Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1941
Page 4
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^^M^J^^. 1 ...^^^.-!^^ —- | i~--.~.. r -- s • • I-,- -- — -'- ~ -*-.-.... n..^ iriMif..T. mn- ^^ - ^_ g Makes Love Sizsle in 'Skylark' Which Opens Sunday OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams lay Milland and Pf 't t-J * v Brian Aherne ||e>k Claudette's Sections fie wife of an adventising running a home to please tar clients wasn't Clau- idea of a love nest am mu,?Ahemc agreed with her. Bu ;$fisband, Ray Milland, saw things "' "" ly—that is—until she wen skylark with Brian, how everything begins to &in Paramount's exciting comdej <tXr "Skylark" which opens Sun £,the Saenger theater. ludette didn't figure on fall the suave bachelor who prom , w show her the moon, nor dk *&vtertain the slightest idea tha " > gif through with a di only-one who knew wha _^ ™ about right off the bat was me—and the was a lawyer. •';••:. ' -' 'ft all, Claudette strug- deep love for her hus- -jnned a stone wall for 'intruder to hurdle. Each romantic Aherne pressed ,>, Claudette yearned for a tvVisit with her first love. But |time£-Jjer good intentions to ip were soured by the _ Milland who was con- his former wife couldn't Now let's bring things •to-dafe. „.„.. things more complicated, •*u£> Barnes, wife of Milland's big£| client, had been engaged in an r-with Aherne before Claudette led his attentions. She has the WO.THEV WOWT Fiee MAWV OUD TIMERS—THEV <3OT TO HAVE SOMHBODV OUDER TWAM THEMSEl^ES TO OOMTEADICT.' WHY, THAT'S KJO FUSJ. A ©ABV r OW6 O' THEM KID BOSSES VyHAT»ve VOU TO rr-? IT SHOULOW'T OUT OF THAT QUICK—THAT MACH1WE OUST FEOM THE. FACTOE.V/ VOU'RE, JUST A COULBOB, AM' YOU'" OUT OF Ol_O I ROM ©IDES OWE OTHESE D/WS FER GITTIM' SO SARCASTIC COMTRADICTlVJ THE OLDEK THE" BE.TTEP2 OPR. mi BY NEA Stftvice. IMC. T. M. EEC. U. 9- P*T relationship with a civilized people. The sword Japan has forced from our reluctant scabbard must not be sheathed until Japan as a power in Pacifitf and world affairs does not exist. That does not mean a war of extermination against the Japanese people. It means the destruction of her navy and air force, together with the means of building another. To this gor in for what is said . one of the most hilarious word attles on the srceen. Aherne, glad to SB^,rid of the clawing Binnie Barnes, the whole issue. a claimed nis attentions, one nas no uie means ui uuuumg imuuivi. o.u uua ^intention of giving him up to Clau-1 task Japan has herself assigned us. fcfeffeT without a good fight and the I Nothing less offers the slightest hope •-'--'••'- —' :J | of peace when this war shall have] been concluded. Let us not deceive ourselves. War with Japan will be no basket pic- „_,„.,— _._ .nic. The Japanese are good fighters; ^Walter Abel, Milland's closest friend, they are ruthless, unscrupulous, and (toes all in his power to reunite the I actuated by religious zealotry and de- fcbuple in between his drinking bouts. I spe'ration. They have all geography on iwhen-he isn't drowning his friend's I their side. They are able in war. in alcohol, he manages to put I The news from the Pacific will be >iu»>.j.uvjt in Milland's affairs and gum I worse before it is better. We must lilp 1 ,?the works, which contributes in I b e prepared for bad 'news, for losses part to the hectic turbulence [ o f ships and men. The naval disaster the estranged pah-. [ with which the war was launched Sirs „ a perfect blending of romance (js good proof of the fatuousness of Sn^smart comedy sure to keep movie-I the thoughtless chest-beating that has 'tii£!L2. laughing from the moment they j gone on in the highest quarters about — until the final curtain drops J our naval irressistibility. We cannot fail to win hi the long run, though the run may-be longer than we see at this moment. Any- Jiing less than a complete, crushing and final victory over Japan means the end of the United States as a great nation. Our standing before the world, and especially our status as the principal protector of the western hemisphere, demand complete and final victory—nothing less. We Sf recker Urges Unity at SPG Explains Meaning of Construction During War Major Werner C. Strecker, Con structing Quartermaster, Southwest- en Proving Ground, addressed an assembly of workers at the project today explaining what the war means to the construction program underway at the project. The Major told the assembled employees that the situation now was far different. "Formerly," he said, "we worked as a nation preparing for whatever eventuality lay ahead. the group that did the work. Fore- mem, craftsmen, laborers, timekeepers, water