Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1939
Page 2
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---PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOWS,-ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 5, 1939 Hope |§ Star Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18. 199 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Reportt Published every week-day afternoon uy Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer & Alex H. Washbiirn, at The Star building, 212-ZU South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, Presldenl ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Pntrtlsbet (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Aatfu. Sntecriftton Rate (Always Payable to Advanced. By city carrier, per week ISc; per man* 6Sc; one year 56.50. By maU, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard. Miier and LaFayctte counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere fS.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated press w exclusively en- Htled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not Otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. • Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be mad*! for an tributes, cards of lhante. resolutions, or merrforials. concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this poKcy in the news columns to protect their readers from a delude of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or tKe tefe-keeping or return of any Unsolicited manuscripts. Old Folks at Home When the United States was young, and they were taking the first census, it was found that there were more children in the country than adults—about 10 children for every eight adults. That is nearly 150 years ago. Today, for every 10 children there are 20 adults. It is hard to imagine a more complete shift in the makeup of a population hi what is. historically sneaking, a rather short time. So when we thing of the problem of youth, the difficulties faced by young people in starting a career, it is well to keep this fact in mind. In the old days they were entering a world with comparatively few older peoole in its productive positions. Today they enter one loaded with a superfluity of older people who are living longer and hanging on to their jobs longer and tighter than ever before. Which nteans that activities like the CCC and the various projects of the National Youth Administration will probably be with us for a good long time, no matter what administration eits in Washington, and no matter what degree of relative prosperity shall have been achieved. The Lonsr Lag .One of the discouraging tilings about big government undertakings is that long after their objectives have been accomplished or failed to be accomplished, the payments to the piper still go on. The-United States is being asked to pay pensions to two daughters of veterans of the War of 1812. and the families of veterans of the Mexican War of 1846 are still drawing on trie public treasury. The processing tax agricultural experiment is over—shut off when tho whole business was declared unconstitutional after AAA had collected $963,000,000 from such sources. But it is not ended. Now come the claims for refunds. 