Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1939
Page 3
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.Thursday, September 7, 1939 " i in i -, • _ Two Shipments (Continued from Page One) suppliers, National Pulp & Paper Co" pnpcr vvns , Kcxhohn and was due at New New the Orleans about September 13 I Hero at The Star office it was dovoutcly hoped thai the SS Kwtholm WHS a Norwegian and not „ German vessel. Nothing further has been HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS heard, however—and "no news is good news." Present Day Budgeting Jones: "How do you spend your income?" Smith: "About 30 per cent for 40 NEW LAST TIMK THURSDAY "LOVK Um>ER FIRE" anil "THANK YOU, MR. MOTO" FRIDAY . SATURDAY ZANE GREY'S "RANGLE- RIVER" (Kirsl Time in Hope) With VICTOR JORY, Margaret Dare, Robert Coolc AND PORT OF SEVEN SEAS FRANK MORGAN! *"£••* O'SULLIVAN JOHN SEAL ' JESSIE RALPH • ALSO • The First Chapter of our "NEW SERIAL" "Daredevils of (he Red Circle" Charles Qiiiglc.v Herman Brix David Sharpy »N 12 THKILLINC. CHAPTERS _ADM. ariUincc - Nighf - jOc & I5c Modernize Your Home with A NEW BATHROOM! EASY FHA TERMS HARRY W. SHIVER PLUMBING PHONE 25J shelter, 30 per cent for clothing, ... per cent for food and 20 per cent for amusement." Jones: "But (hat adds up to 12(1 per cent." Smith: "Don't I know it!" Cause ami tiffed A fat man buni|>cd into a rather Iwm gentleman. "From the looks of you," he said, belligerently, "there must have been a famine." "Ajid from Ihe looks of you," replied the lean gent, "you're Ihe guy who cause il."-Sanla Kc Maga/.ine.' According to survey,s modern babies eat about four limes as much food as did their parents whei infants. they were Thursday - Friday EXTRA EXTRA WAR NEWS Fox News LONDON'S AIR RAID DEFENCE Scenes of EUROPE'S DEFENCE Voiced By Lowell Thomas Thursday - Friday SOCIETY fti'rs. Sid Henry open on the lies, and the The Doors of Heaven TfVic are four doors which the skies. '(he first i.s Truth, by which living word Goes forth to seek the spirit and hi. 1 heard; Lost in the univcr.sc t.he spirit When Justice with her veiled quid eyes Stands at the second portal: at third I'ailh and her sparow, Ihc immortal bird; And UK., last gain i.s Love's to pal iidi.se. These aic the doors by which the mighty pass. Yet in the walls there i.s one wicket more, With rusty hinges and a .splintered floor, A .shaltou'd sill half hidden in the grass. l Small is the gateway as the Scriptures tell; I I.s name is Mercy, and God loves it wcl1 - Selected. Taylor Alexander of the University of Maryland has arrived for a month's visit wilh his parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Alexander before his .studies at the cago. Telephone 321 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Drowsier who have spent Ihe past month in Kentucky point.s and Winona Lake, Ind. will arrive home Ihe latter part of this week. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Allrcd have as guest, Mr. Alhed's sister from Bcntonvillc, Ark. Mrs. Emond White and little daughter, Cherry, of Fort Smith, arc spend, ing this week with her parents, Mr. and Mr.s. Kd Van Sickle. Dr. F. C. Crow i.s in Lilllc Rock, conducting an examination given by the Arkansas Slate Board of Chiropractic ExamineYs. resuming University of Chi- After mi extended vi.sil with her grand mother, Mrs. Paul Kaiser, Miss Friday - Saturday JANE WITHERS "ALWAYS !N TROUBLE" and — BUCK JONES "STRANGER FROM ARIZONA" Loyce Lee Varnor has returned her home in Weatherford, Texas. to Hope chapter No. 328, O. E. S. will hold its regular meeting at eight o^clock Thursday evening at Masonic A full attendance is ulged Worthy Matron is anxious to all dues, and close up the yoai'.s business by October 1st. Mis: Magnolia, wher Marian Porter left Monday for .'hero she will enter Magnolia A. & M College. Mrs. Kelly Bryant and mother, Mrs. fcullon were Thursday visitors in Little Rock. Legal Notice Noli. LIX;AI, NOTICI-; ice is hero-by given that the Board uf Public Affairs of the City of Hope. Arkansas, will receive scaled I'ids up to 10:00 o'clock A. M Friday Supt. 15. 1939. in the council room of 'lie city hall. f,,r the furnishing of one steam driven Turbine Centrifugal Boiler Feed Pump, and accessories, F. O. B. Hope. Arkansas, at which time •' contract will In- let if » .satisfactory bid is received. The .said Board of Public Affairs reserves tl . . right to reject any or all bids and to waive irregularities. W. S. Atkins Lloyd Spencer Chas. Taylor Sept. '/. I<JH<| Scpl 7-1.1 S U I T fflPEfilflL iailvuul FAIL Aflcr nil l^nll in jiinl. uroinid I lie. corner WILSON UKOTHEKS SKIPPER SPORTSWEAR Never before have sweaters and sport jackets hecii so dressed up. They are good (o look at and so ultra smart. 