Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 7, 1936 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1936
Page 2
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WO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, January Star 1936 Version <£ Jtis'tice, Deliver Thy Herald From False R&pottl Published every week-day afternoon by Star; Publishing Co., Inc. «X E. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn), at The Star building, 212-214 South Wftlnut street, Hope, Arkansas. C. E. PALMER. President '—»— ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor mid Publisher Entered as second-class matter nt the postoffiee at Hope, Arkansas Under the Act of March 3, 1S97. - J »T-" "i f • . • • _ . ' Definition: "The newspaper is an institution developed by modern civilization to present the news of the day. to foster commerce and industry, through" Widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon (Wverjirhent which no constitution has ever been able to provide."-—Col R. R. mcCormick. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per Week iSc; per month 65c: one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevatta, Ho*ar<f, Miller and LaFayette counties. $3.30 per year; elsewhere $6.50. -T.. J-- L ' T ' - . T • .- I r I - . I .l_t«.r . .-] mm--..- ' ' ' -_ i ' n----i. - - - ' i Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exckuively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. - " _____ — _______ k ______: , National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.. Memphis, Tt?nn.. Sterick Blclg.; New York City, 361 Lexington; Chicago. 111., 75 E. Wack- cr Drive; Detroit, Mich., 338 Woodward Ave.: St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolution, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the nc\vs columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims resr-jnsibiliety j for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. • which (hey say the judiciary has been j i lawless indeed. j j They compile an equally impressive! | li?l in the contempt of court bracket, j ! review such famous cases as the Sac- ' co-Vanzctti trial, and wind up by ' suggesting that, of all overdue re| forms, the task of putting the judic- [ iary inits place is one of the most im- , By B8. MORRIS FISHBEIN j portant. i Editor, Journal of the American Mcd- i Published by the Rand School Press. ifnl Association, and of Hygein, i tnp book sells for S2.50. the Health Magazine By Olive Roberts Barton Activity of your thyroid pland depends xipon the amount of iodine you , get in your t'oori. For this reason, i this mineral salt is essential to your: body. It is particularly essential in ! the diets of growing children, and of j This little story illustrates the pow- I women who are going to have babies. ' or of interest when the child strikes a j The amount-of iodine in the human i snag and lias a hard place to get over, body normally is very small, less than j Daddy was taking his litlle girl one one-thousandth of a gram. When j home -for Christmas, and it was a cold the :thyroid gland is overactive, there • day. very cold. is more thaYi a normal supply of io- j The miles were long, and she grew dine in the blood. When this gland is i very tired. There were still twenty underactive, the iodine in the blood is j miles to go when they reached a small tftti X~'• !» I v^-* Lf* — » icteR&tocKy | State Car Owners | Warned^ Wiseman Revenue Commissioner Advises Car Owners to Purchase Tags Now LITTLE ROCK — State Revenue Commissioner Earl R. Wiseman said Monday that automobile owners who are delaying purchase 6f 1936 licenses j in the expectation that the time for | obtaining them without penalty Will I be extended "a month or two" are due to be disappointed. i He declined to say whether any e*- tpnsion will be granted, but slid: "1 would advise car owners to buy their licenses now." The time for acquiring 1936 tags without penalty, as fixed by law, will expire Friday. Governor Futrell has indicated that he will not attempt to | | extend the time by proclamation, but I will leave the matter in the hands of i the revenue