Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 9, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1936
Page 4
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*'4~ «• IS. ',«' Pf^fO^i^^; ^; <",, .^ - *\ '•*'-' •*, *S » "* : f; { H«i .«& Sports Star >£b - Answer <o t*f*iri<m« tattle , J?i 7 j-. .-c^j.--- .... J-i ^^^^i^^u^^y,^^ H«M»Mvd^MU^Bi K - ijft baseball & : ",| •.*$&. ' ty*gtiuf*:t Ml! Si fear ih iotttUeast. body ot JOHN BULL wnoRf llAl ;te SMS I SI v<Wf9%^i iftill between Ms of seats. i Animal. & Sergeant fish. ttoaned. fCWncet'screen [Blended. fforra of "be." tfether. i Ice cream 4S Divided into four parts. 50 Per. 52 Rubber tree. B4 Puts 1ft notation. 58 Golf device. 5THe Is a professional —>-. 58 His team •wott the last world VBRTICAfc ITo employ. 2 \t flyers. 3 Tidjf. 4Tur*. 5 Ascends. 6 Deer. ,7 Type of fig. SMorc modern. 9 Recedes. 10 Part ot plant. 11 Shark. 12 He w*a voted ( the most • player ot his league. 23 Work ot akltti, 28 Fuel, 2? Req8trem«nt, 28 To attach a fishhook, 29 Com pound ethers. 31 An — lt«J>t him out ot niost of th* championship games. 32 To drench. 33 Ear part. 39 Male bee. 40 Not Ixon«st1y. 43 Young dog. 44 Every. 46 Drone bee. 47 Preposition. 48 Point. 49 Bronze. 50 Honey gatherer. 51 Aye. 53 Babylonian god. 56 Form of "a." EG Musical note. T -o --. C f w fe* r 5& f ©? 37 37 44 28 53 39 39 ^ 21 »' ™<-- x 47. ^ 58 35 4O 42. 37 s 56 > r iiji ••^Mart's Sense of hearing is as good ' ^-that of animals and better in some f*_ IS^ES, tests show. nr Use A Hope Star Want Ad For Better " Results By I. S. Klein •'" "u.™?* * \ \<v >,««: -•> ^~, Kt (jl It! Jind It! Rent It! Buy It! m the Hope Star IARKET PLACE nber, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. . 1 time, IQc line, min. 30c )f consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3'lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c ' 6 times, 5c line, win. 90c J? times, 3%c line, min. J2.70 (Average 5% words to the line) ****^3 Ejl [QTEf-'Want ads w|ll be accepted Bj the understanding that the ITisS payable oh presentation of "ement, before the first publi- Phone 768 . the Auction in Hope Saturday NOTICE time ,e Fuller brush mail i If he fails to find you a call Turner's Boarding house 32. 8 ' 3t LOST TOSEPH SNION GALLIENI prob ably will be remembered mos as the man who, early in th World War, rushed his soldiers li Parisian taxfeabs to the Marne. t stop the advancing Germans. But more lasting in history will be General Gallieni's work in Africa, where- he extended French dominion and made profitable- possessions out of .such obscure colonies as Madagascar, and Martinique in the West Indies. Born in }849, and a veteran of the Franco-Prussian War of 187071, he did his greatest work as France's colonizer, explorer, and foreign military commander from 1877 to 1905. His bold stroke at the Marne is credited with turning the tide against the Germans, but when his plans for a more centralized direction ot the World War were overruled, he re- fligned early in 1916. He died that May As a tribute for Gallienl'a con structlve administration of .Madagascar Prance issued a stamp fo that colony in 1931. It i shown here. {Copyright, J336, NBA Service. Inc. 1 the Auction in Hope Saturday. 3ST—Female Setter, eight months White With small tick spots, ears and black spots on back. r668. Reward. 7-3tp WANTED RANTED — Furnished apartment private bath. Phone 120. 4-3tc FOR RENT eep , RENT-^omfortable bed room, *adjojning bath and close in. 505-W- ^_ 3 * c B RENT—Fwnished .apartment Ith private bath. Phone 146-V/ 8-3tp ; the Auction in Hope Saturday FOR SALE H»- Bargain In a five , bath tub, with tank and heater i yfncent Foster. 