Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 6, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1939
Page 3
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, September 6,1939 frira. Sid Henry Telephone 321 without poetry, music, mid We may live and art: We inny live without conscience, live without heart; We mny live without friends; we may live without books; font civilized ninn cannot live without cooks. He may live? without books,—what is knowledge but grieving? He may live without ho|ic,—what i.s hope but, deceiving? He may live without love,—what is passion but pining? But where is the man Unit ,:;in || vt . without dining . . From Owen Meredith's "Lticilc" — By Request. The Pat debut-lie chapter U. D. C. will meet Thursday aftcrnon at throe o'clock at the home of Mrs, A. F. Hancgan, South Elm Street, with Mrs. J. f. Gorin ;is joitit. hostess. A full attendance is uryed, as business of importance will come before ing. the traditional Bridal Chorus from Wagner's "Lohengrin" and used "Trau- mcrci" as a ceremonial. Mrs. Hay Locke sang "O Promise me" imil "I Love You Truly" acompanied by Mrs. Chambers. Miss lizabefh Ogk'.sbv "f lexat-kana, sister of the bridegroom was the bride's only aUaiidcnl. She woi-e an afternoon dress of gold crepe with brown hut and accessories, illl( | wore a corsage of Talisman roses. The lovely youg bride was given in marriage by her brother, William S. Meredith of Ada, Oklahoma. Her wedding costume was an afli-rnoon dress of Mndonna blue crepe, and with this .slip wore black accessories and beige gloves. A cluster of Kimlienias fashioned lier bridal crosage. The bride and her brother were met at the altar by Mr. Oglesby and his best man Stuart Oglesby [ft (1 f Atlanta Ga HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS circles attended Auston College at Sherman, and Texas State college for Women at Denton, and was a member of (.he faculty of the Thro- cmorton, Texas schools for the past year. Mr. Oglesby was graduated from the Texarkana, Ark high school, Texarkana Collcg, Auston colleg and has been attending Union Theological Seminary at Kichmon. During the past summer he served as pastor of the New Iberia Presbyterian church of Now Iberia. La. Among the out of town guests for the wedding were Mr. and Mr;-. Mac Ogle.sby and daughter I,IMII!.-<> ,,f Lewisvillo, Mr. and Mis. W. B. Ogli-:,by, Mr. and Mrs Stuart Wilson. Mrs. Paul Booker of 'IVxarkana. Mrs. ,1, T. West and Miss Hattii- Anne Kield of Hope.. Mr::. A. H. Gunii of Doniphan, Mo. lias arrived fur a visit with her daughter, Mi-:.,. Tele Le.ster and Mr. Le.se- ter. The following announcement from the Texarkana Gazette will be of interest to Hope friends of the bridegroom, whose grand father and father were former well-known citizens of our city. A wedding of great social interest in the city, because of the prominence of the principas, was that of Miss Janice Meredith, attractive daughter of Mrs. Lra Meredith of Sherman. Tex and William Bar,- Oglesby of Tcxar- Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ogcsby of Tcxar- kana, which was socmninzod at eight p. m. Wednesday. The ceremony performed by Dr. Stuart Oglesby, pastor of Central Presbyterian churcl of Atlanta, Ga., uncle of the bried Broom, at the Centra) Christian church of Sherman. A large altandaiicc of relatives and friends wore present and the simple ring ceremony was used. Vows were exchanged ix-fore an improvised alter of palms and ferns with tall baskets of pink gladio and seven branched candelabra, will athedral tapers standing out in the •lief. Mrs. R. . Chambers played 'tutiful program of wedding 'music ceding the ceremony. For the en- ice of the bridal party she played Ushers for the ceremony were Hay- meet- I don Meredith, Jerome Mix, Tol Terrell and Lewis Hnll all of Sherman, Texas. An informal reception at the home of Mrs. Meredith followed the wedding, members of the families and out of town guests having been invited. Following the ceremony the young couple left for Dallas 'for a wedding trip. After .September 17. they will be at home at Richmon, Va., where Mr. Oglesby