commissioner. ! Approximately •1,000 tags had been | issued up to the close of business ; Monday and several thousand applica- i tions had been received from field '- representatives. Tags will be mailed to these applicants as rapidly ns possible. Judge, Sheriff (Continued from page one) Union below normal. I town and besides it was getting dark. To this extent, the amount of iodine ! "Is this the place?" she yawned, in -the blood is a measure of the ac- j "Is this where Grandma lives?" tiviiy of the gland. j Daddy drew the robe closer and said Ordinarily your body gets enough N °. that the y stilt hr >d a little way iodine in drinking water and in table salt so that you do not have to seek an additional amount through food. Certain sections of the country, how- to go. "About as far." he said soberly, "as —well, we have to ride as long as it would take you to take a bath." Millard Butler gol his eye burnt with a Roman candle Christinas but i Smyth :ind daughter Allenc. j Mir-:-- Beatrice- Carlton spent Sun- with Miss Cora Mao Bustin. Mr?. Corn Mattison and Maggie Carlt'jn spent Tuesday afternoon with is better now. Mi', and Mrs. Johnnie Carlton moved to their new home on Hie highway last Week. • Mrs. Cora Mattison and Hautine spent Monday '' i Mr.-,. Marie Tye. Mrs. Birdie Smyth and daughter Allene ;.pei:t Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Velma Fincher also Mrs. Luther Mattison and Mrs. Lonnie Mattison daughter, spent a while- ritli ^A»"j !Vli. -iiwl A/TIM there. spent Chrisetmas with relatives here | | where it used to take in $40,000. ! "Now I am informed that this bust- j ness of paying off just and valid I claims against the government from | one year to another is all wrong. If ! you have more claims than you can | pay in one year the law says you must I just wipe them off. Tho county stills I owes about $5,000 that won't be ptiicl. j Lost S3.GOO Himself | "If nil of us had lived up to the Taxi payers League proposals we could ' have pullc'd the county out. "In my four years as county judge I will personally have left $3.600 in undrawn salary arid expense account in the county treasury. "Now today we can't stand any big and near Stumps. The party given by Miss Waverlcnc Maltison Thursday nieht of last week was well attended an enjoyed by all. Mrs. J. P. Ames spent a while Friday afternoon with Maggie Carlton, Married. Miss Opal Mattison to Charlie Harrison in Hcber Springs, Ark.. October \2. They are now ;\t I court fee. "And we can't stand any big jail fee. "That's all there is to it." IJcardcji's Reply Sheriff Bearden got up and said: "The budget fixes $6,000 for the cir- F^ f.:- Mrs. Mr. mid Mrs. Harvey Hamm of Dyco i home in St. Louis. Mo. ever, provide glacier water to a large ' "How long is that, daddy?" extent, and this water contains insuf- ( .-.carting a Long Bath ficient iotiine. j He took a long breath and begam Furthermore, table salt has been so j "Now, let's see. First you have to refined in many places that it also is take off your shoes. Then what comes free fr'dm iodine. n£xt? " To make up for this deficiency table j ''Stockings." salts can now be purchased with add- ! "Yes, that's right. Then what?" ed iodine, th,us making sur$ that the, human body will get a sufficient amount of this substance. Some modern table salts have added to them not only iodine, but cal. cium phosphate, to prevent the salt ^Today's Health Question -'.Q.—My daughter. 8, is in a rundown condition. What would you suggest for her diet? A.—You should have a competent; physician examine the child 'with the hope of finding out exactly what her trouble is. In any event, be sure that the crtild's diet includes the following: one quart of wholesome milk, one orange, one egg, ample green vegetables, one-half head lettuce and three tablespoonsful of butter. She should have one and one-half tca- spoonful of cod liver oil twice a day or five drops of viesterol once a day. She should get at least 10 hours' rest- daily. from caking or to enable it to run "My dress?" "Right." -And so after about two miles she was ready to jump into the tub. But there was the water to be drawn. And the mat to be