boys, and all the other workers on this job who have kept the wheels running are the ones who have kept the job progressing running on schedule. You recall that last night the You recall that the president, ii his speech to tiic people, spoke of i long hard war. He made no nttemp to cushion the facts that we faced a powerful, well-equipped, and crafty enemy. I feel that you who build, who know wuat work, hardships, and exposure lo weather means, will show up to advantage in any emergency. I know you do not ask for a soft job. In his address to the nation! the President said, "On the road ahead there lies hard work—gruelling work —day and night, every hour, every minute." Fellow workers, we have been work- ng hard, we have been working at SPG Payroll Hits$264,000 7,500 Employes Listed for New High on Project ., Local business houses featuring Christmas merchandise should do i big business Friday night when ovci 7,500 employees of the W. E. Cat lahan Construction Company, Provinj Ground contractor, leave the projec with more than $264,000 In their col lectivc wallets. With only one more weekly pay roll to be made by the Contractor be fore Christmas, many merchants ar predicting the bulk of the hollda purchases will be made within th coming week. The project official, were unable to predict just wha chances in number of workers em ployed and hours worked might oc ciir within the coming week. However, it was pointed out that any decrease in employment was unlikely before Christmas. A survey made Thursday revealed that project workers are buying heavily in the local stores. With many workers on the job seven days a week and the present inclement weather, the liklihood of much Christmas shopping being done elsewhere was held unlikely. Next week thu employees of the ar Department and the Architect- Sngineers will receive their semimonthly pay check, the combined to;al running near the hundred-thousand dollar mark. Garrison There (Continued From Page One) England Friday that "the forces which >ave plunged the world Into war, lowcver strong, cannot prevail against the strength of free peoples fighting n a just,cause." The declaration was In reply to a cable front the King In which George declared that the British empire is "proud, indeed, to be fighting at yout side against the common enemy." The text of the message WHS released by the State Department. Roosevelt told King George thu "our nations nro noW full comrad In arms. The courage which you people have shown Inspires us as w join the struggle. Muy God guid us through whatever trials yet come and to a speedy victory." t Special Kiwanis Meeting Here Governor-Elect to instruct Local Club on Election In D special meeting of the Hope Kiwanis club Friday night, Lt. Gov ernor-Elect M. E. (Mike) Pickctl, o Helena, will give special Instruction to the newly elected; officers, dircc lors, and committee chairmen. Friday night's meeting and lunch con will take the place of the rogu lar luncheon on December 23, whic extreme! Russia Rejects (Continued From Page One) Hope Wins Cage Opener 26-11 Bobcats Have Easy Time Scoring Win Over Texarkana The Hope Bobcats, using a clever passing nttiiek, forged nhcnd in the second quarter hero Thursdny night lo win the season's opening basketball contest 26-11 from Texnrknnn. J. C. McCullough, Jimmy Simms, Captain, W. C. Jordan and R. Stanford were ofefnsivc stars for Hope while on this defense Green, Calhoun, were standouts with Henry, Aslin, Machin, Ross and Evans showing much promise. Robinson was practically the whole has been canceled dUe to heavy business that week. All members of the club arc ex pectcd to attend, officials said. Tl necting and luncheon will be he! ii the Henry Hotel dining room, be ginning promptly at 6:300 o'clock. McCaskill Man Dies Thursday J. R. Kimbroiigh, 63, Succumbs at His Home J R Kimbroueh. 63, llcmpstead county farmer, died al his homo near McCasklll lute Thursday afternoon. Funeral services will be held at Avery Chapel, near Blevms, at l.M Saturday afternoon. ... M __ Ho is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Arthur Sweat of McCaskill. o Silver Coinage The first United States mint to con-, trol coinage of silver was erected in irOl CuiiuiBU ui ai»»*-i """ Philadelphia. Prior to that time, silver ilttjaown uniu me imai CUTUUJ pSmffthe .all-star, cast's closing scene. " ttki 'Skylark" down in your movie '***' ' book as one pjcture you 'see.*" ••"','"'' |ir DailyBread £ SO. - - ' ' ' ' &'(Continued From Page One) Now we work as part of a battle unit—as a nation that has been invaded!" The large crowd listened to the _.., we could scarcely be- one could "smile and smile, i™be a villain." fow-'we know. In the blood of our j, ^;women and children, in the irlpools above ships sunk without the lesson is written: jj^^-t.