Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 1, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1939
Page 2
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PAGES TWO Hope Star of Hoce. 1S99: Prws HOPE STAR, HOPfi, ARKANSAS Hope. 1899; Press, 1927. ComolidMeCI Tamitry 18,1W JO Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Reportt Published every week-day afternoon oy Star Publishing Co, Inc. C. E. Palmer & Alex. H. Washbton, at The Star building. 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBUKN. Editor and PmMlahe* (AP) —Means Associated Press, (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week ISc: per month 6Sc; one year J6.50. By mail, hi Hetnpsteed, Nevada, Howard Miller and LaFayette coxmties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere |6.50. Member ot The Associated Press; The Associated rress is exclusively entitled to th« use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made tor an tributes, cards of thartte. resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial news, papers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a leluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility OT tine lafe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Something Ought To Be Done About Alaska The United States has owned Alaska for 72 yews. There is ground for wondering how proud we ought to be of our record in this magnificent territory. About $7,200,000 was paid for the vast area when Seward bought it from Russia. Many times that amount has come out in gold, other metals, furs fish, -and lumber. • Yet during that whole 72 years the United States has succeeded in achieving as a population figure in Alaska a static GO.OOO. There is something wrong there. For many years it has been known that vast stretches o£ Alaska were no polar tundra, but regions potentially rich in agricultural soil, forests, and mineral wealth. • Perhaps because Alaska came to the United States at a time when it was still opening up the west, when there were still vast stretches of the central continent to explore, Alaska has been neglected. Now many people keep repeating, "the frontier is closed." Ye{ Alaska is even today, for practical purposes, untouched. Imagine what the countries of Europe which claim 1 to be hard-pressed for "living room" would do with Alaska if they had it! Mussolini, embarking on a vast military expedition to conquer faraway Abyssinia in the pestilential tropics! Hitler, risking world conflagration to extend "German living space" into e^ast-central Europe! Yet we, who complain of a "closed frontier" and an end of opportunity, have this.vast area, almost a continent in itself, at our disposal, and we do nothing about it. Nothing? Not quite that. But literally nothing compared with the vast potentialities lying there untouched. A new survey by the Interior Department is the latest of many to call attention to these neglected resources. ' Land, climate, and resources of Alaska, says this report, are in every respect equal to Scandinavia, where 13.000,000 people have developed one of the finest civilizations known to the world. The report suggests large-scale settlement by refugees (since Americans have for 72 years refused to go there in any nuliibers). This would build a new market for American goods, a new source for American energy and strength, a new bulwark of defense, a new national inspiration .for achievement. And all without injuring the