Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1941 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1941
Page 6
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?•", ..kVif V,? E; *T' f * ^ *' ' , *i i % " - A*- ^ ' i HOrC STAR} HOrlj.ARKANSAS ^ >'- t ....^..J in Campaign lustriol Plants Cooperating >stead OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williami _ _lereSt in the progress of the EChrfstmas Seal drive is being 'I%.«ihdustrial and commercial bf;Hempstead County this year, fifed by numerous letters re- 'at campaign headquarters, Feild, Jr., general chairman, fey. '"such firms are represented on sinessmen's Committee aiding fr-campaign. ' rculosis is still a tremendous , to employers," one represen- ^Kusinessman wrote. "Industrial ; realize perhaps more forci- ah-any other group just what ns have to be faced by those ii 'tuberculosis, e^is usually prolonged and cost- )N WORKERS LOCAL UNION 591 veport,-La.V holds its official ' ai fjl 7:30 o'clock every y Anight in banquet room . Barlow, Hope, Ark. [.'PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S.T. s V* kLLI ED BATTERIES ^low-As: - ?3.49 Ex. tter Jcs Recharged SOc) ' * klohomo Tire ft Supply Co. """ Associate Store pb'Elmore, Owner — Hope ^WANTED "CAST IRON SCRAP Cents per Hundred ., Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE .SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas IT WAS DUMPLINGS, BUT IT'S MUSH NOW/ DAUGHTER .JUST IT>*VOU PADDLE -« NOW I'D BETTER TAKE THE SPOON OUT BEFORE TH£ MILKMAN AMD THE METER READER PADDLE IT/ MOTHERS GET . BY NEA SERVICE. INC. . M. REG. U. S. P»T. OFF. Prfesbyterions to Hold Bible Study A fiible study, which Is under the lirection of the Women's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church, will be given at the church Wednesday night at 7:30 with Mrs. R. E, Jackson ending the program. All church members are invited to 36 'present. ly. The worker's home life is disorganized. Care of his family often has to be taken over by others. And our plants are affected when trained em- ployes are forced to drop out. In these times, we cannot afford to lose a single worker through illness. "Consequently we mail our contribution with full appreciation of the good work already done and the hope that the drive against tuberculosis may fee intensifies! among industrial groups." Before the World'.War, there were more Germans liming in France than in all the German colonies. County Teachers Postpone Picnic The Hcmpstead county teachers picnic, planned to be at the Experiment Station Thursday night December 11, has been postponed because of the Hope Fire works, and other conflicting activities. The School Masters Club, sopnsors of the picnic, will have their next meeting Thursday night, January 8, 1942 at Patmos. Where it passes Cape Hatteras, N. C., the Gulf Stream is 150 miles wide. Store TED JONES 214 S. Main Hope Sfijle-Feafures-Performance 4-Tube TRUETONE With Battery 0190 D1120 cellent tone and perform:e, Battery fits inside beau- ll.duo-tone cabinet. EASY TERMS PORTABLE Use batteries or A.C.-D.C. Less Batt With bait. SPORTS GOODS Defense Council to Meet Thursday Night A meeting of the Executive board of the Hempstead County Civilian De- 'cnsc council has been called for Thursday night by chairman, Talbot ?eild, Jr. This important meeting will be called to order immediately after the dis- ilay of fireworks at the city hall and will be held in the municipal court aom. Mr. Fcild stated that it is impcra- .ive that all members attend the meot- ng as matters of vast importance will 3e discussed. Our DoilyBread (Continued From Page One) America Is in (Continued From Page One) war with promises she Would become the master of the Pacific, and be given "a'strangle-hold on the West coast of North, Central and South America." "Remember nhvays,"' he warned, "that Germany and Italy, regardless of any formal declaration of war, consider themselves at War with the United Suites at this moment just as much as they consider themselves at War with Britain and Russia." Repeatedly, the president asked the people not to accept wild rumors of successes or failures. To do that, he said, was to be deceived by the propaganda of the enemy. The government would give them all the facts that it could confirm provided that their revelation would not be of assistance to the enemy, he pledged. Denies Jap Nil vat Mastery The Japanese claim to naval mastery of the Pacific was roundly denounced as a familiar Axis stratagem. "This is an old trick of propa- FOOTBALL Sturdy. Full 'size 2B-175... Rugged grain- tex cover. 1411 3B-177 Tli BASKETBALL Long-Ins tin p cover. Needl.e Inflating. 14 •• 2B-200. T...T*" PUNCHING BAG Soft, leatherlike fabric, S«M 2B-225 "4 Boxing r, LOVES Glove leather, Set of 4. |4|| 2B-235 T«" Electric Wreaths 30c GlltterinK Cellophane 10"...,..., 13"—2X-2031 . 