The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 26, 1940
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VOLUME XXXVII—NO. Blytheville Daily New» Blythevllle Courier Name Western Union In Indictment For Lottery Conspiracy CHICAGO, April 20. (UP)— A federal gran,! jury investigating alleged bootlegging of horse race information since dissolution of 11. I,. Amienherg's Nation Wide News Service, Inc., today indicted Die Western Union Telegraph Company and 18 individuals for alleged conspiracy to violate federal lottery laws. The jury returned three Indict-* menls, two charging the lottery conspiracy and the other accusing a group of the defendants of con? uplracy to violate the 1934 federal radio communication. 1 ; act.. Western Union was named In one indictment with 11 individuals w h o in government, prosecutors charged were attempting to supplant' (lie service Ajinenberg dls- Mississippi Valley Leader BlyUievllla Herald Bailey Cites Farmers' Indifference As Their Biggest Handicap LITTLE. HOCK, Ark., Apr. 2«. (UP)—"Labor is orKiinlxcd to fight, for It.s rights in the national Indus- j (rial economy but larmers don't I have «ny weapons mid all they gel froji) public, office holders is « lot! 'of baloney," tiov. Carl B. Dailny told 2,000 University of Arkansas students this morning i n uu ^gj-j. culture Day speech, ---.-„ _ The governor cited tnrlff policies solved lost November after lie was and |X>!itics as the' two chief wean- indicted for alleged violation of I , C'«>rge Temperly, truck driver ol oils Industrialists have used for lottery laws in transmitting race | the Morgan Packing Company of economic subjugation of ibr- tanner Driver Of Truck Is Held Up UKANSAS, KKIDAY APKll, 2(i, 10-10 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Mayor's Proclamation "Whereas the yearly mlveni of lh e sirnw llul pnt.s behind us (lie rlKoroiis mid lona wlnler , md brlniw us fully Into (he enjoyment of the outdoor season, and "\Vlici'i-.aii winter's relfin has boni proloi.crd wlllinul rliyjiic or reii.son, and "Wlieims MM iiniMlfpnl nrillon und community uwalt sun- signs or (he return or colorful 'iiwi bfiljny dny.s, mid "Whereas the Straw Hnt Is 111,, chief symbol of mini's vrengnl- llnn of the Incoming season, "Therefore, I. as Mayor of (he city o( HlyllicvlllP Arkansas <lo lieroby proclnh,, Snhmlny, A))lll 27, to (in oflMul Stmw Flat Day In Ibis, the Mild city. | (Rlgiu-d) : "Minion Wllliaiu.s, , : "Mayor of lilyllinvllli!." betting information acrass interstate lines. One indictment charged defendants ivlili operating n miniature outlaw radio station for transmitting results from a telephone base to a club Where l>els were Austin, rnd, wns robbc( , cnrl this morning of $15 by an unmasked bandit wlio posed as an officer to i nbore ,. s „, ' -rly to open the ... door of thc truck parked near the Orider Service Station on Highway 61, 22 miles south of here. placed. Government, attorneys saidj Peeling sleepy, the truck driver this was the. first time radio had been brought into the gambling picture. The government charged thai the news service was operated as the Continental Press with business headquarters at Cleveland and wire headquarters at Indianapolis. The government charged they obtained race results from Peter C. Dreldame, Cincinnati, who in return received his Continental Press. results from Accident Victims' Condition Unchanged Condition or Mrs. Polly Cleveland, 22, of Jonesboro, who was critically injured, and that of Monroe Chrisco, 34, of Black Oak, who was seriously injured in a Highway 18 motor' accident near Blythevllle Wednesday night, remained the same today. They are at BlythevUle Hospital. Mrs.