Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 9, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1952
Page 9
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iiT" f ?i J ,'t ' r">- f ' ' Of! ITAt, MOM, ARRANIAI r jSs-*-*' ^ , Au«}u.» 9, |j#l_ *-*7rt r?*' lIEl'Y t A, M. wri 4 f> M. »v ; .. »*JI1,,K- I B of tho Chrl«l- Vnhlp WIH fcmvn iOng nnrt Iti -2 If4 HITS SS HAftiOR" iits Sunday • to the WA»ley«n 8»rvfco Oulld of the first N.i»UwdW Church on All Wfp«hodl*t Chttreh will mcol aflerflriot" «l -I o'cldcK nt Tho Service drum, All nttond, wlft h<iv(» cfkarie of tho »ro> ' »f * urged to Tho n««lnPM Wwliifi'* Circle of the Firm R0ptl*t Chi'Wh will nwt with Mr*, M, 8, Bnlft*. Smith B!lm Street, for « picnic Monday Johnny Starting 3rd Movie Career §y •«• tHOMAft HOLLYWOOD Johnny Downs, who won 8 hdn-bcen at the of 13, In ntftrUftg hi* third career nt the B«P of 38, Johnny i» the perennially young looking follow who bounced through manya musical buck In the '30». liut hi* movie career ntnrlod long before that. "1 get into pictures whun I won 0," ho reenlM. It was hnck in Jfill And ! played a kid In a of picture* Jack was doing on the old Universal lot, I did Homo nthr<r film* «nd then Hot Into the Our Gang com<*lle«. I wo» in thorn for a couple of and th<?n found raysclf washed up At th«? age of IX" thwn retire, Johnny went night, Aiifliut II nt T, o'cloch, ^^^ -._^-^UtJ~ ? Tho Wottmn of t'i* Wr/it Pr««hy l*»rinn Church will rmM nt Fnfr J»BH< «t fl;!IO Mond«y, A«iWitt 11, tlHto yntidovlllA with another Our for n potlHclt pltmlc, , Q»n« grndunta, Mnry Kornmnn. In „„_„,_—. I'lho '3(1*, he returned to pictures fu»«<My, AUgu«t 12 nnd wn» the enthuslntitlc Tho If'tpe Country Club will «n. wlllt nn «luctlon i»«rty dntioe for ll» m«mb«r» night flt 8 o'olork. Ho»t* e«nd ho« t<?»«(?« will ho the «nti>rii4lnrnont com m ft tec. Jack Keith Byrd third Birthday On TilMitny, AiiRust 8, fit 10 n.m, Mrs. Jnek I« Wllsfm nephew. Jock Kulth Byrd, on bid Ilrt birthday with n parly nt he}* 1 homo, A* the t'hlldrpn they worn tmhnrnd \o the 'unmet room, \Uit»r» mimoroiiN t«yH worn butt'd for them in piny with, boKtoso, tissistod by Mi'H. Hoy Formby, «orv«l Ismonitdp, Ice oruum, And t'dko to thirty mini II Sun. - Mon, at the Saenger You may call us mama i boy* for (ticking at home, but most of 11* work hard every day and keep hoping for the time when good nearly to Inadequate as you seem to belelve. Don't glvo up trying, rearrange your mental attitude a iittle, rouse will be built for the wortiti*' your optimism, equip yourself with rnnn. More power to those families who ore maklnjf the best of thlngR nml fwtetlrtg; high ptfeeft 'while avoiding being victimized by the high-priced but cheaply built housing. DISGUSTED the real estnte section of this paper, and best of luck to yen! Dear Miss Oix: I nm going with a boy who is very well mannered and behaves very well when he is with me. However, my girl fri- An»wer: Your* was another of 1 end snys thnt when he is away LOU COSTELLO, MITZI CJRiEN and HUD ABBOTT are a coijr three- «oroc in a ic«ne fiom Unlvctttl-Iniernationil'i "LOST IN ALASKA.* Sun. Mon. Tues, at the Rialto moro In cbunltaM collcito pictures. ife plsymi mony other role», but HI* youthful nppearnnco and en- thuilnurn tabbed him as n rah- rah kid. Eight ycnr* IIRO, inn pnrU stnrt- «1 gittinK sunree.', so DOWIIH pulled up hl» fnmlly nnd wont on»t, "I hod orio hit show (in Browd- wny, 'Arr,« You With It?,' " ho 10- cnllod, "But although It wns n It didn't do much for my carcor, except to ostfiljllitli mn on the (ttage, 1 smyt'd in the East and did nnothttr show, this times n flop, nnd sum nun- theater* nnd telcvlxi- Including the