Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 9, 1936 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1936
Page 6
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* I * MOPE STAft,' &&B, ARKANSAS Man Has Sure in Hollywood .Movies Need Constantly Sy BOBBIN COONS '•' • A«S*ttattrf Press Corerspondcnt - &$LL'YWOOD—Tha "gag man" is among th6 more nearly permanent in* feUutlShs of an industry that is by feature' tphemeral. 5 His name may change as the years 'of sunctard jokes—take an old joke, give It a new twist," ahtl liM tWod for ft laugh. Sometime U is good without AT twist serious wtite? leaves his ap« v.. script with tKe director and job is done, but the gag ntoft (ing. ite seeks inspiration from sets | and "props" and spontaneous happening on the set. Bobby Vernon, j who used to be a comedy star, help- j 1 :d W. C. Fields get a laugh In "Missis- ' <ippi," for instance when he suggest- j ed the cigar-and-steering-wheol rou- ! Gables Now Spanning Golden Gate | StudehtS Fly to School in China >ine, Fields would tilt his cigar so as to miss the spokes of the river boat \vheel he WHS guiding. The inspiration came from Verhon's first sight of — ---- — •• — v i the bis wheel. > but Ms job never. Never Bets His Bw | Vht Job is : lo spot laughs m the, A .. rimnlftg gag - is thc drcam O f itwvies, and it is a sad job he«> u f few j ovcry gag man. this is a gag that, by ; ' things art more difficult than to in- e \ it f on at irfterv-als through the l the comedy note at just the prop- ic , urc gets f unh ier all the time. For - place and time. That is why «a« ' in£tnnce . Willie. Howard in -Rose of eh fti*. as a lot, 'crious when they the Raftcho -. i3 shown in a frontier sa- Wi\t, After hours, maybe, they will j , wn in , 0 buy fl g , ass of bccr . | ftflntillate with wisecracks and mer- j R c rently he rcpcll ts the effort, but tfmenl but on the set they tackle the , vr J hjs f , rjnk Somcthm a i. ,,„ with studious, often solemn mien. Gag men work with the more serious' (or dramatic) \vriters and watch for potential comedy. Sometimes it becomes their important d*uty to save &n intendedly serious, scene from never gets his drink. Something always happens to prevent. Gag men, of course, are listed on the studio roster as writers, and many of them are good writers. Bobby Vernon and Glenn Tryon arc among the few i'ormer actors, in thc gag man's business. Tryon recently became a direct- j or, and that is Vernon's aim also. Thc most famous of "gag men," by and large, is Dorothy Parker. Cf eates Bird Haven - Uncle Un , treacherous borderline of comedy. Often audiences will laugh at the •wrong place in a picture. An alert . gag man could have prevented that. He Haunts the Sct • Memory and the "comedy mind" ccmbine to inspire ideas; jpr funny Soil moments in pictures, although some j of the gagsters have adopted a card index System for jokes. A particular , HtuaUn is covered by any .-number j ' ' • ! Palouse hills 6t southeastern Wash'- _ . _ : ' ,.:- - — '• i ingtdh and neighboring Idaho is pro(viding a new haven for Chinese pheasants and - Hungarian partridges while saving the top-soil. Besides checking erosion, provid- irig' pasture from otherwise unprofitable land and replenishing the nitrogen in the Soil, the areas furnish ex- 'cellent cover and feed for the popular game birds. ' , , . . Stop That Cough WITH .. '.'- ':'.. '•'•'• CHERROSOTE The best remedy for simple coughs and gastric fermentative we Wave. 8 oz. Bottle 60c T JOHN S.GIBSON Drug Company . "The REXALL Store" Phono 63 Hope. Ark. Established 1885 9-Day Trip by Sedan Chair Is Cut to 2 Hours With an Airplane —(/P)- Missionary children who in former years spent nine days reaching the missionary school at Chengtu by primitive; transportation now mako the trip in two hours. Chcngtu is thc site of thc only large missionary school In Secchunn province, American, Canadian and Ertit- lish children living hire formerly made a 300-mile Journey by sedan chair to reach thc school nt thc bo- ginhlna of ^ach term. Often they