Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1939
Page 4
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PA'GE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 5, 19391 c> Bombers'iEffectiveness Lessened • by Improved Anti-Aircraft Guns By PAUL MANNING NBA Serv-lw Staff Writer Thousands of airplanes dropping their deadly big explosive bombs as they suddenly roar in a flu-out , attack, over Paris. London and Her- | lirt is one thought which has dis- \ turbcd Europe's peace of mind dur- j ing the past weeks of the war crisis. | But because anti-aircraft guns have improved tremendously since the World War this threat may not be so deadty as some military theorists claim. For although airplanes can now fly three times as fast, ten times as far and twice as high with twice the load as they could during the World War, anti-aircraft fire is today so effective that any plane flying below 12,000 feet in good weather over a fortified city, industrial center or munition dump will be dosvned in less than fifteen London is ringed with these mobile three-inch anti-craft guns which can travel 45 miles an hour over good roads and be set in position complete with sound equipment and directing units in twelve to fifteen minutes. This gun, just behind the Seig- Xried Line on the Western Front, is one unit of Germany's first line o£ defense against enemy bombers. Less effective than U. S. anti- aircfart guns to a similiar type, it is nevertheless able to down any airplane flying below 12,000 feet in fair weather. shots. No Air Defense Is Int'allable .That Germany is counting on the anti-aircraft gun in any coming war for protection, while the bluk of her airplanes are flying in counter-attack, is to be judged by the statement of her miitary defense experts that "the more than 400 anti-aircraft batteries guarding Germany will annihilate enemy airplanes before they retch Berlin." No defense however can be established that will enable a country to say flatly that enemy airplanes cannot pas, U. S. miitary experts believe. Judgeing by the performance of German anti-aircraft guns in the recent Spanish war, German, French and English anti-aircraft batteries will be sufficiently accurate to drop a big percentage of enemy bombers before CHILLS AND FEVER Here's Relief From Malarial Don't let Malaria torture you! Don't shiver Vvtth chills and burn With fever. At first sign of Malaria, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. 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Spain A Proving Ground for Guns For the AA guns which Germany sent for trail by German crews—who guarded them against inspection by anyone, including Franco's officers— repeatedly dropped Russian bombers winging along at 200 m. p. h. at 12,000 feet. The most effective German anti-aircraft guns are a double-barreled gun and a light-machine gun which fires below the high range of their more powerful 3-inch weapon. Their 3- inch gun is good but is outclassed by the 3-inch guns of the United States which can fire eighty to one-hundred aimed rounds a minute to 25,000 feet. The most sensational anti-aircraft gun inEurope today is reported to be owned by Sweden. An 88 mm, mobile piece turned out in moderate quantities by the Swedish Bofors plant, it performed beautifully on trail for the Germans in Spain. The British, how- The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" PHONE 62 Motorcycle Delivery France lias many of these light anti-craft machine guns for defense against low-frying attack planes. Ahlu to fire some KM) bullets a minute to -1000 feet, they are used as a strategic auxiliary to the larger guns. ever, more than a year ago .stepped in and outbid the Germans for the total Sheik Pays Tribute Broadway Beauty Learns About America From Its Comedians and Lovely Ladies By GEORGE ROSS NEW YORK— Touring Maharajahs are a dime a dozen around Manhattan and blase Gothamhes generally are quite indifferent to the presence of beturbaned and berobed caliphs. So all the more credit to a recent potentate from the exotic East for having halted traffic on the streets, for having shaken the guests at night clubs out of summertime lethargy-, and for having provided the columnistic fiends with copy. He is the Sheik Mohamedj Bin Isa Al Khalif of Bahrein who dropped in here to look around v at our quaint Western ways and to see what this nocturnal whirligig is all about. The Sheik does not compromise sartorially with