will be at the head of religious work for the Masonic Orphans' Home, while attending Union Theological Seminary. The bride a general favorite in social NEW H'K[WESI)AY and TMUKSIMY Korctta Young . n,,n Amcclic in "I,OVE UNDER KIKE" and I'l'.TEK LORHK —in— "THANK YOU, MR. MOTO" HOLD THAT COED John Barrymorc George Murphy — and — "THE BARRIER" Wednesday THE JONES FAMILY "Quick Millions" WHAT IS A SLEEPER? In the laiiKiiaKo nl' (In- movie Ijiisiiu-ss, a "sleeper" ih a picture that roiiu's IliruiiKli Hie studio mtlii'niled — imprcss-agcnted — almost unnoticed—ANI1 TURNS OUT TO BK A BIGGKK SENSATION THAN TIH-: "SUPER COLOSSAI.S!" Such a picture is "Kivo Came Back" hi tvliicli an airliner was forced down in (he Jungle. Only five of twelve can escape! Which five? See how (hey choose! . . . Drama—deep, stark, startling'. Never liefore has a film been nvule like "FIVE CAME BACK" Folks, .you'll thrill to this sensational thriller. THURSDAY-FRIDAY Matinee Thursday THE L&3T WORD IK STARTLING DRAMA! Forced landing In jungle I . ,. Twelve muooAid! •». Only live can eiotpe! ... WHICH FIVE?.. .Wh.i a £. cliraoz! . . . Wait' til', you seel urith CHESTED MORRIS LUCILLE BALI WENDY BARRI! JOHN CARRADINE ALIEH JENKINS JOSEPH CAUCU C. AUBREY SMITH KENT TAVIOR PATRIC KNOWS , ELISABETH RISIOK One of Die must inteicsfnig and en- Ihusiastie meetings of the year was d"M by Circle No. I, W. M! S. First Methodist church at the home of Mrs. JH. N. Mouse,-. Washington Koad. with . Airs, C. (.:. Parker ils joint hostess, and the leader. Mrs. K. P. Stewart presiding. Mrs. J. (;. Milam presented a very inspiring pM-gram before sixteen members and four visilro.s The hostesses assisted by Mrs. Buford IV .served a delightful ice course with cookies. Ouvn Nix |,,-,jj returned from a visit. I" the Worlds Fair in New York, Washington City and other Eastern point*. Mrs. Nix and children have '•'.'turned fiom a visit with relatives in fort Worth, Texas. -O- The September meeting of Circle No. 3 W. M. S'. Methodist church was held at the home of Mr.s, W. M. Ramsey, North Horvey Street, with Mr.s. Guy Card as co-hostess. Circle Leader, Mrs. W. G. Allison opened the mooting with the Lord's Prayer. Mrs. R. M. LaGrone brought the devotional from the 2nd chapter of "Tho Peoples Life of Chirst" by Patterson I Smyth. Mrs. Don Smith read a loaft- I let on Missions, and Mrs. E. F. Mc- Fddin told most interestingly of Life in the China Town of San 'Fratiiseo. The meeting closed with the hymn, "What a Friend We Have In Jesus." The hostesses served an ice course i with cake to 12 members, one new member and one potntial mmbcr. Miss Ruth Taylor requests that the .senior girls taking Home Economy meet with her between the hours if nine and ten Friday morning at. the Homo Kc. Cottage, for the purpose of talking over the project work for Hie i.'oming year. Mr. W. O. Recce announces the marriage of (i i.s daughtr, Mary JElIn I" Ko.v.slnn Green, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Green. Nashville. Arkansas. The marriage was olcmnizcd at (he home of the officiating Minister Rev. Kenneth Spore, Saturady September Card of Thanks We take this method of thanking our many friends who were so kind and helpful to us during the sickness and death of our dear Mother and sister. Also for the beautiful floral offerings. May God's richest blessings be up- each of you, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Evans and Family Mr. E. H. Ellis Mr. Morris Ellis Mrs. A. Tyler SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT. 1939. NEA SERVICE, INO. IIA «llr<TN N rul l» unulilc (n li biiNlinnd. Dim, hn« I,,NI '•'•'on. .Slu- hllli-M (hrlr loa* life. !,„< rmllzci, H 1o chnngc. CHAPTER II jyjARlAN went back to tho bedroom. Painstakingly, she glossed her lips with tangerine. It was the last touch of brittle artificiality. While adjusting her veil, she heard Dan leave the apartment. He would have the car at the building entrance when she went down. She heard him speak to Dolly, a warm, friendly note in his voice. Dolly lived in one of the small court apartments across the hall. She was the widow of Dan's