Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1939 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1939
Page 7
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Tlmrsfiay, August, 31, 1980 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE SEVEN Hamilton Fish's Idea Takes Root . Little-Power Appeal Originally Fish's on! of r-iich n norfprl sonucncp. I i A whcipping success like thnt might I change Fish's whole- outlook on life.) lie is one of Miirvard's contriutions lo gnvorn'.ncnt who did NOT come to Washington with eyes n-.sparklc to f hi-lp make (he country over l>cfore Belgian KlllgS Idea Uli'-ext payday, tlam Fish is an npostle <:l Kloom---n modern Jercminh. Ever sine.c Ifl.'W, when lie headed <:ne 'if th«' most flowery congressional Hy PKKSTOX (JKOVKR i "He,!" hunt.-,, RcpreKcntntivc Fisli has WASHINGTON. At hist Keprcsen- ! .'ecu a Cmnmunbl in every pot and (alive llifiii' Ktsh has hit the inter- ! two Nit/is in i?vrry HI-II-.-IJJC. Thnt national jackpot. i condition has effected every chnir- !!<• introduced into Ihe liilct-parli.-i- ' man i>f committees setting out In montary union at Oslo a resolution ; investigate subversive influences. KI'.-f itlff lh;*t n (.'onfcn'Mt'e of Kepi esenlat ive however, has The Open Road ! SAN FnANCISCO.~(/t['i--Si|'nn]i/in«' a step forwarrl in the projected high- tf way from Alaska to Dueiio:; Aires, 1 Mexico has opened a mr;dern ))avt.-d . stretch of 400 miles between Guiid-j alajara iind Mexico City, the Cali-! fin nia Slate Automobile association 1 has been informed. I Sure Thing in the Fifth McCaskill Mis.-. Velma Lee Hamilton is visit- j itiL' in Conway (his week. | Arli'ii! Wortham. who spent the pa.'t (wo weeks in Mc.Ca':kill. return-! cd to PruM'ott Friday. Mrs. Howard Uawson and sons,' Howard. ,lr., and Shelton of Wash- I). ('., were (h week-end; nations and some bin ones form a , hov.-n MIIIK- siuns of reduced alarm. Minn of mediation lo help keep the! In 1'KjlJ he deplored "the £!nnvinjL< bij; nations out of war. The confer- | ; -ij!im of hysteria over com'iii'iinistn I ence Hnned tin' thin;.; inside out and j ni America and Hie unfortunate al- left olilv a su|!|-estinn thai Kuiope d inpls to link all liberals with com- (inest;, of Mrs Bert Scott M-e! ( a peaceful -olnlion of its dif- i;i ,miM activities " Mry. .Jcltic Etheridgc and Miss ficultic-. "The- United Htatc-.." he added, j Christine Sutton of Hope- were visit-1 Yet i-if.ht on the heels of the New ", s freer from communi.stic appeal j j, u , f r j en ,|.,. | K .,. ( , ). is( wc , t .|^ j Yorker's ii-solulion came ;a call from .„„, „.. ,]„- u . 11( ,(, earner.'- than any i ^,. ,, m | Mrs." Bill Williainsun of 1 Knu; Leopold of Helium lor juM ,,,|,,. r nation in the world." JKmatkover visited their parent-; Mr' "Mavbe'lam'i'lsh'. .esolntion wasnV II.- (!.H-sse,l Wr»,, K ""^^i-^ "' Wl "' 11 """ U "' "^ the c-aiiM- of il all. Hut whv quibble 1 ' hep. l-'ish had sincnlarly bad hurk ' ' „, ,,,o m ,nen,led the .him, and Ihe (orecastinK w»r. He mailc a brief M d MivClies er McOisUilHind kim> did it Anv member of Cmu'rcs-, ton, of Knrupe before the Oslo con- | ''-"'Khtoi, Jauelle, attended Ihe Steph- t 'I. led *,- make nne-Uvo-Unee' U, ,„,,,. mJrviewinK heads of 'he |------ - Hlcvms Sunday. . ^ ___ _.. rr _.-. z .