Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 7, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1936
Page 4
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Belgian Artist fe. ; 1 HORIZONTAL 1.7 Self portrait j of a>t!st pic- 1 t»f«d here. It Midday. SJ prophet. IS Roof's edge. 1$ To t» undecided. IT Stays. 1$ Having no Mead hair. 2t Native metal. 22 poors. 24 Falsehood. 25 Vermont. 2« Cravats. 27 Lixivium?. •39 Doctor. ,10 Kettle. 31 Child. 33 Uncommon. 3o To'scald. 37 To attempt. 40 Insect. 41 You. 42 Therefore. •43 Measure of area. 15 Southeast. 48 Tardy. Rl Before. 52 To dress. 55 Bugle plant. 67 Crippled. 59 Food from i heaven. ^ 61 Sea eagle. 63 He has just recently gained fame as a — 64 During his lifetime ho was YKKTKVUi 2 Sluggish. 3 N'ot any. v : , 4 Fish. ^5 5 Half an em. 6 Drops of eye fluid. 7 Containing; life S Northeast. 9 To chntter. 10 Egg-shaped. 11 Frozen. 14 Kindled. IS He lived In great . 17 Drier. 18 Sneaky. 20 To render insane. ::2 Cavity. 23 To harden. 26 Pedal digit. 23 To Weep. 30 To peep. 32 Short- cask. .".4 Heglon. 36 Artifice, i 3S To carry. ' 39 Sanskrit / dialect. j 42 Vampire. ' 44 Blackbird. 47 Half. 49 Rootstock. fit) Mountain. 52 Sailor. t 53 Upon. I 54 Antelope, 56 Lair. j 55 Lava. $ 59 Myself. 60 Form of •a." 62 Northwest. Sheppard Mr. Jean of Battle Field spent Sunday night with J. W. McBay. Mrs. Alice Finley was in Hope last week, on business. Mrs. Pearl Cornelius had for dinner guests Sunday, Mrs. Lara Hacker and children, Mrs. Nellie Neal, Misses Blanche and Marie Clayton and Clenton' Chandler. Little Elmer Lee Cornelius has been very sick the past few days with :cold but is some better at this writing. Mrs. Alice Finley was sick Saturday and Sunday, hope she will be well soon. Wiltrta Gentry spent a while Sunday with Christecn Cornelius. Mr. and Mrs. Ruff Gentry and family sp«Jnt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. David Yeager near Washington. Buck Clayton visited his sister, Mrs. Viola Spring Sunday in Battle Field. . Mrs. Alice Finley was visiting a close friend of hers new year's day at Josephine hospital. Miss Onia Golden of Evening Shade returned home after spending a few nights with Miss Christeen Cornelius. Sell It! • Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope SUir MARKET PLACE Kernember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 tune, lOc line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, snin. 90c 26 times, 3',-bc line, min. $2.70 (Average S'.i words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 Rocky Mound Miss Mary Henry Formby of this place and Carl Goldwater of Shallow Water, Texas, were quietly married last Wednesday night, January 1, by Bro. Douglas of this place. We wish them a long and happy life together. Mrs. Johny Downs and little daughter Mary Etter, spent last Wednesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pickard. i Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fincher moved into their new home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hunt are the proud parents of a son, born December 27. Mr. and Mrs. Dewcy Bearden and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Rogers. Mrs. Willie Henry visited the school Friday afternoon. Tad Purtle of Providence called on Miss Norine Pickard Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Goldwater and mother of New Hope called on Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Rogers and baby Friday afternoon. Little Mary Alice Rogers is sick with measles at this time. Hope she will soon be well again. Dale Hunt and little son, Richard Lynn called on his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hunt Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Easterling j and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with her parents, Mr .and Mrs. Andy Jordan of Sutton. Raymond Jordan is staying with his sister, Mrs. Easterling and going to school here. We are sorry Mr. and Mrs. Luther Steed moved away, but wish them good luck in their new home. j The party. given in the home of I Mr. and Mrs. Warren Pickard last j Tuesday night, was enjoyed by a j large crowd. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Williams and daughter Polly Anna spent Sunday ! with relatives of Fair View. ! Henry Pickard called on Mr. and i Mrs. Barto Bearden awhile Sunday fternoon. There ;ire 24.930 miles of locally operated air services in Asia, and 2-1,490 miles of lines connecting the Orient with Europe, LOST LOST—Box containing brosvn purse, meat, and book, between Hope and Stamps. Reward for returning to Eurael Bell, 515 South Laurel. 