98c to $3,95 OVKR I'll'TY STYLKS AND COLORS TO CIIOOSi; FROM IN OUR New Fall Hats Vou'll like llie changes in crowns ami (trims and certainly you'll like (his season's entirely new colors, Ihry're fashioned for Fall An Imperial Suit represents the ultimate to 6n« quality, good taste fc» styling and lasting valua Imperial is for the «fc«> who seeks the finer things in life. Lined with Harl-Glo TVouiurj with TALON Fttttaot COLLEGE STYLES $2.95 KENSINGTONS $3.50 STETSONS $5 to $7.50 $ AA50 fefc an NEW WILSON UROT11KRS SHIRTS Exclusive patients tailored only Ity Wilson Ur (K s. Tho shades are smart the patterns are smarter. Your choice of three collar styles, regular («<> piece, Oljaii one piece, and Tali. $1.95 OTHER SHIRTS 98c and $1.35 Haynes Bros. ''There Is No Profitable Substitute for Quality" Mi'4 R. T. Hembree and daughter, Bonnie Mae, of Washington Route 1, spent the pa.sl week with relatives of Spring Hill. Mussolini's Men (Continued from Page One) a chance and supplied with arms and munitions from surroundinf British and French colonies. Now, take all (hrec of these Italian positions, plus the detachment in Albania, which supposedly threatens Yugoslavia and Greece, and consider that there are no sources of supply in countires where they are. Each position is entirely dependent for supplies on maritime routes which would certainly be cut or at least badly interfered with by vigorous action of the British Mediterranean fleet. Tho Italians are not fools. Consequently, the natural conclusion is that all of these detachments arc for political and st-rios intention of fifht- Hay has no serious intention of fighting any Mediterranean war. Add to the above fact that Italy, herself, is the most vulnerable large country in Europe to blockade. This because she is almost entirely dependent on seaborne trade for coal, iron, copper, oil and other prime materials. An Italy cannot hope to force open eitlier the eastern gate, held by Cunningham and lii.s men, or the western gate, held by the French navy, supported as necessary by the British home fleet. Air forces cannot break such blockades nor can submarines be anything more than a nuisance. Nctlality Is the Lofical Move Then consider how most of Italy's industry is gathered in the northern part of the country within easy reach not only of the French armies, debouching through Alpine passes into the valley of the Po and Plain of Lombardy. We begin to see that Italy not and must not think of fighting Bri-1 tain and France. She probably hasj not the slightest intention of doing .so unless dragged in by the neck— either forced in by ihc Germans, who might well prefer a neutral Italy for the present, or forced in by the British and French who might prefer In have the Italian position immediately clarified. From the French and British point of view, all Italian detachments and positions retain nuisance value while Italy is neutral. Hence il probably would be better to clean up the Mediterranean and have the field clear for further operations in southwestern Europe. The awarnoss of the Italians of these considerations may lead to great surprises in the near future. PAGE THREE She Has a Suit Posing with the cute cub is Ma sionally known she feeling child screen star for in Los Angeles. sing with the culo cub is Mary Luana Wallace, dancer profes- nally known as "Princess Luanu." who says Jackie Coogan said : was 'stepping out" wilh !vs slep-f.V.hcr, thereby "outraging her lings" £30,100 worth. That's amount she's suing the one-time present .sent of the Polish government, might he under German artillery fire Thursday. Experts said the advance, which sped through the ancient city of Krakow without resistance, was ahead of the previously prepared .schedule. To- TODAY'S PATTERN This Dress Does the Trick Sports or Shopping for But They Aim (Continued from Page One) front. Germans Push Into Poland arms, Ihe communique said. It was obvious from the rough ground that these units, armed with automatic cannon and machine guns, were directing a cross-fire at valleys and creek crossings along which the French would have to advance. Despite difficulties of the uneven forest-covered area through which they were operating against prepared Nazi positions, the General Staff said the troops advancing on German soil. The evening communique, sccund of the day to anmionce success on the western front, said the 'first elements' of (lie French offensive wave were "progressing beyond the (German) frontier with the advance variable acordine to different parts of the BERLIN, Germany — (/Pj Germany's motorized troops rolled forwar over Poland roads Wednesday at such speed that German observers said Lublin, night the Germans were reported 18 miles east of Krakow, "heart of Poland." The German soldiers moving through southwest Poland toward the cast and north, were described as surprised that Poland's army was not putting up a stronger fight. No action whatsoever was reported on the French frontier. The lack ul French and British moves was puz- STANDINGS Southern Association Memphis Nashville . .. Chat'nooga Atlanta Knoxville Little Rock ... Binn'ham .... New Orleans 81 82 . 