Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 10, 1936 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1936
Page 2
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far- TWO HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, January 10. 1030 op Stai? , t ' , 0 /ttseica, Deliver fky Herald from False Report! ^ • L —^ ^ -.-...— . ; ^ ,. 'Sr _ r Published every Week-dny afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. j^.JC, E. Palmer & Alex. H. Wnshb«rn>, at The Stnr building, 212-214 South f: Walnut street, Hope. Arkansas. C. E. PALMER. President ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher ' ' Entewd as second-class matter nt the postoffice at Hope. Arkansas Under the Act of March 3, 18&7. —*....... h ~ ... '.MI-- •— — n , .„ Deftnltion: "The newspaper is an institution developed by modem civil- tzation to present the news of the day, to foster commerce and industry |« through Widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon e&verametit Which no constitution has ever been able? to provide "—Col R R. McCormlek. ..E-. .., .. .^ .--.,.- ._- L - — _•--., , .. l._m._.n_i.,. . • Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c{ per month 65c; one year $6.50. By mall, in Hempstead, Nevada Howard. Miller and LaFayette counties. $.1.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclsuively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper nnd also the local news published herein. National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.. Memphis Term.. Sterick BWg.; New York City. 369 Lexington: Chicago. 111.. 75 E. Wacker Drive: Detroit. Mich., 338 Woodward Ave.: St. Louis. Mo.. Star Bldg. Charge* on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolution, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibiliety for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. By DR. MORRIS FISHBELV Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygcla, the Health Magazine Truth About Health One who lives on a diet completely free from vitamin A develops infec- ! tions principally in the mucous mem- j brane which lines the walk of the | breathing area and of the intestines. | This fact caused one investigator to i call vitamin A the anti-infective vitamin. This was in error, because peo- . current bogies as "economic plan| ning:" he insists that the American people have the good sense to evolve a plan which will enable them to 1 make a wider and fairer distribution ' of their country's riches, without sacrificing their democracy or submitting to a meddling, bureaucratic paternal- j ism. You may not agree with all his suggestions, but you will find his hook , stimulating, intelligently conceived, i and logically worked out. Published by Harpers, it sells for S2.50. &U1 By Olive Roberts Barton I . .1 *j ,, , , . . - — —• •*»" »• * - m ^ w««. , utn_j\wuiu wiiu y\jui uwn iwu iimtUA' pte got the idea that the taking of j Psychologists give reasons for it and I are catching on. If you haven't tried large amounts of vitamin A would | explain how some fears are born in ! one of this type, you might do so a tt?*f>VPnc f*rt(n!C -ainrt ctmilar- mforttinMc- -, ., ,. ,i...^ ^ the face (what's more, can be combed dinner each night. In the first place. tical all day lone. It short, wear it Hinton Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray Elledge were S'undny dinner guests of her mother nnd fmnily, Mrs. J, T. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Evert Morrison called on Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Black Sundny. Holli'ii Benrden was the dinner (;uest at Ilio lioinc of Tom Hcndrlx, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Gibson and children were dinner guests at the home of his father, T. 2. Gibson Sundin. Buford Brarden and family spent Saturday nUht with his sister, Mr. DU Cardui is a purely vegetable medicine for Ihp relief of functional periodic pain, nervousness and weakness due to poor nourishment. It is in successful use by thousand!; of women. "I have used Cardui and hud good result from its u.'-'e," writes Mrs. W. E. Barnett, of Taylors. N. C. "I suffered with dumping and headaches and would have a chilly fooling. Sometimes I would feel miserable and have pain more than a day. and 1 wtiuld he nervous. I read of Cardui and decided to use? it. After taking six bottles of Cardui, I had less pain and was rojjnlnltd. I .feel much boiler." When such suffering can be avoided by taking Cardui. isn't that the common-sense tiling to dei? Of course, if it does not seem to reach the cause of your trouble, consult a physician. _:. M | V . COMMON £OLDS1 ' Relieve the distressing Rymploms by applying Monlholnluni in nostrils arid rubbing on chest. and Mrs. Russel Nichols near SHonm school. Next Sunday Is on rregular meeting day and we are asking everybody to come to church. Sunday school pt 10 ei'clock. Mrs. Velmer C«gle and daughter called on Mrs. P. A. Hendrlx Sundny afternoon. Lesley Formby, T. D. Smith, Mr, Arthur'and J. C. Gibson, were callers lit Bethel Sundny afternoon. 