The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on June 30, 1936 · Page 13
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 13

Salt Lake City, Utah
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Tuesday, June 30, 1936
Page 13
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^_= I ... L.MM..— __ _ Minor Charge Dismissed on Spy Suspect U. S. Makes Move in .View of Serious Case of Naval Espionage LOS ANGELES, June 29 UPI— Federal Judge William P. James Monday dismissed charges of impersonating a naval officer against Harry Thomas Thompson, centra! figure in the navy spy case. The dismissal was at the request of Assistant United States Attorney Howell Purdue, who said that in view of more serious charges faced by Thompson, the United States attorney general's office had approved dropping of the minor charge. Thompson, who now is serving a jail term for the illegal wearing of a navy uniform, has been indicted by the federal grand jury on charges of conspiring with Toshio Miyazaki, lieutenant-commander in the imperial Japanese navy, to furnish confidential information regarding the United States battle fleet to Japan. Thompson will go on trial Thursday before Federal Judge Leon R Yankwich. Miyazaki, former resident of Palo Alto, Cal., and Stanford university special student, has not been found. The United States marshal's office has subpenaed a number of witnesses to testify at the hearing H«« TT m c SOni former yoenian first ciass, u. S. navy. 'Diamond Tooth LiF Dying; Sister Sought SEATTLE, June 29 UP)_Detective Captain Marshall Scrafford Monday asked Butte, Mont., authorities to help find a sister of Mrs. George Miller, who, as "Diamond Tooth Lil," was a colorful and widely known Alaska entertainer in gold rush days. Mrs. Miller is near death in Washington Institution for the In- sa f\ e < Scrafford said. Scrafford said the sister, whose name he does not know, is reported the wife of a Butte business man. London Denies Plea Of Husband Slayer LONDON, June 29 UP)—An appeal of Mrs. Charlotte Bryant, sentenced to be hanged for poisoning her husband, was dismissed by the criminal court Monday. Mrs. Bryant, mother of five children, was convicted of killing her farmer-husband May. 30. The prosecution charged the slaying resulted from her infatuation . with an itinerant merchant Z.CM.I~~ CLEANING and DYEING SHOP ^July 4th Specials Gent's Suits, Ladies' Plain W ° o! Dresses (Extra charge for white) Silk Dresses Neckties . . , ...69cup .3 for 25c Kid Gloves ~} CT (short) z.Dcpr. (Long) 35c pr. Orders brought as !ats as Wednesday wi|} be ready on Fridayl Use Your Charge Account "bring V Take" THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 30, 1936. Pope to Seek Lake Retreat To Preserve His Strength Advancing Age Causes Pins' Escape From Summer Heat VATICAN CITY, June 29 Ufl— The infirmities of his advanced age combined with the approefch of Rome's humid summer heat will send Pope Pius off to his summer retreat at Castel Gandolfo Tuesday, many weeks earlier than usual. This year, for the first time, the holy father has acceded to the counsel of intimates who heretofore have urged him in vain to make change in time to escape completely the summer temperature. Preserve Health Prelates said his acquiesence now is further evidence of the pontiff's realization the time has corne when he must take every precaution to conserve his strength. The pope passed his seventy-ninth birthday May 31. Three years ago members of the papal household urged his holiness to revive the practice.of his predecessors before 1870 by removing his court to the hills outside Rome for the summer. The pope refused, asserting, since he had proclaimed a holy year, all who visited Vatican City to see him had a right to find him there. He did make two inspection trips to Castel Gandolfo in 1933, the first excursions outside metropolitan Rome he had taken since he was crowned. Two years ago, Pope Pius reluctantly agreed to spend a part of the summer in the country, but he postponed his departure until August 1. James Stares At Serpent in Murder Trial Snake, Which State Says Barber Used to Slay Wife, Brought in Court LOS ANGELES, June 29 MPJ—A rattlesnake the state charges Robert S. James, marrying barber, used in slaying . his seventh wife, Mary, struck repeatedly at its glass cage in superior court Monday while a snake expert gave matter-of-fact testimony concerning its deadliness. The defendant, stocky and red- haired, stared at the serpent and its companion, only a few feet away from him. When court recessed at noon he said to his attorney: "I'd like to look at those snakes myself." A bailiff stood beside him as he peered into the cage containing the reptiles. Their evil-looking heads thudded against the glass, splotched with the venom of their futile blows. James paled visibly. His attitude has been one of amused indifference. The snakes are those which Charles Hope, ex-sailor, testified he purchased for the defendant He saw James thrust the bared leg of his wife into a box holding one snake, he said, and later helped him carry her body and toss it into a fish pond after James drowned her in a bathtub. The state charges James murdered his seventh wife last August 4. to collect 520.ri.10 insurance. Women in the courtroom gasped and recoiled when the snakes were brought in. Lois Wright, 21-year- old niece of James, became hysterical. Comparative calm settled over the room while the snake expert, Ronald Kirby, testified. He said snakes are .able to register