people of any other country. Whether this particular plan is possible it is hard to say. But it is certain that the United States ought to turn eyes to AJaska with a greater seriousness than it lias yet done. The situation of the world, and our own internal situation, is no longer such that we can afford to pass up any bets THE FAMILY DOCTOR; T. M. REO. o. a, PAT. Friday, September 1, By DR. MORRIS F1S1IBE1N Editor, Journal of Ute American Medical AssedttfOM, Mtf •« Ilygeia, the Health Magazine Doctors Probe Amebic Dysentery, Check Outbreaks At Dartmouth' Since the great outbreak of infection with amebae that was associated with a contaminated water supply in two Chicago hotels in 1933 and 1934, large Enumbers of people have been examined frequently to find out the extent to which they had boon infested with intestinal purusities. One of the lending authorities in the country. Dr. C. F. Cr,ii,.< of tlu- U. S. Army Medical Corps, has estimated that between 5 and lit per cent of the people hero have amebae of the type associated with aim'bic dysit'i-v iu their intestinal tract. Most people are infected from contact either directly or indirectly with those already infested. Physician:; of Hanover. N. H.. the town near which Dartmouth University s located, have made a Muily of their amebae patient records. "Although specimens from 205 people m th.> :ural district around Hanover, N. II., lad been ex-iniined in the pasl sis •ears, the amcliae wi iv mi found 1.1 the intestines of :my •>! iHi'ni. During that sani'.- pe-i xl five mi;>n- bei-s of the faculty ,,f Dartmouih win. •oil i rued fiom foreign travel:; V.TIV found to have fimebae in their in- trsthies. After the. Chicago outbreak it was decided to examine every fri<sh- been done for the pus I five- yonrs. In 19:i4 and in JD.'IG, Kl.it) men were examined nnd 24 of these were found to have amebae. In 1937, G84 were examined nnd five were found to be positive. In 1S38 there were five positive out of R70. It is interesting to know that only eight out of the ;t7 students who weir found to be infected ever felt bad enough to seek medical attention. In only three of these cases had there been enough dysentery to cause them to seek medical' advice about londition. (hut There are many excellent remedies with which it is possible, under persistent treatment, Ui cause the nmbiie to disappear from the intestinal tract of ttiiin. It is remarkable how much better a person will feel when nil of the nmebae that ho hns been harboring for sometime ore caused to disappear from his system. Even though lie has had only an occasional nt- tnck of diarrhea ir ysentory, the improvement is significant. BARBS Republicans ado stm-ting ( u forecast a HMO victory already. They'll be itU right UK long as- some ninguzirie doesn't, come out with a poll in their favor. The cat that is mothering an or- phun piy is going to be surprised When Junior grows up to be n 300- pound porker. German officials are admitting foreigners only to H "seriiM of lectures on Nn/i work. They're probably afraid of revolt if they let natives find out just, whnt is going on. • SO THEY SAY Wo pride ourselves that our will not be remembered for hootchy-kootchy dance—and a feature's and free sluice boxes. means nothing to iiS—Mnyov F. H. T.nOnimliM of No\v York City. Mr. Roosevelt has no immoply on |>;ifi kitism or on wisilcun in our ceiinnniie ;il'f;iirs. -Fn'.i.U Gimnptt. cliiiii 111:111 of the National (Viiimittoe fo uphold (.'ini.sliiutiiiii.il (.iovprn- mcnt. iN'cVf-r before in roimlry Irn'r i'-; j lou^ of ihir hlu i opera .Mtu.cf. A California mining town recently I Kov got its first movie (healer. Already '''>'• the patrons are clamoding for double' f ori: tin 1 liisUiry of I,awif.'iice Ti what they pieach oji the subject of iit spending. - A very Coon- M iniilarUirer :, OURBOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE ~ OUT OUR WAY 100 - 10-2.0-30-L(0~-.