29,000 of them, totaling S550.000 000. Only 13.000 claims for S4.000.000 have thus far been allowed, with 10.287 claims for $37,000.000 rejected. The experiment is ended, but the bookkeeping lingers on . THE FAMILY DOCTOR] T. M. REG. U. 9, f»Af. OFF By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical AssoeUMov, mt tt Hygeia, the Health Magazine Amount of Sleep, Time to Get It, Benefits Received, All Vary in Adults This Is the second of four iirtlc- Ics 011 sleep The question ;\s to haw Inm; an adult ought to sleep lias never been satisfactorily answered, ami probably never will be. because of the differences in human beinus. It is hard to study the- matter because many people set enough sleep mul complain that they do not rest; others do not «et enou.uh .sleep and say nothing about it. Koine people sleep too long. Experts say that oversleeping is just ;i;. tail as over i>nl- ing. The iiienttil ;ts|/eets of sleep luive been insufficiently studied. Some people have a good night's sleep arid still wake up moody and mean. Others Will sleep only five or six hours and awaken in the best of spirits, quite refreshed. There luis boon some study of the optimum time for jjoin.< to bed. One expert says that im hour before midnight is worth two after midnight. Another expert nays I hat there are two types of sleepers. One is tiretl in the evening, nuickly falls asleep soon reaches the greatest depth of sleep, and wakes up refreshed and well rested. The not fall asleep easily, reaches the yreataest depth of sleep during the early hours wakes up feeling tired. Some people have two phases of sleep. They awaken from a first pha.se but are not quite rested. After ying awnk efor a brief time they fall asleep again and awaken shortly quite refreshed. Any effort, that upsets the routine of daily life may bring about a rest- ANSWER TO CRAHJUM CRACKSR less night. The which people eating of foods to arc sensitive or which they find dificult to digest may result in restless sleep. Authorities have found that an empty stomach is irritable and that miy ight si taken around bedtime tends to enhance restful sleep. Yet some people are restless if they eat or drink anything at nil before going to bed. NEXT: Sleeping equipment. HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Winston Churchill Wnrns of Delay In concluding Anglii- Riissinn Alliance Bitterly priplietlr lotlny seem (ho words (if Winston Churchill in "Step by Step" (Putmnn: $4). The Imok Is a collet-lion of weekly let- tors on tbp slilffliijj political of Ruropp from March IS, 1936, to May 15, 1939, presented as written n< the moment With cmmcctloiiK Units ot brief news bulletins of the limes, .(Ills makes a cltmio- loglcal Hi-count. ..This section, written May -I, while Rritnhi wns try- lug to conoltKlc the Russian alliance. Is prophetic indeed: Above nil, time must not be lost. Ten or 12 days have already passed since the Russian offer WHS made. The British people, who have now, at the sacrifice of honored, ingriii- ed chstoms, accepted the principle of compllsory military service, havo a right, in onjhnction with the French Republic, to cull hpoti Poland not to p!;ife obstacles in the way of ;i com- mon enlist 1 . Not only must the full co-oppration of Russia be accepted, but the three Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia, nml sthonia, must nlso be broght in to associate. To these three countries of warlike people, opssessing together armies totaling perhnps 20 divisions of wirile troops, a fripndll Russia supplying munitions and other did is essential. There is no means of maintaining an Eastern front against. Nazi aggression without the active aid of Russia. Russian interests are deeply concerned in pi-eventing Herr Hitler's designs in Eastern Europe. It should still bo possible to rangi till the states mid peoples from the Baltic to the Black Sen in one solid front against n new outrage nr invasion. Such a front, wilJi resontP ami efficient military arranK<?ments, com- bimy! with llif fiver of the Western Powers, may yet confront Hitler, Goi'i-inf, Himmlrr, Ribbentrop, Gocb- hol.s and Co. with forces the (.Vrrnart people would be reluctant to challenge 1 . Wilson UUIi's Son ( CINCINNATI Observers sny one of Ihe munnicsl sights on the Cin- ciniinti bench is to watch Jimmy Wilson. Heds' coach, vide his Hi- year-old son Boh, who pitches in bnt- tini; practice. The youngster, bif,' mid still ffrowini!, travels with the team and hopes some day to make the grade in Ihe majors. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ... with ... MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS r • - "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • • You Can Talk to Only One Man " Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP, «•. -s- i » « ' All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One time—2o word, minimum 30c Three tunes—3%c word, minimum Me Six times—£c word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum |2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only. Problems on !';\{<r One A well-known theorem of ye- ometry is that the circumference of a circle is about three and one seventh times its diarnrler. If tiie distance across the lake is S'a miles, the distance around will be three and one-seventh of three and one- half, or 11 miles, and half way around will be Sb miles. If he rows six miles per hour, or 60 min., he will go one mile in 10 min., or 3'.2 miles in 35 min., by water. If he drives 10 mies per hour, he will drive one mile in six min., or 5c miles in 33 min. Assuming that his horse is hitched and ready, he can drive the quicker, especially as he can drive directly to the doctor's office but would have to walk there from the boat. CG>AD,AAARTHA , MY DEAR, AMD ALVIKJ/— HOW SPLENDID YOU •BOTH LOOK/ BY THE WAY-— UMP-KAFF * A LITTLE TRINKET . FOR EACH OF YOU-— A PAIR OF TRAVELING CUSHIONS-— V/ERV RESTFUL IP YOU PLAN A JOURNEY-—- AND A, "BOY ftCOUT KNiPE. "FOP; ALVIIM/-—- \AAJ5-TRUAAPH.' J'.|5T HAPPENED TO PICK TUEAA UP CM THE VJAY HOf-AE * HMM/ GUES VACATION is OVER N TOO/— WELL, ALL ) GOOD THINGS iV\UST V' eNOA~~ THOUGHTFUL OF YOU TO BRING THE CUSHIONS, AND 1 6EE YOU SAVED ME THE. TROUBLE OP "BREAKING JUST THE THING TO E ON GROCERY .' ^•^-i I-ICLLO, BOY, AM i TIRED/ 1 I'M GOING To CURL UP AROUND THAT 'MOUNTAIN M THE fA\DDU£ OF- MY MATTRESS AMD 'BREAK 'Rip VAN UKLfi'D "RECORD' MACK, IS THIS A GENUINE: , SCOUT KMtFE? IT SAYS "CUT AT vV<ATZ'5i"o.M IT/ ^>-,, '_ ^ -1S\ , ^.r MIMUTO ISO LET'S $ ABOUT NUTS A THAT'S AM THAT WOULD I'lWO IN EIGHT OW-l'LL, TAKE THE SCHOOL. i//C OUGHT TO LOVE MADE YOU A.&l.E '\o FIGURE IT OUT WITHOUT iOiN' THRU Tl-l' N/UC-EP.Y or- TR.VIN' IT GUT CAN CURE THAT— JUST GET A JOB WITH ME IN THE SHOPS NEXT VACATION EIGHT HOURS A DAY PUTTIN' NUTS ON BOLTS- WHY, YOU'LL CRAVE SCHOOL— WHY, YOU'LL EVEN NAARRY SCHOOL TEACHER! YOU'LL GOOD GOSH .' i WISH THAT OlDM'T H AT E SCHOOL TH' WAV DO.' ^yti»W^ ^.'.^Mmss^iiJ^. THE r.P. WCpy.GF, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Wasting No Time By EDGAR MARTIN Tomorrow: Comlihiulious of numbers. ww '.' : V'jYV.Y. i tAWV-VA.'vJ' Cow- W^X 1 ," N^A 11 .. ^=AQ O'.-U Notice ALLEY OOP The Answer Is No! By V. T. HAMLIN Fov Rent FOR RENT—Three-room furnished apartment with Electric Refrigerator. Private bath. 514 East 3rd St. 2-3tc FOR BENT—New Small house on Highway 67, two miles East of Hope. Deep well, electricity. Newt Pentecost, Phone 215-W. 4-3tp For Sale FOR SALE—General Electric refrigerator, slightly used. Looks like new. The best value we have ever offered in a refrigerator. AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COMPANY. 2-3t FOR SALE—36 Chevrolet Coach, good condition and bargain. Pete Shields, Phone 870-J. 4-3tc NOTED MUSICIAN HORIZONTAL 1,6 Composer of modern music, .12 Period of time 13 Name of anything. 