brother, living on a liny income, augmenting it by doing Marian's housework at 40 cents an hour. Marian threw the beautiful fox- cape around her shoulders. She had (he impersonal sleekness of a mannequin, a poured-in, glossed over smoothness. Pulling on spotless gloves, she left the apartment. Dolly's door stood open. "Hello, there," Marian called. She had trained the harsh tones out of her voice, it was low and cultured. "Good morning—how nice you look, Marian—but you always look nice." With cheerful privy Dolly. observed Marian's smart sophisti-' cation. Dolly was short and round and fair, pretty in a .sweet, comfortable Way. Although she was 2K. there was a childishness about, her, an irrepressible gaiety. She wore a clean cotton dress, honey-colored hair curled around her fresh face. Dolly would work hard in Marian's apartment all morning, play contract or see a pictuie in (ho afternoon, mend Dan's clothes, read or knit during the evening. Just why Dolly's mode of life- should add to Marian's discontent, she could not have told. Dolly had nothing. Site src/mjicrf and saved to buy an annuity for her old aye Old age—Marian shivered. "Put two potatoes in the • I 5:30, will you, Dolly?" "All right—I'm «oinf> In an apple pie and I'll u ivc half." .She leaned from the {is Marian went down the "Let up a little, Marian, 1 called, "Your eyes look lnv< For an instant Marian'* eyes, flashing resentment, rated on Salht. i It catf <joa i/ ivc need \,ou," s /,e said, her soft voice bclymg her feelings. oilier of l.hr. (ironI. Fellows Brokerage Firm, speaking graciously the telephone operator, the to ."•tenciKrapluTs and olliee boy. They ix'tmnerl her erect in;; courteously. She had hired Iho.-e gills and that boy. she had the power to dismiss l.hein. J) was ii.-itural that they should stand a hitle in awe of. her. h sin r jPHE stairs were nicely carpeted, the foyer had a qniol, luxurious air. Marian wondered where she and Dan would he In ing it- she hadn't helped out. H, ")„.,• mind she always called her work helping out. Certainly nan would not have been able to pay $7f» a month for an apartment. II was one of her annoyances that he never appeared grateful. He waited at the curb and she got into the ear. H was a cheap car, provided by Dan's company. Silently, they drove downtown. The October morning sparkled through a warm ha/.e. The coining ol autumn depressed Marian, jt meant that winter was crowding close behind. And winter brought. Thanksgiving Day and Christinas, family days which should be festive and gay, but which were not. She and Dan had been married in October, the gold of the day shot with crimson and sober brown. Dan stopped at an oflico building on LaSalle street. '"Bye, Marian—see you tonight." Jie patted her gloved hand. "Be a good little secretary—maybe they'll make you an executive today." Marian stepped into an elevator. Pan was difl'ercnt. it wasn't his habit to make cracks like that. Years ago there had been unhappy times over her job, but gradually be had come to accept it. Sh« went through the outer I /»Nt.'J.O, ;i long lime ;i!;n, ,sh ( ; had | sat ,-it tin- List typewriter, ga/.- I '"'-; With purposeful eves j|,(|| Grant Fellows' private nilUv each i Hint' the ilniii- opened. There had j been a secretary then, Angle Do-' I 1.1", a poi.-ed, beautifully correct i per.-on of .'ill or more. Anyie Dnran had engaged Marian and trained '"'!'• l.aler, surmi.-inL; Marian's aspiration;.; toward tin- private ol- 'i'-o, -I"' dad discharged her with Iv.-d w< el-.:,' pay. (Irani Fellows, liim.'.elf, had .sent f..r Marian and reinstated her. I Soon after that, Angir- had been 1 given a year's lea\e of ab.-,once : and Marian had taken her place.' Anj-'je had never eome hack. Marian had forgotten .An^ie, milv tr> • rc'ineinlier her with inei ra-ing I'l e- o,ueney a.; the years pa.-sed and .voiuiH, ambitious «irls fame info the olliee. She had trained the girls with fare, deftly nipping any yearning toward her own envied )>o;.jii,,n. Until a few months ago :.|ie bad '»•' n finite sueci .-..-fill. Keecillly Sally HI;,l;e had become a major problem. Sally was more than a little responsible for ihe perpen- ctieular line bet.