$1.00 BILLFOLDS . $1 to $3.50 fSUSPENDERS $1.00 Knife and /Qtch Chain $2.50 Designed and execufed throughout in the traditional Swank jeweler- J crafted technique .,. these splendid belts... cut from selected leathers...!^ colors attuned. >to seasonal ensembles.' (-...bear the wearer's own; |initials...in a choice of motifs. Affrqcfive/y packaged for si/ffs.; CHARLES A. HAYNES CO, ON MAIN ' m J ill, T 1^.11 Umcr, tlrylx-H'. !.«( (rlr»<l w-tt* U *tr**«lr ••Irm-lrd in Ul»mi bl<n« ••!.» «hrn fcrr |tl«l (a rilkrM-i M* «iU with ftlritkro li»* w»rk<N*. •»! !»«•<• klu.^" fl»»tir» UUH*, I* In. tthni . HI* .III) •'.Unit ill rrlte* wltk •« !>*»«•» «»<4rr !• |ml 1M*H« IK l»i>lll««tMiu (lull tiirr !•»«» •Hmtj *» MMMI «* Tti»r|»« •>*• ti,,t,,t t rf Ml* <iki* •»* I* nlMi Al » « « A GHOST HETUllNINGT CltAPTJCH XXiV ' .11 AH wj. l» "I'm . then jtw U»*n it 1 J wish you «Je- ol in- t 11* *•< Wil.ii j I.JIUM tljrtll M *:/>,*««»/)• ' < t ro * £ | ft( « < 1<», t «' * ! « * II >l«l t»MHt tSil.tfvf f "• <• I U »W <(l, t ullf ,! O.I < >«) I . I, |.'J \, „ W I t .t (t ". • . , W ' .-(« X 4 I „ ,< W » l it >m *' » ** ^ * J >. W./ > h* H < * i * * Ui. . i. t , i ,", t ; ii , ,, h i *u.' < t f»»t < , 1 M 1* S S < S,, «< I 41 J ... J'. I 1 »( (u J n,l J4, J < > rt-1 < l i. » * i , , M I ,,,w ,u.. , <„> '*,« »„,», » M -»t ,* M , >«•>>•» •» t»,i Mi« i }* 1,j lutjjttd (VttX> JJKMC to with nM>," he tj rns »*«> fcj»iiS f»Un!j'. "IJut it won't t« "<>t U>hg, 1 tart tessurt" you ! Jisup »>o iV'ulI J <»n at.? JUf,> f? JT»> wfcf-.tj*" T).c vi*)A* t <-wni«e }n>m the y, hatl thp rflwrt of « hell thrown into their 1, a* h !*•)») ini Cut l. worn »nd bil) £IjII>, I j'rx) ifjl" UJP joofn. nt" Adds shrank back against Richard Thorpe, But Stephen's eyes were on Diana's face—a face flooded with blinding radiance — Incredulity giving way to certainty—doubt to Joyful realization. And just as he had spoken once before, he snid, "Diana, my beloved—" and held out his arms. With a little cry, she Hung herself Into them, felt them close around her strong, safe, heavenly, comforting. Fell his lips, hungry, demanding, passionate, claim her own eager ones. They clung together, those two whom time and •space and a threatening eternity hud not been nblt to part, and something of the magnificence of the moment thrilled the heart of each spectator. » * * JN a short lime the news of Stephen Curl's return wouJd Hash «cro*s the headlines of a nation —of how ft tramp steamer had picked up the remnants of the jwtrty f*r off the regular putlis of ships. How h<? insisted on being flown directly home unannounced, hit fabulous rescue kept secret tram U>» world uniJl he hud first hrld ht» wife in his arms. But now the man who was to ftpwe as the hero of that atnatlng held Dlsrtu close against his ftttd Iti that moment al! the and doubt of the last l«w we^k« were fcvu-pt uw.iy. At last he rsiwd his head and !ooU<:«<J lit the other*, hia arms till) holding Diami c'Josc. "Are you all convinced now that men •Ao sewx-Urne* rctuni from the •. and tiiat if a man's wife to believe in him und wait tin hi& return tJic is not neces- MHly cr-ajtyr" he dc?nttnded, his !<jii(< and ryes accuiino; Adda. She fclirank from him us he Wf-nt on. "I stood outside that Avar 1or a few minutes. Long enough to hear Diana accused of im.snily, «** Evalyn find out that her hu,-.biiiKl had been untrue to brr. and that my staler—my sis- UT!