Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1941 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1941
Page 5
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f) o o o 0 0 0 if? 4'?™ i --y ' ' f> • >' '*' '' RITCHIE GROCER CO. Wholesale Grocers AID THE GOVERNMENT by JOINING THE NAVY •\>Y ,- ? Y 7 ''$?$ "£& ' " • *",'(}&< -1 •'L' ' ,' i ' ," ' v, ,T ' " ' ' ,>'* !- Uoin the NAVY 100% Defense INSURE 100% Protection Roy Anderson Insurance Phone 810 Hope Get Your Choice of 45 Good Jobs \ . ; •' . ' . ' . ' , '.Joining the Navy is just like going , away to 'school,;, except that instead of paying... for your.education, you get paid for getting your education. The more you learn the more you earn. Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Company •As The Old Saying Goes You get what'you pay for .... Or you get out of anything just what you put into it. So it is with the young men who enlist in the .Navy. If they apply themselves they reap their just rewards. When you buy Lumber and other Building Materials buy the best from Hempstead County Lumber Company 113 E. Third Phone 89 Pltinkett - Jarrell Grocer Company Incorporated HOPE You Are Always One'Step Ahead In the Navy. You got a training worth $1500. Steady pay: regular increase: all living expenses paid: free medical and dental care; retirement income; chance to reach the top; fun and recreation; travel and adventure; and last but not least, a chance to serve your country. Temple Cotton Oil Company 218 N. Hazel Phone 23 The Greatest Life In The World Several Hope and Hempstead County boys are already in the NAVY, drawing good pay, learning o good trade, seeing the world. You will like the NAVY too. You'll like our service too. When you need Lumber, Hoofing, Paint, Wallpaper and other building supplies just Phone 422. Hope Builders' Supply Company JACK LOWE. Manager We are First Last and Always- Trying to please our patrons and friends. Young men — please Uncle Sam by joining the Navy now. He need$ you and you need the training. "We'll Handle You Right" Bruner - Ivory Handle Co, 400 East Ave. C Phone 11 C \V/L*I V I barn while You Learn If there ever was a time in the history of the United States when the cooperation of all its citizens was needed, that time is now! Regardless of who you are, so long as you are a loyal, 100 percent American citizen you con, and should, do something to help unite, strengthen and continue to build up the morale of its people. Our government needs the help of all in securing young men for the Navy. The business and professional men of Hope are doing their part by cooperating with the U. S. Navy to put across the following message. .ACT NOW The young men of Hope and sur• rounding territory should enlist in the U. S. Navy where opportunities abound for red- blooded young Americans. , . TALBOT'S "We Outfit the Famliy" The More You Learn 3 You Earn —---That's how your pay^is based in the Navy, -Start'at $21.00, four months later -get-$36,. and in- eight months get $54.00. If you learn more you will get more. Ge6.V/.Robison&Co. It's a Great Life In* the Navy Serve your Country Build your Future Get in the Navy now And remember before you leave we> have some mighty fine necessities at our' store you should take along. IT'S Smart and Thrifty to Shop at... PENNEY'S SERVE YOU R €0 * protect your future GET IN THE NAVY NOW! America needs volunteers to keep the light of liberty burning...to safeguard our American shores.. .to man our new two-ocean Navy. fTHHE United States is now building the most power* J_ ful Navy the world has ever seen. But it takes more than ships and planes to patrol our shores, safeguard our liberty, protect millions of American homes and families. It takes men! Volunteersl Every new battleship, new cruiser, new destroyer is just so much steel and iron until a crew of trained men—mechanics, electricians, radiomen, signalmen, carpenters and other specialists—goes aboard. That is why the U. S. Navy may train you to be an expert, in any one of forty-five modem trades and professions. You will get regular Navy pay while you are learning. And it is possible for you to be earning as much as $126.00 a month before your first enlistment is completed, . Right now in the Navy young Americana have a double opportunity to serve their country while build* ing their own security and independence at the same time, Grow with the new, greater Navy The Navy wants men to learn, to advance, to get bigger pay, to qualify for the positions of responsibility which must be filled as our naval forces are expanded. It is a real opportunity for every young man—one well worth thinking about, There is a place for, you in America's new Navy, If you have a trade now or would like to learn one; why not get the full facts: about Navy opportunities and training today! ; TRY LOOK WHAT THE U. S. NAVY AND NAVAL RESERVE OFFER YOU : TVAININO worth $1600. 