Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR HOPE, ARKANSAS Hope H Star Star of Hope, 1593; Press, 1927. Consolidate*! January 18, lt» O Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon »y Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South rfalnut street, Hope, A.rk. C. E. PALMER. President ALEX. H. WASITBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in AflvanceJ: By cUy carrier, per week I5c: per month 63c: one year S6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication o£ all ne\vs dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Chnrues on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be mnfle tor uH tributes, cards of •hanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial news- capers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a leluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or tie lale-keeping or return of any Unsolicited manuscripts. They Walk in Peace — For How Long? Walking quietly in St. James Park in London, a handful of people unconsciously grouped tliemst'lvas for ;t photographer. Porhaps t-ven IIP ilitl not realize what an unusual picturo lie had made. At the right appeared an elderly couple, the gentleman carrying his uni- bi'ella. strolling like any respectable English family. In the center appeared a y.una man and woman, apparently about 22, modern and spruce. At the left phyed some boys of perhaps eight or tpi> All were uneoncsioiis of the picture or of the grouping. Tile elderly man with the umbrella was British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, taking his daily constitutional with his wife, giving no sign thai lie was about to enter B cabinet meeting on which the fate of a mighty empire well be decided. The others were nobody in particular, just people, httIt- people'with their little hopes and ambition.-? and fears. It was in the ranging of the ages that the picture told its unexpected story. Chamberlain, the man on whose slim shoulders rests the fate of millions, is 7U. When the World war broke out. he was an aldertn'an of Birmingham at 45. He v/as Lord Mayor in 1915-16. and Director General of National Service in 1916-17. Today at 70, he is pre'mier. Thursday, September 7,1030 THE FAM8LY DOCTOR T. M. REO. U. 3. f>AT. By PR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Mrdlral AssocUMo*. M4 •! Hygeln, the HeaHh Magazine Try Paintiiur ::'s, or Countino- siu-op If You Have- Trouble Alluring Skvp l.jist of four i-.itirli's (in slei-p. \ As fiii-ly ;,s I8:M ;,n rN'w! found n ; Ircquently ilurim; tin- ini-'ht. With; ami suitable liming dovii'i's. stndirs' have IIOPII maid* v. lr\-h i>.-t:ibli.--h iii'-: finitely tlu. 1 f ic't tl,.;t r-.i n.-inial r<', - i xiii sleupv 'like ii In.;" lint i!i:,l all uf! II- i:)uill!;<< <>L'r pn Itll-ll:: I'l'l'ip !t>nl i \ i urin- sl-opim: hour.s. ll wi- !vin;nn too Io ii" Ion:; in olio po.si- ly In be a fooling of itiffni'sx whicli di.s- , .. , who are exi'pec melv , , ",; \ i;o lo bfil or with people who have taken enough nlcho- lir liquor to make them semi-cons- ers practice complete relaxation. These factors ngain imlicnte that there is no absolute rule for every person It is desirable to have the air in and that the estiilbishment of H good the room sufficiently cool because too | routine is of the utmost Importance. much warmth and humidity interfere svitli sleep. It is well to have the air mildly in motion, but a draft will in- ti'rfeve with sleep. The psychology of falling asleep has brought on a number of formulas like the counting of sheep. Other ritual;; suggested include the ropctit- A line-slum of more importance is I >' m °f prayers, the miming of large wholher everyone should sleep alone numbers of animals or object.s in cor- T whether the bed should be shared liy two people. Apparently some people sleep belief double and othrs ."