the country in which he is an honored transient. He gets around, swathed in what an uncouth New Yorker would regard as bed sheeting, which contrasts starkly against his handsome and swarthy skin. He wears bejewelled moccasins and on his person are bright headlamps and tail lights of sparkling gems, not to speak of a sharply honed dagger. No wonder the pedestrains pause in their tracks to have a look at him. Falls for Night Club Beauty His excursions into the night life of of the metropolis have been unweary- ing. Having heard from colleagues that the cabarets contain femininty that vies with the most fastidious potentate's harem, he checked up on such a wild rumor and found it to be perfectly true. The Sheik has expressed himself enthusiastically on the beauty of the American girl. What's more, he has lavished upon at least two of them those rubies which visiting Marajahs' customarily be- stowupon beautiful women. The recipient of such a gift was Mary Dowel, otherwise known as "Stutterin 1 Sam," and, by and large, the the most beautiful and tallest showgirl in town. "Stutterin' Sam," to show her gratitude, sent around to the Sheik's apartment a gift that she had previously saved up for another boy friend. It was one of those pirtable radios that require no hookups or aerials. The Sheik never had seen one and so delighted he still bears it along where- evre he goes and tunes in. Cheap, he thinks, for a paltry ruby! Washington Daybook By PRESTON GROVEK BY PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON — The government has spent millions in designing battleships, roads, low-cost houses, kitchen aprons, drugstor glassed-in gardens and suspension bridges, but not one dime has it laid out in fashioning a comfortable suit of clothes for n man. For seven cents, or maybe it is 13, you can get a pamphlet on window gardening. Experts will help you fight the Japanses beetle. Consular agents will stwcal tdrough a steaming summer in Java enduring malaria mid chigger bites to help you sell an iceless refrigerator or n new brand of soda-water. But no government finged will be raised to work out a new scheme for clothes that, at the end of a hot day, won't hang on you like a potato sack. We went into this thing with moderate thoroughness, considering the temperature. In fact, the temperature drove us to it. It seems to us that of all the services the govedn- mcnt is so anxious to render it shiuld be most eager to provide an improved dress for men, of which there are an awful lot. He Seeks Assistance We toured the Department of Agn- cultude almost from collar to garret. That department above all others is charged with the task of looking out for man's most elemental needs. They can tell you how to bake a blueberry pie, roast a cluck, mix a cooling summer drink (non-intoxicating)' or prepare a school lunch for a gdowing boy. Down in the basement regions the department's architects and philosophers have drawn many plans for low-cost homes that should make farm life a thing of beauty. So food and shelter thfey have attended so, A huge wing is given over to textiles. would think that there, if a little woclk could be clone in designing a non-binding air-cooled shirt. 3ut no, They tell women how to make simple househould garments, how to rig up a low-cost outfit for the youngsters. They pioneered in do- signing and popularizing the sun suit for tiny tots. They publish illustrated pamphlets telling women how to spot fraud in a piece of textile and how to detect slipshod tailoring in a store coat. But not one room is given over to fash- of the department A person Headed fora Dunking The Yourtg Lady and the Fast Black Bear CODY, Wyo.—(ff 1 )—A Cody doctor tells this one: "A young womnn WHS focusing her cnmcrn on n Yellowstone pnrk block bear, which was being fed by another tourist. "Food gone, the touri.sl threw the wrapper in the direction of the photographer. "The bear jumped for the wrapper; the young lady thought he WHS after her. She screamed and run. The boar, excited, clashed in pursuit, lie was a fast-running bear and caught up with the young Indy. He nipped her southernmost portion as she fled northward. "The bite decelerated her speed. She easily outdistanced tho bear and he never gnl a second nibble. I heard the story when she tame to mo In Ret the wound sewed. Meanwhile the tailor was repairing the southernmost portion of her slack suit." Belle Berkley, 17-year-old high school girl, tumbles Earlita Wnrd inlo the water to win women's rh.imnmnJh:,, !