Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1941 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1941
Page 7
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llflliiftr^ v '^'^ •'•••?" •"'- l v- '','.,'* 5"! W . *-„',:vt,-V HOM Sft, HOPS, ARKANSAS , -,." ^'T^vm^f^^lPS , i ."' >. ,*•.,. '.,, ••; - y "-"'.tV'X.'.t* - "<?* • i , f^^^^^^l • e W STREAMLINED EE^TROYER FOR UNCLE SAM'S TANK FQRCES Searchlight Pattern Over Cairo Boundmg over banicadcs e\pcnmci.!.il mode! of np\y U. S. lank fjpslroyej- sjipws Army nWcmls ijg slreamlmed ^ power til Arlington, Va. When dimored and aimed wijl, 75^t} } \ cai,non.^l\vijj zooijf a'l (j^rf lljan nijlea mimjig. * UNCLE SAM'S NEW AIR-BQRNf TRQ9P§ AT It's New, It's Different Vf „,'*•"- ' ''"- ;%'-<m ***—^'-'/-, •; ^^L ML.-;- 'V'.<:;4$ \w^'3 ; f M;", -T'^'l e r *• r V t*. ' iSsf-' k C ^Cijy "t $r3l i C'* ** i ft £y K V "6^355 ^ < ^** l '?5» "*7^ As Brjf.i&h fight in, Libya they take precautions against large-scale Sygt^A. ^jy»:£^^pf-'5^^f^»BiW^is^ia^^^^gs«fc. l >«i air raids on .Cairo. Here anti-au-craff searchlights play over'ancient _ , . ., ,."'.. „ ,', ,"" '1 ''— : . "' **"* * f 0Kf ' Egyptian'city ' Center of attraction is the first black-fronted African antelop&w- 1 in* the United States. Blessed event occurred at NationaUZodtpgie 1 ' Park in Washington. D. C. " ' ' ->-^a ^ * -s \- ' / ; '' *; ^ ;< /"•> ' #ix '//,tv^/^r' / t< </ '"" -',>'""''"•"' / ,. > /","' < > w !™i * 4 \ - - - - /^Xp /5 ^xl^r---^^: J '--^^v;«,,;* </^,rx{ r' ' /* - '* "', /-/,^-A^ *••>'. /' 5 "'- ~>x*v. *"- >*'>'M/5-/ /* < *w;*"j'y<.<* yjtsy^ •?'"«'*«"« ' ,, x « . . - - ' ' *xima*^< - \ 'v'/r ', - „ - ( . /..,;, '>< -,:,,*..-." 9v ,*'-^;^^'^-^ V -' ' --< \.« -/.-:,-/><' v is ;v,<^ s ;'v -' ' - -' They Weep for Their Men 3* O Landing in the Irunsporls shown in line, trpops of Provisional Ajr-Bqrnp v TnsU Fovce Dumber Two attack and seize Max ton. l»i. C.. aifjjort. '" " ••*/,|S Girl Guerillji Here's one of the roug tiomsts Hitler's invaders':'w meet in Britain. She and o take training in guerilja i" fate at Slough, Russian women brush away tears as SovjeJ prisoners are. marched to the rear by their German captors. Berlin-approved caption with picture de,scrjbqd rjumbec of captives as "countless.'! 0 0 V Prospects Good ps Team .Averqges Qyer 6 Feet ; The Blevins Basketball team opens the season with Delight at Blevins 'next Tuesday- night. Prpsppcfs for a •successful teani arp good. The teaiji ;yill average pver 6 feet. . . 'Boys who have been running oji regular sciut|d and promisp to bp •! able''to carry on in an ui.-cpptable manner are: Qrlpn' Mpsps, Rqlpl} 'Todd, Wilbur Ray Phillips, Boyce NpJen, ; a«d Pavid pdwards. Others who arc coining through and who will prpbably see quite a bit 1 of action ure: Jim Bpstjck, i-ilpycj i Hicks, and James Hood. There are • 15 boys on the squad, T)ie boys had 'a successful season last year winning 14 out of 17 game's. Twelve girls are wprking out Senior basketball. Thp girls will also play 'Tuesday night.' This tpam hacj a 'successl'uj season last year put lost u liumbpr of record players wit)) the 1941 graduating class. On Thursday night of next week Blevins will meet Washington's tp . here. Mother of J.R. , Williams Dies Mrs. J.L Williams Succumbs at Sheridan Thursday Mrs. J. L. Williams, wife of we]l- kjiown ' Arkansas lumberman and mother of J. R. Williams of Hope, died at her home in Sheridan early Thurs- fc day morning. Funeral services will be held at I Holly Spring, Ark., at 2:30 Friday . afternoon. She is survived by her husband, six other sons, Lee, Horace, Guy, Jack, Mack apd Oliver, ull of Sheridan, one .daughter and several grandchildren 1 j and great grandchildren. By J. R. Williams PH, "THAT SHOWS J Pp(0'J HAVE'THE PIC5HT M^p. OF HUt^Op.— WA-3 AUSHINe> AT CQXSTS UEC5S i ABIG •<DN COLD '-' W,MW r Nighf Brings Arrest of 2 Negroes A (-aid on a negro beer hall in the nortlv .section of'Hope brought the arrest of two negroes and the seizure of • \\ • gajjpns of illegal liquor, thp local pq|ice. departipent 'ahjibunPfici Thursday,' The.'