Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 6, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1939
Page 5
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Wo(ln»'.--.ila.v, fl HOPE STAR,'HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE'FIVE :s Future Farm House to Have Al! Comfort of Gtyf Dwellings—and Then Some. 1 Ry MARIAN YOl'Nf. \|-)A Service .Muff Cm rrs|niiiili-nt NKW YORK T.Mti.Pi row's i'hiUh'-n wiP jp.n bin-It tn Ihe p.lil hoine.steiid llnl only In ;.«! (he I'ulks :ilnl i: 't ;l whiff nl' I'resli iiir. but IIP Ml :mil mlmue iiUuiu the houses in wlurlx they wire I mil- houses- nf ehiirin .mil beiinty ii.s well ii.s i-ninfoi t. Bei-iiu-.e. inside iind nnt. Ilie fill-in houses nf mmoi'i'piw wi be .--mitt! iind nit I ii-tilti'inliii nin fii'in every pnint nf view. One nf them elllleil Ille ell-el rifiei I l.iiin i, nn (.-xluliit iit (he New York World':; l-'inr And it's enough (,, make iuiyniii- who i eiiieinbei s how the fiiinily wfi.-ili w.-is dnnc in ii tuli tint re.sled upon the haeks nf < wo liilehi'ii i biiirs, wbiit ;i Inni; lime il tnok tn miike butter in .; barrel ehuin m hnw li.'ird it was to reinl by tbe l;iinp nn Ihe kiteben 1;>ble. ln.-.e iill sent inieui I'm ihe old w.i.v ..lid wi; Ii ihiil I ben limn IPiiiiorniw hi.-lead of yi-lei- d.iv (iiil'ilns (nine 'Itulllnl IPI I'Vniil nl' Hinis.- Ill I'l-ner.ll. the ;n elllleetUI ill lie l::n '-I UIP- liiulihlif,:. nil lln- I'liM-ti ll'll-il l.i 1111 '.'•(' e < (p' f IT . no hy 1 lie niiin ', flPIIU P. i'tl-M.il: -P. hu-V- \>. i;ie pl-.ili.ileil fnr Ihe exlnliil Al -ii by thus nf 111,' HI." I'eoiiolilie.d ipiot <..my,le -.lope v. U • liulll pitch i. iiiul b\ ihe pl.ieeinenl i tbe wiiutow', -o.li.eip. they mo: t nei'd- i -I Ille MHItll Mile in HP- i i .se of lln- !',n I'llbniiM'. brii n!ei. lumltiy ln.il-.-. titllk:- piii'lni-, ili-nv and liinl.se plopp-i All of Ihe livim; i II-. of the hoii-.p' I'iu-e Minlli. ovei looking ibp uiirden.- iilul I'llllt liee... I KeilH-lllbei llow till' Himletl:, ilKvii.'.- V., re ill ibe li:i r |; of Ihe hou.se wlni'll li.nl lin wiiiilow--. wlnlp- till- flnlll. Wllll VP.IIIlll.WS I'ill-eil Ihe The deiul en.l kill-lieu i.'. de.M;;neil nnl ii'- ii llinrnui;hfiire. bin ;i., ii pliire v.'llei" III.- f.U'ilii I '.s Wife 111 i.v enok '.-.'itliont inti.'rrupl ion :ind where the I Says Ford's Prof it Less Than $1 a Car Company Has Produced One Third of All the Cars In World Offer Reward for Return of Pet Skunk -•» nil i i.v ii-mn me vi-riindii.s iuul sii^in,, "l liH -|< sin. r .<" , i , M-fiisliiiiiietl limiv-s is (lit- iliip.rmim; hut I'niii-t- .mil Hiiiu-e o| (In- mi.di-,,, |- linn ,,„„„._ No|i( . ( . „„, (j ,,. f | (|( ,. .„„, ,, K , ,,„,,,. ..,,,,„, rji,.,,),,,.,.. IN h ! \J N 3 YORK li.ii-|;niV. Ul> the eli .HI fliini' Plenty nfi;i!;;.|.; .-i lil'n-ial light hy ninht full.- nn .i "!' file u 1 ' M !•; Jin: ,-•: li't'iiei"- fn Ipp I-ill diirim; bin vesting One entire ' iili- pil lln- l.'iinuli \- is ;i stivtiiu' p;irti- tip'li wliieli ill .,',ppe;ii':, into ;, i i-i-e-,:, ;n|p| jiiin-. ilie l.iiiudry to the liirij.e biieli poi h A inoiher with --in;ill elulil- ii n Wnlilil iip|.i'ei-i.ite Ibis I'e.illire II p-llilbll's her |o keep ;,n eye on the hllle pl.iiliii);-- iiiiil ,-i! ihe s.une lime fmi.-ili ihe liinnih'y Th" p.ireh h.is .'