„„ ~M1 ' ...,. . , , — - «-- -,.«...«* v-o AJUI nut YV urn water to wm women's championship log-rolling title at Longview, Wash., rodeo. ioning a pair of pants that won't need pressing every 48 hours. He Get's Sympathy There are sympathy for the idea of doing .something for mankind. A young woman, head of the division, explained, however, thai thede never had been an appropriation from Congress for it. "Did any one ever ask for one?" we asked. "I don't remember, if they ever did," sha replied. ' She was cool and cumfocltable while we talked. She wore a striped collon .shirt open at the throat, a shirt and doubtle.ss a light .slip and ether hidden essentials. That was all—except, of course, shoes and stocking?. Op-posit"' nor we sat wilting in three layers of cotton, including a coat, shirt ;md undershirt, two of them tight woven. Our shirt was tightly buttoned around the throat to stop ventilation. Besides, we and had on tightly-woven trousers some more Roar underneath. Why tile dickens doesn't somebody do something about it? We did have one advantage. The young lady began fumbling around in a purse and then in a drawer to find a match. We had pockets. The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword Dep't CHUNGKING-(/T J )—Fifteen Chinese men and women writicrs and artists, known as the "pen guerillas," have started a clangorous six months cultural tour through Japanese-occupied mid guerilla territory. Led by Slielcy Wang, well-known Chinese scholar and author, the group of playwrights, poets, novelists, essayists and artists were assigned by the Chungking govom-ment to compile a historic record of China's fight for freedom. Danzig was drawn from the Reich's body proper at pistol point. The day will come when it will return.—Dr. Hans Frank, Nazi portfolio. minister without "I Was Hungry Before I Got This Job—March 1 COLUMBUS, O.-(/T)—Right off the Ohio penitentiary grapevine comes this account of a man's man. A nowly-appointed guard with an ex-ai'my step delivered this ultimatum to a convict company in the prison yard: "1 was hungry before I got this job. If it's marching the boss wants, I'm not going to be hungry again. You fellows are going to mrach hereafter —not stroll. Now, forward march!" The company marched. A lot of people have never seen a whole.—Hnrry Byer, considering exhibition of a couple at the World's Fair. MMMOUHT'S CAVALCADE Of SIHff WHKfl STARTS SUNDAY S A E N G E R Signs Of the Times Dcp't HOLLIS, Okla. — f/P) — The one- room school has vanished from Harmon county. The last one has just been merged with a consolidated district. The county now has nine large districts where ten years ago it had 32 .s'maller ones. Pay Day Approaches L1TTLEFIELD, Texas—(/I 1 )—The city commissioners haven't explained the logic behind their decision, but they have derided only the city firemen arc entitled to receive city water free. Hereafter the mayor, commissioners, city attorney, secretary and other officials will have to pay. modernize Your Home With A NEW BATHROOM! EASY FIIA TERMS HARRY W. SHIVER •PLUMBING PHONE zssl (TO HIMSELF) SHESGOT EVERYTHING A MAN WANTS- PERSONALITY, A WONDERFUL . DISPOSITION, AND PLENTY OF) PEP-I'LL POP THE QUESTION'* Women of charm find popularity, arc usually full of sparkling pep and vitality, which makes them at-! tractive to others. | Often—and especially in the case of those who are overworked, who spend long hours indoors and don't pet sufficient sunshine and rxorclso and who have no appetite—the lack of normal vigor, ItsUessness and "that run-down feolinR" may hn dim to .simple anemia, which i.i caused by a deficiency of iron In the blood. Snrgon, the famous tonic with iron., is helplul in overcoming iron deficiency in tho blood, tending to aid nature in building red blood cells and hemoglobin. This accomplished, you feel like a new person, with new pep and vitality and a better appetite. Tret a bottle of Snrgon today at our risk. If you are not entirely satisfied, after taking according to directions, the full purchase price will be returned without question. Ward & Son J output. British military observers Given th Works By A Comedian say the gun has an effective range up The Sheik Mohammed is unfamiliar to 30,000 feet. with our brash, violent, western ways, French and Polish guns are good, | but he gradually is getting used to but Poland has too few for adequate j