237,000 \Vi> Imve filled over 2.17,000 prescriptions . . . nnd ench of them has hecn filled with the most extirtlnff tare from the purest and freshest of Ingredients. The volume nf our prescription business is a tribute to nur skill. Accurate-Dependable-Prompt Bring your prescription* to ua for compounding where they will be filled accurately and promptly. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps Fear is an odd thing. Very odd. backward with your own two hands) prevent colds'and similar infections. us and others are caused by early ; week before you start on your trip. Tiru-i ... , , I ua ciin-i unit-ia me i.cu.ioc.11 u.y cuiiv j wt-u/\ utriuiL- yuu M.II i oil vour trip. White it IS true that a shortage of, fri ghts. But can you explain this one | If you don't like it. you can go back Vitarrun A will injure the mucous! about a child whose mother asked my to your old style when you get your membrane and make infections more likely, it is not true that the taking of large quantities of vitamin A will opinion? hair done again the clay before sail- She had been telling her little girl i ing date, about faries and how nice and kind j Anyway, don't be persuaded to go ™ ••%•'-:- , , ; uuuuu i«ii iu» ituu iiuw niuu aiiu Auiu , /\nv\vuy. uuil l U(? pcisuaueu U) CO prevent infections by the germs which i they were . A n along the child hatl „„ a miise wUh dozcns of rin glets bring about a cold. 'said nothing about it, but gradually , that will have to bo whipped into ; , _ The mechanism by which we resist j her mother began to realize that this ' shape by the chip's hairdresser before 1 infection is complicated. It concerns strange small creature, no more than ! EL*. the condition of the blood. Much more ^.., stud yis necessary before we know exactly how a deficiency of vitamin A is associated with infection. so many appointments break your budget. Secondly, you'll miss the 5 o'clock "horse races" in the main lounge. Also, likely as not the curls won't stay in over night and you'll have to breakfast in bed. thereby making the young man you're trying to impress think you are the kind of girl who gets seasick. You might consider a plain, un- waved coiffure with halo braid. If your hair is long, this will be prac- a fairy herself, wasn't any too fond of i elves that slid down moonbeams or ladies with stars on their foreheads I who waved hands and changed frogies straight during the day. pin up the j ends and fasten the braid around your I hend for evening. If you're one who | likes to -stroll around the deck between dunces, don't forget a Juliet cap or some kind of evening hat or veil to keep your hair in place. A safety rug now on the market will not slip on highly polished floors IK>- eause of a rubber cushion on which the rug is built. The evidence leads to the view that I into princes. it,', the likelihood of infection is not, as a! Th e crisis was reached one day > rule, affected by diet nearly as much! when Sally suddenly burst into tears ', as it is affected by exposure of the i ancl went wailing from the room. The '.fbody to virulent sources of infection. But the ability of the body to resist infection ten be greatly reduced by a - diet that lacks the necessary elements. A most interesting recent discovery established the fact that vitamin A is story her mother had been telling her smacked strpngl^ol "Tom. the Wat- •er-Batly" from, the brief description. Anyway, it was about a little green man who told Tommy (or Billy, that ne to do was to go right in developed from the substance called i after it, down to the bottom of the Wuk ctll \ff Mary Raymond Copyright NCA i«?3J niSGlft HERB TODAY STA.NLIiY. divoreed trom her hllsblina. OR. SCOTT STANLEY. IK binklnc plnn* to marry rlcb OO.NAI.U MOO 1113. vrlm nn» been In love with her several yeiir*. *', carotene, which is found particularly ia the yellow coloring matter of carrots and butter. Carrots and sweet potatoes were fotmd to be rich sources of vitamin A, while white turnips and Irish potatoes Today's Health Question Q.—How are cereals malted? Docs malting cause a cereal to be digested more easily? A,—The malting of grain consists in allowing it to germinate in a warm, moist room, converting a large part of the starchy material in the grain into dextrin and sugar (maltose). The process is arrested by heating the grain when dry. Malted grains are somewhat more easily digested than unmalted ones. LO.