put down; the water was too hot and had to be cooled. She could not find a washrag and had to get out and dry herself off and go and hunt one. Then j she had to begin over again. She < washed one foot and then the other. ' den miles now.) At fifteen miles she was all ready to get dressed again. She was hunting a dress with all the buttons on when they drew up in front of Grandma's house. Imagination Is at Premium Daddy passed up her entertainment then to the rest. After supper and bed. he told how she had never let out a cheep after he started his game. The- dreary miles rolled away unnoticed as monotony will when the mind h;is something diverting to hang on to. ; It struck me as being rather re- i sourceful for a man. What do men know of these matters? Quite a lot, I have learned. The parent with a little imagination can usually jump into BEGIN 0EHE TODATT Against the wlHhc» of her CTundmother, aristocratic MUS. CAMEHON. DANA WliSTBROOK niarrlc. DR. SCOTT STAM.B*. o • tHiKBllng yonns physician. Before her roarrliiRc. rich RONALD MOOnE hod been In liive iVHb her. NANCK. Dann'.i hnlf- •Istcr. lovcii Ronald. but bide* tier reellnc belilnil n dUdninfnl attl- IO F>AUl.A tiONG'S Infatuation for Scott flnnlly arouse* Uaiiii'K leal- oOsy. Mrs. Cnmeron n.si-« her Influence to make the •eparntlon permanent nnd Hie brcali widens between the yonns couple. Ronnie U n loyal trli-nd. bn« Dann remains disconsolate. M- nal"?. SellevinB Sen., love,, Paula. Dana decide* to divorce dim. Scott believe. Dana leli I Im by Mary Raymond Copyright NEA 1931 ol freely and a little sodium carbonate : a breach and save the day. It isn't a to .nnbilize the iodine that has been ) matter of "mother" or "daddies at all, added. Nutritional authorities are convinced that especially prepared iodized salts of this type arc most useful in human nutrition. In. adidtion to iodine, there are potassium and sulphur in the human body. But experts are convinced that the average American need not worry about the supply of these substancer,. since they arc present in many foods. If food supplies are sufficient in other ways, there will always i.e enough potassium and sulphur. Sodium and chlorine, which make; up common salt, also are quite sufficient in the diet of the averar/e per- ron. There are many argument. 1 ; that point to the danger of excessive sodium chloride, or table silt, and future articles will discuss the various relationships of taking of such salt to disease;. you see, but "parents" with a disposition for fun and an eye to necessity. It. takes no knowledge of psychology to do these lovely things for children. It just takes heart. By Alicia Hart Scott b became «ue wa» tired ot -^ poor. He becomes » partner ine clty'» niONl outstanding: I" 1 ?- Llcian, DR. OSBOKNE. SI, month, after the divorce Dana promise* to mnrry She break, the new I nnd I. nmn*ed by Niincy " Ritnnle. Nnney '• enio- nnu i. HIHJI*.«-»» •* f ....---.. — t llonnl ontbur.t. but rtni-x not rc:il- lle If •• prompted by Nuncy'- love for Ronnie. NOW CO ON WITH THE STORV CHAPTER XL11. ANA and Ronnie were to be married Friday. This was Wednesday, and all the things Mrs. Cameron thought should oe lessly about the house tnat afternoon, chased from one room to the small cleaning D . done In honor ot the occasion were In process ot being accoin- \ p v onnie said another by army. "I'm going to the library and read an hour or two," Nancy said. "Maybe when I get back I'll be able to recognize my own room." "It is cluttered," Aunt Ellen said sympathetically. "I'll get Adella in your room right away. Maybe it won't take two hours. Your curtains aro up and the rugs are down." "Don't worry about It," Nancy said. There was a disconsolate slump to her shoulders. "It's a long walk to the library," her aunt said. "If you'll wait awhile Agatha and Dana will be back and Dana could drive you there." "No thanks, I'd rather walk." Nancy said. During the afternoon the phone rang. Aunt Ellen answered. Ronnie was calling Dana. "Dana's down town. I think she'll be in soon. "I'll drop by on ray way home," Nancy's voice was vehe- "But 11 I did, you'd only plished. Aunt Ellen suggested