Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on August 9, 1951 · Page 22
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 22

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1951
Page 22
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I^yestccf CHICAGO, Aug. B. Vfi--HOKII turned steady 10 25 cents higher today with the result that both fresh receipts and a stale holdover were well cleared, promptly. Cattle were steady except for some weak bulls. Sheep were steady. Sows showed the best strength although barrows and eilts moved easily at S21.0C to 523.23. Most sows were sn.oq to S20.30 with a few lightweights goinE to S21.00. A run of 7.000 hnga was :'ri line with sdvanre Indications and was swelled by an unsold 3,000 from yesterday. Good to prime steers ranged from $32.110 to $38.25 and cood to choice heifers and mixed yearlings from $32.00 to 135.75. Commercial cows topped at .SltiM, good bulls at S30.50, and prime vealcrs at $37.00- Salable hoga 7.000: moderate'iy 'active; weights under 230 Ib, steady to strong; heavier weights and sows strons to mostly 25 cents higher; top 23.25 for several lots choice No. 1 and No. 2 lightweights; most choice 100-240 Ib. 22.73-23.25; 250-27C. Ib. 2225-2275; few 280-320 16. 21.00-22.00; several lots 160-1BO Ib. 21.00-22.50; Sows i'V.M- 21.00. - Salable cattle 2,000; salable calves 300; general market most slaughter classes slow; steers, yearlings, and heifers mostly steady: cows largely steady; bulls steady to weak; vea!ers steady: few loads and smaller lots prime 1,200-1,306 Ib. steers 3825- most good to high-choice steers and yearlings 32.50-37.25; scattered lots good to choice heifers and mixed yearlings 32.003575- most commercial cows 27.00-30.00; bum earner to tUlity grades 19.00-25.50; utility to good bulls 26.50-30.50; good to prime voalers 35.00-37.00. KANSAS C;TY. AUS. 9. w-- ctrsDA) Cattle salable 500; calves salable slaughter classes about steady, spots 200; ^ New YorKStbcK Prices DOW JONES AVERAGE RANGE Open · High; . Low Close Change ' 30 Industrials ........ 283.91 264.43 261,77 .262.69 20 Railroads 83.17 15 Utilities 45.43 65.Stocks 96.07 40 Volume 100,300 133,200 26,400 259,900 D 1.04 83.38 81.16. 81.38 D 0.58 45.55 45.11 45.31 D 0.12 96.29 94.83 95.17, D 0.45 93.69 A 0.19 Sales, l,'500,QOO;"lssues traded, 1,126; advances, 342; declines, 510; unchanged, 274; new.,1951 highs, 20; new 1951 lows, 8. Stocks--Lower; rails split on rate boost. Bonds--Steady; rails advance. Cotton--Higher; trade and commission house buying. Wheat--Mixed; small price changes. Corn--Steady; trade dull. Oats--Firm; -truckers outbidding Chicago for cash oats. Hogs--Steady to 25 cents higher; top $23.25. Cattle--Generally steady. 2 loads choice around 1,100 !b. fed steers 35.75; load gopd short feds 32.75; 2 loads high choice SM ar.d 885 Ib. fed heifers 35.00 and 35,25: part load moL-:iy good heifers 31.00; scattered utillly and commercial cows 22,50-25.50; part load medium and good stock calves 31.00. Hoss salable 2.5001J active, steady to 25 higher- choice 180-3oO :bs. 22.00-65; few choice 190-220 Ibs. 22.15: choice 260-300 las. Zl. 00-22, 00; sows steady at 17.25-19.25. LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9. m-- (FSMN)-- Cattle salable 500; fairly active and steady to strons on limitnd supply: odd good slaughter steers 35.00; lead commercial steers 32.00: load good and choice fed Abbott L- Acme Stl Adams Exp Admiral Air Keduct Alaska Jua Aldens Alleghany CP Allcg L Stt Allied Chem Allied Mills Allied Strs Allis Chal Alum Ltd Am Aur Ch Am Airlines I Am Bk Note Am 59% A Vt 31% A li 28 ! ,i D 23Vi D 2914 17 43 D V, 7514 D Vt 32 D ',! i D i; IS 47% 3 89% 2 63 54 D Vj Am Cm Am Car F Am Cyan Am For