9 ' ll P i SALE~At bargains, six good ; mutes, brofee and work double Washington, Ark. 9 " {tp L. «^»^ -,..- Thousan4 . Ptens |or immediate delivery k's finest flavored berry crossed n the fcogan berry and Pfw Average 36 select berries to ,oart. Also 500 October Cl Peach gfediwigs from old. U#, P, £offWn. Bdgewoojd ana [ street, Hope, Ark, Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Make* an Impression" ; , L 4^ Wfrt^t ' I . f ^ • v i J ~ H ' <t " #" <?,-,< J, ' » "• frittf! OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^iUtttittttUiUNWit^liEi AHERN "•"'" "•' " " "«!» 3AH "TO •BfcNKe /•*- H/AKI WENT TO OUP, COUNTING HOUSE AND &E-T •BEsFORE THEM THE t>EfTNl£ MY ELECTRIC UGVAT INVENTION-; MILLIONS IN THE *-i—<. AKJ"^^ "O"P\£^T" ~T"V-\tiiN\ \^ US U AL.' SHORTS) Cbr-YYEtJNESS LACK OF IMAGINATION ,THfcY TO P>UTv$25.00O IN £ "PROPOSITION f VOU CAN IN TO vou TO A V\\LU0Nl ^ // K ^ -V.M /c&< ' ?-. \v* (0* * '/ * 7, J^l ARE SO UNREASON^ WAX, M/XsSOR/ w {%*,* Si m /" k vS» ••-<-<<-><£«-; ' Mn^ ei ?u.v y,~ >ces^ '&**•&•& &m fe t-? Hia; <o, cfV <A c°. ,y- f ril '-<r5ft s vo •£\ / A <A V, *1 # '<r. I fT7'^". BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES G TO .X roo 4 ; \ LOOVi rtPiV &o; > / // ^ X /, N^-*-^ ^ ^XUIS'IPORT 1 HfflSf^; 1 MOT\OW, ,-'•'•* v-V : '-*^f srv X? %§ •-'( • ' ^ /L^f ^*''• S -' 1 x***^ ' y'^' (i')1936 BY ME* SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF; ^^uuJSudliEtnjJ :»1 ALLEY OOP There's Sumpin' Queer About This By HAMLIN WE'VE PUT TH 1 S EH? WHAT SAY? PQISOWER WHERE > OH-SURE HE AINT LIKELY I OKAY- T'<X) WOWHERE PER A SPELL- WOULOJA LIKE T'SEE HERE YARE, SIR'- WE GOT HIM RIGHT DOWN HERE' W' "";>»/, ^ ^ \WHY-ER, 'YER MYSTIC MAJESTY-' WHASSA MATTER?. ^K-, n/ i* b OH -WOTHIMG -NOTHING 15 WRONG/ NOW, AWRIGHT- IF V PLEASE _ RUM. T ^// ; AS YOU WISH, SIR,/ ~i*"i K ©1936 BY NEA SERVICEJNO. T. M. V REcVu. 97 PAT. OFF. WASH TUBBS A Threat By COWAN 3UT, MV DEAR X^WO.JJO/ I 1 SUM, WE UMDER- (SAID 1 HApW'T 5TOODYOU TO / TIME TO STOP. SAV VOU'P LOl/E /I'M OM A PLEASURED ) BE A COP, ^ TRIP. EA5V FOR T -J * y<?v >i r BUT W/HATlL\TEA»2 l eMOOlVlJ^ we DO? THE VBURW 'EM up. CAMPAIfiW SK5M5/I'M LEAWWdftJI ARE UP' /MEyifO/ANP I'M -V-—-^T VOT RUUNWfi •(r X^fORSHeglFF. FOR A EAS/ <c2 HO' ' VOU THAT IF YOU WAS 6LECTER, , OFF TT € r^ m »K € 3 S fr)1936 DY NfA Sg lic«.W T. U^tk. u. s. PA: FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Simple as A B C By CRANE THE 5:15 OUGHTA BE ALONG ,AWY MIWUTE.MOW// X DONT WANT TO SPOIL. YOUR FUN, BOYS, BUT IF THAT CRATE REALLY CONTAINS DYNAMITE,, I'LL HAVE T& TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU .'/ €' -5Nv ^H^ -^-. -^ W 3J22TE f^fe:/ v"V' IT'S OKAY BY ME, CHIEF....WE DON'T WANT THAT STUFF AR°UWD AMY MOPE THAN YOU DO/ ¥ V >//(' THE NEWFANGLES (Mpm'n Pop) IF YA GET SHOT; WELL..., THERE YA ARE, BUT IF YA GET BLOWN UP, WHERE ARE YA ? IS IT WORSE THAW A GUN ? WOULD YOU RATHER BE SHOT THAW BLOWN UP? IS DYNAMITE SURE, IT'S ABOUT AS DANGEROUS TO MOKIKEY V/FTH AS AST-iTHING I KNOW OF .' REALLY AS BAD AS ALL TrHAT, «r-^«BJ. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OKF. XL fii7i»3J ay NJ:A SEBVICE. INC. On the Installment Plan By BLOSSER ^A\GHTY UNNY T'tAE TWW JAD. WOULD GOME TAKE CftTFlSLfS BEtt. IF PWD WtA TUH. I Q»«^- YOU .' NOW. PET, YOU WSUNDERSTQOt> SEg-I CWS SWA WINTERS $40, WELLj YOU VE GOT SOMETHING COCA\NG PROtA »AE THAT I INTEND PAYING OFP ON \NSTALLfAENTS ifiHIt BY MIA,»£HViet, IHC. T. M. BEC. U. 6. PAT. Off.

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