- Cleveland has a fractured vertebra and dislocation' in the back which has caused paralysis from the waist, down, a fractured w'rlst-aud|,is suffering from shock. Mr. Cljrisco lias "a . severe head mjurjr-»rid" internal" injuries to the chest, but he js expected to recover unless complications develop. Mrs. J. H. Rlley, 26, of Jonesboro, escaped with a severe cut on her left '_ leg and Otto Chrisco, 32, of Black Oak, was only slightly bruised fljid cut. when the car overturned four, miles west^-of Blythevllle. Mrs/Cleveland, who was. driving, parked his machine near the service station about 3 o'clock to resU "Tariffs have raised prices and wages everywhere except those paid laborers and farmers. The laborers organized, but the farmer did not Mass Inertia and indifference on the pail of those on whom the penalty fnlls has brought this condition about," he said. "If the north will give the south Insane Man '\VouiKls Twenty Pel-sons Before Killing Sell' i r> ' t't^t, JV((LlUJi UUU11U O U C1UCK. LU IC.Si r, rtl I for a short time. Shortly af(er-l" ° i" CO " 1M ^'" wards he was awakened by some ?°'.'> ""?_?<! ™» ^ by one knocking at the cab door as j , ,, . k so llnt a , r a light was flashed in his face U>, sc( * forc ! their pro- 1 will not luwe to blind him. Afler his •Ilie robber, who had a distinct-! crowlled Mlss Homayne Tnte of ly southern accent, according to P ar "gould as Queen of the Agri- die truck driver, told him he was[ culturc Di i5' celebration, an officer and to open the door.; When he did so, the man pointed. n gim at him, made him step from the cab and hand over $15.. He forced the driver to return toi the cab nnd (old him lo'drive oil! "if you value your life." j Mr. Temperly did not see a cari and was unable to tell whether tnej robber, drove off. He had on overalls, he said but was unable to see his features .clearly. Robber Levels Gun At .T$ern While Their_House Is Ransacked BASSETT, Ark., April\ and Mrs. R. O. Smith were threat- Take Over Program From Husbands At Annual "Ladies Night" An Amazonian invasion placed the Rotary Aims in charge of the program given .last, night in con- nectlon with the annual dinner of the Rotary club for their wives at j the Country Club. ., ' Comparable to liie Mars invasion of Orson Welles was -.the one S'^-'.^i . S -$M.. last , Alght^A Harry Kfrby,- president. ~6n V fhe group, rose to Introduce the pro- 1 gram, a gun wns flred at him and two minutes later an extra edition of the paper, had been run off pro- (UPl-Hcnry 11. neeb, 30, n mad student of chlropractlcs, wounded nt least 20 persons during the '(wo hours he held his barricade with a shotgun, police estimated today. fieeb, to avoid an Inquiry Ihto his sanity, barricaded himself i In his apartment yesterday afternoon and fired nt poHri'iiit'it. firemen, line! some 1.000 bystanders. While police stilt were trying to silence lihn.Ihc used the gun to kill himself. • j Most of the wounded were not seriously hurt, They bad (he bUck shot, romoved by private physicians and today police were trying Mo compile u list of them. ' Recto's family had sworn out n compliant. so lie could be subjected to a mental examination. Police went to his apartment to serve It He refused lo admit lliem, sheriff Harry Hunt, a deputy and a policeman, accompanied by Terbert Krics- baum, proprietor of the apartment building, returned with an ax. Reeb lired lib gun through the door at them wounding Policeman Harry Anderson In (he hip. The others attempted to carry Anderson > down the outside stall's but !?ee!) fired at them from a window nnd the wounded policeman was taken back Into the house, out of range. Krlesbaiim was wounded In the second blast. . Firemen with, a block arid tacitlc "MW;II:U *uu!i.Triun iior.i uio second iloor around the corner of the buUillnj; from (ho miidnmn'K second iioot 1 ttuuiuw. Terrllleil tenants ulso were lowered to the street so they wouldn't have to use the oiit- sltic stairs. One blast from Kceb's gun struck Or. L. J. VolHt, u physician, in his offices In HID Elks Unlldlng across the street. Another slriick Paul Tegan, ciifc proprietor. Police were tiling machine guns nnd rlile.'i from vantage points. Hy- s(anders were crouched behind cars and iwered from nroiind shop entrances. They scattered cacn time fieeb bmvc<l the rain of police bullets to snoot from his window. Police Chief Fred Mncliolr. tried twice