Pw Am Gas 4: El Am H^me Am IKJCO Am M I'dy Am Metal Am Nat Gas Am Pw Lt Am Bad St S Am Sat Baz Am Seating high utilitj' and commercial cows 27.00- \ Am gmelt 27.50; canners and cutters 20.00-23.75: shelly | Am s^eit pf down to 18.00; utility and commercial bulls | Am stl Fd 26.50-Si,00. JAni Sugar heifers 34.50; bulk utility ccws 24.00-28.00; 4 W',i D Vt 2 12?i D Vt Am CM K fed 74 6,1 A Vi 5 113 Dl 9 31% D % ;'.t 1221b Dl 60 D.',i 35Ti A !ii ISli D Vt 16 3 ,i A M 48 A Vt 33!i A Vt ie'* D Vt IVt A Vt 46!i 82 D2 20 15814 Al 12 34!i D % 2 68 D Eaton MG Ekco Pd El Auto Lito Elec Boat Elliott Co El Paso N Gas 55 Emer El M 5 Emer Had Erie BR 6 4l',i D J7',b 5 6 4T, 2 20 3 25 D 14 i D V, P 10 1311 D ii 31 1 ,!. Evershorp Ex-Cello-O Fairb Mor Family Fin Fed Mot T 161 2 12', 2 40 A ,i S 61 D Ftderat D Firestone Fllntkote Florida Pw Follans Stl Food M,ich Freeport Su\ Frueh Tra Str 14 S 15V. 55i 4014 t) Vt 11514 Mil 30 D % I8(i A it 2114 D ii 5 45% D 'A 97=4 27V« Nor Psc Nor Sta PW North Air! Ohio Edis Ohio Oil Oliver CP Omnibus Otis Elev Owens II'. Gl 110 20 17 4 Dl'.i A i,i A ii 13 32% 19 S35'o D ' 7 29 D : 4 10 O 4 3S% D · 24 85% Dl% Pac Gas El 20 331,4 Pac Light 4 51% A ; Pac Mills · 1 38 Pac Tin Con 65 5,S A ' Pac W Oil 36 Packard Wl Public:' Records CITY COURT ~ Paul J. cella, Manl»trato Carlos F. Cardenas, feckless driving, trial Aug. IB. 1 .. ! · - · · · · ' ' · ' Bostick, loitering, sentence Alvln B. Aug. 11. Detroit Seeking No. 1 Criminal DETROIT,' Aug..' 9. : (jP)--A wave of cleaning' shop .holdups, marked by-the rape of one. woman clerk and an. attack on' : a second, put police on the alert today. Detective Inspector Albert Sha- ipiro ordered an all-out hunt. "This guy is going to kill some'' body if he Isn't captured. He's No. 1 on our wanted list," Shaoiro said. Fourteen cleanirig establishments employing · women have recently been held up. Yesterday afTarmed robber in a striped polo shirt raped a 22-year- old'woman after taking $46 from the cash drawer. He tied his vic- Pnn Am W A'w 32 Panh P R 12 Param Plot Park. Ub-h. Parlee Dav Patino Min Peab Conl 20 A : Sli A : 10H D : 12 24H A » 4 JUSTICE COURT James M, Howaare, Precinct 1 Clark H. Johnson', Precinct 2 vlnl, speeding, 513. Alfred Rodriguez, allowing consumption c£ spirituous liquors on premises between aours ot \ n.m. and 6 a.m., dismissed. William'K. Bradford, aggravated battery, preliminary bearing Sept. 12. Arthur A. Erfckson 8 nd Arthur WeAls, drawing on Insufficient account, preliminary hearings Aug. 17, bonds $1,000, Francisco Enclnas, failure to provide for minor children, 90 days. S U P E R I O R COURT J, Mercer Johnson, Division 1 Lee Garrett, Division 2 · Robert S. T u l l a r , Division 3 John J. Flynn vs. .Davis X*. Younjr; and Tucson Gas, Electric LiElrt Sc Fewer Co., complint in condemnation.. Nicholas Sumakis and Janet Suniakis vs. Nicholas Traflcanti, -Jane Doe Traticanti and Alexander J. Traficanti, complaint for alleged damages in sum of 58,000 plus Harry Strong, individually and as guardian ad Ittem for · Winifred Hayward and Jason. W. Hayward,' minors, vs. Anthony C. Kadjan, coir.plaint for alleged damages Inj sum of S27.500 plus costs. Raymond E, P.igel and Lcona H. Pagel vs. Victor Milstehi and Rebecca MUstetn, Judgment to plaintiffs for S4,715.5 plus interest, foreclosure expense, court costs and attorney's feus. Inez McCord vs. Winifred S. Fouts and others, judgment in favor of defendants and against plaintiffs "for defendants' costs. | LIQUOR LICENSES I Justice of the Peace Clark H. Application for person to person transfer Johnson has ruled that proof Of {SprlnffsrvtUis'Set For Western Film SPRINGERVILLE, Aug. 9. Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. will start production on a semi- western film near here by Aug. 15, Abe Steinberg, unit production manager, told Ernest Becker, mayor of Springerville, today. This will .be the first, picture - fHmed in this locality. The movie will be a ' film version of the book by Fred -Gipson,(congress. STnrjrrm Satlg ..Thuniday Evenlno, August 9, 1951 Attack IndiaU Liquor Ban .FLAGSTAFF,. Aug. -9. V?)~A resolution attacking federal laws banning sale of liquor to -Indians will be presented to_ the Aug. 20 meeting of the Navajo tribal coun- cii; "We. think Indians should have Paul A. Begay, council member the same rights as any other cit- ·· . . . . - Uzen to go into a- bar or tavern peal of Arizona and New Mexico state laws ' prohibiting:. spiritous liquor sales to Indians, and urged the national government follow suit. from the inscription house area, said he was drafting the resolution, which if passed will be sent to The Home Place. Tentative title of the production Is "The Return of the Texan." Jury Finds Death Cause Was Accident A coroner's jury of six men ruled tim's hands and gagged her, threat- j today that the deaths of Amelia ening her with death if she made! S. Bennett, 30, and Ruth Whitman, an outcry. On Monday In. another holdup a robber tore the clothes off the clerk but then fled. Tuesday, in a a woman 'was holdup, threatened. Liquor Agent Loses In Court Cair CKobert) 140 16!i A % j Penney (JC; 17 66=, . Calves salable 50; steady; commercial and ! Am Tel Tel 4C 157?i A i'j ·ood slaughter calves 30.05-34.1X). odd head Am Tobacco 15 62?i D i', slaughter calves 30.05-34-W. -- 35,00. Am Vbcose Hoes soluble 375;' steady to 55 lower; Air. Woolen choice 200-230 Ibs. 24.50; few 24.75; some Am Zinc held higher; medium 190 IDs. 24.00; others Anacon Coi held above this prke; iew 470 Ibs. 20.00; And Pri OL choice sows 18,50-19.50. ' Armco Stl Armour Co 16 9Vy Arrast Ck 7 58 Ashl Oil 11 35 Asset Dry O 7034 D Vt 17% D 'I 45'/B B V, 42% D "A Atchison Atl Cst Line At) Refill Atlas C? Avco" Mfg Gamble Sk Gar Wood Ind Gaylord Cont Gen Am Tran Gen Bak Gen Cable Gen Elee Gen Foods Cen Irsstru C-en Mills Gen Motors Gen Prec Eq Gen Pub TJt Gen Kcal TJt Gen Shoe Ga Pac Ply Gillette 1 13 7 : ,a " 4 29!i D 1,4 3 51% D Vt 1 UVt SVi A ! ,i 57'i A Vi 43 s ,i Bait Sc Ohio 198 A H 23 A *1 7',1 1151 D Vt 19 J ,1 D Vt Cotton NEW YORK. Aus. 9. (JV-Cotton futures were firm today on tfade and commission house buying part of it attributed to short covering. ThJ market was influenced by the more serious report on cotton deterioration and also the. lifting of restrictions i on cotton exports. Offerings came through hedge selling end profit taking, i _ The state ajricultural commissioner John; Bait OliicTpf ~20 335t D »i White said if the heat wave continues the i Barber oil ~ ~" ~* Texas cotton crop may fall a million bales t Barker Bros below the 5.000.000 bale forecast for the j Beaunit M state, on Wednesday by the dept. of agri-1 e«cch Airc culture in. its first report of the season. j c enc iix Av Good mrrxv traders, however, bt.-lieved thei BeuguetM government report at least partially took j Best FDS Into acount deterioration in arriving atl Beth Steel the forecast for Texas, JBIgc San A private crop survey said cotton prog- j Blaw Kncx xd ress during the past \veek,was fair to'siiss (E. W.) mostly good in the eastern belt, good to! Booing Airp excellent in the central belt, good in Okla- | Bond Strs horna, northeast and northwest Texas, but rather poor In other sections of' Texas. 