The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1940
Page 3
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Rr.rrHinvn.iR Manila Takes Team Meet, ,'hree Matches To •). . KUIKN'n Today's Sport Farads B) HENRY McLKMORE NEW YOfiK, April 20. (U!>)Those wlio would will go in the Wood. I mean, of course, tlmt those three-yeai'-olil homes who would challenge the j»lghly nitnclech in Hie Kentucky Derby will lak<; one fliiul test of llielr fitness tomorrow i at'rlckcly little Jamaica raw course I" I'"! 1940 renewal of |}, c «0000 •. . , i ? y Lunsf 0 «l. Joo Craig's Wuo<l Memorial-the best icsi heavwei ———. UA vl| out: IJJ UJK S heavyweight protege, got off to an impressive Marl oil the box/«! i at ma *' lcatl to f l>ro- snTi™"! Carcer by ' s<coti i»S a sell- outorar 0 '"V™""" f. cclmlcal knock - mt, list night in tlie' lea- nit between amateur teams "i Manila and Blylheville Fighting for the first time the jMO-poimd, slx-foot-lbree and OUR , hull youngster showed excellent i form for a beginner, plus a pair Pf potent fists, lhal appeared lobe' packed with dynamite. He handled imiself well. tl 10UBh llot pavtlcn- nrly. pressed, and indicated that lie way go places in the game. H took Jimmy just slightly more IJian n minute to convince Downing,,also a novice, thai he should have remained al home. For during the 07 seconds lhat the fight lasted Downing hit tiie deck once after being clipped on the chin with a chopping short, right smash and was on the receiving end of countless left jobs lhat popped back and forth like t\ well oiled Irip hammer. Had not "Wild Bill" decided he had eiiough when he did it is quite likely that he would nave been officially counted out. Ho was draped over the ropes when lie indicated to Referee Don Burton timt he was through. Despite the fact that the first lira matches ended in one round technical knockouts, due (o un|(- avoidable mismatching, it v-as an r excellent show; one that should pack 'cm in through the gate If Promoter Craig i.s fortunate lo secure more like il. There was action of the ivy League derby preps." We nil know about Bimdoch now, niter what lie did to Joseph E Wldencr's Roman In the Blue ai'tiss slnkfcs «t Kcenclnml. That baby here 0:1 out. lie's JILSI a lonely sort of cuss with a Garbocsquc penchant for aloofness. The fiiiihcr he can slay away from other horses the better lie likes il, and ho likes it best out In front. But If some trim-legged little number comes winging down thai straightaway al Jamaica tomorrow and llien keeps right on going until lie feels the caress of Mall Winn's rose horse-shoe around his neck on May 4— well, It wouldn't be liic- time. Johnstown, for instance did it Jasl year. Gallant Fox did it' back in 1932. Otrmlm didn't win the Wood, but if he had had about the same distance as there Is between the ordinary living room and kitchen left to run, he would have won it. When I mention distance let me state ' ' ' rain hero thai, his condition for Ills Inaugural was not loo good. Hilt whoever wins Ihls Wood he slie or It Is going (o do n nui c ' something more limn slick hts her or it's head out. in front O f Ihe flock lo Impress any of lite hard- boots who me paddling diosc green' nnd while Bradley hoops toward UulsvlMo, rto- It'.s loo Jale for pie- llmlnnrtei. Only .sonietliliij- smashing can alter Blmclech's slums now. and when I say smashing I mean new track or world record time. STANDINGS Soulhfrn here that tomorrow's Wood will be the most Important, ever run. In past years this fixture has been held over a course that measured a mile and 70 yards. This year, however, it has been stretched to a full mile