480 rjitpffcraefresiv TREE STANDS 30c I.J- Non-tip Fit any tree. 14 Chriifmu Tree LIGHTS 3-BULB Indoor 33e 2X- 3003 ..... f« ACTION JOYS-Complete Selections Cotton Market Quota Vote Eligible Farmers to Go to Polls on Saturday Cotton fanners of Hcmpstead county will join other cotton producers of the state and nation in a referendum Saturday, December 13, to decide whether marketing quotas for next year's cotton crop will be in effect, accoring to H. Earl King, chairman of the county Triple-A committee, in announcing final arrangements for the voting. Every person in the county who shared in this year's cotton crop is eligible to vote Saturday, Mr. King said. Since marketing quotas do not apply to cotton one and one-half inches or more in staple length, farmers who produce only that type of cotton will not be eligible to vote, he said. The question of marketing quotas must be decided by the producers themsselves, Mr. King declared, and they cannot become effective unless approved by at least two-thirds of the producers voting in the referendum. Since cotton farmers are vitally affecte by quotas and they are hto ones who must decide on them, every cotton farmer in the county has an obligation to express his opinion in this democratic manner, the chairman said. Another thing, he said in conclusion, it gives every farmer a voice in the farm program and by voting he will show congress he has an interest in the program. The voting will be by secret ballot. Polling places will open at 8:30 a. m. and will close at 5 p. m. Three farmers will be in charge of each voting place. The voting places in Hempstead county will be as follows; DeAnn, Beards Chappel, Shover Springs, Cross Roads, Bingen .Springhill, Tokio, Columbus, Patmos, McNab, Sardis, McCaskill, Guernsey, Washington, Saratoga, Blevins, Ozan, Fulton, Sweet Hqme. Hope—There will be a bollot box at the Courthouse and one at Monts Seed Store. Bill of Rights. There was nothing new about them. Practically speaking, they were part of the original Constitution, since adoption was secured on the understanding that they would be included. They simply froze into basic law certain things often asserted before and generally agreed on as fundamental—the right of freedom of worship, of expression, of peaceable assembly and petition for redress of grievances, security against perscculory searches and seizures, of fair trial, of security against loss of private property without fair compensation. All simple things; all things we take too much for granted. President Roosevelt has done well too call attention to this anniversary, asking that citizens observe Bill of Rights Day on Dec. 15. Whole peoples have not only had these elementary rights snatched from them, but, more terrible still, some have even been persuaded that such rights do not exist at all. The fundamental rights of man can never be permanently taken from him by force. More insidious, more dangerous by far, is the effort to lull man into forgetfulness of his essential dignity and integrity. It is against this danger, as well as the concrete dang- ,er from without, .that the President has summoned the American people. It is good to take part in the observances of Bill of Rights Day. It is better still to read that list of rights itself, carefully and thoughtfully, and then to ask oneself, "What would life be worth without them?" ganda, which has been used innumerable times by the Nazis," he said. "The purposes of such fantastic claims are, of course, to spread fear and confusion among us, and to goad us into revealing military information which our enemies are desperately anxious to obtain." WhaTfoPlay at Christmas Many Games Besides Old Routine of Postoffice By MARGARET KERNODLE AP Feature Service Writer NEW YORK—Under the unrepcalcd law of averages, you will cither give or get a gumc for Christmas. Santn Claus this year will carry §20,000,000 worth of games. But Simla Claus won't hand out so many metal and plastic game scls because Uncle Sam, that other mar with whiskers, got there first will priorities. Shortage of chip boards and pressed or manufactured boards have inspired more compact designs Wooden playing pieces have replacec metal ones and many plastic types. Playing-at-war games still arc outnumbered thrce-to-one by parlor escape-type games. Compact, light weight games find favor as gifts foi service men. Of the war inspiration games on the best-selling list .target games lead al the rest. Airplanes, submarines, bat tleships and parachute troops hel] test the skill of parlor marksmen wit! rubber daft equipment and guhs that shoot rubber bands. Dog fighting is a dandy in the airplane strategy board pastimes. Marbel games Use air and naval strategy. Real American games nre boons to hostesses. One bonanza is a fost- movlng game that seems to combine Michigan, rummy and poker. It originated from chnnce-taklng technique perfected by Mississippi steamboat players 100 years ago. Two to nine persons can play. Also among escape