wcto.delaycH by bnndlU. With recent Inauguration of nir- plnno service between Chungking and Chengtu nearly all thc children now travel to boarding school by air. The cost Is about the saine as by chair. Carl Linnaeus, the man who knew from memory the sclnctific names of thousands of plants and animals, could not recall his own name at thc time of his death. In the Cohgo, prayers for revenge arc said by driving nalU Into a wooden statue. Illuminated m*nus arc now being usisd in some dark,- restaurants. Among leaders as n heat-prodwcind I food U icrt cream. | T O L«E»T E X OIL COMPANY Spcclnl-r. Onl. HI-Gindo $1,50 Lube Oil — Phone 370 Day nnd Nlght Thursday. January 9, Ijjffi. WAKE UP YOU] LIVER BILE WHhool CibAtf ~AiiJ Trait J«ft» Out of I (he Motnini RwiA* I* (!• Tho liw (hotild pour out l»o eoi«] liquid till* into your bowel* dally. If ihU U not (towfnir freely, your food down I alt It Ju«tdec»y« In the bow«li. UM blo*U your >tom«eli. You itet eon«tlpnt™. whole «r«tom Is pojiwncd Rn<l you feel dunk and tho world look.* punk. Ijixntlves uta ' only mnki-nhlft*. A Imwel movement doesn't itet nt tho *»tt Ukes thofc tmod, old C*rtfr'« t.lttle 1 rilln lo K«I tl'o"<! two poundu of bile llo 1 fr*cly nnd m»ke you frel "ufr iind up". Hv Imn, senile, yet »m»«lnif In nmlilnc nil* 1 freely. Auk far C«rt«r'n Mttlc Liver Tlllfc name. Blobbornly rofuto anything elsoil A picture of striking beauty, as well as one ot great public utility is this, of thc brlclse and tho cables supporting It across the tiolden Galo, San Francisco's famed waterway, as the job of spinning more than SO.OOO miles of wire goes steadHy on This view from the San Francisco tower looks across to the Mai in coanty shoro. f Burbank produced thc Shasta daisy by crossing daisies from Japan, England, and America. j -Moving picture"hquses in St. Cath- lerincs, ,Ont., accept^ ^tarling and crow 'legs in payment for. tickets. DoYou SufferWith Sour Stomach and Gas ? 1£ you suffer with sour stomach, flaAulence and a sensation of full- neag after eating, due to: functional disorders, you may b» sure that your food is not digesting properly and Is poisoning instead of nourishing you. • We strongly recommend B-I/Tonic to quickly relieve these-symptoms of upset digestion by Improving your appetite and digestion, and by sweeping the. sour, .undigested food from OR YOUR MONEY BAOki*'Wc are authorized Broken Pieces: A Leper Story Tlte following article was mailed to Thc Slar from Sooncluin, Korea, by Dr. R. M. Wilson, son of J. S. Wilson of Cnlumhiis. Dr. Wilson, one of the noted leper specialists of the Orient, nnd Rone from his home county of Hcmpstend for ninny years, is medical superintendent of the Bicdc'rwolf Leper Colony, thc American Mission to Lepers, Sooncluin, Kcrea, under supervision of the Presbyterian church. Dr. Wilson will reUirn borne on a visit during 1936. By U. 'M. WILSON, M. D. I would like to tell the children about a boy in our Leper Colony. Thc disease had amputated every one of his fingers, leaving two stubs and two thumbs Now that would terribly handicap most people but it docs not seem to worry him thc least as he goes about busy as a bee nnd as happy as a lark. ' His joy is to repair all broken dishss. crockery, pois and such. His sin-sick couls within each of dishss. crockery, pois and such. His us anc j Q OC ] a i n no can patch up and mixture for repair is 11 secret, though j ma k e over these broken things. muncix jo«v«k(- «K •"*• """1'u'Tio" he has promised to tell me the secret i j n f. ict j^e very first thing in every to-refund the price of thc_nrstpou^c | jj e f ore nc passes on t 0 his reward. He >••' _.._..u <-. .1-- _....!