—-was the brat who had dc- Btroytxl h<»r Eden, But I hud known that Jong «KO!" He tc-H DU.nu Btart and tightened his grayp. "1 knew it on a niaht. wife endangered her own reputation thinking to save yours, Adela, which wasn't worth saving, I knew the trick you played to discredit her in my eyes. But I that's why I wanted you lo stay, Diana, Because I knew you were fine nnd loyal and that I could trust you with my life. 1 thought I'd straighten everything out when I came back—and I will •though I hadn't thought to stair so long!" * • • TT1S words released the tongues XJ - which had been spellbound and with on excited babble they nil closed around Stephen. But he would not take Adela in his arms, would only look at her with cold, accusing eyes. And Diana knew that Adela was being paid in full for the havoc she had wrought. She whispered to Stephen, "Please, Stephen—Adela can't help being like she is. She only did those terrible things because she loved you so much—did not want you to love anyone more than you did her—" "Then she'll just have to get ujsed lo the idea," Stephen said grimly, unyielding. Somehow they finally all cleared out—Phil Bruce escorting Evalyn tenderly. And Diana remembered his words, "It was always understood that one of us would marry her—take care of her always!" Phil would see lhat no harm came lo Evalyn. Adela and Richard—so strangely alike in their unhappy natures —perhaps they might flnd a measure of contentment together, each understanding the other. And the officer, who went home to tell his family all about the strange drnma he had witnessed. Which left Diana and Stephen alone in the library at last. The fading rays of the afternoon sun fc-H across the pleasant room as they sat in each other's arms. Stephen's tired head rested against the red-gold waves of Diana's hair. "Early this morning, from the boat bringing me home, I watched the sun come up out of the sea," he Said poftly. "And I tried to send u message from my heart lo yours. I said—" Her voice took up the words. "Diana, my beloved—we shall soon be together again—in just a litlle while—'' Their eyes met, held in a sort of glory, "You heard?" She nodded. "1 don't know how —or why. I only know Dial neither time nor space—not even eternity—can keep us apart." THE END 7\«vt,r li M.at M itiMi [nriit lh (t t!ir , (TKprfl O Nm) UiiKJifch, win) vcic ettMl hi cud rulers, j f<i><J hanccd one- n! hit, mvrr f,.o!<lic'rf> j !<n PiiUtiH KnizlitA Uiciiib whrn he' wwk Irfttlinc Iri.-Jt forces in rebellion' «Rmnt.t Kngl&nd. Arr)mi'i)loj;ir;(l Kind IVicek'Si jewelry which onco adorn- r<i women nnd men of the court of Nebnch/idm'ZKir .some 2500 years ago, munificicnt wulplurcs of the Sassan- j i»ii ]x-riod, nnd royal lombx more than New Officials of Kiwanis Club Officers Will Be Installed on January 5th In a special meeting of the Hope Kiwanis Club Friday night In Hotel Henry, Kiwanis Lt. Governor Elect M. E. Pickett, Helena, instructed newly elected oficers, directors and committee chairmen in their duties as Kiwanian lenders in these days of war when there is desperate need for an all out civic effort. Mr. Pickelt pointed out many ways that the local club could assist in the present conflict, as well as other civic work in Hope. Ofifcers and directors elect arc: Rev. J. E. Hamill, president, Ched Hall, Immediate past president, James H. Pilkinlon, vice president, and B. E. McMahen, secretary. Directors arc: G. T. Cross, A. W. Stubbeman, C. W. Tarpley, Ed Hankins, Cecil Dennis, Thomas Cannon, and Buford Poe. These officers will be installed in an installation meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday night, January 5. At which time a ladies night, and interclub meeting will also be held. Yerger Has 2 All-State Men Hope Places Two on All-Arkansas Negro Eleven LITTLE ROCK — Dunbar High School won six places on the first 5500 years old were discovered at the site of the ancient city of Kish in Iraq. team of the Arkansas Negro School Conference all-state announced Saturday. Hope placed two and , Little Rock, Pine Bluff and