•ingle. This indicates that habits are nf (lie utmost importance in relation.-l,i|i to sound sleep. Some people insist that exercise before going to bed makes them rest belter. Some practice brnthing ex- iTci.«i>s before an open window, oth- turn classification <i. e. everything made of wood, every animal that walks mi four fool I or any other routine anil monot.onus ta.sk. One psychologist suggests tluit all (.lie has to ilo i.s to paint o large imaginary figure ",'!" on HII imaginary wiill by means i>f an imtiginiiry brush and a can of imaginary white paint. Ho yays Ihnt anybody who lia.s paint- three of these "3's" will shortly find it impossible to stn.v nwakp. You ciin easily imagine why. Dr. Klc'ilmnn finds Ihnt prnclicnlly all Hint has been really learned nbout the hygiene of sleep is that the ada- ption of the body to a regular rhythm ol sleeping and wakcfulncss in the 24-lunir cycle of day and night is an individual affair; that it depends on the mind to n large extent for its establishment und maintenance; and that tin- development of regular habits with respect to the activities of the waking hours, as well us those ul sleep, is most significant in falling asleep promptly and in sleeping reslitt'ully. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER I'rolilcm on I'liKf One If three men do three ilays' work then in one day tho thri-e mi.-n would (In one ilny's work. Oru- man woulil ilo i.nly UIK -Iliinl ol a ilav's work. Now (hilt Hitler is: fliiingiriK the maps and Roosevelt Ims taken over the cal- 1 t-iular, wo luck only ii slati'sman who will do .something about the weather. The Tennessee river flows twice' The principality of Liochlfnsk-in is across Ihe slate of Tennessee. only slightly larger ihun Stalen Tslnnil. OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS Wanted WANTKl> TO HI.; 1 / -Ih.Khi-.! 1'i-iu f':iul for ^Vvoii'l Ih'iiM iv.i-ir'nanvlisi I'hildren's Wtiii'.fnV Mi-n':. l-':itti-r:-.oii' t'.i-h Stiire. K.r.t b',.. ,i n .l Si ; iii For Rent \ ' r£' •S 1 /' \"' • '-" t ^' CGAD, T1-IEP.E- GOES 'BAXTER'S g^llf MlSTAH MAJOR , TMAJ : v v i ,>C-V? AGAiN—~ SPOUTING A ^P^ 'ROMA, P.eMlMD ME Or? " i I '"VAUD6E LIKC-. A SWITCH P.MGINE. vi.W MAM UMCI.F /TllTI M-ID'^ FOK HENT-T!n,v->v, fiiniir.1,0,1 apartment with Elot-ti-u' Hen i:,vi-nlor. Private bath. 51-1 K.ist Sn.1 St. :i-.'i!e FOR KKNT-Nev. Small h.,u^. \,u Highway lii. two niili-M Kajt of llupv.- Deep well. elpctru'i!\ iv.-v t f'iut<vust Phoiif 1!15-\V. -I -.'Up For Sale >GE LIKC-. A SWITCH ENGINE Vg ! / AMO BLfvMKETlNG THK ! ( MEIG1VBORKOOD WITH "POISON! j\ <"iA<-/ 'PAR/ HOW ISA : .. TO '-'.'-I I'A'e-.KR. /.WITH A PILE. OP ;( TX'^fiVO TIM -RATTUNG OUTSIDE AAAK UNCLE JUTLM-lD'S -pipe -^—. HP. A NIO'-' TO A OMCt. TH 1 BOSS COW-, t'Olt SALK f;.vh"i c low Sl.ilO ful' ;,i,V Ahiil.liu Diiffio r KOR SALE---UomM;,! Kid-In,.' re trigevatcT. .-;liyhlly used. J-uok-; likn ii€.'\v. The l;e--t value wi> liave ev, i. . , ., . , ., i ottered iu a ,-e!'n^eiato--. AU'POMO- Between him and the young people swinging so happily along on the path, I fiyE SUPPLY CO : 'P-V-i Y ''-'it i there is a gap of not one. but really of two generations. j __ , '. Lll_ .'. "_'!