^.. has proved itself faithless jde|pieable r and unworthy of .civiliz- are going to see this thing through to the bitter end, knowing full well that the cost will be heavy, the burden great, and the losses grievous. With deceit, low craftiness, and contempt, the Japanese have thrown the gauntlet in our faces. We pick it up; we draw the sword; we shall not sheathe it until the world power ori Russia's deeping winter advices from London indicated that local Soviet drives were developing into full scale counter offensive along the whole line. Nazi Regiment Destroyed CAIRO — (flV- British troops have destroyed the German 36lst African regiment and have fought through a two-day sand storm in a 50-mile advance beyond TobrukC it was of- ficiolly reported Friday. Italian Cruiser Torpedoed LONDON —(/P)— The admiralty announced Friday that a British submarine had torpedoed and probably show for Texarkana and scored G of his teams 11 points. The tisht Hope defense held the twin-city byos to 4 points throughout the final half. The Texnrknna B team defeated the Hope B team 26-15 There are seven ages of man and two of women—one's her right one The average girl doesn't discove that candy is sold by the bog unti she is married. Big Shots Are Best Diner-Outers ALLENTOWN; Pa. — (/?)— William Classen would rather plan a meal for United Stales President than try to ilcasc the average fussy diner—and ic's done both. It's the lesser lights ryinfi to look important who make iilngs tough for a head waiter, Klas- cn concludes after 43 years in which ID'S arranged dinners for at least a nillion people. He planned banquets tor Theodore taoscvolt, William Hpward Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Worren G. Harding md Calvin Coolidge. Presidents and governors aren't hard-boiled customers, says Klassen. You can place soup-to-nuts before dyed-in-the- wool notables and then relax. PPPX^w^ "» i stirring address in solemn quietness. The obvious sincerity of the speaker, arid the gravity of his words impressed the group deeply. The speech, asking for renewed effort to rush completion of the ordnance facility, stressed the importance of the project in the way he spoke of the high courage required to stick to routine tasks that were as necessary as flying bombers and carrying a rifle. Major Strecker spoke to approximately 2000 laborers and craftsmen at the project this morning at 7:15, and another group assembled in the cafeteria at noon. Following is a complete text of the Major's address: Employees of the Southwestern Proving Ground, or, if I may, Fellow Workers: , You have been called together at this time in order that you may be told just how the war in which we are engaged affects this job. You are all aware of the developments of the past few days. You know that the United States has been invaded—also, that the purpose for which our vast defense program was planned, is at hand. Our slogan, "Time is short," is now out of date. The time has come. If every unit of our National Defense Program was completed and in oepration today, we would just be starting. I am sure you have considered the president's message to the nation and wondered how you, as a citizen of the greatest government on earth, could do the most to help the cause. You will recall that the president did not mince words. He stated 'facts. He spoke of bad news and the certainty of more bad news that we must accept as part of the fortunes of war. He detailed evidence that we faced a ruthless and cunning enemy. However, what he said means you and me and every individual on this job. He said, "Balanced against the ruthlcssness of our enemy is the power of a united people which will not be satisfied with anything short of a complete victory. That phras$, "A United People", must be typical of this project from now on in a vivid and concrete night, we have been working seven days a week, but we have just begun. Before, we were working as a peaceful nation, preparing for whatever lay ahead. Now, the situation is different. We work as a vital part of >'a battle already begun, as a nation that has been invaded, a nation that, overnight, must double and triple production of war materials. 