. nli- floor MH-ll I'll'i-plare llll-e for 0111- l-'iiniv.-i- l-'vt-ii Mas Offirp iinil \Vaslifiiinii Tlii- living rmmi with hum- winilnws iillll il MX feel Wlllr lu'illth 111 frillll nt Ihe fire^i u-e. .1 re;t,!im; inve.ei. .'iir-ri.'in ill jniijlii' ,iri(J ei iiu-e.-! Ii . i hulil- me. a hiutt-in Mifa \yilh I'aih'i ;'n»l ei iiii-p-.i lei! eahine; >p.iee i.s f i met ii ma] I'll! .it lie.- •iunc Illue a- !',e aillful ;e- an\ nihall li\'in.L; mnm All i.l'flee ..mi SV.-ish mnlil. i-el-el'al- e<l I'l'PJ Illlhe le--! <if h ! ie IIDIIM- h> an npi-n p.esai.'.i'U ay i e.lav-eil in iluriiup, the winli-M-i. ilia. 1 , he ilM-d iiL,n a~ an extra liy CMOItCK liOSS Nn llnllywood-Bi-oiul ninre irons in the i'l lire Ihiin hiis C!eori(e .le.ssel. . m;.iit:il rifl wilh Niirmii '1'iil- li.-i.s jii.-.l l/eeomo puhlie news. Semi- divorc-ees ihiirjje menliil i-rue- V :;H'I othei.s list j, I'u-^e viiriety nf ieii>oii.s for ileiniindiiif: Iheir liherty. effecl. merely chiu-fjed '*!(' work look him :iw;iy ''"'in liei ton oflen iind ton much. l-'.vi-u .h'ssel \vniild h.-ivi 1 ilifficnlly pleiiyiiii: it l-'ni exiiinple. he nnw is Ibi- ) rnpiiel.ii of one of (lie liunesi ' xbihil . i.t ibe Wnrld's p'iiir :md he i- he.'idlinin,; ii niiijiir Viilldiville llill in Rniiidwiiy A Irieuil. i-iieiniteriii)' him nn the :-lu-el. iisks. "\V)|J|| ;n- t . yilll lloillt,'. Ciem-Kie 1 . 1 " imd Ibe reply i.s ;i lout; I TP>HI McLarty. 'm'anagor of the Hopr Vulo Co.. released the following state t taken from the congressional record. It is a speech by Congressman George A. Dondero of Michigan iti the house of representatives June 1939. Mr. Dondero. Mr. Speaker, a few minutes ago in front of the Nation's Capitol ii photograph was taken of the Michigan delegation with the twenty- .sc.vc.-n millionth Ford car produced by the Ford Motor Co., of Detroit, Mich It may be somewhat of news to yoi to know that this one company has prdouc-ed one-third of all the car made in the world, and durign the las '0 years, according to the reports filec iVilh tin; Federal Trade Commission j iho profit of the Ford Motor Co.. ha he-en ono-tenth of 1 per cent, les ' llinn SI per car. 1 Henry Ford is not making aut(/mo I hi les today because he needs breuc ; he- is making cars in order that me may have work. For more than (luarte i of a century Henry Ford l i hie world in the payment of nig I wages i« the laboring man; and because of his mechanical genius he has made it possible for the common i mail. Die (ioor man, to have and to njoy one of Ihe groat conveniences of our day and age, namely the auto- obiiV. (Applause.) 161875-170n«. • SO THEY SAY Wo must never forget that here (in Ru.'.s-jii) is the scum of humanity. Any iiUiaiu-o between the Reich and Soviet i Two-year-old Greg Mettle's pet skunk "Beau" is back home agaia Ru.'s:i;i would he the end of Germany, i in Columbus, O,. as shown above, alter being at large in neighbor—Adolf Hitler, writing "Mein ampf" ! howl. Grandfather Mettle oft'ered reward which pickaninny col- in 192."