Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1941 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1941
Page 10
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&&&)&&^&£i 1 Vi A £h 1 S in irtf Indian Envoy to U.S. Talk* it His Job — For the first tta* long history, India has .. major power, namely th* ['States, a Hindu diplomat whose be- to make Americana conscious. , Sir Glrja Shanker BaJ title is 'agent gen 'ranks as » minister. edt, and sporting the _„ ^Oxonian accent of ft graduate College, Oxford University, , talked with me at the plgBss ' he British' embassy. Jf , at' great pains to explain Job of making America Irt- ious did not mean that he gallivant around the country iteract what more rabid Hin- of Mahatma Gandhi saying against British "op- T V«rf fedia. Hts task is to j,;with the proper., go vemmen- its on anything that af- and especially in its war- ions with the United States, back to the viceroy of In- Hltler Victory K"and his followers demand ete independence for India. Oth- "oufd be satisfied with some- fee dominion status, similar to turning Canada. Australia, New IWasad 'South Africa. Many of 'isiting this country have dte- 4j5tipon the fact that the Bri- ivernment put India in the pre- SSf.. without consulting the In- .Jeople., 1' . |<|are.in this war," said Sir Gin'a, 7jfor the sake of'Great Bri;,mainly for ourselves and _ 7 , i -,iirvlyal. We know what fate Stands conquered by Hitler and '''""stand the wicked implicate' racial,theories. Sometimes n'dia'think things move slowly ftway.of self-rule, but they do IWe had elections and we had ilmeasure- of self-government "provinces of British India. „ .f Very" fact that the post 1 pKas been created and that I named to hold it is a fur- in British recognition a's wants and needs. I am only ^'person, but have been picked ^honor." , not of as humble status as liy.-says. His father was a lawyer, at one time - of ..Jaipur. Sir Girja s, been secretary for India conference and at the Ctt conference in Washing_-._ r /Bdviser to the Indian dele- E*;tb; several meetings of the \of • Nations, and member of Sxeeutive council of the gov- ^general of India. ibther K sign of India's advance n 11 -noted," said he, "in the ^ of.? our wartime army. In- aV*|;.falways .complained that ^mostly Britons who officered KOne -pi five used' to^ be ^ ayidf, is fifty-fifty,' It is e;|highest^rank. most. Indians ttained has been that of ma- it,^ tlje r 'rest,' will come. r ',ywtthdut?,willing it,.has now Fa place, of major importance |^war« To "our left is is only '• sailing to the Persian Gulf o send troops to Iran and war material from Britain Jt is j only eight days to Whence our.'troops go to Libya. fit, .it|is nly a four-day sail je.-f^he paths to' China's t "Burma Road, It is^ about Singapore, " Britain's "in the east, ^people of the United ot yet grasped the great ex^Hich Indian man' power has K 1 taken in this war. We don't IJfonscription, but the recruit- s'have ell theVapplicants they die. In the old,days, it used s- Moslem fighting tribes of ^ the Sikhs. Now many of the %f Hindu races, like" the Ma- E^are also joining up. The army sed from 170,000 Indians to i;qoo,ooo. ing to Libya" n'troops are fighting im Libya? - on -watch ' ™— ' '"" in", the jare l*guard,in Syria. EL. • j.i «•_ * .• . peninsula, of the if the they up'to/jBeven- achine guns started making 'also have a mod- ufacture. Our small of escort ships and manned wqrk in re- pf that, Imands.RAR ^Libyan Drive 8, *8, j, use. |rj fl*! tbe taelteera because the Indiana have not been a sen-going race, "Our armaments factories, plus our food and our manufacture of boots and khaki cloth, h»ve become so Important that India, Australia. New Zealand and South Africa now have a group supply council that meets nt Delhi and plans our mutual supplies for our mutual needs, relieving Britain as much as possible from this war burden." Reports From the Capital 'Blood Bank' Saves First Life of Naval Action -By JACK STINNETT WASHINGTON—The capital reports: That the Army-Navy "blood bank" has saved its first life of a man wounded under fire. la this case it was a naval officer. When the U.S.S. Kearney