\vei-n Marian's brows. Sally had applied for a position as stenographer. There had been something about the girl, an avid- il.v, a subtle determination, that Marian had rcfognixed at oiit-c. She had told Sally that there was no opening, Hud .she mi-lit leave her name. Later that day, when Marian returned from lunch, Sally bad sat at one of tho typewriters. Resourceful, not lo be put oil easily, she hud waited lor Marian's lunch hour, seen Grant Fellows personally, and been given tho job. It hud becji a blow to Marian. Grant Fellow.,- had neecr before questioned, her authority and she resented it holly. Relentlessly, she had kept the gi r | j n t n( , background. But, in spite of her vigi- lance, .Sally was making headway She was delightful to look at| .'•weeUiiatm-cd, by f ; ,r (he most enu-ient of the several .stenographers. Day by day Marian watched /or cause (o dismiss- flu- troublesome .Sally. The girl gav«; her no cause. And, just, recently, her competency and personality liarl been noted in the private ofliee. 'l'h<- fact that Sally was oxer- eisiiiK the same skill and enler- prisc which had brought Marian I" (he front., that her tactics were identical, added lo Marian's uneasiness. She knew what. Sally wanted. .Sally wanted the place as (Irani. Fellows' private- secretary. And, what'was more to the point, .'lie was steadily gaining ground. went into the private olliee, graceful, smart assured. Sally Blake sat beside Marian's mahogany desk, appcalingly youiiK, deceivingly demure-. Marian made horse. 11' smile brightly. "Good morning, G. F.," she said, j then turned to Sally. For an in- Islant her eyes, Hashing resentment rested on the girl. "I'll call you if. we need you, •Sally," Marian said, her soft voice: helving her feelings. "Hut, Mr. Fellows—" Sally began. "I'll call you, .Sally." Marian sat down, uncomfortably .•ware of Sally. Judging .from Mr. Fellows' expression, he was also aware of Sally, pleasurubly. As she left tho ofliee he beamed. ^'There's a comer," he said! "Yes, she is," Marian admitted. There were underhanded methods !>y which she could easily rid herself of. Sally, devices to which she would not stoop. Marian was fair, perhaps her own slruflg-le had given her an unconscious sympathy for the girl. "She made a good suggestion 1his morning," Mr. Fellows went on. "She asked if she might understudy you—to be prepared when you go on vacation, or in case you are ill—" (To lie Continued) "Five Came Back" Is Hailed as Year's Most Sensational Picture In ITVC Came Back," soon to be shown on local screens, a notable XX \*?™ SC £" Al^V^r I)C ll ' C m S* "cmor-ble and gripping and The plot deals with the forced landing in a Brazilian jungle of a tranpsort plane carrying eleven persons, and with the dram? that .surrounds their efforts to escape. A trick of Fate puts forward a confessed murderer as the sole arbitor of the destinies of the little party, thus contriving one of the strongest climaxes the screen has ever revealed. Twelve pre.sons are aboard the plane when it leaves the United .States for Panama. One i.s hurled from the ship during a tropical .storm, and the other eleven, landing safely in a clearing in the wilds-, .seek lo repair the eiafl and fly out. '.I rouble and disaster strike, while two romances spring up between four til Ihc little parly. One of the group is captured and killed by Indians, another is fatally wounded holding off a native attack. And when Hie crippled plane i.s finally ready lo start lor the coast and civilization: it is found that it will carry only five of the survivors; the other four must remain behind and face certain death at the hands of the enraged Indian-;. How the five who conic bacn are chosen by the only person among them who can make an impartial choice, forms the tense conclusion of the film's story—and ending that will bp long remembered! The various roles, each sharply etched against the steaming background of the upper Amazon arc handled by an all-star east. Chester Morns and Kent Taylor enact the roles of the two pilots, and Lucille Ball and Wendy Barrie have the romantic leads opposite them, Miss Ball PAGE THREE , as a politician's girl-friend taking a hurried trip for her health, and Miss Barrie as an heiress. Joseph Calleia plays the part of an anarchist being taken back to a Central American country by Detective John C'arradine to stand trail for a political killing, and Allen Jenkins i.