to Ihrow leiir gas bombs Into (lie room before he succeeded. Hceb rushed to (lie window, firing wildly again, then there was silence. Police waited almost an houtf Caplnh! Amirqw Smith climbed up the outsldi! stairway and broke open (he door. Itceb's body was oiumpcd In a corner, his face partly blown away. Coroner H. O. ailes sold he Imd shot himself. A jxillce oullet was In his leg. The umdnian tired not more than 10 shots. He seemed lo diool ut random. One blast, struck an automobile driven by Miss Kmlly nles, a nurse, when she stopped for n traffic light. SEMITE DEflffE ilicin Mrs. Norton, Urging Re- jeclion Of Changes, Says Minimum 'Mere Pittance' WASHINGTON, Apr. 20 <(JI>)- C'lmirman Miiry T. Morion of lhe house labor coinmlUci; saM loday II would "work untold Injustice." on low pnld workers to exempt from lhe 'minimum wage provisions of lhe wage-hour tuu, Mrs. Norton opcnvil (.-ejiernl de- bute mi tlio pending amendments to thfi acts. IJolwitn will contlimi! lliroutjlioiil lodiiy. Under existing law (he minimum wngo (hat may ho paid in inlci'sliilo commerce Industries Is 30 cents an hour for n •12-hour week or $12.00 it wet*. "Twelve miserable dollars'and CO cenls Is n pittance for tiny family lo live on," Mrs. Norton said. "That Is really our light whether «>nf{rcss wants to go on record Seek Advantage For Important Battle In Central Norway IWDUN, April 28, (Ul>) I"R mj,;li command said today llnit more troops and HUj)|)l!es luul I'c'ncliGil Troml- lioini, from where a fJermnn force is driving nonllieusL- waril iiUcmpliiiir lo join a u a r ni it n motoi'fml force sweeping north from Oslo, |. 0 cut. Noi'wny in two at. its mitldle. Tim high (•omiinind'.i cominiinl- <l"a admitted flint lirltlsh planes Irml tilfuokt'd (ho Trmidhi'lin air- porl and damaged there, H miid British several planes had bainb- - cil Oslo iiguln lust nlglili "hut, fall- wl lo circcl any military damage. while llw elvlllnn cirecl In the city ' not ycl established," Cierjnnn neivspti|)ors Imvo been i i ! ' ' i ., — ....... Bw v " »vwm nrt i .......... V.»«U>B^ ui iiiniim believing llmt $ia,liO Is sulllclcnt ljr - loiulll >B to belief in EC111 ,„,.. lor the ordinary American worker ' m l| i" 1 retaliation Is planned H uisalnsl aliened is latc- ic imnr- entd death by an unmasked robber claiming his' "murder" and the who leveled a gun at Iheni as he establishment, of Mrs. Ktrbv on robbed them at their home nt 4ilhe throne. o'clock this morning. . ' lit .was along these informal lines . , . , ,. i - , --. — Awakened by sounds of two men ' that the program nrocederl A int lost; control, when the wheel struck' entering the kitchen door, a man'skit was sS bv Mr- Oh» « a rut between; (he pavement and I was in their bedroom before they Morehead and William"'Beswick cause the turn-over in could summon aid. Telling them to ! Several members conducted (he which she and Monroe Chmco were I keep their .heads under the bed! game "Let's Take a Trur • nttll throm, out of the cm- and the |ravers or he would shoot both of which the group played "Spin lhe machine later, fell back on Mrs. them, he took GO cents from Mr. i bollle". Major forfeits were nald Smith's pocket, and then left byjby Mrs. C. ' ~ 1 (he rear door. • ~, , „... „. . ! Apparently there. Telephi Twenty-Eight Year Old Farmer Succumbs While Visiting At Hayti William Braxlon dill, farmer of Ihe Llltle River .section and' member of n well knowh'fainilv of Dell, B. A. Lynch, who performed as died suddenly early this morning DETROIT telephone operators protested the Detroit civil service commls- were also stolen from the "A. L. sioii. when they failed qualifying [Suit pick up truck,-it was discov- esaminations that included ques-iered this morning, lions asking lhe meaning of the' The Smiths live terms "el al" and "in re." They contended they had competently plugged in right numbers for years and there was no need „ iO Blue Bird Happiness was presented to Mr. the imme- dinte town section but the men had escaped quickly,apparently, as neighbors who