Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 8, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR HOPE STAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, January 8, 1036 By WILLIAM 7 s-'S-'S-T — IF IT'S ' THAT ARTIE, TELU HIM I'M OUT— IF DAVE-WHY ASK - ASK WHO'S TALKIWG - IP GRACE — WHY-WHO WHO IS IT? IT'S THAT TALKATIVE STOCKING BUSY- IF ITS MRS- FINCH , I'M HERE \F IT*. MRS. BEEVEF?, I CAN'T COME TO TW j PHONE, RIGHT ASTHO T AM TAKING A BATM — AND IF IT'S THAT—ASK WHO IT IS V*'i' .- i"', tiv *.;.. ;. L .\ ct. INC. T. M P r " " - P AT HEROES ARE MADE.-NOT BORM By MARTIN "\OOF\V ' I'O mmmtv. sy^^'W- ' v $#;»•;, ^ (r) 1936 BY NEA SERVlgE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. P*T. OFF By HAMLIN PUT TM PQlSCMER. \VHERE ; HE'LL STAY 5AFt 'M SOUND k WiT.WOLJT TH' MEED OF 6EIHC- ^" REGAINED 1936 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. .'.'. REO U S r*T. CFK. By COWAN f ALL ASOUT THE MEVV *S British Figure HOftlXOSTAL l.MThe nation Answer to I'roylous l*iuilo .6 Harvests. 14 Olive <=hrub. 15 Eagle's nest. 1$ Small ox. l»To hll. IS British colony. 19 Frost bftcs. 20 Auctions. 28 To deciv}\ 23 Festivals. 21 To contend In rivalry. 27 Teachers" colleges. SI T<i derange. 3fi Skull protuberance. 37 Pertaining to the sun. SS An Onii'it. 39 To alfot. 43 Scandinavian. 45 Meat jelly. 60 Oat Krass. 51 Molars. S- Lover of 53 To mention. r>6 AYipvvam. 57 Corpse. 5^ He. i:< pictured as an old , 59 Like. VKKTICAL 1 A Chinese idol. 2 Kouml jar. o To cure, 4 Hni-k oC neck. 5 liocentric wheel. fi Arms ai:;iin. 7 Ship's clerk. S Marked with, smallpox. 0 Ocean. 10 rolson. 11 One. 12 To canter. IS Girl. "1 To scrutinize. 23 Escutcheon band. 2f> Oil (suffix). 26 Muslcnl note. 2; Mis name is England's • 28 Unit, • 2!>To tear stitches. SO Hatitc bird. 32 Male cat. 33 Hubbcr tree. 34 Rodent. 35 Ho \vcar.«. Tiding . 40 To harass. •11 Officer's extra nay. •t;'. Genus of sheep 44 Scarlet. 45 Decayed tooth. 4? Observed. •IS Energy. -I!) Virginia willow. f>3 Street. f.4 Dye. 53 You. Legal Notice Cents t50c> per cial. Fifty month. id'. For hand-set telephone Five Cents (5c) per month extra over and above the regular service charge. te>. For two-party line telephone service (that is where more i than one telephone is on the { same line) $1.23 per month. ORDINANCE No. 501 An Ordinance to be an Ordinance En- ' titled, an Ordinance Fixing the; Rates of the Southwestern Bell! Telephone Company, for Telephone; Service, Including Extension Tele-' phones, Hand-Set Telephones and j Two-Party Line Telephones, In the j SECTION 2: That the said South- City, of Hope, Arkansas, and for! western Bell Telephone Company be, Other Purposes; ! an( j it is hereby, ordered and directed j to file within thirty (30) days alter the BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY j effective date of this ordinance, with' COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOPE, j the City Clerk of the City of Hope. j Arkansas: I Arkansas, suitable schedules or tariffs.) SECTION 1: That the rates of the j showing that its rotes for the service i Southwestern Bell Telephone Com- herein above defined are as herein! pany for telephone service, including fixed. ! telephone rental, extension telephones, SECTION 3: Violation of any of the I hand-set telephones and two-party ( terms or provisions of this ordinance! line service in Hope, Arkansas, be- j by said Southwestern Bell Telephone! ginning at the billing period next on j Company shall subject it to a penalty or after January 20th 1936, be. and the 0 { TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS same are hereby fixed as follows: ! ($250.00) and each day's violation shall (a). For residential telephone ser- subject it to a separate penalty in the vice, $1.50 per month. | (b). For commercial telephone ser- i vice $2.50 per month. I (c). For each extension telephone, I either residential or commer- SeU Jtl Fine! It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope S ! ar MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you toll, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, mm. 30c For consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3 lines in one a<i 3 limes, 6c line, min. 50c 6 limes, 5c line, nrvin. 