Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1941
Page 2
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V ir »U,S, to Makes Itadway With Southern Friends JACK STOTNETT tl _i£HlNGTpN — Ovet^ their clips, ip'ifalites are saying—That the real "•' ' the United 'States fe making ._ jy with its Good Neighbor po- ft & that Hitler's Latin "American is a one-way flow of raw ma- j(S. A.. t6 Germany, with prom- i-'f&y in money or in finished ctsfWnostly armaments—as the 'bait);'while the U. S. policy „ bne-way flow of dollars (U. S. SFfrA.. with the intimation that i <u ^ . v in , $£$?& 1Vf *"• Ww*f^" -pp if any of the Latin Amfetlcas gfrt SA too <lep, the 'itebt mW be «<&; justed" Jatef on.) (Thai thfc Wai object of Japanese special Envoy Kurusu's Visit 15~to determine just how far Japan can go (Such as closing the Burma Road blockading Siberian ports, etc.) be- fore'this'Unitef gfates'wffl figW. '" That ortg of the great hidden benefits of revision of the Neutrality Act is that the United States will have a merchant marine after the war. If the act had not been amended, Great Britain might have gotten all of our newest and fastest freighters under the lencMease act and when it is all over "might have wrecked our ship- pjne business with American-built ships. "That the efforts to save little business are so far a fizzle, with contracts still being concentrated in big business and priorities not operating to help the.little man..And that congress is getting so stirred up about it, that it probably will ake a hand, l"MliliyA i .il'Jft« r ! > .l.:*«'':*MA« 0. SJdibroiter of the'Pocific Under Attack r GIFTS FOR ALL ^ HIDDEN ii» sm v.'iv'SS m m m -The first Wow of Japan's war against tlie United States was struck at the strafcgl/lshuKror Oahu, ;..^£HF« > S.',taSSt-^SjSH5c^9aJEost;.lii. JliC- IlnwuiiBH Is),aiids. Among.points bombed were Ihe Pearl Ilnrbor nnval base, Hlckam air base, Scliotield anny barracks and the city of Honolulu. for Snow Fighting & « 0 You'll find just the gift to please them a| our store. For men, women, kiddies, the home and car,\our gifts'are sure to pleas^. Make selections early. ELEGTRjC TOASTERS ..... .$2.94 ELECTRIC IRON? $1.79 Electric WAFFLE IRONS . . $4,95 up ?oy ' as jow-ps '.•7'95' Wf Walk CYCLES $ as 8;95 SCOOTERS HuskVM WAGONS 05 iijw as « 1,19 TRICYCL|$ Ne\y type snowshoes get a trial workout in England, where factories are turnipg out thousands pf them for the Russians ir> their •winter .fighting against Germany. XfWi-v *iVMWf -w JH-"^WSV-V^r***" ffts for Lads in Service -.' , •-.,- • - - • '••>--:-, Tips on Maijing to Men in Army or Navy Eagle Squadron Hero of R. A. F. American Tells Own Story of European War (Editor's Note: Pilpf Officer Gregory Augustus Dqymond,' of Van Nui/s, Pali/., 21 i/eqp? pl((, is among the foremost Eagle Squadron pijpls fiahtijig with Britain. tie was awarded the DFC medal less than ttoo iiiontlis ago'with'at least five German planes destroyed to his credit. A •boyish curly-haired, sliflUtliy-built kid, he tells here of his most thrilling air duel with a Nazi 'airjnan). py GUS DAYMOHP AP f'enliji'e Service EAGLE SQUADRON FIGHTEp STATION SOMEWHERE IN' BRITAIN—He was (he toughest German . AP Feature Service Writer .. 4'Before "you ch<?c|? hat spldjpr or sailor man" 'off your Christmas 'list, lake care, gift-giver, ake can;! '" ' .'