assisted in the search could find no trace. Lynch. Tables were arranged in a- horseshoe about the club room which was decorated'in spring flowers A dutch dinner was served. Ihe ill. A short lime later 11 relative found him dead. 1 Funeral services will be held Sfit- i urday afternoon, 3 o'clock, al the j Dell Bnptlsl Church, by lhe Rev. for Ihem to know Latin terms used \ They used a shovel on the in business. Only l/I7th of the Smiths' tack porch to break open tests were concerned with switch- 'he door and it wns this noise C C 1J- *Ji r» '""' Ui >l' llsl unurch, by the Rev. C.X-aolaier Adds Poetry , Cecil Meadows of England, Ark., ' Tn 10 r rormer |)nsl01 ' ° r lllc Armorel Bnp- Career list Church, assisted by the pastor, which awakened Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The robber, who had n red- board work, they said. The commission countered that the examination was standard. But just the —-. .,. same it took the complaints under ]accent) was of stocky build and ndvisement. ' [wore overalls. In one hand he held n gun and thc Rcv - J - Renlro; the Kev. nl ,,,, nr , T - - . . PHELADELPHIA (UP) _ Capl. J. L. Newsom. pastor of lhe Oos- B. Stansbmy nt S4 looks ncll Baptist Church, nnd the Rev. ~ ..... ... ..,„ .™« t ,, lv ,, u „„„ u reu . , nn e ev. dish complexion and spoke with ant ,°" a cnrecr ns soldier, sailor, E. Z. Ncwsom, pastor of a Baptist ' ' s ">' himler, planter, pottceman and Church at Cape Girardcau M.O poet. He ran away from his Baltimore tery here. ! Burlnl will be at Elm wood Cemc- Stock Prices (in the other, a flash light both of| llomc nt H - Rei ' vcd ""'ic years nt t Acllvi i which he brandished about, lhe I f. oa> wort:eU °" the Balllmore po- i Bailey. Found Guilty Of Flogging Organizer For C. I. 0. Union ATLANTA, Oa., April 2B (UP) — Henry Caullion, Ku Klux Klans- ninn who lok part In a terrortza- tlon campaign against negroes ami whites in an Allantw suburb, faced the maximum penally for u misdemeanor loday—one year on Iho. chain gang plus six months In I do not believe so. I mink u mt ' when members get their mo'iUhly ejiwks for $B3(i they cannot look at llmt check mid face their conscience If they refuse lo vole for American workers who arc getting only $12.1)0." Mm 1 . Norton condemned proposed amendments by arnham Burden <Dcm., N. C.) as "containing such urond iitjrlcullural exemptions us (p actually defeat the purpose- of thc net." Prior to opening debute u preliminary skirmish over rules shown revisionists hits ns outvoting New Deal supporlers, 2M to 141. Thirteen Daughters, Sons Attend Funeral »»«, hcen tlmt since April , •* "«> ""'Itlsh have bombed "civil nn objectives" at Hclllgenhae.scn, In SchU'swlB-iiolsloln; Oslo twice nnd "Hie bnthlng bcacli" at Men- Ingstadl on where buse. Tho Men- fl f avl( "J*M Germany has u .seaplane command said lhat Qernmn bombers had deslroycd'U enemy alrplnnpj; pnrted on an lin- LONDOM, April 26, (Tjl — Allied troops fell back today lieforo a ]]j im - meriug Ccrman offensive ii| Norway's CiildlH-aiidsbai valley l)iit » /.toady stream bt r(!-cnroiTenir}nts and supplier — -. ., .—„ planes— poured Into Norwegian tch-j- lory to bnjstoi' defense lines blocking the two - pronged Nazi diivu to Tromlhoim Tho lirltlsli limning pi,,,,,,, clml . longed Clci ninny's control of -thf Norwegian skies as Allied, ic-en- forcwuehLs, Including ncnch FOI- eign. legion Hoops, weie reported moving 'southward fiom Nnmsos to allack .Cleiman lieid Stclnkjcr and Tioiidhcljii fiom the noun. British nnvnl and air foices also were- repoi t M | t 0 | mvc |, omu ardcd Agdcnes Soil guinding Trondtielm- fjord. nut lhe Ocnnan advance from Ullchammcr and Ulngcbu up the pudbriindsbfil valley Ureaid Dom- DIIS continued relentlessly nnd the British wai office In a communi- que- fi n!d umt "limited withdrawals" had been made by Allied forces south of Douibas, presumably in the Olla bCCtoi. Thc German column pressing norlhwesleivjiid fiom Llllchainmer and Ulngcbu h one ot two Ihrusl- an hn- Ing toward Trondheim The olhei ( k ,. -- '-- Position will be extreme- by i forces might be forced out of ci-n- shlp'sl lr All the sons and daughters or the troops arc cleaning up Norwcgl attended the fmicral services hold In that, city, He was 94. When their mother died In-lSM at r Lexlnglon, ono daiujhtar 'could not lie r llicre.Ueca'use-of Illness but this dentil, whlcli was tlio second In the family In 40 years, brought a_[l of them together. Mr. Scott, who made his homo with a son, Dob Scott, when he lived in Blythevlllc, 1 \yiis In apparent good health dosplti. iik liiivlng lived within six years of lhe CPII- tiiry innrk. . He had 240 living descendants. TVo other SOUK also llvu In Dlythi'- vllle. Clrjinvll Lee nnd T. Scoll. Denies Application For Habeas Corpus Writ LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Apr. 20- A j>ctltlon for a writ of habeas corpus lor the release of C. 13. to be tried. He was found guilty bv I . , cooperating with the air force At some ; points •flghtlng.Tls .stllli •'• _ "Clermim "ipliiiiea'" "t'rooi concentrations and (roops on Iho march,' coiiiniiuilcallon centers inn. irnnsports, and destroyed harbors used by the. cneinj'. "There were no particular uvont.i In (lie west, A acrnuui reconnaissance, plane was forced to land In liclglum. Tliu ; crew was not hurl. Severn! enemy plnnes flew Into Helgoland Bight by night. One Drllfeli plane wns shot down In the region of Sylt and plunged Into the sen." Well infoniieil rjimrtwvi sold Hint (lie Germans driving north from O.ilo nnd those moving southeast from Troiidholm were only abaut 40' miles' apart meet .won. und expected to Irtark I'oom as he threatened the •e pnlllrearcrs will be: Osrur M. Sixteen was convicted of flogging P. S. | Toncy, an organizer foi (he Con- Hress of Industrial Organization's Textile Workers Union. Caiitlion wns sentenced Immediately when thc jury returned Us verdict. His allorncy gave notice of appeal and he was released In $5,000 bond. Cni/thon operates the garage In East PoliH, a suburb. Members of MANOUM, Oklit. (UPI—Wild onions have been sown on purls of .be Mangum golf course mauled by amateurs. • The greens committee said experience has shown that the onions nre tanglier than lierunula. Diackflsh and porpoise oil have been found to be uipoclnliy good In lubricating delicate mechanisms. Ex|>e(>f To Sell 5,000 "Sponsor Billions'-' for Picking Contest The American Legion will con- duel lhe sale of "Sponsor Billions" A. T. & T 172 7-8 I couple wllh dcalh a E ail > =">'' a8»ln Anaconda Copper 29 3-41 m r ^T, 7i 8238 New York Cotton 86 1-8 | . 4 7-8 Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service , ,- u , Coca Cola 127 1-2 I Oen'l Elect 37 1-4'May Gen'l Motors 53 j-s July Int. Harvester 56 1-2 : Oct. Mont. Ward 501-4:Dec] '. N. Y. Central 15 5-8 i Jan. . prev. open high low close close 1077 1077 '1012 1075 1072 1050 1050 I(H4 1048 1048 1018 1019 1013 1018 1015 1003 1005 998 1005 1001 998 SSB 998 938 993 981 990 984 990 965 North Am. Aviation ...... 23 Mar Packard 33-8 Phillips 39 1-8 Repubiic-s'tc^:::::::::::: 26 o7:' 8 ! /Vett ' Or ^a ns Cotton Studebaker 10 3-81 ' Socony Vacuum 10 7-8 prev. Std. of N. J 42 „ op ^" h te> 1 low close close Texas Corp 481-4 ^ y ' )WO 10M U. S. Steel «is.«- Jul l - • 1059 1059 Livestock Dec, 1022 1008 1005 993 1022 1008 1005 993 1085 1055 1017 1002 1003 990 1087 1057 1020 1007 1003 992 1084 1058 1019 1006 1002 991 EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Apr. 26 (UP) -Hogs 7500. Top 6.40 170-230 Ibs., 6.30-6,35 UO-160 Ibs., 5.8578.30 Bulk sows 5.10-5.60 Catlle 6.00 Steers 9,00 Slaughter steers 7,50-11.75 Slaughter heifers 7.50-10.50 Beef cOWs 6.25-7.25 Cutters i low cutters 4.2i-6.00 Chicago Wheat »c«, WUIM-U on me Ualllmore po-i Bailey. M. p. Brownlee Jr Laimi ice force, served in the army in- Wclborn, Tull Johnson Jr., Com lelllgcnce corps protecting west Bradberry mid A. o Allen wn S ,, "^ Usln!l1 pl f nts liui ' l »g the i Honorary pallbearer., will IK: wor d War, owned a sugar c nnc Taylor Freeman, W. A Whistle plantation at Biloxi, Miss,, and C. H. Whistle, H A Bo°gs Dave nnu- ii li^tnH nt n.