Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1941
Page 3
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'W' •^*\^x\* ! ^'.: = --^ •-"'i*.', •"••'XiV y '."M>> OC1ETY Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Telephone 768 Social Calendar Thursday, December llth Girl Scout Troop No. 7 will be entertnined by the new captain, Mrs. Kline Pranks nt her home nt 3:30. This will be the Christmas' pnrty for the members. Azalea Garden club, home of Mrs. Lamnrr Cox with Mrs. Nnllon Wylle co-hosfess, fl;30 a. m. The Junior-Senior High school P. T. A. will meet nl the High school at 3:30 o'clock. A Christmas deVotiomtl will be given by Mrs, Qils Haynes, and Mrs. Jim Henry will rend the national president's message. Throe members of Bill Brnshcr's Safety club, Alice Lorraine Heard, Hnrlnn Spore, and Matilda McFuddin, wilf discuss phases of "Safety First." ,5. Friday, December 12th Members of the .Friday Music club will meet ut the home of the president, Mrs. Hendrix S|Jrnggins, 3:30 o'clock, Proceeding the regular meeting choral club, practice WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY Will be held at the Spraggins home nt 2:30. Announcements Mrs, Ralph Routon announced Thursday that her nnnual Christmas recital will be given at the high school Thursday afternoon, December 18th nt 2 o'clock. Are you sure* that you don't have n matter of vital importance to be attended to hidden among the month's bills and correspondence? Do see if you don't find that forgo! ten envelope of Christmas seals sent out by the Hempstead counly Tuberculosis Association. it immediately with your check to tho county headquarters, for the committee workers are anxious to send the contributions to the state office. It is said that with tho proper financial backing, doctors believe they will be able to almost eradicate the morbid menace of tuberculosis within a twenty-year period. Your dollar's and dimes will help win the fight! Hope Wedding Is Announced Miss Edna MniUhill Franklin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Frnnklin Hope, became the bride of Milton Hunter Fielding in a simple ceremony attended by relatives and intimate friends at the First Baptist . . . . Forget Your Troubles and Worries .... See a Good Movie NOW- 'NAVY BLUES" SAENGER FRIDAY - SATURDAY 3BIG HITS * lie 22c ALL DAY NO. 1 lilting laughter from dream girls...and scheme girlsl DOWNS • Sunnie O'DEA • Morig MONTH A Feature as Timely as News •*«H"*** VTW^fW'} 7^>^f •->, - ' '- V; v »..''.'.-J \ CVA-' \ ?? $51'*'''&;•'**&'•* LADY BY REQUEST By HELEN R. WOODWARD Copyright 1941, NBA Service bid. TttB STonfi Wii» ollmnr of ninny InftttltN nrmcd nt tllnhn Ctirt hf her ftUtrr-ln-lnrt, AilPln, oowo* •nhon ihc vIHonn, spiteful, ultl frmnps n ihctllrig liotitfCn nintin and her iHrinet tntMofrr, fllHn-k JlitM* nirlmt-il Thorp*, Ulnnn, kmnVltiK .Tlmrpfe niul , A<4«ln «re JiiivltiK- mi nttnlt*, got?* in liln hunt' Ing Indue believing Adolri I* thcl-fr. licii IIml* (hem (otidlirr, I* nml ImivfldcrtMl tvftt {hough III* iiiiirHiine (n IJInnn IsU'liipo- rnrf mid one of ronvenlptH'c, rnti- irneltd <o nc«urcMK $tt,000,00ft In. lirrUnnce which lie vrnulil not fee-five union* lie mnrrlpit licforn (lie nitf of an. O flier* In ilte n«o»y are I'hlt Ill-lire, Strillions ticxt friend who In NtriniRly nttnicteil toDlnmi! Nvtilyn Tliorpp, lii-niidful lillml v Ifp of Hlrliiiril, nil mil Dlnllii lie- HRVCK -.SU-phon li)vi',«. "Upon xomp- ivhere, Dlntint" irliini|ihnnt Artoln tiBkx when her plot <o illHpri-dft ft In «-lfc with .Slpjilii'ii'linn ivnrkril. "I love him," fin* he, Dlimn, "anil I'm (toliiK in IlKlit for him!" Sli'lihi-n Mill teelM Ulniin In .In- noeent, IPIIVPM thlnux In Her ••linrup vrhon he letivcK for n (rln in SonIU .