suddenly, own boldness: Even though Ronnie would be In \ abashed by her the house only that brief while "Nancy's at the library reading. when he came to take Dana away with him, the house must be groomed and shining. As it always had been for'the big events of its ancient and honorable history. Sarah, forgetting ber threescore years and Infirmities was superintending with an Immense energy and boundless enthusiasm. Her two aids had taken limf curtains down and put them back snowy white and crisply ruffled It's getting late. I wonder II you'd mind going by lor her." "Mighty glad to," Ronnie said. She had been awfully bold, Aunt Ellen told herself. But then it might not have been so awfully bold. Ronnie would be a member of ilia family In a few days. Why jhoultln't she treat him like one! Dana and Agatha might be late in returning, and Nancy might start walking home after dark before she could send them for her. could I 1 ment. despise me." They were almost home. Impulsively, Ronnie pressed his toot down and the car passed the Cameron house In a burst ot speed. "Shoo t," . Ronnie said. "1 haven't an Idea in the world what you are driving at. But It's only fair to tell me now." "Yes," Nancy said, as though she had arrived at a decision ot some kind. "I suppose It IB. Well, you asked tor it. Ronnie, 1 hate to see you and Dana marry, because Dana doesn't love you at all. And I don't think you're really In love with her either." "You haven't an ounce of sense In your head," Ronnie said anfsrl- ly. "You're the dumb one," Naacj flamed. "You have a complex. When you were a little boy you were always picking up pencils tor girls. When you got back from college you started binding up their aching hearts. Now that Dana's heart Is more broken than anybody's heart you know, you start picking up the pieces and putting them together again." * * * TVTANCY stopped for brer.th, •"•' When Ronnie didn't speak, she started again. "But you can't do It, Ronnie. It's a surgical job! And there's only one man who could help Dana. She's In love with Scott and you know It." Ronnie said, hoarsely: "You're A Book a Day By Bruce Catton The whine of the vacuum cleaner liad been beard In every room ot | Ronnie hadn't appeared to mind. Fracticnl indeed are some of the I the big house. Soap and water and ; anyway. He had sounded real s on the Nf-w Year's- polishing fluids; dust rags an.J j pleased. oiled mops, had come Into their j * • • own again. j IVTANCY was sitting at a table Sarah, in spirit, was hack In the i V\ wjt }j a magazine open before For instance, if you have to expose j good old days, catching the con- , j lcrj w ij en Ronnie walked In. He new preparations ccsmclic counters. This Is a fine time '. to buy a fow little t-xtras that mean :;o much to your beauty. skin to cold weather and icy I tagion of her mistress' mood. Mrs. sat opposite her. Inquiring, good part of the blame mil?,', go to American judges who have .set the style for them. ! So say Louis P. Goldberg anil Eka- i nore Levenson in "Law!; ;.s Jud^e.';," : a tart and provocative- bo"k which re- | views judicial failure to abide by the ' letter of the law. The authors begin by cool!;,- MIK- I gesting that ihe supreme ccmir i'.xli' has been essentially lawless in ar-suni- ! -• inK the right to disqualify l^E.Hation which it believes to be ui-jc.'.nMir.i- tional. When n court rules that ft-d'- ! i-. you'll like a thick cream which! Cameron was blooming under the ,. Is that tue (jjnd of literature you is to be patted on with upward and j stimulus ot becoming important eat up ^ An( j w k en jj,] you B t ar t downward strokes at night. Clean., again. , reading things upside down?" Air .«l«in carefully with soap and j The doorbell punctuated thn j c o [ or mantled Nancy's face Hello Ronnie. 