Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 7
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'•< "? &i« "" '' •WW JUT -V? ^ « * MOM ITAfc, HO •w-il. J* . I »~ flr*t ptrtrtle rttllrond u#bi etWwtHtai w»» ntwnmj f in "*•— M, ARKANSAS tk Por Public Offfep lilCT YOUR NIXT & . /TIONTO PHONt *r 7» *ot, Ai«v, by U. a l*0NiNT!! MASgUERABEIf supported the 2c tax lricr«a$« JHI voted aflflinst tho independent 0ro? rt your "moll order" law degree came the school is not HOW recognized by '. Administration or the 'Arkansas ,.„ how you come in tho hock door of y tq practice Chiropractic in Arkansas be- Couldn't pass tho basic science test, y.how your pharmacy bill almost lost Ar\ .School of Pharmacy. '»o pulled the appropriation for the 3rd 'Oik: Show out of the fire for you while Chiropractic legislation, deserving cases. uiV VOfE ;J/(tQM) SILVEY e »cond T«rm ot SENATOR and Reipocted candidate who hoi 4 concrete platform and will work for A<Jv. Pnlrt for by d. Tyrner U|ol Notl«i NO, 4f ; •* ' ' -y'* - imtpAiMNfHeliyiHi of (Hit Hint* 1 nf Arkanm ana by th* 8*na«>, • majority of All th« tMftnber* *""•* * i« Bach IfouM Affr<"lnx Thai the following I* hereby pro- ited Aft ah amendment la the Constitution of the Slate of Arkan- nubmftttd.to . clor* at th* State for op- ftr rejfrtion Hi ««« i**xi ral elecltofi for B*pr««itn- Uven and B«ma(ofs, If a majority of th« elector* voting there on to »uch election adopt such am*mimtnl, (h# «tm«, shall becom* a part nf tfw constitution of th« mate of Ark»fts««, to wit: SECTION I. That the Constltu- tlon of the 8»nt* of ArkflAHit b« amended modifying .Section 19 of AnJclD 7 Bhd Section 3 of Amend- m*m No, 24 of said Constitution, so a* to provide for the election of a County Clerk in all of the said omintles of the State, a* follow*: ."TH* provision* for the el»cilon of a. County Clerk upon a population ball* am hereby abolished and Ujefff ffisy be elected a County Cl«rk In ilJffli manner as a Circuit Cluck, and In tuctv cft«fi«. the County Ctork may b« e* offlclo Clerk of the Probate Court of such county tintfl otherwise provided by thf Cfenernl A*<embly," This Amendment shall b« In full and effect, upon and after It* adoption. APPROVED: March 20, 1081. 8ecreta>y of State „, , C, O, HALL May 6 thru Oct. 27 (20 time*) Court Docket . fs-j^S^J™ . „ MonJay, A u9ui f ft, 111 erf? DOCKKT - fire irmf within city limits, forfeit- *rf |S «ifh bond, Corle* HfPherson, Walker hem rt»Wf7 Running , "Stop* 1 *lfn, Fw- f(SH«fd $A cash bond. • Ho&ert H, stroud, Illegal park- Ing Forfeited II cash bond. J*m«» Kdwnrd Btt-wnrt* No flrl ver's license Forfeited $9 cn«h bond. f James Edward Stewart, Motsr- doi/» driving. Forfeited $10 Ing body of any mien city nholl call for an eWtlnn to b« held not mor» than ninety days thereafter for jh<« Diirpow* of having the quoi-j Ifted electors vote on the propo-J flltlon, SECTION 3, Th« general Auem- bly nhnll enact «uch enflblln* as shall be required to <•<• fectuate the propo*«j| hereof. APPROVKD; March 20, iB Secretory of State C. a, HALL Mny fl thrti Oct. 27 (2fl time*) bond, •- *. • BtcK Cornfllun, Carl Cornclitig, fto**r Clinton, Corcn« D«lx>ney, DUtiirbln* ()<»(ICP, Forfrftei $19 cosh bflnd. MaUle* Mao Dlxnrv Joe . H. D. Smith, drun ennpw. *n(ffjr, fined $|<j. ! Mr«. Marvin Phillffwi Marvin Philthrt, Corl Cornelius, Lonnl* RJ Allen, drunkenness. Forfeited |10 i:n*h bond, 8TAft DOCKET Everett Botnw, no driver's license. Forfeited $5 cash bond. John Parks, drunkenness, for- felled $10 cash bond. Cecil Lovett, J, M. Summltt, Pitt Atkln*. W. M. Mooney, Leon Hammond, W. A, Woodali. overload, Forfeited J2B en ah bond. I.. E;. Roach. Least*; Jorclnn, din- lurblnK