hits on the objects of their attacks more than three-quarters of their length away. The wound made by a rattlesnake's fangs, he testified, can be seen a day after. "In my own case, when I was bitten, I could see the puncture for three weeks afterward," he said. "The fangs are curved and if the victim jerked or the snake pulled sideways, a tear would be made taking the fangs out." Dr. A. F. Wagner, county au Baldwin Voted Confidence by British House Labor Scores Foreign Policy of Government as 'Danger to Peace* LONDON, June 29 (£>)—Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin's government was attacked as "a danger to our country and the peace and security of the world" Monday night, but it won a vote of confidence in iiouse of commons debate. After the premier and his war minister, Alfred Duff Cooper, were subjected to a bitter tongue-lush- Pope Pius Last year he did not leave the Vatican until July 31. From each of the two sojourns he returned bronzed-in the sun and increased in vigor. The papal summer estate is situated in the Alban hills, 17 miles from Rome, amid a beautiful lake region. At an altitude of 1400 feet, the freshness of its air is in welcome contrast with the steaming vapors which hover over Rome's sea-leve] area during the hot months. Castel Gandolfo became'the papal summer residence after Pope Urban VIII erected a villa there in 1629. Japan, Britain Aim Blows at Naval Treaty Tokyo Spurns Sea Pact; British Want to Save Destroyers in Excess LONDON, June 29 UP) — The crumbling structure of naval limitation received two strategic blows Monday. Japan officially refused to adhere to the 1936 London .treaty, signed by Great Britain, the United States and France, and it was learned the British would shortly invoke the escalator clause of the 1930 treaty to save excess destroyers. Formal notification to Washington and Tokyo that Britain wants to invoke 'the escalator clause will be sent within a few days, diplomatic quarters said. The United States will benefit by Britain's use of the escalator, which will free all signatories to the same extent. The United States also has built over treaty limits, but her destroyers are older. Submarine restrictions of the treaty may be upset by a subsequent invocation of the clause by Japan. The British previously explained in notes to Washington and Tokyo that they want to retain destroyers because nnn-sjgr, a t O ris5 have built more than 200 submarines since 1930. WASHINGTON, June 29 (/P)_ The American government already had notified Great Britain that it is willing to accede to the British proposal for an increase in the destroyer strength of navies providing London assumes responsibility for the increase. Formal notice that Britain must assume this responsibility was dispatched to the British government early this month. While neither government has published the text of this correspondence, the United States is understood to have taken the position that the only way for a government to so increase its naval power is for that country to invoke the escalator clause of the 1930 London naval treaty. topsy surgeon, has testified that a wound found on Mrs. James' leg was i- a "puncture with a slight tear." NEWS REEL CAMERAMAN. AI Mingalonc says: "Camels are a big aid to digestion, and they don't get oa my nerves." Camels set you right! MRS. WM. I. HOLLINGSWORTH. JR., of Del Monte, California, x says: "CamoJs please my taste and aid. digestion." Camels increase the flow of digestive fluids—alkaline digestive fluids —so necessary for good digestion. XX04 I leaders, a technical for adjournment of ing by labor labor motion > .._ _..„ wi the debate based on buff Cooper's speech recently in Paris was rejected, 284 to 136, in the balloting, which, in effect, was a vote of confidence. The de.bate was called to discuss declarations made by cabinet ministers outside parliament which the labor faction contended were in conflict with Britain's declared policies, •Little Boy Blue' Baldwin was absent and Clement R. Attlee, labor leader, sarcastically referred to him as "Little Boy Blue who is sound asleep," Herbert Morrison, closing the case for the laborites, charged: "It is not a team, it is an aggre gation of conflicting units. It L a danger to our country and the peace and security of the world. "The truth is, the government ha. got into a state of utter irresponsibility in the conduct of foreign affairs." A loud cheer from opposition members went up when Morrison declared ministers like Duff Cooper "ought to be kept under control; it is bad for the country and bad for the peace of the world." Duff Cooper did not participate in the debate, but he heard Sir John Simon, home secretary, and Winston Churchill, conservative, come to his defense after Morrison joined other laborites in charging he had promised an unrestricted alliance with France in case of war, "presupposing it will be against Germany." Alliance Denied Both Simon and Churchill denied :he war minister advocated a military alliance in his speech to a French audience in Paris, June 26. Sir John added: "I ought to make it quite clear :here is no closing of the door on :he possibility of agreement with peaceful Germany." Attlee led the labor attack on the government and particularly against :he absence of Baldwin. . "It's time the prime minister came o this house and told us plainly what the government policy is," he said. "Thereafter members of the :overnment should control their :ongues." Al Smith Ally t< Has New Rap For Roosevelt Judge