-.._-. -—rimrtrr'rrrzrr:—' .^v '•'~=~^^ - '-•""- ~ iVI),',s JVJyi lit 1 Mo.ses of I'en (oil .s|J(.'nl ^ , - ^ , i(ir v . u .. lti()I1 ^.^jj ), ()MK , ro || ts ,| )js 360 ACRES OF LAND, KNOWN AS THE HUGHSON LANDS In Soc-ticm US. Tc;ivii><li!|) I'-' Scmlli, UIIIIRC -Ii \Vc-st in llempstead (!(iinil.v,| Arkansas, will he offi-n-cl I'm sale by order cif the Cham-cry Court of] llciii|i.slcail Cnunly, on SATURDAY, SEPT. 2 l!).'l!l. ill II) i Vlm-li. A. M.. hi I'ronl of the Cili/ens National llnnk.| Soc-niul and Klin Slreels. in the Cily cif Hope. Arkansas. Some Of This Land Has On It Virgin Timber If you are interested in ImyiiiK lids land, lie present at Ihe Sale.) RALPH BAILEY, COMMISSIONS IN CIIANCKIIY. week. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas and i children of I';e:.rotl. vi: iled l.Jr. and ' Mis. .1. 1C. Gentry Sunday. | Mi:> Kalhel Brown returned Sul-j today' from a visit with relatives in • Tex.-,..;. I • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS ' terests. But tdere is this difference. i Hitler • is a popular orator of no Germany no Prince von Bulow to comfort the world by a declaration in • the Reichstag that the head of the Fat O'Brien and Bing Crosby study the entries as they try lo pick ii winner at Del Mar racetrack. Pyt has it doped out that the favorite is sure to' win, but Binu is faithfully backing one of his orn dust-biting nags. Chances are that a dark entry from Pnsa- iHfca will sneak in and walk oil' with the race. The two film are chief officers of the Del Mar Jockey Club, ' varnai: major fiovernmenls. On An;:.! la he exprc-::cd feiii that the iiiitions' would lie at war by Align;:! 20. That, snrpri.'ecl Kin-ope no end. It turned; out not to hi' Die day Europe hail I . chosen. j ~ He is iin oulri.uhl isolationist, anil his isoliitioniini has remained con-! lislenl On ; , Mop in Kanyas Oily! one day he was besieged by siu-ees- i insisted hiat the United Stales'should! Doirt i.t'l C'lu!d\S ("'huill Cl'OVv'd (.)lU Uost Of Wui'ld ,, V]i ( 'j«"r\voi Id 'and'moi eToople. an'd i(c:.st of nii'iiy efforts lo cxplaiii I'C.u Hitler and Gtimany "go( tli»l wn.y' is "Germany Kainnant" (Cairick ssicl vi'i:s: S2.5(i). hy arncsl Hfmhlni-k. He explains the; I'hc:- ni menin i.f Ihe 'Inird Ucich in I.•! in cl ci.MH.inic militiiii-m that w<;ii!d hrvt been inevilalile even if tlu- Kaiser had w«n in 1»1S. Ik-re, ur-c-rnlli-R lo Ilamld'.rk. is hci\v j Miller clcii-s it: i j The secret of Hitler's .success is \ \ not that he is a good psychologist, j j but (hi,! he is the unconscious ex- I j prcKsion of the Germnn ])Sychosis. He i i:' elemental, atavistic. His appeal I is more than convincing: it is over- I whelming. Al his side fill the vital ricrnr-ntK of the olrl Heich-structure combine In maintain their respective positions and to strengthen them. Their i. a tiltln.-nll rloli; and they walk warily. They must expand and thrive on Ihe /--boulders of the people. And the role they have assigned to Hitler is to be their prophet of expansionism. This mitsion he interprets myst- iLiiily as the Germanism <Deutschlum> ! which all German prr.phets before him I taught, under the disadvantage, how- | ever, of riot havint; the "mike" at | | their disposal. Wireless hus been \ • Hil.ler';: most valuable ally since I . 