Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1941
Page 2
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, ,~~j»-i. '!$v>.» ^^^l^^^^^^^J^^^^f^^^^ '":<'"" •• ' ( ' ' '*,*" '•" ; ' \" V' '.' 4 '' - "• v ' •''' H6M StA*. ttSM, ..A.It-RAM IAS, J*~*^l ..... I"" II— j~~-= U.S., German Arms in Brazil Krupp Tanks, Anti-Aircraft Are Port of Defense By FRED S. FERGUSON President of NBA Service . wSW r " Better whip your I HIT DE JANEIRO, Brazil-At this ending Spree, Sfortage Expected *" » Supply Edson in Washington aim ed this would cut the cost of atlonal defense U. S. Pays Itself Duty on Its Own Defense Imports ®— Jesse Jones, IICBU "• «••• ,. ' ,/* rt n statement showing th.it the Me•** u nd mode com- KERR Service Writer Better whip your WASHINGTON- Oddity upon od- i expired with the, cn^of U» dities-thanks to cock-eyed lawmak-, t ^ l ™ priv tj eges , but no time Urn! Ing by congress, the Nnvy. Department can import almost anything it darn pleases without paying import duties jorts ot bauxite, antimony, , cadmium, chrome, copper, graphite, | pieuses wiuiuni. H W J •» i fo " ••!••"• * thereon, but the War Department, and the Metals Reserve Company and Defense Supplies Corporation have to pay on the nail. In the last war the War Department was given the privilege ot importing things duty-free that it need- nleges, uui uu muu nun UNI into the Inw. Hence the still holds goo.d U wns only recenuy that the Reconstruction Fi nance Corporation set up the Metals Reserve Company to purchase am create n stock-pile of metals needec for national defense and the Defens Supplies Corporation to do a similn . 1 t -t........ ~f ..nnlrMlt. lrl,1llC POVl porting things duty-tree uiat u necu- . ed for wnr purposes, but the privilege . Rf uppes orporo job for drugs ot various kinds, cork I companies nun nvi k/«.J any tafitE UU. j on any of their • imports.. He said the I . i^_ !_-«i«,.+«4 tViAVrt fnr mp .^.- companies „•" .—— Army loses in the amount of defense .struments it obtains. However, congres St killed_the v S e e n Ct,on „ , lie mtiu uic ».«..~.~-, them for the of the bill that — the right to s free of duty. stuff wns being US' •' ' it J » « Mii»»i«" —.---•--the meantime, Congressman uo- * . . . i. _ i ,„ -< lUrt nn* Adnms nsked whether this e was not on eviision of tin I mittec, zinc. Of these asbestos, chrome, tin nnd n few others come „.,.-... ,.«..-.. replied: i "Not necessarily. We mny hnve to pny the import duty, but if we ore allowed to bring these articles in under this statute, n considerable sav- n nnd the other de n JM»jt oo broad Up to date D\ghton has not even called up hlfl committee hearing. So the Nnvy stll Us tne . ^. IOV ,«,,. ment that can importjltuff JVfree Flnpper (To Captain); "¥<\a n 't fool me, calling those life sovers^ U) no ono could get one of them It V mouth!" iy Etiivjum *~"~ *** * • *• — r | article certified by n gov- depnrtment or agency to be s article. It included In this weapons, munitions, olr- for making TEN DAILY NEEDS Relief Is Sought Two attempts have been made to ,„..*<• mit witn nisi ttnu u.c 4 .."- « - , - ,| crated more or less as siuu-nnua "' "«= r . , . f'L & r^e Aeysay.Cm'y anger at the Germans one day and «£ monev . get ting Casinos, the relieve these various agencies of the vSSSS^I sorBfofthTthtags the British the next, and the,.all shows Me loadec , with balanc- talit f tax burden. The first came in shortage ot some 01 u e | ^^ ioininH m n round and round ^ ^^ strong men and oth(?rs of J £eptember w}len the RFC asked con- if the United States , ,, ..(...j.,..!!!- ~.v,nnl. I m-oct. fnr n»rmissinn to issue notes fit most. ^ department ores ^ *.: in o£ denunciation of the United Jstates tfuy^ because of tardy delivery of supplies buy 1 nti-aircraft gun Qei . man delivered to a m ,., 0 guns port u audeville school. as, tuiu there will — .