Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1941
Page 4
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Forking ^fa Is forecast — Highway parking KsMir planes of every Site from the •* -fair jeeps" to the giane four- inbers is in the 'wind for States. bt strips" they call them and came the other day when ctent signed the new defense bill. "The measure provided two hundred million dol- defense highways. The bill i booted around among Various congress and the White nearly a year. Even in its the President didn't like d so. That made news. lifidh't make news was a little iO; for ?10,000,000 for "flight * * * of the sum caused one ^official to dub it "nothing more •*ji Strip tease. ' His humor struck the truth. Ten million dol- going to line our strategic (xways With "flight strips" but it is •at Anything iel Much Better Inks to Hoyt's •S^'*' ' ' "My Stomach Is .Relieved |Of.Gas, Bloating, Sourness. |)Lam ^No Longer Const!- fpated Says Tulsa Lady. .'.'Willie Cosebolt, 1H Atlanta iTulsa, Okla, says: "I have been blejd/for years with gas bloating, ach, and constipation. I was ung<!Golok Bharu Xuola Pana STATES Pekan 1 23456 These maps ore for immediate use with war news from the Far East and should be saved for day-today use, locating the new action by use of the device —Manila (MS). PHILIPPINE ISLANDS to Get Test 6,000 Local Organizations Joint Civilian Defense By JACK STINNETT WASHINGTON — The'first real test of whether the Office of Civilian Defense, with Us nearly 6,000 "local defense coiiftdtts, can go into''high gear on a nation-wide scale to put over n one-day program will i Come December 15, "Bill of Rights Day." Archibald MacLeish, 'one of the key figures in the national defense set- Dp as well as Ibirariari of congress, appealed to the .QCD.to take the lend in the observance of "Bill of Rights Day," and Mayor F. H. LaGuatdla, national director, issued a call to his 1,000,000 workers here and in the field, to give out, "The anniversary of the adoption (of the Bill of Rights with its guarantees of most of the personal freedoms known to democracy) is an anniversary well worth celebrating," the expectation of the joint resolution (of congress asking that the day be observed nationally) that the people of the United States will devise appropriate ceremonies for the day, and it is the hope of the OCD that its ocal defense councils and their af- liated organizations may prove use- DUTCH EAST INDIES Population: 60,750,000 Area: 735,267 sq. mi. '.MBS. WILUE COSEBOLT ^—.^ afraid to eat. I couldn't Jfa medicine to relieve me so that pjVfld enjoy my meals and do my iwork,,. , ., ( ter^the first few doses pf Hoyt's Abound,, the gas and bloating be""" 2SS.- That awful nauseating ; and acid rising were relieved, ifmjrfood digests well and I- am $£$•' anything without pain and mg. v The constipation disap- [.' I sleep well and feel so much .„ . ' n I ..felish my food as I did years ||and -I really feel like a new Compound is recommended by the John S: Gibson Drug 1 by leading druggists in this >ABAWA' I X.^> t** »• . IRON WORKERS LOCAL . UNION 591 SShreveport," fa., holds its official k eting ;tt 7:30 o'clqck every y^ night in banquet room |Hotel 'Barlow, Hope, Ark. LJg.-PHn.JJPS, B.A. & F.S.T. a beginning and one which Army aviation engineers see as; a forernuuer of the day when every important highway will have roadside parking for airplanes as common as humbur- genhavehs. The term "flight strip" almost defines itself. It is nothing more than a runway, 3,000;to 5,000 feet long and 150 feet wide, built along the principal lanes of motor travel. The idea isn't 1 new. At least ten years ago, it was being put forward by Lieut. Col. S. S. Hanks, of the Army Air^ Corpsi But like most of the innovations in combat aviation which now are being hailed as the very latest thing, it was put by as a lot of expensive fol-de-rol that' well could be shaved out of the defense budget of a peaceful nation. Commercial aviation, however, did recognize the established principle of motor traffic that automobile travel grew only as good highways grew. ; So commercial aviation set up its •TALLIED BATTERIES ii'As low As S3.49 Ex.' (Batteries Recharged 50c) (lohoino Tire & Supply