\inrrl<;i. Word I-OIIICM Ihnt hln iilniic him illnniiucnreil, lint Illiiiin rcfiiNPH In helleve In- IN ilrad. J'hll llriice come* to <nke her lor u drive. * * * LIFE CLOSES IN CHAPTER XXI T.TE found a coat before she could change her mind, bundled her into his car and swung out of traffic onto the open highway. Neither spoke for a long time until Diana said, "A man from an. insurance company came to see me today." Phil was not surprised. "Steve told me about that." "He did?" "Yes. He said there was a great deal of uncertainty about that sort of trip. He wanted to be sure you'd be taken care of."' ' " "But- lars!" -a hundred thousand dol- "I happen to know the rates came plenty high. If I can advise you in any way—" "I didn't take it!" Phil swerved the car sharply. ".What?" ?' "I didn't take it. Phil—I don't suppose you can understand it, but I have -such a strange feeling. I look up expecting to see him in the doorway. I know he isn't dead—!" "It's the circumstances surrounding the case," he said, frowning. "Never really knowing. I think you'd be happier in the long run, Diana, if you'd just accept—the truth." "I can't." He drove more slowly. "You loved him very much!" "Yes. I wish I might have told him so. It would have made But him things so much easier now." how could she have told when he did not even kiss her goodby that morning at the airport? > "Then perhaps it will make it easier," Phil said slowly, "U I told you that he loVed you' with all the strength of his being. But ie thought there was something leeping you apart-—" Her voice came on a whisper. 'How—how do you know?" "He spoke to me about it that 'ast day. We were alone for a noment at Eyalyn's, you remem- jer, while you and she went upstairs together^ to get your wraps. : ie said, 'Phil—if anything should lappen to me, you'll look out for Diana, wort't-yoU? I've discovered ,hat I love her very much, but ! won't say anything until I return. It wouldn't be fair to her.'" "But Evalyn—it was Evalyn he oved—hlways!" Phil spoke with quiet conviction. "Loving Evalyn is like worshiping a dim, far-off statue. You're flesh and blood, Diana—a man could not live Jn the same house with you long and resist you!" * * * 2HE was too preoccupied to think Phil might be also speaking for himself. She stared straight at the road before her until it became blurred with her tears. Then she began to weep quietly, as if the sobs were coming from iier very soul. She cried for a long time and Phil was silent, busy with his driving and his own brooding thoughts. At last she laid her hand on his arm. She was smiling through her tears. "Thanks for telling me that, Phil," she said. "And now—I shall never stop waiting for him to come back!" < A little later Phil left her at the door, drove off wondering. Diana seemed so sure that Stephen was alive. And yet, the evidence of his death was so conclusive—conclusive enough to satisfy an insurance company! In the hallway Larkin told Diana that Adela was waiting to see her in the drawing room. Diana drew a deep breath. Well, it was inevitable, of course. She and Adela must have an understanding. But she had hoped it might be delayed a little longer. Adela was pacing nervously back and forth -• before the fire, while Aunt Christie occupied the big, white leather chair. Richard Thorpe's profile was clear-cut against the darkening window. So Aunt Christie knew and approved of Adela's affair with Richard. She was the type who' would Diana reflected scornfully. Ever since the night she hac visited Richard's hunting lodge in search of Adela, she had sensed n him a mounting intensity of dislike, born of the fact that he had revealed Diana's attraction tor him only to be coldly rebuffed. 3uch repulsion his ego could riot derate and so his desire to hurt Diana had played eagerly into Adela's hands. "You wanted to see me, Adela?" Three pairs of hostile eyes •aised to meet hers. Adela cam* 'orward, trembling a little. "Yes. We all know the arrangement my brothet made with you ibout becoming his wife. We enow the marriage Was a farce from beginning to end. And now ,ve Want to know when you are leaving this house!" Diana took a deep breath and steadied herself. "I'm not leaving," she said quite clearly. "Stephen asked me to carry on until his return—and that's exactly what I'm going to do!" * * * SHE awakened