The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1940
Page 7
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FRIDAY, APKIL 26, HMO BLYTHEVILM5 (ARK,)' COURIER Uooms Idciitii'icalion 'I'alloos, Htil Vi-ol'cssor J)c(M'i(!s l^ii^k ol' Art Famous Designer Deplore;, Today's Outmoded Highways, Predicts Future The following aiw.e .written especially for Service and Courier NCRS by (he fnrne'd designer of the Futurama atthoNfiw Yorl: Pair. r • • • Hy N'OKMAN BK1. fiKDDK.S NBA Service .special CorrtsjjoiiJtiil II ki fuel, not legend, thai cow !)»t!>s ))ccain<> th<> .streets of New Volt's famed Wall street dlslrtct, Truly, cows were our lirsl road planners. Buffaloes also did their Wt as early American road onui- users. The post, Hie stage, ami later Hie wagon's of commerce and ugri- tiilliiro followed their paths. Ho for years we kept on resiirfuc- >ng a/id widening- Hie old cow and liorse pailis. We have spent more tlinn 30 Wlllon dollars doing it. But every year (lie death loll goes on. Every year more and better mo- lor cars nppear on the roads — roaiis thnl wre -nevet- Intended for high speed engines on rubber tires. ' And today •these roads are helpless to .cope with the ever-Increasing volume and speed of traffic. Ninety-eight per cent of state highways in this country are °"w l *'° 111 ? nes *'We. We build great bridges, but we .™ Sn .! S ™ r n.? C(tt ! CSl "I 0 ' 1 ° f vv " a|1 " £OU " tl 'y '"""^tion " ' ' lll£ d crossing without diminishint; iner America On Trail linn Soon, Restricts Its Use NEW YORK, April 2G (UP)-Tiiu America, largest liner ever built in - ----: u-.— "..i.t, L .,, ma* itellhe United States, is rapidly near- design them for only two or three! Ing completion in Newport News limp;; of tram,, i« each direction, 1 "" lanes of traffic in although there may - , be 20 lanes feeding- into the bridge nt each end. II requires 'no imagination to visualize the fallacy of attempting to funnel 20 lanes Into three KOAD HARDLY BUILT BEFORE OUTMODED You should be familiar with the The 30,000-lon vessel is scheduled to be delivered to its owners •the United States Lines—on June 28, aftei series of trial runs , , ,. , -- -- ............. •• "i" , , sgnng and (act that no sooner is a new road building. Actual work on the vcs- Inillt than which will take up most of June. Construction of the vessel represents nearly five years of ncgo- tlnllons, planning, designing and u built, than it is outmoded. That Is because the life of a road is so much longer than the life of a car The -car has been improving much more rapidly and fundamentally than the road. Motorways, should be designed in terms of the automobile. Kx- press 'motorways exclusively for travel of SO or more miles at a .s-tretch. They should Iw laid down first in densely populated sections 10 relieve present local roads. They should join heavily populated sections but avoid the cities themselves. sel itself \vns relatively rapid—the keel was laid on Aug. 22, 193B, and It was launched on Aug. 31 1939, when it was christened by Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Total cost is approximately $17000000. . • . ' ' Originally built for the New York'- Southampton - Cherbourg- Hamburg transatlantic express service, the owners of the America with the advent of a European war nrc faced ivllli the problem of what to do with the ship. War To C'lianje Ptjns Since the restrictions of the "•'"-<* «-'ic iL-aiuufciuiis ot the rney, shouldi be designed to fit a I Uniledf States Neutrality Act fov- machine tha^ is built to go 80.i bad e ships with the "American flag miles-ail hour,that'is legally'• pe v r-,>l tl :en.ter craters-of,; belligerent na- mltfed to-go -50 mites im lioiir.'but: llons . 'he United Slates 'Lines- has to crawl along at 20. - And maiu service has been' maintained they should be'designed to take '"" " '" earc of future needs, rather than the temporary conditions thai, exist when they are built. Because the life of a road should be at least w years, traffic trends should be projected at least that far ahead—before the road is built. Highways should be designed, not on the basis of present day requirements, but on the probable requirements 20 years hence. This express motorway 'would riot-only separate traffic moving in opposite directions, but ench lane or traffic going In the same direction would be segregated, you would enter (lib motorway nt intervals .from a feeder .road. All cars in the same lane would be re- milred to move at the same con- stunt speed. You could • enter the motorway, pass from one speed lane to a lane of.greater or lesser speed without fear of collision. s\Ac swiping would