and a sixteenth, so it will take a bit more horse with a btl more run lo win it. JusL what horse that will Iw I frankly don't know. There arc at least two dozen horses eligible, and galore in the other three that sent, the small but enthusiastic bunch of fans away singing praises of Hie willing youngsters. All but one ended via the lech-! i meal knockout route. Hugh Harbert, local high school star athlete, and MidSotitli Golden Gloves nov/ce middleweight, champion iti 1038, gave Harmon Hatcher such a lacing for three rounds lhal the Manila middleweight failed lo come out lor the fourth and last. , in the past performance chart of the rat-ing form they all look us spotty as the Dionnc quintuplets with simultaneous cases of straw- Billy price, Manila ace, gained revenge over a previous defeat by whipping Alton ChcnowiUi, Blytheville. in four fast ami furious rounds. Kid Hoskins, a southpaw from DclI.-i.quUi in. the first,. rouiul lo Johnny Culleiis." Manila, us did Bud Farmer,' Blytheville, to Duttc Tipton, Manila. Mullens and Tip- Ion were much too large. Making his first ring appearance in more than a year, Harbert displayed the same sharp shooting 'qualities that brought him Golden Gloves fame. He easily outboxed and outslugged Hatcher and was never in danger. The first, time he let go with his lethal right, it landed true to its mark on Hatcher's jaw and he slid to the floor. Ht? was up at the count of four. Later in the round "Tex" racked him with lefts nnd rights. Hugh floored his larger opponent again in the second. From an action standpoint the Chenowilh-Pricc go was the highlight. From Ihe Opening bell the two lightweights began throwing leather and didn't- let up until it- was all over. From this comer, it- appeared that Price held the edge throughout. The first round was fairly even, but in the second Billy cracked Afton on the nose and the beak bled profusely throughout. Price had wide margins in the:third and fourth and was entitled to the decision. berry rash and the measles. Maybe Ihcy can run as fast as Bimelech, but apparently they won't until ic equine wraith breaths upon Among the distinguished giicsts expected to be present in the starting gale when Ihe meeting is called to order are Arnold Hangar's Dit Belair stud's Penclon, wheatley Stable's Merry Knight, c V Whitney's Flight Command and Nashville .. IJUlo Rock . Btrmlnghiun New Orleans Knoxvllle .. -Memphis .. Atlanta League W. L. American Cleveland .. Detroit .. .. Boslon .. .. New York .. Philadelphia Washington . St. l-ouls .. Chicago W. U ,. 5 1 ..52 ..4 '2 .. 3 -1 .. 3 4 ., 2 4 ..2 5 ..15 National Brooklyn .. Cincinnati .. Pittsburgh .. New York .. Chicago .. . St. Louis .. Philadelphia ' League W. U 5 3 3 3 4 2 I 0 1'Ct. .875 •CM .5515 .455 .444 .400 .400 .333 Pet. .833 .714 Ml .600 .420 .333 Pel. 0 1.000 .750 .000 .800 .444 .333 .250 .000 Yesterday's Results Southern League New Orleans 5, Memphis 2 Nnshvllle C, Chatlnnooea 5 Atlanta 4-4, Knoxville 3-:i [ 10 innings, second seven Innln-'s Birmingham at Little Rock post-' poneci to allow Barons lo ' catch train. Carrier Pigeon, something called Robert E. Lee, which may very well be a steamboat—and after the rain they've had the past week at Jamaica, it would be better off if it were—Damon Runyan's Tight Shoes and the usual assortment of chocolate, vanilla, orange, lemon and lime. Of al! those mentioned, I believe Dit has the best chance. Dit ran only four limes last year and certainly set none of his owner's barns liked by here the time this afire, but he , horsemen. -He started oilier day for the first „ „.