\G. Scon believe* Onnn led hliu beenune ne wn» poor. After the nepiirntloii. be ne- eom?» n partner of the town'n outxrnmlinc oliyalci.-ui. UK. OS- UOIIMu. NA.NTY. r)nnn'» hnll-nlstcr. loves Rnnnle. but na» nlwny* eoneealed her tecitn*; from dim. On an tm- ilie tell* »lni Dnnn Mill refuse* to pond. There ho would not only find his ball, but see how the fishes kept house. Land of "Let's Pretend" Why should Sally weep over this? Mother was puzzled. She said noth- / p 01 "- » lle """ '"I" , , , . . T ,1 love» Sooit. uonnle ing, but thought it out. It wasn t the \ believe story, she was sure. It had nothing i morbid about it. And Sally liked water. She knew no boy with the same name, so it could not be that. There were no more stories for a while. Then one day Sally said to her, "Mummie, tell me a little story?" "But not about fairies," inquired mummy. "Yes, about fairies. Bust just lets 'pretend' they are fairies. I like to pretend things." rounds, and any one of them would drive out and bring Oana to i him. He knew, wltb a sense ot deeo conviction, that If be asked ber i to come, nothing could keep bor •away. I They were driving steadily and fairly Cast. But not Cast enough for Scott. Minutes in a case like this counted. He wanted to cbange places with tbe conservative, middle-aged driver. This time, with course — right oft." He got bis bat and went out Into tbe court In tbe rear ot th« building to get bis car. Two oi bis colleagues. Dr. Cbarles Warwick and Dr. Phillip Stern, wer* coming in together. They stopped and spoke to nlm. "Your Dusy day over, Robertson?" Dr. Warwick asked. "No." He didn't relish his mission and some ot bis distaste was In all bis faculties alert and sharp- i bis voice. "1 made a promise to ened r-y the experience Just past. be oo danger IE With no ncnn in her plan*, n.-inu enen uheail nltli hei (ircn- tirations to marry Uonnle, Att.NT I2I.L.I3.V Unnu'a romiuitle errai aunt. eoe» 10 OIL OSltOH.NE and tell* him D.inn nnd Itnnnlr plnn to marry Ihni nlc«'- Or. Osliorne telephone* Scolt. »T|IO l» oat ol the city. scoYt''V n c > ar "VmsheT «i e a, an infer' clothing It would be bard for an i, is divorced wife Is setting mar ordinary observer to tell which or the two was most burt. ; there would ! traveling fast. Blood bad soaked through tbe ! bandage on, the boy's bead and i was staining Scott's coat. There ' was so mucb Dlood on bis own look after something for Stanley. car. NOW GO OS WITH T11E STOlll CHAPTER XLV. They bad reached a lighted After that her mother began each yards away. There would, prob- —— story with, "Let's pretend that there' ab ] yi De ljtt i e ti e could do. furnish but little. Now carotone has j was a little girl who—" Or, "Let's pre- | But ne 3aw> as Qe ca me closer, been developed in the form of crystals! tend there was a cross old bear—" • fV , 0 , „„„ A r i,*r nnn nsr-rt his bead T HE middle-aged man dreaded : nou3e . Scott was praying there reachiag tbe wreckage a tew j would be a telephone. He could hear bis companion pounding on the door. Then the door swung He's all cut up over something He's brought In an accident case I Qgure be figured In it, som* way." "Probably been drinlilng," sain Dr. Stern. "Suppose you've beam rled tonight." "Good beavons, no!" f and is called pro-vitamin A. I And Sally was no longer disturbed. h drtTer nad 'Skimmed milk is deficient in vita- j As long 'as little squirrels did not j " n _ H „,„ ... ao , na . tne endue iin A ns nnmnaT-^ ,,riti, ,,,i,ni. ~:n, «,- 0! >ii,," «~ii, „, h*t,« „;„= ~, „ „» turned bis car so tnai me engine the fatal moment. He nad wide and a Hood ot light poured i night." his bead i through. "What was it Stanley wanted you lo doT' Ur. Stern asUed. "Nothing ot any Importance," Dr. Robertson answered. "Just a small errand . . . well, good min A as compared with whole milk, j "really" talk or bake pies out because vitamin A is fat soluble and is removed with the cream. A growing child, receiving a quart of milk each day, or a pint of milk ane one- third of an ounce of butter, gets all the vitamin A it netls for proper development of its body and for its resistance. Grown-ups do not require as many upits of vitamin A as do children. ' The average grown-up who takes from 2000 to 3000 calodies in his diet, requires about the same number of units of vitamin A. A quart of milk provides 1000 units, and a teaspoonful of ot tbe other automobile Dad struck the side and not the front. This chap, be saw, too, nad es- acorns, she was avid to hear. One day she said. "Mummy, let's play 'Three Little Pigs.'" Presentation at Fault This was a new one. But her mother got behind the door where Sally j ot the outbound car trom the pushed her. Sally said, "Now let's i tangled mass. "An ambulance Is starting to meet us," tbe middle-aged man reported when be returned. J1TE went toward bis cnr, waited "••^ until tbe two men nnd entered tbe hospital, and Uion slowl; "What time bare you!" Scott Braced bi7steps. asked. caped In some almost miraculous j "Six-thirty. 