1 say to you that your country and mine needs the Southwestern Proving Ground completed today. If i 1 were in full use at this time, i would make us a stronger foe. I can conceive of no work more essential than to complete as rapidly as possible a plant which is built to test shells. When our forces, our ships and our war planes shoot we want the explosives used to be of the best. I ask you, and I know you arc ready, to give to this job in th future all the loyalty, all the streng th, and all the best resource tha is in you. To serve on this job wit the same high courage and patrio sunk an Italian cruiser in the centra Mediterranean. In an attack at dusk on three Ital ian cruisers, heavily screened, th submarine made three hits, the com mand reported. How To Relieve Bronchitis Crcomulslon relieves promptly be cause it g° es right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way It quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSICN for Coughs, Chest Colds. Bronchiti WANT A CHRISTMAS PIANO? This Model $365 cash or terms: $36.50 Down 519.38 Monthly. Drop us a curd for Catalogs and full information. Quality makes by STEINWAY, HADDORFF, CABLE, WURL1TZER. Used Pianos, $75 up. Terms 200 E. Broad Texarkana, Ark. 0 C. DRS. CHAS. A. & ETTA E. CHAMPLIN Ostcopathlc Physicians HOPE, ARKANSAS 404 South Elm St. Telephone 459 Q O now on in a vivid and concrete • ' , Qnd generous gov . sense, not just something that sounds ^" be unmindful O j HIS inning Tuesday, Dec. 16 in HOPE STAR tism that you would use if you wer carrying a rifle or flying a bomber. This type of loyalty is of the highest. It is the essence of patriotism. You will work without the account- erments of war. You will have no bands and buglers, no fanfare that accompanies battle. Instead, you will have cold weather, rains, and other prosaic foes that require the finest in will power and courage to fight. You are soldiers serving without many advantages of the man in uniform, but we are in this war up to our necks and we will have to keep swinging with all we have to win. Now is no time to think of production schedules as a measure of progress. We must think of finishing this job as soon as possible and then doing it in half that time. The goal of 80 per cent by January 3rd, must be reset, eighty-five per cent or more. Now there arc many factors involved in war. We must all think of our responsibility toward our families. Jn short, making a living. As our ex*- pandcd defense programs gather momentum, you will all receive many work opportunities. I just want to say one word in this respect. You are working in the service of the greatest government on earth. When this job is over, there will be others needing your services. You can be as- The 42 Ford is the Best Looking, Best Biding, Best Illuming Low Priced Car ever Built Choice of Sixes or Eights ;ood in a speech. But it means out on ;hc field, in the office, and yes, even n our homes, our minds, and our very lives, that we on this job are a united people working for the ideals of our nation and way of life. You are all aware, I am sure, that throughout the construction industry, this job has made for itself a name for outstanding accomplishment, united effort, and smooth operation. You have, to use a well known phrase of our President, "Fought a Good Fight." The record on this job is clear of any unpatriotic acts. No one has been guilty on this job of the many deeds wanting in patriotism that have marked some projects of a similar nature. This situation is a credit, of course, to good leadership. What we like to call "Key People" can say they have been wise executives: But we all know that the group to whom most credit is due is of Japan is broken, finally and forever. • *.*. This is the task which Japan herself has given us; we cannot fail, i»nd we wil Inot foil. eminent will not be unmindful of your worth. You will be well paid for your efforts, but this is beside the point. High wages won't buy the kind of work demanded at this time I am a poor hand at making speeches of this kind. I have worked beside you on this job, and I tell you with sincerity, I never knew a finer group From the capable men who give the orders around here to the last laborer on the project, I know nothing to your discredit. I just wanted tt say to you that we appreciate you fine work in the past, and we an asking for a superhuman effort on your part until this job is finish ed. I know that each and everyone o you without reservation will join m in determination to use every facilit you possess to give the fullest bencfi of your knowledge, labor, skill, an time in the defense of your country. »»» Manila has a photographer who is | thought to be the only blind cameraman in the world. He has devised his own method of judging distance and light, and has developed a very suc- ccwful studio. '*'&•• jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Of III The FORD is New FORD DEALER ADVERTISEMENT if,

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