following: Kiii-on Cutsli, Jimmy John«on, Mnry FWth Munn, Mary Lou Clrt'ctt, PodKy Fninloi, Difvltl Juno*, Lttiiro Jfnv* t Miko \VilU*, Mlko Atkins, tommy Porhitty, Knthy Flold, Or-ne ' Jlnon, Jr. acno Mid Bnvbiira Tlmmiiiiari, Pnwl rind Vlcltlfl Powi'l), Lorn .Waldori, Jnck> It* nntl On It I,(Hi|(hlln, Onll Will- John I'nyrw tiiul im»llu% Mm, Perry I'liym- of Mobil®, AIn. Mrs, on." Two yoorft «i<o, ho returned to Jiom« bnino In Ilolfywood with his wtf« nnd four children, HP did n Unity TV show, porformlng new (Inrvco ' litimbt'i'K «vi-ry day. But his Him (.'nn'i'i' didn't lunltn until n few WPnkH o«o. H« pl«y<»d n snllor in "1'louHiH'o InUtnd." Now hu'» buck on llu< liH wlu'i'o ho not aturt- od; IIO'H playlnu n cavalry officer in U-l'» "Column South." And many other film purl* tiro looming MU» Norms Jnsin Prnnk* Honoffld With Shower Mm, ^Yefcs Ciiwllnit nnri Shuttle lumoi't'tl Mls« Jean Pranks, bridp-olocl of Bob Shflddox, with r« ml»iH)lfi\|ieaua nt the American I>«!(Tn Hut In Nnrtwllto Thui'adny Tho HtftH tllgplnyod on « contored with tun «rnw}«<»* if pink (jladloll nnd pink cun- the nnonymous letters I so constantly deplore. I would have liked to send you a perrons!' reply, with perhaps some concrete help. The particular Instance in this column to which you take exception wo* a clearly staled case of a man who wouldn't set up a home for his wife because he preferod living with his mother. There woa no indication thnt the status was dictated by economic reasons. This is the condition I bewail — and will eternally continue to do so. If a wife wants her own home, nnd her husband Is financially able to give It to her, he Is falling down on his obligation as a husband In refusing to leave the parental icnrth. Analyze The Problem Your problem is entirely different, but it will not be solved by :he bitterness, which is so manifes't in your letter. Instead of writing a blanket condemnation of the real estate industry, make an analysis of the field yourself. A little investigation will reveal that material nnd labor costs also have Constance Smith embraces Richard Wldmark In a scene' from 80th Century-Fox's "Red Skies of Montana" Color by Technicolor. Produced In cooperation with the U. S. Forest Service, this Is the first motion picture of the flame defying, parachuting smoke jump- ern. DOROTHY DIX scrv f$rty guests, Those ott«ndln« w Wtfvo tho honored, Mrs, Fi'nnh*. Mrs, llnnry w. Tnylur, nnd Miss Mary Lou Muorc, M!»t Novnlanv Hoguo ErtUrtnlned With Shows r Mi*» Ot>(« Cttaton, Minn Annlo Sue Andres, nntl Mr*. Chttrldx Hall with n uhowp nlttht, Au«UHt 0, for the plcn«m>« oC MlHB Nuvalene .UORUP, bride- elect of Arvnl Ernest May, nt tho homo of Mm. Hull. The .Ijomn'ets was proscnttnl a eqmnge of yvllaw ilulsloa nmi won tho rt!Cli5lont of mnny useful gifts, An ori-anat'nnmt of red ^alhi III Six Navy Mon Die in Wreck UTCJlFlEt.D. HI- (UP) — Six NtCvy men wiw Icillwl todny when tho car III which thi«y wer« rldlna with (t heavy trnctnr-trall- truck «n U. 8, Hiuhwuy CO. 12 north of here, police mild tho victims nil w«SH : aAt«ch«cl to tho navnl nir sin- Twin. Th«y r<>- _,.,,,-,. nliiliC!tiEivy : urttll noxt of kin w<>ro . -. ^ik&j^vT'A-T-:' ' and Gojngi Mi-M. Wllllnm Wnnl nnri llttln umi, Kerry \Villlnin. left Wednesday for their homo in Snydor, Toxfts 'nfter apciullnR three months with 'hm 1 pnrontst, Mr. urut Mrn. ,.K. 1* Powell, lies wtts placed on th« mantel with Housing Problem Dorir MIsH nix: While you bewail yoiini: iii.'irriod pi'niilc living unclrr p.'iri'nlal mnfs, there tire 1 in;iny of UH wild hnvc no (.