3 Gimbel Bros 9 GlicltJen 15 Goebel Brew 5 Goodrich 22 Goodyear 15 Gran Paige 21 Granby Min 1 78',s Ol';11 Gt Nor Iron Ore 7 77 " A Vt Gt West SUE 4 Greyhound 46 Grum Airc 22 Guantan SUE 3 Gulf Mob O 64 Gulf Oil 49 H 79 Dl Halliburton 8 A Vt Harb Walker 3 a 2G 1 ,! D Va 60% A 1,4 43% D Vt 23',i C Vt 18=1 A Vt a?i A Vi 34% 1:2 117 13% A Va «3',b D V* Si4 A Vt 60-Ji, Dili 92 Dl 3 7(4 D Vt 52% D 18;i A Vt UVt A Vt 2174 1051 49% D 4l Penn Uix Cem Penn Pw Penn Pepsi Salt Cola , A Vl 66=i A % '·VA A Vl. isi't A ;:, cni- D :l ,:, Petrol CP Pfeii'fer Br Phelps Dod Phil a Elec Phil Sc Rd C I Philco . Philip Mor Phillips Pet 76 1 80 I 22Vu D 1 20 13 64% D 15 28 A 4 13% D 47 24i D 50 . A Pitney Bow Pit Plate Gt, Pit Scr B , Pittston Co Plymouth Oil Press Stl Car Proc Gam Pub Sv Colo Pub Sv E G PuWidc !r.d Pullman Pure OU 46',i D ·; W,'a D VB 48 SVt D % 24 D % 311!. Di' 4 12'/« t Vi j o f a package beer license at Columbus market, 1C44 N. Columbus blvd.. from Bay M, Poiiidexter to WUliam W. Branchcau, DIVORCES Helen McKnight vs. Calloway McKnight, complaint. William J. Bowling vs. Beverly D. Bowling, complaint, Betty Ar.n Brown vs. Louis D. Brown, complaint. Hortense Ivy vs. Gerald Ivy, decree. Leo B. Rayburn vs. 'Rosemary Raybum, Mary Strode vs. W. L. Strode, decree. M A R R I A G E LICENSES Hoy B. Kelly, 25, Tucson, and Mary I/juise Cartel, 23. Tucson, James WUliam Shock, 19, Tucson, and Georgia Sue Allen, 18. Tucson. . Charles B. Dunaway, 13. Tucson, He charged the ban Is "flagrantly discriminatory to a large group of American citizens." Begay, a mem'ber of the council for 14 years, praised the recent re- and have a glass of beer," he said. "As it is, Indians who want a drink must go to a bootlegger, pay out- of-reason prices products that health and then consume the liquor as fast as possible to avoid confiscation by officers." for substandard often · endanger 26, were accidental. The two Sells women were killed Monday when a pickup truck in -which they were riding went out of control on highway 86 and drove a seven-foot hole in th.e bank' adjoining the highway. Drvier of! the truck, · Louis Antone, 22, is' stil! in the Pima countv hospital. Amphibian tanks WKI-B used the U. S, marine corps in 1924. WHAT IS A MUTUAL FUND? A Mutual Fund represents in one security an ownership Interest in a portfolio which an experienced management has selected carefully for investment merit. Continuous supervision of the securities maintains the quality of the Investment at all times. · For Complete Information Come in or Phone Woodward, Rogers . Ziiber 22 E. ALAMEDA ST. TELEPHONE 3-2597 53% 39% A % 45'4 A -ft 54',i D Ik Hayes Mfg 50 A ',4 IV: ' XS'.'a A ,; ! 505i D yt \ afternoon prices were 20 to 75 cents a bale higher th.'m the previous close. 34.49, Dec. 34.46 and March 34.46. Oct. Grain CHICAGO. Aug. 9. (.75-Open High Wheat . 2.39?i 2.40% . 2.42'/ L -',i 2 4 3 ,. 2.44 2.44i4 Sept. Dec. Mar. Mai- July Low Close 2.39-t 2.41% Sept. Ecc. Mar. May July Sept. Dec. Mar. May July , SCP!, Dec, , May , July , Sept. Dec. . Sept. Nov. . Jan. . 3Iar. . May . Sept Oct. . Nov. . Dec. , Jan. . Mar. , . :.37',b 2.37i Corn . 1.75-1311 . ;.52! . 1.65% . 1.B7H . 1.68 1.6351 1.66'.i 1.07% 1.68!i Oats 1.S2J1 1.65% 1.67 1.68 .8011 1.73-73 ! ,i l.GB 1.67U 1.G8H o£ Mon Eorden Hilton Hot Holland j-um Holly Su.g Homes tasa Hooker El 19 , iHoudHcrsh- * G JHouston Oil 14Ta 3D 'o ;Howe Sound ·mi D Vt i Hud Bay M 14 D Vt 'Hudson Motor ^ Vt I Hupp Corp Radio CP RKO Pict RKO Thea Rayonler Rem nar.d Reo Motors Repub Avia P.epub Pict Hcpub Stl Revere C B Rexall Drug Reyr, Met Richfield O Hob Fulton 229 15 4 , D % D 11 39 A % 20% D Vt 6V« 13% 24 D '/· 19 35% A Vt 61% A Vt \ 13 A .'t! safo'ray St 67 5 ,i D -feist j os Lead ESii D iiiSt L San r 55 D Va st Reg Pap 32 62% Al'.i 50 47 7 10 33 12% D 1, 41i A li 41'/4 D li 231h D % 6% B 1,1 54% Dl% 60;il D -Ji Wii S consumption must be presented in support of charges that spirituous