1933 ... ; \ Mi.rcover. Hitler has long felt with- I in himself, as lit staled in his book. '. i the ability of c.-cinveviiifi his German message lo hie German people, indeed, if ever there was a had ol a .slate- who could talk of "My , People," it. is the-Fuehrer. They are ' his lo mould, not as lie thinks to ' his will, but as he probably does ! in;l for an instant suspect, to (he ' dictates of the dominant catle in the Rt.ich: the trinity of Junkers, industrial magnates, and war lords. ', The- Kaised loo Was a tool in the hands, of the same trinity oi in- ! state will in future mind his P's and Q.'s in his public utterances. OLD JOB WATTS SCHACHT BC'STON— Al Schacht can return to Ihe Boston Rod Sox as coach any lime he tires of touring the United Stales in his clowning act. WILDCATS' BENCH EVANSTON.-Coach Lynn Waldorf !:ays Bill DeCorrevont, Chicago preparatory funclatory phenomenon, did r.m learn fundamentals at Austin High School so he will spend most of his time on the Northwei-lern Uni- vcisity bench this fall, learning the A-B-C's of football. Buffalos provide about 25 per cenl r.\ the milk supply in India. keep 'its Mildieih out of China and not "pick the chestnuts out of the (ire for the British t'.npiro." "Aw. Dad." .-:aid hi; young son. 1.1KAII MHS. KEKN: • •e more alert thru 1 most J By ;hi/ ;.;;_-n(.y they mj;;ht be ptr- to the problem of chums. | , ,, ; ..| t ,i h , mke'on a fourth. There is weary of Mic.h i.-cjusisteney. "you a!- 1 i'.iiiil- you deceive i;i'e:\t credit foi'jvi..ij' ready told that to three other i e-! nlv-'ervini, thai yon lilt'e p.iri hii^ Ih:SAL ENTIRE STOCK in::tiiu'i U) !,;i\ - c one intimatr fi'iend and lie iiapp;. only in mat. iniimacy. l.![i lo ;. M r'ain pciiU. it is an i.-x- celh-nl '.iiir.;- 1 : f';r cithel' a b".;. in' a 1'ii I I" Irive a pal. In !'Opf, ,*ind story. Ibis !iH:n<' ha:, rome flown through the .year.-.. MI il musl tie goo;!. iiiil Mich a tie-up, if it becomes tun l'i\i'ii anil tuo permanent, is like any oilier fixation. It can take the plat;.- of general experience and the ability to mix. Hvi.-nlually it robs the child of a chance lo round ou;. Letty. I shall call her. for I do-i't I'.iitnv he.' name, is al\va\'S lied up with this friend, who is a nice girl hi. tar. sn i;iKtd, But you can see that i-aeh one of them is completely inditten.nl and even mean t'> o'.sii'r rhildren. Not so eood. What each is doing. aetuSdly. is .-•faitiiiji in 'Ju- otiier from the energetic world around them. They relax in,cai-!i others compain. and nct-cl to ma!\e nn effort \vhct\ there. I am .-lire that they are alike in type, both emotional introverts, very M nsitivc and unable In stand HIL- i'ou.i;]ia^e of a ciowd, ur any i^i\'e- and-lake at all. Well, vial can't chan/'.e their na- inreh. that's sure. And it is boiler lor 1 ln:'ii i lo have each other than In do as many sui-h children do. play alone altogether. Could you. by any chance, find another child of the same stripe ami cleverly bring about a Irium- \ crate'.' Alaii.v Friends Will Broaden Child Three is a crowd, hut. often a gt >od -.Towd. Through lhi-i new pla\ matt 1 with just enough difference In arou.