them. protection, while Parisians would pro- j The other evening, he sauntered into the Diamond Horsehoe where a comic named Frank Libuse impersonates a readwrater and torments the guests, by spilling soup down bably feel much safer if more anti-aircraft batteries were between Paris and the borders. Bombing Tccnique Continues Forward Weather is the stumbling block for both anti-aircraft units and bombing Now Frank doesn't discriminate planes. To got an airplane's range an j among the customers and when he outpost officer must first get the initial i saw the Sheik coming, pulled out every bearing thiough a, high-powered tele- j item in his bag of tricks. He wrapped their spines, upsetting the table and insulting them. a tablecloth around the Sheik's head to make his ensemble complete and was a droll nuisance for a few minutes. Uninitiated into these antics, the scope. If tho visibility is zero there is no accuracy. But by the same token a bomber can not bomb with accure- y un!e.-., it. ar, .sight the target. The anti-airraft improvement in fire, wr,(;!ehy nil-planes fan be driven j Sheik's wiath rose slowly but surely to 20.00!) feet over key zones, mean:-, j He unsheathed his dagger and was that tho onion- hiis lost some of ts. about to take reprisals against the military deadline's. But aviation has | hapless comedian. But aides in bib cui.teie-i th;. cliulli-nge by develop- I party c;>lined him down and cxylaincr. .alenUs, that this crude America! I'a'ji::' b'.-'wfctfi 2i.>,000 and .'J0,(;00 fc-/-i. I j(.!<</,. No one wa.s more delighted liii.-, iiuv.' bonb-.'.ighting device, which . than the Sheik when lie reard the ci'!!.;/i:.-; lijr. -peed <,f the pl;jnc, wind j jjpilosjetit: explanation and he was the velocity. . elative to the plane, ait- Loudu.st to applaud for Libuse al fide drif 1 ;, rl : ,:..t;ji:<-e and anHle of the ' night. [jlan(.- to bomb t.-f- j *»»». —• ing nc-.v boir.b iighu and oxygen- <-<\- j to the b<-.st of thei tal n'.p.'jd airplanes that can use the air: '.'.a.--, one of those cr Tho 'il. .-.mailer. any height the \ that targets gel Kiuvias vs. .Missouri LANSING. Kii.s. -,..}>,— Of al place.'.. Kinsa.-, i.-; taking property from Missouri at it;, viBti; penitentiary. Lateial J.uf:., if the convict-operated coal mine al the Kansas, penitentiary exttr.d und'-r the state line in Missouri. Miners send up Missouri coal for use in Kansas tions. iy o:oh e 'jo sas state institu- Hickory, Dickery, Dock, the Mouse Ran Up the- KKNTON. O.— (If,— The old nursery rhyme which goes "Hickory, dickery dock," has a new meaning to Harry Small. Hunting rals on lii.s farm, Small reported that i> aige one became con- I'u.'.ed hfir\ .'.era in Wed up his pants leg 'Hie fanner did .some scrdcarnbling o his own on the ground until the ra ran out, only U dash up the other trouser leg. Finally getting tlifc .- u l out. Smal kilcO it with u Llrjt. SAVE ON THE OF THE ST CIGARETTE Try America's No. 1 Cigarette For Pleasure, Economy. .. The Quality Brand Every Smoker Can Afford.. .CAMEL! Whatever price you pay per pack, it's important to remember this fact: By burning 25% slower than the average of the 15 other of the largest-selling brands tested—sloiver than any of them —CAMELS give a smoking plus equal to • You smoke for pleasure, so get all the pleasure there is in smoking — Camels! Instead of lighting up for just another casual smoke, you actually look forward to the rare fragrance and taste, the keen enjoyment of Camel's milder, costlier tobaccos, You'll find Camels a new and thrilling smoking experience—far more pleasure per puff—AND more puffs per pack! Penny for penny your best cigarette buy Coprngbt, 1333 E. J. RefDOlcju 'lobdCtn Co Wimtoo.2ulem. N. C. Sixteen of the largest-selling cigarette brands were compared recently ia impartial scientific tests by a leading laboratory. Tlie results: 1 CAMELS were found to contain MORE TOBACCO BY WEIGHT than the average for the 15 other of the largest-selling brands. 2 CAMELS BURNED SLOWER THAN ANY OTHER BRAND TESTED —25% SLOWER THAN THE AVERAGE TIME OE THE 15 OTHER OF THE LARGEST-SELLING BRANDS! By burning 2S?S slower, on the average, Camels give smokers the equivalent of 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! 3 In the same tests, CAMELS HELD THEIR ASH FAR LONGER than the average time for all the other brands. MORE PLEASURE PER PUFF-MORE PUFFS PER PACK! BURNING COSTLIER

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