liquor is consumed after hours. lie made his ruling yesterday in dismissing charges against Alfred Rodriguez, manager of The Railway Employes Social club of .2225 S. Fourth ave. The club was raided July 21 by D. L. Kendrick. state liquor control agent, who said approximately 20 people were in the club and that bottles of beer were sitting on tables. . Time of the raid was approximately two hours after the 1 a.ra. curfew. Justice Johnson supported Atty. Otho Books' 'motion i'or dismissal on grounds that no evidence ,was Bom to'c'TMt."'and Ll iv'u-'s. l 'DMSas Gordon,! presented tiy the state to show'the 2450 s. Edmondson, a ciri at 2 p.m. AUG. 8.1 beer in evidence was actually being Bom to Staff S[;t. ar.d Mrs. Gary Whitman, 4G53 E. Delano, a boy at 6:35 p.m. Aug. 6, St. Mary's Hospital Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Henderson, 45li'i N. Granada, a girl at 8:25 p.m. AUK. 7, Bom to Mr. a:id Mrs. Hoeer Jacobson, 2CIC N T . .Fair Oaks ave., a £irl at 6:57 a.tn. and 68% A % ! Patricia B. Glen, 20. Tucson. BIRTHS Davls-Monthan Hospital 30 61 35V, 48 D T, j Borg Warn Boston Me Bride; Brass Brlsss Mfg Bristol Mys Ekly U Gas Brown Sc Bg Bucy Srle Budd Co Builard Burl Mills Bun- Add ButJei- Bros Buttc Cop Cal Pack M'.'a .84% .85-i .33 .S3 .82?^ Ryo-- New Styla 3.73% J.75!i 1.73'i 1.73 1.75',4 1.73 1.73 1.75',i 1.73 1.72 1.72'/ n 1.70% Ryo--Old Style 1.74% 1.74% 1.72% 1.7514 1.75',i 1.74V, Soybeans 2,7D% 2.85 2.79l,i 2.66-65!S 2.09% 2.65(4 2.69 .2.72% 2.69 2.75 2.71 2.76'/a 2.72',i Lard 17.10 10.12 1.4.70 14.30 14.80 14.90 jCalum H j Can Dry jCanad ' 1 Cannon M 1 Capital Airl icaro PL | Case ( JI) ! Cater Trac j Celanese ! Celotex 1.74-73% jcen Fdy .81 .84%.mi .. S.7H4 .. 2.7214 ..16.52 ..15.82 ..14.50 ..14.70 ..14.60 ..14.75 16.50 15.B2 14.50 14.70 14.00 14.75 1.74 1.74% 1.70% 1.73 1.7411 2.8414-1,! 2.69 S.71% 2.73% 2.7514 17.05 16.07 14.65 14.82 14.80 14,83 Dry Goods NEW YORK, Aug. 9. --The cotton tex- . tile market was quiet today, with a cotton crop forecast by the Dept. of large . culture. Buyers were inclined to look for still lower prices. The wool goods market was dull. There ·were reports that more military ordeis may shape up soon. Ttye talk in some circles was that the quartermaster corps rnay ask bids for 2.300.000 yards of 10-02. blended worsted-nylon serge eloth. Hayon goods were easy and quiet. and vicinity: Partly ! Consum Say. Scattered after- contain .... 100 101 JO! Forecast for Tucson clcudy Unight and Frida.. r.oon and night thunder showers. No im- Co!U portajit change in temperature. Highest temp, yesterday Highest Xemp. year aco High record this rtc (1950) ... I.QW temp, yesterday Low temp, year aKo ;.. Low record this date (1949) ... Mean xemp. yesterday Mean te.Tip. year ago Normal temp, this eJate , Humidity 5:30 p.m. yesterday . 5:30 a.ra. Kday Moonrise. .12:17a.m. Sunrise-- 5:44 a.m. Can Cont Mot Cont Oil Cont Stl Copper Rr.s Copw Stl 4' Corn Prod · · · ' TM!CraneCo Creamer Am Crown Cork 871 B5I 85| 29! Moonset. .10:56 p.m. Sunset 7:14 p,m. Data for 24 hours ending at 5:30 a.m. (Tucaon time,). Calm 94 68 '1 Albuquerque Atlanta BUiincs Bismarck Boue Boston ....... BuUnlo Cnsper ...,,,. Charlotte...... Chicapo Cincinnati .... Clnveland..... Denver Detroit ....'.'.' a Poso Flnjrstiiit Ariz Ft Worth G? Cwvvn.Ariz, Indianapolis KinsasCity Urtle Rock . Los Angeles. Pt.Cldy W 5 , Pt.Cldy . Cloudy . Clear Fog Shtwers Pt.Cldy . Pt.Cldy . Showers . Haze . Clear Cloudy SW S E SE W S W N X W 8 85 SW Cilm S3 Showers NW 7 J3 Cloudy My :7 101 Clsar Calm 79 Clsar s 15 105 Clear Calm as ... Th'sh'rs ^V 5 75 .. Showers S 2 96 ... Pt.Cldy iS~\v 9 97 ~ E Dayt P i- W Dayton Rub Deere Co Del Hud Del Lack Sc :Den KGW · 0 9 j Derby Oil ·: jDet Edls · ul i Del Mch Stv · · ( D i s t CP Seng Dlvco CP Dixie Cup Dome Min Doug Airc Dow Chem Dresser Ind DuPont Tr Clear SW 12 98 70 Pich Air t. g- i ^0 i r '* u » t s Sti 'j ""iSast M Kod 62 East · i Fast Savage Arms Schen'ey Lid Sea) Al RR Scab Finan Scab Oil Sears Roeb Seeger Refr Servel Sham O G Sharon Stl Shell Oil Simmons Co Sir.elalr Oil Smila (AO) Socony Vac Sou Am GP Sou Coro EG So P Rico Sug Sou Cal Edis Southern Co Southern Poc Southern Ry IS'.i D ! 