Co. i*,/i/ ~ • Associate Store fe:Bob>Elmore, Owner ;— Hope WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP .Cents per Hundred '': Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO, -, Pope, Arkansas BACKACHE. LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys If backache and leg pains are making you miserable, don't j'uat complain and do nothing about them. Nature may oe warning you that your kidneys need attention. • The kidney? are Nature's chief way of taking raceaa acids and poisonous waste out ol the bloodi They help most people pass about 3 pints a day. If the 15 miles of kidney tubes and filters don t work well, poisonous waste matter stays in the blood .These poisons may start backaches, rheumatic pains, leg pains, loss „. pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, puffinesa under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burnjngsomeiimesshows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your i' ••- - . t for Doan'a Fills, used successfully by millions for over 40 J h ,?? e^hsppy.relief and will help te 15 rales of idney tubes flush but poisonous W8»t» from, the blood. Get PoanVPilja, auxiliary or emergency landing fields That is'mostly what the "flight strip" is, but it is something more. ; ,' Except in the most mountainous areas, there are intervals along our. highways where rights-of-way could be obtained sufficiently level to construct these strips. Because of ' terrain, or- prevailing wind directions, they would not always parallel the highways—but they woulsj'be so near that the highway could sepvte as guide lines. ' "" v 4 Within five to A 100 miles- of major Army airports, thejf*.would serve as perfect dispersal "ports" to which a vast air force could rapidly take refuge in case the main'base was attacked ir destroyed, Being no more than single strips, (runways now are being made I oCr a material; that takes and. holds paint) they, could" be "easily camouflaged, with hangars and shops appearing no more than one of the million:.clusters of. barns and farm houses thai;' dot' the country side. Although first locations of the flight have not been announced, it is considered certain they will be along the northeastern seaboard and at other points near the coast believed most vulnerable to 'air attack. It's just a start, but Army air ficials see it as the first step in solving the problem that has plagued Ger- Keeps 'Em Fit Id llhfcriLhffij. Whefr ttoSl strafigef finally 'walked away another passenger safd curiously?/"That was a perfectly reasonable question. Why didn't you tell him what time it Was?" ^: % Why?"~said Jones. "Listen, I'm standing here minding my own bust- ness and this guy wants to know what', time It'is. So maybe I tell him what time ft is. Then what? We get to talking arid this*guy says, 'How about a drink?' 3d we have a drink. Then we hnve some more drinks. So after a 'while I say, 'How about coming tip to my house for a bite to eat?' So we go Up to my, house-and we're eating ham and cheese In the kitchen when my daughter; cpmes inland my daughter's'a very good-looking girl. So she falis' fof this guy and lie fnlls for her. Then they get married, nnd any guy that can't Afford n watch 1 don't want in my fnmlly?' ' Cocktails The word "cocktail" cbmes from 'xochtll," 'an Azotic word. A Toltec noble sent his daughter to the king with a tasty drink which the king promptly nntned "xochtll." Sf. PfiTffrtSBIJfiQ, ITd. lice were stumped momentarily when they tried to run In an Inebriate who had lain down in the middle of the street to fes{, The man's big police dog stood guard and growled whenever they approached. Finally one of the officers acted na a decoy, taunting the dog until it ran after him. Two other officers then picked up the Inebriate and hustled him to jail. On the way they picked up the decoy, out of breath but with- ' out n tooth mark on him. '' ' Dentist (having drawn several teeth for young child): "Never mind— they will grow again." Child: "But will they be here in. time for dinner?" CHAPPED SKIN VC eff ou will effect of • If your skin la elm be delighted with ...