- - , Knpnsn or owi»», w*i.i» «•**-- o—•-- st things for early shoppers. But °{j™£j as to what nationality it was. asViob money and a ieelmg of ^ nto too man y d c- ^mafceithe-most-of-this - Christ- {hat dates back before Tfor-nobody - knows - ^hat-may- W|* ° Q£ ^ nt war lhe tale K-are expected to send a huge ™ e * fe ks ^4 the anti-aircraft Soflpenders into the gift market ofttie tan*^ {oUows . &,the stock on hand. When that « l ™^^ ed an Oyrd er for 500,000,000 3he,, some of it can't be replaced, military equipment with 'fexperts say. because of defense P^J^" ]ust be£ore the start of the * -acturing demands. ; ..war and sent over a "mission" to re>-find-out' what gifts may be P*, • .^ In spite of the war, the Gerie before Christmas, I talked with m proceeded to turn this equip- lying staff-of McGreevey, Wer- ^ from the Krupp works. Bu md Howell,,New York resident-.™ BriUsh b i ockade wouldn't permit 4'who purchased for depart- Brazil ians to get the material. Stores-and shops from coast to made Oie Brazilians very peevish it/, I also, talked to other buyers l t ^ British ^merchandise experts. And this is Nnname(1 Ship of it'.they told me: Unnamed Nation ku'd better step fast if you re bent Eventually a Brazilian boat picked '.buying your favorite lady glamour of the equipment at Lisbon 'most expensive kind. Imported ^ Januaiy . It was the good sh.p i perfumes and silk lingerie; U ia Campos. The British stop- ifnmed with imported lace are not ^ hef on ^ high seas and took her fentiful. But nobody expects to wor- P Gibraltar . They claimed to have ut domestic perfumes or lower- {ound Q lot ^ stuf£ aboar< j that wasn t rayon lingerie. The more cost- sed to be there. \jewelbaubles ($10 up) ^, a >: A. young Brazilian hot-head officer *.•* —i A_ n Virtj-i«iiieo *!icill&d * * " —••* *•" le old vaudeville school. j gress for permission to issue notes There are some girl revue numbers' that would increase its funds by $1.- nd every chorus girl and principal! 500,000,000. The bill also proposed hi the cast seems to be slanting in that its subsidiary companies should eye in hope of being mistaken for!be able to import defense materials another Carmen Miranda. j without paying duty thereon. It wns Die U. S. Tariff Commission im- medinlely objected to this lust clause us opening Hie wny for import of all 1'inds of things, utterly kncoking down .'Torriorotlon had committ-1 If congress appropriates »i,uv.u,uuvj, t , , lff wn ii a . Some congressmen for $67790500 for imports of for the Army for certain efense m- l, so took e . xccpt ion to this ns being . .°j'jL„„ 'nriirlPs. Some of strumcnW, duties on materials im- f mercury, ^.' tt...^ f-- r ---?inc ore, 1'A cents per pound. • , -• -----Tones also testified that the Defense explnnation: ^"Corporation had committ-1 It congress appropriates JULIUS «JH HLM»U» t«»" «*•• i absorb ns much as $170,- COllt DGl" pOUllUt pHlS 1U pOr LClJt «*' I * onn nnft in *-*ir\vi«iu tlin LJ.IU H 1 -* r ., * g 0 ^ s ^ lc 'ot^ei- $170,OUO. in money me V l°nes"stated Uwt up to date the two | government loses nothing. But the colds!"o. >e 6rnc!!Cd Lips. 7. Cuts arid scratches. 8. Minor Burns. ».. Dry. Nostrils. 10. Bore Muscles, duo to exposure. Jnrs or-tubcs^ 30c._ TALBOT'S arfSkjewel baubles ( ? 10 up) irtay ^--- Brazilian ho t.head officer i~a bit short ,too, because skilled ' ^ defense O f his country, h^'cians are now in defense work ^ a | was pmked in the arm by a shot ^tone? are harder to get But there * n Britisher. Brazilian Mmi«ter ''" tobs pleat} of less expensive \ ^^^ Gen . Eurico Dutra, an old army ive fine handkerchiefs on I Qn England. That didn't hap- don't waste much time. A but Brazil was st ill without its ,f the supply, especially the ^ on ^ acted for and needed equipment, broidered ones, came from China, g ^ e Brazilians turned to their f the supply is not increasing Fair- ' neighbor> the United States and Aarge stocks are still on hand Cot- e .. How about some equipment Hoods are scarce because of Uncle * ' k th lace o£ that which the &?