~ T>_,, ( - , ._ «^ 0 B^, U.IVL Broxvnlcc 5r., ,, now ,s head of the Baltimore & Cranferd, s™°e n T ^ hCTC - Ih hiS spare Umcjic writes poetry. M P Virgil M. W. . . 1 Lewis, Clarence H. Wilson. Jesse T - -- j Tnylor, V. O. Holland, W. K. Pot- Peace Board Rune i ter. Tom P. Martin, J. N. Welbourn, ji c . nuns Baf | Datnon Prc() uijyutt Labor Settlements to 157 A number of relatives and friends - • from iraints of Southeast Missouri, TOLEDO, O. (UP)-Tlie Toledo 'Memphis and points of Mississippi Industrial Peace Board settled 23 wl " altentl tllc ''Itcs. labor disputes involving 3509 em- Born in Potls Camp. MLss., Mr. ployes, according to the board's ol11 camc to Mississippi County niuial rcijort. { when his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Ten of the disputes were active ! G - Gl "' settlcit Q t Dell. He received strikes which began belore peace llls lritor education at Joresboro board action could be taken. Baptist College. Jonesboro, before In the four and n half 'years taltf »g "P farming In Western Mistrial the board has been function-• slss 'P pt Colm 'J'. \'iL I 1 *' as r P" lt Sin»tcd in the set- f He is also survived by Ills wife, t emcnt of 157 dlspuics. preventing Mrs. Bertha Ollmcr Gill; two f,o,« v,: n ,,\^ C L\ 31 ' 053 employes sons. William Braxlon. 5, and Bonnie. Ollmcr, 7 months; three sisters, Mrs. Udell Ncwsom, Miss Robin have been involved. Drop of , Ol11 Miss Jo >' cc a111 - nlul two Riisse " Irs open high low close , --.._„„ ,,, 1 ,, vl May 1C9 109 1071-2 107 1-2 because it has been entombed In * July 107 1-2 107 5-8 106 3-4 106 3-8 . « uart(: crystal for millions of years has been placed on exhibit nt the "on, is ,„ Chicago Corn May July open 64 high low " 1-4 63 3-4 close 64 . . ... - ... v,,^ Club to rrotecl Ifunlcrs American ACademy of Natural Scl- MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UP)-An Alabama Sportsman's Club has been founded hero with the a . * . - " • "• \.w«, »o .« iniKu 04 5-8 64 3-4 64 i-4 61 3-8 deaf and dumb. / The Palace of Silence, in Mos-' avowed purpose of fighting con- cow, Is n large theater for the vlctions for game law violation* In thc courts ot the state. ,. , , ^ , MUV*V VI1U ^Illi; UI UJJLUIOUJ U1IIYWI.O the klan test ned against him. The ;„, the ,i r ,v 0| to get 5.000 "sponsors' victims described having been Ink- tor tll( , NMoM CoUon PlcMuk en from tlielr homes at ulghl and contest to lie held here Sept. 23- floggcd with a nictnl studded 21, It was announced today by Don . ... "I, II/ W<l.1 UIIIIUllllUI.^1 lUllllJI UV UVJI1 eather strap for a variety of al- Edwards, posl commander of Dud leged offenses from permitting a Cnson Posl or thc Am(lr ican Leg- negro lo sleep In the kitchen of [ on the victim's farm home, to an expression of disapproval of children going (o CHESHIRE. Bertl family Is school. Members of tlic Legion have also enlisted the support of a large Muttons" from now till time of thc contest will be of great value. "If we can gel 5,000 people throughout lhe county wearing tliesc big badges from now until the contest Is staged this fall, you cnn Imagine how many people will see It and be reminded Hint we are holding a contest to determine the, world's champion cotton picker In Blythevllle," he safd. "U can'l help jMmimy SCHOOL number of men throughout lhe |, ut create n sensation that would TIRR M^« HIP, _ T ^Jf™ n J* *)l?,". re " ol " lc . ra . 1) . ers "' mnkc n ™ "cross the whole coun- birth of (he first girl baby In Hie family, for 10 generations. 