.raid, was .made. Weine.s'dav: night.. ' . ". •"••"'• 'Twp' negroes, Ellis. WiJliafns an<} ^rbd,;Bradfprd, wpfP arrpste.d $$ lodged in the county jaij arid, charged' 'with . po.Ts.essing' • \4n(axe4 liqujn". The raiil was made at ii negro bepr ligll palled Daisy's place, 'Phjef of Police j?. y. Haynie and ppjiceman J. W. Jongs made t|]e rfitd^ •••'-'"" PAUL n NpA.Si?rvice ,Correspond ef it Brow Coolers for Camera By BERT GLENNON "~ '"'"••' ®- . • , „„ ,,:,,:., F ..Mri!tPF "'id T °day s Vacation Guest-Columnist for Piiul Harrison beach ' Practicallv * e e n*' r e picture was filmed in that ope day, but W.hen the results were seen in a prpjectlpn HOLLYWOOD. -Camera, amateurs the around the studio often tell me that ^?W p ., t * 11 ? i ? « a BP en Qd.pn the s! i.^^n,;of buying some fancy JftW^**X$» new equipment', and what do I think of the Gadget-flex? I say, "Go 'ahead, '-' ' - ' jtV'youi.-' mpney, but don't you COPg. 1»41 By HEA SEHViee.'lNC. T. M. R60. U. S. PAT. OFF. tZ~ll J If a father uses slang, his wife says he's setting a bad example—if he do.esnjt his kids thi»k he's a buck number. Our DailyBread (Continued F)'9 m wprld is being shaken by a black reaction called Fascisfil, whjph jias a- dpptpd retrogression as a crepd. In any case, we stijl qgree that the world can't stand still, U moves, aj)d ij. must in.oyp forward or back. It may be directed, 'but it can't be halted. To U'y tq ffepxe it ip placp is to try ' to block "a moving steamroller with a pair pf wa]ni)|s. On the specific merits of the De- U'pit ccntrqyersy over the Curripr Lumber Co.'s pre-fabric^ted houses. We are not informed. Currier bid lowest on a defense housing project, and thp bid was rejected because # was felt acceptance would guarantee yip? lent labor troubles, since Currier employed C, I. O. labor in a field which thp A. F, of l>. believed its own. Now Currier's home has been bpfibpd. This bomb is a typical walnut in front of a steamroller. It will help advance tljp -cause of cheaper housing, which is _pP e °f thp paramount npeds of th.e Arnerican people. New technip.ues in building are go- in§ to be use.d. Those who oppose them, wligther thejr interest *is ii] labor, in financing, in materials, in jjuilpjilig rpgulati.pi}s, or any pther of the field affected, may just as well stop cbupking \yaip.ufs. When means are devised for building b.pj.tpf apd pheaper houses, the people are going to have them. Labor- union fiyajries, vested, interests in financing 4nd material?, archa,iq and obsti-uc^.Ve building " regulations—all of the* can not hold back progress end change. All .might pptter po-op- ei:ate.Jearn thg new'|e_cj}i)igti§s, adapt tbei»seJy,es to them, and, go along .WrUi them. Otherwise tlie new techniques will pass tjienj by eod leave them flattened put. It is just as hopeless tp try fo freezp present methods in building as it wa^ for the Manchester weavers to destroy the first spinning machinery. And that goes in every field of'pur life today. Y/j? rnay as well ail stop tossing walnuts in front of the steamroller. The only hopeful course is to climb abo.ard and try to direct its course in the right directions. Jane (at one end of sofa to Elmer at the other end): "Elmer, do you think my eyes are beautiful?" Bashful Elmer: "Uh hull!" Jane: "And do you think my hair is the prettiest you've ever seen?" Elmer: "Gee whiz! I'll say." Jane: "Do you think I have a perfect figure?' Ehripr: "Gosh! You bet!" Jang; "4nrf do you think m ylips are like rubies?" Elmer: "Oh boy! J'U say they are." to Speak Here • Lt.-Governor to Address Local Club Friday Siwanis Lt. Qpyernor-Elect M. E: Pit'kett of Helena', will address the Hope |C|wanjs Club in a. special mget- ing in Jlotol Hem-y Friday night, beginning at 6:30 p. m. The purpqsp pf the meeting js \p instrupt the newly elected officers, directors, and committee chairmen in thpir duJipE and work for the forthcoming year. AH members of the $i- wanis plufe are pxpected to attend, club officials said. Mr. Picketj, who is divisional fjeight and passenger agent for the Missouri Pacific Lines, is 'well known in east Arkansas for his ejvip work. The Hope club looks forwar$ with great expectation tp the Lt. Governor-Elect's first visit to Hope's club. The dinner will get underway promptly