pence. Forfeited $10 cosh bond. Wit), A. Henderson, fnlsc pretense, dismissed. , A i k-JMler, A. N, Butler, over- ilrnft. Dlsmlsned. Markets AlomJrtf .Fart** Price* The Wo* iHarfcet but 23 to 80 <f*m* higher. •net shwp W«fe mwrtljc steady, Ornins wfifs marked down quit* sharply and dealing!! were active. Cotttm tutMKSs opened 05 cent* to a dollar and a quarter a bate lower. Wholesale meat was steady to higher. New York: Noon .October Cotton 38:43. \ Here ig a commodity report from the USDA: Hogg are selling steady to 54 cents or more lower at corn belt market* this morning except (or a steady to 50 cents higher trend at Chicago. Butchers scaling 190 to 270 pound nre selling from $22.26 to market tops of $23.35 to $24 at eastern corn b*it terminals. Weights under 240 pounds are generally upward from $23. I East St. Louis wn sow* are generally following the I $10.18 and sates at Chicago trefta tot butchers with sales at; downward from $21.50. Legal Notice House Agreeing Legal Notice ed 1 to Each Thereto! pnoposeo ooMmTtmoNAt AMRNQMBNT NO. 43 BE IT ftKSOLVBCT. by the House of n0prff«entaUv0i of the State of Ark(fti»a« and.by th<* Senate Of tho Stntn of Arkansas, n Mn- Jority of All the Members Elect"•''- ™ L IlflUde ABrm»in« that UIP flowing IB hereby pro. pound an on nmehdmrnt to the Con- itltutlon of tho State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the Dloetors of the State for approval or rejection at the next jjenernl election for fy-prdaentatlves and Senntorn, If h majority of the Hectors votlnff thereon, nt «ueh an ilectlon, ndopt «uch amendment, he iinrne (hell become o port of he Constitution of the State of Ar- knnflos, to-wlt: Amendment No. 18 to the Con- ntlttltlon of tho State of Arkansas, adopted by the electors of this Stato nt the General Election held and conducted on the Uth day of *ovefhbor, 1928, Is- hereby omend«d to read as follows; SECTION I. It being most ap- iprent thBt privately oporoted «o(orl0*, IndustrleM and transpor- ntlon' fnclutlvs are necessary far h« dftvclopment of a community and for the m\ttrt> of It* inhabf- flnts, «n annual tnx of not exceed- nif on» per cent of the assessed valualkm of all tflxablo property within the, eor»orot0 boundaries loreof may to» levied by cities of Uie first and second class for the uriBoso ot providing funds to be «ed for tho ncquiiition of sites rtthta oi;, without such cities and or the construction of svich sites of ulldlngs und .other faciHtlea. for ease or sale, for the aforesaid " or for the amortisation -,-.,_ bearing interest at not more than four per cent per an- um Usuod far such purposes, SECTION 2. When petitioned by ot less, than tea per cent ot the unUfled electors residing therein, >e City Council or other govern- PROPOSED CONiTlTUTIONAU AMENDMENT NO. 42 BE IT RESOLVED by the Sennle of the State of Arkansas and by the House of Representatives, o Majority of AH the Members Elected to Eden " ' Thereto: Thnt the followlnji l» hereby proposed a* an amendment to thn Constitution of the State of Arkansas, nnd upon being submitted to the electors of the Stato for approval or rejection at tho next gnn- crol election for Representatives and Senators, I/ n majority of the electors voting thorcon, at such on election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become n iiftrt of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to-wlt: SECTtON I. Commission Created — Members — Powers, There is hereby created a Stato 11 Commission which shall bo *«.