Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1939 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1939
Page 8
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r;PAGB EIGHT "' ' -- fjr. L. M. Lile, Hope's Leading SH Citizen, Endorses Burns' Film MOPE STAR/HOPE, ARKANSAS ~' It was my pleasure to attend 4 thc World Premiere of "Our „ Leading Citizen" at Van Buren * *T ' i" on August 7. This is a great *• picture, and you will enjoy seeing Bob in an entirely dif, ferent role than heretofore. -U M. Lilc. Or. L. IH. LJIc T,ho United States Department of j Justice cannot be threatened.—G'. John i Hogge, Assistant U. S. Attorney Gen- I eral. TALBOT'S Outstanding • Merchandise ;.; ; -. ,. At Outstanding ^PRICES! ' r MH|[^H^H^H^HHHHM^nMMB •'^Ladles' Full Fashioned HOSE 42 Gage Pure Silk. New Fall Colors. Regular 79c Value . Rayon "Spun SUITINGS ' FeeZsL.'and ,looks just like Wool. 39 Inches Wide. Rust, Grape Wine, Powder Blue, French Qrey, Solids and Stripes. 59c Value.... 49° yd Boys' School PAMTS New Slack Models. Ideal For School Wear. Sizes G to 18 Young Men's School Pants Plain and Fancy Models. Outstanding For School Wear 98C ,51.95 Boys' School Shoes i Peter's "Weatherbird" A new pair if they don't wear' BROWN AND £4 Qe BLACK OXFORDS «P | «%/%) PRINTS A Special Buy for you in Brand New Fall Design. 36-1NS. WIDE TUB FAST 1Qc PER YD. Sport Oxfords For School Girls Just the Heel and Pattern That you will like! MARCY LEE FOB THE "TEENS" DRESSES You will say that they arc the outstanding Wash Frocks. You will like the beautiful plaid effects and some printed. Sizes 12 to 20 $1.95 Talbot's "WE OLTHT THE "Leading Citizen" Is Colorful Story New Picture Presents Bob Burns As A Lawyer- Philosopher "Our Leading Citizen." Paramount's colorful, honest screen treatment of a vital contemporary American problem, will bring Bob Burns back to town in a role which is being hailed as the best of his career. When the picture is presented locally for the first time on Sunday at the Saenger Theatre. Bob will be seen as a man who is a lawyer by profession, a philosopher by instinct, a real dyed-in- the-wool, down to-earth, 100 per cent American character who believes in the principal of democracy, of square dealing with his fellow men. As in his other starring, success, Bob is once more aided by a grand sup- portong cast. Numbered among them are Susan Hayward and Joseph Allen, Jr., members if the "Golden Circle," Select group of young Paramount players slated • for stardom, cast as Bob's daughter and his junior law partner, respectively. The supporting cast alos includes Elizabeth Patterson, Gene Lockhart, as an industrialist, and Charles Bickford as the chief of a gang of strike breakers. The Trvin S. Cobb story Is concerned with Bob's efforts to restore law and order in a thriving American tity when an industrialist puts through a ten per cent pay cut at one of his mills despite the fact that business is good. Bob and his junior partner have been retained as counsel for Lockhart, an dwhen the latter refuses to reconsider, Bob resigns as his counsel. Mill Is Bombed Lockhart's next move is to call in strike breakers. Then agitators arrive in town to urge the workers to meet force with force. Ti cap all, the mill is bombed, and two of the! workers' leaders are killed. Citizen's Meeting is called by responsible membres of the community. Bob spaks in behalf of dispnsing with "isms" with all outside influences which arc causing more trouble in the dispute. Lockhart turns the meeting into a political rally by revoking the pay cut, and announcing that he will nominate Allen for Junior Senator at the forthcoming State Convention. It would be giving away too much of the story to tell how Bob goes into action, deals with the leader of thc strike greakers, Bickford, in a thrilling fist fight, and finally is nominated to rim for the Senate in place of Allen! Of course, there are grand romantic moments in the picture, involving Miss Hayward and Allen. In the course of the spry, Bob has plenty of trouble keeping them togther, but he deals with their difficulties in stirclc. Alfred Santell, who directed Bob in "The Arkansas Traveler," directed the picture. John C. Moffitt wrote the screenplay. Chiang Propaganda Most Effective China's Leader Hooks Loud-Speakers on the Few Radio Sets renting news and other matier that no real objection- can be found. So far the thing is just an Idea. As an idea it has one noteable drawback. The same loudspeaker that would broadcast Yankee mcsagcs of good will also could be used by Hitler. That