|4b "DOLLARS IU rfo L ^ HWM! KE EMLY R&GRETYOLJR-.HIC. Reverses, GEMTLEMEU, BUT i TRUST ;_THE- OCDDESS CF CHAMCS COMPENSATES * YOU WITH EULkSHTENAIEMT FOR WHAT SHE HAS RELIEVED YOU OP IM WORLDLY VQU -FOR 7ME TJRllOKs AfOD CIGARS, MR— MlO.PILCH f WMP- K4FF.; ~~ PARDOU ME '/kJOVV— A COUSIM OP MIU£,OUE OP THE STATE POLICE fMSPeCTORS. IS VVAIflMG FOR. ME IU TH£ LOBBY f By J. R. WILLIAMS HERE o« HORSESHOSS m& ^A,WD HOW ABOUT TOMORROW KII6HT ? YOU ,VlluHT DOUBLE THAT YOU KUOW' ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Questions on t'»gv Two 1. T. Fuller, in "Gnomolos'ia " 1732. ' 2. Tertullian. in "Do Canu- Christ! 200 A. D. 'J. B. Franklin. t?«t. 4. John Heywood. 154ti. 5. Shakespeare, in "Julius Cen- sar," lliOU. Ii. Edmund Spenser, in "Faerie Queene," 157"i. WHAT'S MB MEA.U, MORRA UIGHT? ALL ~TME CHIEF'S GOT LEF-r A COLD TOOTH ' . ^ SEUD UP ', A COUPLB OF- OP t POUMOS ASPIRlkl Announcement H*T*f SUSTER, SVHO HAD SMS IM TME GAME IS NOTICE - Mrs. R. A. Boyetfs studio opens September 1. Piano •oice, drawing, painting. 60S South Ytain street, telephone 318-W. 25-Btp. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WE WAS RAISED \/WELL , WEVE TOGETHER ANP HE HISHH^S ME BECUZ HB RUNS A, LITTLE BOOK STORE -*WHY, IT TAKES TWICET TH' BRMNS TO BE A GOOD MACHINIST AS VT DOES MECHANICS Ir4 A MEGHAMICAU AGE —. BUT WE DONIT 6IT NO RECOGNITION AN 1 GLORY LIKE A SOLDIER IN WAR. TIME \/ DON'T VOU « THINK IT'S TH 1 COAT OP MECHAMICS IAN THAT WE HAVE OM \ f j WI-1V OUR PRIENP?, i;ONT GCEM TO RIXOGMIZE US? WITH ALL TH* APPLIANCES MECHANICS BUILD TO MA.KE LIFE EA-5V, PEOPLE 'ER GITTIN' TO HfOTE TH' SIGHT OP WORK A>T WE LOOK LIKE WORK T, M.ftfO. U. S. PAT. Off. 1NPOOR TAM IED "Ths More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • - . • You Can Talk to Only One Man * Want Ads Talk to Thousand* . SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone . Dae time—2c word, minimum 30c Three times-3V4c word, minimum Ste Six times—€c word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only. THE SHIPLEY STUDIO will continue making 8x10 siz<- pictures for $1.00 this week only. 28-31-c For Sale i . FOR SALE—Hampshire i-ams for breeding purposes, Poland China hogs, Saddle Horse, and heavy mule team. Inquire Experiment Station. 31-31-c FOR SALE—200'Purina fed broilers 2 pounds and up. Call or see R E Griffin, 817 W. Ave. C. Tel. 25 or 69^ 30-3t-D Wanted 'WANTED—Qualified young man with small family for regular employment. Duties include milking, shop work and general fawning. Phone l-F-2. 31-3t-c.- Na/tice FOR SALE — Four-door Chevrolet deluxe automobile, new rubber, A-l condition, bargain for ?260. Riley Lewalien, Hope Route Two. 30-3t-c ' . <2\e.PV\thi-.- , **-•-———*——.-. 1 1 '~~~ S ALLEY OOP Oh, Boy! it By EDGAR MARTIN f>&* . fl ^ For Rent GOOD ROUTE AVAILABLE of 800 , FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, close in. See T. S. Cornelius at Hope Furniture Co., store. 30-3t-c FOR RENT—Room for rent. Private entrance. Private bath anj garage. Phone 896-W. Reasonable. 