be prevented. It would be impossible to cut iu tm<l out of lanes. There would be soft shoulders but you could not get your car off the road onto (hem CAR KEPT IN I.ANE BV MAGNETIC' CONTROL This-individual lane control may be accomplished in several ways, but probably by electric-magnetic control in the center of each lane, keeping the car on its course more accurately than an airplane is kept on its course by radio beam. Car speed control will probably be by button on the wheel, ft will be more accurate than shifting gears and accelerating or braking. Two years ago you dialed the radio in your home to get a station. Today you press a button There will be no intermediate speeds in tomorrow's car. You will drive according to the button you push. The cars behind and in front of you are kept at the same constant speed. There can be no collisions. by its 'liner's Manhattan' Washington plying George and two young American women — Dorothy MarsVwald and Anne UKjuliait, who are pioneers in what has always been the very masculine .profession of shipbuilding. .. Art Work American The mural decorations arc being clone by eight well-known American artists - Barry Faulkner noted for his mnp-charls; Pierre Boiitrlclle, ' who -has invented a. secret process for making mural decorations of carved linoleum treated with paint, gold and silvr-i leaf, incQiiei- and wax: CoiisiniUhi Alajalov.' famous for his ainusliii! Griffith Conic, Hildnith Mlere, Charles Basket-vine, Andie - -- Austin I'urves Jr No foreign or "period" .styles «ill be seen anywhere, bin. only Amci- ican contemporary trends Accommodations are 'provided for 577 cabin (first class) pnssi-n- gers, 409 in tourist class and 2311 m third. A crew of 039 officers ana men will man the vessel. There are eight elevators on the ship—nnd even the third clnss will have one All cabins in the Hist and tourist class will have adjoining hai'h raoras,.Ji;iipfc,are.. 24 public rooms ai;ee swimming pool, garage. p oi t otlice, kennels, telephone serucc and many oilier conveniences. The In Footsteps of Famed Forefather j —n.i_i LMin uimniu be- jpromenade deck is enclosed , " •— o'«ii iJijmg JJt;- ( (•""JJit'JJiKlP flCCK K pfinlricor-t i»i Uveen New York nnd Genoa How- from top to bo ton , s.,..', ever, it was felt that there i^ nnl <•«,, -„„'," .r"™ 1 ' !?.. that — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drag Cc. Main ever, it was felt that there is not sufficient freight and passenger service on this run to warrant adding the America to it. Regardless or what service it eventually, mny enter, the completion of the America gives the United Slates merchant,-marine a vessel which is big, fast, comfo'rl- nble, and above all, -seaworthy and safe, if is fireproof throughout and has 14 dydraulically controlled bulkhead doors which' divide the ship Juot watertight compartments, so thfit it ts viituiiUv "non-sinkable." its lifeboats arc the largest ever built in America with a capacity for 135 persons' encli. In keeping ivltli Us name the, America is really „„ American! - . ... ship. Nearly all of the states . ., ..,, „, UK: 10 suue, 1 : contributed some material for its construction. The job of interior decorating was done mostly by motor- control At intervals nlong the way there will be (raffic towers. These towers will control traffic, in. accordance with a block system. The radio in vour car will keep you informed of the leather or any road condition no i visible a here will be no Wow-outs or There will be no headlight glare Your car will not have Iff 1Ke headlights, except on the country roads The motorway will be self- i Humiliating. As a car moves along the pavement of th e particular lane directly ahead will be- automatically illuminated. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 pt Laundry fig: Service can see Hie ocean sitting deck Chan- without (he necessllj of arising lo look over the rail Displaces :)i,:no Tons Some of ihc details about the ship arc ns follows: Displacement, 3-U70 tons Gross louimac 30.0110 In]',.; W. limatedi. , ' I-engtli, 123 feel. Beam. 92 feei. Power, 34.000 shaft horsmower Number of stacks •> Cost. $17.000,000. Men employed in building n v _ of 1.20(1 for 130 week's Number of decks, II. Elevators, 8. While the America, was not built to seek blue ribbon .speed records " will she lie slow. Average of the vessel will | )c about. •MONTHKAl, <U1>1 _ Those wh( iki 1 iht'lr breftd «nd Ijullcr 1>) U'kiiiK nrl on the (|tilvci-|iig (losfi <" Immniiliji nr<! Iliiinkliu; (lie win "• » IllJXl Office bll.sllK'W. Vcs, a;'coi-dln s lo Monti-eiil'ti r«- iiui tnttoo mils!, j'roli'.isoi' j'liul. misim>ss is Lmunlnn »-'i iii'ver uefwre te the dtiy.s of )<jn wh,.,, o, e i'l'iny. iiiivy nnd ulrlori'i> lending lhi> liruivsslon thrmi.ijh Iliose nur- vow.