-»«•.. with all the powers and duties now or hereafter imposed by law for the administration of tho State Highway Department, together with all powers necessary or proper to enable the Commission or any of Its officers or employees to corry out fully and effectively the regulations and law* relation to the State Highway Dwinrlment. SECTION 2. Qualifications and Appointment of Members— terms f', Office of First Commtt«lon. Within ten days lifter the convening o( the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas in the year 1053, the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Semite shall appoint five persons who are qualified electors of the Stnto to constitute the Stato Highway Com- misslon for terms bt two, four. six. eight nnd ten years respectively. Toe terms of the persdns so appointed shall bo determined by lot. The Commissioners to be appointed from the State nt large; proWdeJ however, that no two Commission- era shull bfi appointed from any single Congressional District. In tiie event of rejection by the 5cnot« of, a person whose name has been so submitted, the Governor shall within five days after receipt of .written notice fuoni the Secretary of the Senate of such rejection submit the name of another a ancy. ppointee to fill such' vac- In the event the Governor jhoum within five days thereafter, fjtl to appoint or foil to submit to the Senate for confirmation tho name of any person to be appointed, the Senate shall proceed^ to make we appointment of its own choice. N HQSE id Berkthiro. In light thad«s S^p I O^C PIP 4,50 1100 $195 IV- ^ SECTION 3. Terms of Office of Members. Upon the expiration ot the fof*BOtnjj terms of said Com- ml«sjoners, a successor shall be appointed by thft Governor In the manner provided for In Section 3 for a term of tern years, which term of ten ytarn-Ainll thereafter be for each member of the Commission. SECTION 4. Removal of Mem- btrs ~ Hearing — Review and Appeal. A Commissioner may be removed by the Qoverrjor only for the same causes as apply to other constitutional officers after a hearing which may be reviewed by the Chancery Court for the First Dis- tdct wUh rijght of appeal therefrom to the. Supreme Court, such review ?, nd ftPPflttl to be without presump- MOP m favor of any finding by the Oovemor or the trial court, and provided further, in addition to the right of confirmation herelnabove reserved t6 the Senate, the Senate may vmon the written request otat toast Five (5) of its members that » member or members o! the Commission should be removed therefrom, proceed, when in »es- stoij to hear any and all evidence pertinent to the reasons fop removal, Th» raembor or member* *»<»« removal itt so requested %haU be entitled to be hsard In th* matter and to be represented be tor* the Senate by le«nl Counsel e proceedings conduotea by Senate »hau h^ public and | the tesl|mo«»y so heard and --"—T —» v*»mwwi» oiiu H'CaVIVCW fo1iy> IwriuiT ol th* S*nat«, Thp by deposition sn»U not be ,, conclusion ol the th» Senate, sUUn« «s a to wtfcvrtjv* session, ro »y r jaid mwpbfr or memberg of «» by « majority m thfr Commission tfeft *d0y«n m r *1^ tWrty day. t» ol such vacancy, u th* Gflv.rnor to nil t the ELECT FRED JOHNSON Alderman Ward 2 appreciate the vote and support you gave me July 29th and will appreciate your vote and support Tuesday. ' ,' •. Pol. Adv. Paid for by Fred Johnson Judge A. P. (Percy) Steel .Will sincerely oppre,ciate your,vote and influence •' Tuesday to reelect him Chancellor, FIRST DIVISION, SIXTH CHANCERY DISTRICT Pol. Adv. Paid for by A. P. Steel To the Voters of Hope I have been unable to see each of yoi personally, but I will appreciate youi vote and support Tuesday, Aug. 12. B. L (BERT) REniG Candidate for ALDERMAN WARD 3 Pol. Adv. Paid for by Bert Rettig. ELECTION CARS Transportation will be furnished to all thpse who areJn need of a conveyance to the polls. CALL 7-2575 or.. 7-2341 or.., 7-2371 and you will be picked up. Pol. Adv. Paid for by Leffol Gentry, Campaign Mgr. YOUR BACK-TO-SCHOOL DOLLARS FARTHER AT PENNEY'S NOW! COMBED mKmr*r" , >• ' ^y^rss^^ PERCALEI JUBILEE SPECIAL! First Quality SHEETS ' USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN! Trifly IwrarloiM! Come M U»l wft, U«ep. invitim twturt. Yon fl.