early one morning, just as dawn was poking fingers of light into her bedroom. Outside the mists of night had not entirely dissolved. She arose and went to kneel at the open window, looking out into the garden. Great waves of fog swept back as if by an unseen hand, and a faint pinkness in the east gave assurance of a bright, new day. Diana felt a great peace descend upon her, as if for a moment out of eternity all thought and time was arrested while she knelt there and drank in the promise of the dawn. And then Stephen's Voice, as clear as she had ever heard it, spoke quietly and tenderly. "Diana, • my beloved—we shall soon be together aggin—in just a little while—" Trembling, the teafa streaming down her face, lifted entirely out of herself, she rose and, as complete joy flooded her being, she found herself in the hallway, knocking frantically at Adela's door, calling: "Adela! Adela! Please come—" Adela opened the door to stare in amazement. "What's happened? You look as if you'd seen—" "Stephen spoke to me—there in my room! Oh, you must believe me. Please, believe I'm telling the truth! He's alive, Adela! Oh, be glad with me! I know it surely. He said, 'Diana, my beloved—in just a little while—"' She was surprised at Adela's gentleness. "It was a dream, Diana—nothing more. I'm sorry. Come, let me take you back to bed." (To Be Condnued) church Sunday, Dec. 7th with the Reverend W. R. Hamihon officiating. For the occasion the church was decorated with white pom-pom chrysanthemums intersperccd with various fern. A program of nuptial music NOW Tinder-arm Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration NO. 2 CHARLES STARRETT — in — "THUNDER tX PRAIRIE PLUS! *;-. _*_ CHAPTER ONI — * — THE FIRST MILLION DOLLAR SERIAL! RIDERS OF DEATH VALLEY " — with if Dick Foran * Buck Jones if Jeanne Kelly * UP CorriHo * Charles Bickford * tan C honey, Jr. UST CHAPTER "CAPTAIN MARViL" 1. Does not rot dresses or men's {thins. Does not irritate skin, 2. No waiting to dry. Can bfe used right after shaving. 3. Instantly stops perspiration ; for 1 to 3'diys.' Remaves odor > , ff,o,m perspiration. > ''''' was rendered by Mrs. Hendrix Spraggins. The bride worp a light blue wool dress with a blue fox jacket. Her accessories were brown and her corsage was of talismen roses. Following the ceremony the couple received informally in the church vestibule. Miss Ruth Atkins and Miss Lucille Hutson were in charge of the bride's book. The couple is domiciled at 122 Avenue B. Mr. Feilding, who is employed by the Hope Water and Light plant, is the son of Mrs. Cora Fielding of Little Rock. John Cain Chapter of the D. A. R. Holds Luncheon Meeting Wednesday "A Tour of the National Parks," was the subject of an interesting program of John Cain Chapter, D. A. R., Hope, during a luncheon meeting Wednesday al the First Christian church' parlors. Mrs. E. F, McFaddin, program leader, said she had visited seventeen of the twenty-seven National Parks in the United States, including the smallest, Hot Springs Na- | tional Park, and the largest, Yel- lyowstone. She stated that it was refreshing, ip Hnow^there' v/erp ,these We, theWomen The Hinting Season Is On By RUTH MILLETT Let's not pretend this year • tha the thought behind the gift is al that matters—and that what we wan for Christmas is just whatever our families and friends buy us in desperation. That's such a pretty attitude tha we've all adopted it, and thereby made giving hard on the one who gives and often less than perfect foi the one who receives. Right now, we all should be dropping gentle hints—though not so gentle as to pass unmarked—about what we want for Christmas. Think what a simple matter it would be for a friend to buy us a gift, if he had heard "us admire, or even for something within his price ief on the Desert Gen. .Erwin Romr.iel commandj two German panzer divisions in 'Africa and several axis infantry contingents now on the defensive against sweeping British spearheads into Libya. Meter's Little Helpers BRONXVILLE, N. Y.