FCC Order Also you may just as well know that the state department was as much upset as, thc broadcasting companies over that order of the Federal Communications Commission directing the big radio systems to reflect only true American culture in their foreign programs. For months thc state department has been working quietly with the radio companies to design programs I that would reflect American culture ' and help promote the good neighbor policy in Latin America. There was nothing formal or official about it. but it was operating very well. Being patriotic didn't interfere with the revenue from the foreign broadcasts. Not a hatful of revenue comes from these short-wave broadcasts. But just' as the thing was working along,at its smoothest the communications commission, long at odds Within itself, tried to make it official by a formal order. The commission was compelled to repeal it later. The state department had to be its very smoothest to restore the old accord with the broadcasting systems. The Myitery Of The Lojt Colony POT ALBERNI, B. C.—W)—Scientists hope that prospectors pressing toward the remote Wass lake nreii on Vancouver island may solve the mystery of a Chinese colony established at Nootka 150 years ago. Settlel by the British, the Chinese were reportedly seized by Spaniards and put to work digging gold. Lnter they fled, taking some native women with them. Reports 1 'have reached civilization occasionally of n strange tribe in thc interior of thc island, which may be the mixed race. Thursday, "August 31', 1030 ° "Our Leading Citizen/' At Saenger Sunday .Bob Bums in tlit felt tsct of ill his mlrs s i lm\td phiKophci his his bunds fuH'fixing the business troubles of his neighbuis. Yet .some how he manages to find time to solve the romantic problems of his daughter, ployed by lovely Stii'im Hay ward. in the colorful now Paramount drama "Cur Leading Citizen." which opens Sunday- at the Saenger Theatre Joseph Allen. Jr. Eli/.Libeth PMtei-on. Gene Lockliurt and Charles Bick- I for .ire also icen in the .supporting cast. ! i Burns Tackles Isms' in Colorful Picture! Cob Burns, that mellow homespun follow known to millions of Americans i monies fighting mad, call.s a Citixens' as the sase of Van Buien. runs .smack into a covey of "isms" in the colorful ! Meeting. new Paramount drama. "Our Leading Citi/en." which opens Sunday ,,t the i At thc meeting. Loekhar'. rescinds ~Ecnger rhei>(ci'. and before he gets done with 'em, raises plenty of hob with I " lc I )a >' cuL<! ' turns an indignation sundry of cm! ' ; moving into a politick rally by 'ten percent, even though business is tfooif The workers strike, and although Bob suggests mediation, Look- hiirt. supported by Allen, insists on breaking the strike, maintaining that he must have better profits. Lockhart calls in strike breakers, and excitement in the community rcachus a high pitch. Agitators arrive in town, thn mill is bombed. The town be- Better Mousetrap SUNNYVALE, Calif. - </P) - Mnybe there's something to the saying about rewards awaiting the mnn who makes the best mousetrap. Mark L. Young bus invented « new mousctrnp—and Ihc American Utilmhne associntion lias awarded him $150. It was first prize in its "litininno frup" contest. The richest single oil field in the world is locntcd in southwestern Pore in. New Woolens for Fall Two Opinions, One Of Which Counted BUTTE, Mont. - WP) - A man may have an "inalienable right" to get drunk but a police judge also has an "inalienable right" to fine him for it, says Judge Louis A Buckley. "Yes, I was drunk—plenty drunk," admitted a defendant before the judge. "And I'll get drunk any time I want to. As long as a man can pay 1 for his beer he has a perfect right! to get drunk. You Day the tax when] you lay out the dimes." I "Ten days," commented the judge, j Bob, who h;« alraidy established himself M chracters —• remember him i-:s a.s t':v>i) "traveler" in "The Arkansas Traveler" and as th sbrewed "mule-trader" in a role as grand ns the one Which tit- brings to thc screen in his new picture and never has he been faced with such colorlul problems to settle. Cast as a lawyer--philosopher. a dyed-in-Uic- woo! American who has been practicing law in a typical American ci'.v for many n year. Bob bvlieve.s in sc:- tling differences in the good old American way. And Bob is faced with plenty of them to settle soon after the start of the story. Story By Ciibh The'story — written especially for Bob by Irvin S. Cobb — finds Bob about to welcome Joseph Allen into his firm ns junior partner. The youns man's father and grandfather hefor;; him have been will jiominnto Allen is a great portrayer of Ai"oric-in I'*'"''"!