-j .seen as a gangster escorting his chiefs ittle boy, young Casey Johnson, out of harm's way during a gang Will', C'. Aubrey Smith and Elisabeth Kisdon enact a scientist and his wife, and Patric Knowles, as a selfish young millionaire, round out the little gro'up. The relationships between thc.se oddly assorted persons make for much of the picture's absorbing dramatic scenes. Morris and Miss Ball form a romantic pair and Taylor Miss Barrie and Knowles a romantic triangle to provide the love interest in the story. Calleia, as the murderer who faces certain death anyway if he returns to civilization, makes the decision as to who shall go in the plane and who must remain to face the head-hunting Jivaro Indians who have already slain two of the group. John Farrow directed the Robert •Si.sk production for RKO Radio. Jerry Cady, DiiJto;j Trumbo and Natna- nael West wrote the screen play from Richard Carroll's original story. Many unusual air scenes, and a huge jungle •setting especially constructed for the film are additional features of the ot- tering. West Point, Annapolis Examinations on Oct. 7 AJI examination will be held in the postoffice building at El Dorado, Ark beginning at 9 a. m. October 7, for purpose of making selections to Annapolis and West Point. A principal and two alternates will be selected for U. S. Military Academy and a principal and three alternates for U. o. Naval Academy. All persons interested in such ap- pomrmcnts should communicate immediately with Congress-man Wade Kitchens, Box HG, Magnolia, Ark in order to get the necessary authority lor taking the examination. Cemetery Cleaning St. Paul cemetery will bo cleaned Wednesday, September 13. All persons interested arc exacted to help -ix men confessed stealing S13WIO from WPA. We always knew some of >o.se shovel leancrs weren't earning I'icir pay, but we never thought they'd admit it. ' Shy on Taxes SALE Kool Summer DRESSES Values Up to $10.00 $1 $i.99 $ LADIES Specialty Shop Stars' incomes, as well as producers', arc getting the government glare. Uncle Sam claims Anita Louise, above, neglected to pay $5484 income tax on her 1938 earnings. Investigators out- sleuthed Peter Lorre, below, of iJr. Moto series, and found him $2435 shy If .von shot/Id flic foniglil will youj family be adequately protected, TAJ>BOT FEIU), Sr, District Manager Reliance Life Insurance, Co. Life, Health ami Accident KHX 44, Hope, Arkansas. We have a complete assortment of Home Furnishings. Hope Hardware Company Mr Rephan has just returned from the market and we are again happy to pass on to our many faithful customers the many outstanding values he secured. SHOP AT REPHAN'S AND SAVE PAY CASH AT REPHAN'S AND PAY LESS Dress Lengths All 3'/ 2 yards of the latest fall colors in Flat Crepes, Challies and Wool-Rayon Mixtures $1.69 Yards SEE OUR OUTSTANDING SELECTIONS OF FALL WOOLEN 98C Yard FINAL CLEARANCE $2.98 — $3.98 DRESSES $|.OO GIRL'S SCHOOL Oxfords RAG RUGS Regular 50c Values Only 50 —Come Early Large Size — 24x48 9 OUTFITTERS FOR BOYS School Needs Boy™ TENNIS SHOES 49c All Silk Mesh Hose Guaranteed Run Proof Regular 79c Value Blacks, Browns Combinations 1500 Yards 8 oz. DUCK c yard S $1.69 BOY'S FAST COLOR Dress Shirts mmmm Boy's Sanforized STfc ir Pants •&KHS9 Children's All Leather Pair EDGEWOOD WELT OXFORDS Steel Arch and Combination Lasts Ladies ^^ mmm -^ IMT go UNIFOR1 Wrap - Arounds Made of Slubs, Prints Percales. Weil Tailored A True $1.00 Value Oxfords or Hi Tops •EBBHMBXBSI Boys' Felt Hats raHBBBBaaasiaas Boy's Sanforized KHAKI SOtTS Ideal for Hard School Wear Ladies Pure Rayon AH g/ un^r 1 SlLli Knee Length lOc **$& tffe £* tin s BOY'S - MEN'S r ^llfll" «$SaUS Black or Brown "The Friendly Store"

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