at 6:30, to be followed immediately by the program. During the 17th century in France, peas cost $60 a pint. learn to u,se the camera you have?" And tjiat is spn}etjiin'g I havp always wanteo; to ask mfllions of oth- pr camera faps wjip jfpe^ puttering ground with cjiffecept b.oxes and lens- QS, papers, films, cjpyejbpprs and all rts of accpsspcies. ' Basically, }he camera has not changed sjnce the process pf photography was first deyplope.c). Iiriprovements have been made, but mostly jijst in speed. Ltits of Angles \ thought 'of this often while we. were wprjting on t!]at last Erro) Flynn picture. "They Died With Their Boots Qn" is the stpry of General ; moy- i some scenes as though thpy were being chased by Old Scrptcji. In others f.hey went in slow mptjpn. What liad happened was. this: During inpst of tlie day the picture was being made, at the beiiph, rnornin'g ancj afternoon band cpnperts had been giypn, in a qparby bandstand,, That cajiieraman, ap expert, mind you, hat] been cranking, unconsciously of c.purse, in tji|}e with l\\e changing rrnislc. So' don't b.lam.e that camera if you fail tp get results. Blame it on ypurself—or a band. The population of New York state, jumped from 12,588,006 in 1930 to 13',379,622 in 1940. words make up one-fourth.' of our actual speech: the, and, be! tp, i • '•("> .11 •• •• • • '- • •• * 'f ' ~ Power Blqckput Jane: "Are my teeth like pearls?" Elnier: "Uh huh!" Jane: "Oh, Elmer, you soy the eiltesl. things." Black and shadct) are where 0PM asks rc- ducliijn jp povfr MS?; per cents shew amount of curtailment asked WlS- Glister'and is full of cavalry charge^, | havei it,'will, of, yp,ul Indian rides, and falls from hprse^; When we filmed Custer's Ia§t stand at the Little Big Horn we workecj fpur cajneras on the • ground, fiv4 more at various levels on a 60-fpt high camera ' lower—nine cameras, nine differenj. operators, 18 second and third assistants in all. Civ the sprpen, the results from eac)i pf t|iesp pameras, each separate creWj were the same. Different bits of action, of cQurse, and varying con^- po§itiqhs, but light, exjiosure, pvery other Jephnjcal value was in perfect bajance. Every one of us there knew his job am) his camera. '. Amateurs, however, won't take, timu to learn, that simple fact. Stick to one camera, one negative, one paper one soup until you know everything about it there is to know. Then yovi will be an expert. And you'll be saving money. Experts Aren,'t Perfect Everybody makes mistakes. Here is an anecdote that goes b,ack to the days of silent pictures, but \\ shows that even an expert cameraman pan learn new things in handling a machine that is as familiar to his as a pair of old shoes. This particular cameraman wa? one of the best in the business, and still is, as a matter of fact. But back in those days he was "director pf photography," operator, assistant, camera grip and everything else. And he had to do his own hand craiiking, The company was on location at the It's lights oiit for southern sta).es 'shown, "pja ' map, \ybere OPM has asked residents to darken signs, shqjy jy^dojys and athletic fields io conserve power for Special Pqrice Is Planned for Friday Night The Leslie Huddleston, ipgion Post number 12 of pounced Thursday the ing of its newly remodeled 'and,3r.| decorated club looms, In th^Jd airnory building Friday night^ a "Get-together" dance. • <\J ^ The, club rooms aie located^ upstSfp! in the budding acaoss frQn Fostoffice. The dance is being giver} esp'e Jy foi the legionaires empl the South westein Proving and their friends but every mvjted to attend. t '«*>«; The Henderson Collegians, v'g^'« piece orchestia from the Arka4ej|i college, will furnish music. The public is invited. Dutch indies BATVI_A, ast Indies army communique ed Thursday that Australian.- CTS based in the $ etjipfjianjs the Japanese air ba.se O'R : 'l4e'> island pf Ppbra bet\yee«, Pnd the J.apane^s-xnan islands southeast of the The bulletiri sajd one to "return from operations ^'No hpstilitips have' withiu the Netl!er%<Js territory during the tast 2i-hpj^ ~ - - The Eskimps call null," meaning f \men."

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