^purchases, so if you have set ^ won>t let us get? » The United W,V rieart on remembering the bride ,., 1 , t have any . Eventually, cnases, au »» j«« - i Kriiisn won i "=i uo &-•• -— on remembering the bride eg d;dn , t have any . Eventually, th bath" towels or sheets, hurry however a "token" delivery of ten &#> . . . fts light tanks was made to Brazil around edu J should also shop early for gifts first Q£ Septe mber. retaining metal because of the gov- Th(j Brazi i ians were so delighted ; restrictions on basic supplies. hurried up and learned how to •ators and ranges are already )"/ rate ^^ and the ten Amencan- rrestricted and such things as waffle ^ & tanks rumb led thrpurfi the fes, -sandwich grills, pressing irons rf ^ in this count ry's national lan-dlhafing dishes may be hard to get d de o£ 'September 7 along sW 0 - ^6^ is a definite shortage of " German-made tanks which had ware Cheap.umbrellas are Vir-l been deUvere d to Brazil before th out'of the picture, though those ww . >om *3 up are still in. ' \ The German Embassy was right on bon^t'dwadle about Johnnys metaM ^e job in caltorup the Brazilian Wa 1 ' -oy buyers are generally well JP^ gnd pomting out how mferio at present, but the supply of the f^^-^n tanks were when com toy' automobiles, soldiers and Jth Ae German . ay run down before it is time ^ Br . gad . er General "Duke" Mille iqTtrim' the tree. , in charge of the American mihtar Sijpn't delay your shopping for P^-l issionj however, was just as much Be cigarette boxes, ash toays and other & job with an answer. He dis- |f^tic gadgets. Don't shop late for d some ung Brazilian of- iffiltore either. Many stores refuse^ P who had been trained m the EerefordeUveryundertoeeorfourl -. s.4 v _ ,._ /-.:**„ ,„= HBP/! to set from or Gifts we used to get from wo a gt tes with Amenc an tanks, to s War omcei and they Quickly urope, such as tooled leather boxes, j made u clear that t he German mih- r made it Clear uiai mv •^~,----t- • tary attache was just an old world- war tank man and didn't know what he was talking about. Then, there was the question o£ those German anti-aircraft guns rest- f , » . o_ « TJwir/tlian <?nin ' r hard to obtain. f*,tf you want to give shirts to the Iman in your life, you may find you ^haVe a problem already. White pop- ones are said to be especially naru uw-mai, «." — -- , . get. Pajamas, mufflers and ties of at Lisbon _ So a Brazilian ship suk are other gifts to buy early-if a renUy picked them up and de- ypucan. , ... posited them at an-unnamed North i'fXfter you have bought all your gifts, Atlantic port| and there they were idon't relax until you have boxed them, d b an unna med ship of an $ - Reports in the market say there £ ed nati on, and now they are threatened shortage of pasteboard . n Brazil W» boxes. The economic battle also has its Jjfnhere j s one bit of solace. The mer- \.wa\a. Some concerns on the ?cbandise men say that, though there j black f ist seek to meet the changed igf ^ - =?l -""— by reorganization. • There have been legitimate sales of German-controlled outfits to Brazilians, to to Americans. Others have attempted reorganizations by elimination of certain directors. If the elimination of the German control is real, the reorganization is accepted. Unless the reorganization is proven actual, however, the scheme does not work. Then there is the surprise of some Americans when they run into the comparatively small productive ca- ipacitT of 'Brazil. The low-level of Production prevails at both ends of '%> Hemisphere line. _ •• tine American was all priced to Place an order for a certain type of fibre containers. Considering the extent of his American market, he was abounded when he W*s told that the For HER... ROBES service and advice is assured. Slippers For the Entire Family These lovely robes . . . sweet flattery for every woman, All sizes, colors and materials. Slippers for Her Select hers from our. complete stock. Sheep lined, satin, leather and fuzzies. All sizes. 98c ,o 3 .50 PAJ&MAS Give her pajamas to lounge and snooze in. All sizes. 2 95 , 0 4 95 GOWNS She'll ' appreciate one of these beautiful gowns. Complete selection to choose from. __ r 5 to 4 95 -rin. I Slippers for Him Complete selection of just the house slippers, that .he will want for Chrismas.' Leather and others. All sixes.