- Mohthofatum applied to the sting •Ing, red, swollen parts. Mentholattim quickly cools and soothed the Irritation, assisting Nature to more quloK- ly heal the Injury. Merithotntum 18 also a most soothing and eHecUye application lot other minor, skin Irritations. Jnrs or tubes, 300. MENTHDLATUM not dissatisfied with the gcncrnl trend of public feeling along this line, but some are impatient nt (ho slow response in many sections to appeals for voluntary participation and sacrifice. These are tlie ones who will be watching .:closely to see how much the national pulse quickens on "Bill ul to the. communities in the prepara- on of their plans! Ths was chough bait for the "Little lower"/ and he put it up to his rmy of workers. Although the OCD oes not plan to take trie bull by le horns and run away with the ar- ingements in each community, a fiz- le on the part of local defense coun- ils in stimulating and propagandizing bservance of the day will be taken P-n indicaton at headquarters that Here are bugs in .the OCD machine hat need ironing yjut."". What the local councils have to do to be sure that there is. some im- jorlant local agency or committee in charge of arrangements and then f need be, needle them into putting the business over on a grand scale. That means bringing civic and fraternal organizations, labor groups, schools, libraries and churches into the ceremonies. If it is successful, it will mean also that the OCD may prove useful on a national scale in many ways while its air raid wardens, auxiliary police, and firemen, bomb squads first aid nurses, etc., are waiting for the grimmer business of civilian defense under .war conditions. ;.;;. '. ..;• • ;/;,;:; '• ; .- ;/' If: it is successful, H might mean still something', else-^that President: Roosevelt', j in!'his night address, cl-i maxing ^the day : of observance, may speak" jtpv the largest radio audience ever assembled. Those, behind "Bill of Rights Day" here are aiming at the participation qf 100,000,000 persons in the day's activities. jThey point out ; that Jt would not be too much to expect that most of those who can get near a raio, either^in :> family.,groups or in meet-, ings ; wiff, ,tjeaj£'line •; Jresiendt's^adT dress! Trigt'mify rpefctii.tnat the Pr^si^ denj's speech; wijl : be r Tjis mpst ,;im-. ! portant in several" "months, at'leas't 1 since his fighting speech on American shipping and aid to Britain early in September. ' Back of' lal of • this is something which few government or efense officials will discuss on the record— the drive to raise civilian morale, to create a national unity with a will to defeat. Hitler no, matter,what' the. sacrifices. (Opponents of trio defense effort, of course, define this different- y.'cail it an effort-;to drive the -Arn^r-: can people into war.) •'••' t Most natipnal defense leaders arc of Rights Day.' BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise MAOt >V THI WtSSOM Oil MOfVI Buy the Economkol PM S1i» t KROGER BUY KROGER'S TENDEHAY-THE ONLY BEEF THAT'S ALWAYS Fresh and Tender! KROGER'S TENDERAY IS NATURE'S OWN METHOD Kroger's Tenderay speeds up natural ten* dering 14 times, oufmodes wasteful ageing, conserves, valuable juices, reduces loss of natural vitamins. Kroger's Tenderay is the world's only government patented method of tendering fresh beef. Grade for grade, no other beef so fresh can be so tenderj This claim ^cannot be truthfully made for any other beef. Tenieray SIRLOIN :OA TENDER STEAK Lb. Tenderav ROAST .CliOICE THICK RIB U>. 27 c Dr. Anne Schley Duggan has job of keeping collegians and many and England in their air blitzs j school children fit as national —the inability to get, enough planes in the air at one ;tin>e to hold air superiority—and the inability to provide enough emergency landing, fields for planes "forced down f by damages, weather, or exhausted -fuel supply. About Champagne Champagne was accidesntly concocted some 200 years ago by .a Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon, who was trying to save a batch of wine that was turning out badly. O'njy about one-half of the 492,000,000 acres of forest land in Canada contains timber of usable size. t» %*--" I'm saving real money with my Studebaker Champion! Lowest priced! in America C/iampfon co-ordinator for schools and colleges in government's "Hale America" program. She^ is physical education director at Texas State College for Women. 