33% A ? 57 Dl IS 1 ,! A i Interst D Str .Iowa PL J Johns Man Jones Joy . K Kaiser Alum Kan City Sou % i Kan ?w St Lt ! Kennccott (SS) 33!', D Vt ll?i D 14 65 D % 54 ' 514 A 14 3014 D 14 D li I Sparks With Sperry D 9 13 17 145 66 29 17 Stand Oil N J 66 Stand Oil Ohio 116 Stand G E Std G i E S4 Pf Stand Oil Calif Stevens (J P) Stew Warn Stoke Van C Stone Web Studebaker Sunray Gil Sunshine Bis Sunshine Mn Superior Steel Swift Co 13 16 D % 22!', D Vt 26% D V- »0!i D V, 60% D V, 11= Leh Val Coal Lehmari CP Lerner Str Liquid Carb Lockh Airc T Texas Co Tex Gulf Prod Tex Gulf Sul 50',4 7 25=,i A C 10014 D 103!a Dl ! /i 17 _-,, Vt D i, 14 43% D * S 33% D Lone St Cem Lorillard A 14 5 4«?i D i j 16 l(i% A 1,4 2114 D ii, 22;i 13% D % 20-.1 Al 12% A Vt A 30%. IB 31% 33 10 D % 73 3i',i D Vt S 24% D Va 16',4 A 1,4 59 A "i 271i A 1,1 17-Va A 11 Martin (GIJ Master El Math Chem May Dept Str Maytag IT El Mclntyr P McKess Sc X Mead Corp Miami Cop Mid Cont Pet Middle S ut Minn Hon Minn Mo! Mission Cp. Mission [V"o Kan Tex Mo Kan Tex ft 50 Mo Pac Pf 42 VTonsan Chem Montff Ward Motor Pd Vl'otorbla Mullins Mfg Murray CP sr *7ash Kclv Nat Auto r 31sc Nat Can Cash "Reg Nat City Lin Nat Cont Nat Dairy Nat'Dept Str Nat Distill Nat Gypsum Nat Lead Nat Steel Nat Sup Natomas New Eng El Un Pac Unit Air Lla Unit Airc Unit Bisc Unitd Corp 3 w, A 72 26!i Al 4 1815 D 15 6214 C 19 JS St Tor Sec J S Gypsum U S Rubber U S E Vanad CP Vick Chem Va El Pw Walker (H) Ward Bak Warner Pict Waukesha Mot Western Air Wtst Mary West Un Tel West Air B r 18 K 92 10 491: 15 2614 D 1 17 11% 3 109 Dl Newpt N Ship 27 34W, A % N Y Central 260 18% D % 15 SI A Vt 21 112V, D % N Y Chi St 1,0 206 NY Sta EG Noma Elec Norf West No Am Avia Wliere's The Fire?. t (Calls In 24 hours to 8 s.m. today) 11:30 to 12 p.m.--Overhenifcd refrificnuor motor at Farmer's market, 195 S, Sixth ave, Aug. B, I Engines 2 and 5, truck 1-1 (Central sta- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Tovar, 3006itlon) and engine 3 (EastsMc station). Contzcn, twins; n girl at 8:30 and a boy atl 1:01 to 1:30 a.m.--Partition wall fire, 8:35 a.m. Aug. S. | A-l. Market, 3 \V. Ft. Lowell rd. (Pima Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Alamcda. i Merchant patrol}. 314 W. 37lh St., a girl at 10:11 a.m. Aug. 8, Born to Mr, ?r.d Mrs. Ramon Alvardo,| [2913 E. 20th st., a boy at 4r35 p.m. Aug. 8. Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. WIls«n, 3Q14 S. 12th ave...a i.;irl at 12:35 a.m. AUK. 9.\ Born to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Vancz, 2CO j S. Main ST.,. a Rlrl at 1:35 a.m. Au;i, 3. Born to Mi'- and Irs. Herbert A. Cross, 4120 S. 13th ave,, a girl at 5:54 a.m. Auj;, 9.; Tucson Medical Center Born to Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Cradil'as. ° tn « fire stations-no calls) 53V A 3 ' IB'-i A J*l330 W. La P3Z. 0 cirl at G:UG a.ra. AUK. E. j si D i' i Born to Mr. and Mrs. Israel Siesol, 229 S. I 33''i D I-" | Herbert St., a Girl at 8:18 a.Tn. Auc. B. 4214 Dl'' I Born to Mr. and Mrs.' .-PCicr JRlviora, :53 j Cen Hud GE Cen 111 Lt Cen SW f C e n VI Sug |Cer DC ^as ' Cert-Teed JGhes Sc Oh Chicago Cp Ch M SpFac 13T Ch M SDP pf 28 !chi Pn Tool | Chi RI Pac Chllds Cc Chrysler Cin G E | Cln Mil Mch Cit Finan 'cities .Svc cicv si ni Climax Mo Clinton Fd Cluctt Fcab Coca Cola Coig Palm S, Main st,, a boy at 12:12 p.m. Aug. a. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Barrel Davis, 4442 E. Seneca, a girl at 2:44 p.m. Aug. 8. Bom to Mr. and Mrs. W. Con. Cline, -W10 E. icth St., a boy at 4:17 p.m. Au£. «.. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Esplnoza,; A i' t [226 W. Dia-triet, a boy at 8:07 p,m, Aug. B. j '/= A i/« DEATHS ADAMS--Jennie Adams, 48. of Eurbank,f CaJtf, ( 'dii;d Tuesday in a BurbarUc hos-| pltal. Wife of Thomas: sister oi Frank! and Joe Rogers and Louise ,'jas, Ar-i rangcments pending at Reiiiy funeral _., u . home. 22!'s D !{,{BOWER--Helen M. Bower, 52, of 741 N, lii^ A, 3^1 Fifth ave.. died yesterday in a local Al'St; hospital. V/ife of Michael W,; sister of 4S 3 ,i D 34! Vivian Wclty. Rosary at 7:30 p.m. today ~ ' at EeiUy funeral cJiapel. Body will be sent by RciHy funeral home to Fi-oeport, _ ,,, 111,, for services and burial, 42 3 / Q A J j I D A V I L A -- N o r b e r t a Davila, 89, of 32 N. ' Linda st., died last evening in a local hospital. Mother cf Monlco; six grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Rosary at 0 p.m. today at Tucson mortuary chapel. Requiem mass at 9 a.m. tomorrow at San Agustln cathedral. Burial following in Holy Hope cemetery. HUNTFR--William Younff Hunter, 77. Of 525 -E. Second st., died Tuesday in local hospital. Husband ef Hester Ann, Body will He in state this evening at Rellly funeral home. Services at 3 p.m. tomorrow nt Ketlly chapel. Burial in Masonic cemetery. 1 GROUP 321 HAWAIIAN PRINT ToS6 3 for $11 Free Parking Behind HotelWesterner A BEVERAGE OF MODERATION SHEWED WITH PUKE ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPfcfNG WATER Com; Ccml Solv Comv, 1 Edis iCon Copperrn Icon Edis {Con GE Bal Con Grocers 'Con N Gas 4 [Con R R Cub Pf 3 Con Vultee 40 Pw Produce CHICAGO. AU£. D. (^)--Butter unsettled; receipts 723,540; wholesale selling 1 prices unchanged to ! ,i cent a pound lower; 03 score AA G7: 92 A 66.5; 90 B 64.5; 80 C 63.5; cars: £0 B GG; B9 C C4.5. Eggs mixed; receipts 9,854; wholesale selling prices unchanged except on U. S. extras a cent a dozen lower and en current receipts a cent higher inside; U. S. extras 57; I", s. mediums 52; U. S, standards 46.5; current receipts 38-40; dirties 34; checks 31-32. Live poultry: fully steady to firm. Re-1 ceipts 41 loads; f.o.b. paying prices u n - j changed to I'/a cents a pound higher; heavy] / ,hcns 27-30; light hens 24-2G.5; roasters 25-31; ] I : /B D VtJ tryers 31-33; old roosters 21-22.5; ducklings f l 'i D tt 25? Crown Zell Cruc Cub Am Sus Curtis "Pub Curtiss Wr Brewery Interest BOSTON, Aug. 9, m -- The Women's Christian Temperance Union today made public a denial penned by Gen. Douglas MacArthur that he owns stock in a Manila Brewery. Mrs. E. H. Brunemeier of Placentia, Calif., director of the California Loyal Tem ' Southern 32», A ,iIterance Legion, a W.C.T.L T , chil- 22 "" A "' dren's affiliate, wrote the general asking about reports "that lie is s- D 3?' P ar t owner of a '.Manila brewery 23'/° A '* ancl to °k along beer to meet the President at Wake Island." Mrs. D. Leigh Colvin, W.C.T.U. president, said MacArthur penned the following answer on the jjjf § ;,' margin of Mrs. Brunemeier's letter 17 44" A ill shortly before he left Tokyo: w D Vi "I own no stock or have anv con- y..Z Young SPB W 3 35=ii D To 31 47?i A 14 ·57''. A s ,i I Youngst Sh T 15 D lilYounsstSDr 185J i Zenith Radio 3814 Zonte Pd Utarot. Ha..., Milwaukee ClouiJy N"W MlnneapoUs FciR SW ; 78 57 Montreal Showers SW 5 63 03 New Orleans ... Cloudy SW 7 91 78 N?w ¥ork Fog S 5 78 71 OWaDomj- at* Th'sh'rs K 17 100 72 Ooioha .. . Cloudy . E 3 02 63 Phoenii ''.'