-. - 98c,o2 95 1 Children's HOUSE SHOES Select the kiddies house shoes from our complete stock. All sizes. Children's COWBOY BOOTS Thrill them Christmas morning with a pair of these cowboy boots. SLIPS PANTIES ., f. • • Tni1r\r*vl nnd L.3CG Tl'llTl • STORIES IN STAMPS Slips to please the feminine heart. A complete selection. •j.oo Tailored and Lace med styles to Kit!? ~ ff f»TT» *rr< »-r» tions Explqit 59c to 98c BED JACKETS 1.95 _____LUGGAGE ^- a 4^^-.li3!^ 1 !S^^^ will please her, _ • Week End Bags • Bags • Fined Cases • Hot Boxes^ sw^^ Beautiful New HOSIERY For HIM ROBES He's probably just ns tired of the old one as you nre. Appreciation will really'be in order when lie gets n new one. Select one from our complete collection. 0.95 Q.95 PAJAMAS Smnrt patterns in pajamas are sure to please. All materials nnd colors. Full and comfortably cut. All sizes. ,.1.95 /I.95 I to ^*- ' SCARFS Chenille Chenille BEDSPREADS thorn ono of tilCSB beautif ,ive tnem one _ . , d lr i s i [IGitii li- u * / 3' 95 .o 6' 95 All Wool BLANKETS One of these all W>ol blankets will be appreciated. Assorted colors. Handkerchiefs Handsome handkerchiefs for him. Linen that lie will be proud to call his own. With initials Box of 6 . . . 98c All Wool Loafer JACKETS Every man and boy wants one of these smart loufer coats or jackets. Give him one for Christmas. All sizes, and colors. 6 .95 Gloves 98cto 2.95 HOSE 25c, 35c 49c remain wder British. French, ntS, ln e Stamp above, issued, in 1940 *«fflnmemoratton Oi the • m dication, as yet, of iy American influence upon men s ' ft WOTO en's fashions m Brazil. Helen Rub instein and Elizabeth Arden ar ebig shots on cosmetics, but the Brazilians make their own clothes and n Hose are definitely acceptable. You'll find the smartest shades in these Archer, Dovedown and Mojud Hose. All sizes. razans ma shoes . There have been an American the founding of the £as hion show, done by alluring models, as , and a British fashion show. Neilher wt any lasting »» som£: Brazilians view the shows, thought the American exhibit e sized the models, which they J»"Wnt , bears the Jikeness chanan end a pic, 0| his rwidence »t Bassa ve Liberia prpci%iined jnde ndence in 1847. > sized the moes, wic e *m y oun S state. Buchanan wa? u * } COMFORTS You're sure to please them with a down comfort for Christmas. Colors: Hose, Green, Blue and Pencil. Many Other Gifts for the Home PICTURES Pictures that they will appreciate. Size 12x15 inches. 29c Luncheon* Sets These will make ideal gifts. Assorted colors and patterns. 98c i, 4 95 Military Sets 1 .00 A.95 to ,*f SHIRTS When hc sees the ENRO' or Mark Twain' label you can be sure that they will please him. Patterns and solids. Plenty of whites. All sizes. Give him several of these. ENRO Shirts |.95 Mqrk Twain Shirts | .65 1.95 ( and I Gladstones 6 95 up GLOVES Cannon Towel Sets Gloves that she'll want. All kinds that are sure to please. <^.95 s some 2000 «iw-w '"Tr T - ; territory wWcb, Liberia e<J b«t cowJ* not co» tr 5?- . j American State Department " 1,000,000 acre? W. fw^ UOQ dBveioppoent is ejf" r development oJ § b&- „ nput. That point, one of Aer bright spots in the situation. The Condor planes _n operation-,»are getting no lyminger very fast. Without «P^«- menlT which hardly seems probable at the moment, the line can't last for- A big collection to choose from. J5WEUY Qfift www Hankies that range from timid tints to shouting shades. They will really appreciate one of these CANNON towel sets. We have jost received a new supply in attractive gift bo:.-.s. TIES Present him witli several of these beautiful ties. Silk and wool. Assorted patterns and colors. A complete selection to choose from. 49 TALBOT'S BELTS HICKOK ---- . . • 98e JEWELRY', , • , §0« SUSPINDERS ..., • the trade witb .-^^ ^ aands of the British asd '&"< *- >~ mJsto&js*^ fe' the night-clubs, which are op- ' ".'•isLfeAsiC,

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