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Make a lot to fill the family larder, to give away to friends and to tuck in boxes for the boys at camp. Peanut Brittle: Boil without stirring, IVz cups dark brown sugar, % cup light corn syrup 1-3 cup water, '/4 teaspoon cream of tartar, until a hard ball forms in cold water. Add 1 cup shelled roasted peanuts and cook until it "threads" then pour from a spoon. Remove from heat, stir in 3 tablespoons butter and 1 level teaspoon soda. Beat until foamy and pour into shallow greasec pan. When partly stiff, mark in equareg. Opera Creams These improve upon standing so make them a week before Christmas Boil, stirring frequently, 2 cups sugar 1 cup milk, 1-8 teaspoon salt, 2-3 cup cream, 2 tablespoons light corn syrup When soft ball forms in cold water remove and let stand 20 minutes. Ad< a teaspoon vanilla, beat until creanjy Stir in 2-3 cup nuts; beat until very thick- Pour into loaf pan, wrap ii waxed paper and store in cool place. BpjJ v/Hhout stirring 2 cups sugar cup water, % cup light corn syrup. iVhen a "click" ball forms in cold water, slowly pour into 2 beaten egg whites. Add 1-8 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon each vanilla, lemon extract, orange rind; .beat until thick. Add l k cup candied pineapple. Pour into greased, shallow pan and chill until 'irm., ' Sea Foam Sea foam can be made by 'the youngsters. Boil without stirring, 2 cups dark brown sugar, 2-3 cup water, . tablespoon vinegar. When soft ball 'orms in cold water, pour hot syrup over 2 beaten egg whites. Place pan of candy in pan of hot water 1 on. low icat'and beat 5 minutes, Remoye from iqt water, .add 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1-8 teaspoon salt. Beat until thick. Drop i'om spoon onto waxed paper. Top with nuts, let set until firm. Fruited Fudge . Boil,, stirring frequently, 3 cups sugar, 1 1-3 cups milk, 4 tablespoons autter, 1-8 teaspoon salt. When soft oal} forms in cold: water,'remove, let stand for 20 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla, beat until creamy, folH in 1-3 cup each chopped, candied cherries, pineapple, orange peel and nuts. Add teaspoon each grated lemon and orange rinds and pour onto buttered pan, Sugared Nuts These improve by waiting. Boil without stirring, 1% cups sugar, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, % teaspoon each mace and cloyes ,and 2-3 cup water. When a fine thread forms, add a cup nut meats, % teaspoon salt. Beat until the mixture sugars, pour into waxed paper and separate with forks. Cool and store in cool spot, Coconut'Creams (Uncooked) ....1 tablespoon, butter, 2Vfe cups sifted confectioner's sugar, 1 egg, % teaspoon vanilla, 1 can moist sweetened coconut. Cream butter until soft; add 1 cup sugar. Add egg, beat until light and fluffy. Beat in remaining sugar, vanilla," coconut, and continue beating un{il mixture is smooth and creamy. Shape into 1-inch balls. Dust with confectioner's sugar or roll in coconut. Makes 2% dozen creams. Chocolate Coconut Glossies 12 squares dipping chocolate, 11-3 cups sweetened condensed milk, 1 cup moist sweetened coconut, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Heat chocolate over boiling water until partly melted; remove, stir with beating motion until melted. Add milk and blend; then add coconut, vanilla. Drop from teaspoon on waxed paper. Cool unlil firm. Makes 5 dozen. PORK CHOPS Choice First Cats Lb. 22 Jfe « BACON Special .Sliced Rindless JJk PORK ROAST Semi Boneless VShoulder Lb. ' 25c VEAL ROAST Rolled Shoulder or Rib. Lb. 35c SOUR PITTED CHERRIES 2 No. 2 Cans qt. 37c OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE 2 ASSORTED XMAS CANDIES Shelled PECANS Lb. 41 c §».-... , 20 Fresh Country $ EGGS L y Do*. 41c Assorted 5 Ibs. Chocolates 99c Country Club BUTTER Lb. 36c SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 1 Lb. 3 Lbs. 19c 53c Kroger's Clock BREAD 2-20 oz. Loaves 17t CELERY CRISP TENDER STALK Fresh Bch. BROCCOLI 10c Rutabaga TURNIPS Lb. EATMQR CRANBERRIES lb. 15c CHRISTMAS SNOWFALL! Ginger Snaps Melbourne Crispettes K. J. 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