1 guess Dana sent yo , , , , - If Americans are a lawless people, a topid water 'never use hot walur aft-activities with exciting clangs. er exposure to cold) or with cleansing' cream, then apply the cold weather nourishing cream. It's rather heavy (like vaseline), comes i.i an attractive jar and is pale er °° n 'rnetas be^ ^rbedT If < COV6r th&t M ' SS DaDa ™ "^'^ j ^•p^'s^'s'sUU ^itT" me rijs uten urjsorut,ci 01, u lrt Q| | ,m 0 ^p 0n5 i r nrtr,n . ,, , ,. "Then dow—" "Little bird told me." "Aunt Ellen!" Nancy laughed And then some big package from j you [Q brlng me home!" a department store would arrive.) -you're a bum guesser. to be deposited in tier mistress j , )aven . t seen Daua 8 j nce t i unc hed room by Sarah. Under no circum- wjth her arnoon . t understood etances were the helpers to dls- ; lhcn ghe wag go , ng shopplnS| ttnd In Mcmoriam A resolution commemorating the late Wash Hutson, former county judge and county clerk, for which a committee was named at the November llth meeting of the Quorum Court, was reported back to the court Monday, January 0, one copy being spread on the court record, one sent the family of the late judge, and one copy given to the press. The resolution follows: WHEREAS, WASH HUTSON, former county judge and county clerk of Hempstead county, departed this life Saturday. November 9. 1935, at his home in Hope; and WHEREAS, He for eight years served the people of Hempstead county in high official capacity, and was eager and untiring in the community work of every section of .southwest Arkansas, thus extending the influence of his home county abroad and lending luster to its cherished name; NOW, THEREFORE, Be It Re- solvod by this the Quorum Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, that in his passing the county and the county government have lost one of the best and most widely- known citizens; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be spread upon the minutes of this body, a copy be furnished to the family of the deceased, and a copy furnished to the press. The above and foregoing resolution was adopted at the adjourned meeting of the Quorum Court of Hempstead County held in the courthouse at Washington Monday, January 6, 1936. COMMITTEE Mrs. G. B. Morris, Chairman A. H. Washburn R. C. Stuart T HE flattering low neckline With plain veMee and sn\al| is repeated on the slashed sleoves distinguish this 4 frock The skirt flares without breaking the long slendcrlj Make of printed linen, gingham or percale. I'attorns ard to 50. Size :!S requires I :!••! yards of :',5-inch fabric witjtjj contrast. ' ' To secure a PATTERN and STEP-nY-STI5P SI3\V STRUCTlOXS, 1111 out. thn coupon bi-low, Ufinu sure to THE NAMli OP THIS NKWSPAl'Hll. The WINTER PATTERN HOOK, with a romplotn si§ late'tlress designs, now is ready. It's IT, cents whun :j,1 separately. Or, if you want to order it with the- pattern aij iu ju'sl an additional 10 eenU with the coupon. fev; lit-- TODAY'S PATTERN BUREAU, 11-13 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, X. Y. Enclosed Is 15 cents In coin for Pattern No sizc Name • Address City .r» State.... Name of this newspaper cuit court and $2.500 for the county jail. Gentlemen, it can't be done tin that. ! "And unless the supreme court sus- out ot your head. 1 loved Dana j tains a Miller county case I'm going long before she Scott. And if she much, why did she leave him?" "You don't know anything about love," Nancy cried wildly. "You wouldn't know It if yon Haw I ever married I to lose everything coming to mo prior loved Him BO | to January 1. "Now we might as well understand other: I've either got to have credit for the fines I have obtained or I'm 5,'oing to put all the criminal offenders in the county jail—and, gen- under a microscope. You're so j UL , m0 n, WC ' VL - got about 100 to start dumb, Ronnie. I never saw eny- | w - ltn . after so vou like, leave the surplus on while you sleep. It's good for chapped hand?, wrists and knees', too. Another good itc-m. made by a cos- | mr-tician who specializes in mineral ! products, including mineral bath salts j .,rul soaps, is a mud face pack. It clarifies the skin, tends to reduce He'pores'snd'often'wm cure'mlnor house good without bavin' a will- il \<::\- ulation of the interstate Iran.' pori.ation ..... „ , _______ ______ ___ ...... __ _.. _ of lottery tickets is constitutional, but blemishes. Put it on (about 1-8 of' din'. that federal regulation of the interstate transportation of goods piorlti'.