__ Mussolini and Hitler, rulers of Italy and Germany, are younger. They j r'Otl t->AX.E- are of the "war generation," the very cream of which was blotted out between good uGr.diuoi) and 1914 and 1918. What leaders, what k-aderslu'p. might have- risen from those j Shields. Phono 87G-J. ranks of the untimely dead'.' We do not know what leadership arose among |" the bitter and disillusioned survivors. We only know that between men of Chamberlain's age and those now in their twenties, there are long rows of graves. The young couple at center may be man and wife; they may be sweet- | . ,. , . hearts.' But they are young, with all life before them. A glance at their' J ' "-" a '-^" ! ' A '^' Male Help Wanted ^!^ \ v -.-., *-A -^ %^ •im^^lii ' ^• & -... • . fe, ^^^^m^:.^^^>n ... / I GfcN'T SEE WHV VOU JUMP ' WHEM VOU COULD SEE AT A GLA.NCE THAT IT WAS ONL V / .. A HARMLESS GOPHEP. 5N^ \ THE SHAPE OF TH 1 HEAD,TUG J^-.^MARKINGS,THE COLOR,THE POINTED TAIL SHOULD TELL VOU INSTANTLY IT 1 '-, NOT ' A RATTLER - T. CAM'T UNDERSTAND WHY l YOU JUMP ( Wfl.L.T CAII'T Ut-IDVP- ~" r ,TA,t,|' WHY M Hl'iSGN wil-l- A t^IND I.AK. PAY llt : t('>Li A BODY IV" Hl'.j [vMIH-> E l-tir.l ^OM ^ THE COMING GEMERATiOf-l - \'f ANTED -A WOI'KKK An hunest. mclusii-ions man '.v iiii'.ii:r;il company t'r,,- v.\--i. in rl.i ; !,„.•;>!.!•- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Serves Her Right By EDGAR MARTIN bright eves and uolifted heads tells their version of a better life, a more decent „ . •'.,. '' ".'" ", ' ' '''\ '" , ! t, , " . i -ui . T -n - i - -n , • Dtitl^iJ '.Vlll L'OJl-Kt ul Cc; ill!' t'tl !,•'!-,•!•world. But the young'man is only 22. A disillusioned generation will pop him , . , , , ' .. ... , , ,,. ., , , . . , I t-'l'S and iviiilL-.-H! .' Valu.ib e :V"-'i.c . into uniform if general war comes. And like the best of his generation, he. too, i . It c'-• • i't ' I ••! v,ill die. " , t-t-t-Mi -"-'• iif^ i i;fi.-:i,ie ialesmansliui in do tins [jt'ii.i.iiieni Then, in another 10 or 15 years, it will be the turn oi the boys who pinyert work, and m> sp.-cial e--iH-ne"., •• ;-with their toys as Chamberlain passed by. needed. If you ImvJ a car. 'vu'i can What sort of a Britain will they be defending—what sort of leadership will t | 0 fa\ s job. Fur full p-u-tii'iil•"•,••• -.>i-i' be running their world? I your name and aii.lress l.. Box !)'.': Should still another generation be lost, their future might be such that : Hope, Aj-k. tliey are lucky that they do not yet see it; that they could play innocently with their wagons as the Great Man passed. Notice « "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sett" • • You Can Talk to Only One Man o Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Went Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One time—2c word, minimum 30c Three times—3W>c word, minimum 50c Six times—EC word, minimum 90o One month—18c word, minimum $2.10 Hates are for continuous insertions only. NOTICE-Tho "PHANTOM KILLER" . . . "3901.T . . . i.s about to .strike! At the "Ne\v 'Die.')!.--!" . , . Friday an Saturday. 7-.':t|i ', Washington Gin ComrAViy is ginning 1 and wrapping up to ."ii") pound bale"-;' i $3.50 All bales over 5^,-; pounds, additional lc a pound. Also store vour Seed, A. N. Strcmrl will haul bnle.s' into ; Hope Compress for 25c each. A. N. , Stroucl, Wa.-hint;ton. Ark. Sept a-lm' Services Offered SERVICES OFFERED—See Hemp- ''• stead Mattress Shop, 71?. West Fourth, for new nnd re-built. Phone Paul Cobb GfiS-J. July2G-l m: SPECIAL^ 10 r : off i,n Viinity B«.