-(/P)-If mama is busy at something else on baby's birthday, the tiny tot may still have a birthday party. The Bronxville Village entertainers will play the 1 party, make the favors, put youthful guests through their capers, and even bundle them off to their respective homes. In case daddy needs .to catch up on his sleep on aturday morning, the tots cart be sent j to the "children's theater" . at the village movie hbuse. Here'they are entertained by selected films, marionette shows, singing and story telling. First Play . First play written-and produced professionally in the United States was "The Prince of Parthia," a.five-act tragedy in blank verse. It was written by .Thomas Godfrey, Jr.', and produced in Wilmington, N. C., in 1759. V •ange. And think what a job it is for him o choose a present when we refuse o give out any such information. , Most of us know in advance just which friends and relatives will re 1 - niember us with gifts at Christmas Jme. And' it would be so easy to give each of'them' a hint or two as to Ihe things we really want. Few Hinting Days Left Till Christmas Of course, the information' is no good if it is far out of the price range of the "one who is giving. For the average woman to start admir- ng mink coats right now should be wasting her time and her husband's. But, she could' admire a certain' kind of house coat—if that is what she wants—next.time she and he are window shopping. That way she would solve for him the nagging question "What to get the little woman?" And she also 'would make sure she wouldn't get another floor lamp, like last year. And he could- do the same for her, letting her know that it's hunting equipment, not evening; accessories, that he would like to find under the Christmas tree. But, if we're going to turn over this new leaf, we'll have to get busy. Remember—there are only a limited number of hinting days until Christmas.' ' .'•.'.- . He Blow fh« OGDEN, .... builders would get a thrill otlt job of Robert t L, Trout? $$& secohdlieulenant in the" Aftfty,, Hi been assigned to* build' flrfd '*'*" 50-mile railroad system new Utah general depot;, meter shell and bomb with main lines. With 90 men He Will spend imately $2,000,000 ort this project^ other military rail Connections region. Lieutenant Trout is i of a railroad bridge engineer. / Iron Ore District The Lake Superior district i more iron ore than any other, sei of the world, and consists oty nesota, Michigan and Wiseonslnfi HELPS PREVtl COLDS sniffle or sign of nasal „.„, few drops of Vicks Va-tro-nt>l'i nostril. Its quick action aids nature's defenses ui against colds. Follow *' directions in folder. VI Ready for the Holidays? I IKE going away on a trip, i something is always forgotten around this time of year. It may be that you forgot to get Aunt Emma a present, or ; worse yet,- it may be' that you completely . forgot about sending clothes to the cleaner.. We'd just like to remind you that we do a faster, better job of cleaning .that is guaranteed to satisfy. Why not call us today! "A trial Vill proye it" HALL BROS. CLEANERS and HATTERS BE A GOOD SANTA.... Give Clothing This Christmas Do Your Shopping at TROY'S. You'll find manyl outstanding Values throughout 'the store. For Fr day and Saturday we are offering many items at special discount. LADIES DRESSES One Special Lot S3.88 Other Dresses ore Prices Special for Friday and Saturday stainless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering for biing harmless to fabrics. Allid is the LARGEST SELLING DEODORANT. Try a jar todayl 391 ARRID At ullelorea selling toilet goodl t and SU|!jar«) RIALTO • NOW "MAD DOCTOR" — and — "Drifin'Did " at the THEATERS •SAENGER Fri.-Sat.-"Moonlight in Hawaii" and "Thunder of the Prairie" Sun.-Mon.-Tucs.-"Skylark" Wed.-'rhurs.-"Navy Blues" Matinee Daily t RIAITO Fri.-Sat.-"Drifting Kid" and "Mad Doctor" Sun.-Mpn.-"I Wanted Wings" Tues.-^Ved.