Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1941
Page 2
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$ 100 W A N'T ID «*** KSIA* **** . . Jeff a* .. -rt •*. . W* Jklf«* iwOuWKJOVW -—Wr)~« Tan non» I "'*"" r"»»«w ««•» ^Kwwwn-, w* ibpnt i fc^iob.iMt;-'««n«,-'.: «;h*dul.*4 ft» I ** *?*» S**M«* i««»&ii ** ^*i» «**• f SfcLw..--L. .• <k*_,., r. *• ..•*.; ^»v__i... _; ... ^••i* 1 » I rJVkMfc. DfcM. ttinfotib, jja&* feh*»JY -tt&f&f Sit- ££&«&. «•' .!»•» „.— __, _, j 14.':.<S«n, John Western dtofoue «»m- ;' representatives here from Pa*., briefly with G«m«rat irday asJctfd Gav. Cut* .,, .,,„_.. to request that the- jam* ^canceled for military teajons, s^jfjjf;!/.-',. -.j 1 ".' "' • . • . • ' ~ JdPalv "•;' • officiala said &indajc~Aey had Bowl football game on New Day be played in the Duke "either with Roae Bowl sa»e- iDr. WilBams K. Wannami*«, Dukt 1 Coach Wallace Wadte said seat, this, message to Percy ™,_,,.,, !: .,_re|jaa, State director, .of,Ath» le.Ucs, before leamJn^ of tt» can" a'tion but in anticipation of su«b $9* "rf it , ow .mm «:«{*. W* -tfett - to *«»HW Jii-W* *>!», * ..... wl is continuing plans for its we*k |spotte:' ; culjninatm« in. the football '"""n r Foniham ao<I . Mbsowv lMy^aiv .dlMs t«c*ivttl no^ st; to -cancel the events* I*. D. ?; chalrms« ol its Publktty Com' said" Sunday. •, ',• • . Orange Bowl to Play . b*iwr thtic it to 0» <te»w«f4 to J«ltl*.'»«r SplH-llptn i"H«r ."!»'r3p(r. Gte«ksSli +,*-* <*• '#**. »«. •K1«^|. •![*•:••*•>«* itoJ-JW ii •'£*/**. ^^S^KHl* • Vi.x-1-W- When, Groiimi First Gome to Be Ployed at High School the ri/Kf .'•4r\fi-*».'*i ?r<V '-V ;. V 4v*>? ^."V«3, .-.,•.+*;•-«..•.»* -,? «* at -.of the Orange Bowl Com said Sunday that' *V« don't |;see any reason for 1 canceling* the New tiar'sltey footbaU gam* h«r« b*- ; •the'.Unhrerajty ot Georgia and Christiaa University. haven't heard snythiny ab«ut tracks closing heie. and be just as much traffic to race \tracks every afternoon a* we in the hi^iv acb«v*t <tym r tana wsit h*»w>; a. chwncn to- Ww wt'.wi! oi tji« vrtxtntantdU in< hot>p talent at th«sni» tfoitmt ?»ta?*w, according to th« t*a(ftw tu.h»«JH*mj>«n\ John Griffin. Griffin says that *«svtt*-r«4 th.ffti«nfi tr» si.x team who hav« tton* th* Empire : » wtn* and dftwtt tor t *,•**• attiie Physical Relaxed Many Formerly Rejected Will Now Be Accepted IA relaxation of physical standards r or enlistments in the U. & Navy land th^ Naval Reserve was announc- Ved 'this week 1 - by the^Navy Dej»rt- |rhent In commenting on this action, pth'e Navy Department announcement ^stated that numerous men who in ! past months have sought to enlist and ffhave- been rejected on the basis of physical defects will, because ^ the- modification of physical stan- fdards, be encouraged to re-apply for ^enlistment in either the regular Navy the Naval Reserve for the dura- of the emergency, r 'The Navy Department has reqttest- Jed that any person knowing of young •'men who had been barred from en- j^listment in the Navy or the Naval "\Beserve because of minor physical ^'reasons should bring this modifica- rtton in physical requirements to the Inattention of these young men. "' Applicants with varicose veins will be acceptable under the changed standards, this varicocele condition Sto- be corrected, if the condition is .painful, at the Naval Training Sta( tions to which the new recruits are t sent. Hydrocele, another defeat that formerly ruled out numerous ap- its, will be corrected, if necea- Isary, after enlistee arrive' at Train- |f ing Stations. Applicants suffering from 5 hernia will be accepted provided their If,, Q,'s. are 75 or better. Recruits "fering from herpia win be treat- at the Training' Stations and will enrolled for schooling during their of convalescence. . Other physical defects which form- prevented men, from being ac- Uke % gay named Corb w»y through % tuteh, in th* Navy ami '• wound up his snrvim zurwtr rj.i ufj \ N»vy forwaevL Rawly, stalwart ptey-. I C* 5 ing manager for th<r Ww Owpiuttmtnitt,. [ j?*'* whose team eneuunt««t»<l th* 15n» i ^J^ day night, say* that CwWn; a «hw; hottest thing he haw MHM& on thw flour • in many amoon. "That twii juat ,ui- >, h«res to his hands, nod he can m^k* [ it do tricks that k«wp« th« «ppo»iti«>n f wondering if they «r« piayiny a num' or a ghost," R««dy mottrw«t ! The Reedy himse* fis «tttib? Bictbfe. \ over six foot and 200 pounds, his st t surprisingly fast. Hf has eigtit y«or* of high school and college flay i»i4 six seasons of experience in a Sunday school team in a league at Texarkana. Two other figures on the War D*portm*nt team are Lieutenants Richards ami West. Playing a lot of bolt fi.tr the G.