„.. ,,t used burnt rubber, some rosins nnd a ! not JOHN S: GIBSON DRUG CO.ffebpe, Ark. ATTEND BURR'S JANUARY WHITE SALE i few other tilings. I usually take my I guests to see his work and one clay he said, "This repaired pot will be good for years to come and these dishes as good as new." Where there are 730 lepers with all forms of cripple hands and fingerlcss stubs there will be a lot of dropping life should be thc matter of getting our broken hearts repaired and rjgjit with Him. Only the blood of oi|r Savior can do this. We may 'shudder at thc sight of a leper, but what is God's feeling when looking into our Hnful unrepentant hearts? Man looks upon the lepers as dreadful pictures and while their bodies may be broken, their hearts may be as white as snow Ringless 3 THREAD FINE GAUGE FIRST QUALITY 'C Pair COLORS— Highnoon—Durbar—London Mist A SPECIAL BUY for this sale! Extra fine quality SHADOWPROOF ringless hose. Exquisitely sheer . . . and silk to the top. Complete range of Colors and sizes. Here is a bargain opportunity .o add to your hose supply. of dishes and breaking of china. So | a nd cleancsed by His blood. he keeps busy and the thins I like is j M an looks on the outward appear that he is so happy at his job—even | ancc but God looks on the heart. with all his fingers gone. Some well ' and healthy people will fret their lives axvay from some little pimple on their face. Suppose you were like Anne here with every finger gone, all her toes and one foot gone. She has been with us for 12 years and always the same, never any worse. When Anno eats her rice her spoon must be tied to her fingerlehs hand stub, yet she is always cheerful avid happy. Turkey Call So Good He Goes to Hospital BRISTOL, Fla.—(/Pi—Because Bill Rankin could mimic the turkey's call f no we'l, his hunting trip ended at a hospital. He was hunting with Albert Evans. They parted, Kankin concealing him- WANTED—HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and OH grade. Ovevcup, Post Oak and Ued Oak. Round Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, Sec HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 215 Hope, Ark. ar wunr For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company EXTRA SPECIAL SELLING LINGERIE Bloomers - Panties - Step-ins 22 "« C Satin-Glo Suede Cloth— Reg. 49c Value. Colors — Tea Rose only. SEE OUR WINDOWS People often tell me that I have a j self in a clump of bushes and calling terrible job caring for lepers. Yes. [ to lure same of the birds, many of them come tn use as sad. | Evans fired in thc direction of the broken pieces of humanity, thrown j call. out by. family and villape and no ' •»•longer desired. A boy was discharged j The sodium-vapor bulb produces the from the colony but returned after a j most efficient light known for coin- few months saying. "My villages j mercial use. would not allow me to drink from our | — well or walk in the village path; my father told me that my presence there would mean that my sister and brother couldn't even marry; fo they threw me out again and I have come back to you." As you know people often ^ throw away old broken dishes, buck- i ets and tho like which are hauled j away to the rubbish heap. Well, tha^s j about the way with many lepers they i are driven away to gather at beggar j camps and rubbish heaps. I A vulcanizer can often take an old j tire and make it over into a pretty good tire. Well, we take these outcast lepers and make them into happy, busy Christian citi/.cns. With us the repair outfit is no secret and we rejoice to tell just what goes into the | repair outfit. j The old heathen Chinese idea was to keep all prescription, doctors' concoctions and the like a .secret, and only his own son to be told, and the profits held for the family only. Not so v/i'h the true Christ ideas—they are to be told and spread abroad. Yes', wo have faces like a flat tire, where one can neither laugh nor cry nor eive expression of any sort, where the tears drain constantly over the face. Twenty-eight per cent of our cates show this facial paralysis anil j if treatment is started late, no recovery from this deformity can be expected. This facial paralysis cau^fs the shrinking of the fat aivl musclu.-' of the face and often results in one taking on the appearance of a corpse I believe this i.x the thing ihit ha.