80 79 76 (>!5 64 57 64 65 65 66 70 81 85 88 .559 .558 .552 .545 .521 .•145 AM Wednesday's Results Little Rock 2, Birmingham I. Knoxville 11, Chattanooga 2. Atlanta 5, Nashville 1 Games Thursday Little Rock at Nashville. Birmingham at Chstttanooga. New Orleans at. Atlanta. Memphis at Kjioxvillc. National League , New Under-arm e Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration 1. Does not rot dresses — does > not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. 3* Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4. A pure white, greaseless, stain> less vanishing cream, S> Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics. 15 MILLION jari of Arrid have be»u sold. Try a jar today! • ARRID- > iu I0c loilcl goodl . By CAROL DAY This clever design, Pattern S,>12, is just as versatile as it i.s charming to look at. For if yon want to play tennis, you just wear the suit part, with its comfortably pleated shorts. And when you want to BO boarwalU jilrolling, or flaring skirl around you. Even with the tailored, shirtwaist top of the play suit, it makes the smartest kind of everyday dress. Ami you can match up the skirt with your oilier blouses, too. Thus it answers several impodtant vacation clothc.se questions in a few simple and interesting lines'. Gingam pique, broadcloth or percale are prati- cal cottons for this design. Be sure to turn onnS o2y linn it with ricrar braid. You can make two or three versions, quirkly and speedily grinded by the step-by- step sew sharl. Pattern 8452 is rdc.signed for sizes 12, M. 16 18. 20 and W. Siw M requires ,'i yards of 35-inch matedial for the playshirt 1 7-8 yards for Ihe skirl; 2 7-8 yards of rilrar. The new Fall and Winter Pattern 'Book, 22 pages of attraclive HCMSHS for every occasion, i.s now ready. Photographs show dre.s.sc.s made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Let the charming designs in this new book help you in your tewing. One pattern and the new Fall and Winter Pattern Bunk—2S cents. Pattern or book alone--l.a cents. For a Pattern of this attractive model send loc in COIN, you Name, Address. Style. Number and Sue to Hope Star Today's-: Pattern Bureau, 106 Seventh Avenue, New York. N.Y. Cincinnati . St. Louis . Chicago Now York Brooklyn . Pittsburgh Boston Philad'phia 76 71 71 . 65 65 58 5fi . -10 54 59 53 60 67 70 .613 .558 .546 .524 .520 .464 .444 .320 Wednesdays Results New York 10, Boston <1. Chicago 11. Si. Louis .'!. Pittsburgh fi-j. Cincinnati <!-'!. I hiladelphia 1, Brooklyn 2. Games Thursday New York at Boston. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. St. Louis at Chicago Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. American League New York Boston Chicago Cleveland Detroit Washington Phila'phia St. Louis . 76 7!J 68 Bit 58 45 38 53 57 GO 61 73 81! 01 .70S .589 .562 .531 .531 .443 .352 .280 Wednesday's Results New York 2, Boston 1. Washington 6, Philadelphia ,'). Detroit 2, Cleveland 0. Chicago 7, St. Louis 2. Games Thursday Chicago at St. Louis. Washington at Philadelphia. Detroit at Cleveland. Boston at New York. zling. German optimists theorized that political difficulties in Paris and London were- hindering action, pessimists suggested that perhaps a surprise plan would be .sprung. It was said, however, that the western front was beini} kept strongly manned to prevent surprises. Officials insisted Germany would not be the first lo strike there, restating 4U — 1 t^ Ti _ ' i . ..... that the Reich west. wants nothing in the Jus( for Fun Dear Mr. Carr: Should a man's two- button single-brested coat bo worn open or buttoned? If buttoned, which ones should he used? — Fahionabsle. Button the two lowest buttons.—St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Nonsense! Button the two top buttons.—New Yorker. To which we wdd—Why not button the top and bottom buttons? John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Ea«Ie Stamps PAY YOUR BILL BEFORE THE 10th AND GET EAGLE STAMPS BLEND Keg U. 5 f<ji Of. AKHP TRIO FACE ROUGE POWDER LIPSTICK MAGNESIA MILKof-FuIIPt. 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A lifetime guarantee with each pen. Si/cs for ladies, men, boys imd girls. Tlus pen will not leak, hlot or brt-iili. THE NEW 1'LUNGER FILLER—VACUUM Z1P-OM.V ONE PULL ANU I'J This PEN holds 200^ more ink than ;uiy ordinary fountain pen on the market! You can write f Months on One Filling! No Repair Bills. No U-ver Filler! No Pressure Bar. Every Pen icMod a anteed uy (he factory to be unbreakable for life. Get yours NOW. THIS PEN FREE if you can in the cily for less than FIVE DOLLARS! This Certificate good only while advertising Sale is on. 'INTRODUCTORY OFFER—Tlus Pen will be $.5.00 after Sale. Also ?1.5l) Pencils to Match Above Pens, only -!>c John P. Cox Drug Co Phone 84 ADD lie Extra for Blail Orders RfclUABI.U PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS LIMIT 3 Pens to Each Ceriificnte

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