-holc'c in the mill- tcr. \Vc live with our folks, Imping for th<> djiy when we cnn Rd our own homo nt n price at which-we cnn retiHonnljIy cxpiict to coinplclc the flnmicinl rosponsibllily ns.stim- 0(1. Most of us yoiinn iieojjle living nt homo nrc votitrans who did not from me ho says mean things, and tells her he is going to stop see ing me. DOLLY M. Answer: Your so called "girl friend" is a trouble maker cf the worst variety. Ignore her anide remarks, and wait until you have firsthand proof of the boy a duplicity. Dear Miss Dix: Although I nm only 15'Xj and my boy friend is 17, we plan to be married soon. I want to give him an identification bracelet for his birthday. Would it be proper? ALMA M. Answer: The identification brace let is too expensive a gift. I hope your folks prevail upon you to postpone your marriage for quite a while. At 15 you have no ideu of the responsibilities involved and neither does the boy. Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc. Ntw Casualties Total 160 WASHINGTON <m — The ttefer Department today Mentlffed casualties of the Korcon War. The new list (No. B24) Inclin 30 killfHl in notion, 105 \vou_ 17 Injured and eight missiti action. It is believed that the first locomotive used for heavy hauling Ret ;est.ablishod in the pre-wai orn but who camo out of service to find the real ostato agents and Iniildors in full fhurj'e, ready to .sell a poorly constructed match box at a fantastic: price or to rent nn apartment for $125 per month. I know for u fact that many of these real estate ntjents were almost pnupcrs in 1035 — but how different in 1952. something to do with the situation j was built in England in 1801. •— and these are as much to blame to real estate men as to you. Learn where to put the blame — then put U there. Of course, you'll find close operators in any industry — but you'll also find plenty of honest builders and real estate men, as anxious to provide low cost housing as you are to find it. Many communities are sponsoring projects to provide good housing at moderate cost — and I'm sure a progressive city like yours isn't lagging behind its larger sisters. In your efforts to locate the hous ing you want, two things must bo borne in mind. The skyrocketing costs of the aforementioned labor and materials have, made it unlike ly that the day of cheap housing will ever return to us. However, since thousands and thousands of other young couples have had to adjust themselves to what is available, you may have to, also. If you have been used to a old- fashioned private dwelling built of fine brick, plaster and wood, that you cannot expect to find in modern, new housing. The old substantial dwellings are gone — probably forever—but the- substitute is hot Although (Jourt jesters In 1 Middle Ages often were men defectives, irt inter times U sometimes were outstanding rr who rose to Important positions] HOPE DRIVE-IN,, THEATRE ^ 8. Main & Country A Club rd, , - . Saturday — boublft Feature "BANNERLINE" — Plus — "SOUTH OF SANTA FE" * SUNDAY - MONDAY I Want You ii Dana Andrews Dorothy McGuire LEE WELLS Mr, nnd Mrs. Milton Dllln,rrt nnd Brcndn, nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Ilomjcr Boroyloy have returned fronr n vacation trip to roy, Mexico, nnd Laredo, Texas. nn im'ttngpment of pink and bucholor UuttonB on tho pinna. Th« tabHs wn» covevod with u whtto lluon clOttt turtterod with I'ostorla caudlo »Vlck« and n low bowl of pink glndloli, plat* hpdrt oooKloH nnd white euokle» with Iced tti'toks woro served, to (orty-tlu-oo gui>«t9, Don Holt, HN, of tho USN H«>«. ptlol Staff, Corpus Chrlstt, Texas, is the week end «uost of his pnr- (,»nta,'Mr, nnd Mrs. P. J. Holt. Hospital Notes Joiephln* Discharged: Mrs. Ilasol Arnelt, Hope, Mrs. O. McQueen nnd son, Hope, ELECT R. C. (BOB) DANIELS