-- ed with child labor is unconstitutional — then, argue these authors, it is .;imply acting outside of the law. But they soon leave the rarefied r.ii of the supreme court and get down to hiuiibler benches, whore they find plenty of ammunition. The use of injunctions in labor disputes, of course, gives them ample/ course, this is absolutely dust-proof. room to prove that judges very often j It can be purchased in gold and sil- follow prejudice rather than law, and ver and in black and white enamel they cite a dreary list of cases in combinations. In all this preparation. Already, there had been surmising. One o( the aids had auerled.: "Whin's goln to Happen 'round here? Never saw sicb going-ous 'cept fer weddings." '"Taint no weddio' 'tall." Sarah lied glibly. "Guess folks HID clean thick) after you have cleaned ; know face and throat, let dry, then sponge ; off with cotton pads which have soak- j ed in lukewarm water. Cleanse again j ! :'. ith soap ar.d water or cleansing i cream. | Also new is an attractive compact, j the top of which resembles a Vent-- ] 1 tian blind. Containing dry rouge and ! ! a loose powder compartment, of i La, you younguns don't what cleanin' 13, Wln-u 1 wiiz yo' age, you couldn't tnid 9 spec o' dust v/id a microbe." "With a 'rnices^ope' you moans." said Adclla's daughter Ruby, wlic was taking an 'edicatlon.' r>OTH Dana and Naucy had *-* moved quietly ia the midst -jt cliaos. Mrs Cameron and Iiur:;> were shopping. Nancy had plr-aiicd a headache- and remained at nuiue. Ellen hc-arci tier moving aim- a little. "And that's really a perfect description." Ronnie nelped Nancy into her coat. It suddenly struck him that Nancy was looking thin, and there v/ere shadows under her eyes. The thought depressed him, unaccountably. They uad almost reached home, body as dumb!" Ronnie had a wild desire to shake Nancy. Shake some sense into that dark, curly head of bera. And, without warning, be was doing that very thing. Shaking Nancy vigorously. And Nancy was crying, crying desperately like a little girl who had been slapped and then put in a corner. Ronnie had another Impulse, more kindly—to do something, anything, to check that lonelv sobbing. His arms went around Nancy. Her head was on bis shoulder and Ronnie was whispering: "You poor kid, I didn't mean to hurt you. Nan." He kissed Nancy's tremulous lips. Nancy's sobs ceased, you "I'm 51,500 worse off now than I was a year ago. "Even at Ihe very best we can do in the way of economy $6,000 won't run the circuit court in 1936, and $2.500 won't run the county jail." I Stephens' Rejoinder '• Judge Stephens cracked back: i "Maybe we got the meanest people | in the world in Hempstead county, but I don't believe it. ; "How come we fot the meanest peo- j pie in the world right here, that We i got to have all this criminal expense? Other counties don't seem to have all this; trouble. "Prosecutor Nod Stewart told me he J got $1.000 from Hempstead county and | only about $150 from LaFayette county. I asked Stewart, 'How come you couldn't sob very well when you i don't have much trouble down there?' were being kissed, when you were kissing somebody back, wildly, despairingly. And then, Ronnie started the car, bewildered and troubled. There had been something star- tliogly unbrother-llke in the kiss he when Ronnie asked abruptly: "You look rulguty worried. Is i bad given Nancy. Something there something on your mlndT" ! strangely confusing in her kiss He tunica and met Naucy'e mournful eyes. Something in their expression shocked dim. "Better ifll Brother Ronnie." Ronnie added with a cheerfulness he was not feeling. "I wish 1 could. Oh 1 wish 1 too. Funny little girl, Nancy. A mighty appealing little girl when she wanted to be. He was wishing, vehemently, that be hadn't kissed her. (To be continued.) and he told me, 'Oli, they just don't have much in LaFayette county.' "Now I believe iu law enforcement. "And Sheriff Bearden is charged with the enforcement duty. "And I am charged with taking care of the county's financial matters. "And that's where we are." Sheriff Bearden jumped up with a grin on his face to ask one correction: "Now judge," ho said, "I didn't state the