-:,ni ALLE ^QP C"^-' ^OF COURSE" YOLTKNo^/TTf" /WE HAD TO S. WILL BE NECESSARY "SPRlMCb" YOU, ^TO SEND A, THIRD DOC-THE JUDGE; PARTY X WOULDM'T '..LISTEN TO US'/RESCUE, ^ ,, OOP AND V TO GO! /it BRONSONJ?/ Ycu'i'e in Troy, Ooola M >.ft. L 3 .-A I. Off.. i' V. T. HAMLINf .t, I Soptc'n,bt.-i- cti- 1 ll Pc-nniiiiont W:,vr.s. Sa!i-,n. Flionc :i'j. SEARCHER FOR YOUTH ~ a HORIZONTAL ! Pictured txplorer oi AJD erica. i.O Pernicious. H 'eject;i-2 Contest ol speed J<3 Hod groupers. 14 Prftenst. 15 Cockles;; of peact. l f , i'.'t'oc< 16 Palm iil 2f- '[' 21' 'f rozer; aess Answer lo Previous Puzzle DA,Y^|P.[li _ ^BPJAiClA .3 Preposition of . nc'.i- taricl tor °t place. 60 To slander. 44 Exclamation of surprise. VERTICAL •36 Finder of a hi.-- native wuritrj, — 5i One rhat urges-. mining claim, ,"f:"; Vouv t ind my. 49 Religious ••'•' '!'•} make a exclamation. 2 Egg-shaped •rpeecli. 50 Single things. figure. •.. .SiiK sai. 52 Attendant 3 Fastidious. •;''Co:ri. for sick 4 Cleaning :<6 Genu.- ol cows 53 Entrance. substances 31 Pound. 53 Cereal food. 5 To abdicate 33 To ; ot'ten 57 Wrinkled. 6 Rising into k-Mher. CO He discovered view 8 Stiff collar. 9 Native of Caucasus. 17 Radio wire 19 Barometer line. 21 Noun termination 22 Era 24 Billiard rod 25 Builds. 27 A support -———* 23 A ridge, RiSI 99 Neuter I '/Vv&Dl pronoun ;^ 30 Orderly, .:" 38 TriU. 40 Univalcnt element. 42 Farm worhprs i BEAUTY CUI/l'UHK Tl,,- offiVI'.-i this :i ,,i.cl;,l , n -i,.,. ]', ir | timf. A MI.-SV l»i;-.itii-.ii wills ni-w inc-nt. Comijli'tf cuurso \vilh ^^•L/" .A-.- // -" ! ~i f-7 ->. VE9 7 HAVING )THE SHERIFF WON'T] MADE ONE ( BE LONG FINDING TRIP, OQOLA'S)THOSE BROKEN „ THE LOGICAL /BARS — SO WE'LL / PARTY ^/f HAVE TO , , HUHP i-r v )) WELL, &OODBY, / GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY r/OOOL*-- -< J^REMEMBER./CHECK USE THE GUN THROWING VOU'RE IN ITHE SWITCH ll PA.N6ER! MERCV.' BLACK PITCH! WHERE WASH TUBES A Hard-Boiled Bad Egg By ROY CRANE T,.|in.;. Ko.-:m Sch,*,! 015 MM,-,. Pine Bluff : Au,;. 21I-R , HUMPH.' A VINE. PAPJ.'Jif I VOSJ 'iu;<Ntt> Oin TO \ &{.! VELLA. Son .r., " i AO BUTTEK ^ & l'~/. n ^ v-C- i /!^> luen'.s L-lnthij Iween N U. r',.K:, Ii; ,,- LOST Ran, Sh.-i,,,, near liori.^ otify Gilbert KiiH.-i-. Ki,,ir,(.-t Koiiu- l.i NOU'Rfc TOO) LlSTEM, I PI6HT TO WIN, AND TO HECK WITH THE RULES. ^4OBOOv &WES ME NOTHING — I TAKE ,T! ANYBODY GET'6 THAT'S THEIP, HARD LUCK. RIGHT MOW THERE'S NOTHING ON 1 I 3OK« EAR'TH t WANT MORE 1HAN IHW./^^, ' HtPPK-HULA BEA.U7V SECRET. l^EfkSV IN A A-NP IP AUVBOOV TR\£S-^/ g ow THtV'Vt ~)r- 1 Ho sought the 43 Improper, fountain of youth. tl A ftU 45 Valiant man. 47 Cubic. j 48 Work of genius. 49 Perfume. j 50 To a distance.' i 51 English title, j 53 To become old ' 54 Golf term i 50 Nickel (abbr.) ; t::c- U S. state 7 Italian coins. 5B Above. Want It Printed FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS :. ~>t. \ /^KHM •',-':•< I ' L'CiTfM Who's a Snake, You Snake? By MERRILL BLOSSER ,o *f!\-\i •r^E-i-'Rf bA'ONS / ILL S:MPL- PACK we sun A(.JD sfjr-AK'. THL-: BACK. \v DEAR. / ~l* UT 'lu-.ii-':. / «g.jj ,--T.\ • S/ ( rilAk HK S v, ? /^v ''•- _ GOLLY , i f SOUNDED To wt: LII.:I.. A NAKE./ : ^-: ?:1 I x-'-.l I i'T. llt-Ji, or- A Tl I A. I RED RYDER Hold Your Fire! By FRED HARMAN We'll have u printing expj-rt c:il| on you, and you'll have an cco- nomictil, liiuli quality j'>)j. Whatever your needs, we fiiii st-rvf them. Star Publishing COMPAN THEW--TiE.D ETi't: PISTOL. O\'S TEE.TW '-S A.T?tA •-AND ACROSS -THE RAVINE---PEDRO M3U 'rtAWE G£?Ot) SHOT. OR YOU Keg-L. YA(?U I / V

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