Alderman Ward 1 A Pint Term Candidate NOT a Third Term. Pol. Adv. Pnld for by Dob Daniels and friends 1NONKXAR 7:40 A, M, MONDAY, AUG. 11 1* NOON MONDAY, AU& 11 7;40 A, M, TUESDAY, AUG. 12 5 TO WEAR DIDATE FOR JUDGE HIS CAMPAIGN BIWVISK led tho wny to the lum- bcrya'rd. Tlio dealer acted as frightened and reluctant na tho ntorekcoper. Mo didn't want to Boll nn tho plinv ho did nut have boards tho right length. v "Cut 'om," Blalso snapped. I'Jtlal, you «|f<it » wagon nnd haul It to the rnnoh. I'm rtdtn}!' to Concjo." '^Vliy Conejo?"'llal asked. "1'U liUo to throw n question or two at Marie Davis. You can take core of thlnga here?" "Sure," Hal said, "at least all fvo seen so far," BlatHO rode Into tho Conojo Valley and soon came In sight of Mark Davis' house. Ho found Walt and Paul working a field close to tho road. Paul amllod In warm welcome. *\Valt Rave R half-hearted Ki'ln. Blulso dismounted and lit a cigarette, "What brings you over?" Paul asked, "I want to «pot a few head of breed Block," BliUso answered easily, "You nvu.it bo getting along," Paul said. "Lot's git to the house. Maybe Muw'll hava aoincthtng to eat" "Has Loonls bothered you?" Wult asked eagerly, "Some," Blaise acknowledged. Maw welcomed Blaise with a hug and a Kiss. She put coffee and pie on tho table. They had just settled when Melanle appeared in tho door. She showed surprise when she saw Blaiso but he recog- nised It as an act. Ho concealed •hla own uneasiness. Paul brought up the matter ot LeonU again. "So Scorpion has left you alone?" •'Hardly," Blaiso laughed shortly. He told ot the eviction of Scorpion rlUera, the Are, about Thatcher and the new alliance. They all listened, Walt eagerly. Melanle vvlllt growing shadows In her eyea. .. "So thorn's been trouble," 8t»lM ended, "but It piles up against I^onis. 8tlm U up In Stmi^rlgfet CHAPTER SEVENTEEN I sharply at her, Mark Davis' wife. I searching look that any stranger " • " ' might give another. Hal gave it no particular attention. His thoughts wandered to Blaise. He remembered how he had first met Blaise In the £ard of tho prison and he had been strangely drawn to tho tall man. Hal had been embittered then, planning his revenge on a society that had turned a misguided boy's prank Into five long years of prison. Something of his hatred had shown In hla eyes and finally in hla speech. Blaise had managed, In tho few short minutes allotted them, gradually to redirect his hate and finally show it to Hal for what it was—worthless and a potential breeder of .many more years In prison- It had taken months but finally Hal had seen the point. "... burned:half the mountains," a voice Intruded on Hal's thoughts. One of the strangers spoke to the barkeep. "We was over looking at It. Bad blaze." Hal, Interested, watched the men In the mirror. "It was bad, all right." "Took one ranch," the other man said, "and near burned it all down. Who owned It?" "It's a line camp now," the bartender sold, "part of the Scorpion spread." Hal straightened. "It teas a line camp, mister." "Your place?" one of the men asked quickly. "Me and my partner's. We drove off a couple of Scorpion gun- hawks." Hal Icoked squarely at the barkeep. "You wouldn't know how It started?" 'Not anyhow!" the bartender disclaimed hurriedly. "I Just saw her burn, that's all." "No Scorpion riders was up that way?" The bartender leaned forward. "Mister, my trad* comes from Scorpion, and t atiy in this town becauM LwonU let* me, I ain't sayrng rider* went up there or they didn't*" Hal turned to leave and then sank Me* Mffttnat th« bar, suddenly alert, 4 man st«*4 to either «tdt ot Mm, On* at the poker UWe faced HaL Th« fourth man lounged agalnat &* doorframe, watching elosfly, Hal s«ns*d fun-trap. He stratfntemd and Instantly saw the tout man atUjEft*. He turned and d tbe Mtteadsr (or a bottle, fit picked It «P. examined the Ho could not help the touch of bitterness that crept Into his voice. "I'll not harm you or yours." "1 know ... but I worry about you." Sho looked out across the Holds and her voice dropped almost to a whisper. "I've made a mlstngc, Blftlsc. 