'Hie child is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berti. i. (UP) — Tlicj(], 0 organteitton, Mr.'t'dwards said .'try" cclebratln? the Thcse peop i e togclhcr with Iho Cloth Fresco Painting Developed By Priest WEST WARREN, Mass. (UP)— The Rev. Omer J. chcvreltc, pastor of St. Thomas Catholic Church, has been granted a patent on a process for "palming fresco on cloth." , , Purchasers of "Sponsor Buttons" Legionnaires will make up the sales will have a memoir to keep ns a group selling thc $1 "Sponsor Out- souvenir of the first staging of Bly- Ihcvllte's greatest event, It was tons." In discussing thc plan for carry- Ing out thc campaign, Mr. Edward,? said: "We have organized our entire sales group into a number of teams, each one of which has a given territory It Is to cover In an attempt to get everyone in Blythe- vllle and Mississippi County wear- Ing a 'Sponsor Button.' "As a member of the National Father Chcvrcttc says examples ! Colton Picking Association I or his method soon will be submit-: strongly opposed from the bcgin- ICd to art centers for critical ap- "Ing any appeals lo lhe merchants, prnhn). residents or business peoplo of Te explains that his patent cov-1 Blythevllle for funds to nuance ers the application of pure dyes I the contest. But this campaign to and walcr pigments on absorbent ClOtll Wllll U biuail ttonal" economy. with "excep- The pastor says the process is suitable for • use on such pliable textures D.S stage curtains and Permits the saturation of a cloth In such a manner thai the, resulting product Is.transparent. gel 'Sponsors' for the contest is a fine thing. It gives every person In this entire section an opportunity to be a participant In something which Is worthy and will definitely benefit evjryonc In the counly." ' Mr. Edwards said Iho advertising gained from- wear "Sponsor pointed out. "I sincerely hope that every mnti, woman or child who can do so will buy a >'Sponsor Button' when approached by one of the nalrcs or other sellers , bas railroad Junction and the rall- ''tPAO.Jli.VQi leading ,bacV to their 'supply".; bnso-'al Andalsne-s .and northward to* aid atdeien and TrondJielm tyit Hi«as not known how large a force they 'have In (lie Doiubaas zone , l British sources believed, )Wever, that the airival of re-enfoice- inonts and especially of flghting' planes \bnsed at Norwegian ali- clromes would greally bolster (he clefchsoji against lhe two German drives. Thc ngJiling planes (reportedly based at tlnce Norwegian airdromes) «ero counted on as an" Important factor In holding the Allied toehold In ccnlral Norway which If lost will force the Allies to operate, mainly from positions north of Trondlicim. German Messersclimldt pjancs, carrying (he niost formidable armament of nny aircraft built, have been harrasslrig the Allied and Norwegian forces day and niiht nnd there has been little' defense lusl them. Even the bcsl troops wilt before the machine gun striit- Ing. It was pointed out, If they have no hopo of striking back'. The improvised airdromes now being used by the BriUsh fighting planes Include a frozen lake arid permit short, range but spaedy iiursult ships to challenge thc Gcr r man craft. Even with these cra<t, 'lowcvcr, British sources cd thc extreme difflcullics In Norway. Negro House Damaged '; By Fire Early Today The house of-Lottie P. Green, negro living at 817 South Franklin slrecl, was badly damaged by fire •hlch broke out at 2:30 o'clock this nornlng. ' , Fiicmen extinguished the flames before they spread to the outside ot the frame dwelling which was apparently Ignited from an overheated stove. > • .' Milk Bar on Campus S«ryes Temple Students PHILADELPHIA (UP)— A milk bar designed lo keep Teniple Unl- verslly sUltlents fro >" nearby wear It from then oh. "The : to the t a cost of $7,500 by 1 the Cosvvell club, local cnmpus or.r WEATHER Picking Contest be R rousing success In Its first year," he snld. Mr. Edwards further pointed out that the future of the conlest as Arkansas—Mostly c.'oudy, local an annual event can easily be de- thundershowers tonight and Satur- termmed by tho degree of success day, cooler In northwest portion tO- wlth which It is accomplished In nijht. H,, f " fancy - Memphis and vicinity — clo'tdv, we .campaign.-to sell "Sponsor showen tonight, lowest tempiratuie Bullons' win 'begin early Monday tontsht iiboiif 50, rot much chanse morning, it, was ^announced., • iii>t«mi«ralure Saturdiy?-

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