« made leprosy the most diradr'l of al 1 disease, for it makes one 1'iok lik dead man walking about. In 1936 "Insoorie" mine In us with I his little sister and the ivi'hilar form cf the disease had given the in the au- pearanee of old peonk- 80 or 10 year'; ; of age. The sister died but "In.soon 1 .;" recovered and today is a fine m;.n. He is my best doctor and he gives hi.i time pre.'fribin'.; and diagnosing other lepers' troubles. He has written about 4.000 prcfcrinliGn.s in a year. Ht- is pm-idi:nt <>f the C. K. also, and OIK of our best leader;--. Some doctors will givi: y"U Hie horse-laugh when you speak of "cur- inu" a leper, yet we are (.'urinfj hundreds, its the greatest joy in the world to take the broken, outcast pieces and see them made over into I "ladies and gentlemen." I A more rlri-a'.lful thinu thun If CAR GLASS CUT AND GROUND TO KIT ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts •111 South Laurel Slri-ot NOTICE Not fill sizes and colors in every lot. For best selections— Come Early! MM... THRIFT •W0BH Real Dry \\ C lea n ing lengthens wear also keeps apps.rel immacula te DEPARTMENT NOTICE Quantities of all| items are limited*! We cannot guar-1 -Jfif antee them to last| Come Early! UARY WHITE 10th The items listed in this advertisement are just a few of the many bargains Burr's are offering for this January White Sale. Usually at this time of year your supply of White Goods is d« pleted so take advantage of the savings offere< and stock up now at THESE LOW PRICES! 39-in. Wide UNBLEACHED MUSLIN 5 yd Will bleach white in just a few washings. Shop at Blur's and save! WHITE SALE 32-in. Wide PLISSUE CREPE FAST COLORS IDEAL FOR LINGERIE Children's 'Kerchiefs Assorted Printed Borders 4 for 5 C Fast color borders with attractive patterns iu»d color combinations. WHITE SALE Special Value 81x90 SHEETS 59 C ea. Long wearing, superior quality sheet Take advantage of this Burr value! WHITE SALE 36-in. Wide CURTAIN GOODS 5 ) i 36-in. Wide RAYON TAFFETA Regular 29c Value 15 C 19 C yd. yd. Xour choice of White, Pink, Blue, and Ten Rose. All fast colors. , :,, •WHITE SALE Available in White, PhuV Rose, Peach, Copcn, Jade and Orchid. While quantity lasts! WHITE SALE 36 and 40-in. Wide Marquisette FOR Curtains 10 C yd. These exceptional widths arc ii true saving at this Price. Plain and assorted colored Clip Marquisette. WHITE SALE yd- Will.make up into beautiful curtains. Plain marquisettes and embroidered clips. WHITE SALE SILK Remnants Over IflO Remnants of one-hn to onu yard long—Mill Ends., fine Crcpts that formerly soj up to SI per yard. Dark only. 36-in. Wide BLEACHED MUSLIN 8 C yd. Fully bleached muslin of unusually good, heavy quality, WHITE SALE SPECIAL Thousands of YARDS Values up to 21c Yard COTTON DRESS MATERIAL Broadcloth, Plain Broadcloth, Plain and Fancy Percales, Voiles, Nainsook, Muslins, Marquisettes, Organdies, Batiste, Fancy Art Ticks. 42x36-in. PILLOW CASES 2 for 25 C Here's a real chance to save at Burr's! Made from fine pillow tuhlug WHITE SALE WHITE SALE TOWEL SALE 17x35-in BATH TOWELS Colored QC Borders V ea WASHCLOTHS 3 For IOC 20x40-in, BATH TOWELS Colored Borders Pink, Blue, Gold, Helio and IMC Green I "lea White Sale While They Last There are thousands of yards of colorful, stylish material here that will make up into very pretty dresses. And it won't cost you over 50c per dress. You'll agree that the price is very low for this quality. SHEETS-CASES Group I 81x90 Our famous "Biauty Sleep" Sheets! Guaranteed to give I years service. H » 19 C ea. Kvgulur 8!lc Value Group II 81x99 Special extra h e u v y h e il- sheets w i t h Ijcuuliful snow white finish. Guaranteed years. Regular ftSe Value four PILLOW CASES A REGULAR ii)c VALUE! Made from txtra fine Pillow Tubing. WIDE SHEETING Full 81-inch wide unbleuched sheeting. Will bleach white in u few washings. 19 C yd. Fancy Novelty Rayon Mixed Suitings 15 C yd. Spring ci.lors in plaids and fhccUs. All fust colors. REGULAR 21c VALUE! SPECIAL 36-in. Wide—High Mercerized Finish Broadcloth lOUxUU Cuuiil. Vat Dyed 15 C yd. Chuii-L—15 Shades SPECIAL

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