-e them both, they might dis- ruver liiat spreading one's >elf isn'l i'oiHcl herself. It will insure her | confidence in the future world she I iniif.L (ive -in, i The healthy attitude,, is that of • b; inf able lo stand—and like—all ; •orb: i,l people and foi'get self. G'ne i ;i while, have a party now I never learns unless one practices. en. and have- only eight. Da \ Yours sincerely, | c- ',-.o\v it works'.' ] OLIVE ROBERTS BARTON. LIFE I \Ve Are Proud To Have Furnished The Lumber For The Modern RETTIG 242 SERVICE, STATION » 86 ul &L8assas&iSl3iB:i&iiK •— As sKown Jn Life Magazine,, Here's th'e newest news in shoes — Jarman "Cedar-Cured" styles! The leather in these smart Jarmans is given an extra finishing touch by the exclusive "Cedar-Cured" process — to mellow the leather, make it wear better: and give it the lasting aroma of £edar-! - Drop in today and look over a pair. 1 ; ~ ' «Io»t StyteB . Rephan f s "The Friendly Store" Mother Is Model !iy ''] What z bargain! This ^ \ l ~^I l;iv, J.ui.'iv (xiiiifiiitr.-Ji.-r i.s ill!'JIl'.'t.'ll--ll!.:t.L' Llf spc.'i ii'.l "v.'c;!!•-:• • " ••••," rubber. can't match anywhere. ni'W Standard is "Douhle-curtii" for e::ira toughness. protection antl Golden I J ly (i blow-out protection. It's^i "tops" for safety—"tops" for mileage. 4.40-21 5.2J-E.50-18 C.CC-1G 4.75-5.00-19 5.25-5.50-17 6.M-6.50-16 Above Pricoa Includu Your Old Tire $^.26 $7.50 50.96 4.40-4.50-21 5.25-5.50-18 6.00-1C 5£.45 $£.25 4.75-5.00-19 5.25-5.50-17 6.25-6.50-16 Abovo Prices Include Your Old Tire 4.40-4.50-21 5.25-5.50-18 6.00-16 5g.58 $10-98 $|4.51 4.75-5.00-19 $.25-5.50-17 6.50-16 Above Prices Include Your Old Tiro S. BATES Wholesale Distributor HEMPSTEAD AND NEVADA COUNTIES SOLD IN HOPE BY BUNDY & 24 Hour Service Gulf Oils and "Good Gulf Gas" Wrecker Service Third and Walnut Hope, Ark. \w Sold At IVaeUcallv All Cli SERVICE STATION "Good Gulf Gas" and Oils We Specialize On Expert Lubrication Work Third and Shover Hope, Ark. Stations In The Ii AT THIRD AND WALNUT RETTIG 242 SERVICE STATION ||||^||p^gi-;giS;-«- •-*•• 11 'lili^Jl&s*' £&> Ten-yoar-o'd Loihili MacRob.-] i. ii I'uai'lu'd by her mother, v. |-,n ;i:i I-:ilu'Mra Blciblrc-y \v;i.s ;;M Ulympic cluinipin.n in 1920 ;ni(l lic-h! lA'iM'y wuinon's v,'i-'!'i'.l :niia- K'tii- «\viinn!ing rei-oi'd 1'i-om :"iU yards lo IK'i' inili-s. J.itlle IMi.-'.v MaeiJiil.H-il i.. ;i pi'(i.-p''i-t. 1'or 191-1 (JlyinpiL 1 tiMin. '1'lii-; piclujc' was i.iUi u :>t pool ol Mmihiul;. J,. J., Sml Club. OU arc cordially invited ro drive in and inspect our new station which has been planned, equipped and located for your motoring convenience. Here you will find a complete line of nationally known Cities Service products for your car of the finest quality money can buy—and friendly, helpful attendants to serve you. Give us a few moments to prove that "Service is our middle name." 5S7e invite you to try these famous products and let your cat demonstrate their excellence. Every one of them is a star performer. * KOOLMOTOR GASOLEr4E * KOOLMOTOR MOTOR OIL * CITIES SERVICE MOTOR OIL , * ACME BONDED TIRES * ACME ACCESSORIES * CITIES SERVICE SPECIALTIES »J"or a cjiiictcr, smoother, easier ride, let us lubricate your auco- / mobile the Cities Service way. VC-'e'll not just grease your car ! but v. ill give you exclusive Ride Improving Service.... Try it! A. M. RETTIG CmUJgERVICf) DEALER. ' ~~ -~^ 'SERVICE

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