1 know that now," "Mistake?" "I married Mark Davis. It's all wrong. He's not at all like you. Oh, perhaps I shouldn't talk about it, but... you should know. It's only fair." "It's late, Melanle, much too late." "I know," sho answered with a sigh, "but I do so want to help you now." They were startled when a buggy rattled Into the yard and Mark Davis •entered the house, "You're back," Melanlo said. He nodded, watching Blaise. "Too early?" "Why, no," Melanlo said. \"Blaise has been telling all of us tho news. Loonls set fire to his ranch." Mark's brow lifted in mock surprise. "I've got news, too," he atUd. "I Just come from Slml. Cut my business short. There's been a murder!" "Murderl" Melanlo exclaimed. "Who?" "He was shot In the back—bushwhack, a fellow named Slim Starling," Blaise groaning, dashed from the house. Meantime Ha) wandered Impatiently around the small lumberyard. There was a good deal of cutting to be done and the lumberman apparently Intended to take his own time about It. Hal smoked a cigarette, ground It out and asked where he could hire a wagon and a team. "Bledsaw'a, (t he'll hire it to you," the lumberman growled. "Re will." Hal grinned. Hal wandered out to the street. He saw the livery sign and he walked aiowly in that direction, right hand never far from hla now, getting, together some who've wanted to homestead,** Paul shook hla head. "It'll meftn ntor* war in the San Fernando. Scorpion will try to hold the valley." "I expect IV* Blalae shrugged, *You'U be sent back to prison!" MeUuUe exclaimed, in a frightened voice. "Not thta time. b»ck just tor Etui I dtdnt cowxe to be a monkey ott § W«tt had to to th« tteWa tor the afternoon's worts, WM ol ^%*v.' ;*""/ "k fo C-gfe^ i:?xv^&;l $g not produce Urt W' II utok* u&> •(^".PPfljp ^Hfr" Colt. The town looked sleepy and peaceful again, but like Blaise, Hal could sense «yes watching him. He wond«r*d tf aomexme hadn't already ridden to Scorpion with word that Blaiae had dared to come Into th« town. After some argument, he hlrwi tea wagon and team. Hal drove the rig to the lumberyard and walked out to the street again. Some horsemen had coma In. he could see the saddled mount* lln- inf lto» saloon nttcnrick, t&ev might be Scorpion rtdere. but Hai diamtewd that We*. Scorpion would be scouring tfee town for Bialsn, not UolBg « bar. Hal squinted up at the sun, He'd give the lumbisrman nngtia^ tarn to toad up *** label and then slowly walked with It to U»e tahlft, Toe man blinked, confused by the unexpected move, *t reckon we're both atrangers to th*» p«rt*, M H*l said with a frtn and thudded the bol- UWetpp, "So how about I? ir« « VOTE TUESDAY ELECT DWIGHT RIDGDILL Alderman Ward 2 Your vote and influence will be appreciated Pol. Adv. paid for by Dwighl Ridgdill CLIB FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL Endorsed 100% ol- home by the lawyers and judges of the 12 and 15 Judicial circuits. I will apprecite your vote and support for Clib Barton (My Cousin) on Tuesday, August 12. Pol. Adv. Paid for by Mrs. Leon Bundy, Hope;!Ark. NOTICE TO THE PEOPLE OF HEMPSTEAD Francis Cherry again declares his policy on roads as he has done throughout his entire campaign. "I believe that the highway revenue should be fairly distributed between primary and secondary