„ season and turned back Wheatleys Asp and Tight Shoes fairly easily He's one who may like the derby route. Carrier Pigeon appears to be a fine-feathered thing- indeed, but jl,e last time he went out all lie earned was bad news. He was ben ten by Fenelon, the strongest candidate Wing trained by Sunny Jim Fjtz- simmons. !f I were a betting man I'd say the Wood would be a contest between this Carrier Pl»con and Dit. The Pigeon lias had his feet in so much clay because of the American I/fague Cleveland 3, Chicago 1 Washington 7, Philadelphia C Detroit -4, st. Louis 2. New York al Boslon. postponed, National Ltague New York 9, Boston 1. Brooklyn 3, Philadelphia I Chicago 4, Cincinnati 2. SI. Louis 10, Pittsburgh 9. Today's Games Southern league Memphis at Birmingham Chattanooga at Atlanta. " Nashville at Knoxville. New Orleans at Lit lie Rock Brooklyn Fans Vision Pennant Already; Dean I urns Back Reds HV Cil'.OKOK KIKKSCT United Tress SlafV Corespomlrnt NK\V YOHK, April M (Ul'l- Clitinge (lie nntm of rti'kansas, vole /or Wlntcruottoin for I'resldeni, siiif the Whim-npoof song— do any-' tlilJiU you rare lo but don't muko the eolOHsnl mistake of wen Ititl- nmling lhat the Drooklyn Dodgers nven'l world scries bound, if y 0l i do, stay fur awny from the land of fliitbmh. You can easily be mobbed along the Ciowanus canal lor suggesting Ojat the Dodtera are likely to lose n bnll unme some lime soon. The Dodsers nre the only unbeaten team in the majors with five straight victories. Somehow the goggle-eyed Dodger fan Ignores the fncl tluit the Dodgers' victories have Uren scored at the expense of (he pitiful Uoslon liee.s, who haven't -won a game, the pjithclio Phillies, wiio'vc won only one, nnd the Giants, who definitely are In Ihe formative stage. All reason runs riot In the land of Dodgcrvllte. Hugh Casey, who 1ms notched two victories Is going' to supplant Bucky Walters ns the ' Already Filed KiSliloon entries nirpiuly made )" "if 01,1 car Derby, u, be staged bimd.iy jiiU'iiwoit At Walker 1'ark under .ui.s),irr.s' of the Dud cusoii Post ol tin- American i.,.g| 0 ,,. |,,, v(! greatly inn-eased interest |» u,ls sport which is fast widc-sprondlng. N'o $n. r > lo be given in pcbes s intruded owiliM.s of old curs over a wide section aiul about .seven more mules from 'iVime.sstt-, Kentucky nnd Missouri are expected boron- Uu, deadline Sunday noon. tars, which musl be I9:n or curlier models, have utri'udy been National League's .No, i pitcher D —_ „ .,„, , }jm,iici, The Dodger Infield is Ihc classiest In baseball. Charley Gilbert Is the rookie of the year. Roy Cullen- blne, not. Benny McCoy, is the prize chattel freed by Commissioner Landis In the Detroit honse- cleaiilng. That's what they're siiv- Kd Anderson. W. a. Nally, Olio J. Scrape, u. Anderson, ilcillumt (two curs), Ixx; inli'y llrothci'N, Clcorxe II uf lilyllievllle; \VI1- '(«' of I'lixarn, J. H. Llilh; lioc'k, tliree curs nplils whoso owners' 1 not .sent, ami two cnrs !'. .Slk'kli'r Ham Provide Margin Of Victor) In I \voSoulhcrn League Bill tl(!S names ' , - ' -m jiui .il'lll, HIUS tWO Cfll'ti from Union City, Twin., one of which i.s the Thompson green Packard which won first pliice In Olio ol the lillli) rai-es think we'll do against Hie Yankees?" Before you've had lime lo answer, the Flatbitsli fanatics chirp, "we'll beat those bums four straight,." There's no answer lo the Brooklyn clrants. Until the day of reckoning, all must ride the Dodger bandwagon or keep quiet; Casey did his stiiir again yeslcrday. bejit- Mng the Phils, 3-1, for victory No. Dolf camilll's homer was the winning punch. Morric Arnovich's scratch single-one of the five hits made off Casey-scored Schulte with the only run made oil Ihe Brooklyn ace in two games. Dizzy Dean came back fion him In the first inning: The Cubs riippotJ Derringer for !!