* ln <it He will nominnto Allen as . _. Junior Senator when llvj State con. , j n i • . , ,, , . , , ! venlion convenes. Although Bub ...id Bob is glad that the young fel- j |loints nul lhal that w ., s , * , low will carry on the tradition. Bob's posc nt Lockharfs move, thc you « v'rn Ml"" t"r m " ; T"'; ' grcct iman i" indignant, walk, out on Bob \.lcn at thc statum Ho has been prac- and Miss Hayward. K tiojif,' (aw in New Vork for four years. T,, D . . , • pi '| Then Bob takes matters into his ' ' ; own hands, and by a clever series of ir ' i moves-, forces Lockhart to agree that I I he will not nominate Allen for Senator. , . le iln (he end, the dispute is settled, -mii terpriscs. and accept a modern suite of! E ^- iS """"inntcd for Senator by Allen. •ffices in ;. hnilri;,,,, i,,, l,.,. ^.., i ; ftlls s Hayward and Allen, membcr.s of <\s seni<n- local Liickhart .suggests- to Bob that and Allen become counsel for Thai Arc Full Of Color and Denote Action! .' WOOLKNS Ibis Full promise ',"< an outstandinK position in Lai lies Heady-to-Wear. Beautiful Plaids And Stripes Koi- Skirts iind Suits 5-l-lnclies Wide vd 98c1. 49 1. 9S Sheer Woolen CREPES Grape'.vine and Black. IH-Inchcs Wide, An outstanding fabric for Afternoon and Sport \Vear 1,95 Vil. Solid Colors In Wool Flannels In All , young players bound for stardom, are move from his old offices, buVsug'gests | cxc( ; llenl '" ''"'"antic 'roles. The sup- that the younger man move into thc '* V- ,, , IRW offices. :I-Httcrson and building lie has erected. pratnur, Bob declines ; cxcencin in i*' -^^f'.- ! • - i porting cast also lnc ; KaUcrson and Charles Bickford. Alj frcrl Santell directed the picture. John Pay (if Workers Cut i C - M of f 'tt wrote the screenplay. Immediately alter engaging Bob and! «»»-«•. Allen as counsel, Lockhart cuts thc in one of his mills Yard $1.95 Desirable Shades TAL "We Outfit The Family' WASHINGTON - Chiag Kai-shek, Chinese generalissimo, is using a propaganda trick that Washington of- ficals are watching closely and considering for possible use in South America. Chiang uses loudspeakers to broadcast bis propaganda. Reports here say it is tremendously effective. It is hard for the Japanese to .stop. An ordinary radio will do in a pinch i It is tuned in on one of General Chiang I broadcasts, with the volume up, it can i reach dozens of Chinese who otherwise i never would hoar a word of what is! ?oing on except through the Japa-i nese. Chiang broadcasts in 18 dialects I during the day, urging Chinese unity. | t is his only way of reaching bis j people. Probably not one in ten thou- ] and owns a radio. I In Latin America a similar situation j fcxisu-j. It is estimated there are two , i;)d three-fourths million receiving sets l in Latin America. Only a fraction] .1 those are all-wave sets capable of' •eceiving short-wave broadcasts from i '-he United States, Germany, or Italy. There Is a Catch Moreover, it i s likely that the bulk c/ those Eall-wave Sets arc owned in upper social brackets. That means that foreign broadcasts likely reach) only ;j restricted list. ! But a different situation would deve- [ 'op if ;j few shops were indused j to face their radios out into the street I v.lic-K; op-country natives, in for the j market, might listen to what is going ; on in (he world as related by foreign broadcasters. j Officials looking into the idea re- , cogni/.e difficulties. It is hard to per- | suacle Brazilians or Bolvians that they will be benefited by having their citi- ! zens enlightened by foreign broad-' east.-'. The- cxycvUiion is, hovvvei,! that the American broadcasts will be ' i:'j r.-bjeU" 'j •:•..'!•.! ; truigiitforv/iird ui prc- i vVhen a v®upU o£ kids start callin 5 each other naiti^s ... I'm always dead certain of one taring .. , they're In love 11 ... "Our Leading Citizen", your old pal, "The Arkansas Traveler"...Bob Burns' is plenty busy.... as you can see. What with two youngsters he's fond of, all TOixed up in a lover's quarrel... with a bunch of hoodlums from the big city making it hard for his fellow townsmen, what with somebody up and shooting Aunt Tillte's favorite rooster ... well . . . wait'li you see all Bob's problems and how he solves 'em in Bob's grandest picture of all... m Paramount Presents OUR with SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY MATINEE TUESDAY - .SUNDAY FEATURE SCHEDULE: Sunday Nile Box Office Opens iWOTv'H.-l >' I).\Y

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