•' "' ' Don't mark him off with'''the us- al." Thp 'gift that rang the bell last Christmas when he was the boy across lie street may be just about as use- ul ns a baby nligator in t)ie new htjme le shraes with five oj- ten thousand len. There are 1,001 ensy-tp-get items, houjgh—and in any price range—jhnt 10 can use and iippestj'y 'appreciate. A portrait of. a "famous president- lone up on Uncle Sam's famous green olding paper—is the simplest and sur- st at the lot. Cigarettes or tobacco if he smokes ind candy whether he smokes.or not we tops. In the fancy line for smokers, the makers'of a lighter that lights in n strong wind have dressed the case with thp various service embierns to splls for $3 iri bronze, 54'in silver, without a flame "abbiit $2. ' One other item for smokers with !i personal touch is a photo-match case It holds (he regular'match folder. Has n pocket inside' fp'r your' picYurp, am sells for $3 ii> bqrnfce, $f in" silyerV Stationery isn't the best giftj but there's a jiandy writing kit in cpw- hide 'with space for tablet, envelopes, pen and pencil, a pocket for letters and sapshots aiid a spot for your picture. It's $8.50. If your friend is the lypp that would go for a diary, 'fhe manufacturprs have taken care of him. Tliis may strike you as funny, but chances ore he'd welcome some sewing equipment. You can get useful kits for from 50 cents .to S3. " Shaving sets and .toilet kits are good. Yoy can get really fine ones for ?2. For $7.50 you can get an officer's toilet kit that hongs on a tent wall and unfolds with a shelf on the bottom. Clothes? Pretty touchy matter, but you can get items he can use to good advantage. If you're not the knitting sort, there's a tan sleeveless sweater, •scarf and wristlets combination on the market for about ?5. Most of the boys say bedroom slippers would be most welcome, but they should have .leather soles.' Bathrobes are pretty good, but they'r^ bujjcy. A too bulky gift is 'no goqd" to a soldier. ' " Now for some comparatively inexpensive items: Horsehlde gloves, 95 cents; heavy coat hangers, $1.95 With pnnfs clamp; khaki air pillow, $1; electric pants presser, $1.95; toothbrushes, toothpaste, razor blades; shay ing cream; shot polish (ton for the, aifny, .}j?fl'ck l fflr flje navy); handkerchiefs; comb and brush; shaving lotion. . If you want to really spend money, you can do that, too. A portable radio, $10 up, js tqps. Another goqd gift is a'pam^ra, '" ' ' " "' And there's a little duffle bag, solfWg for $5, and fi|led vyiifi: Comb, nail file, flashlight, sewing kjt, razor blades, m'emo boiik, hrad water soap, automatic pencil and leads, noil clip, styptic pencil, shoe laces, shoe polish, small first aid kit, old fashioned wick lighter, and dentuj floss. Qne.-blsii Each dish served at tb,p table a£i Frederick the prea* was prepafed by a different cook; and gac)] t - 1 " 1 **'* n vuAit-t V,*** *•*"»«! ^r; — cs l\ t .-A own private kjterien in Wljich tp pre pare his special offering. hud his Still hi Use It has been estimated that more tow orie-'lfilrd qf the trucks and automobiles produced in the United States still ore "in' use "on "the highways of the nation. none pim • mples, bumps (blackheads), nm! rokntV-oiit skin. "Ml Moils' rgllhvo s wii'«lmplh hoin6 trhatmRtit- ' iffls'erle's wiin siinpni noinu HUUHU'MH^ First 'touch' bf Black itml'VVIittfi Oln.lfJ? incnt goes to work at onco. Direct action liclpa liciillng by killing gonna It contacts. USB na directed. 'M yi'«"'s SUCCPSH. Money-buck giiariinlpe. Rtf Vltnl In cleansing Is good apnu.. Enloy fAinoiia Black Slid Whlt(!'"Skln Sonp daily. You can't fail to make fighter John 'ye ever run up against! FJynn, 'an Eagle pilot from ' » Electric TRAINS ^ '•- • as |qyy_as 7.95 RIFLES ?' Complete . selection of Y Paisy Air,Rifles and 22 i-frjTjrjv^T'^T^ «ww r Svv ' 5 Set of ,4 Q§ Igw as FOOTBALLS as low as BASKETBALLS as IOVY as 1.29 PUNCHING BAGS as low as *2.96 if ,gpmethihg isn't done immedjalely. That" thf? goverrihient is' really per- yrb.pli "apbiit '{lie; rise ^ farm land ?ric;es (iri some septipns," an average of 135 ^n acre). The "rjjjp' is -caused by he .prospects for .sustained high prices, fpr'inany farm and dairy prp- lucts.and the .eagerness,. of city dweU ers to purchase land as protection against