Cohalau Scores Attempts to Coerce LeHinan to Seek Post NEW YORK, June 29 UP)— Daniel P. Cohalan, who with Alfred E. Smith and three other Democrats called upon the Philadelphia convention not to renominate President Roosevelt, issued a statement Monday denouncing Mr. Roosevelt. ."No leader," he said, ''has ever made on the eve of a fight such a confession of fear and weakness as that given by President Roosevelt in Philadelphia last waek, and since that time." a=g=s=" ' Suitor Charged With Murder In Girl's Plunge Off Cliff WACO, Tex., June 29 (£>)—A. young woman's plunge to death over a cliff during a night meeting there with her admiror was termed mur- er Monday. The charge was filed against Dwens Haynes, 2tj, after injuries suf- ered in the 75-foot drop over the Devil's Backbone" at midnight Sat- rday proved fatal Sunday. Haynes told police that when he nformed the young woman, Miss •eta Tekle, 26, he , did not have nough money to get married she roke from him in the darkness ,nd ran off the cliff's edge. L. L. Hewitt, a fisherman, said he verheard an argument between a ouplo while across the Brazos river rom the "Devil's Backbone" Satur- iay night during which a young voman cried "don't do that!' and in- isted on being taken home. Later, •lewitt said in a signed statement, nor Lehman, whom the Democratic rational command had urged to run for governor of New York again. "Meanwhile," added Cohalan, a former state supreme court justice, "the Roosevelt-Farley group had better give up their George III attitude and let the Democrats of New York select their own candidates for office in the state of New York. The royal family attitude of appointing a colonial governor . . . will not get far in New York state in 1936." On the island of Zanzibar there are daughters of many African tribes. Dill Testifies Of Rift Cause! Prejudice on Roosevelt 'Caused First Split' SPOKANE, Wash., June 29 UP)— laustic remarks against President toosevelt caused the first real split between C. C. Dill and his wife, the former senator testified in his divorce trial against her Monday. It was an outburst at the Chicago Democratic convention in 1932, ivhen Franklin D. Roosevelt was nominated, that caused the first rift. After that, he testified, she never ost an opportunity to criticise the president and his policies. Declined to Run It also was her attitude, he said, which caused him to decline to seek •eelection to the senate in 193.1. "I couldn't face the people of this state for reelection with them'think- F Mrs. Dill was a progressive," declared. "She had crazy ideas about politics." When they first were married, he added, he got the impression she was an admirer of Franklin D. Roosevelt. "She didn't like the Theodore Roosevelt family — their estate and the estate of Mrs. Dill's family were adjoining," he asserted. Speech Invited "She thought Franklin D. Roosevelt was all right until some time before the convention, when she invited him to make a speech over a national radio hookup she was arranging for the Peace league. "I had advised her—or suggested —she not embarrass him-by asking him to make the speech, but she did. He declined with some polite excuse and after that she had no use for him." Michigan Man Rises 6500 Feet in Glider ELMIRA, N. Y., June 29 (.V)— Emerson Mehlhose of Wyandotte Mich., reported what officials believe to be a new national glider altitude record of 6500 feet Monday in a flight from Elmira to Orson Pa. His flight of 77 miles was the longest of the seventh national soaring contest and placed him in the leac for both the $500 Du Pont prize for altitude and the 5500 Bendix award for distance. Senate Unit Orders Campaign Cost Reports WASHINGTON, June 29 UPI- The senate campaign expenditure; committee Monday ruled that political organizations and nominees for president, vice president and senator must file preliminary cam paign expense, reports next month Talk about tire PRICES Look at this SPEEDWAY 46 Y WEEK UP RIDE AS YOU PAY Talk about fire VALUE- —look at the fact that we Good year Dealers sell the most tires by millions—and rememberii's because the public knows from long experience that we have the PRIZEVAL- UES at every price. *R«ltii tared WEATHER • PATHFINDER • SPEEDWAV . ^ ,-__. s , O •"*••**£> iver the cliff, Soon afterward he heard an automobile bei:ig driven away. Haynes told officers he did not know the way to the bottom of the cliff, which is in Cameron park near here, and chose instead to drive three miles to a police station for help. Suspect Admits Part In Hamm Kidnaping ST. PAUL, June 29 UP)—Charles (Big Fitz) Fitzgerald, Los Angeles, pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to complicity in the 5100,000 kidnaping of William Hamm Jr. in June, 1933. He will be sentenced July 7. The plea of Fitzgerald reduced to three the number who will stand trial for the crime July 1-1. They arc Alvin Karpis; Edmund Bartholmey, former Benscnvillc, III., postmaster, in whose home Hamm was held, and John Pfeifcr, former St. Paul night club operator. To C. J. D., The Tennis Player. I've admired you on the tennis courts this summer. You are always so immaculately groomed in j'our white tennis clothes. I wonder if your clothes are sent to the Troy Laundry? I'm sure that only the Troy could launder them so beautifully. Goodyear Tires—Downstafrs Z.C.M.I. FULL FASHIONED ChKfon Hose, Pair 2 Pair 95c EXQUISITE HAND BAGS 209 So. Main St. Mail Orders Filled Promptly ADD 35c lor Postage

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