roads including farm to market roads. "Any statement by McMath or his supporters that secondary or form to market roads will not be constructed or not maintained is untrue. Francis Cherry" Baseless and untrue rumors are the only things left for McMath to campaign with, Disregard these rumors ~— they are absolutely un- trut. * " *' fc *" 7 ' ' ^ , ' ' _ _-. . H*M •T«S'H#*r. ••** IV6 EVER HEARD OF % • Kansas Caper 1 <• 1 r Answer to Previous Puzzle- v HORIZONTAL ; VERTICAL ^1 Motto of r j x)eeds Kansas is "Ad 2 Feminine \ ! Astr ° P er N appellation / Capital of i }£g£;||- -* Kansas < m 5 TeU * '' W* 13 Tip. over \ $>. 6 Genus of 14 Ascended i ^ ^ geese IB Fno f SSf ' :n ! ) fiber 'f .;,"> 26 Golf device -'42 Spar N 8 Prayer i ifete j 28 Winter vehicle 43 Oil (comb.\ ' imD _'. 9 Liquid \^|f 29 Vigorous r form) r > measure s.'""J 30 Concludes... '44 Century plant; ,„. Q ", .— .<»••' 10 Domestic slave 32Stare with\ ''"- • fiber ••- 9iK/n n Ic-e 11Retaln ' " open mouthl .45 Son of Seth] '* i-snirkn/m ^tv, 12ElTimets 33 Grain beard v (B ib.) ^ .A ^"^mnZl 619 A 8 eless ' 38 Take inl ° ' '• ;' 47 Monster ^ l^unnower 2 2 Sport- custody. ." ^48 Wooden plugs') •)7Moin' ,.'.': ,23 Cease ^ '39 Appropriate^) 49Let it stand/ no p pn »«,,«\ '2' 24 Carrv ( co »-) 41 Modified tho 51 Legal point > 3?R[ppeT fe 5 In a llne X > PitCh •' ••" '* 630btain . ; 32 Jewel i33 Wolfhound'i t ;34 Siouan 3. i Indian V A J35 Drink made i ! with malt i J36 Join closely ^ 37 Church bench 38 Mimic ' ~ 39 South ^ j . Y American"! -. ^ mountains •'•• 40 Pauses 42 Spiritless one ,46 Distress signal ( 47 Italian i goddess of the . r harvest 50 Straightener 52 Native lump I of gold' "—' 54 Bristly \ .^. ; ^85 Become ] ", % I manifest '; 56 Browns by, !• heat / CARNIVAL •wDlekTirin j T. M. R«g. U. S. P,it. OM. Copr. 19t2 by N£A Sirv.d*, Inc. "Drexelli You've been steaming your pay envelope open.' - ^ " " in]"-' " " "" " " : 'again]"-' SIDE GLANCES GoIbroItliS SSS^SSNU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WlllUm* HE LOVES TO J /I DON'T SUCXSE OWE GO WITH VOU \/ INCH TILL THAT LOUDMOUTH) BO, AMP I CAKJ'T T IS TIEP UP/ WITH THESe STAMP THAT ) HALF-WILD CATTLE 1 MEV^fc J S PICTURE OF / SEE OWE OF 'EM MISERY \ ALL CW/ WITH . ~ , •;;a_.i AROUNPHERE) HIM YAPPIM- r"%^- -*' muA A ' LL nW/.'_VAFTER RAB3IT5 ) fjp3 gl?7lSl^«r^ Sftifc? 5 ^ ^=^—^ t 1 ' BORM THlfeTV VEARiS TOO SOOSi. t ^',!';.'.','.,",u' OUR BOARDING MOUSE Wlflt Ma)er Noopta E6AO, ARMISTICE.' THAT AWlFUL. PER-' ^f ALL X K|M UN6AFFL& FOR(V\AMC£ eV BATTLE-AX OTTERLV^. OUT 0F ClV s ' MA30R, FACK THAT FIUUES I?ACE THAN! A. COLOR6 OR1U' VJAY k^^ J /.\^\-\ FILLV SET 2 FUNNY BUSINESS By Htr*hber§«r r you're going in th«re, lady, your «c«0iint fo n$w worth cents on the " " FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS •y llMMf SEE WHAT i MeAN?Ktow.Kip,o»*,vlHe| DUCKS KNOW WMEBf VIC FUN I DON8 PBAP/ ft? 9O9&.' PlPN'T MB ^ oawLtt CROSS vour •f in WASH TUBBS I HOPE WE WOM'T BE SEEIW VOU DOWN HERE ANV MORE/ IM THIS I won«.« NOW GET THf\T CHIP OPP T LBT 1$ OWING VOU N BREAK ? VOU OUQHTA BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar BUGS BUNNY *, WHAT'd Y I'M ' ' HA4>T /TO THE TO RBNt?BR A. FEW ON MY ACCOBPION/ SUV'NOflf/ I KNOW WHA.T '' I'M POIN4/ TME5B PISH PeSPPWN'CLUCK4' APPKBCIATS ASUSIC / YOU'RE RlflHT, 6IRB,0Ut ON OTHBR H/«SNP... ALLEY OOP PIDM'T TH' SENIE DO , SUMPIN, EITHER / NO, HE THIB OR THAf, / JUST JUMPEP APTEK HE MADE I ON AND IT THIB OUTA HB V TOOK.OFR.. FUNNY OL'HAT? NOf^tAGIC FORMULA OR TRICKY WORD / 1O MAKE TH 9 / WB'O BETTER THING FLV LIKE ( KJSOM ABIRP? - A THING/ •*/»• CHRIS WELKIN, Plonereer fir '*••/* HINR1 "I r

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