pasticcs IS a looking-for-gold chart game that Includes locations of 193 of the world's most important hidden gold hoards. Idea is to corner the largest. Apartment-house storage problems inspired new designs In miniature bowling and skeet sets that fold neatly away in limited spaces. Badminton and croquet sets for small rooms arc ready, too. Hobbles parents and children can share show a big speed-up. Model building sets include most new U. S. Navy and Army equipment. Wood burning, glass painting and metal tapping arc fixed up for family entertainment. A game hit must be easy to learn, require little more than an hour to play and sustain interest of all players to the end, according to experts Post Ho Bills CHARLESTON, W, Vn. (/P)—Bears roaming through West Virginia woodlands have little regard for signs rotating to tiro prevention, fishing and hunting. Conservation ccfrnmission officials report that in the Little River section nt least 60 posters hnd been chewed or clawed by the bears. Chief Game Protector H. Prentlss Parley explains that after destroying the signs, the animals "generally Use the tree for n rubbing post." ventors continues like the number of authors. The best thinking-uppers are people in small towns or on farms. who test the tensors. \octui<ds of gamesters Guinea pig frequently spend hundreds of hours playing each possible game hit until snags are moothed awny. And when a game i popular it sells in much greater olumc than a best-selling book. Popularity of a game usually lasts several years. New games constantly come along and the number of in- CA.RD OP THANKS Wo want to express to our many friends nnd neighbors in the DeAnn community and In Hope, our appreciation for their kindness rtnd sympathy in the extended illness and death of our husband nnd father. May God Bless Everyone of You, Mrs. Tom J. Hartsficld, Sr. and Family. II uin^PH jjJUJlrn v CRN BUY ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGEST Sttu» ATIO< SfiTABLtlSZOt lOOTMHf TS3S< SOUTH ARKANSAS IMPLEMENT CO. Headquarters for McCormick - Peering SAWMILL ENGINES We Hove Them in Stock in Both Oil Burning and Diesel. Also a Few Good Used Engines Call at Any of Our Stores TEXARKANA HOPE ASHDOWN "Lionel" IIICTRIC Remote control. With .j*,,- $ 6 W 34" HOOK-LADDEI SelMUtlnK top ladder. 2X-346,., . BOMBU 2X-308. 29c IIIING IATTLISHIP Shoots torpedooa at 2 tar* (I nhown). 2X-J60 ..•. full 14" "MA-MA" OOU Sleeping eyes. Says "mama." Satin coat, bonnet 2X-793 . Safe-Sturdy WHEEL TOYS Ball Bearing SKATES l} Size »' or GJrl*' FLYER Bike *28 75 Scooter 33"x30" Fast! Speedy! Adjustable. 7x10%" PfRSONAL GIFTS ~~ BILLFOLD 3-fold style. Black leather Neatly embossed. BB700 19c POCKST WATCH Dependable. „„. „ $ I »5 Guaranteed. B717 | WRIST WATCH Handsome cold-plated case. Fully guar- Add lOTiTax to AH Wotch Prices »5'°B B710 ASHUGHTS **^ The Practical Gift SJCKEL PLATED. 2-«eJJ. Stream- C26T ..... MODERN Plastic head. 750 -ft. beam. 2-cell. C273.... Shock -proof. water - proof. Mifny Other Model* to Cftocw from Give 4 full Sixe WESTERN FLYER $OR75 I mft^Sf F85* BOVS' or CIBLS' • Sturdy Double Bar Frame, tFarooua "Llfe- titnfe Couatruc- tlon" featuree. iStreaffllined WarEffortat Proving Ground Attitude of Workers Reported Remarkable Calm Most significant development of the Japanese war situation at the Southwestern Proving Ground is the attitude of project workers toward the job—according to reports from Field Inspectors checking work on the project, in an official release Wednesday. Amplifying this statement, the In- ypectors say that workers all talk of the war situation, expressing many varied opinions concerning developments. The men showed renewed personal interest in the work at hand "They seemed to feel that the work s essential and a vital part of the iation's defense," the Inspector said. The immciate reactiodn of workmen in the project seemed to be one of renzied impatience. A poll taken immediately after the announcement f the opening of hostilities by Jajan would have revealed that every- iody was ready to swap his shovel or typewriter for a gun and leave or the theater of operations. Today, however, the picture has changed. Calm reflection has replaced, to a great extent, the indignation which overshadowed all thought except that of immediate retaliation Workmen realize that to achieve vie lory, arms must not only be usec 3ut they must be built and ordnanci materials subjected to rigorous tests The attiude now is one of redoubled efforts, more and faster pro duction, and a superhuman effort t provide our front line forces wit unlimited equipment at all possibl speed. «r«K» Ninety per cent of all pel-sons in th United Status huvc some sort of fot trouble. The 42 Ford is the Best Looking, Best Biding, Best Bunning Low Priced Car ever Built Choice of Sixes or Eights is New The needed allowance payment or FORD DEALER ADVERTISEMENT

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