• safeties' 'fill' Cmilimils' power exploded 2i hlls ns St. Jxinl.f beat «tii U»: Pirates, tu-u. Pepper Miirlin with three hlls, drove In four runs, The I'iniles, baltllng namely from behind a si-t deficit, narrowly missed lying the score In the ninth when Pep Young was thrown oui at (lie plale, Friinklc Frlscli finally benched uiMo ahd Van Hobays lor the Wuiier brothers and Ihcy dc- 1 vciwl live hlls, wilh Lloyd get- tint' four. Bill Lolirimui, allowing six hlls pitched dm Ghmts |o their third straight ivin, u- 9-1 triumph over the lines, a hopeless looking out- lit. Hurgcss Whileheiid hit n home IlirougJi (lie Infield. .Johnny ", Die Olnnl.s 1 touled rookie, nnally got going, and slashed out thro lilts, one a trlplis. Hob roller's collapse wns only temporary, lie cnmc buck to pltcli the Imlinns lo a 3-1 victory over the White Sox, again beating Edon,' Smith, uolllc Henislcy nnd Jell Heath hit homers. Feller and Smith each fanned eight. Buck Newsom allowed only live hits and I'lHky silBglns homered with Rudy York on base as Detroit climbed Into second place with n 4-2 victory over Hie Browns Washington scored six runs hi Ihe ninth after two were out beut- ATUNTA, On., A , H .|| M (U| ,,_. ""''.' '•'»» «'•<• tJi'Hlmiliii! to 1,00111 fLX,^ 01 "'""""" AsH ' d »- Bi.^rt^rtir'.^'r li'rdiiy us AlUnita um) 'ifiinxvlilc divided u ilwibU'.lmuliT nnil u rcm'-ply wullop bv l i wn Minrkod tl,,. Nl>w Orleans Pellciin" I" a .1 to a victory « V fr Memphis «»v r»" f nii'ri',^".! 1 M "rr I/./-., Ui.ngi..', u ,| to [| vli:- if'i) aver (\noxvllta Iti ||,e dm same. iMtiiiilliiB |>. 1U1 h i( „ ,,„„ f| . III. one on („ ti, { . fo ,, rl|) t| won thr K nino ivllh (inotlu-r j n (he IWh as Pilchcr i,,,|.,. y Mmp t the route lor, n w crnckors. In the nightcap, hn.iier.'i by Duck namwy. niitch Moy,.,- m , (! ,„„, blieoluin iiccounli'd for U ll Ilic Knoxvllln runs ns tim Hmokii's evened tiiatU'rs, also by „ ,| (,, ;j lirowne-s long hit wilh u man on base In (lie first | W ,|, 1K M . m , ],|., mules itwny lo „ |,. m i „,,„,. j,,,, CnlCKiiKiin'.s mid tltny were ni'VCr headed, l.lllle Alike Miniynlk was I" lop form,limited the ohick-i lo live hits wlillu New Orlwtus poimdcd . three Memphis pitchw.s for a dozen. Another circuit clout, by Mickey fiocco. contributed lo (he lenuin- IcudliiB Nashvlllo Vols' U lo 5 'victory over Iho ClmUiuiooun look- mils. The Uiokouls JumiiMl l« n llve-rim lead in (lu< tlrel and except for Kocco's swat In Ihe sccniitl held (lip mai'Kln , m tu tim p| 8 hth. Dili, lit Ihls point ti, c Vols swarmed on Ox Miller for IJ.rcn hits, two walks, nnd n hit. biilsiiiini, which added up lo live rims and Ihe bull game, 'I'lie IHrmhmhnin ill utlle Itoi'k Kiiine was postponed In allow Iho '--ams (o catch a train, , Today's new series finds chaldi- uoogn ul. Atlanta. Memphis at lllr- mlnglinm, Nashville at Knoxvllle nnd New Orleans nt 1,11(1,. rtock. MONTGOMERY, ~Ala~ , (UI'J- Hoiniciiies ure dccieaslng In Alu- bamn. ,'l'here were 2!l less homl- clilcs In Ihc slate In ma than Ir 10311. ll.e slnle health dcinulmi>ir vital slalLslics bureau repnrls Plan Series ,of t«r-Cliih'Gi rotii-iicys Hero |llylh,.vll| ( . couiury club's f| rsl soil lounmiiieia of Ihe season, lo ««' |iliij'«l here .Siniiliiy with Ihe HnylJ-C.i'«ll«.