-w and OH Department at th* project are the two former college stars, Mersjtra, Ijstpr and Fredrick, taster earvcd his nnm* above the goals at Warrensbiro Teach' '*• ,rt 1. t ..*" - '*****•*** ** "P S* Wi u»«. j.»»»iwj»*». ' Ur * wr '" w s * 3(Il " t - ' W * tt £?"^ rt *^ ns Wark * ?»tt.t Seal Campaign Is Progressing Returns Far Exceed Those of Any Previous Year CHOICEST PELTS SMARTEST STYLES JACKItS K COAT5 79 LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP Kl ers College. Missouri, where he p!ay- ed on the varsity for thr«e years. Frederick is from Trinity Cotlcyer, Sioux City, Iowa and well-known to I hoop tans in that area. j In the game for the Contractors Accounting Department are a number of former college greats who are roundinv into shape and Inking the coming tournament with deadly seriousness. This team is working out every night and warning all corners that they plan to finish the loop play on top—or thereabouts. This team lists among their assets Boy Sycle I from Santa Barbara Junior College, ' cepted as recruits, but which now are Waived, are seasonal hay fever; cor- rectible nasal defomities or nasal deformities of such a degree as not to ^"interfere with duty; undernourished j and underdeveloped applicants, pro- the condition is not due to 'brgajiic disease; and minor surgical j delects which can be corrected with-ii\ a raonth. Applicants who possess 18 natural serviceable teeth, with at JJeast two molars ia functional oc- ,' 'clwswn and net more than four in- V. cisws missing, will be acceptable, treatment will be given at the Stations: . Any applicant who has been rejected because of any of the defects noted above is urged to re-apply for Ji jfpjistment in the Navy or Naval Re- '"j^erve immediately. All applicants accepted with defects requiring correction will be bospital- ijed. After correction of these defects recruits will be returned to their Training Stations at the earliest practicable time. These modified physical standards will apply for all applicants for enlistment In either the regular Navy or. th* Naval Reserve with the ex- Wyse and Chessir forward anl utility man respectively as well as Wonder Wilkerson, Howard Payne College flash. The Architect-Engineers have two teams in the league composed of field employes and office workers. Rumor credits this group with having several dark horses uncovered that will open the collectiv eeyes of the competition. Lending some credulance to this rumor is the known {act that the "Designers" have a lot of recent college graduates on the payroll. These youths look a little more fit than some of the slightly obese contestants. Local fans can see again the outstanding floor work of Dorsey Fuller, who played a lot of ball for the Bobcats. When the Engineers take the floor, other men who are no strangers to the boards are: Vasco Carsan, Arkadelphia Ace, and said to be team nusleus; Dorsey Puller, another Hope Bobcat-ex who is showing a lot of pepper; Joe Nelson, Joplin Jr. College, Oscar Johnson from University of Illinois; Lester Pelbman, another Illinois man. E. D. Lord, league manager, said this morning, "We are going to have some harcj fast play. The play will be clean and we will run things off in a hurry. There will be three games each Monday and Thursday night. The games start at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 respectively. Season tickets are $1.50. General admission will be I5c a night." DRS. CHAS. A. & ETTA E. CHAMPt-IN Osteopathlc Physician* HOPE, ARKANSAS 404 Soutb Elm St TelephwiB 459 PATTERIES As low As ..... |3.i9 Ex. (Batteries Recharged Me) Stoc* - upijp^aijf Owner — •mt Jap Negotiations Related to Congress WASHINGTON — (/p) - President Roosevelt told congress Monday how Japan's course of aggression in the Pacific was climaxed by an attack on the United States at the very tune that she was voicing a desire for peace and declared that "there is the record for. all history to read in amazement, in sorrow, in horror and in disgust." The Chief Executive's message related ail of American-Japanese negotiations and of the history prior to the Japanese onslaught Mrs. Fraaklwi p. Iloosevelt says two-thirds of th« jobs in defense industries can be done by women. ception of appiicants for enlistment in classes for prospective commission- tog. idttitionnt returns Mon<U»y r» - »»al-> that tho lociit CHYMtRw* S«i»t Canv was nuitf than thctt »t ttw (*»•- y«»r. "A successful Chriatmas S«?al Cam- erculiKjis association can curry on it* winning fight tv&tinat tuhvrvuln.'iiit in 1942," Rsv J. E. Hurnill. city chiiir- man, -iiuil "Ours is n ce*nn»unily that ha» n*vcr faitvd lo distingubh \lsv\l in >my worthy viiusv. We must make this to\* successful.' ' Mr. H.imil! urged t>u»| rlt^k tlraw- ers and tiiblfs be warchvfi 'or unpaid Chri.stm.'is Seals: "Very often these sheets "f Seals are forgotten or get burifd in a w*i~ ler (4 Christmas wrapping ptip«r are out of sight until the owner thinks it is too late to pay for thvm,' 'ho added. "Our local association must draw up its budget fur 12 months of work during the coming year. It needs all the support we can give it for an effective program." Annual Home Club Party Demonstration Group Meets at Centerville County Council of Home Demonstration clubs had their annual Christmas Party at Centerville Church Friday December 12. The church was beautifully decorated with green vines holly, mistletoe and a beautiful Christmas tree. Eight clubs answered the roll call with a Christmas song or verse. Even though the weather was servvere, approximately 50 interested Home Dem- ostration club members were present. Mrs. Patterson, president of Centerville club, presided at the meeting. The meeting was opened with a song, "Silent Night, Holy Night" led by Mrs. Early McWilliams of Shover Springs with Mrs. Aaron Jones, Cen- tervivlle club at piano. Mrs. Patterson gave the welcome address followed by the response written by Mrs. Roy Burke and read by Miss Phoebe T. Harris, Assistant home demonstration agent. Mrs. J. C. Collier of Oak- gj-ove Club gave a Christmas Reading. Miss Mary Claude Fletcher, Home Demonstration Agent, discussed 'Farm (,y sw *h*wfifl-*> "f **'rt* £«'!*.'« Pvr.w.t officer* *** Hi B B<"UT»'- C*-w>i?.h I.»"H» < l^ttlr R.»:i«. stjt.4ln.Tin Busy Hour Costs Local Bank $35 A in 12 family Christmas' and beautiful examples of gave home many Christmas decorations, table arrangements and Christmas gifts. After a bountiful Christmas dinner under the direction of. Mrs. Guy Linaker, Centerville club, the group was given by the Centerville School children under the direction of their teacher, Mrs. Clarlf. Mrs. O. B. Hodnett, FSA Home Supervisor, gave a summary of Undersecretary of Agriculture,, Hon Paul !j»*r IS elfafi'rl f.R> lh*- v«ry rfay when in rapid *i»?i:»sis»im h*> ft two ch«-l»* for 37 J«. a l»Ui nl 375* ut -ji'lKiriitf.' wridow-M <Uinitg ^ busy hour. ficfnci* tt wnn discovf?rrrf th«" ^wirul- !t*r. wh': rsf*<! the r!«»rcu' t>( S H Itttl. had <!i.«j|i[«;ic(.'<l. A tornjilrtr <l«vs<'rt(i- tiori vva.'> j^ivi/n (xjlu'tf wtx« ct^fttiiuuv! the ::f;irch herr. Tokyo Worried (Continued From Page One) muniquc acknowledged Mundny niuh* that the Jauancse haw gained ground in the Ktdah area of North Malaya despite heavy losses suffered. The annoimcenu^nts s'tiil th.it heavy fightiny continued in southern Kndah en the west side of the Malaya Pen- ninsvil." mid that the situation in the difficult jungle country was ton- fused. Some fighting was soing on on tin east side of tiie peninsula in the Kelantan sector also the com- munique said. pc-nang, strong island base off the west Malaya coast, was free of bombing Monday but Ipoh was said to have expei fenced sharp warnings. The Japanese were using armored troops in the southern push. Little Reported WASHINGTON-(/P)-The War Department said Monday that enemy air operations continued over Luzon in the Philippines and that ground operations were in progress in three sections of the island. The communique said there was nothing to report from other areas, omitting mention of Hawaii and other pacific bases for tlie first time. Chinese Take Offensive CHUNGKING —(A-j— The Japanese have been forced to retire from some of their positions outside Canton as the result of fierce Chinese attacks tend n savage Chinese attack is in full swing in the Tamshui area north of made Hongkong, the official Chinese news agency reported Monday. Tamshui is about 28-miles north of the mainland border of the Hongkong colony. Fish can talk, according to Isaac Ginsbwg, icehthyologist of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. He says the sea noises '.vliich of horse makes sna apparently serve C rxi s't XI f «1^ ' . 'i'Jufe . f*i **t '&.* <;. v ,f $ fv*A, t ^ ^~~..._^—" TIM* 12 Foril IN (lie II«»*i l^uikiiig, Itosl Ilidin^ 9 Host Illuming l.o\v l*rii;od Car cv^r Ituilt Choifut of SixuH or KiyhJH •'jC.*t 291 u^> ff<* ^?w * &fy ,/ «'/•„ & -Eft i\vvvuvUiit t» $& ^** ,V«tf M*** to ,•*» 0*^ ««•«** »"?ftr»*« C» r W flo c»^ O va c , a t-^ T>' A\<> ***** ,Vf«*»' 4tf •v» ?rt«* VtV ,C6^' .e»^* 0^1* »\* ,u : The FORB is New far^M, t FORQ P^AUPR APVIRTI^EMiNT

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