6-3tp LOST—Buckskin Mare Mule, about 15 years old. Reward. Odeus Thomason, care of Carrel Mule Barn. 7-ltc LOST—Female Setter, eight months old. White with small lick spots, black ears and black spots on back. Call 668. Reward. 7-3tp FOUND fOUND—Black shoe, newly half- sold, and rubber heeled. Owner may claim by paying for this ad. 3-3tdh "~ WANTED WANTED — Furni-shed apartment with private bath. Phone 120. 4-3tc FOR RENT— Nicely furnished bedroom in desirable horn-.-. Phone 855- W or Phone 86. 6-3tc FOR SATE~ FOR SALE— Horses and mule.- Set C. H. Button at Sutton and Jink S<.-r- vicc Stiition, Hope, Ark. 12-2fitp FOB SALE: Complete hou.sein.iil furjiishings. Like new. Puicha..c! August- 1933. Will sell at .subsumti;-! discount rather than .ship North. Suk: Wednesday arid Thurvlay. Januarj 8th antl 9th. 219 We.it 6th Street. Dr. E. H Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, liijfli quality job. Whatever .your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Makes an Impression" HOPE STAR, OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN A COLJPLt Or YOU FORGOT TO 'BRUSH CflrF VEST /-*—-YOU'LL NE&t> A, ,TO M/XVAE VOUP, ELECTPAC LIGHT TJR\NK\NG GLASS BUL'B, &Nt> IT WILL TAV^E ABOUT #\OO,OOO TO ST/XRT THE PA.CTOKY T\CK\NCa / AMD--.HOW IX) YOU T-\GL)F£. ON GETTING TH~ MONEY C 2 NOW, GO ON YYVTH TH TOSH.'—1 T>0 NOT INTEND EITHER TO I -BLULt) A •PNLTOP.Y OR •BOTHEP. wrm MONEY /•—f LY. SUBfVMT fAY GREAT INVENTION TO TV\E i LET TV\BN\ T3ATTLE "FOR < \T/-—--ANQ T IDON'T J WANT THENN TO ANNOY S- fV\E WITH AN OFFER OFLE&e THAN A NMLL\ON I 7/T" >qoo,ooo CEPTAIMLV K o J ^WOULD IP/Of '\M>i'Q\ O ' 'A/?* ~*^ \ ~^ "^ '•"". x^'^ ~fii'»M »Y"MA scxvic^. inc. T. M. ntc. u. s. P<T. orr. \ ; BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Now Everyone Is Anxious YOO KVD MM-\ . eWE. O\DK)iT 5^Y MOrMSKi'.UWt AW ON-SVtS 6«E. ^"b ^WNOOOOtO EN2LY O16 AN.-KV^' A.VK ALLEY OOP wow.' • KVOLVRETELLINJ' ME•' HOW THAT A MAN,HEM^APLY BIO MUG 1 WIPED OUT OUR CAN V\ WHOLE GANG, SOCK/ WASH TUBES £AH6/ / AS VOIJ CAM PLAINLY \TMAMKS,Bur p ' /SEC,CAPTAIM EA^XEL WOSD u'M JUST ^>/'~-''-^> . NEEDS A FI<5HTIWSHEBIFF.)T£AVELIM6 X V i/VE'D BE'MI6MTV PLEASED/THRU. I > -_\ TO PUT Y3RE KJAME -^HAVEKITTIN N, ,,'-, fi^s. UP FUN ELECTIOM. J VTO STOP. .-..-, iv->^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS N.YES, AMD HE WIRE HARRY (WIRED BACK'. .AMD ASK HIM VIF^XJ DOWT IF HE REALLV/ TWIHK IT'S WAS J DYMAMITE, SENDIKIG \ LET'S SEE YOU DYHAMfTE ? GET A WAME FOR rr.'" HARRY IS WELL,IT /.GREAT \CERTAIWLY ONE FOR PRAWKS... THIS LIKELV ' IS JUST AWOTHER OF HIS JOKES n WITH IT ? •*•' AWAY TO AMYOWE WHO ; u V//\NTS IT.'/ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) A-'OO ^EAN YOU'PE NUP5E- "N/ YEOW5AVA, BUT 150^ YO ! fA!\lD FO5? IAC?S.YAN SWANKS ] FINK M4'D BE DOIN l 'lT "- 1|kl WCK OF HOUNDS, ON YEf? / AW DIDN'T NEE5§ DE tAY OFF CATFISH ? YOU MUST BE PAVlN Tuesday, January 7,1936 By WILLIA OUT OUR WAY W THAT'S ALL YOU'RE 7 C30MMA G\T — 7H' I REST O' BE PER SUPPER, SO VOL/ DON'T NEEOA LOOKIM'SARCASTIC. I AIN'T/ I'M M6MORI2IM' we's AT; SO 1 BS LOOklM' FORWARD TO HIM WHEW I'M PAST H/M. By MART AT AVV. MrXY SE iOST HY , UA. OOOVLVc VOOW6 V.tx'DY U^e UP ANiO OPA\- PRO9ABW WOULD HOQJc. COWOO-b ,\V COO\JD TWc. (O 193S BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. By HAMLIN 5'HAED T'TELL WHAT HE'S OOF UNDER HIS BOM WET/ BOZOWIZ'LL >^ WHAT GLAD TO THIS HE'LL WITH PRISONER SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG.'U. s. PAT; OFF. _ ("T'HET PAP-6UMM6DSHOOTIKJ'/JKia^O/lYOOOD.' ME HOPES \V<OU TELLTHE DID VOU SAV VOU'P LOVE -n-SMD YOUP? HE'LL BE ELECTEDAWP I'LL GIT SOME TO BE A COP? / OFFER'S N-n - ,/ - ^r— ^ - L BILLS PRIM V, WHY, OSCAR , SCHOOL WAS OUT SEVERAL HOURS AGO..,. ISN'T IT A SHAME WHY DO YXI SfT HERE I'M A LAW-ABIDING LOOKING AT THE SCHOOL )f BUILPIMG ? ^'' Captured What Chance Has Easy? Ossie Loves School IF IT'S REALLY ~~A GET RIP OF FT, OF COURSE .' PYVJAMITE, WHAT'RE ) WE CANT HAVE THAT STTUFF YA GONWA DO AROUMD .' WE'LL GIVE rr It Won't Hurt Him » !\iO, SUM.' All's WOR'iMN) EXTRA CAUSE MW-1 BOY MtEDS A EM-CYCLOPEDIA -—....- - (~\>) FO ms SCHOOLIN'' By BLQSSERI ~7 ENCYCLOPEDIA? PHOOEY7T^* fSv ( N»AKE Uir/\ VA/ALK T'SCUOOL, UKE il; V t>AE AJ-1 1 YOU USED 1336 BY NE» S.ERVICC. INC. T. M. BCC. U. S. I'AT OFF

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