... Clear CnL-n 10J 79 PittsbUTEb .... Pt.Cldy SW 4 .. .. Portland. Ke ... Portland. Ore.. Cloudy JTW 5 72 53 Scno .... Clear" SW 2 88 49 St Loun ... Th'sU'rs SE 12 83 70 Salt LaKe Citr.. clear S 7 £7 55 SM Antonio . cloudy SE 10 103 77 San Olf co . Cloudy San Francisco.. cloudy Seattle ..-- t)amp Spokane ..,,.... pt.ctdy Xan)I * Clear TtJcSON Pt.Cldy ^sfiljpetoiL,.., Fosr SW Wrhlta Thsh'rs SE ~. 91 65 t.53 STuma. Artt -- Clt-ar S U. s. Wcalher Bureau nection with any brewery, nor did I take or drink any beer xvhen I ' J ^ j w e n t to meet the President You D j'J should not believe everything that A A enemies say." Unlisted Securities Published by ths NASD As of Noon, Nev,' York Time BANKS and TRUST C O M P A N I E S Bid Asked SE 5 ,1V 10 Calm SE G NW 3 SW 4 ICO S.') 91 6 !OS 73 61 72 55 SC 58 !K 81 . | Bank of Douglas (S2.50) 60 .Olj First National Bank (81.50) 34 .20 Phoenix Title Trust Co. ($8). 220 Valley National Bank (S.70) ... 1514 UTILITIES Arizona Edison S1.20t 18^4 Central Arizona Light (S.SO) .... 3214 Public Service N. M. (SI) 1614 .7-ijSouthem Union Gas-($.80) 21^4 Texas East. Transmission ($1)... 17 Tucsoa Gas Uehi ($1.40) 2314 INVESTMENT TRUSTS ,Affiliated Fuiwi ,.-....' §5.06 Tr Boston Fund ....23.90 Broad St. Investing 22.13 Century Shares 40.12 Chemical Fund 24.27 Dividend Shares .. l.ss 64 3614 1614 193; Tell White's Draft Status Today MESA, Aug. 9. (U.PJ--Wilford (Whizzer) "White's draft, classification fate is expected to be made 13141 known sometime today, hia draft DAILY POL.LEN COUNT (Announced by U. S. weather bureau] Figures are for .grains of pollen p cubic yard'of air In downtown area yeswr-lxat. Securities (itock *»·; ' |:;at. SecuritJes Bermuda 1. lainartsk 1, E.lton Howard (stocJ;) 22.76 I Fundamental Investors ,. 19.80 'incorporated Investors ...32.79 Investment Co. of America ..... 12.40 .·Mass. Investors Trust 37.67 ilXai. In.vcst.srs 13.06 .... 5.91 24.3S 21.30 35.45 13.48 40.72 14.12 6.46 (board said. The Mesa Meteor flew here Monday for a quick physical examination, taking time off from training at Delafield, Wis., where he is readying for the college all-stars football game with the pro champion Cleveland Browns Aug. 17 in Chicago. Today a year ago--Sugar Kay Robinson retained his welterweight title by punching out a 15-round iw _. _ _ _ ___ jj,! decision over Charlie Fusari before Television Fund V.'."....T.r.'..'.'.'mV 14.S'30,000 ia· Jersey City. INVITED 9 Tucson Gas Electric O Arizona Edison 9 Valley National Bank 0 Central Arizona Light Power HENKY BAELBERG COMPAISY Bstabllslsed 1933 3,1 R Pennington Ph. 3-0518 Tncson, Arizona r acationtime is a time for fun and relaxation ... for doing exactly what you want to do, free from worry and workaday cares. Don't risk having your precious vacation spoiled by the loss or theft of your travel money! Instead, convert your cash into Travelers Checks that only you can use* 'Yes, cash is anybody's money, but your Travelers Checks are yours alone. If they're lost or stolen, your money is promptly refunded. Travelers Checks are readily accepted even in places, where you are not known and where your 1 personal check might be^questioned. Travelers Cheeks are available in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100, at any office of the Valley Bank And they ccst so little-only 75c per $100-that it doesn't pay to run the risk of curving cash,. Going to Mexico? Come in and exchange your American dollars for Mexican pesos, or better still, buy Mexican Peso Travelers Checks before you cross the border. M E M B E R F E D E R A L D E P O S I T I N S U E A N C E TWO © F F 9 C E S I N T U C S 0 N J U n i v e r s i t y O f f i c e , 812 North

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