!. leiled, bringing animal home in his shirt. Everything U und*r No rral fisherman would get nny i control, for sbunlc is decent--and desrcntpd. thrill nut of catching fi.sh all the time. . Barber Shop Has Everything—Except Customers MILWAUKEE-^)—Next! Step right up and climb into the red plush chair of the "Gay Nineties" barber shop at the Milwaukee public museum — complete with mustache combs and a slack of pink Police Gazettes. Gaze at surroundings that enthralled tlie youth of Die late 19th century as he sniffed pomades and rubbed his potential beard. This exhibit has been a labor of love for Towne L. Miller, museu'm' historian, and you'd be surprised how much time he ?penl in a quest for the last essential item—a shiny. 18-inch brass cuspidor. John Olmstead of Arfordville (about 70 miles southwest of Milwaukee), finally produced a cuspidor of the proper cintage in answer to a plea broadcast by Historian Miller. Now this receptacle takes its place beside the old straight-backed barber chair and below the wall case containing a score of shaving mugs, some decorated by the old "transfer picture" process, some hand-painted, and all bearing names or initials of former owners. The striped pole outside, the old fashioned coal burning stove and ,-i J9lh century painting are larger objects of interest. Then there are the fancy "stand bottles"—for toilet water and tonics—lining a shelf below a mirror. There are ancient perfume bottles, antiquated ra/.ors and scissors, a pewter talcum powder shaker, and one bottle—nearly full—of 19th century hair tonic. Other centers of attraction ave a hair-duster, which looks scVriewhat like a paint brush, and dainty mustache combs which once were used to remove cinders and such from the 1890 dandy's hirsute adornments. -•••-•— Encouraging —Dr. A. R. Gillilanu. Northwestern ; velopments ahead.—Political spokes- j University psychologist. ! mim. in Germanv. I Willi FasciiTirt on the march in Europe, we must stand guard against; retrenchment in education.—Dr. Frnn/i A Frenchman is offering one of his i feller's income?" Cause for Wonder Husband: "Have you ever wondered | what you would do if you had Rocke- 13oiix. Columbia Univesity scientist. eyes for sale. The democracies ure in j Wife: "No, but I have often wonder- We have, perhaps, interesting de- • need of one to keep on Hitler. I ed what he would do if he had mine." Doctor: Your heart is quite sound. With such a headt you ought to live to be seventy. Patient: But, doctor. I am seventy. Doctor: There! What did 1 lei! you? "'•'or years I luid cicuMuiial constipation, iwful Kas bloiU.nij, lieailaclu-s anil hack jiains. Adlerika always helped right av.-ay. Now, I eat .sausate, hunaia n , j.ie, imytliinir 1 v;:ml. .N'fver fell liellcr." ,\li-s. '.lal.el Scliotl. A D L : C3RfJ1C A play.s." says Cieroge "1 m i r.-ixy about two and will produce them Hollywood wants me tn do ii i-onple nf pictures. I'll write one of i them. I h.-ivi- the biggest show ill the i'inr. This vaurleville chite is eiit- tun; intii my time. I've three speak- 1 m: r d.-iti" .il haiiijuets in t'hii-iiKo San r liini-i.-i-pp iind Tul:-;i —and this radio ' liny, nn.-e a week liike a wllnle iliiv Bni J fee) f,nv. And I neeil is siinu- ilun.!.': th-il leally svill kee)> me Ijiiss' SPI Mi.-s 'liilmailge .seems to have had ii triu- eninplaim when she MHM| tnr ln-r ihvnn-e. Nevprlheloss. frii-nds The livinu rixim of tin- niccli-1 faiiiihuiiM 1 fcatiiivs ii liu.uo hearth, I! feet out from tin- fircphn-i.