45 trades and voca- tioos to choose from. PAV with regular increases. You-may earn up to 9126 • month. KMH VCM you are entitled to a generous vacation period with full pay. •OOO FOOD and plenty of it. niCC CLOTHING. A complete outfit of clothing when you first enlist, (Over $100 worth.) WE MEMCAL CARE, regular dental attention. FINEST SPORTS and entertainment. TRAVEL, ADVENTURE. THRILLS—You can't beat the N»vy tor them! KCOME AN OFFICER. Many can work for an appointment to the Naval Academy or the Annapolis of the Air at Fenaacola. FUTVRE SUCCESS. It's easy for Navy-trained men to get good-paying jobs in civil life. I4RERAL RETIREMENT-PAY for regular Navy men. Are you considering joining a military service? WHY NOT CHOOSE THE NAVAL RESERVE! Get this FREE BOOKLET Mail coupon for your free copy of "Life in the U. S. Navy." 24 fflus- trated pages. Tells pay, promotions, and vacations you can expect.. . how you can retire on a life income. Describes how you can learn any of 45 big-pay trades from aviation to radio . . . how many may become officers. 27 scenes from Navy life showing games you may play, exciting ports you may visit. Tells enlistment requirement* and where to apply. If you are between 17 and 31 (no high school required), get this free book now. No obligation. Ask the Navy Editor of this paper for a copy. Or telephone him. Or mail him the coupon. You can paste it on a penny postal card. WEAR THIS BADGE OF HONOR! If after reading the free booklet you decide to apply for a place in the Navy, you will receive this smart lapel-emblem. It is a badge of honor you will be proud to wear. «• w -----~ «**»«« «*«-«••-»<»»••• w «——• ~. -.-j Don't wait. Choose the Naval Reserve now. The Secretary of the Navy has announced: "All men now enlisting in the Naval Reserve will be retained on active Navy duty throughout the period of the national emergency, but they will be released to inactive duty as soon after the emergency as their services can be spared, regardless of the length of time remaining in their enlistment. Remember—the regular Navy and Naval Reserve offer you the same travel, training, promotions, pay increases. Physical requirements in the Naval Reserve are more liberal. Find out all about the Naval Reserve. Send in the coupon now! t BUILD YOUR FUTURE Tear out »IM| take or send this coupon to th« Navy Editor of this newspaper E? Without obligation on my part whatsoever, please eend me free booklet, "Life in the Navy," giving full details about the opportunities for men in the Navy or Naval Reserve. Name, -Age- Address. Town ? *'i' jiv.^wf ^ ja. IV E A --*** Itm *i $ ° I'af > Navy Offers Marjj| Good Advantage! ;;1 ;f| So does Rephan's Department St6ref| Bargains that will prove to be fedljfl ^ 4 5 Srt advantageous for your budget, . $& REPHAN'S 1 "The Friendly Store" 'ji A Wise Choice You will be making a wise selectic young men when you choose the U< * Navy for your training. ( /-_.'. Mr. Motorist you will be usihg got judgment when you use ESSO GAS aftdj other Standard products. Standard Oil Co. Of Louisiana , F. R. JOHNSON, Sales Agent - 'r*^ t '! *',* Navy Offers Mari|| Good Advantages::! Over any other kind of milita'r training. Why don't you enlist now anld get your choice of many good jobs. - J$> Hope Basket Co. SthandGrady Phone 328 You Can't Go Wrong When you select one of the'neV 1942 Ford 6's or 8's. Come in todayiarj( see one of these beautiful new models^ Neither, will- you> young ^men'^go| wrong when you'join the U/S^'NAV^l where you are always afforded every, of portunity to succeed. Hope Auto Co. 220 W. 2nd Phone 277 Always striving to please^ur 1 ^ customers and friends and willing"^ to cooperate with any worthwhile movement that will help to build ',T| up our town, community, state '^ and nation. Hope Brick Works E. Division Phone 230 Cotton is the Fibre ofe "*"% t* ^r American Prosperity The U. S. Navy is the bulwark of our May it always remain as such, and we believe will so long as the American Youth prove thei helves capable seamen as they have in the past/, The NAVY needs more young men now. Do ~ part by enlisting. V., I > Union Compress | & Warehouse Co, 1 N. Main Phone 179 ' "Where Happiness Costs so Little" Soenger & Rialto Theatres

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