-jinii Kumllly dccorntoit Iront duois. "Vi'p." I'uiil nnnounri'd as he fi'i'i'liilly [ilnced n luKatilni; gmi In an ciniiiy i-] B ar Iwx. "littler muy lie olf c-cnti-r but liu's sure ylvcu busl- s :i Ijodst. Hvfmv Ihc wnr most ot <IHV WHS In n.movlitx <'W ans but now if.s m , v . wnrl ( Hint's the order ill tln> day." Hi' look n lew puffs on a buttered i'l |Jl]U' mid riii-ml wlsllully i\t the oslans decorntliiB his wnlls. 'Tron. tile now is tluil there i\hrt tlie ui>- Iiitloii of ml lliiM-e u-scd ( n br 1 iniitin wlii-n :, m rm ctiuld put In a couple ol duys doinn a |)lriim> on u Bailor's chest tluil wus Mimethhn' '«' Jiioud of, hut m nv ic :; j, ls( liiilliil.siiiKl niniibi'is, MiHiary num- )'•)». nil-Is 1 plionc numbers, [nmily initials, alriM- inldiiis. fm tl .]]\ nK yal), I'm (jottiii' writer'.-; crami) "Tnln'l only Diu men tluifs unU tii!.» lliem," he went on. "The u-o- j inwi too are comliiK In here to cc-i llicii (holr boy friend:; 1 linns and li'tts, "Of course," hi> added, "this Wen sn'l MI (joixl. Kiipimsi' u ulrl wnu f s to <.'hnnij(( boy friends, -/.ingot IlioifVi trouble. I've blotted qui nrarc Inltlnix by dmnjjlny thnn Into loses in (h,< |,,, st K | X moMK limn nv (loin. | n (),(, | ivst as yonvs '"it lliwi. | Hiii'sn ,i tjirt'.s ,jot u J'JKlil tfi clwin'c her mind, Clot mw w)m's nmkliiK lu>f mind up to laltoued lady. '1'rotiblo with thh Is Dint n 111:111) guts about luill Ihroiinh wllh Diem IIIK| they ' lliclr minds ii K nlii, nnd te|| [itud's n luilf liilloocd Old tlitin, nnd BOIIIC of them hnve miKle ns hlKh ns $100 a day m woi-klnif nigh (nudity 010 fiom it pocket, opened by the Pollock com- iwniy In oiildns; n- temiiofary rond- w«y nt Dm clmiisllo, (ho loiitiadoi mild. riii) men iiwt tiot dcseited t!, 0 |, Ju'n li n ndded, bill uiey mei( ., v tiU'iii'il to prospecting w im fi u, ttils too wi't lo work nt tlin diimsltr for I'onstnictlon work Dam Workers Turn Up Gold During OK Hours 8AOHAMHNTO.~Cnl. (Ul')-Mcn rmployi-d In cuiistiiiclloii (if |hi> tUi:k-A-C;imi'ky ili'Drls dinn on lln> AliKirlran river iii'iu- Aiibinn Imvr tinni'd to i-old nilnlnif in IHP|,. iai'i- thiii', aooijso Pallor):, of HHC- iiH'iUo. I'ontinHor for llu« iimn 'poi-tcd. Sito of Di(. iimn is In Hie- foot- illls of the Sierra Nfivadn, in thu lliw l.odii country imule fn- mnts by Cullforntii's gold shlke of iniu-ly n century ii|jo. ' '• About 40 men are employed nt Dwilli In .SiioHtimise •SAW' 1;AKE CIVV, (Hull (ijj.)-. Iheodorc Oliiimoiwliis, 1|, m s JiliiyliiK iiroimil n sjKiH'lmiisc. ho iiiul some fi lends )uul bulll, When (lie others wcrwi'l looking Tltco- iloi-B cvnwlwl Into the ) wvae , O nc lioy iilnyfully ihrait n blunt long ' bnik .. not knowing .... 'Hits rod struck ..„.„„, ilnht li'inplc, lincturltin III^ illeil. l.wo days rod through ' the SHOW roof, n-lRiul wan SmMt; Theodore In u )( , his skull Your BEAUTVRESTl HUBBARD I'HIRNITIIKK.CO. STANDARD TUB •OTHBl SIZIS *—- «P?orrjLpNA;«i,Y tow/,' At TodayYLOW PRICES! Afi Wl c 1>er Week x)w AH «PV On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 6<h Walr,«t of J-onisc Knvcvc Aiierhainci', Boston Jjrcal - greal - great ddatiglilci- of Paul .Revere pints lanlenis ("one of b v land .5,°''-'C-, by KK ''"> la te l»''»ff i" "iCld North Church" in re; ccltliralion. in Boslon of anniversary of fametl ride. 22 knots Home Alarm Can, i.'jrctn-in LOGAN, Utah tUP)_R. L Grlf . nn, Logan firema,,. was on hi, regular, night shift when a rush call came in. ra j, 0 rii.i B n bnrn nt M East Second South sired was afire. Griffin made the rim i' double-quick time. He lives at n wl address and it was his barn The ] bltwe, attributed to .children 'p 1(n -| mg with matches, caused 5,00 riamnge before it was extin skl i s r,cd .. Salrsinaii, 92, Still Aulive BOSTON (UP)-— On his lirllidiiy. ftlmund T., Umb reported for work ax n snlcsmnn—a career he has followed lor G4 years He still is active. For Best Results In Baking — Use Shibley's Best BARGAINS IN USED Ice Boxes •-Rebuilt and Guaranfect) Electric Refrigerators HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Service on AM Makes Hefrigcralors—Rartios^^y , MB W. M»(n St. P honSe », FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER You'll like the way Sinclair dealers treat you y SinftiSt (1<jfn{»y C«*v f/nej Phone 200 B. J. ALLEN AGENT AUTO RACES Blytheville, Ark. ^^^WMM^HMIMHWiHMBB Blytheville-Sunday, April 28th $175 CASH PRIZES Fairgrounds 2 P. M.—SO Mile Race ADMISSION 25C-FREE PARKING-NO EXTRA CHARGE

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