-. a hiiilt-hi -<.fa :m<l \nriw u'indows nver- l<iokli\g tlic gardens. SHOP-COMPARE <;oi;s ON SAI.I: I'K'ID.X V. SKI'T. s 3000 Extra Large Size Towel 81 x 99 NATION WIDE Ali.nij; ^il^l• llu- kitrhen ui' tin- p'.-ctvii'u-il Ii;i-eih"Usi- at Iho Nt-\v York j Wi-.rld's I'iiir is this riunplelely nn-.'-lKini/ed l.-ititidry. A sliding wall M-PI - VI\II>S it frum iin inljiiiini iiu; h:-a-k Growing Girls School Boy's Novelty School ea. (iocs ON S.M.I: TIIl'ltSDAV ,ii .; 1500 Yards Fast Color Girls' Fasl Color School Girls' Novelty Close Out yd. Girls' Sunny Tucker LADIES GLEN ROW 12 to 44 FRIDAY WILL BE Boy's Fast Color Dress YOUR CHOICE OF MODELS 6- MAKES AHHl/AL HAT/ffff-WlDf Many cars offere.l for sulc carry the Ford Dealer's R&G written guarantee which means Renewed where necessary u> certain specifications und Guaranteed under a money- hack plan. Many others carry the dealer's "50-50" guarantee winch pledges chat he will pay 50% of the cost ofa.it material and labor and mechanical repair* (glass and lir«:s exccpted) not caused by accident or neglect, which may be rri|uiretl wiiliiu 30 duy> after your purchase. Ik-re's ;in i-xk-riur \ ii-n nl' Ihe ni.iin !ioiiv ( . mi uiilitariiin to llu- nth ilr.uii-i-. \ el realK .1 Iliiie. 1 IK,nl. li.-lhi-r th:in hidden in Ihe lia<-l,\ mil. n- i li-i-lrilii-d l';i]-iu. Il is in' lii>iiui\. (iiirdi-n is in Close Out — Men's Wash Special 70x80 Part Wool Single 54 in. Novelty 36 in. Fast Color 7 a ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE WHF.RE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES i I nf lhi> nnce-iiuviiU'il i-niiiili Ihc-y Will In- irrnllrlli-d. iill'l )'i>l.«nl|p-ll. l)i.fipri- I hi- yi-.-'l I \Vrli-iiiui- lliirliin.m-r pil S\'v-;illu-r 'J'ln- |in-.-|piri.-in i-liff. .1','. Ciuthiuil :u'\' f;\fini; \\\\< U tllOSl- (lii\'S \\'illl ni'\\' r'Mi p.-tintein|)l. r riu- h^ppy iuo.-- itcri)HS ihe Hn.l.-.nit 1'i'nin ih cs. Th<- kiilytliil hn.s lu-i-n hi .ii Tlu; UiHyiliU's ri-)'t-tili»H • ni smiiuli'il nn llii.' liiti'.'.ril i-hl': New Ym-k. iinil N.Ik i.n- r, by nu'ri-ly lliinkiiiK iilmnl il. .l! l»-flllV llll 1 IJllllIu- il-' ' tin- iiiiili-i-M-<ii-|ld mmilli i in "I'llnn- Dn<-.- Nnl .1- ,• ii'\ IUU il. limUijU \\V ] ; P.-wi-V Will hiiVi- tn 'U i.'xUihninni^Lii bi't'iri 1 ex I , v.'.NTr riiii iK'i-rpl. -i-,i, -• P>l' l!ll> sIluW IlllSI- - V I ll'l :-,l.'l Ifi.ll.X' pllL-ll !.<>' !•. *u - \vl\o .s\M':-i;»U/r in l iili, I li;ii<-,ilii-t-. ! llit!. it i.S not fnr us tn Kuly did. hut In In- winti-r is nn tilt- winu', 11 i.s imi.i/iiijL; \uj\\ m.in> >!••.>-• t-r-ljnniul Mniihiitliiini ir.-s .nr i-.m anl with tin- kiiiydiil's >|n'i-.-li. 'ri iill illSCi't \\'}ln i.s lc,ill> ,i pnpll;;.| luw arniinil ("inlliiim nl tin- lirij.' tin- sninnu-r Iu-;i1. So DiiW lllill llt-'.s Ill-IP'. il ll Thiinl^i'.ivini; In ymi ;ill, \\ln-nr\ hilpl'l'll.s In full hy I'l'i-.-lpli-iltliil But ' -'.I 1 Snnit- nlH 1 niidi-r Xi.-li Wiil- MU; 11 nin ;i M)ijm:I L'lin :niil 1 ii etl -i-il piisl him in ,-,. f,.|l .lei,,). ]| Our Stock Is Complete! Fords - Chevrolets - Plymouths - Dodges (Cars-Piekups-Trucks) Priced Lower Than Ever With Terms to Suit Anyone Low Amount Down-MakeFirst Payment Oct. 20th See Us Before You Buy Anything Anywhere BUY WHERE YOU GET! "A Written Money Back Guarantee 11 Your Ford Dealer Hope Auto Co.

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