1 figure you'll be ai fashion and was lifting the driver ; the hospital at least by seven." pretend you're the big bad wolf. I'm a little pig. You have to huff-and- puff and blow me up. And then you j eat me, and then I'll be the other pig j and you fall in my pot ;md I'll cook you." Imagine this lady's amazement. But she carried out the pantomime and cod liver oil more than 2000 units. I was still further astonished when he Anyone who regularly gets milk, butter, eggs, fish, liver, or kidney, fruits and leafy green vegetables will have all the vitamin A he needs for purposes.of health and growth. sanguinary daughter .slit open her stomach and hauled out the other twi j The middle-aged man said: "That was a sorry smash. You're lucky. Is that poor chap dead?" "No," Scott said, "ho's oadiy hurt. But he Isb't dead. Thank God." "We'd batter get him to a doc tor at once," tbe stranger said. "I'm a doctor," Scott replied. The Dumber bad a dark sound | to Scott ! Dr. Osborne bad not specified i any particular time. He bad said : Dana and Ronnie were to be mar! ried tonight. That could mean they had set 8 o'clock as the bour. I It could mean seven. * • • i TT was 10 minutes to seven when •*• Dr. Harvey Robertson stopped In amazement, staring at a blood- A Book a Day By Bruce Catton 0 I "A hospital is what we need. I'm i 3ta ined. haggard, wild-eyed man There is something encouraging Sally did, because this blood-thirsty story was "just pretend." Sully is not five yet, and this story is exactly as it happened. Fear? Yen. We should discriminate always when telling cer- The stranger stooped and oeld .„ been , n an accjdenl .« tbe unconscious man s bead wbile Scott explored tbe oaclt ot bis My God: Scott nodded. "I'm all rlgbl. wrecked car. The case was located In the tangled mass, and Scott children stories. It is nothing bandaged the ugly cut quickly. about such a book as "The Partner- i a S ai "st the fairy tale, but more in the , "The best thing." Scott said ship Way Out," by Ambrose Ryder.; '"** il is Presented ot the Written by a successful business man—the author is assistant vice president of a large insurance company— it proves that the American business community can produce both the ability to see the defects in our present economic system and the intelligence to suggest remedies for them. Mr.- Ryder points out 'hat the whole- social and economic organization of America can be looked on as a vast partnership and this partnership, he says, has not been doing well of late. ' Specifically, it has been bringing its members an average return of about $1000 a year, whereas it should easily bring in two or three times that amount. This, he says, calls for a collective examination of the difficulties and a collective effort to solve them. But we need not choose, he goes on. between collectivism and individualism; rather, we can have both—for the most rugged individualism works better if its teamwork is functioning. j So he goes on to suggest ways in child. By Alicia Hart straightening, "Is to phone trom the lirst bouse and have an ambulance come out and meet us." They littc-d the unconscious youth into the stranger's car and started on, Scott supporting tbs boy in bis arms. K tbe uld died, ne would never forgive blmselt. The boy bad been OD the wrong side of the road, driving wltb tbe recklessness, the cocksureness ol careless youth. But it took two to make an accident. He, blmself, The boy who 13 really burt Is being brought in on a stretcher. He's bad a nasty blow . on tbe bead. I've got to get up to tbe j looked up when be passed ber dressing room to get Into some \ desk and spoke. It was a good thing be had bumped into the two tucu. It wat queer be badn't suspected Scon was drinking. And bere be oac been planning to numot a mnc who probably didn't realize what a crazy request be was ma Hint; It would bave Been a oretty come-off If be bad .valued into tbi- wedding and comaode-d the brlrie to accompany him to meet bei former busband! It would bavc been something be would never nave lived down He got off on the fourth tloor. Miss Hazelton. Stanley's anesthetist, was nurryiiis along ttie corn dor. That meant be was going to operate. Vou bad to admire Dim for charactor and cool nerve. Peeling responsible in some way for the smash up and" determined to put the boy together again. Miss neid, floor supervisor, linen—" "You can't mean you're going to handle this case. Man alive, you are tu 110 sbape—I'd be glad to take it over tor