MarianfiS,, one each. *" First team: Stephens of North tlttfe l Rock and Wheeler of DunbaT, endsJ'' Mathis of Dunbar and Austin of H<^l6 v , tackles; Jones of Dunbar and Stewan of Hope, guards; Grice of Dilnbkr, center; Kay and Rayburn of DunbSri Smith of Mananna and Torrencfe tit Pine Bluff, backs. * S Second team: Hicks of Hot Spring and Robinson of Helena, ends; Wright of North Little Rock and Lee of Cot- A ton Plant, tackles; Saulters of North, Little Rock and Walker of North Little Rock, guards; Minor of CottSi Plant, center; Austin and Poindexte*. of Hope, Scroggms of North Little' Rock and Ward of Hot Springs, backs. Barbs None of her business is what excites a woman most. Folks are taking up bicycle riding to reduce. Bet they'll fall off quite a bit. ( ' It must be monotonous for some married men, giving dictation all day long an dlaking il al leveniiigi , Hitler turned to a war of grab be^ cause he figured there was no wrest in peace. =>^ at the THEATERS • SAENGER Sun.-Mon.-Tues.-"Skylark" Wed.-Thurs.-"I Wake Up Screaming" Fri -Sat -"Down in San Diego," and "Return of Daniel Boone" • RIALTO Matinee Daily Sun -Mon -"I Wanted Wings" Tues -Wed -Thurs -"Out of the Fog" and "Santa Fe Trail" Fri-Sat-"Billy the Kids Fighting Pals" and "Bury Me Not on. the Lone Prairie" • Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS She'11 Want ,\« " ', Van Raalte' . HOSE f it*. V > n) K5««i«)(U Thr •4<J Yfw« A»r In Qii'ft Ofrmonj HK» Jrtrf-f June M M». aisd Mr» C in Oiarlr* A >Vi(j»_v jTVp*)mg IVcrmbcr U al Ilie h«e«;o of |)MI l»»<te's jutrniU in !><•• jwnlor c.! ibp C)»i»tian rhurrh <>( , Mriia rrati liw i)npJC*wvp rjlw. ' 1 Mi* Aimilafp Mlrmir-fl Hendwfcwi ! Sutr Tca< )»rr*' Collrgp. Arkadrlphi« J | suit wan gr»iil\i«|jMl (tn»n Texas Sun.. lV>llrg«> da Womrn. For Ihr (>»M *c- ' vn al month* .".lie )>»* mwtle bn hnmo j | in Hni«v J Mr Aimiliigo. wbii is the win of CriAili-* II ArmiUijji 1 of Andovrr MUI.S... Iml.s us bij, KfhooLs I'tul)i|>.'.- Anilovc-r nmi MuKMu-hiielbi hutitnlr ( TMbnc.loc.v Mi- is Ibo ;i(linii)i.slin- livr nMiiMunt Ui the coinniandiriR officer ,i( tin- SmUbwcMcin Proviiifl GlO\IK(l Colonrl D. C. Citbell was nn out- of-town K'"'M for tlie wedding. Miss lUixliiTij WtUs Cecil Ijnnli Ijis| \Vook J. O. RHsbcrry of Tyler, Texas »n- luiunccs tin- mnrriagc of his sister. Miss June Knsberry, to Cecil L;cii)h, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Everett Ltimb of Hope The ceri'inony took place on Saturday, December 13 in Tcxiirkuna. The young couple will make their home in Hope, where Mr. Lamb is employed at the Southwestern Proving Ground. Personal Mention William P. Rivers, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Rivers, 720 West Avenue C, is expected home at the beginning of the Christmas furlough at New Mexico Military Institute, and will arrive about December 18, Cadet Rivers is one of nine boys from Arkansas enrolled at New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, this year. Mrs. Kenneth L. Spore was among *he guest artists appearing on the Christinas program at the First Methodist church in Texarkana Sunday afternoon. She was accompanied by the Rev. Spore, Harlan Spore, and Mrs. Dolphus Whitten, Jr. -O- Mrs. Charles Thomas and Mrs. Leo Robins were visitors in Texarkana Saturday. Tlie Reverend K. L. Spore is in Little Rock to attend the Conference- wide Evangelistic conference being held at the First Methodist church. Bishop Charles C. Selennan is in charge of the program. Navesing lightouse, overlooking New York lower bay, houses the most powerful maritime light in U. S., its hr-am being rated at 9,000,000 cnndlc- povycr oad visible 22 miles at sea. \ Charles A. Haynes Co. 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