inflation. That o% pccijpation of Dutch Guiana was really a warning to Vichy and a move in the ^direction of -Africa and lad very little or nothing to do with protection of the bai^dte mines that supplv the ore for nearly half of our aluminum, . That President Roosevelt's policy of _ ''firocrastjnatisn 11 | n ^ captive mines strike was one of the smartest mpyes h?. % s Wf) e - .4 r fy$¥~ explain this !by saying, that the President let action ,kept Jhe spotlight on the is jues involved rather than fnafcing i "appear a struggle between himsel ancj -John L Lewjs. .Sonie of pur afm chair presidents here said frqrn th jfjrst that a C, I. O. victory was in evitabje in this case arid -the pnl; problem was, how iq...l.et Jbfim .hav that victory without upsetting th apple cart in all other labor squabble where unions are seeking a" closp( shop.) That Price Administrator- Leoi Henderson's "new" 1936 model car i seven years yoimger than the on he has been drivipg. That that the neatest frjck of th month was pulled' by Kurusu 01 Washington newsmen. To all question hef said:.'' Ask'the" Ambassador'.* To al re ]?y* of fhe ques|jons, Ambassado Nprnura would say: "So sorry, I d Colling All Shoppers.,... jRsdio Values! yWJ>y;^Bt give them a ra4io? Yptx'll ' ~"-" J - — mglfte selecjipij tp phopsg both battery and electric radio mff>- Vf>- ' t. ** "' ^J)l an • *: RADIOS leth B«mry 911^ ilestr FARM )for ^ jimjited tjrjie we y/jll a 10$) hou.r h^ayy 4yty. battery and an aeri§} kit |aph 44n)|ral farm ra^io t HOMi W IITTIR YAkUlS f public-opinion ..pyt thp, heat pn. and j not speak English." by .sidesteppirigV,"immediate personal I That that afternoon recently when ird Cotton U.S. FARM PRICE OF 6QTTQN pound n- .Qpitpj) prjcea this year- are the highest since 1929, aa shown ig the .chart.. Prices are near parity despite a drog in exp<wta due to,, tbs. war. farmers are being protected ibrougb the AAA program, with its) ijjarketin^' qtj9tas and " '" Chicago, and I 'were' on offensive operations whpn we camp pyer the German's . airdrome in Occupied France. He too koff with five of his .henchmen and ,)hey came booming after us in Messerschmlt'ts. We engaged them imrnediately, fired at several of them, then retreated toward midchannel between France and England because we were outnumbered six to two. Four of thern toqjc pyt after me. Tlie other two went for John, J found myself with two -Jerries behind' me, two others trying to flank me from either side. I3y violent marjQvjver.ing with perspiration pouring from trie 1 manag- »4 fo escape and positioned niyself Behind one of theiii. were no more than 1000 feet off tlie sea. I got in a terrific burst frorp ny cannons. The ^Iesserschrrii).t shud- ijerpd yiqleptly, flicked over on his jack and dived into tjie sea where inac)p s giant geyse.r of w^ter. ' hilp this was going. on I was at- lackecj by the super-fighter, the wick- edpjij; adversary I've ever run up against. fracers pnyejppe.d me. jyty glass wa<j fjisintegriitfid, by a b]ast Erpm ppe of his cannon shells, rjp a}- ip fffimaged my rujlder. Therp wp? literally a hail of jppd and s,^eel a)} a.- rpund "Tip. We sparred with eacji pthpr jiJ5l like a couple of prizefightprs in thp ripg- For ten minutes we fought desperately, .]VJy ammunition gave put and tip' was stjll on, my tail I fljd everything I knew, 1 put fny Spitfire thru &y 'manpijvpr pf which it was cap|e. AncJ still he Wfis on my tail. He fought like p mi}dnian. All th.