«vlU,. Gwln C ,„ „* opponcnl.s, will t,e followed by at t'osl rivi; ollM-r Iwiiriiuiimnts dur- 'nnixonld's (;oiiii(ry club (jolfers ,.'''"","' , Sl "'dM'y. Muy :,, ft,,- !vUI, tl,V jJMh'S " ! lm l ° UMK ' ys '« llml'cll/ M«y^B 0l rli > e K |oc" l i ftpoi'l-smcti will li( ) to llnytl s,,,, diiy, Jinn: •>. for 1, return IVIIM-C '"'•'it with Hie (iwln t-liil) 'jniic-N HlyMicvTlU^Sumltt- "'"' ' : ''"""' '° '! locals will pi,,y over the Cral'jl- '"•nd County 1,111 COUI-H., .Simdny •inly n. One or Iwo lounieys with be book'tti, "l'i "" understood, but 'lutes imv,. not yet been fixed . I'-or Ilif first Umrilniiidu. of the K ''",f"; " m! «"niliiy, the ciwln Hi from Mlssmirl p|, ms ,„ SP1 ,d frain 20 lo 25 pl,,y,.,, s . •,.,„.,.,, ,,, be oracilit! Kiniduy morni,,,. loihnnmenl coinniltlce In chnrite' of nnangcmenk Woman Traffic Expert, Say$ Men Drive Bent ATLANTA, Cln." (01') ~Ml!S Minion Telford, Chicago, n tra/iie expert, admits that men, 05 a rule aro better drivers than women. ' • Miss Telford says figures show that Ihc number of accidents docs not vary ijrcatly. nut men drive on more long trips than women and lite weaker MX docs less night, driving. Also, men generally take J., 1 * wl ' e f wlicn slrcets a 'c ^ll'- i'i In. So, mile for mile 'unTd'uy . ' day, men arc better drivers, she say.s, ' • -• . ^ • |«.'ll aimiiL., ,ja,iH>.s Terry and M. Buck UK- nicmljers of tlm CNI'l'KI) |,tg t ,(iit, Wl. Mill" Kurt, I'o Study Massage & Physio-Therapy aiw mi sr^i 0 !it,^';,r;r7^ ni r (to ™ incthi1 ^'" College of MassBK . «cl« CoUce of te! co " c «°' " fll "" tnl »'"« ^ An'" U "* n - Boston at New York. Brooklyn at Philadelphia Cincinnati at Chicago. St. Louis at Pittsburgh. American League. Chicago at Cleveland Detroit at SI, Louis... Philadelphia al Washin»lon • ^Ncw York al Boston. Try One or Our D«Uclou> PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Early Bird SPECIAL CcmnlHe 5,000 mile Chassis Lubrication. Remove, clcnti and repack all Whcrl Hearings with Special •Lubricant M-511. Replenish Slocrin.s: Gear witii proper warm weather lubricant. Relax and Lubricate Springs with Special M-4628 Lubricant. Clean and Service Carburetor Air Cleaner. Refill and Adjust Shock Absorbers. Clean Fuel Pump Screen. Sen-ice B.iliery and adjust Generator charging- rate. Drain, Flush and Refill Differential and Transmission (cost of Lubricant INCLUDED.) Moior oil changed to summer weight IK DESIRED (Cost of Molor Oil not in eluded). FOR.. $4.65 Passenjer Cars Only PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. !lh ft Walnut Phone 810 YOU'LL SEE THESE HATS SELLING ELSEWHERE FROM 1,59 TO 1.95 loaded was the bl K (Hindi \ eslerduy'.s hero — graveyard lo yank Ihe Reds out pitching great who -delayed his major league demis oulhuillng Paul Derringer »<; . ,,m- duclmg Paul Derringer. He gave ' Cubs beat Ihc Ttcds, 4-2, . P only nve'liiU, nnd ( W o errors 1 figured in Hie two runs mndc off WLSON-EXCLVSIVE SHIR The biggest dollar's worth of smart hat ityle in town! We picked the fines! fibres We could lay our hands on. Faithfully CO pr ed high-priced models. Added gay new bondj. AIRLOOM The Perfect Summer Shirt You'll feel degrees cooler the moment you slip into Airloom, h'a coo], ligln and porous . . . the prize li.inlani-wciglit snni- mcr shirting, nccause of il., scrccn-lifce texture, it allows l.ody hcai to get oi.l nnd the summer breezes to get in. Cool, ligiit-toned Lfkgroimd stripes in blue,' green, tan and wine. Select tomorrow and S et scl for summer. R. D. HUGHES & CO. OBBS hnngs you straws w ilh more-. color...Slr aws with ' "•ore styling...Straws with , )IO rc casual comfort. Shanes ore ,,cw am! original. Brims wilier. Bands brighter. All l, av e ' the authentic Dohlw touch. You shonW S ec,thcm...soon! T)ol)bs Body and Sailor Hats $3.50-|5 Ol.hcrsai31.95 and $2.50 R.D. HUGHES & CO.

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