-Thurs. "The Letter" ,' and ''Wagons Roll at Night" O Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! posterity fay 'a government" whose sole desire was free from any ulterior motive in the furtherance of the project. Mrs. O. A. Graves accompanied the group in the singing of Christinas carrols and in the singing of "America" and "America, the Beautiful." During the business session, presid- over by the Regent, Mrs, J. G. Martindale, it was unanimously voted to dispense with luncheon meetings of the Chapter during the duration of the war, but' the hostesses who were to have entertained will turn the money ponded for they would have ex- this purpose into the berries flanked with four red glowing candles. Mrs. E. E. White and Miss Beryl Henry assisted in the serving courtesies. s sand. cpnte' "D. Lauderback receiving the prize. Eighteen members attended an were present to receive the jovial Santa who came by to colelct toys for the poor. Mrs. Eugene White, Mrs. E. E. White, and Miss Beryl Henry were guests. Chapter treasury and it will be used for some phase of National defense. All members were urged to actively engage in work which will aid America in the present conflict. The meetings will be held at the homes of members on the second Wednesday afternoon of each month, bul no refreshments will be served. Materials for making rugs at a mountain school were brought to the meeting and a donation to the work at Ellis Island will be forwarded this month. Hostesses for the luncheon were: Mrs. R. M. Briant, Mrs. O. A. Graves, Mrs. R. L. Searcy and Mrs. Ralph Burton. Guests of the Chapter were the Good Citizenship girls: Misses Eleanor Seymour of Fulton; Carolyn Trimble, Hope; and Martha Searcy, Lewisville. Other guests were: Mrs. W. T. Wooldridge, Pine Bluff; Mrs. T. R. Billingsley and Miss Beryl Henry, Hope. The meeting closed with the ritual and the salute to the flag. Buffet Supper Is Given for Mary Lester Class Members Mrs. C. D. Lester entertained the members of the Mary Lester Sunday school class of the First Methodist church at the annual Christinas party Wednesday evening at her home on West Avenue D. Supper was served, buffet style, in _ Use dining room where Christmas j Mrs. Joe Jones Is Hostess To Methodist Class Meeting at the home of the teacher, Mrs. O. A. Graves, the members of .the Jett B. Graves class of the Firgt Methodist church were entertained by Mrs. Joe Jones Wednesday evening. Twin Christmas trees flanked the mantel in the living room and in the dining room, a Nativity scene held tlie center of interest. Games were played during the even r ing with Mrs. Hollis Luck, Mrs. B. W. Edwards, and Miss Mable Schneik. er receiving the prizes. A verse about each member present was read by "Santa Clause." In order to receive a gift each guest had to perform a task. During the evening the hostess served delicious mincemeat pie with coffee. LADIES (OATS One special group $9.75 ALL OTHER LADIES COATS 10% DISCOUNT For Friday and Saturday ' Housecoats & Robes $l.»Sf. SWEATERS J88 Personal Mention Mrs. George Newbern, Jr., and sons, David and Benjamin, are guests of Mrs. Newbern's sisters, Mrs. A. L. Barber and Mrs. H. C. Johnston in Little Rock. -0- Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Green, Mrs. Collen Bailey and F. E. Russes were Tuesday visitors to Shreveport. —O— Friends of Miss Dorothy Talley of Beaumont will regret to know that she is seriously ill in the Beaumont General hospital following an ap- pendiceclomy. She is the daughter pf Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Talley and the granddaughter of Mrs. Anna Jud- Mrs. Lloyd Kinard is recuperating decorations created a festive auno- | rapidly from a recent appendix oper- sphere. For a central decoration the I atiqn, at the Julia Chester, friends table held a large bowl of nandimj will be happy to know. Men's, Women's, Girls' 78 Men's Suits Men's Topcoats '16.50 * Special Friday and Saturday 10% DISCOUNT Only 12 Left Special Friday and Saturday 10% DISCOUNT Men's Robes Men's Pajamas 2,95 * 7.50 1.95 up Men's . , . Hots, Shoes, Shirts, Ties, Scarfs, Suspender? TROY'S ;-fi *? ->i 109 S, MAIN

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