90e 26 times, 3 l ;C lino. min. $'-.70 (Average 5'^ words to the line' NOTE—Want ads will be aixepteu with the understanding that the bill is payable on prjser.t.uinn i>f saatement, before the fii>t publication. Phone 768 amount aforesaid. SECTION 4: It is found that the residential and commercial rates, and the rates for extension telephones, nnd j the rotes for hand-set telephones, and, two-party line telephone service heretofore prevailing in the City of Hope, Arkansas, and in force by the said f Southwestern Bell Telephone Comi pany for residential and commercial ' toll-phone service and charges for extension telephones and hand-set telephones, and charges for two-party line telephone service, are unreasonable, excessive and exorbitant, and that the patrons of the said Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in Hope. Arkansas, should have immediate relief ! tram such now prevailing rates: and i this ordinance beinR necessary for the I preservation of the public peace, health and safety and general wel- i tare of the inhabitants of the City of i Hope. Arkansas, an emergency is ' hereby declared, and it shall take ef- (LCI and be in full force immediately from and after its passage and publication. Passed and approved this 7th day of January lS3li. Pub;i<hed in the Horn- Star this Sih , i!.iy i'f January l!)3ti. : Albert Graves „ ' Attest Mayor | T H. BilUngsley Attend the Auction in Hope Saturday , City Clerk NOTICE NOTICE— The fuller brush m.ui is in, town. If he fails to find you at | home call Turner's Boari'.int: lunise • Phone 32. -"*-•'"!> LOST LOST—Bdis containing brown i-uioo. me^t, and book, between Hope and ; Stamps. Reword f.«r returning ID Eurael Bell, 515 South U.urel. 6- iij. ] LOST— Buck.-kin Mure NJule. .shunt ' IS years old Rewar..!. Odeiia Thorn- j Ji, care of Car,-vl Mule B.irn. 7-ltc ! I Attend the Auctic.ii i:; Hope Sat , - - -------- -• LOST— Female Seller, ci^nt :old. White with ur-iil tu-ii black ears .ind b!-«ck >;x ~s - % :~. Call 668. Keward. T~" WANTED WAJSTED - Furni.M-.e.i^i with private bail) Phuiu Jji 1 FOR RENT FOR room in dciirable h or Phwe So. FOR t Ph.. :. » Ailtnd the Ai:cti t .:» .r. ncj>c i.n.. ft FOR SALE FOB . C H Swltw at Sutuw und H.-.U; Scr- 'litioo. H,.'^. Ark. Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printini; expert fall un you. und >uu'll liave un eco- ixiiuival. hijjli i|uulit> jub. Whatever >our uci'iU. we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY ••{'[lining That Makes OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN MAKE ELECTRIC UGHT \N THE SH/XPE so THEY'LL BE USEFUL "BURNETT OUT 9 ITS A UNIQUE BUT IT'S NOT COULD NOT k\AKE MOD A LO/\N TO YOUR "PROPOSITION YVHY.THAT^S HOO"Pl-E YOU fv^EAN TH\S "BANK T^tFUSES TO LOAN ME THt PITTANCE 0^^25,000 ON GREAT INVENTION^ urA-^-VERV WEL.U GLASSES BUT I WILLTERNMNATE MY "DEALINGS WITH WILL. T-\LL HIS •FOUNTAIN PEN AT ANOTHER "BANK OUT OUR WAY IP BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ? 7 ? ? 7 7 ~j3»,T5 V ••"" !• ALLEY OOP The Big Chief VVAWDERlklO "THROUGH A STRAM&E JUMGLE LAiMD, IM SEA5CH C= HIS PAL, FCOZV. IS CAPTUREP BV -\ BiC- 6AND OF LITTLE SAVAGES/ StR,YEG MYSTIC MAJESTY, I i SO Y'MADE YERSELF A \V1SH T'CEPORT CAPTURE, ( &\G HAULTDAY •' WELL, AFTER SOME DIFFICULTY, \JHAS FINE BUSINESS, OF A &IC-. POWERFUL. ~V STRANGE WARRIOR - I MUS WASH TUBES The Machinery Begins to Move TJ4AT-5 A HOT OWE. THE EL HCV0 LAWAKIP ORDER) V'TELUJM COMMITTEE IVAWTS ME TO RUNJ FOR SHERIFF. o /" v >. r^a^ • • FRECKLES AND HIS [ OF CC^SSE V CJ fi<'CV,' S'H CRATE >'O^ ; ? S : <OTHE.c;-'K 1 LA\V 13 SE^D!WG. REALLY CCKTTAIKS D v K!AMfTE , I'LL WAVE TO CONFISCATE- r ^_ IT !.' --- 'TOLD'EM WO , yod SAP* ~O 'S I'M NOT AFTER A JOS'. H£Ck', I'M ON A PLEASURE /iViTH £Lj TRIP, i 7—— ST '""'" ' ^7/—' ' ( ATTABOy/J C The Law Steps In By CRANE k *i f > ^,. ^ ^ ./ MA^'DS CF AK^'OKE ) |_; ov / IS ,A DANGEROUS /DID "lOU AKD IN Tr!= ^.' ABC J jT HAKJD5 CF S.-^ IT, BCYS....V/EI.L. 1 / CHIEF? Wxvr ^= OKIE OF TH£ PATROLMEN IN' TH'? '•.,. I G'JESS K.IEIGHBCRHCCD HHARD .ABOUT IT D V SAM ITS: FROM kARL FREE3E, V.'HO HEAR^ . s.<A'<ES .c'RETTi ABOUT IT FROM A TAX! PRIVET .' / GOOD R"D FOR '- GOSSIP.'.' 'f-- ^ ''J !/ CAM UNDERSTAND!) "i DCNT L<E "c CCM^AIN, MR HOW IT V.CULD 'I M ? GOC==>', S'-T .- S L= TO GET ARCUN'D j PEOPLE SPREAD | THAT SORT OF 11 TMis'G ALL OVER ', j TOWN .' /-••' ME TO SEE TO 'T Th'AT T-.E DYK-'ANVTE COE5','"" SPREAD THE PEOPLE ALL CvER ) jf"? ' ^ -.»^ ; ^ *-&?> THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) ^"^7^" *\^ x, LISTEN ? ? \ . . . x » ' ..--' • •? • ' Right Out From Under Him » " • > • ' * «i, V ' •*• . •* ^"^ . ' ^aft. ^ r By BLOSSER ,._ ^.._ . ^^ v _. _ \ % ; CATFISH.'.' i-.--i.rs N .'.- £ii-X

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