people of Hempstead county were the meanest people in the world. You j know I didn't say that. "All I said— and all I say right now : —is, that when you call me or one of my deputies out to your place in the middle of the night when there is trouble. I suppose you are in earnest about it. I suppose you want the law to come out there. And the law has got to live." Taxes Arc Pushed Sheriff Bearden told the justices of his vigorous procedure apainst the personal tax delinquents. The Quorum Court had absorbed the full meaning of the vast personal tax delinquency revealed in The Star's paid legal publication during December—the first such publication in the history of the state—and their unanimous support of the sheriff's position in this matter. A. H. Washburn. DcRoan justice, offered a motion of endorsement for the sheriff, which carried unanim- ! ously. Sheriff Bearden explained that he had started his tax collection campaign against Hope business houses before proceeding against the farmers—but thai he was proceeding against the farmers now. Compulsory Head Work Farmers between the ages of 21 mid 45 who have been chuckling over the row of the City of Hope over collection of the city's $5-a-year street tax will get a jolt in this Quorum Court report. A. C. Monls introduced a resolution, which passed uiiaimousl.v. ordering compulsory payment of $4 a year under the .state law, or four days' labor on the county roads. Additional credit, of course, would be Riven a man working a team. Judge Stephens told the court that some of the road overseers seemed reluctant to work compulsory free labor as provided by law. This report caused Mr. Monts to present bis resolution, giving (lie judge the unanimous backing of the Quorum Court. The judge then said: "The road overseers will either use this labor or I'll put men in charge who will use it. Of course there isn't as much useful roi.d work that can be done by hand now as formerly, but there are plenty of ditches that need opening on poorly-drained dirt roads." Municipal Judge W. K. Lemlcy appeared before the Quorum Court briefly to explain that under the revised state law it is mandatory on the court to appropriate $1,800 as the county's share of the cost of the Hope Municipal Court, which some years ago replaced the trial justices of DcRoan township. The appropriation was made accordingly. Judge Lemlcy explained that he" had been able to obtain practically nothing from the county in the last two years. Court Committees Quorum Court committees served as follows: County clerk: I. II. Beauchamp, Dr F. O. Wood, C, M. Burke. Sheriff's office: Otis Landers, H. P. Daniels, Elijah Stephens. Treasurer's office: C. A. Landers, C. M. Lewis. C. T. Dotson. County judge's office: A. H. Washburn, Mrs. G. B. Morris. M. D. Foley, Sr. Finance committee: A. C. Monts. W. B. Lafferty, A. L. Lafferty. County nurse: A. C. Monts. R. C. Stuart, Mrs. G. B. Morris. County agent: A. H. Washburn. J. S. Cox, Jess Cornelius. Home demonstration agent: A. H. Washburn, J. S. Cox, Jess Cornelius. Schools and corporations: J. P. Baker, J. B. Robins, J. W. Russell. Charily and hospitals: I. H. Beauchamp, Dr. F. O. Wood, C. M. Burke. Municipal court: C. A. Landers, C. T. Dotson, C. M. Lewis. I.iquid-TnbU'ts Salve-Nose Drops DON'T GET UP If! Make This 25c tcpl Use Juniper oil, Buchu Itj to flush out excess acidsit" matter. Get rid of bladdep that causes waking up. frejj sire, scanty flow. burning' ! u ache. Get Juniper oil. Bucf'^ etc.. in little j'rcen tablets. cfiD kets. the bladder laxative?*;?] days if not pleased go your 25e. Get your regi feel "full of pep." Briant'l and John S. Gibson Drug WANTED-HEADING While Oak—Whisky and Ovcrrup, Post Oak and Round Swccl Gum For prices and specill HOPE HEADING CO! Phone .'M5 8* 1» T O L--E--T oir, COMPANY!!! Special— ~i Gal. Ili-Oni Lube Oil Phone 370 Da or vvf i For All Ktn INSURAlt See !"" Roy Anai and Comn Stop That WITH CHERROSI The best remedy for and xashir fermentative J 8 oz. Bottle JOHN S. GIBS Drug Compa: "The RExALL St$ Phone (13 Hope, Ark. Establi Real D C lea n in lengthe wear also

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