|s time I w^s- trying desperately to fnake ^he. PJiffs of Poyep. On,cp I (hpught f hacj -hBken • him pff. } )eve)|pd piat and ip my amazeinpnt I fpi|nd we practicajjy ' were flying in formation side by side. Ippk into his face from thirty fpet. He hacj heavy shaggy eyebrows, a straight firm moi^t}), 'aiid a detpr- Prugsi^n npsp. tje looked qt me with cold steacjy gaze, Thpre was no expression on his face. He Ippjf- p4 Jike a killpp tq me. This wjjs, the fjrst time I h"d ever' spen ai> enpjny Airman wijii whpm I was m cpinb^f. resumed this contest to thp Looking back, | don't spe hpy ever got out of it, I could tasfp in my mouth salty perspiration from rn,y face. Mi|e by rnile, dodging, twjst- ing, diving and zooming j jnadp mj way toward the English coast. }Viy gcj" versary fire constantly. Finally I was ablp to zoom up, right over thp cliffs of Dover, with my antagonist still sf|.er me. Then he apparently decided he had better go back. He pulled intp a steep climb, turnee} ppd streaked toward France. For tlie rest of rv homeward journey I sat limp in thp cock-p'it. I was so exhausted I had to be half lifted from my plane when ; of last I reached the base. " ' As sat and wearily talked if ovpr with my commanding officer we dp- cided this fighter was one in 'a million. The average -much-touted single fighter pilot of the Luftwaffe" does not dare challenge i a Spitfire in the air, over France or England. the KARO way! For frosting that's fluffy, jlayprfiijl—frost- ing that doesn't get sugary and crack- frosting that piles up n'icel'y, looks beautiful and cuts smoothly—fpljovy.thi^ fpplr proof Karo recipe: KARD FROSTING 3 cups granulqtffi sugar I top. vafiilla '/a c'uj> Ka'fo (red (a ft ft Vi I (p. salt 'Acupoiater " ' 2 egg whites Cook sijgar, ?Cprp, and water over loyf heat, sti?ring only until sugar is dissolved .Tneri bioil rapidly, without stirring, to 242 degrees F., or until syrup forms a firm ball when a •niall amount is dropped in cold water. Add vanilla and soil to egg whites, and beflt until stiff but not dry,' pour syrup sjowly in H thin stream'into beaten egg'vyhites, beating constantly. Contjpuc lieafing untjl mixtpre will stand m peaks and is of consistency to"spread.Makes enough Jrosting for filling, top and side's of 3 (y-ipc|i) cake layers- . gut a gjicersup^prting prp. gram in J.93&-37, surpluses piled up and prices dropped *m «i9Pfesl ty 1938, prices bepn to fjgf agaia. fhia year thg program, plus marketing quotas, th« 85-percent-of- pajity lop ^nd increased domestic demand, caused prices to double. In the referendum to fee hel^ Saturday, IDecemfcr ;g, cot^n prq : faSSW ^rJl] Vfiif fctf Pf »g|inst quoins. Th,p (Jpcig.'-ip \yilj ajso affecj loans, becau,^ accoc^ing 19 law, thep can be ' ajr*- rejected.. \* -^^^m. V"!™* M tins* LOW EVERYDAY PRICES Eight.Q'Glqck COFFEE /yVpryel BREAD Ritz Crqckers 21 I'opulur- Brands Cigarettes 2 pkgs. JANE PARKER FRUIT CAKE 1.85 w. 39 ANN PAGE VALUES Grape Jelly Preserves "' 20 Extracts Spaghetti 2 * O Tprtiqtoes V Porlc & Beqns IONA Lima Beans Spaghetti ""Arrtiqufi's Star PURECARp W'Jft lona FtQU!^ 48s^k ? 1.49 Crepm MEAL 52 Ketchup » . Pressing OPIVf Director William S. Knudsen kepjt callers cooling their heels in his reception room, he was reijlly hqyirig the time of his life—teking down and putting together a.gain one of the army's newest end mp^t pom- plpx machine guns. That there must be something more tfian scholastic eagerness behjhct the startling number of army officers who are turning out for classes in Spanish aijC) Portuguese (possibly a Wtit of more South Amprican bases ^iid a vast expansion of hemispheric defense). FRESH FRUITS ANP Y^ITABLES Yellow Bananas Lb. 6c Stalk 12c GREEN BEANS Pound lOc GRAPEFRUIT For POTATOiS 10 Jfead 7c Bunch Texas Oranges DO?: 19e WINESAP Dozen YELLOW ONIONS Poupds 4c A&P SUPER RIGHT MEATS Chop! End t-b. 22c M'" or Pure Pork SAUSAGE 25c PICNICS u 25c Sunnyfield - Sljcejj |A€ON I*- 3k Cheese Delicious -b. 25c STEAKS or Ml, 35c Ywl 5ousage i-b. 35c LI}. Iriek Chili 29c §yper - Righf ROAST Round Bone 3lc Pre$$ed Whitinp ^ TOc Tender Lb. 29c Lb. A 6-P FOOD

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