15 Breakwater. '15 Musical character. : 17 Nick. ! 13 Stringed - instrument. ; 20 Idiot. 22 Genus of ;' ' turtles. 123 To cut grass. 126 Northwest. ! 28 Adult male. 30 To run away, 32 Ancient Egyptian god. 33 Part of a circle. V Deviates. :: 1 ; Fi-oicr. -.valor. 2? Part of Roman month. 38 Self. .'9 Disfigurement. 40 Profit. 41 Patches with a metaili': alloy. Answer to Previous Puzzle _GJEiE^AICIA| I ROJDIEIOSfA I :C ij^S ClAlLlDlElDllPiO 'S^E^ElrffiAn/^nffli 'n 45 Hose supporters. 50 Gibbons. 51 Comparison word. 53 Consumed. 54 Assumed name. 55 To slumber. 56 Old v/:-.gori tricks. 53 He studied 59 He was a trained — or player. 16 He composed popular musical ——. 19 His work is played at —— 21 Heavy blow, 24 Smelling badly. 25 Made a fabric. 27 Stone cutter. 28 To cripple. 29 Alms box. 31 The foot Of the fine. 32 Enrollment. 35 To harness. 40 Plaster of Paris. 42 Jar. 43 Beasts' home. Washington Gin Company is ginning j and wrapping up to 525 pound bales S3.50 All bales over 525 pounds, additional Ic a pound. Also store your Seed. A. N. StrOud will haul bales into Hope Compress for 2Sc each. A. N. Stroud, Washington. Ark. Sept 5-lm Services Offered SERVICES OFFERED-See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Cobb 658-J. July2G-l m SPECIAL-Until September 16th— 10'."' off on all Permanent Waves. Vanity Bflauty Salon. Plione 39. 30-Bt-p BEAUTY CULTURE-The Kosan offers this .'special price for limited time. A new location with new equipment. Complete course with private lessons $35.00 cash. Positions secured. Free literature. Terms. Kosan School of Cosmetology, 015 Main, Pine Bluff. Aug. 29-Sept. 5-12 SERVICES OFFERED—Expert Radio Repair Service and replacement parts. All work guaranteed. Radio Service. Phone 80G. Ray Allen. 28-tf Lost VERTICAL 2 Snakelike fish 44 £;7hth ounce, 3 Gold quartz. 45 To pant. LOST—Old Tan Suitcase containing men's clothing. Lost somewhere between Nashville and Magnolia. Notify B. Coleman, Nashville, Arkansas. 4-,'itp GOOD HEAVENS! WHY DIDN'T I SEE THAT BEFORE-? NO WONDER OOP AMP BR.ONSON ARE LOST SOMEWHERE IN iV. THE VAST :rrfev REACHES LOOK! I'VE FOUND VT! LITTLE ADJUSTMENT MOVEP JUST ENOUGH CONSIDERABLY TER THE TIME MOW IT WILL BE ONLY A MATTER OF FOR.M TO HW/E DOCTOR 17HW DWS OPERATION WONMUG RELEASED BUT, JUDGE, IT'S OUR. ONLY BROMSOM WE'VE EXPLA,INED\AND OOP--AMP CLEAR. AM INNOCENT MAN! '••>, OF THE TIME-MACHINE RESTORE THE MEN — -v.ru- WASH TUBES yr. All Roads Lead to the Crater By ROY CRANE 4 Rabble. 5 To enrich, 6 Gat. 7 Grafted. 8 Sprightly. 9 Hurries. 46 Person opposed. 47 Small mountain lake 48 Toilet box. 49 Soaks flax. 52 Pronoun. 10 Spider's home. 5-i Sound of 11 Fury. surprise. 14 Lubricant. 57 Street. VOU CAW HEAR TH' \ ANU 'I UK >•;•;; r.-jo MOLV DRUMS, WASH. /TUt VV0MEN TO THE VOLCANO I OR THrlt? B^Ai.n AT l ;-*>y MOMSMT WAI i IMG FOR. UEL-N ) U^<i / MOW'S OLllC 1 . „--,' CHANCE Ti.) LEARN THJIT •SECRET IT > s «!tn- /-V <k FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Burning Issue! ^ •»< By MERRILL BLOSSER YYu'll have a printing expert cull on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve lln-m. Star Publishing COMPANY That Makes un Impression" GEE, t oiovr KNOW You WER HAVING YOUR House PAINTBO OR I WOULDN'T HAVe SAWED THE RUNGS ON THAT LADDER / -/• s^=~-.^\ / DON'T APOLOGIZE TO ME — YOU'LL HAVE To SQUARE "YOURSELF WJTH : 'W-J RV5HT NOW 1VE GOT TO K12EP JUMS5 FROM . EUOPIMC3 WITH SPL-fc'D MASON ' WOUUDMT WORRY ABOUT- ;r-- SPEED (S A NICE- BOY ' SURE HE- KIND OF-" A Hfc BE IS ! fiilV WHAT HUSBAND V.'ILL .if 1 ' Y J RED RYDER It's Up to Red !2fo- K ) -t-s- By FRED HARMAN GO BACK To YOUR POST.- TI-RE PE.ESTDL AS

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