1-lit Rawleigh Consumers. No experience needed. Sales way up this year. Large sales mean big profits. Permanent. Full time. Write Rawleigh's, Dept. AKH-118-KM, Memphis, Tenn. 29-30-31 HORIZOXTAI, 1,7 Pictured 1<t U. S. A. cabinet officer. 11 Pulpy Iruifc J2 Fish eggs. 13 Part of a lock. 14 To exhibit. J 6 Proffer. 17 Persia. 18 Musical note. 19 Toward sea. 21 Lumps. 23 Negative. 24 Creed. 26 Onager. 29 To cancel. ;tl Yellow bird. 38 To destroy •• utterly. £5 Northeast. SO Bulks. -28 Cylindrical, 40 Epoch. 41 Sugary. 44 Frost bite. 45 Click beetle. U. S, STATESMAN Answer to Previous Puzzle 17 He wrote the salary or «-*— tax law. v 20 Dormant. 22 Tiresome person. 25 Riotous person. 26 Paid publtoity ,.-,. — -,- , 27 Local position., [EINIjT)Elgj 23 South Carolina. 47 Natural. 49 Grating. 50 Catlike mammal. 52 Slope. 54 Vigor. 56 Beret. 57 Malt drink, 58 His official title, secre- 'M - y of 59 Secret watcher. 60 Shelf. VERTICAL 1 Cubic. 2 Above. . 29 Devoured. . 30 Unbound. 33 Valuable property. 34 Perfume, 37 Mouth fluid. 3 To devastate, 39 Begrudged. 4 Eagle. 42 Written 5 Path of a documents, curve. 43 Foe. 6 List. 46 Entrance. 8 Harmony, 48 Island. 9 To load. 49 Fuel. 10 Pound. 51 Aperture. 15 Genus of fan 53 To piece out. palms. 55 Myself. 16 Flag. 57Morindin dye; FOR RENT —5 room unfurnished! duplex apartment. 2 bed rooms. Call i 67. Mrs. Rettig. 30-3t-p FOR RENT — 3 rocflrt furnished apartment with private buth. 203 East Ave. C. 29-3tc Service* Offered SERVICES OFFERED—See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Cobb 658-J. July26-l m WOE IS TROY.' OOf FLIES BEFORE THE MIGHTY h --i AJAX/ ^ OH,MAM...IF I EVER NEEDED MV AX, T NOW! Of The Worm WAR-WEARY TROY, INSPIRED BY ALLEY OOP'S VALIANT STAND AGAINST THB MI&HTY A-3AX, NOW DESPAIRS AS \J& NEW CHAMPION FLEES BEFORE THE GREAT GREEK'S FLASHING SWORD.... WASH TUBES By V. T. HAMLIN SPECIAL—Until September IGlh— 10 c r. off on all Permanent Waves. Vanity Beauty Salon. Phone 39. :io-ct-p SERVICES OFFERED-Expert Radio Repair Service and replacement parts. All work guaranteed. Radio Service. Phone 80G. Ray Allen. 28- If If you should die tonight will your fimiily be adequately protected. TALBOT FFJU>. Sr. District Manager Keliaitct" IJSe insurance Co, Life, Health and Accident Box 44, Hope, Arkansas. Compare Style, Comfort and Beauty! New Styles and Covers I Hope Hardware Company v A Forceful Warning TC we Re GETT 'N<=> SOMEWHERE: THIS OLD POT (SNOWS A SECRET PATH TO THE VOLCANO CRATER WHERE THE NATIVES HlPE THfi-lK BEAUTY SECRET BUT EVEN THEN, YOU'RE LlBUL TO MEET THE MONSTERS WE'LL TW<£ CARE OF THE MONSTERS. WHERE'S PATH? ~ HERD. I'LL SHOW "•U OW THE MAP JFRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By ROY CRANE OH, MERCV UPON MV SOUL \ H ' r , A WARNING? nffe^ %m : (>••-.. \ «k? >/ V i - •>) /.-'. (.•*:«-'•% i ^•-J,m<\ f f &8$s!mg&&*; Taking No Chances! By MERRILL BLOSSER BUT YOU'RE SAW/MS TH£ TOP RUNG / ^/HY DOM'T fou SAW THE BOTTOM ONE J A IP THAT GUY IS SOMWA PALL. ,OM MIS EAR, l WAMT IT 7b BE FROM A DISTANCE/ ^ &M- "V f - '/ ' M '""X —--*--* '• "^^»w* 5.S^,il)fe^^fi|l '•• A^V "^ : ; ..:'""••• ^ ', THERE'S LADDER. , ALL. PIGHT ' SPEED PUT IT THERE ,i SET/ WELL. , IF speeo CLIMBS UP TO GET HeR. , HE'LL. HAVE A SURPRISE / fc'LOPEKAEMT SEEMS "E> MAKE SEMSE/ RED RYDER More Work To Be Done By FRED HARMAN He ESCAPE-D AMO PROBABLY TO MEM YOUR SOUDlEliS VJHD GUA.R.-D THAT COLO SH\Pr\eNT f

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