you. Or maybe, there's someone else—" Scott broke In. grimly. "Thanks, but this U my job. I'm going to put something more into pulling this boy tbrougb than • man ordinarily gives to a case. And I'm risking something more precious to me than my life to do It- bad taken a dozen risks since be i Harvey 1 need belp—" The day before you start on a win- | ' ef ' Easton. He bad let bis car | "You fenow I'll be glad to do ter holiday trip is decidedly NOT the | out to 70 a number of times, hold- j what I can." time to have your hairdresser design 'ng It aroubd C5 generally, an intricate coiffure. Givc-ji a "Get into your car and drive like tbe devil to tbe Cameron hand he- probably can make you look HPIIB 'hougbt of Dana was like a i borne at 1800 Magnolia and bring like a oicture of a screen actress com- i chnrn Kinhhini? nnir, Mr.,,, >,„ ' mw wife haek with Bmi!" like a picture of a screen actress ing down a gangplank, bul how 1 ing will your hair stay that way? Nut for more than the time it takes you to pace once- around a windswept deck, I'm afraid, so you'd better stick be as nice for dancing after dinner us sharp, slabbing pain. Now be , could not go to her as be bad "Brlug — He musl take tbe boy i mouib flew open, slraight to an emergency room, Dr. Robertson's determine the injuries and "Bring ber back wltb yon. Tell her 1 was coming tor tier when this accident happened, you'll get cp2;o like a reprieve:off right away, won't you? I can't extent to work. ot bis twTV 4I«: £LW-> W** »"" >""— O**^"" " •* — t , t • i L yhieh the proper blend of collectivism for deck tennis m the morning. and individualism can be attained. More and more simple hairstyU-s He is not in th. least afraid of such ' that are waved softly backward from from seui-.-rsce. Any ot bis friends would txj glad to bc-!p him. Some of. casual explain, bul It's a ease ot every minute counting." Dr. Robertson stammered, "Ot "The automobile accident cast —pretty serious?" He asked. "Rattier, doctor. Intracranlal hemorrhage. Bui he'll bave a Bne chance. Dr. Stanley's operating." Dr. Robertson walked on. The hospital staff certainly bad confidence In Stanley. Well, be was a mighty been young surgeon. And after awhile be was going to come out of that operating room and lio'd bave to tell Dim something. He would say something important bad come up preventing him from going on Scott's ml&- slon. A man bad bis own professional standing to consider. Ana ii was easy enough to make mistakes. It would oe a mistake to antagonize Ronnie Moore. He was reeling uncomfortable for some reason. It was a feeling that surely bad DO logic connected wltb it. But be was worried, logic or not. Scott's face kept coming before him. Tbere bad been something haunted, trapped about it. (To Ue Continued) it If you prefer nose drops, or 1Iiro.it spray, call for the MEW HEHTHOUTUM LIQUID In handy bollle with dropper Real Dry C lea n i lengthens wear also keeps, apparel immactila ( e AUCTION SALE! HOPE, ARK. SATURDAY, JANUARY 11 ON SOUTH ELM STREET (Back of Cox Drug Store TRUCK LOAD OF DEAD FREIGHT AND BANKRUPT MERCHANDISE Will be sold to the highest and best bidder, regardless of price and without reserve of bid, by lot or piece, to suit the bidders. Stock consists of house, barn and roofing paint in assorted colors, Varnish, Harness, Collars, Rugs, Diston Adkins and Cross Cut Saws of all kinds, Extracts, Hardware, Clothing, Vises and other useful articles too numerous to mention. ATTENTION — Dealers, Contractors, Farmers, Home-Owners. You should attend this sale. This is a good chance to stock up. BUY AT YOUR OWN PRICE! The stock will absolutely be sold. It's a real opportunity. Since this offering is a large one, I urge you to come to the truck early and inspect this stock. SALE STARTS 11 O'CLOCK A. M. Terms Cash. Come Early and Profit. I. RASKIN, Agent Pounds SLICED PINEAPPLE Large Flat Can Z Cam For ION A Tomato Juice Large Cans 25c K. C. BAKING POWDER 16c 25 oz. Can SOUR OR DILL PICKLES 14c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES at Bunches fl v Pound 19c Head 4c LARGE CALIFORNIA Dozen 33c 2 Lbs 5c Head 15c Dozen 12c Large Delicious and Winesap 2 For ?C —MEAT DEPARTMENT SPECIALS— Tall Korn Sliced Lb PICNIC HAMS .Worrells Pride •I to U l.l>. KIIANKLESS Lb 23c BEEF ROAST CHOICE NATIVE Lb 13c No. 1 Full Cicum Wisconsin Lb BACK BONES SPARE RIBS COUNTRY Lots of Meat Lb 15c BRAINS FRESH Calf or Pork Set lOc FRESH TROUT—CATFISH—OYSTERS EXCELL CRACKERS 2 17c GRANULATED su 10 Pounds NIELLO WHEAT 15c 17o Package SMALL 2 Packages CHERRIES RED PITTED No. 2 Can lOc GRANDMOTHERS BREAD Sliced 16 oz Loaf 8c PAN ROLLS, Doz. 5c RAISIN BREAD Loaf lOc IS] A more drJ-.T.iful thins; tti:m leprosy

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