was torpedoed off Iceland, one of the seriously "wounded was a young officer. Doctors on the rescue ship radioed Iceland that only injections of blood plasma could save his life. Out from our Iceland base went a fast plane and circling over the ship, dropped the needed plasma in a parachute. The naval officer is alive today. The story leaked out, without names, only because the Red Cross is trying desperately to convince that its blood bank drive is a vital necessity in national defense. The Red Cross so far has had some 20,000 donations of blood. About 15,000 of these donations have been turned over to the Army and Navy, the rest held for home defense and domestic emergencies. Just how much of a drop in the blood bank bucket that is may be rapidly calculated. The Army and Navy together say they need a reserve of at least 200.000 donations. That October (it takes about this long to get the national figures collected) was the first month when "little business" unemployment and a slackening in cantonment and defense plant housing construction began to gam on national defese hiring. With the government's characteristic effort t6 put its best foot forward, Paul V. McNutt's Federal Security Agency said that "unemployment benefit payments dropped to a new low in' October for the third successive month." 'But, claims for benefits jumped 28 per. cent over September; state employment service -^pij/bcements' were .slightly less, insteadHof showing,,the usual seasonal increase; and applications fbr jobs jumped 7 per cent to approximately 1,300,000. ' In all of the states which reported one or more adverse conditions—Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire were particularly mentioned— the causes were one or more of three; seasonal layoffs; priorities resulting in a shortage of materials; and completion of big defense construction jobsl The report, although far from entirely pessimistic, was the first hint developing unemployment conditions which some government officials have been predcting for nearly a year. That December is a high water mark for the Maritime Commission, It's the first month that the United States ship building program has reached that "ship-a-day" goal set ten months ago. .... ~ v> " This doesn't include naval vessels. The scheduled launchings ars 25 "Liberty ships," four general car.go vessels and one tanker. The new goal is two ships a day bymext summer. That if it hadn't been for Rep. Sol Bloom, of New Yorlf ,who took up three^ columns of small type in the Congressional Directory drawing attention^ to it, Washington'might never have noticed that December 1 was the 23rd anniversary of the founding o|,- Yugoslavia and the establishment o 'fthe Union of the Yugoslavs as a federation of free peoples. • That the United States Army, on maneuvers in the Carolinas, practiced fifth colunjning that out-Nazied the Nazis. .'An' infantry private planted himself in an armored column of 22 vehicles. When they came to a certain road, the private jumped down, yelled to the lead driver: "Here's where we-turn off and eat." The armored column turned off. The fifth columnist's infantry buddies rose from the roadside ditches and fields and captured them all. . DRS, CHAS. A. & ETTA E. CHAMPLIN Qsteopathic Physician* HOPS, ARKANSAS 404 South Elm St. Telephone 459 .A CHRISTMAS PIANO? Tbh M»«kl S|« wb or termc: Drop us a card for Catalogs and full information. Quality makes py STEJNWAY, HADDORFF, WUBLITZEB. UtHttl fJaiiQS, ?75 up. Terms SHOP HOW-AVOID THE RUSH! NEXT DOOR TO RlALTO THEATER o O 3. DIAMOND SOLITAIRE . % 75 Weekly 6 DIAMOND BRIDAL PAIR 75e Weekly & DIAMOND BRIDAL PAIR $1.00 Weekly 10 DIAMOND ENSEMBLE $1.50 Weekly ' 12 DIAMOND DUETTE $2.00 Weekly 5 DIAMOND SOLITAIRE $1.00 * Weekly Wolthaip Pocket Watch ? 75e ; C Weekly^ '24" Choice of Accro-Bond SPECIAL 50c Weekly 16 75 Choice of Bulova SOc $«%-*50 Weekly '27= Choice of Gruen 50c Weekly ( 27 ! Choice of Elgin 75c $0^; Weekly Ov Evans Cigarct Lighter and Case $<%95 Locket or Cross Use YoW Credit Mpn's Cameo Ring 5Qs Weekly 7-Pc, Dresser Set 50c $1 A 95 Weekly 14 s Well and Tree Plater Wm. 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