^*^ f^j ^ ^MlityoruuMenefttUf oomittl p«rc«lc*! Hwny-.<o«kinia(»w«3AVI|ICSI ENTIRE STOCK WOMEN'S SUMMER BLOUSES • Most All Sizes! • > Nylons! Rayons! • Sheer Cottons! ONE BIG GROUP WOMEN'S COTTON DRESSES • Not All Sizes • Not All Styles! • Hurry for These! 1.50 25 PAIRS BOYS STRIPED OVERALLS • Not All Sizes! • Ridiculous Price! • Perfect Quality! . CHECK THIS! Women's Dress Gloves 25c » W Plostic Film,- , 15cv* Royon fabric - - •*• 44cv<. toysi Wo* ShMH - - 3JOO h. i 50 ONLY MEN'S & BOYS' BASfBALt CAPS C«»t! • Sun Visor Cop*! • Confederate Copt! EXTRA! EXTRA! 250 PAIRS 51 GAUGE NYLONS t Every Pair * t Ma §^ SOCIETY Pnone 744$1 l«tw«tn I A. M. Mtf 4 I*. M, [Calendar Monday, August 11 Mrs. Ernest O'Neal will be hos- less to the Wcslcyan Service Guild >f the First Methodist Church on August 11 at 7:30 p.m. The Business Woman's Circle of he First Baptist Church will meet vlth Mrs. M. S. Bates, South Elm li-eet, for a picnic supper Monday light, August 11 at 7 o'clock. The Women ot the First Prcsby- Icrian Church will meet at Fair "Park at 6:30 Monday, August 11, for a potluck picnic. Tuesday, August 12 The Hope Country Club will en- irtain with an election party and [ance for its members Tuesday ;ht.atH o'clock. Hosts ..and hos ;esses w\l| be the entertainment lommitte I • LAST DAY • Wednesday, August 13 The Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will meet at 10 o'clock Wed nesday morning at the home of Mrs. Hollis Luck. All new and old officers are urged to be present. The Green Laseter H. D. Club will have a called meeting at the home of Mrs. Ernest Cobb at 2 p.m. Wednesday, August 13. All members are urged to be present. Notice The picnic of the Friendship Class of the First Baptist Church and their families scheduled foi ^Tuesday night, August 12, has been postponed until Tuesday, August 19. Mrs. Olaf Luck is the teacher of this class. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Robatts, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sutton, Carolyn and Bobby. Mr, and Mrs. Jeff Sutton, fierrell, Jlmmie and Brenda, Mr. and Mrs. John Hartsfield, Billy and Mike, all ot Hope. Coming and Going Mrs. Vclta Watson and son, Jim, Mrs. Sid Ham. Master Jimmf Osburn, Mrs. Maddie Garner and family of Nashville were visitors in Stamps Thursday. Mrs. Volta Watson and' son, Jim, returned to Houston Friday after spending the week with her par' ents, Mr. and Mrs. Sid Ham and Mr. and Mrs. Sevier Watson. Mrs. H. S. Watson left Friday for Jacksonville, Texas, where she will visit her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bateman. Mrs. Maddie Garner and family returned to Nashville after spending the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sid Ham. Sutton Family Has Annual Reunion The Sutton family hold their annual reunion and picnic at Fair Park Sunday, August 10. Those attending were: Mr* and Mrs. E. D. Sutton of Houston, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. H. j E. Sutton, Howard and Martha Ann Sutton, of Blevins, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Sutton, Eugene, Lyn- doyle, Ruth and Jean Sutton, Mr. and Mrs, Joe Paulk, Mr. and Mrs. Murle Templeton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sutton, Mrs. Jennie Sutton, Mr. , and Mrs. Elbert Sutton and daughter, Bcckie, Mrs. Homer Presley, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson and sons, Buddie, Jimmie. Bill, and Paul Ray, all of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gunn, Diannc, Joe Edd, Joan, and Mr. Edgar Shapley, ot Smackover. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Morton, Garry, and Ronnie, Mr. and Mrs. John Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan,Morton, Kenny Brewer and John Wagster have returned to their homes in Columbia, Tenn., after attending the Watermelon Festival and visiting with Kcnncy's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Higgason. Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Copcland and sons, Tommy and Jimmy, o£ Arkadclphia were the Continued on Page Six - f mrv MITZI GREEN ' :^, TOM EWELL ' A UNIVE«5AUNf!«NMION*l PICIUHE EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! • LATE NEWS EVENTS • • COLOR CARTOON • • Novelty, "Miss America" • , • Novelty "Emperors Horses • • Tuesday Only • HOPE DRIVE-IN f THEATRE S. Main & Country Club fd. LAST DAY II I Want You' Dana Andrews Dorothy McGuire ELECT R. C. (BOB) DANIELS Alderman Ward 1 A First Term Candidate NOT a Third Term. Pol. Adv. Paid for by Bob Daniels and friends M.O.M PICTURE Cool RIALTD Today & Tues. • w!lh CONSTANCE SMITH" A 20.K CtNluSi.FOX ridylf RIB - TICKLERS! • Color Cartoon • • "Every Dog Has His Day' * RIALTO STARTS WEDNESDAY VOTE TUESDAY ELECT DWIGHT RIDGDILL Alderman Ward 2 Yo.ur vote and influence will be appreciated Pol. Adv. paid £01- by Dwight Ridgclill ADULTS ONLY LOVEH GIIU MADE HAHD din! BHI1 8Y M^KIHtjArii it- A Business Man for a Business Job ELECT (LAUD H. SUTTON YOUR NEXT COUNTY JUDGE Your Vote and Support Will be Appreciated For Transportation to the Polls Phone 7-2296 or 7-2627 Pol. Adv. Paid for by Claud H. Sutlon VOTE FOR GARRETT WILLIS FOR CIRCUIT CLERK I realize the importance of the office of Circuit Clerk, qnd when elected I intend to keep this office open 6 days each wee.k for the benefit of the Uqwyers, Laborers and Farmers to transact caginty business without laying off from their Work. Your Vote and Influence for GARRETT WILLIS Will Be Greatly Appreciated For TRANSPORTATION TO THE POLLS CALL .,, 7-3865 '.;''• : '•'" : :^,y'\ ?o»- Adv. PaM tst fejr Gsrrett Wi MOM iTAH, MOH, AUKANIAI Fashion and Fall and Value... all rolled into one Famous Name... Such wonderful coats to plot your Fall wardrobe around! Such fresh young silhouettes, tingling Autumn colors and fabrics . . . they're more exciting than ever, this season! Superbly tailored with new and unusual details, good taste and good fashion value.. Remember: "If it fits the time . . . the place . . . and you . . . it's ^ : ^A Jaunty Junior!" r V£'VV Al1 '" sizes'? to 15. As Advertised in SEVENTEEN! Swagger length one-button casual cont In a fine, nubby Chinchilla, lined with precious Mllium to Jjccp you toasty warm. Sizes 7 to 15. As Advertised in CHARM SHpWN ABOVE Checks played against a flaring tuxedo front, to button high If you wish. In an exclusive all wool fabric. Sizes 7 to 15. 59.95 Exclusively Ours 79.95 Air Conditioned "Hope's Finest Department Store" Favorite Fashion Magaxlnoil As AdveriTiod in . !' Wide •tripes-In an exolwslve Junior o'ii wide flaring oollari Sa A. Adverted In SHOWfJ Cuffed, coat with .„..„.., 4 - -' bja button In Wavaorwt, a --•— - - s ^ woolen fabric* 5 ^ .,^ * ',*" 4M* As Advertised in MADEMOISELLE! SHOWN A6OVE Fan-tucked-ypke coat with curved and pretty detail. In Perzha, ^Milliard'* fine pure wepjen, Sizes 7 to 16. ' . <*.:

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